Update from Attorney Al Hodges, regarding CMKX, The WGS, GCR, etc:


Hodges and Associates – 12/25/13 “THE IMPOSSIBLE DREAM”


To dream … the impossible dream …
To fight … the unbeatable foe …
To bear … with unbearable sorrow …
To run … where the brave dare not go …
To right … the unrightable wrong …
To love … pure and chaste from afar …
To try … when your arms are too weary …
To reach … the unreachable star …
This is my quest, to follow that star …
No matter how hopeless, no matter how far …
To fight for the right, without question or pause …
To be willing to march into Hell, for a Heavenly cause …

That is the real reason I became counsel for seven brave travelers of similar mind and spirit some five plus years ago. I was frustrated by all the B.S. continually being fed to the CMKM Diamonds Inc. shareholders, I was confused by the fact that no one appeared to ‘be in charge,’ and I was perplexed by so many years having already passed since I had been told by the “founders” that “…. it will all be history within no more than a year.” I was simply overcome with a compulsion to get to the bottom of what was taking place with my not insubstantial investment in this public company, CMKX. Accordingly, because I then enjoyed the luxury of time and resources, I dove in head first and was soon consumed on a full time basis with pursuing the answer to my quest; I can assure you all that it seemed at that point to be an impossible dream.

I did not begin this quest out of a sense of arrogance, power madness, or other such motive; I began this quest because of the vacuum that existed. After some reflection I began to appreciate that I might be the only substantial shareholder with the proper mix of professional skill, investigative skill, intellectual impetus and stimulus, and where-with-all to pursue it. I do not intend to recite here the efforts and travails of the intervening years; some have already been published – the rest will have to await another time.

What I do wish to discuss in this message is some of the reasons for the extremely protracted delay in achieving resolution. In that regard, please understand that circumstance still constrains what I can relate and what must remain, at least for the moment, hidden. To repeat myself again, “…I have previously stated, we have confronted, with added pressure from the ‘lien-holders,’ the vilest, most contemptible, well financed forces for evil on the planet – and we have won!” As I have previously stated, some many months later, that must seem to have been an idle boast. However, it does reflect the mighty struggle that has been raging in the shadows.

The essence of the delay relates directly to the relatively small role CMKX has played in this developing correction. I use those words specifically, and intentionally, to convey what this has been all about. It has not only been about Wall Street, or financial corruption, or fiat currency, or political corruption, or concentration of all the world’s resources in the hands of a few such that the rest of the population become slaves, or the allowance by the American public of having their Constitutional Republic craftily usurped and replaced with a Corporation, or any combination of such ‘horribles;’ it has rather been about all of these things and more. It has been about the US of A and every other civilization on this planet; it has been about returning the US of A to its rightful intended form of government; it has been about crafting a successful and transparent global financial system based on real values; it has been about agreeing with all of our neighbors to a system of trade balance such that the playing field is equally available to all and represents fairness to each; it has been about allowing the world’s resources, both natural and financial to be equitably allocated among all civilized nations; and, it has been about preparing the world for the future.

You’ve heard me state repeatedly that we’ve won; in the face of that you wonder all these many months later why I would lie to you and/or misrepresent the state of affairs. Indeed, I would not do so under any circumstance of which I can conceive, so, let me be perfectly clear: we won the battle over CMKX and our right to be compensated for those wrongs perpetrated against us . I did not mean to suggest when making that statement that the battle was over – if some were left with that impression, I apologize for the inadequacy of my expression. I tried repeatedly to make clear that the battle raged on, and would so continue, until such time as we had received ER. ER was then defined on multiple occasions as receipt by another of my clients of the BASEL approved funds due to be paid to him for the express purpose of conducting the US Dollar Refunding Project, a part of the World Global Settlements (WGS), as is the Global Currency Reset (GCR).

