A Few Questions and Answers From The Top: 

With the continuing assistance of the White Hats and their colleagues, we have been allowed to provide you with information directly from the front lines, unfettered and unvexed, as it travels a pure line to us.

I know the information is not always pleasant.

But, if you would prefer that we embellish it, or write for impact rather than fact checking, then we would be forced to throw away the very reason we reached out to the White Hats in the very beginning: To get to the truth.

In furtherance of that goal, we have been given answers to two questions, as of late.

Please read this information carefully.

Thank you for your continued readership. And thank you, again, to the White Hats and their colleagues and staff.

 Please await further information as it is available. 


1) For quite a while, many of you have requested more clarification as to why we have been advised to act quickly in the exchanging of Dinar and Dong once the revalue has taken place. The following, from the top, goes deeper into the  reasons for such a suggestion:

There is no plan as yet to organize Forex Markets, or any volume of demand to sustain the amounts of some issues. Printing has not been coordinated with bank capability to respond. Each sector is working for self interest.

The first trades will be Private Placements which will ONLY be advised after safe completion.

The banks will not have been pre-advised, and there will be a short window before chaos hits. Once Guru sites get a hold of it, mass chaos may result with a tidal surge of desperate cases mass appearing. Banks will NOT be able to cope so it is open to question the likely moves, but historical evidence of Banks response is that of lock outs.

Private Rates may not be Public Rates, so when Public Supply grossly exceeds market needs, the market may respond by driving down Exchange rates. Or suspending trading.

For that reason, we will try to set up a special pre advised and timed Notice Release just for the 2 sites [OWoN and WHA], so you each have the lead time to get in and out fast before chaos hits. You have nothing to lose by being in and out first and fast.

You have everything to lose if caught up in the late Ambulance Chasing surge.

You all need to understand that the key parties Do Fully Understand the extreme importance this means to many of you, which is why they so carefully advise parties to take a step back after cashing out, to keep it safe, and only partially reinvest in what you know and can control. Otherwise, it will be lost and game over. Life is NOT a game. It’s brutal and can be ugly. People can make it so.


2) Many have asked about private trading platforms that were abused by Bush, the agencies and cabal. Although such was detailed in the WH reports, we have some additional information, as follows:  

The White Hats and their London associates have been fighting this corruption together.  Each have exposed numerous guilty parties. Only the power of their special link got it exposed at the very Top.

Many do not understand the sheer, enormous pressure they work under. Hours off the Richter scale and the Roller Coaster temperaments of dealing with Mercurial Third and First World personalities. Diplomacy is key with extensive knowledge, Cultural experience and intellect needed.  [WHA comment: Remember when I told you that the WH’s are qualified for this work? Now you know why]

The White Hats, and other good US Patriots, have the one key contact needed who has the essential knowledge, experience and standing needed to assist them get those funds into their own Platform use for the true benefit  of all. They do all work very closely together with huge integrity.

OWoN and the White Hats will be working closely together to trade those funds and get them into Project Investment and Job Creation. Also for good Humanitarian needs. OWoN is not a currency trading or Guru site. It  has already built up a substantial US and Global following and has clear intentions of using many US and Global supporters for Project development and delivery. In addition Community Planning and development. Major  opportunities for US and other nationals to help turn our world around.

Yes, the site is different, but it is challenging and uplifting consciousness to address the realities of our true Global problems and our collective need to both understand and plan for the rapid changes our nations are experiencing, with vast social ramifications. They are both on and even behind the front lines in this fight for Justice and all of us. Your gain is their pain. They do this as Patriots. Contentious as that may be. But they have already built a network of willing multi national parties able to put those funds to good use for all of us and our planet.

They are very much on our side. Without them, all we are left with is Political chaos, incompetence, Bank /Cabal chicanery and subterfuge. Who else is giving you this information flow and help? Caring has a cost. One they pick up alone.




Here is another update, from the top. 

Please read it carefully.

Keep in mind the admonitions contained within it. If you want to continue to receive information, please conduct yourselves as adults and remain patient.  More information will come forth, when it can, as allowed. There is no need to worry about missing out on any information. We are as informed as we can be.

Thank you all for your continuing courtesy and cooperation.



Key New Updates

With all the complex maneuvers and frustration for all with ever changing game plays, us even more on the Global front lines, fraught and frustrating dialog today with China, London and the US has resulted in a positive move late this evening. From a very confusing and highly stressful day for all, new light and hope is now returning fast. Thank all your Gods.

