Greetings, To All Of You!

The last two years have seen  information of a different character from ages past. Those who are in the trenches have come forward  to provide highly accurate pieces of information to be shared with those interested in reading it. This contrasts with information found in prior years that was from just about anyone and contained just about anything. All these years later we can look back and conclude that although many had their heart in the right place, there just was not a reliable way to cross check and verify the source. So, the information was just labeled as “from a source”.

This is certainly okay to come up with material for a blog, but leaves something to be desired in the accuracy department. Hence, for over a decade, we saw nothing come of the “updates” regarding the events germane to our discourse.

Well, as you have seen over the past several months, various analysts both inside and outside of the communication channels that GCR/WGS aficionados frequent, have seen converging news items pointing to the factual nature of a Global Currency Reset heading our way.  This was not the case, in terms of frequency of reporting, just six months ago. A few years ago, if you mentioned that we were going back to a metals backed US Dollar, you would have been called a psycho. As many of you know now, there is ample evidence from people with considerable credentials that it would be psycho to NOT believe it.

We are in a whole new ballgame now. We owe this to those who are working hard behind the scenes. It has nothing to do with me. I just wanted to make sure we had a conduit, no mater how slim, to someone with the truth, and could withstand scrutiny. Well, we have that with our WH contact, and I have done my best to see that the information in our Fact Check posts was accurate to a WH standard. It is the WHs who deserve your thanks for this. Don’t forget that.

Now, onto the business at hand.

The last 24 hours have been a frenzy. Out of that frenzy came this information, found at OneWorldofNations blog:

“Major moves on RV behind the scenes. Watch and see. It has now bypassed O for decisions. With or without him, it’s going forward. He still thinks he’s the real President? Lol. Well a Pig did fly.”

This information was confirmed by our generous WH contact as being true.

Now, contrast that with other blogs which posted the following in the last 24 hours:

“OBAMA finally signed off on the RV Sunday Evening at 6:00 pm in Reno Time. This signoff tardiness cancelled [sic]the announcements scheduled for Sunday.”

Well, I hope you can appreciate the difference here. One cannot sign off and be bypassed for that signature at the same time. If he signed off, then he obviously wasn’t bypassed. If he was bypassed, he wasn’t needed to sign off. Holy mackerel!  Imagine the power behind a process that can render a Presidential signature irrelevant when the whole world is about the change!

So, I leave it to you to decide which of the two scenarios probably played out. I wanted to show you a good example of what having the correct information can mean in forming an accurate picture of what is truly transpiring and just who is for the change, and who is not.

REMEMBER: Just cash in. Take the rate you see and run.

Thank you all for your support. We are an all volunteer effort, and exist to make sure you have the most accurate, up to date information that we can bring, courtesy of your friendly neighborhood White Hat. 

For the first time in years I am feeling extremely optimistic about this world changing event. Even a very close friend of mine, whose son is a VP with a Deutsche Bank subsidiary and the equivalent of a human grumpy cat, admitted that there is talk of a “reset” in their office. He hated to admit it, but he did.

No word if he has jumped yet. 


More when needed.



  1. I blog quite often and I truly thank you for your information. Your article has
    truly peaked my interest. I’m going to bookmark your site and keep checking for new details about once a week.
    I subscribed to your RSS feed too.


  2. Greetings! This is my first visit to your blog! We are a group of volunteers and starting a new initiative in a community in the same niche.

    Your blog provided us useful information to work
    on. You have done a outstanding job!


  3. Tony — I meant to ask you the other day, if you might ask the WH’s just what impact the Ukraine situation has on the Reset. Does it cause a stall, or hinder it in any way at all? It would be nice if they could give us some details regarding this. Thanks.


    Hello WHA, just found this on stage3alpha, is there any truth to this post ? You are the only one’s I trust to get the true skinny on these type of statements, Thanks in advance for all you do towards keeping it real for us out hear in the dark 🙂

    Visit stage3alpha at:


  5. Ukraine as the USDollar Waterloo The entire USDollar foundation with the USTreasury Bond bank reserve structure is at risk is collapsing, as consequence to the desperate adventure and criminal activity conducted in Ukraine. In the western plains of Ukraine, a massive gas deposit was recently discovered. The US & European oligarchs wish to take it all. Confusion is their game. ================================================================================The Global Paradigm Shift is in full gear, with attendant risk huge here and now. My Jackass firm belief is that the US/UK fascist team face a Waterloo event in Ukraine, the victim to be the Imperial Dollar. This bulletin will not be a comprehensive note, as the situation is too vast. The information in the Hat Trick Letter is used to interweave a story of the impending removal of the USDollar from its corrupt throne. UNITED STATES TRAPPED AND CORNERED

    The Anglo Americans have fallen into a carefully designed trap by the Russians and Chinese in a clever designed sequence. The US/UK team has been caught in a vise for months, as the rejection of the USDollar as global reserve currency is in high gear, the refusal of the USTBond a recognized trend in diversifications. ================================================================================THE RUSSIAN BACKLASH TO BE SUDDEN

    Russian President Vladimir Putin will slam the West, and very soon. This is game over for the USDollar, the direct victim of Ukraine backlash. The war against Russia has been veiled, but the Jackass has exposed it. ================================================================================Move to the present. Third was the attack against Russia Gazprom in Ukraine, done by the CIA and its partner security agents from the small ally nation on the SouthEast Med corner. The old game of destabilization, popular uprising, bank thefts, and now data files stolen has been put into action. The theft of significant funds in Ukraine has only started, funds gone to Swiss banks. The full betrayal will be seen soon. The US & UK have a lunatic plan to corral the Ukraine pipelines and possibly the vast farmlands of Ukraine. ================================================================================UKRAINE AS WATERLOO FOR THE USDOLLAR

    Ukraine is the Waterloo event for Team Obama and the Wall Street handlers, the true controllers of the White House puppet. Ukraine will lead to wreckage to the USDollar and its USTBond partner in crime. The Western Press prefers to frame the Ukraine situation as one more curious Orange Revolution event staged in Eastern Europe, akin to the other deceptive Arab Spring events The United States is now trapped in an ironic parallel manner, and will be exposed for its heretic inflationary response that ramps up to obscene volumes, followed by financial implosion. In fact, the events from here onward are the final hurrah for the USDollar regime and the criminal cabal.


