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The following quotes were found in the above article by Lindsey Williams. We are not here to promote Lindsey Williams, but the content of this article contains further information that we thought you would all find very interesting.

Stay tuned at the end for a brief special message from the WHA.

First, Max Keiser of the Max Keiser Financial War Reports writes:

““What will happen is there’s going to be a currency revaluation across the globe. The dollar will probably be cut in half versus its other major trading currencies. Gold in particular will have to be, as it was in the 30’s, valued upward. So gold and precious metals and any currency that beings in a basket of commodities or precious metals as the basis of that currency will, in concert, you’re going to see a revaluation of gold bullion I believe… and you can see the price of gold move up 50, 60% in one day or one week, or it could move 100% in a week. This means that all currencies are going to be revalued against gold and the currency that stands to lose the most would be the US dollar.

And people will wake up in America, as it has happened in other countries, like Iceland recently, or other bail out countries from the IMF, or in Russia, or in the UK in the 70’s and suddenly they wake up and it’s like our currency was devalued by 50%, we’re now being bailed out by the IMF and the world bank, everything at the store costs double or triple or quadruple, and there’s nothing they can do about it because it’s not like these things happening without a careful coordinated plan by the banking establishments around the world that’s setting this all up to go when it needs to go. It’s going to be relatively effortless on their part.” 

Further down the article, there is a recapitulation of the recent remarks from IMF Chief Christine Lagarde which reads:

“There is thorough analysis of the chairman of the IMF Christine Lagarde’s recent speech at The National Press Club including the blatant statement alluding to global currency reset “…forthcoming asset quality and stress tests that will take place in 2014.” Later global currency reset confirmed in her speech at Davos World Economic Forum… “We Need a RESET IN THE WAY THE ECONOMY GROWS Around the World”. The IMF is telling you what they are going to do. Definitely keep an eye out on what the IMF is saying.”

Additionally, there is a quote from Mexican Billionaire Hugo Salinas Price who comments on the current world financial system:

“…….The world is attempting to live by means of the great lie of fiat money. It will not work. You deal with Reality by means of Truth; Truth is thinking that checks with Reality. Gold is money, and if we refuse to face that fact, we are lying.” He also talks about how we got to this current global economic crisis. “We got to this state because our leaders – in Universities and in Politics – have wished to forget Reality and have thought that by using our brains we can get around Reality. Thus our thinkers and political leaders have been attempting to put Reality to one side and in its place, use fictitious money, which can be manipulated to keep people happy.” He goes on to say “Our leaders have chosen mass deceit as their instrument of power. What they will obtain will be utter chaos and disorder, and mass impoverishment.” Price goes on to say “The clear beneficiaries of monetary and credit expansion are those who get the money and the credit first, before the rest of the people. They become wealthier, at least for a time, while the rest of the people sink into diminished well-being. But, eventually, all goes up in smoke and heads begin to roll: those of the guilty as well as those of the innocent…….”

We will let you enjoy the article in total when you have time to read it. Again, we are not promoting the site other than to share information of a relevant nature to the Global Currency Reset. We get ZERO compensation if any of you patronize the products sold on the blog. 

Lastly, we have had a very brief exchange from our wonderful WH contact tonight. The exchange was very brief. There is a reason for that. We do not want to interrupt their important work with constant demands for information. We use our best judgment in this area to balance the desire for information with the even stronger desire to see their mission conclude as soon as possible. There can be no doubt that the GCR is real and is coming. The cat is way out of the bag and has scampered up the drapes and is screeching at the mouse in the rafters. Our focus now is just the general progression of the event.

With that in mind I am happy to report to you all that progress is brisk and the inexorable motion towards unleashing the worlds largest financial transaction of our time is continuing!

Do NOT be convinced to join some offbeat campaign to call politicians or become involved in some half-baked, grabastic, disorganized hustle to “organize” so you can “be heard”. Do you honestly think that such spastic actions are going to do ANYTHING to affect what is being done behind the scenes by people who are miles away and light-years ahead of any such deluded efforts??

The best thing you can do right now is attend to your lives and just prepare yourselves as best you can for what is coming. Leave the heavy lifting to those who are expert at it.

In closing, I have to say I am very, very proud to have many of you involved in our effort to keep people informed. You have acted, FAR AND AWAY, with more dignity and intelligence than 90% of the people I have observed, who continue to forward ridiculous “intel” from “sources” and whip up the anxieties of people in a needless fashion.

Continue on, and thank you all for your readership.

And, once again, thank you to the White Hats for your continuing efforts to accomplish your mission!



  1. FYI… “In the past we have discussed at length the inevitable demise of the USD as the world’s reserve currency, noting that nothing lasts forever. However, when former World Bank chief economist Justin Yifu Lin warns that “the dominance of the greenback is the root cause of global financial and economic crises,” we suspect the world will begin to listen (especially the Chinese.)