As I have set forth in essentially every legal document and every CMKX Update, achieving ER was a sina qua non to the CMKX shareholders being paid; the reason is a simple one – THAT’S THE WAY THE ENTIRE GAME PLAN WAS STRUCTURED. The fact that the game plan was set up that way became a great stimulus to me to get involved with the WGS and GCR; it simply became the only means available to ‘hurry up’ the CMKX pay-out. No one insisted I become involved and no one has paid me to be involved; however, I have picked up several new clients along the road, and I hope to assist them in their socially responsible efforts after these WGS/GCR programs become realized.

I tried originally to focus the attention of the shareholders on receipt of ER because I had received advice that such receipt would not only be public, but in fact would be the last item completed on the G-20 approved BASEL List of items to be accomplished necessary to support the World Global Settlements and the Global Currency Reset. Accordingly, I concluded, based upon all the information I had discovered, that the CMKX ‘packages’ would be delivered right after the receipt of ER, mostly as a result of the mandate that CMKX moneys be paid out in asset-backed currency. However, the miscreants came to the very same conclusion and have focused intensely on preventing Economic Receipt by any and all means possible.

Their efforts have involved literally every means possible; if you can conceive of it, it is a method/approach the cabal has taken advantage of and utilized. To counteract such behavior, the “sting” approach has been utilized frequently and repeatedly by the ‘good guys.’ The most recent example of this concerns the expected RV of the Iraqi Dinar [IQD] currency, part of the Global Currency Reset. Because of their high exalted status, many Congressional seat holders and other D.C. ‘bigwigs’ were originally allowed to convert their IQD holdings to Bank SKR’s, or Safe Keeping Receipts; these were originally done at various rates of expected exchange value which was in most cases substantially below the rumored $32.00 rate. These same people were recently [w/i the last six weeks] given the opportunity to convert these SKR’s to GFR’s, or Guaranteed Fund Receipts; at that same time they were generally provided approximately 10% of the GFR value in cash equivalents with the express promise that said cash would not be utilized to purchase more IQD. We are currently advised that many thousands violated such proscription almost immediately. Some of these people will be resigning their offices and some others will undoubtedly be prosecuted. Use of these continuing “sting” operations has helped to weed out those who continue to support the cabal and accede to their instructions; most of the other ‘miscreants’ have been arrested one or more times [Timothy Geithner for example has been arrested more than four times] and currently face prosecution in the near future.

The cabal is finished! Most of the high-level and medium-level people, both in and out of government, have by now either been “stung” or arrested, and now face some combination of disgrace, loss of financial advantage, loss of position of power, loss of official office, and/or near term prosecution. In my opinion, having closely monitored the events as they occurred, we have reached the position of imminent conclusion. Although it is very difficult to appreciate the length of time this has taken, I can now accept that the acts involved were necessary to accomplish the goals sought. As a result of this opinion and now having a fuller understanding of both the goals, and the accomplishments to date, I will once again stick my neck out to advise you all that your journey is all but over.

It is my opinion, based not only on what I am told each day by those at the top of the new powers that be, but more importantly on the status of the imminent Global Currency Reset. Its status is important because it cannot become a public fait accompli without the US Treasury becoming a hard-metal asset backed issuer of US currency. Accordingly, when you publicly see the Global Currency Reset you will know that we have an asset backed currency, and you will know that we have received ER. Every indication from every credible source is that the Reset will become public today, tomorrow, the next day, or certainly by January 1, 2014.

I cannot guarantee this of course, but it does represent my best opinion based on all available information. I can absolutely assure you that the wonder of what you are so soon to experience – REALITY – will mightily blow away any doubt, disbelief, bitter humor, or unhappy memories that recent experiences have encouraged and supported. As I have said in the past, “you will be paid a great deal more than any have the right to expect [based on the amount of [your] investment]. In addition, you will receive a payment for the unconscionable length of payment delay.”

Al Hodges

Ps. Let me take this opportunity to wish each and every one of you a very Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and Joyous Holiday Season.


