Since our last update on the 12th (archived at our Intel, as it was previously reported, has deteriorated further and continues to conflict with the reporting of other messengers.

This Intel can be summarized by saying Obama is still blocking EVERYTHING even more strenuously than ever before:

1). He is blocking, our sources say, the payment of certain Bonds and Gold Certificates due and payable now and is saying he will continue to block the payments and the holders thereof can ‘wipe their ass with them’.

2). He is using the NSA to manipulate currency markets worldwide even including the Chinese Yuan, WE are informed.

3). Other countries despise him. The word ‘hate’ was used. They say he has become the laughing stock of Europe. They view U.S. Citizens as fools and idiots and unable to see through his skin color to who and what he actually is. They are unable to overcome him, do not have the power as the U.S. Corporation and the Cabal control the world. China ‘has had a belly full of him’ but apparently cannot stop the currency manipulations ordered by Obama.

4). He is acting as the ruler of the world and says nothing will occur that he does not control.

5). Half or more of D.C. Politicians support his sabotage and blockages (including any R.V.) as they are just as criminal as he is and are subject to the same exposure should they lose ‘control’.

There is no doubt a great deal more to this than WE are picking up on the fringes. The refusal to honor due and payable Bonds and Gold Certificates appears to us to be ‘the top of the food chain’ without which nothing else can move forward.

Casper 9-17-13

p.s. WE hear the constant flow of information regarding Well Fargo and various Bank personnel is ALL completely false.





  1. It makes me just want to scream when I read that Obama is holding everything up! The biggest mystery in the world is how a man who has a criminal record who,was not born in this country,is using a stolen Social Security Card,lied on his Selective Service forms, and is guilty of treasonous acts can control this country and affect all the other countries in the world.Where are the people who should throw him in jail? It is sad that so many people in control are afraid to touch him.Will someone wake up before it’s too late?


    1. It always take a strong minority of people to make vast changes. No entire culture has ever as an entire group make such changes. From the collapse of Rome to the rise of modern day society, it was small groups of powerful people who drove society in a certain direction.

      Don’t look for the US population as a whole to even care about Obama. They are too busy wondering what Miley Cyrus is going to not wear in her next video or who is going to dance with the stars. Then, there are the schools who are busy turning our next generations into pill popping zombies.


  2. I have been thinking for hours how to respond to Casper’s latest post. I have responded many times to other sites with a comment about Casper and his knowledge but no one will post my comments.

    Casper has been posting intel for us for 11-12 years and he always tells it like it is. He used to eat Bush alive because the prosperity programs had not been released. I am only interested in the Freedom program which old Bush and Kissinger started and many of us common folk had the opportunity to invest. We are still waiting for our funds……………..

    The real reason no one has been paid is because the Bush/Clinton/Obama cabal will not release the funds and the rumor has it that they are in control of the outcome and there will be no funds delivered to any of us poor folks – that’s what they call us. These yahoo’s have been trading the funds and reaping the rewards and rest assured that they are not going to give up that source of income…….it’s called stealing and I’ll betcha they are not alone with their hands in the till..

    The same info about the prosperity programs also applies to the RV of the currencies. They are fighting hard to stop the global reset. Have you ever heard of such greed and abuse of power.

    One of these days our time will come…..when…don’t know but still hopeful. Caper’s intel has always been correct so we depend on him along with Mr. Hodges of CMKX to keep our hope alive.


  3. The WHITE HATS should not have made a statement re: Independence Coming Very Soon!! Knowing fully well that they or someone they know have the power to make changes in America. That is additional stress for people, and we don not need that after 12 years.


    1. Hello,

      Indeed the stress is very high throughout the entire world.

      In the past, Obama had agreed to the release of the WGS over a dozen times, and then he turns around and orders it stopped via his war powers.

      I cannot confirm that such has happened again, but I am pretty sure that if it was thought we were close to the end, then you can be sure that the failure of anything to happen is probably due to another such betrayal by those intent on preserving the banking cartel prison system on earth.

      Thank you for your comment.


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