    Lin, now – notably – an adviser to the Chinese government, concludes that internationalizing the Chinese currency is not the answer (preferring a basket approach) but ominously concludes, “the solution to this is to replace the national currency with a global currency,” as it will create more stable global financial system.” <<<<


    1. You probably right David. Just go to euroasian economic forum on currency keynotes of last summit ( The main scope of this gathering is to “Emission and control of New global currency “G” by an international board of trustees. Impressive topics:

      1. Global Currency: Reform of International Monetary System against Currency War
      2. Multiple Foreign Reserve Management System versus Global Currency
      3. Monetary Dominance as Global Currency in the Petroleum Age and New Energy Era
      4. Super-Sovereign Reserve Currency, Single Global Currency VS SDRs toward Supra-Reserve Currency
      5. Strategies of Foreign Exchange Risks and Reserves using Global Currency
      6. Role of Banks in Global Currency Trading and Establishment of the Global Currency
      7. Recession and Loose Monetary Policy
      8. Multinational Corporations and Global Currency
      9. Impact of the Basel Accord III on the Central Banks Policies
      10. Currency Clearing Mechanisms between mainland of China, Taiwan, HK and the world
      11. Pegged Mechanism in Gulf Countries (Arabian & English language)
      12. The Ways to Trade Harmonization with a Global Currency


  2. Hello WHA,

    Do you know if paladin is a white hat? I have heard that he and T-man where two white hats who used to post on certain blogs. Tonight paladin will be intereved by Kerry Cassidy over at project camelot. Here is the link.

    An excerpt from the post.

    “The first stone has been cast…..

    If there was ever any doubt about the legitimacy of bitcoins, it should now be put to rest. On Monday, news reports of the arrest on Sunday of a bitcoin promoter for money laundering and operating an unlicensed money transmission business (I’m going to have to look this one up) were released by the controlled propaganda arm of the cabal, mainstream media. This is the first shot fired in the war on bitcoin and a saber rattling warning to others who may have the inclination to challenge the fiat money system, aka the Federal Reserve and the European bloodlines.

    Bitcoin was launched in 2009 and has finally gained enough traction that DC held meetings last fall on what to do about it. It seems the conclusion was that they couldn’t regulate it and couldn’t declare it illegal under existing law so they virtually issued a “no comment”. However, soon after those meetings, former Fed Chairman Greenspan was interviewed and gave his opinion of the emerging currency. Needless to say, when they dust off an old relic and trot him out in front of the microphones for a statement, you know they’re taking it seriously.

    My background is finance/accounting so I’ve been following bitcoin for about a year, having had many discussions with colleagues on the merits, ramifications and integrity of the process. I have been convinced since the beginning that bitcoin was not a cabal test to see if the public would accept a cashless society, or a cabal lead in to the cashless society or another surreptitious attempt to usurp more of our hard earned dollars. It was not that I didn’t think the cabal capable of these tricks as I’m fully aware of their nefarious methods throughout our short history of stealing all the wealth they can from us while we’re alive. It’s because bitcoin is the exact opposite of our current monetary system in all respects.

    Kerry and I have been discussing the merits of bitcoin for quite a few months and we hope tonight’s livestream on the subject will not only be entertaining but also informative.



    We will also be discussing the recent Terror Bowl letter that has been circulating around the internet for the last few days regarding a possible false flag event. There are some interesting nuances with this that again, Kerry and I have discussed in the past and the synchronicity of this letter demands that we disccus them.

    JOIN US! TONIGHT …Wednesday, Jan 29th, 7pm EST / 4pm PST — On the Camelot Livestream Channel I will be talking with Paladin from the White Hats (currently a columnist here on the Camelot site), all about BITCOIN. Why it differs from fiat currency and the efforts of the PTB to stop it from replacing our monetary system. Paladin is uniquely qualified to weigh in on this topic as a forensic financial investigator with a background in corporate and government agency contracts. As a member of the website responsible for the investigation and publishing of a number of reports following the money into black projects and down the rabbit hole ( ) his views of this current challenge to the corrupt monetary system should be fascinating and enlightening to those who will take the time to listen.”

    Here is another link.


      1. After listening to that interview, I must admit that I am bit concerned about Paladin’s role within the White Hats (or lack thereof.)

        He offered a theoretical definition of Bitcoin and its comparison with any fiat currency… and that BC is purely a form of exchange and not intended as anything more… and that the threat to the PTB is the fact that BC transactions are private and zero taxes are levied. Unfortunately, he doesn’t really have a hands-on working knowledge of how BC is structured… thus, his subjective analysis of it is pretty much conjecture. He openly admitted this and doesn’t promote himself as an expert of digital “currencies”. Hmmmmmm.


        1. Hello,

          If you look at the official WH blog you will see evidence of his work in uncovering the massive financial frauds that were being conducted by the cabal.

          He pointed out that the recent attack against the one Bitcoin merchant was simply an effort to paint Bitcoin as some nefarious operation, run by money laundering dope sellers. This, when our own CIA was caught running cocaine smuggling operations in South America how many times?

          In large part, he was calling attention to the smear against Bitcoin.

          Thank you.


  3. TNT TONY is stating he’s going public on Facebook and Twitter because he’s saying they’re not going to let us exchange. What do you think about this and the delay this can cause?