There you have it, folks.

One thing we can see is that the $32 rate for the dinar was not true outside of a sting environment as Mr Hodges confirmed  in this report. How incredible it was set up as a sting operation for insiders to “cash in” only to pay the price for further corruptions after the fact!

We are most happy that Mr Hodges feels the issue is just about concluded. His wishes are our wishes as well. Now, we just have to remain patient a little longer and let these honorable men conclude their work.

We wish to thank Mr. Hodges and all the White Hats for their continuing work and sacrifice on behalf of all nations that we can share the earths resources in equality and abundance so that all peoples may live to a higher standard free from the corruptions that have diminished our culture.

To our readers: Thank you for supporting our modest blog which was set up to answer the call of the White Hats that we participate and help spread the word. We look forward to the day when we can take this blog down and call it “mission accomplished!”.

Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year to you all!


The White Hats Auxiliary


  1. Well, we have finally kissed that awful year of ’13 a well-deserved GOODBYE. That and ’12 were probably my worst years ever, and at this late age it is very hard on a person. This is one reason why I’m so appreciative of Dr. Willie’s essay, with real down to earth information, with no-nonsense and no hype.
    I’d also like to take this opp to tell all the posters how much I appreciate all their no-nonsense comments, but ESPECIALLY to Tony, our Moderator for all his good work and for letting me post my carp, lol.
    Let’s hope for all our sakes, that this Reset will happen very very …..very very soon now, so those of us who have been forced to spend every cent of our savings, and our helpful, educated, prepared and skilled kin have been denied employment, can ”get out of this jail”.

    P.S. White Hats…….we’d love to get an Update from you.)


    1. Hi Abby,

      Thank you for your kind words.

      The last few years saw the rug pulled from under a lot of people. I can only hope that the events we are anticipating are going to better the economic conditions for all in the coming years.

      I cannot say when the White Hats will issue a new report, but I am sure they will if they feel it is needed. For now, Mr. Hodges’ last report will have to suffice.

      I hope things improve for you very soon!


  2. Tony, (I believe a poster called you) I believe you may have misunderstood my post or my meaning.. so here goes again. I am not stating anything about “Gurus” the only guru that I listen to is Al Hodges..however Al did state..

    It is my opinion, based not only on what I am told each day by those at the top of the new powers that be, but more importantly on the status of the imminent Global Currency Reset. Its status is important because it cannot become a public fait accompli without the US Treasury becoming a hard-metal asset backed issuer of US currency. Accordingly, when you publicly see the Global Currency Reset you will know that we have an asset backed currency, and you will know that we have received ER. Every indication from every credible source is that the Reset will become public today, tomorrow, the next day, or certainly by January 1, 2014.

    Although following that statement made it perfectly clear that it was not a guaranteed date but an accurate guess based on his “best available information”. So you see why I asked you what I did, it was not to ask you to give a date of sorts as Al has already done this (sort of)but just to inquire if there was anything that would cause the slight change of “tone” of your expectations for news about our final destination..Which you did clarify and I thank you for that. So please note Al did give a tenative date and I would think after all the shareholders have been thru and all of they times that they have been told , soon, imminent ect. that this timeframe should be closer to the end date.


  3. OK Mr. Moderator, I am a stickler for details and words, so on that note I am just being to literal or do I detect a change in your estimated timeframe for the long wait the we have/are enduring? Reason I ask is that in your previous response you said “Lets see what gives in the next few days” and in one of your more recent responses you say “Let’s see what goes down in the next few WEEKS” Have you been informed or heard of any delays that would have changed your mind or are you just being cautiously optimistic? Thanks in advance. Sean.


    1. Hello,

      My choice of words was of no consequence to anything I was told. Days, weeks, etc., simply words I used to describe waiting a period of time in terms of the near future. I have not been told any specific date for anything. I do not think anyone really knows of any concrete days for anything to happen. Mr. Hodges would have given us such a date if he knew it and was authorized to give it. Because he didn’t I am deducing that he does not know, and only gave his opinion based on what he was told at the time of his update.

