An Evening With A White Hat 



We move from FC#97 into new territory today.

I once again had the pleasure to speak to our WH contact this evening. He was very generous with his time, as always, his responsibilities and charges notwithstanding. He took some time to answer some questions, and a summary of those answers will follow.

First, some introductory remarks.

I apologize for not closing the last thread and moving on faster. With over 600 comments, it was a real effort to moderate. I thank you all for largely conducting yourselves in an adult manner. Please continue to do so and set a good example to the world-wide readership, which includes some very key people, including 80 law firms and some 1200-1500 people working on things for which you all have an interest in.  

In earlier times we spent a lot of our resources taking various “intel providers” and “awareness bloggers” to task for their shoddy work in announcing “deliveries and RV’s” when no such things had occurred, and for making outlandish, unsubstantiated claims about the potential rates of anticipated revaluations of two currencies, with amazing alacrity. Our reasons were simple – we wanted people to have the truth about these activities since so many of you are staking your future on them. For too long, people have been making decisions on less than substantiated knowledge of just what they should realistically expect. Well, we have compiled what we feel is a pretty solid collection of data from those in the trenches and it has been our pleasure to bring this information to you, when possible. 

Of course, not everything that is known is shared. The sensitive nature of this event is such that this blog is carefully watched by some pretty powerful groups which I do not need to name. As such, please remember this, and do not think that we are lax with our questions since not everything you want to know can be asked, and further, not everything you want to ask, is known. Those of you who are staking your future on events we are monitoring would not appreciate if we posted something that created ripples across the Internet and caused needless work for those working on this matter, or cause delays. Good heavens! I would promptly drive to the nearest Benihana’s and  pay one of their chef’s to effect ritual seppuku on me, rather than cause delays because of irresponsible behavior with this effort to inform. Such has inadvertently happened once. It must never, never happen again.

We call this association an “auxiliary” for a reason. This separates us from the front line troops working on what has been described as the largest financial transaction in the history of the word. I sometimes indulge my passion for Roman History by reading accounts of auxiliary troops being called up to the front lines when they were in danger of faltering. Auxiliaries were often times non-citizens, and such a distinction then, as now, is important to understand since we are not White Hats, and are not on the front lines. The front lines are manned by exceptional people with the talents, skills and resources to complete their tasks. For that, we owe them our respect and to be responsible with what we are allowed to know at this time. They will never have to call us up to plug holes in the lines, and thank goodness for that, since many, if not all of us, do not possess credentials to work at such extreme levels of international finance and law.      

With the foregoing  in mind, I will proceed. 

1) Are we are still on for 2014?

This evening, I was not told otherwise at any point in our conversation. Keep that in mind as the next item is made clear.

2) Is the following, issued by the IMF, tied in with the World Global Settlements, and indicative of a delay into 2015?

“We deeply regret that the IMF quota and governance reforms agreed to in 2010 have not yet become effective and that the 15th General Review of Quotas was not completed by January 2014.”

“In April, we will take stock of progress towards…completing the 15th General Review of Quotas by January 2015.”

From the Communiqué – Meeting of Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors, Sydney, 22-23 February 2014

The answer to the forgoing concern is that the statement issued by the IMF is not related to/indicative of WGS progress. It is an altogether separate matter.  Keep this in mind as other bloggers continue to update you with respect to IMF/World Bank maneuvering and descriptions of currency resets set against a perceived relationship to IMF quotas regulations. 

3) What are the 17 other currencies set to re-value along with the USD, Iraqi Dinar and the Dong?

Such information is not known, and won’t be made available. Beware of any blog that lists such currencies, and do NOT assume they will be correct. Remember, currency speculation is very, very high risk business. That is no different for those with dinar and dong. More on this later.

4) Does the recent acquisition by Washington Federal of several B of A branches have anything to do with the WGS/GCR?

    The answer is, no. Just what such purchases signify, if anything separate from the purchases itself, is not entirely known.

5) Is this business in the Ukraine some kind of mysterious maneuver to signal some kind of event related to the WGS/GCR?  

     The answer is, and I quote: “It’s just a fart in the wind”. In other words, it is completely dwarfed by the events that are to come once the WGS/GCR is set loose.  

6) What is the lower range of a possible dinar rate?

    It was given as $1.00. It could possibly come in at $1.00 to no higher than $3.50. Take note. That is an estimate. Nobody knows, not even those in the trenches, what the rate will be on day one.    This means it could be lower than even the lower estimate. Please, remember: Just cash in. Do NOT wait for a higher rate the next day. Act quickly.

7) This leads us to comments from “john” at OWoN blog, which you are all asking about. This is not an easy task to clarify since it will require some reality adjustments for many of the dinar buyers who have been cast under the spell of many dinar Svengali who speak of $32 rates and million dollar paydays for all. You must NOT be swayed by such persons who might beguile you into  rash actions  such as cashing in junior’s college money or selling your gold fillings for more dinar.

John has a very direct and blunt style of writing that rubs many the wrong way. He is described as a good person, with impressive credentials and is not in the business of misleading or spreading false information. His recent comments were as follows:     

Now, to help a few of you re first the Dongs and some Dinars etc.

The major Private Deal is approved and ready to go BUT, because it has overlapping impacts on the RV’s, EVERYTHING is being delayed on RV releases and strategies.

So, tough as it is for many, it means waiting time. More time, more stress, but its moving.
When- Who knows? Who cares? Its a Free Lunch!

Neither Dongs nor Dinars owe anyone a Dime! Its All this IS unplanned and UNEARNED INCOME!!, Its NOT a Windfall or a Blessing. Such mind boggling stupidity from such Cretins is sad. Its a gamble and GOOD LUCK,but stop whining about my RIGHTS, like the world owes you? Its just a Gamble.You win some, you lose some.

The world owes no one anything. Lives wasted saving nothing left the Chumps with nothing. Selection of the species. No Rainy Day Money sorts the Smart from the Losers.

