Thank you all for your continued readership and kind words.

We are read in 122 countries, with almost 200,000 visits to date. This blog is not selling anything, so those numbers may be pathetic to some of you internet marketing experts. And truth be told, we never will suddenly convert to a private domain with Dinar banners and affiliate marketing links. If we should, then I invite you all to stop reading, because that is not the focus of this blog and never will be. We are here to support the White Hats, and only for that reason. When this matter is concluded we will briefly stay around to assist with exchanging information and such, but there will be no profit motive attached to this blog now or ever.

Now, the issue at hand.

Today I spoke to my White Hat contact who has been nice enough to accept my calls for the past few years. When the call was completed, I felt that I had just been sucked into a 747 jet engine and spit out the back end, still alive, but with a new found respect for jet engines. Do you understand? My analogy is meant to impart to you something to keep in mind. Don’t always think that the world is as it appears to be, especially when you are about to experience an event that will most likely be the centerpiece of history for the rest of your lives.

I presented several questions that were the most asked on the blog. Here is a summary of those questions and the answers. The answers have been cleared by my contact for your consideration and may not be inclusive of all the information that is available, but not publishable for reasons of discretion related to what is transpiring at this late hour.

1) Is the recent announcement by several congressmen, that they will not seek re-election, related to the sting operation that Mr. Hodges referred to in his update in December, 2013?

Yes. Be advised – the real reasons for their departures will not be published in the press, or otherwise revealed.

I was told to leave it at that.

2)  Will we see the FRN and the TRN circulate in the USA at the same time after the GCR? 

There will be no way to avoid it. The TRN will stay and the FRNs will slowly be removed from circulation over time as they are flushed out of the system.

3)  Will there be an announcement by someone, such as the President of the US or other lofty bureaucrat that the GCR has happened? 

The precise details of how this will be done are not known, but an announcement will have to be done. So, yes. There will be an announcement.

4) The recent written opinions on the PhilosophyofMetrics blog imparted that the GCR was somehow meant to deprive all nations of the their sovereignty and place such sovereignty into the banker’s control, is this true?

No, not true, and the inference that the White Hats were working towards such a nefarious end, by releasing the GCR, was not appreciated. National sovereignty is going to be kept intact, and it will be up to the people of each nation to hold their leaders accountable if they are not in agreement with how things are running. I was also told, with respect to bankers flying off of rooftops, that it was not happening because they were  having flashbacks based on all the LSD they took in the 60’s and 70’s. Imagine why someone would suddenly fling themselves off of a bank building. Just think up some reasons. You are probably right.

I cannot say  more.

5)  Is the US Congress holding up the RV because they cannot come to an agreement with the IMF over recent proposals for quotas regulations?

Direct answer FROM A WHITE HAT: Congress cannot even figure out how to get out of their own way. They have NOTHING to do with this event.

6)  What are the reasons for your advice for people to immediately “cash in” their dinar/dong?

     Remember, this is going to be a windfall – akin to a lottery winning, NOT AN INVESTMENT. You would not put a winning lottery ticket in a drawer and hope it increases in value. You would cash it in. Do not let your gambler mentality get the best of you. Cash it in, don’t look back, and head to your nearest qualified, reputable financial adviser and thank God you found this blog.

There are many reasons, too numerous, too complex and too divergent to give you a single reason for this suggestion. Even John from OneWorldOfNations may not be entirely incorrect with his reasons that the dinar may not be the ticket to wealth for all that think it will. Take the hint, and just act as quickly as you can, and don’t try to figure out why. Just cash in. That should be your new slogan. “JUST CASH IN”.

7)  Will currencies be regulated to within 5% of each other after the GCR?  

The powers that be could certainly do so, but it is unknown if they plan on such.

8)  Will the FRN devalue over time or immediately after the GCR?

      Over time. The precise rate of devaluation is unknown.

9) Is Neil Keenan seriously dealing with Chinese Elders?

Neil Keenan is not dealing with Chinese elders of any significance.

And, finally, yes.  Yes, things are progressing, and it was told to me that the event is going to happen, again, this year,  and as soon as they can push the button, they will. Yes, I did ask about Hong Kong, and, you guessed it, it’s not a topic for discussion.

With that, I am going to call it a day. Like all of you, I am anxious for this matter to conclude. I know it is in the right hands; in the hands of those who are wanting to do the right thing for our country and our world. Continue to conduct yourselves with dignity and remain on alert for things to transpire. Stay away from guru advice and just let things fall into place as they happen.

In closing, my contact called my attention to an interesting fact. We have a country of 335,000,000 people who are being herded by 1000 beltway bureaucrats. How is this possible? It’s possible because too many of us do not hold them accountable and we continue to re-elect those who are not representing our interests.

When was the last time you told your representative that you do not want a drone flying over your house taking pictures of you in your hot tub, or having TSA perverts feeling up your wife or looking at her with a scanner? Start making yourself heard, because your rights will not be pressed by themselves.

Thank you, again,



  1. Hello,

    I am interested in visiting the WH blog. When I click on the link you provided I am led to a site that appears to have been updated in July 2013. A Google search has failed to reveal other sites. Perhaps I am the only one struggling with this. Why do the WH not post updates on their site? Why do they need an auxiliary site to share information?



    1. Hello,

      The last update was July, 2013.

      For reasons that are sensitive, they did not release report #48. Not sure it will be released at this time.

      The GCR is very close and that is what we are most interested in seeing. The WH blog has extensive past reports that give you the story of what goes on in the background, while the evening news entertains us.

      They do not need the WHA, really. They did not commission the WHA nor do they pay me to run this blog.