      It is only those in the guru community that give hard and fast dates that never work out. One thing is for sure. There will come a day when they will be “right”. However, it will be in spite of their predictions, not because of them.

      Thank you!


  4. Thanks for response. I will revisit Willie’s post.
    “The next few weeks” sounds more plausible than “today” and at minute now
    just because a country bought some bonds. lol


  5. Hodges sounds like the real deal. I wonder why, though, gurus ignore the announcement of the gold standard prior to the RVs, but are instead looking for the RVs to pop out of nowhere? Are they not at liberty to tell the truth at this point in time? Are they just ignorant of the big picture? (or both or what?)


    1. Hello,

      We have never been able to fully understand how most of the guru’s get their information. Honestly, we don’t spend a lot of time trying to find out. Instead, we just maintain contact with those we know are actually involved in making this come to pass. That is the best source you can have. It’s like having Neil Armstrong as your go-to-guy regarding what it’s like to walk on the moon. You could ask a scientist, but it’s not quite the same.

      The recent article regarding economist Jim Willie’s description of the gold-backed international mercantile and commerce system (per BASEL III) is spot on with what we were told by our White Hat contact many weeks ago. It was very assuring to see this being corroborated in such a way.

      Let’s see what goes down in the next few weeks. It should be one for the books!

      Thank you for your post.


        1. Hello,

          We love Dr. Willie. Thank you for sharing this. He has mentioned the GCR in the past and I am happy to hear that he has again. It certainly is beyond question that the GCR is coming. We are hearing it from too many high quality analysts to remove all doubt of its inevitability.

          Thank you for your post!


      1. Hello,

        Interesting article. He left a lot of holes in the issue, but I would agree with one part – there are a lot of false promoters of dinar “intel”, which has lead people to think the revaluation was “gonna happen tomorrow”.

        He does not mention the currency re-set and the effect it will have on the dinar and 19 other currencies. Naturally, we do not expect him to print anything on that issue since he would never get it past his editors at Forbes at this stage.

        His focus was on the deceptive practices by those with an interest in selling dinar, and we have to agree that there are indeed such practices. But, in the end, it may just prove that buying the dinar was the smartest dumb thing anyone ever did once the GCR is set in motion. We can only hope that is very soon.

        Thank you for your post!


      2. I personally know people that profited from this during Desert Storm and 2002. The signs of it happening very soon are there. Waiting on this has developed patience for a lot of people. On the outside looking in, it appears to be camouflaged, causing authors and others to doubt this. Evidently, most dealers don’t believe it will happen because they would keep as much as possible. Gurus that claim to have Intel don’t know when the re-value will occur. The Guru world is full of confusion. Besides, what else is worth investing a few hundred dollars to have a profit in the hundreds of thousands, or even millions…


    1. Thanks for the link, Perry. And here is a seemingly-relevant excerpt from an Examiner.com article that appeared back in November:

      “To facilitate the transfer of currencies and swap lines, there needs to be a bank of sufficient size and stature to aid in handling of this monumental task. One year ago, China, along with the BRICs nations of Brazil, Russia, India and South Africa, loaned money to a new financial institution they established and labeled the BRICs bank. This bank was created with the intention of bypassing the dollar, and allowing free trade to occur between nations without the need to trade for dollars first, as is currently the format under the petrodollar system. In fact, the new BRICs bank will function both as a bank of international settlement, as well as a lender of last resort, eliminating the need for the BIS and IMF, which currently reside under dollar dominion.

      The only thing that stands in the way of the world’s final rejection of the dollar is the wavering trust that Saudi Arabia and OPEC have with the U.S. in assuring oil transactions remain denominated in dollars under the 1970’s Petrodollar agreement. But as the world has seen recently, even the Saudi kingdom is hedging towards a new global system, and has publicly stated that their ties to the U.S. are open for re-negotiation.”