So, late as it is, because we know how very important it is to so many, after having announced a Limbo Land position today, as was correct and factual status on this roller coaster ride, events this evening have just changed things back to positive. We are thinking of you all.

Yes, we have full facts, but not for release now. A key party had a Health issue delaying asset allocation to assist a major closure you all need to kick start the process. That is due to be hopefully resolved over the next few days. Its not for release or elaboration but explained the delays. .

We have substantial multi country developments reconciling at last. Please, do NOT debate this on the Guru sites. We need calm order for just the OWON and WHA sites or a full clamp down will be imposed and nothing will flow. We owe no one anything.

All we can advise you with care, is that a phased approach is now being finalized and will only be detailed after completion of Phase One and possibly even Two.

Enough to leave us very hopeful that it will start to create new markets for you to get out in stages.

We do not want an ugly Guru site eruption ambulance chasing these events. This is not a Forex site or advisory site. Nor are we currency speculators or Traders. But, the major funds come to our Treasury Trust accounts for us to enhance up via our own platforms and help Nations and Communities. We are a primary gateway and hopefully we can release positive news soon, but only once safe to do so. This will be good for many soon so hang in there and wait as it unfolds. You have real renewed hope now. Speculators get used to it. You chose to ride those crazy tracks. No pain no gain?

As soon as we can give a full insight, when safe, we will. But right now we have to lock it down to keep it and you safe. This is why we asked you to watch your sites. We know how important it is to you all. It needed this breakthrough towards real closure. More when safe. We live with this 20 hours a day which the inner team know to be correct.

Once this comes through we can refocus back to helping the Nations and communities recover by taking it all away from those unfit to be entrusted. One World of Nations. Good People will make this all happen. The eyes, Souls and ethics of the site.

-end update




Another update from the top.

This is not the news we wanted to hear, but do not lose hope. This week didn’t turn out as we had hoped. Please read and know that I will do my best to get additional details when possible. 

Thank you!



Information Update, REALITY based to help the Dinarian, Dong and other Currency gamblers. FACTUAL position.

There is now NO movement this week for the Reno Teams, and non likely. Frustration is the reality of the day and week. All are hanging in limbo. The HK deal seems to have rerouted to Lapland to see if Santas loaded. Contrary to all the hopes and efforts, last weeks erotic testosterone surge fast became a “Floppy”.

The PP’s wait on DC, who seem now more interested in Global posing and yet more Family Freebies on Air Force One while America disintegrates. Everyone is beyond frustrated. DC is focused ever more on filling their own pockets fast while emptying yours. There seems to be no one home in the Settlement process. Another weeks gone, more broken promises, more false dawns. Yet they can still fly to The Hague grandstanding and posing. Putin has had a week of healthy exercise laughing his socks off at these Clowns, while signing up major new Oil and Gas deals with China and India, plus a major new order for 100 Fighters from India. He can’t believe his luck, that the US puts such complete Muppets on Point Duty to front for America. Oh and Yes, he also took Crimea, that will do nicely thanks. BRICS gave him full support, and he has now routed the US in Asia. The US just lost the 2 largest emerging economies, and South America soon will allow Russian bases. Beyond their growing Sub Fleets, hugely successful Foreign Policies, and smart Diplomats. America can counter that. Sure, hire Russians!

Can these clueless clowns do anything right? How long will this Dog and Pony Show continue? Who has a clue, and who cares about you? They work for YOU. When will they start?

A farce you couldn’t write. Only in America, the concept of Superman conceived in Palookerville!

Don’t Cry for Me Argentina,  America needs the tears more.

There are so many good and great Americans. Why is this allowed to continue? Where is that great spirit and pride? It needs the Truckers, Vets and Bikers back. Tar and Feathers mount up. Put up.

Where are the Leaders not the Losers? TAKE BACK AMERICA!



It would appear that international events have now caught up with things related to our subject matter. The following is from the top, via OWoN: 


We are cognizant of the need for news.

Reno this week is now simply in Limbo. The current Russian events are commanding key parties focus. Until we see a positive new move, we can offer nothing.


Please await further information when it is available.




Greetings, Here is the latest, from the top via OWoN.  
No movement yet signaled and the current stand off with Putin and the G7 is not helping. Chaos and confusion. The Private Placement deals need to receive more asset backing to get the Liquidity needed. That is a paper chase and search for more asset backing. More later if it proceeds. Hopeful, but not certain yet.

The multi country scenario is compounded with negotiations for Global resource backing needed of acceptable assets and terms to assign them. This takes it all into the conflict zone with the Fed and its adverse history.