      I did it so that we could have a conduit to them for the purposes of making sure an accurate standard for information could be set to offset the baloney “intel” that circulates with about a 1% accuracy rate.

      Thank you.


  2. Who is the cabal? How and when did it all start? How can this occur without most of us not even aware? All of this can not be related, can it?
    SO MANY events, companies, and individuals are intertwined. These two videos are a good place to start: both videos display actual footage and concrete, veritable facts in a concise format to show the connections that piece the cabal together and why.
    One is regarding the real power in the USA and the other is the how and why of 911
    After watching both of these, you won’t have the above questions; you’ll have these: How do we stop them? When do we stop them? How could this happen without us being aware?
    The first one is from Storm Clouds Gathering and material covered is fascinating:

    The 911 one below is concise and easy to follow; all of the connections will overwhelm you! Names, connections, motives. It’s not just theory anymore…


    1. Thank you.

      Jim pretty much has it right. No more USA monopoly in the area of international reserve currency status. The party is over. Now we pay for the folly of letting our elected leaders sell us down the river while we watched Opera and Jerry Springer.


      1. Tony — From reading Jim Willie, it sounds like the worst is yet to come and all hell is gonna break loose. I realize this Transition is necessary, however it also seems extremely painful and will take decades to settle down to what the goal is. I don’t think anyone is going to be ‘cashing in’ and just go sit on some beach sipping margueritas and living happily ever after, but instead, just a whole new set of problems on the horizon.
        Can you give us your opinions about all this, and is there ANYTHING that is going to be of any immediate joy in ‘cashing in”??


        1. I am sorry but I cannot give you a sure picture.

          Many a fine economist never predicted the crash of 08. It came.

          Some are saying the next 10 years are going to be very painful. Some say not.

          I wish I knew. All I can do is just buy silver and gold as my budget allows, keep some food and water in stock, and hope those in charge of our top world financial affairs know what they are doing.

          If my prosperity package arrives I will be busier than ever. No time for margaritas on a beach. People need help.

          Thank you.


      1. Gayla, Ice man, I agree!!The whole thing is rigged, our voices are not heard!! republicans,demarcates all work for the same masters!!! We all should change our party to Independent!! Our voting system needs to change. There should be one champaign fund that anyone can donate to!! It should be divided up between the candidates evenly. And that is all they are allowed to run on!! No special interest groups, no Opera giving to one certain candidate!! level the playing field, time to play fair n take the money out of it!!
        Than n only than will things change n our voices be heard!!! Right now our votes do not matter!! Its who they choose!! We have lost our way in this aspect, We were duped!! Now its like a cancer so embedded in everything!! Just hoping the good guys will get most out, So we can get our Country back n make our Representatives abide by our constitution n not a corporation ruled by the Queen!!!


    2. It scares me to think that we are on the verge of becoming a third would country. I believe the clock is past its time ticking on this and there is no way to turn it back. I vote but have no hope in it because I believe all if not most of our politicians have been bought. The voice of the people in America is not heard. I do not believe that we live in a democracy any more. I believe that we live under a dictatorship and Obama has proven this a far as I am concerned. I believe that people are just now starting to wake up to the truth that they are no longer free.


      1. This country stopped being for the people when the corporate lobbyist took over. Think of it as for the corporations by the corporations.
        Not for the people by the people. I’d like to see what would happen if you ban lobbyist and cap everyone to $100 donation to a candidate. And no companies can donate.


  3. Hope this is true now,were due.

    OBAMA finally signed off on the RV Sunday Evening at 6:00 pm in Reno Time. This signoff tardiness cancelled the announcements scheduled for Sunday.







    More intel coming in as allowed.



      1. Tony,
        John responded to you.

        Question, When he mentions the dong he says something about Reno and “off radar”.

        Does that mean only people with dongs placed in Reno can exchange their dongs?


        1. Hi,

          Yes, I have read the replies.

          My posts on that blog were sincere, but probative. You sometimes have to send out a few soldiers in skirmish lines to see what comes back at you. Then you go from there.

          Let me just put it this way, and from now on, it pretty much will be my pat answer: There are people who are by virtue of who they are and their work who may gain an advantage, and we should not begrudge them. If they can exchange first, before the public, then they will do so, and there is nothing we can do. Am I saying they are? I do not know, and frankly I do not care. There is not thing one I or anyone can do about it.

          My point is, this event is not something we can vote on or tell the top how to do it. That is out of our hands.

          Wait and watch for the rates, and when you see them change, hit the bank, exchange, and run. Remember, there are so many varied reasons for this advice. Too many to boil down to a single reason.

          I am not privy to all the moves being made in Reno. Reno is just where some very important people are working.

          Thank you.


      2. Dear WH Auxiliaries,

        Someone who has been following this very closely for several years and has been involved in U.S. politics is of the opinion that this will not happen without The Dragon Family because it is their money that will make it possible. What do you think about this?

        Thank you for all your hard work.

        P.S. I would divulge their name, but I have not asked for their permission.


        1. Hello,

          I know that China is indeed providing steam, from someplace inside their most ancient structure. Whether it’s from “The Dragon Family” is something I have not really asked. I think the fact that it is coming from China, in large part, makes the name of the “family” not so important. Remember, the final agreements are signed in Hong Kong. Probably not a coincidence that Hong Kong is in China.

          Yes, off balance-sheet wealth, and lots of it, is what makes the GCR run and makes it possible by backing currency with assets that will remove FIAT from the equation. And I am not talking about Italian sports cars.

          I thank you for your post, and pass my regards to your politician source. They are welcome to post here or contact me back-channel in full confidence, should they wish. We protect all confidences.

          Thank you!