Some will get a major boost, but not all. Enough, Just hope your one. We see enough of some parties forever blogging about their rights and how the system is stopping them. What crap! Funny how America was built on No Welfare. As was Europe. Workers work, and work it out. Wasters whinge, its never them. Easy come will still become easy go for many even after being paid.The ones I feel for are those in genuine need who never did get a break. They deserve it most. We need to give their kids a chance. Start by educating the kids. Infrastructure and re thinking communities. Help the sick and old, and create sustainable jobs for the willing workers. Then waste the wasters! Welfare WILL end! Sooner than you think. With a bang! In the UK your out Butt first after a finite Welfare period. You get money with a bridge of help only for months, but not Welfare as income for life. And we are making it tougher. Whats coming will sort them. People have no idea what tracking. The Global gravy train is ending. For the won’t work crowd life on the streets will sort them.

For the lucky ones, hang onto it tight. It will be all you have for many Beneficiaries. Again, PLEASE do nothing after cashing but place it safe and wait. Think out your new moves with care. Don’t let Losers or Cling On’s near you!

For some it IS coming,but for many not. At least some will get through. It takes what it takes. There will NOT be a mass handout for all. It will be selective. Vast overprinting will not get bailed. Nor should it. Money is, and will be- finite! But for some, Yes, its now coming. We can say no more. Nor will we elaborate. You gamble, YOU do the leg work.

Now, just what is he saying here? In his own well-meaning, yet semi-gauche way, he is saying: CASH IN QUICKLY, because not all of you will get what you may think simply because the numbers are not there to sustain $3.50 forever, if even at all. Over-printing of the dinar means that there are too many pigs for the teats.  Just what the rate will be is NOT KNOWN, so if that is so, high rate predictions by dinar oracles are by no means assured, no matter what rates they were told by “sources”.

Some of you may say, “But we were told this was going to be a windfall!” Yes, those are the words used to describe what may come. But, again, think it over. One, nobody knows the rates, and, two, if the rate comes in at $.10, it still represents a HUGE move from its present value, yet may render it necessary for many of you to retain your current standard of living because the 1M in dinar you have will not allow you to retire, and after tax, even less so.

Further, if we see a rate of $1.00, it may not stay there long. In fact, it was said that you might consider “getting sick” and leaving your workplace to cash in as soon as you hear about this, if necessary. It’s that critical that you act timely.

Bottom line? John is simply telling you the truth from his perspective, which is accurate. It is the Delphian dinar cults that are selling dreams that are not backed up by anything of import, or are engaging in all manner of exaggerations to seem wise or expert. John detests the manner in which the dinar is being sold. People often buy dinar, then join a blog and attend calls to get “intel” where they are fed information from “sources”. It is this process he scorns as it is not based in reality.

Don’t be fooled, and plan your affairs for any rate that may come in. Don’t let greed get the better of you. The “lucky ones” will be those who act fast. Some will get there first and get what the rate is on that day, high or low. Those that delay, well, I don’t need to elaborate on what could await them. 

Remember: JUST CASH IN. No matter what is said from now on, by John, or anyone – JUST CASH IN. That is ALL you can do. CASH IT IN.

7) Does the same admonition apply to the Dong? 

    Yes. Don’t delay.

To close this part of the FC, keep in mind that John holds the false prophets in severe contempt, and he can do so because he lives in rare air and sees the real numbers. We cannot fault him for that, his abrasive reportage notwithstanding. We have also criticized the gurus and so have the White Hats, yet not as harshly as he does. He is keenly aware of the lives that have been lost in Iraq, on both sides, and sees this for what he feels it is – blood money. Perhaps we should remember that, and when the numbers come in, think of those who were lost, and do some good by supporting any cause you can think of to ease the suffering of those who were caught up in the unfortunate events that began in 2003.

Be smart. JUST CASH IN, and do some good with it.

I know the above stands in stark contrast with the Dinar Lamas, but there is no easy way to impart a hard truth.

8) Are you aware of  Karen Hudes, the BIS whistle-blower, and if so, what can you share about your knowledge of her work?  

    The answer was: She could be very dangerous to the cabal, and knows what she is saying.

Nothing more was offered with respect to her work.

  9) Has the “Hong Kong” meeting happened?

       Sorry, but I didn’t bring it up. We were told last time that it was off limits to discuss further, and once I am told such, I will not press the issue. It’s for a good reason.

Read the last sentence in the former paragraph again before you read further. 

Lastly, I am planning on contacting another key person in this affair very soon. I hope to bring you more information, if possible and if necessary.

Once again, thank you all, and thanks to our White Hat contact, and all the White Hats and their staff for continuing to work for good on behalf of all nations.

Please continue to be patient as we await what will be the key event of the century.



  1. WHA – I came to really like this sight because it seemed to me to be as Truth and Fact Based as anything I could find. But as of late it seems to me that there is way to much personal C— flying around right left and center and that it is starting to leave a very bad taste in my mouth. I do not come to this sight to read about the personal thoughts and opinions of what people think about the Jews, Christians or any other religious group. I come here only for RV and GCR INFORMATION ONLY. I have always appreciated what others find and are so willing to share with all who take the time to read. What Happened Here? I no longer look forward to toning in but feel I have to because there is no where else I can find to go.


    1. Hang in there.

      I know good Jews and bad Jews, good Christians and good Christians, good agnostics and bad ones, etc., etc., etc. All should be treated as individuals.

      We do not point fingers at races. There are certainly groups of bad persons who happen to share the same race, but it is not the race that makes them dishonest. It’s their individual choices and environments, IMO.

      So, please know that if someone higher up wants to blame Jews or Hare Krishna’s for that matter, those are their words, and not mine or anyone I associate with. Let’s move beyond this and keep our eyes on the mountain top.

      Thank you!


  2. WHA
    Thought I`d share

    scott foy March 14, 2014 at 7:26 AM


    Thanks for all of your hard work and the daily info that you and WHA provide us, and for the sacrifice your group as well as the WH`s have made to try and level the playing field to give us a fighting chance without this a lot of good folks would feel lost and without hope.

    Once this becomes successful and it will be successful we have to make sure that this type of usury and slavery can never again be permitted to happen again. We as a society band together and take control of the very governments that have become our masters.

    The Dec of Ind has a passage that should hold true to all adult Americans

    When, in the course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bonds which have connected them with another, and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the laws of nature and of nature’s God entitle them, a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the separation.

