Found at dinar guru forums the world over:




FALSE (With the exception of Iraqi tourists in airports throughout the UAE).

We assume that the poster is referring to supposed exchanges of the IQD after the “RV”. 

It’s funny this claim of exchanging  the IQD in Dubai is presented the very day after we were poking around Dubai currency exchanges the last few days.

If this claim was true I would have expected to see some very easy to find proof of it from the “source”. However, no such proof is presented. By proof, I mean something like this:




(Click to Enlarge)

What this is showing is a screen shot from of the IQD vs. the currency of Dubai (The AED). It shows that right now, anyone with 1 IQD can walk into a bank in Dubai and receive.00315681 AED. The converse of this is  1 AED = 316.775 IQD.  The AED is currently exchanging with the USD at .27, or the inverse, 1 USD = 3.67295 AED. 

Bottom line? The IQD is still worthless, even in the UAE. So, why would anyone want to exchange it, with the exception of an Iraqi person going on holiday in Dubai?

We encourage all of you to await further word from the White Hats about the release of the WGS. The anticipated update from Attorney Al Hodges should also bear some fruit in terms if where we stand in the process at the moment.

I hope all of you are having a safe and pleasant holiday. 


  1. WOW is all that I can say about Al Hodges Report !!! (There was not a Comment option give after it, so I am putting my remarks here instead.)
    Now that is what I call a reliable and valid source of real up to date information, just what we all have been wanting to know.
    Biggest relief was when he said ‘when we have an RV we can know that we have an asset backed currency, as well. The other relief was when he said ‘all the undesirable feelings that have been caused by all this waiting and suffering, will most assuredly vanish’. Words to that effect, not a quote.

    A huge THANK YOU to Mr. Hodges for all your hard hard work in all this, and especially for your caring about the common man and his/our plight, what has ALL been brought on by those vile disgusting heartless ones who have stolen everything from us. It surely answers my long-ago question of ”where has all the money gone”? Now we really know. I only wish I could be a fly on the wall watching the b’tards get taken down.


  2. I may be way off the mark here, but I was just thinking: Perhaps China could just go ahead and offer a Private Placement of purchase of the dinar from the Generals64 Group people. Then they would get their desired Oil Credits. What is to stop them from doing that?
    This would also then ‘force’ the release of the rv in the usa, since this purchase would be done through the WF bank here in the usa. Surely other banks would realize they are missing out on the profits and thus demand a total rv. No?
    I also wonder just how long China will put up with the usa dancing and dancing trying to stall the rv as they have been doing. I dont think they will happily play this game much longer.
    Also, a question here: Is there any importance to this Dec. 28th date being bantered around the Net?
    Again, thanks Tony for doing a nice job, just need more of it, lol.


    1. Hello,

      The question you posed is highly technical and way beyond the scope of our purpose here. As you know, we do not even try to suggest or design any tactics for the completion of this matter. Instead, we leave that to the White Hat’s who are chin deep into all the technical details.

      As for China putting up with the USA’s delaying tactics, we understand that China is certainly a part of this world event and we will trust to those working on the process to overcome any further delays by those causing them.

      We do not know of any significance of December 28. At least none that has been conveyed to use at this time by those who would certainly know of any.

      Thank you for your kind remarks. What we lack in quantity we are trying to make up with quality. To that end, we are awaiting the latest update from Attorney Hodges. His last update was May 13. With the next update we should have a clearer picture of where we stand at the moment.

      Thank you again!


    1. Hello,

      Such beliefs are very common. It is easy to assume such because they are not easily evident and thus are assumed to be scams, in a world full of scams.

      We have it on good word that such is not the case, and we believe those who tell us this. Otherwise, we would not be here supporting them.

      Thank you for your post.


  3. Regarding the PP.

    This will be the destination for years to come, Here is why.. There is no end in sight .

    One from John the other from Mrs. Crundall.

    John20 December 2013 18:14
    A Private deal for the Dongs is under way in HK for a group who have worked on it for the last 2 years. That may underpin later Public activity. 
    No moves on the PP ,Dinars or CMKX. The amounts of Dinars being propounded are in the realms of pure fantasy. Iraq could never underpin it, and there is no base of money in the US Treasury to pay for it. America is Broke. Unless the Gray Screen Off Balance Sheet Funds are released for the purposes of Good, it is desperate. Things do not look good. The Texans and Zionists have taken the lot. Sorry not to have good news. The Gray Screens hold the answers. But the Cabal and Agencies run the Gray Screens and wont put it back. The world is as traumatized waiting to RV and for the GS, but can’t. .
    Mrs: Crundall: 12 21 13
    As for the latest regarding the “Harvest,” from all we hear, it sounds like there is some very positive activity going on to make it happen now. We’re in one of those stages again where we are getting excited calls from certain folks who have heard that they should prepare for an “any moment” landing! Just in case any of you have also heard that news, needless to say, we hope this is “IT” this time! It would certainly be perfect timing! But then again, any time it comes would be just right!

    Please Mrs Crundall stop sugar coating the obvious. Thank You.


    1. Hello,

      John’s comments are fine, but nothing new under the sun. It’s been delayed a long, long time. The White Hats are working to overcome that. John is a good guy, but not a White Hat, so let’s wait to hear from them on the status of this.

      As for the Crundall updates, they are really not updates any more. They fall into the realm of pep talks. That being said, Freedom members should contact her for information of administrative matters. For updates, we wait for the White Hats.

      Thank you for your post!


  4. This is rapidly becoming my favorite reading destination. I only wish that someone would copy and paste these honest disclosures about the whimsical non factual statement by these so called “gurus” so others won’t fall prey to these .. what can now only be called outright lies. Thanks again for this clarification of the status of the revaluation.


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