      3. Tony,

        How can I keep track of the value of the dong? If the dong revalues, how would I know?

        I have dinar placed in Reno with a group for the private purchase. I receive email updates from my group. I recently purchased some dong, but I am not sure how to keep track of the price of the dong.


        1. Hi,

          I would suggest you contact your Reno group and ask that question. If they are a legit group (there are many frauds), then they should have a line to the rate. You can also call your bank currency desk, or check out xe.com for the latest.

          Thank you!


    1. The interesting thing is “John” @ the one world of nations confirmed “they” are bypassing O and going ahead without the “flying pig” to RV.
      Whether we agree or not with Machaffie, he has connections to a lot of people, and some of the information he posts give us clue for some events unfolding. I say keep the information coming, and as long as we exercise caution, what’s the harm?


  4. “From Business Insider we learn that Bitcoin has just completely crashed and there is a massive sell-off in progress. With Bitcoin now going down the tubes, what’s next? Is this just another symptom of the global financial collapse that should be telling us that the ‘endgame’ is getting much closer?”

    Above is excerpt from this article:


  5. All that you report seem to be dependent on these so called ‘Global Settlements’.
    Exactly what are these? What is their history? What empirical proof is there that they in fact do exist.

    What form are these funds, the Global Settlements in (i.e. bonds, Precious Metals, currencies. stocks etc)? How could such a large amount of wealth been hidden from the world for so long?

    These supposed “funds” don’t actually increase the amount of readily available consumer goods in the world. They don’t directly transfer into more food,fresh water, clean air, inexpensive energy, new technologies. If the amount of liquidity in the world suddenly increases …. doesn’t that mean that there are more dollars/yen/yuan/SDR/Gold/Silver/SDRs, whatever chasing after the same amount of ‘stuff’ ?

    The mount of ‘stuff’ would not magically increase. If the world governments printing up more of their fiat currency didn’t revive the world economy, why would some sudden injection of other ‘liquidity’ change things? To me at last, it isn’t a problem of liquidity, it’s a problem of ingrained,systemic corruption.

    Sudden prosperity in the form of … what ??? Gold, bonds, diamonds, magic beans …. seems like wishful thinking. It’s hard work over time, effort that isn’t siphoned off to a tiny elite… that accomplishes meaningful results.

    What the world needs is for the cabal to be removed. Nothing more. People going about their business will therefore take care of everything else.

    Maybe I am missing something. Can you enlighten me?


    1. I was just hoping to have a coffee. Now I need three.

      Th Global settlements are not really in addition to all the “money”, they are more akin to the replacement for money backed by air, which makes all that
      “fiat currency that didn’t revive the world economy” that was built on fiat to begin with not really all that significant.

      Just think of bringing stability to the monetary system, and going back to gold settlements because the dollar is not a safe store of value any longer, which eventually happens to all fiat.

      The sudden prosperity part? The cabal has prevented such because they would not allow the stable form of money and banking to assist humanity and only a relative few. Then, as you say, people can go about their business with a currency that will hold value and not be manipulated from under them. Many people wanted to spend their fortunes on the betterment of humanity. The cabal didn’t like that idea, and those funds were stolen, and with the process will be repatriated to the rightful owners so that projects to allow people to engage in the hard work you mentioned can happen.

      The WGS backing consists of off balance sheet wealth, in what form I am not too sure. I don’t know of empirical proof because I am not important enough to demand such. However, there are others that were important enough and they came back and said, “It’s there”.

      How could it have been hidden so long? I have no idea, but they did a good job because those funds were apparently kept safe for the use they were intended for.

      The cabal is being removed in addition to all the above, so you get the best of both worlds. Less cabal and more stability to build your business.

      Thank you.


      1. ”The cabal is being removed” you stated. Can you tell us just what that means? Removed how? A slap on the wrist and told ”now johnny you stop that”? Or have they been seriously removed, as in ”beheaded” or some such real meaningful removal?

        We ought to get a report on them by NAME and specific ”demise and punishment” not just told they are being removed. A few days ago we had a guy rob a Subway sandwich shop, and they put his Name and picture on the evening news and showed him being arrested. Now tell us why these ”cabal” should get a special privilege of face saving anonymity?
        Its just time for the ”different strokes for different folks” to end.

        All in all, the whole world is a mess and seems like it will remain so. I cannot think of one single aspect of it that has ever shown any improvement, but the reverse is true. The major problem is corruption.


    2. Bart – One thing you are missing is that hard work does not accomplish much of anything. Look around and you will see people who obviously have worked themselves to death, dying with zero. Nada. And those that have never done a lick of work at ALL, ever, are rolling in so much money they don’t even know how much they have. Furthermore, they have NO skills of any value.
      And after all that, the government has been set up to make sure you die penniless.
      Nobody worked as hard as my mother did, yet she died with a mere $30 grand, and that all came from her widow’s pension, while she still worked, and her funeral expenses came out of that $30.
      Now, those who go to nursing homes, and end up having to use medicaid, will have all of it taken from them, and they will die with zero. Check out how the system really works these days.

      On another note, Canauzzie used to be on the tdarkcabal White hats site, and I recall him saying that he owned a small company and had purchased Dinar for all his employees. Now he says nothing about any of that stuff. Wonder what he did with that dinar? Use it for toilet paper, lol. Just a bunch of very strange characters at canauzzie blog. I don’t even find it worth bothering to read, and havent in a very long time.


    1. Hello,

      Well, I am not sure, but know this: There are only really a handful of valid “whales”. Perhaps they are being treated to special treatment because when you are a whale such is easy to command. Honestly, I do not know the details and really don’t care to since I am a small fish who has a piece of six-pack plastic in his gills and is caught in a tide pool next to the waste bin. Such is my status in all this. If I ask for more details about why the Whales may be getting better treatment, I may end up in someone’s fillet-o-fish. Suppose they are treated differently? What can we do about it? Zip.