    We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. That to secure these rights, governments are instituted among men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed. That whenever any form of government becomes destructive to these ends, it is the right of the people to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new government.
    THX Again
    john March 14, 2014 at 10:54 AM

    This site is a wide and diverse collective of many Global parties, most of who seek restoration of values and rights. The Cabal has trashed the world over the last 50 years, and still are at it.

    The baton of Global Leadership was passed for a time to America and its been a truly horrible outcome. Those entrusted to govern are unfit and have contaminated all around them. Worse, surrounded themselves with unfit Camp Followers of low integrity and morality. Bought Men. It is a privilege to serve a country in an honorary role, so why not honor it? Instead Grubby Men, and Grubby families, have demeaned the Offices of State and let down a trusting nation and world. So damned right, as World Leaders, they will get the flack from the world. As deserved. Or leave the stage.

    Our altercation is not with the America people, as many are good Souls we respect, as stressed as all, but with the tainted men of no moral spirit abusing their powers of office.
    As we all evolve ever more towards an enlarged Global Village, their misconduct and betrayal is there for all to see. They hurt all of us.

    We see the misinformation across the Blogs and misconceptions of intent.

    I, like most, am no more than just a contributor, and Yes, humbled often by many of the people emerging as fine beings co joining. No ego, truly. We seek only to work with many for collective good. To support, not intrude, and not to dominate. To unleash so much capability to go out build the world we need in our short time here. To enrich humanity, not the hangers on and Zionists. By backing people of vision and good morality. By sacking Cabal , Texan and Zionist crap for polluting humanity and devastating our nations! It need not and should not be this way.

    Excellent comments are made by many, and to us, its a true privilege to try to cross link all together unleashing their voices to be heard. To allow all your views to be heard and try to reshape a better future together.
    Behind booting the few real waste of space loonies, we do operate with humility and genuine good intent. Occasional road kill goes with the territory. Culling visible crap gives freedom breath.

    We can only wait and position for the genuine releases and try to make the Project Investments fit for purpose as a legacy of worth. The Chicanery is the battle ground.


  3. Christians,Jews and now we have ufo`s.Enough already. what does this have to do with WGS,GCR,WH`s.As for people with an negative agenda a wise man once said “By their fruits ye shall know them” Better to be LOVE than false evidence appearing real.(fear.,it`s all illusion)


    1. Religions and so much more are all related to the worlds’ finances, believe it or not. Religions are mere pawns on the global chessboard. The linked article is disturbing on multiple levels that may not be immediately apparent. Think outside your box because it exists inside a much, much larger box. Make the connections to the commentary by JC Collins if you can. Ignore conflicts of minor details and take in the bigger issues that affect the WGS-GCR at the highest levels.


    2. Allen,

      Thanks for the new age “sound bytes.” Sorry you missed the point altogether.

      I made up the silly comment about ETs talking about human behavior for a reason: IF anyone from another world were to study the reactive animosity that HUMANS exhibit online (even in THESE threads), they would be astonished to see so many Christians hating on Jews, poor people hating on wealthy people, “entitled” Dinarians hating on naysayers, etc. etc.

      Quite frankly, I do NOT believe that ANYBODY deserves to receive a financial windfall by manipulating, badgering, and denigrating others… and that includes the Dinarians who post self-righteous, antagonistic insults because their “blessing” is still being delayed.

      I, for one, was promoting this WHA spokesperson long before this blog became “popular.”
      I have patiently waded through the nonsensical posts, in case something helpful is shared.
      BUT I will not sit quietly if Self-Righteousness continues to infect this valuable “Truth site”.


  4. What to think about this?
    Found on the site of Dave Schmidt :

    “What is the Private Group Rate Exchange?

    It is reported the private group rate is going to be the best. In fact many are implying the street rate could be the lower $3.47 while the private rate may be as high as $23.50. But, this is still all speculation. Why? The China oil credit issue. The currency you exchange at a bank will go directly to the US Treasury to exchange with Iraq and not to China. The private group exchange goes directly to China and they use it to purchase the discounted oil.

    Can I be a Part of the Private Group Exchange? Yes!!!

    All you have to do is sign up on the blog site email list. This group now has over 130,000 people and it is the volume of the group that will get the higher private rate.”


  5. I find this antisemitism theme disgusting right now. Can we stay on topic and not go down this horrible road? Yes as somebody said Jesus Christ was Jewish so we all need to show respect to this fact and I could get all religious about this but this forum is not for that so let’s just be careful and stay on topic. If this so called “guy in the know” who wrote this vomit really has a problem with Jewish people and really did say anything antisemitic then shame on him and I would never listen to anything from such a man as he would have proved his true worth at that point… zero.

    And WHA, we are all excited, and maybe fearful, to hear any update you can please bring to the table regarding this stuff about a year delay in the GCR etc. Thank you in advance!!



  6. Neo-Nazi remarks are still neo-Nazi remarks no matter what kind of good motive there painted under. I am just raising the voice for not aligning with that under any circumstance!! That is a lot of ignorance!! But white hats auxiliary I am asking you the direct question do the white hats affiliate with this John And why?? I have serious concerns if they’re aligned with somebody who says there are 50 million guns to clean out a race of people …. Let it be what it truly is Are you of the impression that the white hats Are of a high-caliber? why would they align with this false patriot neo-Nazi movement. The gentleman who said watch out that you don’t become what you are fighting against takes a lot of skill and wisdom. You are a wonderful liason of the white hats in my opinion For fundamentalist Christian Abby Jesus was Jewish …. I don’t want to digress any further. I just really want to know the standing of that rant with where the white hats align .


    1. Two ETs having a conversation on the way to Earth…

      “Why all the tension between these Earthlings?”

      “Apparently the Christians and Jews are once again bickering over how best to make money off of the people of Islam.”



    2. Kelly, it seems you didnt read very carefully, or you would have seen that it was a Poster who merely quoted what john posted on another Site. That is nothing that Tony or the White Hats posted.
      So try to read and take note before you go ballistic.

