Good morning, and a Great week.

(1) Last night Bonny and Lew had to fly to Reno
to sign final release and immediate deliveries.

(2) Ben Fulford. said Mr. big Pres. will do a big
announcement on the 4th. It will be shocking.

(3) All deliveries for America and RVs this week plus
some important Announcements.

(4) America this week, world next week, big announcements
and stepping down July 4 th.





Lindell Bonny and Lew were not in Reno last night, and further, the WGS has not been released yet, so no RV of any world currency is possible without it. 


  1. Thank you for this website. Hopefully it will help to clear up all of the confusion. I don’t know what’s up with John’s blog. All in the same day, he’ll post scary over the top hardcore Christian dogma, then in the next post it will be BS channeling, to positive info about Galactics. One minute he’ll fight you to keep guns, then today he posts a cabal propaganda video supporting gun control. Not to mention all of the RV disinfo. What I can’t figure out is if he simply doesn’t know any better, is a paid disinfo agent, or he doesn’t actually read what he posts and is going for quantity over quality. It doesn’t make any sense at all. I’m afraid he’s doing more harm than good and confusing people. The real question though, is he doing it on purpose?


    1. Hello,

      Whatever his reasons are, he will not be without some oversight from THIS blog. We are already seeing many so-called “intel providers” tone down their claims a bit. Now that they are being watched from those who are really in-the-know, they wont be so cavalier with their “updates”.

      We know change is indeed coming, and we welcome the spirit of the anticipation of it all, but that does not excuse passing around information that is simply not true, and worst of all, doing so deliberately.

      Thank you for your post.


      1. That’s good to hear, and I truly am appreciative for what you are doing. Everyday I try to delete his RSS feed from my reader, but then I ultimately decide to keep my eye on him instead. 🙂


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