      I am told that despite all the SKR’s and GFR’s handed out, they will be worth nothing until the funding is there so cash them out. That has not happened as of yet. It looks like at the moment we are all in the same boat.


      1. People are hard on Machaffie, and I believe his heart is in the right place, but he’s made some mistakes in the past and now some people crucify him. He has BIG BALLS with the things he posts and even if he’s wrong the majority of the time his stuff is closer than 99.9% of the guru stuff.


      2. Sorry, but John is disinfo and will censor most comments. I tried leaving comments months ago, none ever showed up. Same story for others I know. He rarely lets a comment be posted.


  6. WHA,
    What is your opinion on the recent article over at one world of nations? The article pretty much does everything it can to dispel the idea of anyone getting a decent amount of money out of the dinar revalue, if it revalues at all. The part I love the most is the logic by which the people in Reno deserve something for their dinar more than any regular person. I’d love to know what they have done for humanity that entitles them to anything more than any other well meaning person. What is your opinion on this, considering it goes sort of against what is being told by your WH contact? Thank you


    1. May I ask a question of my own? Wouldn’t it make sense for a percentage of your windfalls to be automatically donated towards the prosperity packages intended to benefit humanity? Also should there be a limit to how much a single person can make, perhaps $500,000 with any amount above that being donated. This will ensure the cabal are NOT allowed to become super rich off the dinar as well as ensuring money isn’t wasted on stuff people don’t need, but goes towards helping others.


      1. Hello,

        As far as I know, there is no plan to restrict or redistribute prosperity program earnings. Of course, the tax man gets his.

        For my part, I plan to support my community by seeing that projects that sustain and support the well being of people get into gear. I wont be living on a yacht off of Santorini with naked girls running around while the world goes to pot. I will be doing my part to improve what I can with what I have.

        Then, I will go to Santorini.

        Thank you.


      2. The Reset — You really crack me up with your fear that ”people will buy stuff they don’t need” LOL.
        Geesh, its almost a fetish with you, isnt it? I cannot imagine where you come up with some of these ideas that you have, but its very close to having a ”control freak spirit” about you, that you want people to do what YOU want them to do.
        Why on earth would I want to automatically donate to anything, including the PP’s? And who are you to want to ‘limit the amount a person can make’? Are you a communist, or a facist, which? You want us individuals to sacrifice and have limits put upon US, in order to stop the cabal??
        HELL, just shoot them, THAT will stop them.!!


      3. Abby!! You crack me up!! lol love it!! where’s the military they should seize everything they own, That should be enough money to get the funk out!!


  7. Aghh. Im hoping for the GCR this week I’d love to walk away from my job if the revalue comes in to my liking. WHA any idea when it’s going to happen. I know you said at any time and this year but we got 10 more months ahead. Aghhh.
    I think it could happen after the Olympics


    1. You should try being prosperity program member and be on the 13 year waiting for list. People went from old to older to dead waiting on that one. And to make it worse, the prosperity programs were the hardest to find some information on. Set adrift, for years, while everyone else got their CMKX shares, with updates, and their dinar and dong, with confirms from WH’s that it was going to happen. PP members? We got zip.

      Well, when Mr. Hodges and the White Hats came along we started to see some information that looked good. It’s been our salvation. I wanted to show my gratitude so here I am, blogging my fingers to the nubs as my part.

      Before, during or after the Olympics is does not matter.

      Gold medals for all, this time around.

      Thank you.


      1. Something is going to happen. The world has US dollars in their banks.
        We are in debt like crazy. De industrialized. Printing money at will pretty much. This house of cards is coming down. I think japan is going to default first and it will spread like wild fire. Hopefully the GCR happens first


      2. Question: The US will hit the debt ceiling again very soon, will they default this time or keep raising the ceiling? What’s even the point of a debt ceiling anyway if it keeps getting raised?


        1. Good question.

          Only the US Congress could come up with that slogan. They love those catchy slogans. People are too busy Tweeting to hold a conversation in person any more.

          So, instead of labeling it “the tragedy of spending a nation into the poor house by taking in less than we spend so we can pass the bill to the dumb Americans who elect us to screw them deeper with a mixture of sand and Vaseline”. they just call it a “debt ceiling”.

          Fewer words for those who love to Tweet.

          The politicians we elect don’t care about budgets. I hope for the next generation they start caring. The fact that they wont be able to print money with wild abandon should keep them in check. But, there is the bond issues that still could rack up the debts, so again, it’s not all peaches and cream. Life seems to dictate that you follow rules or get your head handed to you down the line.

          Thank you.


  8. Mr. WHA,

    I saw your question at the “one world of nations” site. “John” has said IMF (or the emerging world alliance whichever appropriate) will allow each nation’s currency to appreciate 3 times its economy size. Iraq has 5 trillions (dollars or dinars?), so they will be allowed to have 15 trillions (dollars or dinars??), but currently about 70 trillions of dinar in circulation. This is why they (John et al) are saying dinar cannot be appreciated to $3 plus dollars. If their math is right, one dinar will be more like 10 cents or thereabout. But, and this is the big but, the wild card is the Global Settlement in the White Hat’s hands. John has said the GS money was stolen by the Cabal, and they are not paying it back to the rightful entity. But if it is still in the White Hat’s hands, then, 47 trillion dollars (at one point) can be used to fund the dinars and dongs. This is the area that gets murky, and I think the only people who knows the truth are the ones who are directly involved in this event.