  4. Hello,

    I sometimes have the impression that your site cautions readers to invest into these currencies only what one can afford to lose and this is done in the context of stating that this event will soon occur. What should one make of that perceived paradox? I acknowledge your frequent disclaimers that remind readers you are not certified investment advisers.

    Thank you


    1. Hello,

      That’s just me being me.

      If one is employed, and has a cushion for providing for all family needs, then one can go to town and buy more than one without a job and who has $3000 left in savings. It’s pretty safe to say that one cannot lose too much with the Dinar since it is presently about as low as one could think it could go, with the exception of the spread that one would pay to sell it back to the market.

      My cautious attitude is not brought on by any hidden lack of faith in the ultimate outcome of this once in a lifetime event.

      Thank you!


      1. Sort of what the CO would say to soldiers if he knew there was time for a smoke:
        “Light ’em if you’ve got ’em”;
        it did not endorsing smoking

        P.S. I am not a pyromaniac! LOL


      2. Hello again WHA, I found the following post on dinarrecaps from Eagle1 at KTFA. Will these guys ever stop lying and allow this thing to unfold on its own? I really don’t like people who lie like this, saying the RV happened. “Art Cashin was not wrong when he talked about currencies being revalued on Sunday, but he only mentioned four or five currencies in the interview.

        What got left out of the interview was the fact that the GCR actually did begin its process on Sunday, a process specifically sanctioned and implemented with the cooperation and help of the IMF.

        Two of the major currencies that we’ve been watching — namely, the IQD and the VND — were among the first to revalue.

        I have been repeatedly advised by my contacts at the IMF and other agencies that they would NEVER just do the Dinar or the Dong, release those currencies to the world, and then follow up with other currencies behind them simply because of the massive amount of double-dipping that would take place.

        Sure enough, even though we had seen a total of 104 currencies finish the revaluing process by Monday night, it was made abundantly clear that we would not get to see the new rates until the process completed. With 104 currencies having finished the process, that left 94 yet to go.

        I do not know what time the actual process began, but what has been said is that the IMF gave a 72-hour window for all 198 currencies to undergo the process of change, after which the new rates would be released to the world.

        The timing of this is interesting in view of the fact that the new UN Operational Rates of Exchange chart is due for initial release on the 29th with the final publication on the first of February.”
        These gurus will not stop at all will they?


  5. I believe that china and russia and the other BRICS are totally fed up with the fiat dollar just like we are. By now the whole world sees the disaster that it has gotten us all into, and have set out to demolish it……making a huge changeover, and I see this as a good thing. Lets not let old out dated ideas about those two countries rule out the possibilities that they will cure our messed up economy. How can it get any worse than what we have right now?
    IMO, there will likely be a period of uncertainty while we endure this change-over in economic systems, but half our population has BEEN enduring such pain for the past 5 years or so. I also think that as the Old dollars come thru the banks, they will be destroyed and New ones will be given as change, until we finally see the end of the Fiat altogether. Then I expect is when things will begin to smooth out, JMO. Its Inflation that concerns me the most and nobody has really delved into that in depth, yet, that I’ve seen.

    I’m very tempted to say…….”Are We There Yet”? I sure hope this is right at the Point and not more long weeks or months.

    Oh, and yes, is there any way we can find out what other currencies are slated to be revalued in the near term? I wish somebody would spill the beans on that one, since I don’t have all that much dinar or dong.


    1. Hi Abby (me again)

      I would like to address the notion you’ve brought up, “inflation.”

      First, I’d like to add some clarification. Most people, even many economists, mistakenly equate “inflation” with price rises. Neither The Bernank nor Christine Lagarde are crazy or dishonest when they express fear of deflation. Prices are an indicator of inflation, but not the definition of it. We are in a deflationary economy, even though prices are rising. (For anyone doubting this, look at the other real indicators, such as labor force participation rate, average hours worked per week, fuel consumption, Baltic Dry Index, etc.) Jim Sinclair (aka “Mr. Gold”, aka “Santa”) is very specific, when discussing this, by using the term “cost-push inflation.”

      Prices are rising, because the currency is being devalued (for many reasons), so many pundits use the more direct term “devaluation”.

      There are many pundits who delve into great depth in regard to devaluation of the USD (and other currencies): Jim Willie, Chaplain Lindsey Williams, Mike Maloney, Peter Shiff, and many, many others.


      1. Occasnl, thanks, however I am still just as confused. The problem is , we are talking about two different ”dollars” and I don’t know which one people are referring to. One of the ‘dollars” is our current USD which is definitely devaluing and caused prices to rise. But the other ”dollar” is the UST (new treasury asset backed dollar) .
        So my ongoing question is……’how will prices be affected when the new UST comes into use, permanently.” It would definitely be an Economic Crash IF we all suddenly have to pay $10 for a little loaf of bread, or $20 for a gallon of milk, and other such basics. This will not fix anything, in fact it would bring us into a Depression again. So I’m still waiting to hear from some Financial Genius to draw a picture of what it will be like, what can we expect etc etc.


      2. Hi Abby,
        The question isn’t really “what will happen to prices,” the question is “which version of the dollar do you have in your hands.”

