Found at:  http://philosophyofmetrics.com/2014/01/30/americas-karma-and-world-war-two-gold-theft/


“……In a future essay I will be focusing on the re-emergence of Vietnam into the global economy.  But for now I’d like to bring notice to the fact that their economic growth is astounding with a middle class that is swelling and an economy that is attracting huge investment.  Vietnam has the lowest unemployment rate on the planet. Samsung is moving its factories into Vietnam.  Russia has signed an agreement with Vietnam to build a $28 Billion oil refinery, the second largest in all of Asia, with more to come.  Even Starbucks is getting into the Vietnam craze.

The Vietnamese people hold 300 to 400 tonnes of personal gold.  That is equal to or greater than the gold holdings of Great Britain. The State Bank of Vietnam is planning on converting this gold into dong deposits with the intent of strengthening the currency.  Add this to the gold that will be imported into the vaults of the central bank through the Shanghai Gold Exchange, and you have the makings of a very strong regional power.  I would suspect that Vietnam will become a contributing member too the BRICS Development Bank and the SDR compositions for the region.”


We thought this article was very interesting for many who feel that Vietnam is still a backwater surrounded by rice paddies and crumbling temples, without any hope of seeing a valuable currency.

Even more interesting is the comment on gold and its use to provide the kind of hard metal backing that will allow the currency to appreciate in value within the framework of the new gold backed system of international exchange, which will replace the USD as the reserve standard. 

The articles on this blog, so far, have been some of the best we have seen in clarifying the new horizons. And overall, it lends further credibility to the absolute fact that the GCR is real.

Vietnam is just one example of the 20 countries set to see their currencies revalue up and down, including the USD. 

Hold on to your hats. 2014 is going to be one for the books.



Found at http://www.lindseywilliams.net/lindsey-williams-new-information-and-radio-schedule/ :

The following quotes were found in the above article by Lindsey Williams. We are not here to promote Lindsey Williams, but the content of this article contains further information that we thought you would all find very interesting.

Stay tuned at the end for a brief special message from the WHA.

First, Max Keiser of the Max Keiser Financial War Reports writes:

““What will happen is there’s going to be a currency revaluation across the globe. The dollar will probably be cut in half versus its other major trading currencies. Gold in particular will have to be, as it was in the 30’s, valued upward. So gold and precious metals and any currency that beings in a basket of commodities or precious metals as the basis of that currency will, in concert, you’re going to see a revaluation of gold bullion I believe… and you can see the price of gold move up 50, 60% in one day or one week, or it could move 100% in a week. This means that all currencies are going to be revalued against gold and the currency that stands to lose the most would be the US dollar.

And people will wake up in America, as it has happened in other countries, like Iceland recently, or other bail out countries from the IMF, or in Russia, or in the UK in the 70’s and suddenly they wake up and it’s like our currency was devalued by 50%, we’re now being bailed out by the IMF and the world bank, everything at the store costs double or triple or quadruple, and there’s nothing they can do about it because it’s not like these things happening without a careful coordinated plan by the banking establishments around the world that’s setting this all up to go when it needs to go. It’s going to be relatively effortless on their part.” 

Further down the article, there is a recapitulation of the recent remarks from IMF Chief Christine Lagarde which reads:

“There is thorough analysis of the chairman of the IMF Christine Lagarde’s recent speech at The National Press Club including the blatant statement alluding to global currency reset “…forthcoming asset quality and stress tests that will take place in 2014.” Later global currency reset confirmed in her speech at Davos World Economic Forum… “We Need a RESET IN THE WAY THE ECONOMY GROWS Around the World”. The IMF is telling you what they are going to do. Definitely keep an eye out on what the IMF is saying.”

Additionally, there is a quote from Mexican Billionaire Hugo Salinas Price who comments on the current world financial system:

“…….The world is attempting to live by means of the great lie of fiat money. It will not work. You deal with Reality by means of Truth; Truth is thinking that checks with Reality. Gold is money, and if we refuse to face that fact, we are lying.” He also talks about how we got to this current global economic crisis. “We got to this state because our leaders – in Universities and in Politics – have wished to forget Reality and have thought that by using our brains we can get around Reality. Thus our thinkers and political leaders have been attempting to put Reality to one side and in its place, use fictitious money, which can be manipulated to keep people happy.” He goes on to say “Our leaders have chosen mass deceit as their instrument of power. What they will obtain will be utter chaos and disorder, and mass impoverishment.” Price goes on to say “The clear beneficiaries of monetary and credit expansion are those who get the money and the credit first, before the rest of the people. They become wealthier, at least for a time, while the rest of the people sink into diminished well-being. But, eventually, all goes up in smoke and heads begin to roll: those of the guilty as well as those of the innocent…….”