    2. Perry — I see this as great news all the way around. It also gives us some real hope for the overdue and long awaited rv. Seems that Dr. Willie has a good reputation for being on target.


  6. p.s. One very important question I neglected to ask our moderator here( I unfortunately don’t know his/her name so my apologies) but now that Al Hodges has spoken, since its been quite a while now, should we be epxpecting to hear from the “White Hats” also? I think it would be a nice reinforcement of Mr. Hodges testimony and I’m sure alot of people would enjoy just knowing that they are still at the grindstone, completing whatever tasks are necessary for the closure of this debacle. Just a suggestion/ request made with all due respect. Take care again and thanks for the opprtunity to write here.


    1. Hello,

      I have been thinking the very same thing. I cannot say for sure if the White Hats intend to speak or write any time soon.

      What I can say is that the White Hats have worked with Mr Hodges in the past and I assume they still do at present. I do plan on contacting one of the White Hats to inquire about Mr Hodges’ remarks, but I will wait until after the first week of January to see if anything shakes loose by then. Mr Hodges did write that he was in contact with the powers that be, so his words can be assumed to be based on information from the highest echelons imaginable, which was then the basis for his recent report. It just cannot be any better than that.

      Let’s see what gives in the next few days.

      Thank you!


      1. Well lets revisit your “first week of January”. Its 2/12/2014 second week of February .. and no nothing “shook loose”. Cant say its much of a surprise.
        Let me tell you, I am a cmkx shareholder, so I am responding to this post by Hodges and your post about Hodges. Its only right, I have been a shareholder for 10 years and have been like many following Hodges for years..in courts, and after, in lieu of our trust payment. Mr hodges went to courts, where he supposedly went with intent to release our “cmkx trust” which sadly ended for shareholders with no results or knowledge of “cmkx trust”.

        Now, I really don’t care much, neither is bothers me what “white hats” want to write about, or any similarly engaged websites.. 4 winds, puff.. etc but I have to say that it bothers me, that Mr Hodges has involved us with such content and websites.

        Only one reason he states as connection from cmkx trust to the content of your website is: “mostly as a result of the mandate that CMKX moneys be paid out in asset-backed currency.”

        So supposedly per Mr Hodges cmkx trust can not be paid to cmkx shareholders because .. Maheu who set up the trust mandated that it has to be paid in asset-backed currency.

        Personally I find it more then ridiculous and secondary after reading your website and the links provided.. getting paid in asset-backed currency – dollar backed by assets, which supposedly will loose 50% of its buying power does not in any way look beneficiary for cmkx shareholders.

        So what’s the purpose ? what’s the benefit of such supposed mandate? Getting paid in dollars that will loose 50% of its buying power.

        And lets also mention everything else that goes along with this scenario from your website or links on your website.. usa in worse position then it is today, loosing its military power and presence in the world, dollar loosing 50% of its buying power, all and all just a big mess.

        And somehow Mr Hodges has joined this train with you, like an IDEAL TIME that cmkx will finally get paid from their impossible to get paid from Cmkx Trust.

        I see absolutely no benefits as its supposed to be intended as a benefit .. that cmkx shareholders have to wait for “asset backed” currency or dollar to be paid out of “Cmkx trust”.
        So it seems to me that Mr Hodges is blowing smoke in my direction as a Cmkx shareholder.

        Just for clarification, 1 dollar today is worth 1 dollar with its buying power, 1 dollar in asset backed currency will still be 1 dollar only with 50% less buying power.
        so its a definite loss for cmkx shareholders, for those that are maybe still alive. Plenty are not.

        And this whole thing is assuming any of this is going to happen.. which is very questionable, in any of all those proposed dates and years you have as targets. But again, I really don’t care, and therefore don’t mind .. what white hats.. puffs, 4 winds and 14 winds write about for their audiences.