        The actual values of things don’t vary all that much in the long run, whereas the prices of things do. What changes is the relative value of the currency being used. So, the unbacked one will be markedly devalued, so “prices will rise” if priced in that one. The gold-related one will remain relatively stable, so prices paid in the new one will remain relatively stable. A gallon of milk may cost three of the new, gold-related dollars, and that would remain roughly the same over time, but it may take the twenty dollars you cite of the old, unbacked version, and the price in unbacked dollars would continue to rise.

        I have expressed my opinion before, and stand by it, that we here in the US will have only very limited access to the future, gold-related version. I think there will not be any domestic exchange or trade-in program. No organization or agency (e.g., Fed, Treasury, or anything else) will have any incentive to give away gold-related currency in exchange for fiat paper. Would you? I don’t think they would, either.


      3. Occasnl — I believe you are somewhat on the wrong track, when you speak of the new asset backed dollars being scarce and not being accesible to us, as ordinary citizens. The Fact is, that the new asset back bills will be the ONLY dollars and everybody will have them to use, it is what everybody will be paid with when then ‘cash their paychecks’ no matter who they are.
        I think what you aren’t understanding here is that we are coming into a TRANSITION period in our very currency; the old fiat dollars is going to go into the toilet forever. There will not be two different kinds of ‘dollars’ for two different kinds of people…..’them and us’.
        The price of a gallon of gas will be the price and is not dependent upon what kind of dollars a person has. It is not going to be multiple choice here. After the new treasury dollars come on to the scene, if you have an old fiat 10 spot and walk into a bank and ask for 2 five’s, you 10 will disappear forever, and you will get 2 new treasury five bills. This will probably be the case for a short period to gather up all the old money and get rid of it. It will likely be fair exchange, even exchange for a while IMO.
        Either way, it will probably be a slightly bumpy ride but my guess is that those in charge probably will try to make as smooth a transition as possible, as I’m sure they don’t want riots and burnings or other such crimes to go out of control. This is the reason I ”see” and even exchange of bills for a period of time, just my guess about the matter.


      4. Vicxster – I read your reference page to King world news. And yes I do understand it will take a so called ‘wheel barrow full of dollars to buy a loaf of bread’ so to speak. I wish he would have expounded on that further and followed through with the progression of that scenario.
        Thanks for the Site and I will bop in there and check it out off and on.


  6. Dear White Hats – If this is a redundant question please forgive me. When the time eventually comes to exchange where is this to be done? Will there actually be specific locations that are hidden away like some other sights are telling people? I walked away from all the craziness of this a while ago and am trying to reeducate myself on this whole situation. Basically I don’t believe anything or at least hardly anything that I have been told before, so I am kind of starting over. I feel your sight is straight forward and educational. A grate thank you to the fact that you give honest down to earth answers. You also let people talk and share what they know, or what they think they know and have heard. Hats off to you White Hats. Hats off to you.


    1. Hello,

      The best answer I can give you is to await instruction from the specific locations, be it a bank, airport kiosk, currency dealer, or any place so empowered to perform such functions at the time so designated.

      There are so many people claiming to know things that have not even been finalized by the entities that will oversee such events. We are at a loss to explain how they can claim to know procedures such as these.

      Thank you!


    1. Hello,

      Many analysts warn of the possibility of such an event.

      We cannot give you investment advice.

      Many experts do advise that 15-20% of your portfolio should be in metals. I personally feel gold and silver are excellent buys right now.

      Please do what you feel would be best for your situation.

      Thank you!


  7. Hmmm, reading this leaves me on the downside because it makes me think we will finally get to Exchange and have some money, BUT then the prices of everything will skyrocket and just take the air out of our balloon, and we still don’t win. I can picture having to pay outrageous price for gasoline and still be stuck. Who would feel like driving on a trip if they have to pay $200 for a tank of gasoline !!! We will very soon be broke once again if that’s the case.
    I have a question: First we do know the fiat dollar will lose value and become history, but what about the new TRN’s? Will they also lose half its value, as well? (I understand we will be paid in trn’s but its sounding like we are still going to suffer the consequences of such a drastic downturn, so is there ANY real Upside to all this for dinarians?)
    Its looking like one of those ”damned if you do, and damned if you dont” things………again. So exactly how do we ever WIN, in all this mess?


    1. Hello,

      It is our understanding that TRN’s will not devalue, and will be metals backed which will make them stable if not exceedingly more valuable. I do not know the ultimate fate of the FRN. I suppose they will be eventually dealt with according to the UST and congressional directives.

      I understand that dinars will be exchanged for TRN’s not FRN’s. Even the TNT people agree to that one.

      Thank you!


      1. Hello whitehatauxiliaries,
        Since we will be paid in TRN’s, when we withdraw money from the bank and attempt to spend the TRN’s will we receive change in TRN’s also. This concept of two currencies in effect at the same time is a little difficult to comprehend. I have heard TRN’s will be for international trade and FRN’s will be for local trade. Maybe you or someone you know can shed light how this will work in every day life. I can see the banks converting TRN’s to FRN’ upon withdrawal whereas you would receive more FRN’s due to the difference in value, but no one has mentioned that as a possibilty.