    1. Well, every time I turn around there is someone saying what’s going to happen. John is high up, but he is not a White Hat. As for stolen GS money, that’s just another question upon the dozens of questions that I could clarify, but simply do not want to at this stage.

      It may not get to $3. That is possible. I personally feel it will be something like 1$-2$. Just my feeling. Not all currencies will revalue, so there should be plenty to go around I hope. Those off balance sheet funds are huge.


      1. Dinar will go at $3.44 and the Dong around .47. I have had many spiritual sincronicities around the 3.44 number, so I know that is the magic number. The Dinar was worth $3.22 pre 1990. I read the Dong was one time before the war over $2 dollars. I don’t know if that’s true, but VND will not come at 5-10 cents. More like 25-50 cents. Both currencies are winners at those rates. Tony, the Dinar will not come at $1-2 dollars.


      2. Many other sources talk about a lop of a few zeros from dinar/dong and other large currency. White hats have not denied this possibility. Even with a lop, you could still make a few times profit.


        1. We have been told that a lop of the exchange rate will not happen. As for removing the zeros from the larger denominations, well, that’s up to the Iraqi central bank. Will they?

          I don’t know. We will have to wait and see because it’s there currency and they are the ones who decide what to do for their best interest. I have not been told they will, yet.

          Thank you.


      3. John n Canauzzie are just crooks, They are full of it!! the off balance sheet money is huge, There should plenty to go around!! If there is money for projects n the only deserving reno groups as he put it. Then why wouldn’t there be enough for the people?? Goggle currency trading platforms!!!! There is enough money for those as well!! Abby was wondering why canauizzi never talks about his dinar for him n his employees anymore, lol cause it probably sitting on a platform making millions daily!!! But there is not enough for us horrible American slaves! They are a disgrace making fun of over weight people, your free lunch is over!! The pics were not funny either!! These are the people high up in this process!! Lord help us all!! They flip flop back n forth, could not even answerer WHA questions. Our only hope is the dong then in the next breath saying again exchanges only in the private placements groups with the dong as well!! So which is it????? the dinar not happening, than it is!!! Kuwait did not even have electric or water when their country’s money went back up in value!!! They have done these revalues many times before, there was always enough money than n there is not now!! Such BS. And also we won’t even know the true GDP of a county till everything is reset!! Everything has been so manipulated until the reset n an level playing field we won’t really know!! So that does not wash with me either!!They just want to keep us enslaved n don’t forget we all need to be reeducated too! lol!! The only reeducation we need is to get
        these crooks out of our lives!!


    2. Dear WHA,How can he support this??? Iraq has, Gold, oil, Jems ect!! Very rich country!! When they reset these countries, They are going to reset to the reserves n resources of the country!!! It seems they are going on the GDP as of now!! Wouldn’t that change after the reset???? There has to be a reason everyone wants these Dinars!!! Why are they so important to the private placement exchanges!!! They have to be worth more than wall paper??? And thank you for all you do!! I love your site!!


  9. Recently, a person who goes by the name of Whistleblower, and who claims he has close ties to an entity that goes by OITC, made, in part, the following statement about Al Hodges and the White Hats:
    “Below is my response to the two persons seeking answers to questions. Apologies for it being so long, but the situation / questions demands a more detailed explanation rather than a brief which then allows for misunderstanding or misinterpretation.

    In response to your question, quote “Could Mr. Crayford please respond to the following: considering your belief about the prosperity programs and the dinar, are you saying that the information presented by Mr. Al Hodges, attorney for CMKX, and information presented by the group known as The White Hats, is incorrect, useless, and misleading. Thank you”.

    Mr Al Hodges, if my memory serves me correctly, is the lawyer acting for a Mr Cottrell who was working in conjunction with Leo Wanta. Mr Cottrell then went his own way but continuing along the same lines as Leo Wanta’s claim against enormous sums of money that remained from the Black Ops that brought down communism in Russia and the former Eastern Block. The money gained to finance said Black Ops was gained from the illicit trading and unlawful use of assets of the Collateral Accounts. The amount in total amounted to several hundred trillion dollars with approximately 42 trillion USD remained. In reality it was in excess of $60 trillion that remained. That money which remained has been credited to the Collateral Accounts and will never be released to Al Hodges or Leo Wanta because they have no legal right to it. The reason they have no legal right to it is because it was generated from the unlawful use of assets of the Collateral Accounts and therefore in law it is the property of the Collateral Accounts. The initial action (unlawful use) was illegal whereby no matter what follows an illegal activity it can not be legalised with subsequent contracts / agreements or otherwise.

    Mr Al Hodges can enter into whatever contracts or agreements he wants with the American Authorities or International Institutions, they legally mean nothing and hold no validity whatsoever. Another point on this is the fact that America, whether through its Government, any Authority or Agency thereof, or any party or organisation acting for and on behalf of the American Government, or in conjunction with the American Government (World Bank, IMF, BIS, and even parts of the UN) have no authority whatsoever over the Collateral Accounts, their use, disbursement, or otherwise. That power lies entirely with the International Treasury Controller who is the Legal Heir, Owner, and Sole Arbiter of the Collateral Accounts which legally is all attended to and covered by International Agreements / Treaties dated 1976, 1980, 1988, 1995, 2012, and even earlier Treaties.

    Many have attempted to lay claim to the assets of the Collateral Accounts, in one form or another. All have failed.

    The Collateral Accounts are accounts of many Trusts and Foundations around the world, all of which are held under the Master Trusts / Foundations known as Foundation Divine and Heritage International Trust. All this is held under International Treaties and Agreements dating back to the 1800’s and all provable in law.

