Special TNT BLAST 12-10-13 6:30pm PST

Good Evening TNT!

All calls in the last 30 minutes are saying that Santa has finally reached your zip code!

Leave out the cookies and milk and GO TO BED and LET THE PARTY BEGIN TOMORROW! (hint hint)

If he gives me his SPECIAL 800 NUMBER tonight, I will let you know because I do believe we will have it in the morning!-

TNTdinar 12-10-13 Tony



(We received a request to stop using upper case in our reports. So, we will acquiesce to this request and see how it goes. My left pinky finger is happier already)

We  were good sports and we waited the entire day for the elusive 800 number to be released. Well, as you can imagine, it never came. There is perhaps a good reason. That reason is that the RV has not occurred and thus there is no reason for an 800 number to BE released. We have received no indication that the WGS has been set loose. Thus, we see no revalue of the 20 currencies slated for re-value, up and down.

However, we did receive this in our e-mail this morning: 


Although we are far from experts in the arena of the WGS (we leave that expertise to the trustees of same), we find it very hard to understand how a currency dealer can continue to offer a currency, that has supposedly undergone the largest increase in value since the transfer of Howard Hughes’ will, for about 1K per million, and on an installment plan to boot! This, after TNT Tony confidently and with amazing alacrity is telling all who listen that “the RV has happened”.   

We don’t wish to be mean spirited. We understand that anyone can set themselves up as an authority on anything with a blog and a blogtalk radio account and some clever words. We know that it is the right of everyone to do so if they wish, so long as they do not break any laws or harm anyone in the process. C’est La Vie!

However, in this case, the underlying issue is simply the question: Has or has not the Iraqi Dinar undergone a massive revaluation AT THIS TIME?

The answer, at this time, is “no”.

We wish it could be “yes”. After all, we have some Dinar too!

We are wanting the same thing. We know it is going to happen, that it is NOT a scam, and that some very good people are working to make the currency reset and many other things underpinning it, come to pass. But, we are simply not there yet.

An event of this nature will not escape attention. Many of the details have not been released at this time, including any NDA requirements or removal of any zeros from the Iraqi currency, or others so situated. Please do not listen to those who claim the reason we don’t hear from the thousands of “government/agency/friends/family” who have supposedly cashed in is because of an NDA. This is false. Nobody has cashed in at high rates. 

We can only say what we always say. Wait for the correct information from the White Hats. When they are ready, they will make sure that we all have the information we need to hear. In the meantime, please be very cautious about what you hear. LOOK. Don’t LISTEN. LOOK for signs of the truth. They are all around. 

Now, let’s hope all this business comes to pass very soon. 


  1. I was curious on Lindsey Williams jumping on the GCR bandwagon and the implications it may have. (meaning there are people buying dinar hands over fist now because of his name and endorsement of it happening w/in 90 days)


  2. So, either Tony and DC guy are lying, or someone is feeding them false info. But, why go through all the trouble of lying and having to justify everything when the RV doesn’t happen when they say it will. Hopefully, they’re right and have info no one else does.


    1. Hello,

      I wish I knew the answer to your question. I just do not know how it can be claimed that we “have an RV” when it takes one minute to prove that we do not. This kind of thing just baffles me. I welcome anyone to simply put us in communication with anyone who can show us that we are wrong. We will gladly admit to being wrong, and celebrate it! But, alas, such welcome remains unanswered. The mysterious “DC Guy” on Tony’s call does sound confident, but the observable facts do not match that confidence.

      Thank you for your comment.


    2. RE: “why go through all the trouble of lying”

      Perhaps Tony needs to raise money… LOL


      Here is what I found out about Tony. This is directly from the court docket.

      The criminal charge was filed 4-18-2012. His name is Anthony Renfrow. There is another co-defendant, William Fox.

      Tony is represented by the Office of the Public Defender. That means he has no money to pay an attorney. The co-defendant, William Fox, hired his own private attorney.


      1. Hello,

        We are aware of the charges against Tony. We didn’t seek to bring it forward in the main blog because he is to enjoy presumption of innocence until proven guilty. If and when he is convicted, then the public at large will certainly stand to know such. Perhaps this business will be concluded by then and it wont matter to anyone except Tony.

        Thank you for your post!


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