        1. Hello,

          There is going to be a lot of things that will be speculated on, especially the issue of TRN’s and FRN’s. All we know for sure is that TRN’s are coming. I don’t see how good a TRN will be for the average person if they only can spend them on “international trade”. So, I think that information is speculative at best.

          We will have to wait for the issuance of the TRN’s to know of any restrictions on them. Personally, I don’t think such restrictions will be in place, but that is just my opinion.

          Thank you!


      2. I believe it was Jim Willie who said that the FRNs would continue to be used for all international transactions settlements and eventually be phased out while the new TRNs are for domestic use only. What value these TRNs will have is speculative at this point. He also said that we could expect, over a certain unknown time frame, that the FRNs would get debased; receiving three “haircuts”. Initially a 50% cut followed by another two cuts of 30% each. In other words, it won’t be worth the paper it’s printed on; which is not far from reality as it is presently. Imagine what it will be worth after the GCR carnage.

        What is the rush to exchange dinars for FRNs when they will only be suitable as a replacement for Charmin?

        Is it the end of empire or just a changing of the guard? It is simply logical. If the globalism of the West is being buttressed by the activities of countries represented by the BRICs, then how anti-Western can this growing alternative economic movement actually be? The West, after all, set up the global infrastructure the BRICs are now endorsing. It turns out in almost every way that the BRICs agenda is an internationalist one, supportive of the UN, a one-world currency, etc. This is not hypothetical anymore. Various BRIC documents make the group’s intentions clear.

        What disturbs me is above all else is this; if there is not a faction of “good guys” that are really behind this reset, working to restore the republic, disclosure, arrests, etal. and it’s just this BRICS alliance pushing the narrative then we are not going to see any real change. The only change in this latter scenario is just a changing of the guard. The cabal may just be changing their base of operations from West to East after America has been completely and thoroughly debilitated.

        It makes sense. They have created the problem; they have waited and continue to wait to see how we will react and now they will swoop in, regarded by most as saviors, with their solution after all hell breaks loose. Got SDRs anyone?

        I hope the hell I’m wrong, but it just doesn’t pass my BS meter when I hear anyone sing the praises of this BRICS alliances and all the good things they will bring to the table.

        If they are to be the answer to our problems then our problems are not going away; their only changing addresses so that we can wash the feet of a “new” King of Kings.


      3. Hello Hugh, you make valid points which 80% of insiders are also saying. The white hats have said “who continue to forward ridiculous “intel” from “sources” and whip up the anxieties of people in a needless fashion.” But many people, including I am anxious whether the reset will benefit the 99% like it’s supposed to or if it will benefit only the 1%. WHA, is there a chance the reset could go wrong or badly for the 99% and if so, is there any “failsafe” plans to fix this just in case or do we truly only get one try to get it right?


        1. Hello,

          I am not really sure I can answer that question as it is far above my pay grade as a blogger who supports the actions of the White Hats. At this time I am not sending questions to them for reply since I do not want to interrupt their important work any more than needed.

          Let me just say that we all want the best for everyone. I am hoping that the reset benefits the 99% as best as possible.

          We will have to wait and see.

          Thank you.


  8. WHA :

    Just curious what happens to ALL the DINAR currency dealers when the imminent RV/GCR occurs right NOW …currencies are being sold on EBAY etc…. do you also know if the Canadian Dollar will also be devalued …canada has 5 largest gold producing company…


    1. Hello,

      That is a good question that I should have gotten better answers on in the past. If we find ourselves waiting a considerably longer time, I will try to ascertain some answers on it.

      I have not heard anything about the CAD being devalued. Only the FRN’s will be subject to devaluation. That is how I understand it thus far.

      Thank you!


  9. WHA, thanks for the level of assurance that you promote. With the info that you have would you consider buying other currencies besides IQD and VND? I know you are not an advisor but knowledge is power. I’m not talking about large sums. One would have to be blind not to see the big changes that are around the corner. There are a lot of people that never prepare for anything. That leaves those of us that do to take care of those that don’t. That is what is wrong with our country today.
    You exude so much confidence. I would bet that the people that work under you feel like they are working with you. Makes a great boss.


    1. Hello,

      Thank you for your kind remarks.

      I honestly do not know what other 18 currencies are slated to revalue other than the IDQ and VND. This is a good question and many have asked.

      I think the best thing to do is consider your personal situation and place only risk capital into a currency position and hold on. I only have dinar. I know some that have dinar and dong only, while others, dong only. The various strategies are just mind boggling. If you know the other 18, and you can afford it, I don’t see the harm in partaking in some diversification. Just be sure not to do so based on guru rate predictions.

      Thank you!


  10. WHA – Once the GCR happens are you going to leave this site up for a short while? It would be nice to enjoy the celebration together.


    1. Hello,

      Although we had planned to take it down immediately, we have received many requests to leave it up to function as sort of a focal point to assist post GCR communication between participants. However, no attempt will be made to commercialize this site for financial gain, nor will we allow anyone to use it for such.