        What I do mind is that Mr Hodges is involving us with any of them, and blowing smoke with these stories into cmkx shareholders direction.


        1. First, it is the FRN that will devalue, not the TRN.

          Secondly, Mr. Hodges will be blowing smoke – from a $75 cigar while celebrating in Las Vegas in a master suite where he will entertain many appreciative shareholders who will show up to express their appreciation for his hard work, sacrifice and dedication.

          I am not a CMKX shareholder, but I am going to use my contacts to see if I cannot get an invitation so I can think him for what he has done for us all.

          I’ll tell him you said hello.


      2. It seems that mr white hat has disabled a reply button from his post, so I would like to do it here.
        For continuity purposes I am going to past your response here first:

        whitehatauxiliaries says:

        February 12, 2014 at 10:09 pm

        First, it is the FRN that will devalue, not the TRN.

        Secondly, Mr. Hodges will be blowing smoke – from a $75 cigar while celebrating in Las Vegas in a master suite where he will entertain many appreciative shareholders who will show up to express their appreciation for his hard work, sacrifice and dedication.

        I am not a CMKX shareholder, but I am going to use my contacts to see if I cannot get an invitation so I can think him for what he has done for us all.

        I’ll tell him you said hello.
        Ok response from Iness:

        Mr White hat, on the subject, this is from your website:

        2) Will we see the FRN- federal reserve notes, and the TRN- treasury reserve notes- circulate in the USA at the same time after the GCR?

        There will be no way to avoid it. The TRN will stay and the FRNs will slowly be removed from circulation over time as they are flushed out of the system.
        If frn’s or federal reserve notes will be slowly removed from circulation over time, it means they will circulate for quite some time along with TRN or treasury reserve notes.. – lets say new dollars.
        Now.. if they are both circulating and in use, I don’t see how is it possible to have one valued at 1 dollar with 1 dollar buying power, and the other also showing 1 dollar but having buying power of 50% less.

        From common sense that is not possible. If they are both circulating in the same time, and in use in the same time on usa soil.. and frn notes are to be taken out of circulation over time.. ‘slowly” as posted on your site, then they will have the same value.

        I don’t see your statement as possible or real “First, it is the FRN that will devalue, not the TRN.”

        And thanks for offering to make Yourself feel so special and superior.. but you see I am very good at extending my own Hello’s if I ever had a reason to. 🙂


        1. Hello,

          I did not disable your reply button. I have no way of doing that.

          Next, please do not address me as “Mr White Hat”. I am not a White Hat.

          We do not know how long they will circulate, or at what rate they will devalue before they are removed. Your assumption that they will “circulate for some time” is completely your notion, and I do not know how you arrived at that idea. They will circulate concurrently, but the length of time is not known.

          You don’t see how a TRN can have one value, and the other 50% less? Who said it would be 50%? Who came up with that number? Secondly, It is certainly possible for a product to be listed in terms of value per TRN and value per FRN.

          You don’t see “my statement” as real? Excuse me, iness, that was not MY STATEMENT. That was told to us by our contact.

          Stop your bitching. BTW, that was from a White Hat also, quite a long time ago.

          You are not very good at extending anything except to bitch.

          See you in Vegas.


      3. https://whitehatauxiliaries.wordpress.com/2013/12/25/fact-check-87/comment-page-1/#comment-1786

        whitehatauxiliaries says:
        February 12, 2014 at 10:09 pm
        First, it is the FRN that will devalue, not the TRN.

        That is your statement to me.
        We already established from above posted on your site that “ “FRNs will SLOWLY be removed .“
        Which means that FRNs and TRNs will be together in circulation for some time while “FRNs are SLOWLY being removed .“

        Now my next question was how can FRNs devalue, while they are still being “slowly removed from circulation”, meaning, they are circulating in the same time with TRNs?
        And I am asking this because you posted that “First, it is the FRN that will devalue, not the TRN.”