    The White Hats is a slightly different situation. These are generally people who are trying to expose this matter to the public for the sole intention of allowing the public to know about these matters and also to bring these accounts out so that they can be used for the benefit of mankind.

    The person most known of the White Hats is Lord David James of the UK.

    The problem here is the fact that they can talk and argue all they want but they will never do any good because they do not hold any authority over the Collateral Accounts.

    Another problem is the fact that they should be doing their best to make contact with the International Treasury Controller and working with that person, but they are not. They are creating embarrassment all around more so for themselves. They are also muddying the waters which really doesn’t help anyone, least of all the people of the world who need the help.

    They are in a way similar to the White Dragon Society, who have no money and claiming all sorts of things without actually having the knowledge or approval / authority to do anything. This is another organisation that should really be working with the International Treasury Controller, not trying to do it themselves by illegal and unlawful means.

    I am not saying that all the information revealed by the White Hats or others is incorrect or misleading. What I am saying is that they have once piece of a very large Jigsaw puzzle, and they believe they have the whole picture. When they realise they haven’t got all of the picture they start to generate a plausible story to surround that one piece of the puzzle, the majority of which is misleading, the wrong interpretation, or only a very small part of the truth, so small in fact it is almost insignificant.

    That is what the people read or hear, and what people believe because it gives them hope, when in reality there is no hope in the manner in which these people are trying to achieve whatever it is they are trying to achieve.
    Nothing can be achieved using illegal or unlawful means. It can be achieved if done correctly and legally. At the same time none of these people or organisations want to join forces with the real Legal Heir and Owner so one has to ask the question as to WHY?????? In most cases it is because they want the credibility and control. They want to be the White Knights riding over the crest of the hill to save the world. There is no need for that at all if they are really working for the people.”

    Would you please respond to Mr. Whistleblower? Thank you.


    1. “Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in”. – Michael Corleone, Godfather III.

      Whistleblower, again. This is ground we covered before, but I see it has followed me like the ghost of Christmas Past.

      Let me give you the short reply.

      The money gained to finance said Black Ops was gained from the illicit trading and unlawful use of assets of the Collateral Accounts. The amount in total amounted to several hundred trillion dollars with approximately 42 trillion USD remained. In reality it was in excess of $60 trillion that remained. That money which remained has been credited to the Collateral Accounts and will never be released to Al Hodges or Leo Wanta because they have no legal right to it. The reason they have no legal right to it is because it was generated from the unlawful use of assets of the Collateral Accounts and therefore in law it is the property of the Collateral Accounts. The initial action (unlawful use) was illegal whereby no matter what follows an illegal activity it can not be legalised with subsequent contracts / agreements or otherwise.

      What’s that? How could you let those funds slip out from your magical control to be used for “illegal purposes”, only to be recaptured and held back from the evil Mr. Hodges and Mr. Wanta?

      Many have attempted to lay claim to the assets of the Collateral Accounts, in one form or another. All have failed.

      What?? You just said earlier that Mr. Wanta was using these “collateral account” funds in an illegal fashion!! It sounds like his claim to the funds was pretty much in your face while he was generating profits from his trading of your sacred funds, yes?

      Another problem is the fact that they should be doing their best to make contact with the International Treasury Controller and working with that person, but they are not. They are creating embarrassment all around more so for themselves. They are also muddying the waters which really doesn’t help anyone, least of all the people of the world who need the help.

      Come again?? The White Hats should be doing their best to make contact with the ITC? You just wrote earlier that they don’t hold authority over the “collateral accounts”, so why would such errand boys need to make such contact to allow your funds to be released?? You mean to tell me that all they have to do is make contact with you and all will be better?

      Nothing can be achieved using illegal or unlawful means. It can be achieved if done correctly and legally. At the same time none of these people or organisations want to join forces with the real Legal Heir and Owner so one has to ask the question as to WHY?????? In most cases it is because they want the credibility and control. They want to be the White Knights riding over the crest of the hill to save the world. There is no need for that at all if they are really working for the people.”

      Why didn’t you say so earlier? Why are you delaying the release of your benevolent mission to save the world? Is is JUST BECAUSE the White Hats don’t have your phone number???

      The weak logic you use to establish these “facts” is just amazing.

      When this event is done, I hope you will come back and explain how the Global Settlements were released without your permission.

      Yet another golden nugget of truth from RMN.

      Thank you.


      1. WHA
        Jim Willie just did another radio interview 2/7/14 (www.Golden Jackass.com), and actually talks about the WDS and how various factions were using their gold accounts illeagally for years. This is why large gold shipments from the west have been headed east for the past couple years and will be used for the gold trade settlement, he also agin talked about the currency reset. You are also right about once this go down that it is up to the people to let our representatives know we are unhappy with them and to vote them out. Well alot of these scumbags are in the positions they are in not through the actual legal voting process and have gotten there by fraud,theft,bribery etc, and I would like to know if these people will be revealed so they indeed will be held accountable. THX


  10. Tony,

    I have a question for you.

    Have the white hats told you what is going to happen with respect to our freedoms that were lost as a result of the Patriot Act and the Affordable Care Act. Will these laws be repealed or will we have to try convince our congressman to change the laws?

    Also, MSM is a major problem with regards to trying to create a public outcry about these injustices. Have the white hats mentioned any changes to MSM?

    I ask these questons because I read one of Paladin’s responses on Oneworldnation where he mentioned his feelings about the Affordable Care Act.


    1. Hello,

      I have not discussed the Patriot Act or the ACA with my contact because those topics are simply not germane to the topics at hand. It’s not that they are not important. I know the answer I would be given is simply, you don’t like it, then hold your representative accountable and chew his ass for passing such, if he did.

