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@THE_TNT_TEAM: Guys don’t go public. Just talk to your Senators and Congressmen. Let them know that you know, ask them to make sure everyone plays fair

The above suggestion, that you should contact your representative and complain about what may be going on in the banks or to vent your spleen about your dinar still being worthless, is sad to see. 

First, Congress has no say in what is coming, nor do they have anything to do with the dinar.

Secondly, the GCR is coming. That is a fact. If TNT knew this, and wanted to really help their readership, they would just sit tight and let the process play out and be administered by those who are in charge of it all. Why would calling a worthless, corrupt bureaucracy result in revalue of the dinar absent the WGS/GCR as a total event which INCLUDES the revalue of the dinar as a subset of the event? It wouldn’t.

The best thing you can do is just remain calm and wait for the process to unfold. If you want to call congress, that is your right. Will it speed up the GCR? Nope. Will it slow it down? Nope. Will it result in needless taxpayer funded letter writing and waste? Yep. That’s about it.

Once again – nothing that any RV guru blogger says or does will have any effect on this process. Don’t waste your time on things that are not in your control, or in the control of self-proclaimed “intel providers”.



  1. Whitehatauxiliaries,
    I have a couple of questions. My first questons is in relation to a statement made be Al Hodges in Fact Check #87. The statement is as follows: “Every indication from every credible source is that the Reset will become public today, tomorrow, the next day, or certainly by January 1, 2014.” The white hats response to this statement came in Fact Check #89 ” The update from Mr. Hodges was “right on the money”, according to my White Hat contact. Mr. Hodges stated, in essence, that we are pretty much there, and in relative terms, we are. It didn’t fall into place on the 1st, but from what I was told, that is just picking gnat turds out of pepper. Just hold on a bit longer and let these fine people do their work.” My question is what does picking gnat turds out of pepper mean. I thought the statement meant that the actual date of the GCR is close to the date mentioned by Al Hodges. Maybe my interpretation was wrong. In my mind a date closely related to Jan 1, 2014 is some time in January, maybe even February, but certainly not any time within 2014 including November and December. Again maybe i misinterpreted that statement but I would appreciate any clarification.
    My second question involves the meetings that are taking place. Fact Check #89 mentioned a meeting that took place on 1/9/14. My question is, are these meetings planned in advance with dates already known or do the meetings just happen out of the blue. I ask this because I was curious about whether or not the date for the Honk Kong meeting was already planned or will they just plan it at the last minute. The Chinese New will occur next week so I am pretty sure if the meeting has not happened prior to the start of their New Year it will occur sometime after their holidays.
    I also would like to say that this is the best blog that I have seen with respect to the GCR. I usually don’t post on blogs but I really enjoy the interaction here.


    1. Hello,

      “Picking gnat turds out of pepper” meant that because it did not happen on the 1st as Mr. Hodges mentioned as a possible certainty, does not mean that we should focus on that missed date as meaning the event is somehow not going to happen. In other words, don’t place too much significance on the missed date. Some people take such missed dates as signs of lack of credibility or truthfulness. Our words were meant to convey that such missed dates are common in this endeavor and not to take such with too much distress. To do so would be like overreaching for a reason to complain, hence, picking gnat turds out of pepper. For give my crude analogy.

      To address your second question on the meeting on 1-9: The meeting was certainly planned because I was informed of it the day before. I cannot speak to any subsequent meetings because I am not on the A-list when meetings are planned. Hong Kong will not be pre-announced on this blog because the date of it simply is not to be of concern to us. This is for a good reason I am sure. That, and also, again, I don’t hold enough rank to demand that I be informed in advance of the meeting. I sure wish I did, but unfortunately, I will not rise any higher than a WH auxiliary blogger in this event.

      Your mention of the Chinese New Year has been brought up several times in the past and certainly is an intriguing notion. The details and planning for the Hong Kong meeting will most certainly never be revealed to me. I wish I had the rank to be on that invitation list, or even to be told when it was going down, but I do not. Even if told, I would most likely be instructed to not reveal it. I have never betrayed a WH confidence yet, and I certainly will not now or ever. I would rather hurl myself from the Tarpeian Rock than bare that shame.

      My best answer to you is this. When we see the obvious signs of currency resets and such, we will know then that Hong Kong went down. It will go down eventually, but the date most certainly will never be mentioned beforehand.

      Thank you for your kind words.


  2. Dear WHA,

    What can people with a mortgage expect when things are reset? What about farmers with large debts? What advice would you provide?



    1. Hello,

      I appreciate your questions but those are questions best left to professional advice.

      The precise effect on those items post GCR is not really clear to me.

      My personal advice is to remember what Dr Willie said about gold going to 3K. Perhaps some hedging is in order to protect oneself against currency devaluation. If I had the ability to hedge my debts with gold, I would do so.

      Thank you.


    2. Scott, I too have wondered about these things, since Banks have been ”loaning” money which they Created out of their Customers own signatures (thin air) and has all been the biggest white collar crime of all Time. I have studied this and do know the details; its why I have no respect for debt.
      If this entire GCR includes a cleansing of the banking system, then it seems that these debts to banks which have been ALL done by Deception, ought to be wiped out and let us all begin Anew.
      Banks are all guilty of failing to Fully Disclose the details of ANY of the loans they have made.
      That detail is………that they used the loan paper YOU signed, and Created the money from IT…….so they loaned you your own money. So then where is there any debt??
      (they can fool some of the people all the time, but they can’t fool everybody)


  3. whitehatauxiliaries,

    People think this is the precursor of the GCR. I’m NOT convinced. I think, I will be convinced after I leave the bank with a deposit slip in hand. What do u think about this?