        So there, this is where I find the issue with all these statements.
        They are conflicting.
        A person will have dollars in their wallet, some FRNs and some TRNs.
        And somehow you are declaring that while pulling out TRN dollar a person will buy a 1 dollar hot dog on New york streets, but will need to pay 2 FRN dollars for the same hot dog?

        No it does not make sense to me. Please explain if you can.
        Next this brings us to the extent of supposed devalue of a dollar.
        Originally I posted about general devalue of a dollar but it was You that stated the distinction between FRN and TRN: “whitehatauxiliaries says:
        February 12, 2014 at 10:09 pm
        First, it is the FRN that will devalue, not the TRN.

        FACT CHECK #94
        Posted on January 27, 2014 • 1 Comment
        Found at http://www.lindseywilliams.net/lindsey-williams-new-information-and-radio-schedule/ :

        First, Max Keiser of the Max Keiser Financial War Reports writes:

        ““What will happen is there’s going to be a currency revaluation across the globe. The dollar will probably be cut in half versus its other major trading currencies

        This means that all currencies are going to be revalued against gold and the currency that stands to lose the most would be the US dollar.
        And people will wake up in America, as it has happened in other countries, like Iceland recently, or other bail out countries from the IMF, or in Russia, or in the UK in the 70’s and suddenly they wake up and it’s like our currency was devalued by 50%, we’re now being bailed out by the IMF and the world bank, everything at the store costs double or triple or quadruple, and there’s nothing they can do about it

        A currency revaluation will also mean a downward revalue of the U.S. dollar,
        which has been the worlds primary reserve currency since 1944. This will
        leave a geo-political and military hole in the world. In fact, we are
        already seeing this vacuum being filled in by Russia, China, and the rest of
        the emerging economies.
        The reality for Americans for the next decade or more will be price
        increases/inflation of 30% to 50%,

        @@@ so this is all posted on your website.
        Devalue of dollar by Max Keiser is 50%,
        Devalue per philosophy of metrics site is 30-50%

        They talk about Dollar in general, without making distinction like you have that only FRN will devalue but not TRN.
        Still devalue of about 30 to 50 %

        So since you also state that dollar will devalue, what is your percentage of devalue?
        Now all this is just the basics showing you where things come from, and its from your website. I am surprised that you wonder where it came from, when its all posted on your site.

        @@@ And for the finals, besides discussion and pointing out what I find as inconsistencies, or conflicts of statements,
        My original question was pointed for Mr Hodges, as to what kind of value is it really offering to cmkx shareholders that we are supposedly waiting to be paid in Asset Backed securities, US dollar which will loose 30-50% of its buying power?

        So we are waiting on US dollar to loose value.. So Cmkx shareholders can get paid? Makes little sense to me.
        Ps,. I am curious if you can stay on the subject a bit more this time, you know emotions in check, without resorting to picture painting of grandiose Las vegas, 50$ cigars … or resorting to childish “bitchin” remarks.
        That is all just escaping/circumventing the real subject.


        1. Iness,

          Those are estimates of the possible devaluation. We do NOT know what the actual figures will be. FRN dollar devaluation is coming. Both the FRN and TRN will circulate for a time.

          By virtue of the fact that FRN’s exist, it stands to reason that they will have to devalue, and there will be no way to avoid their existence before they are removed, slowly or quickly, whatever the case may be. This pretty much sums it up.

          If both currencies circulate, then I would assume you could exchange one for the other, and be forced to take the hit. We are going to suffer for the loss of the dollar as the worlds reserve currency, like it or not.

          CMKX shareholders are going to get paid in TRN’s which will NOT devalue. You seem to not get that point.

          You can spend the FRN on your hot dogs, or convert them to TRN’s. Your choice. The Treasury will give guidelines on what we will be able to do with them. That is not my job. Either way, they will have remaining value and have to be spent, devaluation notwithstanding. The alternative is not spending them at all, which in that case is a total loss of the value. Can you not see that? Seems simple to me. Especially when you consider that no more FRN’s will be issued. They have to be used up, so are you saying you would not use them, devaluation notwithstanding?