      Also, I have already done my very extensive research on what I say in here, BEFORE I say it. At least 40 years worth of research.
      I suggest you do the same before you blurt out your obviously misguided and unverified heresy. It also helps to come to the unpleasant realization that there are some people, and even some segments of society that have seared consciences and hearts of stone. These are the very people who have been destroying our entire world.
      There is no relationship between Jesus and todays society that claim they are jews. Ive done some very extensive study on this, as well, else I would not say it.


      1. Is there an ignore button for Abby? I skip over her posts now, but people respond to her. She’s abrasive and isn’t helping this site. I am sure I will get a slamming response from her as this is what she does. So let’s hear it abby….I will skip over anything you write so won’t be seeing it anyways, but feel free to continue to blast away. This site is positive and informative. Would love to keep out the unnecessary slamming of people, religions, etc.


        1. I am letting it run its course for now……….it seems to be tapering off.

          I will say again, let’s keep the personal barbs out of the picture. It’s getting close to red line here.

          SB, I don’t know of any ignore feature.

          Thank you!


  7. I am eternally grateful to anyone working on the side of good! TY! …. Mt immediate hope and prayer is the we get some king of verifiable FACT of where we CMKXers are… not hopium but real truth whatever it may be! ….


  8. Omg…. That insane rant was referring to hymies which is the n word for Jewish people ….. Saying to kill them all with 50 million guns. Isn’t that what nazis said??? Two filthy scum vibrations don’t make a right one. Wha. You are not like that Why would white hats affiliate with patriot excuse for more filthy ugly hate ? Can you please clarify the players. True divine grace and intervention is the only antidote to this 3D ugly world. I know TRUE goodness will prevail! Please clarify why there is any credibility to this John if he is the one causing this?? Also an aside I know an attorney just went to federal prison this week for his affiliation with a false abnambro deal. Innocent people go ripped off Why is this mentioned in conjunction with trading platforms? Does that have anything to do with Gcr .?? I know only way it can happen is as you say global historical transformation . What do these bits and pieces mean in your wisdom?


    1. Hello,

      I do not like the references to Jews either. People are bad or good despite their race.

      I cannot do anything about such remarks. I will concentrate on the status of the entire affair and leave the race parts to those who wish to go in that direction. I would rather not.

      Thank you!


    2. Kelly, our focus should be on what a person does, is it Good or is it detrimental to our Country. And unfortunately our country is actually headed by jews. Now when you look and see the disasterous condition it is in, then it becomes obvious who ran it into the ground like this.
      Nobody gets a free pass based upon their self proclaimed ethnicity, regardless of what it is.
      A serious truth finding research on the matter will likely bring understanding of that remark that john made.
      ”If the shoe fits, wear it” is a good measuring stick to use.


      1. Look it took people of a lot of different colors and religions to allow the evil cabal to function and remain in power. There is another site I wont mention that a person writes for and every other sentince he wants to do away with all Jews .there is no way a small child playing on a play ground in Isreal is responsible for the evil the earth has faced for a long time. Be careful you don’t become what your fighting.


  9. I have to ask and frame this question properly, since the majority of those posting here seem to have interest in the dinar/dong/”fill in the blank” currencies as they relate to the coming GCR. Simply, all of those are fiat currencies. And what seems to be understood here is that the consensus points to the next global reserve currency being gold backed. Also, what has been mentioned numerous times is that the US TRN will be a gold backed. Maybe I’m viewing this too simply, but when I see the pattern of gold being stated over and over, yet everyone is concerned about how their fiat currencies might yield a big pay day, something just strikes me that the bigger picture is being completely missed. Is it just me, or wouldn’t it make more sense for people to be securing their wealth in gold rather than worrying about how the GCR will result between fiat currencies?

    I will sit back and await insightful comments on both sides of this topic. Thanks!


    1. Hi Jimm Motyka,

      I’m happy to share my comment; as to its insightfulness, well, the reader will have to decide!

      The seemingly most plausible scenario is SDR’s being backed by both commodities (including gold) and debt, and quantities of SDRs allotted by geographic region according to the regions’ respective assets. Then, the exchange rate of any specific currency will be fixed to the SDR (the “official” reset), and these will not vary very much. I think we will see very strict controls on FOREX trading, and its eventual elimination, because then the IMF will use exchange rates and SDR allocations to rebalance the unconscionable outstanding sovereign debts by rebalancing trade payments. (Hence, the trade is literally settled in gold-backed SDRs, but still denominated in national currencies.) This reset demarks the yielding of economic sovereignty to the IMF, and is the first major, overt step toward a genuine, accepted, one-world government (although not actually seen or understood by the very partakers in commerce from which it rises).

      Relative to the value of any major currency one has in hand, gold, and probably silver, won’t lose. But, again, relative to USD, some of the currencies may gain, during the reset, even more. Varying degrees of reports, rumors, and speculation point to specific currencies as being reset upward, significantly, relative to the USD. So, concerning my own affairs, I liken Dinar and Dong holdings somewhat akin to buying lottery tickets (albeit with a much higher chance of payoff, and very little chance of becoming worthless).

      There is a significant difference of opinion as to whether the future Fed currency or Treasury currency will be the one linked to the SDR.

      For the record, I draw heavily from, or avidly read/listen to, the following: JC Collins, Dr. Jim Willie, Chaplain Lindsey Williams, Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, Jim Sinclair, Catherine Austin Fitts, Ann Barnhardt, Karen Hudes, WHA (of course!), TF Metals Report commenters, Zerohedge, China Daily economic policy, Reuters bond market news, as well as releases from the IMF, World Bank, PBOC, and US Treasury, all balanced against the writings of Sts. Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John.


      1. Occasnl Trvlr,
        Sinclair says the “Great Reset”, not necessarily the GCR, will come in the 2016 time frame but I don’t think the world can wait that long for relief.

        I really enjoy JC Collins’ intelligent explanations but they seem to fit entirely within the envelope of the status quo. I would loosely describe him as a straight shooting “company man”, a retired one that is. Hopefully the WGS-GCR will release us out of the envelope.

        Our reading lists look like they could be first cousins. For balance I use the eye openning document “The History of Banking” which can be found on various sites including Canauzzie’s postings at scribd[dot]com/canauzzie. Longer versions which include Part 2 can be found with a search engine (alternate title: “The Brief History of Banking). This document cleared up a lot of world history for me and helps explain current events.