    What’s your opinion on this:

    “Art Cashin said stocks ended at the day’s lows with a Dow drop of more than 300 points because traders were worried some countries might use the weekend to adjust their currencies.

    A few minutes before trading ended for the day, Cashin, UBS’ director of floor operations at the NYSE, told CNBC’s Closing Bell that “ordinarily Friday is the best day of the week—shorts tend to cover going into a weekend—but this is different because today we’re worried about currencies. And nations use weekends to adjust their currencies. They usually do it on a Sunday when no one’s around.” As a result, traders wanted to reduce their risk and they did that by selling.”


    1. We do not know all the details. Such things will not be shared with us at our pay grade.

      We do know that the event itself will happen on a weekend, which as Mr. Cashin verified is the time when countries can adjust their currencies without disrupting commerce. Are his words a “precursor”? We dont really know.

      It’s like the fall of the Berlin Wall. They didn’t announce it ahead of time. It just happened. I bet a lot of people laughed when some fore-casted the fall of the wall and communism. Well, it happened. Some laugh at the idea of the GCR. I cannot wait to see those people go into spasm and swallow their tongues when it goes down.

      Our opinion on Mr Cashin? He is right about weekend currency adjustments. Is this a precursor to the GCR? No idea. Could this be the week? Sure could. Do I know that for sure? Nope. Will there come a weekend when it will happen? Yep.

      Thank you.


    1. That’s all well and good – however I want a Global REPUBLIC where each Individual’s rights are protected, not a Democracy where 51% of the people can tell the other 49% what to do.


      1. i prefer a democracy, how imperfect it may be, over a so called ‘”republic” where only the top 1 % decides how the other 99% should live…

        and there is no sarcasm here, only very down to earth and practical thinking…


      2. Definition review is highly recommended. A Republic is what the United States was created with the constitution;
        “”I pledge allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America, and to the REPUBLIC for which it stands, one Nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.”

        Ignorance is NOT bliss!


      3. bernard — Not trying to insult you, but honestly you are very mixed up here, and seem to be totally ‘in the dark’ about what our Republic was intended to be versus the Tyranny we have which is this so called ‘democracy’ that you think you prefer. It would be to your benefit to do a serious investigation into this matter.
        I am also curious how old you are, just to get an idea of where and how you got some of your ideas .


  4. We NEED to abolish the whole “party” thing. All we are doing by perpetuating this system is allowing the REAL “party” to happen on our tab.


    1. you can as well abolish democracy? ánd what is your alternative?
      some new parties…?
      a more direct form of democracy. based in social media…?


      1. Redesign and redefine; anything would truly be better than the farce currently employed. Your sarcasm indicates that you may have some research to do…


    2. Peter was very brave and held to his convictions.

      He is again telling people to get into gold. Dr Jim Willie forecasts $3000 plus gold. The international mercantile system is going to a gold backed basis. The TRN’s will be metals backed. The net result: the world is shedding the fiat funny money and going back to what has been real money for 10,000 years. Gold.

      Libya was attacked because it was going to release a gold backed currency and prompt African nations to do the same.

      When asked, Ben Bernanke said gold was not money, but merely a “precious metal”.Ha! Typical Fed Reserve doodoo. If Gold is just a precious metal, then why would Libya want to use it to back its money? Lots of things are precious. Why not back the Libyan money with Starbucks coffee? Those suckers are expensive and in demand too, yes? They wanted to back it with gold because gold IS money.

      It doesn’t take a lot to figure out why the GCR was fought against all these years.


  5. The left-right division, the conservative-liberal division, and the Democrat-republican division are all part of the outdated paradigm the cabal have used to divide and conquer the 99% of us! Stop allowing these labels to be relevant. None of the members of Congress or the President( regardless WHO it is) pay any true attention to them AT ALL. Look at the roster of the Trilateral Commision or the Council of Foreign Relations, not to mention the Bilderbergs or the Rockefeller Group. The divisions only exist to extend the belief to the 99% that their votes count and that they ultimately have the choice to decide who governs!
    We don’t determine anything; we participate under the belief we do, and we have certainly been programmed to believe that we do BY THEM! There is no longer any division once within the halls of government- the sooner we ALL realize this, the sooner we can concentate on UNITING AGAINST THEM!!!


  6. Obama was planning to do a lot more for the american people, but republicans blocked so many of his proposals…afraid as they are for the radical far right side of the tea party members with their archaic ideas…


    1. Comments like this really scare me. The left/right paradigm is all propaganda and lies. Why don’t you know that? What we have in the US is a two-headed ONE Party system. So don’t blame the Right for what the Left doesn’t get done. It’s all in the play book for them to blame each other when reality is they are all on the same side. The US Corporation that runs the US and monetizes our Birth Certificates and steals our birthright if abundance needs to be taken Down and our Republic restored. The American Public needs to be told this awful truth, even tho they will not believe it, at first. My greatest hope in this lifetime is that some kind of resolution to all this happens in my lifetime so I can die in peace knowing my 3 Grandchildren will not grow up in a country that ix becoming more likd North Korea every day.



      1. Obama has been hiring shills to claim he’s a “good guy” but I am seeing more and more people waking up to this. It’s mostly channelers and dinar gurus who still believe Obama is good, but we know those guys are disinfo.


    2. Bernard, you really need to wake up and realize once and for all, that both Parties play in the same playroom and there is not a lick of difference between them. NEITHER Party cares a damn about the People so forget the Partyism battle.


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