  6. “Major moves on RV behind the scenes. Watch and see. It has now bypassed O for decisions. With or without him, it’s going forward. He still thinks he’s the real President? Lol. Well a Pig did fly.” – – LMAO!!! Still waiting on this “Fact Check”.


    1. Here’s your fact check black hat. Treble hook set deep,long struggle,line held,hook did not bend.Big fish starting to belly up next to boat. God bless truth and the white hats


        1. “I’m getting nervous – is it possible we are wrong ? And this IS A SCAM??”

          Am I the only one who noticed the profound IRONY of such a fearful message coming from someone named “Faith”? LOL


  7. Just a heads up. Trading volume today on the US stock market is only about 20% of normal trading volume. This is an anomaly and may indicate the high frequency trading computers run by the biggest players in manipulating the markets are not participating today. In 20 years of watching the stock market I don’t ever recall the number of shares being traded as low as they are today.


    1. My post may have been an error. I have checked the market 2 times just before my post. Yahoo finance may have been giving the wrong information. Their stock checking graphs now look like they are not too far from average. Sorry, but yahoo has always been reliable so I did not check other graphs. None the less, trading volume has been declining since 2009 as the prices rise.


    1. Hello,

      As Attorney Hodges indicated in his report of Dec 25, 2013, some elites were allowed to obtain SKR’s and partial cash payments for their dinar, and many were caught trying to re-purchase when forbidden to do so. We are told that none of these elites have cashed in as the man in the video claims because there is no cash to back up the SKR’s at this time. Such “groups” have kind of faded into the background.

      As for the rest of his remarks, I would say that there is a lot of truth to it.

      The issue of plebeian classes getting better than $3.50 has already been settled, so his remarks about possible $6.00 rates are not true.

      Thank you.


    2. Here is the contact info for this guy in the video:

      If you trust him as a reliable source for dinar info, perhaps you’d like to send him these specific questions:

      1) When “the elite cashed in their dinars”, WHO did they exchange them with?
      2) And did they exchange them for FRNs that reportedly have lost all their value?


  8. good morning WHA. people seen pretty sure the dong is going to revalue. when you look at the history
    since 2008 its lost value. from 17000 dong to the dollar . now 21000 to the dollar. any wisdom would be grateful ‘zap’ was mentioned in a past post. about money going out can you confirm this. there is so much info or miss info . where in your opinion do we stand right now . and with certainty WHA FEELS A REVALUE IN 2014. its hard to get a positive feeling where this is going . thanks for your hard work


    1. Hello,

      We are still anticipating this to play out in 2014. We will report if told otherwise.

      ZAP has claimed money going out before, but it was never substantiated. We cannot confirm any such reports of such at this time. When it happens, it will not be hard to spot. And, as mentioned before, there will be a time when all roads will lead to Rome, on the same day, at the same time, no matter the messenger.

      Thank you!


  9. I believed that we were all here in the name of Freedom, having a desire for Freedom. I think a big part of Freedom is to not promote ”political correctness”. PC is what creates lies and deceit, and contributes to the mess we already have in our world. We are all adults here and should have gotten past a thin skin and taking offense at every little thing. Don’t sweat the ”small stuff”. We have huge problems to deal with.
    And after all this time, what I still fail to understand is this: It is well known just who the Opposition is, who the stumbling blocks are to this GCR and RV etc., and yet they are still walking around free, and continuing to keep the world in this horrible state. “You” know where they all are, so just what is the problem with putting them ‘out of commission” once and for all?


    1. Dear Abby sorry no pun intended if you take the red pill you can’t go back so are you sure. There is a very real possibility that these people are cut outs to be thrown under the bus and replaced at there whim. On tv probably a holographic projection so doing away with them really does not solve the issue . There’s a big dust going on right now mainly because the playing field has been leveled


  10. WHA,

    The RV and GCR experience is littered with lies, misinformation, opinions and truths. A shortage of the latter has contributed to fostering my critical tongue. As with many others, I long for a conclusion. My post of 4.33 inevitably invites replies. Given that I am not interested in second place, I request, for the benefit of others, that you remove that post.



    1. WHA,

      You have my blessing to delete my post of 4.33 pm. I wish this site could avoid posting nonsensical, factless opinion. I recognize the challenge you face in providing an open forum.



  11. This came out today, supporting the conjecture of a possible need for a contingency plan for how to implement the GCR:

    “A third source…said the G20 generally agreed to give the United States until the April meetings of the IMF and World Bank before taking more aggressive measures, a point confirmed by one of the other sources. All three sources spoke on condition of anonymity.

    ‘It was agreed that in the absence of progress by the United States on the 2010 package by the April meeting of the IMF and G20, that there will be formulated a list of ‘bad options,’ which will allow to move forward in this matter, excluding the opinions of the United States,’ the third source said.”


    1. Why did you edit out the intro of this story? >>>> “Russian officials are pushing for the International Monetary Fund to move ahead with planned reforms without the United States, which could mean the loss of the U.S. veto over major decisions at the global lender, sources said.”

      AND the complete paragraph that contained your specific excerpt? “A third source would not confirm it was Russia that brought up the issue, but said the G20 generally agreed to give the United States until the April meetings of the IMF and World Bank before taking more aggressive measures, a point confirmed by one of the other sources. All three sources spoke on condition of anonymity.” <<<<

      Recognizing the EGO GAME that the U.S. and Russia are battling through, at the moment, this article seems like "much ado about nothing"… to me.


      1. I cited what I feel is the core point, that the G-20 intends to move ahead with or without the US, to pique interest in reading the article.

        The article states that it was Russian Finance Minister Anton Siluanov who suggested the idea (which one of three sources did not confirm), but, it also states clearly that two sources confirmed that it was the G-20 generally, not specifically Russia, who agreed to set a deadline for the US. And, this took place during the meeting in Sydney, back on Feb. 22-23, before the recent vote of the so-called “Crimean parliament.”

        This also points toward reasons why, in addition to Russia’s exports of oil and gas, the EU so far has only halted talks with Russia, but has not imposed or even threatened specific economic sanctions. Europe and the rest of the world are, again, not jumping on the USA’s bandwagon.

        It appears to me that the G-20 plans aren’t “USA v. Russia,” they are “world v. USA,” and I fear this will prove to be a very big to-do. Time will tell.