      The WH’s have told us the mainstream media was informed of the corruptions that were documented by the WH teams. They would not run it. In other words, no balls. They don’t deal in news. They deal in whatever their vested interests tell them to deal in.

      I am not familiar with what Paladin said about the ACA. I assume he was not happy with it. Neither am I. I liked my plan, but I could not keep it.


      1. Angrytiger — Oh how true ! They are the brainwashed folks who are the very problem, believing people would ”never do anything to harm anyone, or lie”. lol And what do you think of that ”deer in the headlights look” when you tell them EVERYTHING is conspired…….against all of us. It’s like they never heard of such a thing before.
        The truth is, they never want to listen to it, because if they did and came to the realization that its all true, then they would also have to face up to the fact that life is NOT the fantasy they prefer it to be…….being childish from their childhood santa claus mentality not wanting to grow up…….EVER.
        Have you noticed how many females in their upper 30’s and 40’s who still speak with the voice of a teeny bopper? That little-girl squeeky childishness. And guys in the same age bracket who hang out with a group of guys (like they did in school) and still playing pranks like teenagers? Plain and simple, they do NOT want to grow up and be real adults. So do we have a generation or two of folks who don’t want to BE responsible?
        Well I will stay like I am and they can call me a conspiracy nut all they want, lol.


  11. This sunday morning I was watching a little bit of Face the Nation or one of those talk shows, and they were discussing the same economic and employment problems the same as they ever did. And I kept thinking the ideas and opinions did not at all include the Global Settlements or Gcr or ANY of the things in progress behind the scenes. Politicians acting completely oblivious or else they really ARE ignorant.
    We need to get to the Big Fix so we who are aware can quit living in ”two different worlds” – — the one being presented and the real one; reality from deception and lies.


        1. I can only comment on parts of her piece since I really cannot confirm all if it.

          Her remarks on the trade programs are correct. I know several people who partook of them and were fleeced, and some even prosecuted for trying to help others get involved. Someone took the money and left others to hold the bag. Bush Sr controlled that game and he is the scumbag who ran with the loot. That has been documented on the WH official blog.

          As for her remarks on the Dinar, I think there is some truth to the SKR scenario. However, without the funds to bring liquidity to the dinar, those SKR’s are just that – receipts and nothing more.

          The dinar will revalue, and when it does, cash it in ASAP. That is all you can do. Follow that play, and do not get consumed with “intel”. It may revalue at .50 or 1.00 or 2.00 or 2.25,etc.or any number in between but no more than $3.50 we are told. Just take what comes and run. You will NOT get $32.

          Just remember – the guru intel is all false, misleading and downright shameful. I mean, really. Does anyone think that TNT has the US Congress running scared? LOL

          Absent the Global Settlements, there will be NO revalue of any currency. You will notice that TNT and many others leave that out of the “intel”. One has to wonder why.


      1. As far as Tony TNT,

        I just read that his real name is Anthony Renfrow. He is a convicted felon that is currently facing federal prosecution for fraud.

        How could he become an intel guru?


  12. 1. Yes, it would be helpful to know which 20 currencies other than Dinar, Dong and USD are set to revalue.
    2. Also, which of the 17 currencies are set to revalue greater than USD?
    3. If the GCR is truly global, then why 20 currencies and not the rest of the currencies?
    4. Will currency rates float post GCR?
    5. Which currencies and other assets comprise the new SDRs and what percentage of the total each?
    6. Will there be a new “war” post GRC regarding classification of assets? For example, if petroleum is part of the asset class, then various factions may undercut that assumption with bringing out various “free”or almost free energy technologies. Another example could be gold, whereby it suddenly becomes known that NASA (Never a Straight Answer) has been mining asteroids for precious metals.
    7. a. Will the Indonesian Rupiah be one of the 17 revaluing currencies and b. will it revalue up relative to USD? and c. if so, what may be its rate range?
    8. Will there be more than one GCR?
    9. I’m having a bit of a hard time with the White Hat thing in that at, at least in name, it still implies a Hegelian Dialectic. There are problems and the White Hat is solving it; an exteriorization of an internal dualistic conflict. What can you say with regard to this?

    Thank you very much. You are doing great work here.


    1. 1. I will see what I can do.
      2. I do not understand this question
      3. 200 countries are involved in the new financial gold settlement system. Only 20 countries will see their currencies revalue, such as the Dong and Dinar and the USD. That is my understanding.
      4. I have been told the dinar will be a managed float. Not sure about the rest.
      5.No idea. That is far too complex a question for me.
      6.I do not know the answer to that question.
      7.No idea.
      8. Not that I have been told.
      9.I cannot say much since I am not expert in application of the Hegelian Dialectic. Best to ask JC Collins that question.

      When this event goes down we will know just who was calling it right and who wasn’t. I look forward to seeing which factions backed the right horse. I think I have backed the winner. If not, my career as a blogger and WH supporter will go down in defeat and I will be relegated to the stock where you can all throw tomatoes at me in the public square. All I ask is that you also throw some bacon and lettuce so I can have a BLT.



      1. Tony — You stated here that you have been told the IQD will be a managed float. You also told us the WH have said we should cash in fast and don’t look back.
        Now, just which way will the float, float? Up or down. Just what does that really mean. Float from what to what? People each have their own ideas of just what a ”float” means, so tell us what you mean. I can tell you that I’m not one bit interested in some paltry few cents, and if it comes out in the area of ”cents” I will surely not be rushing to ”cash in”. I’ve never been a fan of the worn out saying of ”its better than nothing”. Thanks for any light you can shed on this.