      2. Here’s the question that needs to be asked.

        Will the introduction of a huge amount of new Gold onto the scene result in a lower market value for gold?

        Don’t these supposed “funds”/ “Colateral Accounts”/ “Trusts” or whatever, that are to save us consist primarily of Gold? I mean, realistically, what else is there of value that could be stored up over time. It couldn’t be paper currency. Couldn’t be real estate. Couldn’t be oil or other bulky commodities. Precious jewels are compact & long lasting but would be problematic because they don’t divide or recombine well into smaller/greater units of exchange and they’re not uniform in quality.

        Actually, at least to me, The FOFOA approach is the one that makes the most sense,
        i.e. the existing amount of Gold will be revalued vastly higher; revalued higher against all fiat currencies.

        Would China really be going to the expense & trouble to procure all the existing available Gold they can get their hands on if there existed a hidden,vast hoard of Gold (far greater in size than currently known) that was suddenly to be given to the world. Are we to believe the Chinese government isn’t aware of these supposed vast hoards of old treasures that supposedly exist under their own nose and owned by Asian elders?


  10. Dear WHA

    I understand the White Hat’s read this site, so I would love to just say, despite all the worry and negativity on my part, I really am thankful to you all whoever you are for all that you are doing behind the scenes and whatever happens I hope the people that really need it overseas in poor countries really benefit. Yes I would like a small windfall of course like all people but like most please rest assured I have already promised a large portion of anything I get to help hungry people who won’t have a chance in taking part. So thank you again, and the WHA for this site, and please know that whatever we say and however “down” we get waiting and however “greedy” we may come across (as it is hard to get across our real feelings over the internet) it still stands that I think we all want what is best for the people who are suffering, have suffered and those who would be hopeless without this GCR. Plus many of us will use our profits for good and not evil. So thank you again, White Hats… we are cheering you on from every corner!

    And to WHA, have you seen the recent chatter about the bonds? There has been a lot of chat lately. Could you clarify please? Dave Schmidt ( just a day or two again has been talking about the RV is probably here now any time soon (and he’s not a traditional hope guru) because money has been released and he seems convinced it could be ultra close without any hype.

    Thank you!



    1. Hello,

      Thank you for your kind words. I am sure the WH’s appreciate your support.

      As for the bonds, I cannot say such has any truth to it or not. We do not involve ourselves with inner workings of the deeply internal processes because even if we knew it all, we could not say it, and if we did, what good would it do to know?

      We hope Mr Schmidt is correct, but we do not have any contact with him. There will come a time when all such persons who blog and report on this process will be right. His recent announcement of the RV happening was not accurate, and we acknowledge his subsequent remarks made in effort to clarify his statement about the RV happening.

      We cannot wait for all this business to conclude so that we all can be right, and move on to other things that are critical to forwarding our culture and not destroying it.

      Thank you!


  11. is Mr Dave Schmidt legit? He seems reserved as well as genuine. He also is not scared to show his face. I hope he is the real deal. Your take?


    1. Hello,

      We do not have contact with Mr Schmidt. He seems to be forwarding the Poof camp version of intel. He is correct that things are certainly going on in the background, but so far it’s obvious that we do not have an RV and I cannot say that it is “happening” either. Not yet, anyway.

      Thank you!


  12. HIW,

    Thank-you for the information about Trusts, most of which is new to me. It sounds like you are very optimistic about the dinar and dong as far as return on investment for individual investors is concerned. I was unable to locate an earlier post that led me to believe you have some credible, independent sources of information. If that is true, would you be able to elaborate on your source of information and confidence?



    1. My first question asked whenever looking at an investment is quite simple.

      How much can I lose?

      Once I have accepted that amount, then anything above this is great.

      I approached these currencies thinking that they were not going to revalue and I would sell them back after 12 months. My loss would be the buy and sell costs and maybe some loss of value. I anticipated a worse case scenario of 20% loss. If I invested $25,000 and lost $5000 I was fine with that because the upside was enormous.

      Truth be told, if I breakeven, I’ll be happy. Anytime you invest in a speculative opportunity and can get your principal back it’s a good day.

      As far as the credible independent source, I covered this in the comment section of post 96 or 97. I would read those comment sections. It’s a long post and gives a lot of details that were given to me. However, I’ll give you just a brief overview.

      This summer I stumbled upon the GCR and global accounts and began researching it for investment opportunities. After months of reading the web, various lawsuits and other documents, I was still unable to really ascertain if it was real. I knew something was going on, just not exactly what.

      Then, in November, Lindsey Williams began speaking about this event. I’m familiar with him as I live in the Phoenix area as he does and have heard him speak various times over the years. While speaking about the possibility of the event with a group of people around the same time, I was pulled aside and given the email of a contact that is very close to Lindsey, a fact I was able to confirm. I contacted this man by email for confirmation and more details of the event and I was told that he was pooling dinar together for the private dinar placement in Reno and that he had helped Lindsey buy his dinar.

      At the time, I thought it was strange that it was in Reno, but this has been confirmed to be the main location of all of this activity. I had multiple email conversations with this contact that entailed at least 30 pages of contracts, interesting facts told to him and logs of communications with his contact in Reno which he said was the grand paymaster.

      In the end, I chose not to put dinar with him because at the time, I had no way to really confirm if what the gentleman was saying was real, plus there were things in their contract that made me uncomfortable.

      Anyway, all of the exact details are in the comments section of one of those 2 fact checks. He was very specific that this is what the grand paymaster told him and I copied it from the email I received to WHA.