  12. To the incredible person/people that run this site: Please stop the madness of a few people arguing over nothing… please don’t let this site become like others that have a few get on and mutter on and on about nothing really important. The use of duh and federal case and insignificant little essay… there’s enough negativity in the world, I try to skip over it, but it’s too much today. I would like to ask that these types of comments not get through the filter and not get published. This is a great site – it’s time to just talk about why we are here and that’s for the GCR, CMKX (I am a shareholder) and all other related upcoming events or hopeful events. Let’s stick to what’s important – not mud slinging. Thank you all and hope all that have seemed to get so bent, please take a deep breath and realize that there are just more important things to discuss.


    1. Hello,

      Good points, and yes, I have been watching. The bickering seems to have died a natural death, so let’s move on.

      You may all disagree, but again, keep it civil, and no personal remarks.

      Remember, the White Hats read this blog, and should you have a chance to thank them some day, don’t let your name be reminiscent of ungentlemanly conduct.

      Thank you SB!


    2. SB – I think you might need to take a coffee break, nobody here is arguing, and if you think this is ”madness” then you must live a very sheltered protected life. You also seem to have a troublesome controlling problem with ‘wanting your own way’ and trying to tell Tony who he should allow and who he should throw out…… that it pleases you. (I bet it bothers you a lot just to wake up each morning lol)
      Now time to stop making mountains out of a little bit of dust.


    1. Hello,

      As we have mentioned before, as we get closer to the inevitable, all “sources” will get more and more accurate as a matter of inescapable synchronization. Zap says the event has begun. Such has been stated many times. We have not been able to confirm this, but we should be able to soon.

      Specific indeed, and I hope they are true.

      Stay tuned.


  13. Scott,

    You missed the whole point-I was congratulating the individual who runs this site and the message that is getting out.
    This is one of the few junk GCR sites…it is nice to have a person respond to everything question we ask no matter how sophomoric it may be.
    He does this whole site for free and doesn’t ask for any money-the least someone can do is say great job. (instead of gimme-gimme-gimme more info from the WH.)
    However, you somehow twisted a compliment into something extremely negative towards two people who were not even addressing you.

    “If this is an accurate representation of our informed and enlightened demographic then it does not provide much hope for our cause going forward”

    This is precisely how we disagree-my comment was moving things forward-until yours barged in and set the intention back.


  14. Jake,

    It is unfortunate that you feel devoting five minutes to the task of calculating a few numbers and writing a post as a waste of time. We are here to be informed. It is obvious that there is an increase in posts, but to celebrate a high number out of context and without qualifying it seems indicative of carelessness and a rush to infer. That seems to be in abundant supply on this site.

    Your understanding of the concepts of exponential growth and third person are misinformed. Please re-educate yourself or refrain from adding these to your posts. If you are unable to improve the quality of your posts, please limit yourself to simply reading them. Your meta-commentary, empty rhetoric and exclamation points detract from the quality of this site.

    Ignorance is bliss.


    1. Scott, Fact Check #87 from Dec. 25, a total of only 33 Coments. Duh. Now who is making a federal case out of what was just a simple comment. I call this nit-picking. Now can we move on and maybe we can try to ignore your ”insignificant little essay” here lol.


  15. Jakediesel and Abby,

    Actually, the evidence would suggest both of you are painfully incorrect. A quick review of the numbers reveals that Fact Check 97 has the second lowest number of posts-per-day-average of the last five.

    FC 93 posted Jan 25 = 2 days with 93 posts averaging 46 per day
    FC 94 posted Jan 27 = 3 days with 70 posts averaging 23 per day
    FC 95 posted Jan 30 = 6 days with 190 posts averaging 31 per day
    FC 96 posted Feb 5 = 5 days with 269 posts averaging 53 per day
    FC 97 posted Feb 10 = 25 days with 621 posts averaging 25 per day

    When reading some of the comments on this site, it would appear that ignorant sheep are leading the blind. If this is an accurate representation of our informed and enlightened demographic then it does not provide much hope for our cause going forward. I hope I am proven wrong. Please think critically before you post on this site and take your uninformed OPINIONS elsewhere. Let us stick to Fact Checks, information that is verifiable and credible and information from WHA.


    NB. Posts calculated from date of FC to day before next FC posted, acknowledging that some post on previous FCs (insignifcant)


    1. Scott,

      Slow down turbo.

      Look at the FC’s in December and before. (that is what I was speaking of)

      3 days between posts and under 10 posts on most of them.

      That is around 3 posts a day!!!

      Thanks to you wasting your time on the above math-It shows that there is an exponential increase!

      “When reading some of the comments on this site, it would appear that ignorant sheep are leading the blind.”
      This must be referring to you-maybe you are speaking in the third person.

      “If this is an accurate representation of our informed and enlightened demographic then it does not provide much hope for our cause going forward. I hope I am proven wrong. Please think critically before you post on this site and take your uninformed OPINIONS elsewhere. Let us stick to Fact Checks, information that is verifiable and credible and information from WHA.”

      Never try to call the play before you know what the score is. Thank you for doing the math for me to prove my point Scott… and anyone who judges others without knowing them needs to look at themselves in the mirror-even if they do speak in the third person:)


      1. Jake, yep, thats what you and I are talking about. We will just have to chalk it up that Scott is just having a bad day I guess.
        Scott I thought you had a lot to contribute here, so why are you here every day since we post all this insignificant stuff? And are we supposed to be deeply serious all the time? Lighten up. It might get worse down the road.


      2. If the objective is to clarify, confirm and enlighten, I, for one, am taking copious notes on the style, modesty and intelligent temperance of Mister WHA. The rest is tempting but I don’t see the point. Not really.


    2. “…[I]t would appear that ignorant sheep are leading the blind.”

      “Please…take your…OPINIONS elsewhere.”

      Whaddya, do stand-up, too?


  16. john is british and if he is so insensed by ”useless eaters who dont work and live off welfare”……well, for his information his British Royals over in the palace are THE biggest useless eaters who live off welfare, contributing absolutely nothing to society.


    1. Life is not fair, never has been, never will be.

      He (or she) who has the most gold makes the rules.

      Useless eaters have no gold, never did and never will.


  17. great job with the site growth…six hundred plus comments!!! just a few months back you would barely crack ten…thanks and congratulations.


      1. Abby,
        Nice were one of the originals. I do remember that.

        Out of the 10 posts you had more than 1…lol.


  18. Just posted on One World Of Nations…Now might be a good time to make a call. Still waiting, but appears to be in motion. Maybe you can get some clarity on who the fortunate ones will be.

