We are pausing from the usual to bring a brief comment from a CMKX shareholder who is in touch with Attorney Al Hodges, a key player in releasing funds to CMKX shareholders. We have a small number of CMKX shareholders who read our blog and I want to assure them that they are most welcome. Their story is a most interesting one. They have been on some journey, let me tell you! 

The message, found today, is as follows: 

Attorney Hodges will be communicating with the Shareholders this month.

We are posting this because Mr Hodges is working with the White Hats and we felt it important to post. We will post the message from Mr. Hodges when it is available.

We do not know what Mr. Hodges will say, good or bad. However, it is rare that he updates the field, so we will certainly be looking forward to it.



  1. I think now we are seeing the guru’s start their squirming, just as I said they would eventually have to do, trying to cover all their previous false hoopla, lol. Looked at a few of today’s excuses they tried to pass off on people, but it was so full of holes even a mouse could see the ”swiss cheese”. I think they have just about sold their past bill of bad goods and people are no longer buying it.


  2. It would be interesting to learn the full, true story behind the Global settlements. Thank you WHA for creating this resource. It helps so much when sorting through the multitude of stories.


    1. Hello,

      That is certainly something I could not do in a brief reply, as you certainly can imagine! I would recommend reading the preliminary sections of the official WH Blog at http://www.tdarkcabal.blogspot.com. Then, move through and read all the articles, including some of the attachments to the articles. You will see that these reports are unlike the dinar guru faction. The White Hats are THE source for all things concerning the matters of the revalue of the dinar and the other 19 currencies slated to revalue.

      Remember, we are just the “auxiliary”. That means we are civilian supporters of the White Hats, not the White Hat’s themselves. As much as we would love to help them, such tasks are way above our pay grade and area of expertise. For all information on these activities, the source is the White Hats. We do not have ANY OTHER SOURCES. Principally, there are no other sources.

      Lastly, there are also some audio interviews of a trustee of the WGS on their site. Very worth listening to!

      Thank you for your post.


        1. Hello!

          Thank you for your feedback on the new format. I thought it best to change the appearance for the new year.

          Keep up the good work on the One World of Nation’s blog! Top notch all the way!


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