      Thank you!


  11. JOHN fired his shot at you :

    john28 January 2014 05:50
    We continue to see the amusing meanderings of Bloggers now as the latest new Gendre is the Reset!

    Then the Plebeian crocks start again to dream. Some projecting untold and disproportionate releases of Fantasy Funding, and others ( idiots) tales of Woe and Armageddon. One even projecting an overnight collapse of the dollar by 50% and shop price increases of 300% overnight.

    Another of total Gold backed currencies. No such holdings exist. Fantasy from Crocks.
    America will NOT be allowed to implode. Any cuts will be phased in stages. 30% over 5 years is possible unless the economy is remodeled as it can well be. America HAS the quality of Able and Capable people to turn the mess around. Just not in Politics.
    Vast Overprinted Fraudulent Currencies will not be bailed out. Why should they be and with whose money? Money is too important to throw away on Basket cases dreaming.
    Sure, the Clouds will part and the Chariots of fire will fly in dispensing vast fortunes to all.
    They make Forrest Gump looks smart. Morons!

    America is NOT going to collapse but it will hurt some. Reality will be phased as money is finite. But this will also be also be applied just the same to other Western Economies who have lived a similar lie for decades.
    Real money, when released, will start to be re invested into Infrastructure and Job Creating Projects, including Community Development. Recovery and such opportunities will start here.
    Creative thinking, and the intellect demonstrated so often via the site gives us the Ambassadors we will need. Recovery will take time and need the focus of the right people.

    Christianity started with 12 men. A billion followed. So will nation building.
    Your site started with a handful of people over a year ago. Hands across the oceans.
    From nowhere, you now achieve between 2,500 and up to 11,000 hits a day. Up to 14 sites track it and cross report. You are reaching hundreds of thousands worldwide. From China, Japan, through Asia, Russia, Africa and Europe you are read. Growing numbers Stateside now read it. Your influence is growing.

    Many High Level influential parties read this site daily to stay informed and to read your debates.

    From the minds of the people comes real progress.
    Real things ARE happening behind the scenes and recovery opportunities will arise from it for many of you. The site has its own wealth of talent waiting for Social Re Engineering.
    From small Acorns grew rich Forests. But the Gump species they put into Congress and the DC Beltway. Society will evolve, so will we all. You live in interesting times. You are part of it now. Stay focused and keep it real. People, like you, will make it happen. YOU are the candles in the winds of change.

    What is the WHA take on this ?


    1. Hello,

      We are planning to continue to support the work of the White Hats, of which John is not one.

      He can say what he wants but we just ignore it all. He is simply not in agreement with what is coming and that is just fine. We are content to let those doing their work to complete it. Then, when the work being done results in observable events, we can look back and see just who was doing the heavy lifting and making things work, or sitting on the sidelines and complaining.

      John’s anger is very telling, and there is something to be said about the emotional displays of an angry man. That is not someone I would care to place my faith in. I deal with people who do not feed off of their emotions, but focus on getting things done.

      Thank you!


      1. Yes, I agree, the spurts of anger and vitriol in John’s posts are blatant (and EXTREMELY repetitive). What fascinates me is how his comments can be so incendiary AND patronizing at the same time. The spitting and sputtering flame keeps trying to ignite the bonfire of HIS vanity. It is as humorous and pathetic as watching a pup chase it’s own tail, and ultimately, pointless in any direction. Can’t wait until he is squelched forever with the culmination!
        Burn, baby, burn.


      2. I have to agree with vicxster, there is something very very wrong with john. Its astounding though how many people keep right on kissing his behind; they are the blind following the blind. I think john has a medical or mental condition, and probably is on medication; most likely a manic depressive.
        I never make fun of the sick but I have no compassion for people who get such a charge out of putting down the less fortunate. He does need a good squelching…….and forever.


      3. Dear WHA and Abby,

        I want you know that I do realize the purpose of this site, and that I will NOT be making a habit of re-posting entries that John has posted elsewhere.
        I felt this exchange was a valid exception because I believe he accidentally revealed that his true colors and truly is a shill, (and a narcissist.)
        (I added the asterisks to highlight the relevant sentences.)

        The following is from:

        darylluke28 January 2014 08:33
        My question is , “Where is the beef?”.
        No answer, so we are doomed. AS USUAL.
        ZERO hope for americans. Bar welfare queens-n-kings.

        What of all the fraud that stops WHITES from getting some food stamps due?LIKE ME!!

        john28 January 2014 14:31
        So darylluke

        How did your Whites survive for centuries without Welfare and survive without whining?
        Welfare produces too many whinging arsholes, not real needy cases ***Hunger moves arses***.
        60M dont need Welfare. Of those 40M need a boot up the Butt hard. Look at the size of their Butts and Guts!!!! Paid for by working people who move to where the work is.
        So, you are White, so what? Its not a ticket to free ride. Welfare kill societies and drive. Get them back to the land to produce as Vietnam did. Welfare is killing America. Unsustainable it NOT a F right! No ! ******God the Tri Laterals have a hell of a case listening to the have not’s and wont move to find work.Illegals do. *****
        America CAN’T afford them. Time to seriously rethink this Social Rights crap. Or the lot will go. Real needy Yes,but God a lot need booting off Welfare hard. There are no Rights for constant F Scroungers! We throw them out after 6 months here. No re application then for 3 years and ONLY then with a work record of contributions. *****Unsustainable herds.*****


        1. Wow,

          “Unsustainable herds”?