  13. Hope this John isn’t as connected as you think,or hes dis info,more downer if he is right.

    johnMarch 13, 2014 at 12:59 AM
    Be careful how you are reading the current RV / PP situation..It is a delicate balance of stark realities. So far, technically only the Dongs and a couple of other small deals had tacit approval as priorities, but funds intended for use by leveraging have now hit problems relating to asset backing and liquidity for gearing. The Banks now find they are so over-geared there are problems raising the intended capital to move. The system is choking to death. They all are where Berni Madoff found himself. Compound, lying Weasel organisations needing another fast fix to keep up the lie of solvency. Yet note, never any problem paying themselves fat annual bonuses.
    Its a mess- again. So, another week, or two, or four gets lost while the giant con goes on propping up the liars charters. More Trusts long overdue for redemption sit idle waiting for debts to be paid, but the insolvency of the Criminal Fed and Treasury Operations go unreported and un resolved because no one doing this crime ever gets to do time! Its another Mafia type criminal operation, but even the Mafia has more redeeming traits than the Hymie Zoo.
    RV’s as a full solution may now be deferred for at least a year. Which raises questions on the special cases as priorities. There are a few others as real priorities in the same position. Only paying them out and collecting the vast taxes can keep America solvent. Last time they created an illegal scam whereby they criminally raised $15T using the YR assets behind Saurin and 3 major banks co conspired with the Fed to bail them out

    Now, unless something is paid, how can they create the illusion of Taxes to balance the books and juggle their Ponzi system?
    Its a mess.
    Things like CMKX may just never get paid. Or at best its a long term future as there is no money. Every week, Al reports its coming. As for the last 4 years. Truth, its sad. Reality? They don’t care. Another bankrupt Hymie zoo. They gave them the ranch and look at how they bled it dry. With no redress.

    More Wars cost, and 5 major Aircraft carriers now sit in dry dock inviting mass attack if Ukraine escalates. The inexperienced Chicago Illegal Putz in the WH has created a new Pearl Harbor as a gift.
    Each week gets ever worse. More lies, more confusion, more evasion. Yet still the fat bonuses go on. And ever more jobs for the boys, with 14,000 hogs at the trough left with Jobs for Life when the Illegal completes his term in this charade and leaves for Hawaii as the ultimate con man who beat the system. Enriched in Billions from his Gatekeeper duties as a failed Custodial Steward of America.
    Where does it end, or even start now? Another week, another lie. Another excuse, another failure to pay. But no problem funding more Contractors boots on the ground to wage never ending wars created by the Agencies to keep them in jobs while bankrupting America.
    It will continue and it will remain sad because the 10m Americans it needs to get mad and march on Crawford Texas and DC, will not get off their butts and move it. Freedom is running out, Use it or lose it!
    Its a never ending story and mess. Who gets the Hymies and Cabal by the throat with a crow bar ready to reign down if not paid out? That IS where you really are. Robbed blind by your own. Liars and Losers, but its all YOUR money they lost after filling their own pockets fast.
    MLK was the last American able to martial up and lead such campaigns. When he died, freedom went with him. The dream has gone. The nation now wakes up to the nightmare of reality. The Cabal has robbed the store. Cant pay now rules, funded by fools.

    We have a series of major releases imminent weekly, against which we can all do so much good. Many real Patriots are as frustrated at the never ending reneging and lying. Vast projects lie idle while vast billions are wasted on the military and DC jobs. All we can do, is hassle them and wait. Liars and lunatics run the DC Zoo.


  14. WHA,
    Here is a question I submitted to John at OWoN Blog with his response. I had asked my ? after a post he submitted with some bad news as to where the trading programs stood, as they were once again being blocked by the crooks in DC, and treasury. Would like to know if Johns group is working on the same programs as the WhiteHats.

    I thought the Elders were backing these highly leveraged trade programs with their massive amount of wealth. I am a little familiar with how these programs work being involved with a trade program through ABN Amro. If these programs are not asset backed would it not just be the same Fiat created bonds be traded by the banks. I am not pretending to know to much just trying to get a grasp of why the programs are stalling. THX for all your help.

    john March 13, 2014 at 7:17 AM

    Scott Foy
    Right now the Elders are refusing DC flexible use of their assets which is reverberating backwards in consequences. From Taiwan to Beijing, the Elders have had enough of US duplicity and are reigning back. The US need the Elders to backstop the enormous Rolls, and when the Elders pull back, its chaos on the Beltway Zoo. The Elders are tired of funding vast spendable money for DC, and getting settled only on non spendable Grey Screens for them. Without the Elders support, the Cabal is bedridden. Battles are building.


    1. Hello,

      As we mentioned in our last FC, John is on the side of good and is in communication with the WH’s, and working with them.

      The description given by John, of the current scene, is perhaps on it face very discouraging, but remember that things change so very fast in this thing. It was written….. “Right now…..” And that means that in this moment the situation is as described, but this seems not a permanent situation from how it was written. Especially when you see the “Battles are building” part. This can only mean one side will get what they want, and I don’t think the cabal is going to hold out much longer.

      Anyway, I will bring more clarity when I can make the call…

      Thank you!


    2. Scott,
      Thanks for asking the question at OWoN and providing John’s response here – I would have missed it otherwise. His answer confirms some conclusions I have made from the maze of questionable blogger info floating about.


  15. Wow, where to start… Who is really wealthy? What is wealth? Who cares, and why would anyone? Such are the tough questions of life… I surmise that the wealthiest individuals are those who know life, and the absence of life… That brings real value into scope. What good is life without oxygen? Where are you gonna find sustenance? So we develop a system of trading one thing we have for something we don’t. Where is the value in strength, if there is nothing to do? (And there is always something to do! And one of the hardest things to do is: “To do nothing.”)

    It appears to me, that too many people don’t consider various factors. One without the other is worthless, (in reference to our experiences in life). What one values highly in one aspect, is less valuable to another. Gold does not sustain life by itself; not does water, or oxygen. We need to work together to obtain satisfaction. Now we seem to set up standards of what is satisfaction?

    This seems to be the quantitative questions that the WHA are trying to answer for those of us who are too tired to look for them. This is tireless work, that never ends; which may be why so many turn to religious answers…which seem to be nearly enough for most. Therefore; I ascertain that we all are Gods, Are you ready to accept your responsibility? A great deep “Thank-you” to all of the White Hat Auxiliary.for helping us come to our own realization.

    If I were to try to continue with this train of thought, I would waste away into oblivion. Maybe that is my true calling; but, the fear of the unknown distracts me. Great “Joy” seems to elude me, and I so wish that I can achieve that. I will share what joy I have, and hope to joyfully share in what everyone of you decide to share.