    John March 5, 2014 at 1:52 PM

    Now, to help a few of you re first the Dongs and some Dinars etc.
    The major Private Deal is approved and ready to go BUT, because it has overlapping impacts on the RV’s, EVERYTHING is being delayed on RV releases and strategies.
    So, tough as it is for many, it means waiting time. More time, more stress, but its moving.
    When- Who knows? Who cares? Its a Free Lunch!

    Neither Dongs nor Dinars owe anyone a Dime! Its All this IS unplanned and UNEARNED INCOME!!, Its NOT a Windfall or a Blessing. Such mind boggling stupidity from such Cretins is sad. Its a gamble and GOOD LUCK,but stop whining about my RIGHTS, like the world owes you? Its just a Gamble.You win some, you lose some.

    The world owes no one anything. Lives wasted saving nothing left the Chumps with nothing. Selection of the species. No Rainy Day Money sorts the Smart from the Losers.

    Some will get a major boost, but not all. Enough, Just hope your one. We see enough of some parties forever blogging about their rights and how the system is stopping them. What crap! Funny how America was built on No Welfare. As was Europe. Workers work, and work it out. Wasters whinge, its never them. Easy come will still become easy go for many even after being paid.

    The ones I feel for are those in genuine need who never did get a break. They deserve it most. We need to give their kids a chance. Start by educating the kids. Infrastructure and re thinking communities. Help the sick and old, and create sustainable jobs for the willing workers. Then waste the wasters! Welfare WILL end! Sooner than you think. With a bang! In the UK your out Butt first after a finite Welfare period. You get money with a bridge of help only for months, but not Welfare as income for life. And we are making it tougher. Whats coming will sort them. People have no idea what tracking. The Global gravy train is ending. For the won’t work crowd life on the streets will sort them.

    For the lucky ones, hang onto it tight. It will be all you have for many Beneficiaries. Again, PLEASE do nothing after cashing but place it safe and wait. Think out your new moves with care. Don’t let Losers or Cling On’s near you!
    For some it IS coming,but for many not. At least some will get through. It takes what it takes. There will NOT be a mass handout for all. It will be selective. Vast overprinting will not get bailed. Nor should it. Money is, and will be- finite! But for some, Yes, its now coming. We can say no more. Nor will we elaborate. You gamble, YOU do the leg work.


      1. Agreed. His posts always seem to have a disdain for someone too. American society, welfare recipients, blah, blah, blah. This guy needs to be reduced to an average citizen. A little to cocky for me.


      2. John probably is feeling the stress of it like a lot of people in trenches trying to fix this mess keep them in thoughts because there is lot more at stake than the price of a currency be noble and stand for truth


      3. Tony — Yep john is a big flip flopper and thats why I call him a Manic Depressive. And now here he is mocking people who did not save up any money in some rainy day fund……….Sheesh, when people only make xxx but prices go thru the ceiling and takes xxxxxx to live, then how would anyone have anything left to ”save for a rainy day”. THIS is where he is sooooooo out of touch with reality, because he has that silver spoon stuck in his big fat mouth !!
        And STILL he has ignored all the Funds of Trillions that are to fund all this, and instead he continues with the poor man montra of ‘there is no money, where will the money come from to fund this” and bla bla bla.


      4. WHA,
        Here is another quote from John at OWoN
        The British culture is thousands of years old. Equally highly sophisticated and articulate, but changes will take time. What is now evolving will need a full Global accord, which means juggling with the rotten apple while we check and change the barrel. Yuans are coming to London, as is BRICS central control. The key euro platforms are in London.
        Assume its all happening with care and discretion. Britain will help the American people but removing the Cabal is an American Revolutionary task. The Cabal and the Roaches have to go.

        I think his anger and his all over the board in other statements is towards certain American`s & people in general are the ones that buck the system. The people who let welfare provide for their needs and would rather rely on that even if they are able to work. Its also toward so many people complaining about the rv of the Dinar & Dong, like they are owed something for such a modest investment.

        He should clarify his anger and realize that there are truly good people who have worked tremendously hard their entire life (savings, investments, home) only to have taken away from them by the very same people that we entrusted. People do need to wake up and look whats is truly happening around them, but what generation after generation`s thought process whether through their parents, what they have been taught in school, the mind control of the MSM, courts,and even our communities across the nation is that the corrupt system we currently have is the only one we have ever known.

        A system where greed and fraud and more gets you what you want and makes you the envy of most, and people will cheat and steal to stay on top. Just as we have seen the people who control our monetary policy do, as thing collapse around them. They have ruined millions of lives with their fraud and control, so people do what they can to survive so the accept welfare, and unemployment because that`s all they can do. John just needs to clarify who is anger is really directed towards.
        THX for all you do.


  19. Tony

    This is one of John’s most recent comments

    johnMarch 5, 2014 at 1:04 AM

    Just continuous delays and conflict of US blocking games. The Zionists and Neocons will NOT relinquish control until ripped out. The nightmare continues. Think of a dose of crabs burrowed deep and breeding! sorry, but that’s what the US has got. America society let this mess happen. Once Zionists burrow in, as for 5,000 years it always end in tears. Global roach
    control is needed. The human infestation is so bad.

    When you speak with the WH again, can you please confirm some of the info John is putting out.

    He has made a lot of comments since the last update. Some of his comments seem to contradict the White Hats.


  20. Greetings WHA,
    I’m new to this site and for the past two weeks have poured through your FC’s, as well as the comments that followed. Needless to say, it’s all unnerving and quite scary.

    Your FC’s prompted me to start my own “investigation” and I ran across this article from the Washington Post:

    While it’s proven to be hype because today is March 5th and the world as I know it is still here, unchanged and I’m still spending the same amount for gas and a loaf of bread. I’ve grown to believe in stories and rumors like this there’s usually a shred of truth or fact in them, albeit protentially skewed to reach a certain demographic or relate a fervor regarding a particular subject. I guess the question is, how does a typical, average everyday blue collar guy like me sift through the garbage to find the nuggets of “truth” without driving myrself crazy? The mainstream media can’t be trusted, the politicians can’t be trusted and there are times when I’m not even sure my neighbor can be trusted but I’m still hopeful in the goodness of man’s nature… or maybe I’m just too naive…

    The world is full of false messiahs, false prophets and shysters of every color and creed. In the end, all I really care about is the safety and wellbeing of my family and their futures.

    Is this predicted currency reset, currency revaluation, global economic change or whatever label people want to put on it really going to change anything for the “have not’s” and empower us to live our lives without having to be slaves to the rich who are getting richer off our ignorance?