We will let you enjoy the article in total when you have time to read it. Again, we are not promoting the site other than to share information of a relevant nature to the Global Currency Reset. We get ZERO compensation if any of you patronize the products sold on the blog. 

Lastly, we have had a very brief exchange from our wonderful WH contact tonight. The exchange was very brief. There is a reason for that. We do not want to interrupt their important work with constant demands for information. We use our best judgment in this area to balance the desire for information with the even stronger desire to see their mission conclude as soon as possible. There can be no doubt that the GCR is real and is coming. The cat is way out of the bag and has scampered up the drapes and is screeching at the mouse in the rafters. Our focus now is just the general progression of the event.

With that in mind I am happy to report to you all that progress is brisk and the inexorable motion towards unleashing the worlds largest financial transaction of our time is continuing!

Do NOT be convinced to join some offbeat campaign to call politicians or become involved in some half-baked, grabastic, disorganized hustle to “organize” so you can “be heard”. Do you honestly think that such spastic actions are going to do ANYTHING to affect what is being done behind the scenes by people who are miles away and light-years ahead of any such deluded efforts??

The best thing you can do right now is attend to your lives and just prepare yourselves as best you can for what is coming. Leave the heavy lifting to those who are expert at it.

In closing, I have to say I am very, very proud to have many of you involved in our effort to keep people informed. You have acted, FAR AND AWAY, with more dignity and intelligence than 90% of the people I have observed, who continue to forward ridiculous “intel” from “sources” and whip up the anxieties of people in a needless fashion.

Continue on, and thank you all for your readership.

And, once again, thank you to the White Hats for your continuing efforts to accomplish your mission!



Found at weforum.org:


We found this video on the World Economic Forum website this morning. It is a session conducted at the WEF. The topic of the session was :

Global Economic Outlook 2014What should be at the top of the agenda for the global economy in the year ahead?Speakers: Wolfgang Schäuble, Montek Singh Ahluwalia, Mario Draghi, Haruhiko Kuroda, Martin Wolf, Christine Lagarde, Mark J. Carney, Laurence Fink

Much of this is beyond my personal comprehension since I am not an economist or central banker. 

IMF Chief  Christine Lagarde began commenting on world economic affairs and began with what she called her “R words”. The first two were “recovery” and “risk”. However, at around the 9 minute mark, Lagarde mentions another “R word”: Reset.

Here are some of her words on that topic. I leave it to you to determine if you feel she is priming the pump for what we all anticipate as the Global Currency Reset. Please understand that we cannot claim that she is referring to it since we do not have the luxury of picking up the phone to speak directly to her and asking, and further, it would be doubtful that she could even talk about it if she would take my call in the first place.

Here is a partial transcript of her remarks on a “reset”:

“My last “R” is “reset”.  We are seeing, as necessary going forward, a reset in the area of monetary policies. We believe that quantitative easing and the accommodating  monetary policies that have been adopted so far should be continued up until such point where growth is well anchored in those economies, and this is not yet the case everywhere. Reset, in the sense that once it is well anchored, then those accommodating monetary policies have to be reformulated; have to move either back into their old territories or be more traditional, or be, maybe of a different kind and I am sure central bankers around here will be able to comment on that. But, that’s first reset.”  -Christine Lagarde 

How interesting that the word “reset” is being used. And to clearly say at one point that policies have to MOVE BACK to their old territories or be more traditional? Traditional, as in the tradition of backing money with assets? I have no clue if that is what she was referring to. Further, the use of the words “different kind” to describe the kind of reform was, to me, stunning. To me, that means a total change.

We thought we would share this with you as a possible sign of things to come. At this time we patiently await events to transpire along with all of you.

Thank you for your continued support, kind remarks and good will. The White Hats appreciate your patience and support as well.  

More to follow when appropriate.




Found at Dinar Gurus.com




@THE_TNT_TEAM: Guys don’t go public. Just talk to your Senators and Congressmen. Let them know that you know, ask them to make sure everyone plays fair

The above suggestion, that you should contact your representative and complain about what may be going on in the banks or to vent your spleen about your dinar still being worthless, is sad to see. 

First, Congress has no say in what is coming, nor do they have anything to do with the dinar.

Secondly, the GCR is coming. That is a fact. If TNT knew this, and wanted to really help their readership, they would just sit tight and let the process play out and be administered by those who are in charge of it all. Why would calling a worthless, corrupt bureaucracy result in revalue of the dinar absent the WGS/GCR as a total event which INCLUDES the revalue of the dinar as a subset of the event? It wouldn’t.

The best thing you can do is just remain calm and wait for the process to unfold. If you want to call congress, that is your right. Will it speed up the GCR? Nope. Will it slow it down? Nope. Will it result in needless taxpayer funded letter writing and waste? Yep. That’s about it.