    Music is a wonderful joy to share, and musicians may be wealthier than most. So learn to sing, even if it is only in your mind. Share your song of life for your own pleasure, and others may share in that life with you. Blessings of “harmony” to all of you.


  16. Tony,

    John’s most recent comment seems to infer the RV is in trouble. Can you confirm?

    RV’s as a full solution may now be deferred for at least a year. Which raises questions on the special cases as priorities. There are a few others as real priorities in the same position. Only paying them out and collecting the vast taxes can keep America solvent. Last time they created an illegal scam whereby they criminally raised $15T using the YR assets behind Saurin and 3 major banks co conspired with the Fed to bail them out “


    1. Hello,

      Not sure I would say it’s in trouble, but certainly the bad boys are still strong enough to cause more delays.

      One thing is all of this, and that’s we have moved on from the idea that it’s “all a scam”.

      With this much reportage from such highly placed persons, we can certainly see that this is all real, and the cold hard realities we see playing out are going to be a wake-up call to those who are following gurus and sources.

      More when I can follow up….

      Don’y lose hope. The good guys are still there and pushing…


      1. Tony — We do appreciate what the good guys are doing, however, its sounding like it might be time for them to change their tactics. As we are often told, ”if something is not working, you don’t keep on doing the same thing that isnt working”. And I always say, ”cut off the head of the snakes, and the body will die”……………..literally, lol.


  17. A realty check.. Johns response, since he is well connected, does this more appear more like FACT or FICTION ? Thank You,,,

    ZNMarch 12, 2014 at 4:12 PM
    if the Reno deals are approved and are simply waiting on other RV decisions to be made, does that mean the PP are inevitable and/or imminent? How close are we, if you can lend insight? Thank you.


    johnMarch 13, 2014 at 12:59 AM
    Be careful how you are reading the current RV / PP situation..It is a delicate balance of stark realities. So far, technically only the Dongs and a couple of other small deals had tacit approval as priorities, but funds intended for use by leveraging have now hit problems relating to asset backing and liquidity for gearing. The Banks now find they are so over-geared there are problems raising the intended capital to move. The system is choking to death. They all are where Berni Madoff found himself. Compound, lying Weasel organisations needing another fast fix to keep up the lie of solvency. Yet note, never any problem paying themselves fat annual bonuses.
    Its a mess- again. So, another week, or two, or four gets lost while the giant con goes on propping up the liars charters. More Trusts long overdue for redemption sit idle waiting for debts to be paid, but the insolvency of the Criminal Fed and Treasury Operations go unreported and un resolved because no one doing this crime ever gets to do time! Its another Mafia type criminal operation, but even the Mafia has more redeeming traits than the Hymie Zoo.
    RV’s as a full solution may now be deferred for at least a year. Which raises questions on the special cases as priorities. There are a few others as real priorities in the same position. Only paying them out and collecting the vast taxes can keep America solvent. Last time they created an illegal scam whereby they criminally raised $15T using the YR assets behind Saurin and 3 major banks co conspired with the Fed to bail them out

    Now, unless something is paid, how can they create the illusion of Taxes to balance the books and juggle their Ponzi system?
    Its a mess.
    Things like CMKX may just never get paid. Or at best its a long term future as there is no money. Every week, Al reports its coming. As for the last 4 years. Truth, its sad. Reality? They don’t care. Another bankrupt Hymie zoo. They gave them the ranch and look at how they bled it dry. With no redress.

    More Wars cost, and 5 major Aircraft carriers now sit in dry dock inviting mass attack if Ukraine escalates. The inexperienced Chicago Illegal Putz in the WH has created a new Pearl Harbor as a gift.
    Each week gets ever worse. More lies, more confusion, more evasion. Yet still the fat bonuses go on. And ever more jobs for the boys, with 14,000 hogs at the trough left with Jobs for Life when the Illegal completes his term in this charade and leaves for Hawaii as the ultimate con man who beat the system. Enriched in Billions from his Gatekeeper duties as a failed Custodial Steward of America.
    Where does it end, or even start now? Another week, another lie. Another excuse, another failure to pay. But no problem funding more Contractors boots on the ground to wage never ending wars created by the Agencies to keep them in jobs while bankrupting America.
    It will continue and it will remain sad because the 10m Americans it needs to get mad and march on Crawford Texas and DC, will not get off their butts and move it. Freedom is running out, Use it or lose it!
    Its a never ending story and mess. Who gets the Hymies and Cabal by the throat with a crow bar ready to reign down if not paid out? That IS where you really are. Robbed blind by your own. Liars and Losers, but its all YOUR money they lost after filling their own pockets fast.
    MLK was the last American able to martial up and lead such campaigns. When he died, freedom went with him. The dream has gone. The nation now wakes up to the nightmare of reality. The Cabal has robbed the store. Cant pay now rules, funded by fools.

    We have a series of major releases imminent weekly, against which we can all do so much good. Many real Patriots are as frustrated at the never ending reneging and lying. Vast projects lie idle while vast billions are wasted on the military and DC jobs. All we can do, is hassle them and wait. Liars and lunatics run the DC Zoo.

    VlastimilMarch 13, 2014 at 1:50 AM

    I do not understand this at all. How something that is ready and prepared and tuns of hours and labor force backed that effort to have all ready and calculated can vanish over night to unforeseen future?

    I will never understand this, never, because real life works different. You prepare project, you set time table, you calculate, you prepare cost and budget, you get labor force to do it and you launch project to success…life works this way…..then you celebrate when all successfully finished…

    Either I am not much under average intelligent or I am just missing something….

