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“……In a future essay I will be focusing on the re-emergence of Vietnam into the global economy.  But for now I’d like to bring notice to the fact that their economic growth is astounding with a middle class that is swelling and an economy that is attracting huge investment.  Vietnam has the lowest unemployment rate on the planet. Samsung is moving its factories into Vietnam.  Russia has signed an agreement with Vietnam to build a $28 Billion oil refinery, the second largest in all of Asia, with more to come.  Even Starbucks is getting into the Vietnam craze.

The Vietnamese people hold 300 to 400 tonnes of personal gold.  That is equal to or greater than the gold holdings of Great Britain. The State Bank of Vietnam is planning on converting this gold into dong deposits with the intent of strengthening the currency.  Add this to the gold that will be imported into the vaults of the central bank through the Shanghai Gold Exchange, and you have the makings of a very strong regional power.  I would suspect that Vietnam will become a contributing member too the BRICS Development Bank and the SDR compositions for the region.”


We thought this article was very interesting for many who feel that Vietnam is still a backwater surrounded by rice paddies and crumbling temples, without any hope of seeing a valuable currency.

Even more interesting is the comment on gold and its use to provide the kind of hard metal backing that will allow the currency to appreciate in value within the framework of the new gold backed system of international exchange, which will replace the USD as the reserve standard. 

The articles on this blog, so far, have been some of the best we have seen in clarifying the new horizons. And overall, it lends further credibility to the absolute fact that the GCR is real.

Vietnam is just one example of the 20 countries set to see their currencies revalue up and down, including the USD. 

Hold on to your hats. 2014 is going to be one for the books.



  1. This is just my personal thought.
    I know that something has to give.
    Will it be a gcr?? We don’t know for sure.
    What I do know is something will happen when the crisis arrives. Nothing from history has happened to advert a crisis. The crisis has to come first. If the current system can last 5 more years I personally think that’s what we are going to get. I live in Florida and in 2003 I was 29. The housing bubble was in full swing. I knew then that it was a nuclear bomb for the economy then. Remember I’m not working for these firms that are supposed to know more than me. The game ended when people could not buy a house at interest only and afford that monthly payment. Look for that type of scenario going forward. Be cuz our leaders are headed that way. Wha do you agree?


    1. Hello,

      I think we have been in a crisis for years and don’t have to wait for one. I am not a sooth-sayer and don’t pretend to be. I have relayed to you what I am told by those in the trenches, and they were quite firm that 2014 is the year for the GCR. From my position as a humble supporter of the White Hats, I have no reason to doubt them at this time.

      My last communication with them indicated that things were pretty hot and moving rapidly to the finish line. I hope to have more information, if possible, very soon.

      Thank you!


    2. Ice man — Just what do you call a ”crisis”? We have been in a crisis now for a very very long time. Have you taken a really good look at things? If you had, you would already know this.
      We have nearly 60 million households on food assistance, and that doesnt count all their household members. We have been in a housing crisis since I can remember. We have nearly all 401k’s fallen to half their value or ?? The stock market is inflated and has ”hot air” artificially pumped into it my the manipulators, so it’s a real farce. We have half of the college grads either unemployed or flipping burgers a few hours a week while swamped with crisis debt they can never begin to pay off.
      This is only a short list.
      Now you were saying………what?


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