Once again – nothing that any RV guru blogger says or does will have any effect on this process. Don’t waste your time on things that are not in your control, or in the control of self-proclaimed “intel providers”.




This evening I had the pleasure of speaking to our White Hat contact by phone once again. The following is personally cleared by them for release to you. Please read this information very carefully. It will help you maintain a proper orientation as to the true nature of what is going to take place.

I started my call with the intention of ascertaining the general outcome of the meeting last week between our contact and a very senior official in world financial affairs. I am told the meeting went well and all remains in motion towards the final outcome, which is best described as the single largest financial transaction in the history of the world. In fact, it is so large that it will most likely hold that title for the next few centuries.
Let that sink in a moment. Don’t think that is just hyperbole. It is important to keep this in mind as you read further.
The details of the meeting, the parties, the content and results thereof, are not for discussion, and, even if it was, would certainly be above the pay grade of us all to understand or comprehend. These are things that are best left to those whose skills and expertise are utilized to keep the financial engines of the world running. It would not serve any purpose or benefit to us that such details would be plastered all over the guru forums and blogtalk radio shows as if it was some cheap gossip. The people working on these matters are not in the business of spreading sensationalism. They are currently in the business of achieving their stated goals and assigned tasks, to the benefit of the nations of Earth.

Keep in mind what they are doing. Their actions are reversing 70 to 80 years of treaties, agreements, procedures, and agency involvement. Every agency on the planet has items that are affected by these changes. There are armies of lawyers coordinating actions of others on a world-wide basis, involving some 200 countries. This is not just a transaction involving the United States.  

This leads us to cover some points that are being spread around in the various Internet talk shows and blogs. You should know, first of all, that nothing any of the current self-appointed “intel providers” say has any affect in delaying or otherwise altering the events that are going to transpire. Such pronouncements, such as the “RV” being delayed because too many people bought dinar as a result of something said on a call, are blatant nonsense, most likely stated in a way to falsely exaggerate the status of the persons making the claims in order to seem wise and expert. Such actions only cause unnecessary anxiety in the community and nothing more. 

Most, if not all the “dinar intel” you hear in places such as TNT, is inaccurate. Such “intel” is not of valid origin and should be considered highly questionable.

Keep in mind that buying dinar, etc., is not really an investment. The net result,  post GCR, will be more like a windfall, surpassing any returns capable from such a small investment of capital in traditional markets. If the dinar comes in at $1.00, $2.00 or $3.00, it will place into your hands the kinds of funds for which you will want to seek professional guidance with. By all means, don’t wind up in the camp that will be broke 2 to 3 years later post GCR. Also, remember that you wont see $32 rates. That is pure nonsense. Any rates that are mentioned by gurus are simply guesses, at best. No such rate information from valid sources has been sanctioned for release through such persons like those who run the dinar blogs and chats.   
As for the timing, I didn’t want to pester them for a date because such is impossible to know. Every attempt is being made to complete the matter, and when it does not complete, there is a valid reason, likely requiring changes or adjustments in the process at some point along the line. Given the complexity of this project, such changes require carefull attention. Just know that it is very close and everything is progressing. The event itself will transpire on a weekend or at the beginning of the week to prevent interruption of world commerce. 

Finally, I was humbled when the White Hats team, who read this blog, passed on their thanks to me personally, and by extension, all of you, for conducting yourselves as ladies and gentlemen and remaining dignified while many others stoop to abrasive and discourteous behavior to make their points. Please set good examples as readers of this blog, and remember, some of the people who are reading your words are the very same people to whom you will be very indebted to for making possible the changes needed to give you the chance at a better future.

Thank you all. And thank you to the White Hats for your relentless efforts on behalf of all people and nations.

Stay tuned for more information as needed.



Found at Dinarrecaps.com:

GriMace: From White Hats Auriliary Post 1-8-14:   LINKA lot was discussed. I cannot disclose it all, but I can reveal the following. Take this information as from the top, without any doubts...Tomorrow, a key meeting is taking place to finalize the GCR and all subsequent events that are peripheral thereto. There is a reason we have not seen an “RV”. It’s simply because they have not gotten to that point yet.

 This is what I found on the White House Calendar website:http://www.whitehouse.gov/schedule/complete

10:00 AM: The President and the Vice President receive the Presidential Daily Briefing……Oval Office….Closed Press

11:00 AM: The President and the Vice President meet with Members of Congress
The Roosevelt Room…Closed Press

12:45 PM: Press Briefing by Press Secretary Jay Carney

2:20 PM The President delivers remarks announcing Promise Zones
The East Room….Open Press

4:30 PM: The President and the Vice President meet with Secretary of the Treasury Lew  Oval Office….Closed Press


The above post, which quotes from our post in Fact Check #89,  infers that the meeting that was outlined in Fact Check #89 is as described above at the White House with Jack Lew.