Other national blocks are seeking to negotiate via the World Bank, IMF and direct deals to distance themselves from further US dependency. As evidenced with London becoming the key Yuan Trade Market outside of China. The world is now reshaping. New alliances. Backers are now reconsidering new US exposure and assessing monitoring controls after a century of visible abuse. The world is taking stock and reducing US exposures. The old treaties expired 2 years ago. The world is in limbo.

There is a changing of the Guard, but who will now guard who? Real world, real issues. But as yet, no real answers. Major Wealth Owners are stepping with caution. It takes time for decisions. Issues are hugely complex. We all have to allow the process to unfold. It all will in its time.

Please stay tuned for more information as it becomes available.
Thank you for your continued readership and your support.



The following comes over from OWoN, from the top. The “latest report” is in reference to the link found on FC 106. 

Please pay attention to point #4 below.

We know that for some of you the information may shake traditionally held ideas. I am most certain that these cold, hard facts will give you proper orientation on what goes on at the very top, and the past history of how it all came to be, and what is being done by some good people to bring many needed changes for the benefit of us all.

Thank you, and please await further updates. They will be shared as they are received. 


The latest report was for a multi strategic series of reasons.

1. To support the multi level requests on M1. But to show you, he is as neutered as all. He still needs to depend on Sewer Rats, which is no solution. So, we gave you an overview of some of the factual realities and hindrances. Until we clear out and sanitize the US Fed and US Treasury from being a total Jews Oligopoly, there can be no future for America as Americans are denied a say in the benefits distribution from the creation of wealth they achieved. Jews, shame on you for creating this greedy and parasitic exclusion zone with your usual predatory cunning, but see where its getting you and pray when they wake up, you don’t get the Ali Shuffle with an Exit Boot up your Butts which every nation for 5,800 years has treated you to. Respect your communities and citizens or you WILL go into the night AGAIN, if you do not respect the nations who allowed and supported your right to exist and live in safe peace with all of us. Look at the horrors and land grabs you inflict on Palestine.

Sequestration of our assets is a Act of War and vengeance will be the payback if society says enough. We need a new None Bush, Non Clinton US President , not Cabal owned, who will promptly remove the Zionists from Fed and Treasury roles, and give Americans full representation in the Fiscal Management of their own nation. Oligopolies are corruption. Bloodsucking leaches must be removed. China, Russia and BRICS will carry non of them.

Lose this ridiculous insulting derogatory Goyim mindset or pay the price vengeance will wreak.

2. It was to help WHA parties who Tony is battling to help educate, also understand the vast multi layer complexities of what is in play, daily battles, duplicity, greed and Texan / Zionist/ Chicago Agendas all attempting to delay and disrupt the process. Layer, after layer, after layer of Sewer Rats.

3. It was to help explain that first will be the Private deals, from which Projects will flow and Communities start to see help arriving because Patriots, good and caring people, will focus on putting back , not siphoning off to Paraguay, Israel and Caribbean Tax Havens. The tide can turn here. One small step, but one GIANT LEAP FOR MANKIND TO BREAK THE CLAWS OF THE CABAL AND ZIONIST BANKING . TREASURY AND FED MAFIA. Money is made round to go around!

4. But also note, there is HOPE and its NOT all Doom and Gloom. Teams in Reno, Leo, BB and others are MANNING UP, Facing down these Goon Squads, and with nothing to lose, screaming F U to the Goon Zoo, I want my money! Now a new Judge is close to issuing warrants for Marshals  to serve and that will focus minds and Bankers. Reinvesting back the PP’s will start the real fightback. We hear, we care, we KNOW how the people are hurting. We are those lines of resistance fighting back for Justice. Many levels of us all growing. Your knowing is Truth they fear. News they don’t want you to hear.

We either all wake up to reality and co enjoin in this freedom fight, or truly you WILL ALL PASS SCREAMING INTO THE NIGHT! One Nation, one fight, you all matter. You have the numbers. They live by fear. Time to transfer it.




The following, posted on OWoN, is posted here for your consideration. 

You may consider this article as a one-stop place to read up on all the reasons there have been delays, who was behind them, why, and what we can look forward to once all can proceed. 




A brief housekeeping note:  To the rectal orifice who tried the fishing attempt, sorry bud, you’ll have to do better than that. Thanks for the laugh. Learn how to spell, and how to not capitalize letters in the middle of words, especially when you are trying to pass your self off as a major ISP.

Thank you all for your continued support. Stay tuned for more information as it is presented.