  13. Off topic, I want to congratulate the Russians for their brilliant Olympic Opening show last night. It was mindboggling and far exceeded all others. The uniforms of the u.s.a. were very disappointing, IMO.


  14. Dear WHA,
    I am sure you’ve heard of COBRA, his blogg is http://2012portal.blogspot.com. The following is an excerpt of notes by Alexandra Meadors with COBRA during their conference in Nov 2012:

    Some more notations:

    – All currencies will still be alive
    – There will be an re-evaluation after the Event
    – There will be transparency accounting with banks that reopen.
    – Interest will stop.
    – Fractional banking will cease.
    – The IRS will be dismantled immediately.
    – All Banks with strong ties to The Cabal will be bankrupt.
    – The Federal Reserve will be dismantled immediately.
    – All debts will not be forgiven, meaning if you used credit cards to buy goods thinking your debts were forgiven, that will not be acceptable.
    – Food, shelter, and technology will be available for everyone.
    – No gold will be traded on the open market.
    – There will be no more homeless people.
    – There will be no more stock market.
    – Money in bank accounts will be frozen from reset to the new bank system. If funds were acquired legally, then the money will be kept.
    – The Cabal’s money is illegal and will be seized.

    1. What is your opinion on these?
    2. Is COBRA a White Hat?
    3. Regarding precious metals, the note says “No gold will be traded on the open market”. What will happen to the gold and silver bullions that we have accumulated so far, does that mean that we are not able to exchanged them for the new money or they can only be traded through the authorized agency/ies.


    1. Hello,

      I feel like Michael Corleone in Godfather 3. “Just when I think I am out, they pull me back in”.

      The above scenario sounds like part Venus Project, part NESARA.

      The list is partly correct, but not entirely. I cannot speak to things like “no more homeless”. I hope that is the case, but I don’t know if plans are afoot right now to stop homelessness. That’s way out of my league.

      Cobra has never been described to me as a White Hat, and I doubt he is, especially if he wrote that list.

      I do not know any plans to restrict the sale or purchase of precious metals in the open market. Again, this is something way above my head to know. But, somehow I think it’s not true.

      Thank you, and please forgive me if I do not go through the list entirely. Fiat money is done. That much I do know. We let the banking cartels establish such in 1913, and now we will pay the price for forcing the world to use it all these years.


      1. First thank you for your work, the point is WE did not agree to this most people were trying to find there next meal for the family . This was done out of deception


      2. Tony,

        I know that you work hard answering our questions and addressing our concerns.

        So, I have a little humor for you.

        I listened to a conference call tonight with gurus Omega3Alpha, Batman and Batgirl. During the call a listener asked a question about the white hats. The response was that the white hats were a DISINFORMATION site.

        Now, that is the pot calling the kettle black.


        1. I guess we have been found out. Darn. I was hoping I could fool you all a little longer before the ultimate truth was disclosed by Batman and Batgirl. I bow to their superior intellect, acumen and total skills as conference call moderators.


      3. FYI… COBRA introduces himself as a Pleiadian (from the Pleiades star cluster) incarnated in a human body. And The Event that he has been describing, is centered on a soon-to-be “First Contact” between our ET “brothers and sisters”, and the mainstream public.

        As the story goes, The Event was supposed to occur in 2012, but was delayed by “dark entities consisting of a small group of Archons, a larger group of Draconians, even larger group of Reptilians and vast number of amoeba-like elemental beings.”

        For anyone interested, here are my notes from a recent interview:


        The word Cobra is an acronym for compression breakthrough. The surface of planet Earth is compressed in a sandwich of Light. Light forces of the Galactic Confederation are advancing from the sky downwards toward the surface of the planet. The Light forces of the Resistance Movement are advancing from the underground up towards the surface of the planet. The ongoing process of compression means that Light will expose everything that is hidden, collectively and individually.

        THE EVENT

        When the Light from above and the Light from below meet right on the surface of the planet, this will be the moment of compression breakthrough, also known as The Event. The Event will include the mass arrests of the Cabal and will be a multidimensional trigger that starts the process of entering into the long-awaited Golden Age. With the darkness removed, humanity will be able to co-create its own future.


        We as a planet and a people will build a new infrastructure in tune with nature and holistically establish a sacred relationship with all life on our beautiful planet. Most importantly we will primarily be shown our true nature as Brothers and Sisters as Sons and Daughters of a loving omnipresent universal creative force. This realization will foster right relationships amongst all mankind as the spirit of love truth is embraced and recognized as the reason for our existence!


        All questions will be answered. All conflicts and act of violence will cease as we learn and grow. Our unhealthy attitudes will slowly be replaced by co-operation and a desire to serve others as we would or own family! The unification of science and spiritual understanding will foster great leaps in culture. This is possible, nay it is imperative, that we realize we have the power within us to bring peace to this world.

        Our friendly space family is not be worshipped or to be feared or considered conquerors. The eternal universal Laws of love harmony peace truth and understanding are soon to be presented to us all. These revelations will actually bolster faith and the essence of all spiritual teachings. By bringing forth artifacts and evidence of our ancient history and the earth’s previous contact with Space brothers and sisters, we can all come together as one planet and one people. These coming events are intended to remove the confusion and separation resulting from manipulated agendas promulgated by individuals who are full of lust for power, selfishness and greed.


  15. Thank you for all this information. Have any idea of what may occur for the Indonesian Rupiah? Are there other currencies that may revalue as well?


    1. There are 20 set to revalue, including the Dinar and Dong, the two cheapest of the group, and the USD.

      I have not been given a list of the other 17. I will see if I can get that information soon, but for now, I am going to take a break from all the meetings and running around to have a nice meal and relax.

      Thank you.


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