          That is chilling. Almost like a call for genocide.

          As I have said before, there are revealing characteristics in the emotional outbursts of an angry man.

          The release of funds to people according to WGS activity is not welfare, but a redistribution of wealth that will allow these “unsustainable herds” to have the means to be more productive.

          I, for one, do not intend to sit on a beach and drink rum. The opposite is the case. I intend to invest in my community and new technologies that will create jobs.

          I suspect many will follow suit, according to their respective talents and abilities.

          Thank you.


      4. Well genocide to “cull the herd” IS the cornerstone of the U.N.’s AGENDA 21; exterminate 7.5 billion people to approximately 1 billion to conserve resources for them and have enough slaves to procure the resources and /or be of service.


        1. Vicxster wrote: “Well genocide to “cull the herd” IS the cornerstone of the U.N.’s AGENDA 21; exterminate 7.5 billion people to approximately 1 billion to conserve resources for them and have enough slaves to procure the resources and /or be of service.”

          Please clarify, Vicxster… which group are YOU in? Are you one of the exterminators/slave masters? Or are you including yourself in the 7.5 billion people who are going to be exterminated?


      5. You know, I think I am insulted that you would even ask if I was one of them? Does what I’ve posted here in anyway given that impression, or you just trying to be humorous? You are NOT. You should not joke regarding things you obviously are not aware of. Perhaps you could have gone to Google and did a web search before you [xxxxx xxx xxxxx xx xxxx xxx]: IT IS THAT FREAKING VILE AND DISGUSTING!!!
        As for being one of the slavesI don’t plan on being either, thank you; it won’t be happening. The cabal is going DOWN.

        Agenda 21, however, is real and documented extensively. It is beyond belief what these satanic mofos have planned for decades!! I was physically ill when I first started “waking up”.
        The money, ha! That’s the wrapping paper on the presents they conjured up for us.
        This is the site I first learned about this:
        Lots of stuff on there; seems like a very nice man who owns the site as well.


        1. Per your suggestion, I went ahead and Googled “Agenda 21″… and this is what I found:

          “Agenda 21 is a 300-page document divided into 40 chapters that have been grouped into 4 sections:

          Section I: Social and Economic Dimensions is directed toward combating poverty, especially in developing countries, changing consumption patterns, promoting health, achieving a more sustainable population, and sustainable settlement in decision making.
          Section II: Conservation and Management of Resources for Development Includes atmospheric protection, combating deforestation, protecting fragile environments, conservation of biological diversity (biodiversity), control of pollution and the management of biotechnology, and radioactive wastes.
          Section III: Strengthening the Role of Major Groups includes the roles of children and youth, women, NGOs, local authorities, business and industry, and workers; and strengthening the role of indigenous peoples, their communities, and farmers.
          Section IV: Means of Implementation: implementation includes science, technology transfer, education, international institutions and financial mechanisms.”

          Now here’s YOUR homework assignment:


      6. Oh, and one more point, you don’t seem to be able to subtract.
        7.5-1 =6.5 billion

        You set the tone, buddy; I can be nice or a bitch equally well.


      7. Sorry.
        He obviously didn’t even read my post correctly; I even said “them”. He just wanted to be cute at my expense- and only I can do that.
        Glib about genocide isn’t cute anywhere, at any time.
        But I will be civil; I posted too quickly.


      8. I have also read about 200 articles about Agenda 21, and “cull the herd” is their phraseology, not mine; hence the quotations-twice. Another phrase THEY use for US is “useless eaters”, whereas John used ” Unsustainable herds” which is the phrase that was the initial red flag about his post. Different words, same meaning, and very revealing.

        Incidentally, and quite coincidentally, since this is the Lindsey Williams thread, the other red flag to me in John’s post was “Hunger moves arses” with a capital h…
        Hunger Games anyone?? Talk about hiding things in pain site!!

        I am sorry. I let my temper get the best of me momentarily.


      9. According to the “American Almanac,” the bankers are part of a network called the “Club of the Isles” which is an informal association of predominantly European-based royal households including the Queen. The Club of the Isles commands an estimated $10 trillion in assets. It lords over such corporate giants as Royal Dutch Shell, Imperial Chemical Industries, Lloyds of London, Unilever, Lonrho, Rio Tinto Zinc, and Anglo American DeBeers. It dominates the world supply of petroleum, gold, diamonds, and many other vital raw materials; and deploys these assets at the disposal of its geopolitical agenda.

        Its goal: to reduce the human population from its current level of over 5 billion people to below 1 billion people within the next two to three generations; to literally “cull the human herd” in the interest of retaining their own global power and the feudal system upon which that power is based.