    Thanks for bringing a fresh perspective and a sense of hope to a simple guy who has lost his faith.


    1. Trapper, many of us are feeling the same way you do, so you are not alone. However, that doesnt really solve anything in the real sense. It is getting real tiresome with all this waiting, when we don’t really know if there is anything at the end of all this waiting. Life is really ‘on hold’ in many many ways as we cannot really plan anything, and when you cannot make any real Plans, then life becomes just a moment-to-moment thing, consisting of no more than breathing in and out.
      The worst part is, we are just forced to put out lots of money just to stay warm and lit, and fed…….for what? More waiting for who-knows-what?


      “I guess the question is, how does a typical, average everyday blue collar guy like me sift through the garbage to find the nuggets of “truth” without driving myself crazy?”

      Just keep coming back here.


  21. From the One World Of Nations Blog…

    On the topic of currencies are we any closer to seeing this process come to pass?

    Just continuous delays and conflict of US blocking games. The Zionists and Neocons will NOT relinquish control until ripped out. The nightmare continues. Think of a dose of crabs burrowed deep and breeding! sorry, but that’s what the US has got. America society let this mess happen. Once Zionists burrow in, as for 5,000 years it always end in tears. Global roach control is needed. The human infestation is so bad.

    Looks like we’ll be waiting a little bit longer.


  22. Lol whoa guys… Shot down in each of my postings!! I love the tension this RV is causing everyone; it comes out in all the posts! And to think we may not even get a payout after all this when it happens as “anything can happen”!

    Well, I’ll stay off the radar then after this post as peiple are too tense in their replies. In the end, I do genuinely believe the cabal will win even if we get our RV and payout… Give it a little time and the same monsters will rise up again as history repeats. Than you to the WHs for working hard and WHA for your site. Remember the last book of the Book explains how it ends and it ain’t pretty, so even if things get better at first we know the world is heading down the toilet regardless of the RV even if we are talking many years away yet.

    Good luck all and spend it wisely; bottom line is we’re all just interested in the money we can make right? Else we wouldn’t be here, so tense, so annoyed, holding bits of paper. A spade is a spade. I just hope the money doesn’t end up on big houses and swimming pools. But the cabal have to allow it first so we don’t quit our day jobs yet… They won’t let the slaves eat breadcrumbs easily.

    Thanks then, and I’ll just read in future and not post… I guess this is why Lindsey W said “get out of the cities” which basically means “stay away from people in general”. Good advice, even on forums.


    1. If the cabal win as Gazza and others believe, it is game over for humanity. I have read hundreds of comments on this blog but still fail to see how things are getting better for humanity? This guy Ken explains how the cabal is advancing their NWO agenda. I really hope White Hats read this article and try to figure out how to stop the cabal. This kind of stuff should never happen if the cabal lost 80% of their power.

      Excerpt:(full article in above link full of bad news for humanity.)

      1) Stir up a color revolution to pressure a resistant nation’s government to implement globalist structural changes.

      2) If the existing government can’t be pressured into making the changes, overturn it and install a client regime.

      3) Have the client regime invite in the IMF to solve the economic crisis created by the “peoples revolution.”

      4) Float the nation’s currency on the (heavily manipulated) “free” market, cut social services and subsidies to the bone, and make changes to the nation’s constitution and laws so it’s NWO-compliant.


      1. WHA, have you seen the above two comments? I read you may do a fact check tomorrow, can you please mention this to your white hat friends? Something needs to be done about Ukraine because it may delay or prevent the reset or even start ww3. Thanks for letting us express our concerns and fears.


      1. I just hope good guys, including white hats win. But when more and more people think the cabal will win, it’s great cause for concern that good guy’s plans are not going well.


  23. Just in case anyone thought the Ukraine/Russia/USA/IMF thing was simple…

    If you’re following, you know that Ukraine needs money, somewhere along the lines of $15 billion, to avoid bankruptcy. Russia had previously agreed to loan it, and has already distributed $3 billion.

    These are all news items today (04-Mar-2014):

    First, Putin:
    “In principle, we would be ready to consider further steps to release more tranches … but our Western partners are asking us not to do this,” Putin told a news conference in his first public comments on Ukraine in over a week.
    “They are asking us to work together in the framework of the IMF in order to persuade the government of Ukraine, the Ukrainian authorities, to conduct reforms needed to revive the economy,” he said. “We intend to keep working in this channel.”

    Second, a US official with Kerry, in Kiev:
    “We want to very visibly embrace Ukraine,” said the official who briefed reporters en route to Kiev. “Part of that is through an IMF package, part of it will be through bilateral assistance but in conjunction with our partners to try to support Ukraine,” the official told reporters.

    Third, Treasury Secretary Lew:
    “We are working with Congress to approve the 2010 IMF quota legislation, which would support the IMF’s capacity to lend additional resources to Ukraine, while also helping to preserve continued U.S. leadership within this important institution,” Lew said in a statement on Tuesday.

    Fourth, approval of the 2010 reforms is in the proposed budget that Obama revealed today.

    They’re all working from the same playbook. As The Chaplain points out, they ALWAYS tell you exactly what they are doing. It is my opinion that the use of the word “Partners” by both Putin and the US official with Kerry, when talking at different times and in different contexts about the very same thing (monetary assistance to Ukraine), was ABSOLUTELY INTENTIONAL.

    I know that WHA has reported that the White Hats have said explicitly that the WGS and GCR are not dependent upon the US Congress, but I believe the GCR cannot happen without the IMF. I would suggest that it is possible that the White Hats meant that the reset will happen with or without US congressional approval of the 2010 reforms, but may have to happen via a contingency means rather than by a preferred, orderly, planned means.


  24. Today Queen Elizabeth and UK Prime Minister David Cameron were issued arrest warrants. The two were charged with sexual crimes against children as part of an international pedophile ring.

    “We have enough evidence to prosecute and hold both the Prime Minister and Queen of England” said ex-Royal Military Policeman Matt Taylor.