This is FALSE. The meeting we referred to is NOT the meeting in the White House. The meeting we referred to is taking place in another location in the USA and with different persons altogether.

Please stay tuned for correct information as it comes out.




Today I had the rare pleasure to speak to our informed source. Actually, it would be better to refer to him as THE source, but some modesty is in order. After all, this endeavor is not about any one man, or even about this blog, which is just a humble endeavor to answer the call from the White Hats to spread accurate information about the coming changes. We take no credit for any of this. None. We just talk to the right people and then report here what we can  so you can stay informed with confidence.

A lot was discussed. I cannot disclose it all, but I can reveal the following. Take this information as from the top, without any doubts. 

Tomorrow, a key meeting is taking place to finalize the GCR and all subsequent events that are peripheral thereto. There is a reason we have not seen an “RV”. It’s simply because they have not gotten to that point yet. There is no reason to listen to gurus who tell you, “Well, it was supposed to have happened, but we don’t know why, people are mad, etc.”. The reason IS known. It is simply that the process just has not gone through the last stage where agreements are signed.

When the agreements are finalized then payments to the first tier are to be done. This places funds into the hands of those responsible for disbursement. This then signals the world that all can now proceed. Another meeting will then be set in Hong Kong to put the finishing touches on the paperwork.  Then you will see your “RV”, the GCR, prosperity programs, etc. set loose, at a subsequent date, as has been described over and over in the past. 

Now, many of you have been waiting to hear clarification about posts made on another blog that claimed that the IMF was going to take steps to see that people would not reap the benefits from holding dinar and dong. We thought this was a queer statement to make since it was earlier claimed by the same people that the RV was just not going to happen for these “people” in the first place. If it was not supposed to happen in the first place, then why have to take steps to stop it? The answer to this issue is this: No such steps will be taken against people with dong or dinar. 

Next, from this informed source, a warning. When you see the revalue of your dong or dinar, take immediate steps to exchange it, and don’t look back. Do NOT hold on to it and hope for a better rate. Take the rate as it is released.

The new US currency will be metals backed. They will be known as Treasury Reserve Notes. These are what you will receive when you exchange your dinar and dong, receive your prosperity package (if you are in a program), etc.

The USA is going to have to suffer through these changes. There will be a price to pay to get to the promise land in terms of  fiat dollar devaluation. I am told the TRN’s will not devalue. Prepare. Don’t take those words lightly. Prepare. Stock food, water, means of protection.

The update from Mr. Hodges was “right on the money”, according to my White Hat contact. Mr. Hodges stated, in essence, that we are pretty much there, and in relative terms, we are. It didn’t fall into place on the 1st, but from what I was told, that is just picking gnat turds out of pepper. Just hold on a bit longer and let these fine people do their work. 

The information from Dr. Willie was extremely accurate. Consider Dr. Willie as a vital source for advice on what is coming and how to protect yourself. Dr. Willie’s warning on dollar devaluation was accurate, as written earlier.

As for a rate for the dinar and dong, I did not even ask because this ground is well trod and no matter what is said now, nobody can guarantee that you will get such rates on that day. So, I think it is best to just wait for it to happen, and then act without delay in exchanging your funds and shoring up your fortress for what may follow. Don’t be obsessed with rates. You cannot do anything to change them. Just wait for the rate, and then you will know what it will be. I know that is very Nancy Pelosi-ish, but in this case, it’s a prudent tactic for your peace of mind. 

Well, at this time I think I have done what I could. I could have asked other key questions, but why bother? We are so very close that we should just wait a little longer and let the process proceed by which all answers will be given by the events themselves. What better answers to have than the process itself, unfolding and revealing every detail in real time! 

Let me say that the magnitude of who I spoke to today hit me hard for the first time. I had to stop and realize who this person was and who they were meeting with tomorrow. You would all recognize the name, but I cannot reveal it.  

Just remember that what you are reading about is going to happen. Be ready. Wait for further information and then act as necessary. 

2014 is going to be one for the books.  


P.S.  This was posted from Mr Hodges on a CMKX forum a few hours ago. I share it here just to be in the moment:

QuotePost by alch11 on 2 hours ago

Thank you one and all. The unwavering support of you folks, and many others too numerous to mention, over the years means [and has meant] a great deal to me personally. I know as well, the very significant positive impact it has had on many of the fence-sitters and doubters. I thank you from the bottom of my heart. Blessings to each and every one of you. 

When we all get to Las Vegas, the drinks are on me! Please come and lift your glass in celebration of what we have achieved.

PS. ZAP seems to think sometime next week, so make your plans accordingly.