          I am sorry iness, but your questions are not very intelligent. They are based on simpleton logic and are put forward to just express your disappointment and anger at something. The coming realities are told to us by people who are accomplished and have impressive credentials. The fine details may be points to ponder and debate, but the overall process is coming. You seem to not want to accept it so you put forth argumentative statements and ask impertinent questions.

          There is nothing more to cover on this subject, and your disbelief and your attitude have been allowed on the record. You will not be allowed more time to voice your constant disagreements as this is not a forum to argue. You have the same track record of bitching elsewhere, but you wont further establish it here.

          Your “finding of inconsistencies and misstatements” are not findings. They are your opinions on which you have made gross assumptions in an attempt to argue and belittle others whom you disagree with. I have seen you do this on other forums.

          You have made your last post here and it was posted and answered. We understand you do not agree and are a disgruntled CMKX shareholder who believes that there is no such thing as a pending CMKX payout, and that the GCR is a fraud. Point made.

          So recorded.

          Move on, citizen.


      4. [Prior comments edited as argumentative]

        ……….And by the way let me tell you, I think you actually are a Cmkx shareholder.
        Even though you state you are not. I also think this website was started after Hodges lawsuit.. So that he can have a platform………..


        1. Iness,

          I removed your lengthy insulting commentary, which only proves I am acting prudently to remove you from this forum.

          You are not here to discuss. I you are here to make insulting remarks, such as the one you made against Mr. Hodges, and then claim you are here to “discuss”.

          I left the part of you claiming I am a CMKX shareholder (not true) and that I am secretly working for Mr. Hodges (not true). This shows the level of your thinking and that you are only here to cause trouble. Your claims of being here just to discuss things is clever cover for your real motives, laid bare on other forums.

          I have neither the time nor the disposition to argue with a fool in public. After all, doing so only makes one wonder who is the greater fool.

          Once again, move on, citizen.

          Lastly, my suggestion that you “stop your bitching” was not from me. It was from a White Hat.

          But, let me say it as well: Stop your bitching.

          You do not deserve what is coming. When this plays out I am going to allow you back to apologize for your rude remarks. Start thinking about what you are going to say.


  7. I too am greatly appreciative of the time and efforts of Mr. Hodges and the many others that are working on our behalf to correct this monumental wrong that has be done to ALL of us. I am suprised at the only 3 comments that have beenposted here, but am pleased more by the quality than the quantity. LOL!! Thanks again for this forum and I look forward to an end to this long journey that we have all travelled and the new one that we are about to begin. Good luck and may you all have a happy and prosperous New Year.


  8. Tony – I just want to remind you again that its looking like you will have to call me IF the rv happens.
    I’m working on ”my problem” but at this point its not looking good.


    1. Hi Abby,

      No worries. Be sure to check in with a local library computer if needed. In any even, we will certainly get in touch. We should be seeing some signs of this very soon. As always, we need to allow for variations here and there, but it looks like the bad guys are on the ropes, and they are not Mohammed Ali by a long shot.

      Hang in there, Abby!


        1. Hello,

          Call centers do exist and I am quite sure that all banks that have foreign exchange desks will make known their procedures at the right time.

          A lot of the guru’s are now going around exclaiming that if it was not for them nobody would know “the procedures”. This is false. Even if you fell out of the sky tomorrow and the RV happened the minute after, the exchangers, whether they be banks, currency dealers, etc, will publish and announce all you need to know to exchange whatever currency you have into whatever currency you want.

          Thank you for your post.


  9. Mr. Hodges, Sir Al as I like to call him is an incredible man. I hope and pray his words become reality and that 2014 is the first year of the best years of our lives. I appreciate all AH has done. Merry Christmas Sir Al!


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