    Last Thursday Activist David Compan was released from the London Park Royal Mental Health Centre. The psychiatric facility had been swamped with calls about his forced detainment there. David, plus his wife, were arrested on three occasions this month – without being charged. His apparent “crime” was daring to post Brussels common law court arrest warrants on the Queen, Cameron, former Catholic Pope Joseph Ratzinger and 27 other global

    The present Catholic Pope Francis Bergoglio was alleged to be part of child trafficking in an international pedophile ring. Victims who were prostituted as children at the Vatican have come forward, along with survivors who alleged they were abused in international pedophile rings. Victims have also alleged sex abuse and murder of children by former Pope Ratzinger, Catholic Cardinal Bernard Alfrink of Utrecht, a second Catholic Cardinal, a French judge, Belgian priests, other members of the British Royal family and Prince Bernhard of Holland. … r-orders-t…

    A former Argentine government official recently agreed to testify about Bergoglio’s role in a pedophile ring during Argentine’s Junta “Dirty War.” A Brussels international Common Law court was slated on the matter to begin March 15 2014.

    On Feb. 25 2013 six judges of a Brussels common law court found the Queen, Cameron, Ratzinger and 37 other global elites guilty in the disappearance of 50,000 Canadian indigent children. Cases were prosecuted by the International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State, ITCCS.

    Evidence presented could be reviewed in ITCCS’s Kevin Annett’s “Hidden No Longer” at and


    1. those arrest warrant rumors have been around forever. The queen will have another warrant issued next year…just as last year…and apparently this year.


  25. Hello there WHA,
    I hope you are well. I have been feeling a little unsettled regarding some information I have come across and was wondering if you or the WH’s would care to share your opinion. I appreciate that you are all extremely busy so if this request seems trivial and not important enough to require a response due to current circumstances that will be understood and accepted.

    I note that in the White Hats Statement dated 6 November 2012 there is a reference to the WH’s seeking the assistance of Kerry Cassidy regarding information relating to the secret space program for the Report still to be produced being #48. What concerns me regarding this matter is that I am wondering if this particular avenue of information is what it appears to be on the surface. I have been spending a great deal of time viewing the information contained on the website and although a small portion of it seems to test me the majority of the information shared there does appear to highly accurate. There is a comment and some images shared on this site regarding Kerry Cassidy that in my opinion is well worth noting. And of particular note is that she is actually a member of the Kaplan family which could suggest a high level of discernment being required when interacting with her. This information is at the very end of the following page link.

    Further to this, I note the WH”s report, which number I am unsure of just now, but one of them referred to the information Wikileaks was/has been releasing and it appears that the WH’s were referencing this in a good light. On the website in one of the videos it shows that Julian Assange may also not be who we think he is along with Bradley Manning as well. And there is also evidence produced that even Snowden is playing a role to suit the current agenda of the Cabal.

    I know what I am stating here may seem like a whole pile of conspiracy theory mumbo jumbo but all I would ask is that anyone who is offended by what I have shared here in this comment to please take the time to view the material themselves and then form an opinion after viewing the evidence offered. Here is the main link should anyone care to follow up on this.

    I appreciate that this comment is not specifically GCR related but in my mind there does appear to be a connection as far as exactly where information is coming from and being publicly shared. I do have one other question if I could bother you with that as well please. Why would the White Hats have a website address such as they do, Or am I viewing the wrong one?

    Anyway, thank you for the opportunity to share my concerns on your website and for all that you do in sharing the truth in our community. I also again thank the White Hats for all of their continued efforts to bring the truth forward in our world.

    Blessings to ALL.


    1. Hello,

      I cannot explain the URL the White Hats chose. They seemed to be engaged in exposing the crimes of the bad people they called the “cabal”, and that cabal was geared towards empowering small groups of dominant men at the expense of the advancement of humanity on an even basis, so that URL perhaps fit. You are not viewing it wrongly.

      Thank you for your comments.


  26. Dear WHA

    I was thinking…

    Do you think this Ukraine crisis (and the next inevitable threat of war which will spring up after this plays out if the GCR hasn’t happened by then) wil have any effect on delaying the GCR? I’m thinking the announcement would ideally be at a time when there is a little bit of calm across the globe. The problem is, that would mean waiting another 1,000 years or so and I don’t think the current dinars will be valid by then, so we would all have had to turn them in for new ones.

    Also, because bank staff must not be told about this in advance, this will lead to huge problems on the morning after the RV surely? I think banks will be closed for an hour or so first thing in the morning to brief the staff etc and maybe get more staff on the exchange desks. Then there may be a mass walk out or protest over being lied to. The ones that bought into it will be only turning up to say goodbye to their workmates forever. Plus all of the technical logistics too. I mean, most of the staff would never have seen a dinar in their life. So when they finally do open for business, IF they open their exchange desks (I doubt they will at first until head office approves the final rules) then surely they will allow trading of already-tradable currencies like the dong, but the dinar would be a special case I think as everyone may be in confusion as to whether it can be accepted yet.

    I really don’t think this will be a case of: 1). RV announced 2). go into bank 3). walk out wealthier. I think it will more likely be a case of 1). RV announced 2). go into bank (later than normal due to emergency staff briefings 3). walk out disappointed, confused and worried after being told the FX desk is temporarily closed and they are still, up to that point, not offering any revalued rates until the dust settles and head office gives further information.

    You know what I mean?

    Nothing works properly in this world and banks are generally terrible, even at basic procedures.



    1. First I’d like to thank author and poster here. I was not going to out him again, as he does not, why should I, but others have, so please don’t take this the wrong way, Thanks for doing and being who you are Mr. AH. Ha Smile. I went into my local bank in a N. Ca city of 100K, it has a branch at a local supermarket and I was surprised when they told me they handle all foreign currency exchanges. Since they are but a mile away from home, I’ll be checking in there soon. They would be considered a tier II bank, is there a tier III, anyway they are locally owned by stock holders.


      1. Hello,

        If you are thinking I am Al Hodges, you are mistaken. I am not.

        I am not an attorney either. There. With that statement, I would be in violation of BAR rules for denying that I am an attorney when in fact I was. I hope that helps you get over your misconception that I am “AH”.

        I will certainly ask Mr Hodges if I am him the moment I am able to speak to him, or me, or whoever I am.

        Thank you, and enjoy your stay.


  27. I have been watching the news with great interest today. Apparently Russia just test fired an ICM. It is being reported that this was a regularly scheduled, planned event. Not out of the ordinary, the US does this periodically as well. Still, it seems like a bold move given the state of affairs in the region. Was it a message? I do remember that this Russia/Ukrainian issue was discussed during the last presidential campaign. Is this part of the bigger picture?

    I am getting weary of living in fear. I find it increasingly difficult to tell the ‘good guys’ from the ‘bad guys’ and I’m considering the possibility that they are each a little of both. It’s a question of degrees I suppose. I have been reading a lot about Leo Wanta and the failed plan that he and Reagan had to facilitate peace between Israel and Palestine. What would our world be like if they had succeeded? Was this even real? So many questions, so little coffee….