        Historian Jeffrey Steinberg could be referring to the US, Canada and Australia when he writes, “England, Scotland, Wales, and, especially, Northern Ireland, are today little more than slave plantations and social engineering laboratories, serving the needs of …the City of London…

        These families constitute a financier oligarchy; they are the power behind the Windsor throne. They view themselves as the heirs to the Venetian oligarchy, which infiltrated and subverted England from the period 1509-1715, and established a new, more virulent, Anglo-Dutch-Swiss strain of the oligarchic system of imperial Babylon, Persia, Rome, and Byzantium….

        The City of London dominates the world’s speculative markets. A tightly interlocking group of corporations, involved in raw materials extraction, finance, insurance, transportation, and food production, controls the lion’s share of the world market, and exerts virtual “choke point” control over world industry.”

        Steinberg belongs to a group of historians associated with economist Lyndon Larouche. They have traced this scourge to the migration of the Venetian mercantile oligarchy to England more than 300 years ago.

        – See more at:


      10. The previous post of mine is ALL quoted from that web site; none of that post was written by me. I accidentally erased my first paragraph when I went to post it.

        Here is erased paragraph;

        Dear David,
        When are you going to post something that is actually relevant to the conversation that was interrupted by your insulting, inane question? What was the true purpose of that question? I ruefully admit that I probably gave you the attention that you were seeking, but I am now more curious than ever for the reason that you interrupted the conversation. Additionally , I would like to tender these points:
        1 I did not assign you homework
        2 I did not solicit to receive either homework or comment from you, and was not conversing with you; your interruption was rude, baiting, and at the same time extremely trivial, and my mistake of being baited by you will not be repeated.
        3 I have an advanced degree in the Science of Nursing, and have taught a class titled ” Applying Critical Thinking in Critical Care At The Bedside” several times, so your offering was quite hilarious except for that fact it was from you.
        4 I actually posted a note on this site in a different thread that encouraged many concepts taught in the subject of critical thinking, so your second post in this conversation was, in retrospect, may have been insulting as well, but I could care less.
        5 How hard it must have been for you to find such a benign and harmless description of Agenda 21!
        Really? With all that is in the alternative media regarding the TRUTH? ROFLMMFAO!
        6 FO
        7 This is the article that I was thinking of when I originally posted my comment about Agenda 21; the numbers are different in this quote but the idea is the same:


        1. Vicxster,

          Wow… I must have hit a deep nerve!

          Sorry… but out of respect to the WHA, I refuse to fuel lengthy debates that do not involve factual information about the GCR or WGS that the White Hats are helping to organize and implement.

          Regarding your insistence that the UN is planning massive extermination, I offer these similar headline stories (which represent a small fraction of the “shock news” stories that have appeared on the internet) to clearly illustrate how “extermination threats” extend WAY beyond one Agenda 21 article:

          Catholic Church NWO Oath To Exterminate 5 Billion People (Mar 2013)
          The N.W.O. Plan To Kill Billions…Including YOU (Feb 2013)
          UFO Alien Chemical Warfare to Exterminate 4.5 Billion People (May 2012)
          World Order Plan to KILL 90% of Worlds Population (Jun 2009)
          Watchmen-NWO Justification for Exterminating Billions (May 2009)
          New World Order Elite to Depopulate the Planet’s 6-7 Billion (Apr 2005)

          My original AND ONLY complaint was clearly implied in my original response… that most people who circulate this story have yet to contemplate the end result IF THIS IS TRUE… which is that THEY TOO will end up on one side of this massacre. Meanwhile, the rest of us who do not believe it is going to happen, MUST refrain from posting casual fear-provoking comments about it… period.

          That said, I sincerely apologize for offending you.

          I trust you will agree with my willingness to end this discussion, so this tireless WHA blogger can remain focused on “the most significant financial transaction in history!”


  12. WHA, thank you for the kind words and always keeping our spirit up in preparation for this big event. We have made all the necessary preparation and hopefully it is adequate for what is coming. It has been a long wait and I must say at times there are moments to despair. Thanks again for what you have done.

    May the POWER be with us all. VICTORY!!


    1. Thank you WHA for your valued update rport. It is so incredibly nice to get some accurate honest info in this cyberspace of dis-information. Thank you for being real and continuing to do what you do for all of us. You guys truly do “Rock”

      Regrider over and out !


      1. Awesome; thank you. Not all of us drink Tony Kool-Aid – do you think feel or believe that the lunacy he is inspiring will adversely affect us non crazies? Thanks for bringing us all of our posts – appreciate each and every one of them and it is really stellar how you respond to everyone!!!! Thanks for taking that time to add a personal touch to your site. Bright blessings to you and the WH’s..


        1. Hi,

          As we have stated before, and as the WH’s have advised us, the ramblings of the guru faction do not result in anything that assists or detracts from the work of the people involved. It just stirs up the anxieties of the people on the calls and the blogs.

          The event is in motion and guru calls and twitter efforts are just not going to do anything but use up Internet space.

          Thank you!


      2. Seems like the groups we have been waiting on to cash out are not done yet / hence we wait on them to rv , getting nervous ! Feels like we are aways from the finish line , please respond , time for hope here !


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