    I know this is not exactly a political blog, but it is all intertwined. The financial stuff is just a component, an overall symptom of the larger disease. Thoughts anyone?


    1. You made the mistake of asking for my thoughts.

      Of course it was a message.

      Putin’s checkmate is getting the Saudis to openly deal in something other than dollars, and Germany will go along, eventually (as will of course China, which should go without saying).

      His fear is that the knuckleheads running the USSA, especially now that so many competent, upstanding men have been purged, would be stupid enough to go nuclear. He is implicitly reminding the world of the cold-war MAD policy.


  28. WHA,

    Sedona Dave leaves a good impression and he recently endorsed Jester from recaps. Would you be able to comment on or verify the following information that Jester shared today? Thank-you.

    Jester There are all kinds of rumors today that the group rate with China is now gone…..have you heard anything??
    [evenstar] Jester do you know why? or what happened?
    [dinar chaser] Jester Why do you think China would back away from that deal?


    1. I cannot comment on such information just yet. However, it has been shown that almost 99% of the “intel” you read on the blogs is just jibber-jabber.

      If we see a day go by without the revalue, then we know another day was spent working through the world-wide logistics of it all, and the details of such are not blogged about by those in the process. Take all such “intel” with a grain of salt and realize that even if it were true, there is no value in knowing it anyway. What matters to everyone is when and how much. The best we can do for now is say 2014 is “when”, and the estimated rates we have been given in the “how much”.

      More when I can share it….


      1. Tony — Well yes there is some value in knowing it; it means a difference between having to drive 180 miles to WF bank OR just walking down the street to a local bank. But actually, all that Jester said was that he ”heard that from several sources” and we know how a ton of sources have all been telling us BS for years, so who knows what is what at this point.
        We just have to ask ourselves how or why would China suddenly decide it no longer wanted the oil credits of dinar, then maybe we can come up with the answer to this jibber jabber latest rumor. I personally don’t know why china would do that.
        And speaking of oil, my suspicion about the Ukraine mess is that the usa and/or israel were perhaps doing a false flag, as they so often spend all their time going around creating upheavals………and Russia was/is simply trying to protect their oil pipelines running through Ukraine. We shall see.
        Secondly, Ukraine is in Russia’s part of the world, what business does the usa have over there???


    2. Scott

      I agree Sedona Dave seems like a nice guy who comes across as genuine, and he is against all the “rates and dates” talk of the gurus.

      But perhaps the name “Jester” has the biggest clue of all in it …?! Do we want to listen to a guy called Jester on such a serious topic when he has no doubt got stuff wrong over and over? (I say “no doubt” as I have not studied his track record, but if he is another “tonight tonight” guy then I can’t even bring myself to listen to make a fair analysis).


      1. Actually Jester is NOT another “tonight tonight” guy, in fact last year he said he heard the same “intel” as TNT Tony but had other sources that disagreed and he said it would NOT happen for a while. He said it wouldn’t happen until the cabal was neutered enough to guarantee they couldn’t use the RV for their own nefarious purposes. Only lately has he said things are finally moving in the direction he wants. Out of all the “intel” providers he has been the closest to what Tony here at WHA has been saying. Including don’t expect the outrageous rates. Character assassinations based on a screen name… now really?


    1. im in hiding

      Do you mean the “end” of the 90 days for LW’s prediction? He announced the 90 days window at the start of Dec 2013 BUT to be fair I never took that to mean 90 days from then, rather the first 90 days of 2014, ie: the first financial quarter.

      Either way, his excellent track record is potentially at risk with each day that passes. If it doesn’t happen in March then that will be a shocking fail on this TIMEFRAME information but the general info is still no doubt solid.

      That said, he has made it clear that his old contact, who died a couple of years ago, was higher up than the contact(s) he has now and so make of that what you will.


      1. I don’t see how The Chaplain’s reputation is on the line in any way for this specific point.

        He said, unambiguously, that the 90 days was IF Christine Legarde and the IMF have their way. The IMF themselves have pushed back their own deadline (courtesy of JC Collins):

        “We deeply regret that the IMF quota and governance reforms agreed to in 2010 have not yet become effective and that the 15th General Review of Quotas was not completed by January 2014.”

        “In April, we will take stock of progress towards…completing the 15th General Review of Quotas by January 2015.”

        From the Communiqué – Meeting of Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors, Sydney, 22-23 February 2014

        So, Ms. Legarde has not gotten her way, hence the conditional part of The Chaplain’s statement was not met.


      2. I follow Lindsey but, in my opinion, his intel on the reset is regurgitated from a different person putting money in the dinar private placement and not his oil contact. I’m not sure this person is as connected as his oil contact. And the 90 days would have started when he recorded the video in the beginning-middle of November. It always takes about 3 weeks from the time he records until the videos go out. That means mid February, which has come and gone. In his defense, he prefaced it with “if the elite get their way, this will happen within the next 90 days”

        Case if point, Lindsey said that the reset is just another way for the elite to steal 30%-50% of the wealth of Americans before they drop the hammer next year and collapse the derivatives market.

        However, if this is coming from his oil contact that gives him information about what the Jesuit elites are doing to collapse America, why would he say it’s a bad thing for Americans. They don’t want this reset and release of the global settlements. They are fighting it. Remember, he always talks about daddy Bush being one of the elites. These are the same elites that the white hats are fighting. If this is their doing and going to be bad for Americans, then the white hats are wolves in sheep’s clothing. I doubt this is the case. If it truly was intel from his oil contact, wouldn’t he say the elites are upset and fighting this event?

        Based on this blog, one world of nations blog and other sites, the white hats are supposed to be doing this to defeat the Bush cabal and save the country, pay off US debt and fast track clean energy re-industrialization which will mean millions of jobs.for Americans, right? The purpose for the reset/global accounts is supposed to be good and usher in sound money backed by gold.

        You’ll also see that he has been mostly quiet since the video and just released a statement saying that he is reluctant to put his reputation on the line at this time regarding the process of this reset. Sounds like he is questioning the value of the information.

        Lindsey is right about a lot of things, but he has been wrong too. Several years back he said the cabal was going to take oil to $150-$200 per barrel. It got to $115 and fell like a rock. He’s got a good track record, in general, but he’s not always right, so take what he says with a grain of salt.


      3. Gazza

        with what is going on around the world and especially with regards to Russia, this is it. every country is pissed off with america, sorry for my language. they cant help them selves when it comes to having a fight,(they are way to big for there boots) Russia has every right to defend its borders, its oil and gas supplies. i believe america is walking on dangerous ground, with regards to Russia. with research there always a war when there is a currency in major trouble. and with the state of the dollar i think a war with Russia would completely kill it. this will be very interesting to watch as things play out. i really believe the imf and other country’s will step in and do whats right at the very last minute before the planet is destroyed by them nukes. but this could also be part of the plan by the Russians who knows. this will be very interesting by all means


  29. Yes, but I would have never personally worried about a lack of mainstream coverage… That would have been a good thing. Perhaps many people don’t understand the concept of hidden windows of opportunity closing when the world sees the window. Oh well lets just see what March brings! I feel this is all well overdue now from the archives on this blog. But if no profit is made in the end then so be it, lol, I’m familiar with that one 🙂

    Thanks for all your time


  30. Gazza,

    Would you be able to explain which mainstream media outlets are discussing dinar and when this has occurred? Thank-you.


    1. Hi

      yeah I’ve seen it on CNN and others like it, specifically talking dinar with a sense of humour but still showing there may be value in it. Plus one of the major news networks did a thing about dinar as a retirement investment. Plus the BBC in the UK have put some light on the reval recently. Plus many news shows have talked about the reset such as RT and some US networks. Sorry its a vague answer but youtube it and you can see the dumb mainstream talking heads casually talking about it bit by bit. The worry is that when the mainstream dumb talking heads talk about an investment it normally means its not gonna work out well… The window is too wide by that point. Worrying.


      1. Again, we cannot do anything about mainstream news items.

        How ironic that some people were claiming that the lack of mainstream news coverage was an indication of the “questionable nature” of this event. Now, we are seeing more and more of such mentioning, and it’s starting to cause worry that it will affect the profitability of the transaction potential.


      2. Sorry… but this is just another example of how badly the facts can get distorted when people carelessly share partial sound bytes that they “heard somewhere.”

        FACT: CNN has placed ZERO emphasis on the dinar… humorous or otherwise.
        FACT: No major news network ever called out the dinar as a retirement investment.
        FACT: BBC “Trending” did a story about Tony TNT claiming a huge Twitter following.
        FACT: The news references to a “reset”, specifically referred to a reset in US policies!

        IMHO, everybody should stop blindly accepting EVERY TIDBIT that appears in alternative news stories, and just patiently wait for the White Hats to provide FACTUAL answers to all your questions.


  31. Dear WHA

    I feel it is all becoming TOO public and mainstream to be profitable to the individual dinar holder now. This “reset theme” is on mainstream news now and they’re talking dinar whether they love it or hate it. A genuine money making opportunity only exists when few people know about it and the window of opportunity opens for a period. This reval and dinar issue is becoming waaaay too public now perhaps to really payout if it doesn’t really hurry up and happen yesterday. If it carries on like this the whole of the western world will be holding dinar soon as the mainstream media prattle on about it. Then it will.surely come to nothing as these things always do when too many people jump in. What do you think


    1. Hello,

      I cannot really answer that question from an economics standpoint because I am not an economist. But, remember we are going to be paid out in Treasury Reserve Notes, and the injecting of fresh, new outside resources could tip the balance so that more people can partake and still benefit. I am just theorizing here.

      Also, I am not sure enough people will jump on board fast enough since there is a very high level of skepticism inherent in such things as we have all seen. Just go into any bank and ask them if they are going to deal in dinar because you heard it was going to be a good “investment” – and see what they say. I was told on numerous occasions by bank clerks that it was “a scam”. As we can probably agree, many people let others do their thinking and they probably would walk out of the bank and decide not to buy dinar.

      There is also the warning to cash in fast once the revalue happens. That could be based, in part, for reasons you mentioned. Also, there is the matter of being in on the deal too late. We could see this happen any day now, and if it does so, the vast majority will not have had time to buy.

      I think we do not need to worry about a bum rush into dinar. My concern is getting out of it when the time comes. We were told to cash it in quickly, and for good reasons by those who would damn sure know why. Perhaps they are aware of the scenario you paint and this is just one more reason why getting it done sooner, rather than later, is most important.

      Thank you!


      1. Yeah I’m getting nervous about this “cash in quick” thing too as I don’t know where to cash in!!! Are all these high street banks that don’t currently trade dinar suddenly going to open up on the day after the reset (probably a monday morning) and suddenly be like “yeah no problem hand over your dinar” at the exchange window as a queue of regular customers look on in amazement as you get a quote for hundreds of thousands of local currency?!!! It just goes beyond my imagination! I live near London and can therefore have loads of banks and fx outlets to choose from… Hundreds!! But where to start?! Just walk around town with my dinar clutched tight against my chest and my ID in my pocket looking for a dealer who won’t stare at me blankly and say “er no sorry we don’t do that currency” while I try to say “hey didn’t you see the news yesterday?! GCR?! Dinar now tradable?! No? Did you miss it?”!” … I can just see it going that way!!

        I guess what I’m asking is: will a major high street bank who currently do FX changing suddenly be privvy the next day after the announcement to a). The new rates of the dong etc and b). The fact the dinar is now tradable?

        This never worried me until I read on your site about cashing in early. When I thought I had all the time in the world I didn’t care. Now I feel like I need to handcuff myself to a desk inside my local HSBC bank and refuse to budge until a manager personally confirms my money is safely in my account! I’m glad for the info really I am, but I’m feeling quite stressed about this now!!

        All the best


        1. Hello,

          Stressed? You should hear some of the stresses the people in the trenches are going through. It’s not pretty.

          I understand your concerns. I have some of the same. The precise timing and sequences will not be known in advance. We will have to wait for the thing to hit the streets and then rely on the procedures that will be published.

          Just cash it in as soon as you can. That is what we were told. There is nothing we can do about the reasons why. That’s just the way it is.



      2. Gazza — Gee whiz, you get on the telephone and start calling banks near you and ASK them IF they have a Currency Exchange Department ! And if they say yep we got that, then you ask if they exchange all currencies or are they limited in any way.
        But you see, your only problem is that not all banks have a CED, but many do. So just find one that has.
        Do this leg work now by ”letting your fingers do the walking” and get a bank nailed down as soon as you can. That should answer your problem.


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