    In case there are enemies or obstacles to frustrate project, then I pacify them one way or the other… that the project can go towards successful finish line …

    So, is it unforeseen future for Dongs, one or four weeks might go to one or four years?

    johnMarch 13, 2014 at 2:17 AM
    We put up the same case to the Fed and Treasury. You OWE the money, You took it and have defaulted, you know its overdue. You know you owe it. You KNOW its a debt obligation. You KNOW its needed and you KNOW its not yours.
    So Yes, we all use the same approach, but they own the Liars charter. So what a week ago was another projected date to complete, by agreement, is another beached agreement, from Banks and Fed parties whose words are worthless.
    Your frustration is nothing compared to ours. Nor our clients
    The PP are even worse. They are vast amounts the US took in good faith and has defaulted on continuously. Every week, more excuses, more lies.More starve. More die needlessly.
    More countries remain impoverished because these parasites renege with impunity. Yet they pose as Elite custodians of nations assets, while being men of low ethics or morality.
    We are accustomed to more of the same old line. Many deserve hanging. Publicly. If the system crashes, hopefully with 50M guns in America, not a Hymie will be left alive. A clean sweep is needed.

    VlastimilMarch 13, 2014 at 2:29 AM
    Thank you…

    I keep cleaning and praying…


    1. Hello,

      As I mentioned in a prior post I am going to follow up when time permits.

      All of this serves to define just what vile scum the White Hats and their companions have had to fight to overcome the obstacles to the inevitable.

      My role in all of this is to check on information, so I will do just that.

      Thank you for your patience.


    2. I can’t help in clarifying or confirming anything except this. John said Al Hodges said ” Every week Al (Hodges) reports its coming. As for the last 4 years.”.

      I can confirm that Al has reported annually and sometimes surprised us with a report between, but never, since Al started his work on CMKX, has he given a weekly report saying it would be done. This is just not true.


  18. WHA,
    John from OWON had a long post and said some fairly disturbing things as far as resolution with CMKX, and even the RV. Can we get your thoughts on this? Why is it that CMKX won’t get paid, when it arguably has the best case for it, considering it has/had real assets and sold claims?
    “RV’s as a full solution may now be deferred for at least a year. Which raises questions on the special cases as priorities. There are a few others as real priorities in the same position. Only paying them out and collecting the vast taxes can keep America solvent. Last time they created an illegal scam whereby they criminally raised $15T using the YR assets behind Saurin and 3 major banks co conspired with the Fed to bail them out

    Now, unless something is paid, how can they create the illusion of Taxes to balance the books and juggle their Ponzi system?
    Its a mess.
    Things like CMKX may just never get paid. Or at best its a long term future as there is no money. Every week, Al reports its coming. As for the last 4 years. Truth, its sad. Reality? They don’t care. Another bankrupt Hymie zoo. They gave them the ranch and look at how they bled it dry. With no redress. “


    1. Hello,

      My day just got interesting, to say the least. John did say “MAY be deferred……”, not “WILL be deferred”.

      I know these remarks of his will set this thread on fire, so let me just answer you with the honest truth: I will have to follow up on these remarks and see what happens in the next few days to know for sure just were we stand.

      One thing we can see from this, and that is the magnitude of reality the world works in. This is a far cry from the dinar guru world where everything is on, and then a big mystery is claimed as to why it did not happen. There are no mysteries for delays. They are caused by people who have other ideas counter to those who are working to release the WGS.

      Let me continue to monitor the situation and when I have a moment and I will see if I cannot present a clearer report on what is going on.

      Thank you!


      1. White Hat Auxillary
        Hopefully CMKX doesn’t get forgotten in this. I and others find it disheartening the way it was mentioned, as if it somehow faced even more obstacles to getting funds due, when arguably it has the best case for getting paid, considering its real assets.
        Thanks for everything.


  19. Hi wha It’s great that so many like minded souls recognize your unusual qualities in this world of wisdom and balance and graciousness . I say it’s very 4th or 5th dimension a real lift for the human spirit and its also encouraging that quite a few can recognize this as its in them too or that couldn’t happen . That is what helps keep the dream alive

    :). I have unfortunately been involved where I have lost money when I was new to these worlds and an attorney took me into an investment. There were words like historical bonds Skrs humanitarian projects ….Chinese bonds Mexican bonds…. Petchelli etc This attorney is now in a lawsuit for malpractice against her which her insurance has a reasonable chance of paying on. Will see. Do you know why this is mentioned in relation to Gcr and is it all bs….or is there some underlying truth to it?? Also mountain goat is back posting. Her and poof I originally gave some credibility to but there exact dates never delivered. Does it have any significance that she resurfaced with its done. Thanks for calmly sorting out my last post of questions on diligence . Siri gives run on sentences and you organized your answers so clearly with direct answers wow!! Much appreciated


    1. Hello,

      I cannot speak to such Chinese/Mexican bond deals since I have never partaken in such things. The GCR is not a scam. It is a large scale transition.

      I cannot speak to Mountain Goat since I do not know who they are other than a guru source that has not identified themselves or their basis for claiming to know what is going on. There are so many of these that it staggers the imagination.

      Let’s wait for information from those we know are involved.

      Thank you!


    1. abby – you “see people trying to mold others in THEIR image”. you might want to look in the mirror on that one. and if it is get abby week as you suggest maybe you might want to stop making yourself a target. i know i am tired of your ranting also.


  20. Someone asked me a question about trusts and what I would recommend earlier on a different comment. I’ve been swamped so I apologize for not getting to the question sooner, but I’ll try to address it now.

    I’m not an attorney or CPA so I won’t recommend a specific trust. There are many and everybody has different situations that would facilitate using specific ones. Dollar amounts, as well, are crucial when dealing with these types of vehicles since they can get expensive.

    Instead, I’m going to give you an example of one and ways it can be used so it will get your brains turning.

    I use this trust on a smaller scale, but this example is from a private corporation my father was a c-level executive with for 20 years. It was owned by a former wall street investment banker and had about $200,000,000 in asset book value. Please understand my description is for brevity and the actual structure is more detailed, but these are the major points so you get the idea of how this works.

    The trust is called a charitable remainder trust.

    In the example of this private corporation, it was structured as follows:

    At the top was the CRT.
    Below the CRT was a corporate holding company.
    Below this were 4 divisional holding companies.
    Below each divisional holding company were 3-6 individual companies.

    The divisions were focused on automotive, lubrication/gears, aerospace and miscellaneous.

    The 3 named divisions focused on those specific manufacturing businesses. The miscellaneous division has a working vineyard in France, among other things.

    Income earned in the individual companies flowed all the way to the corporate holding company.

    The corporate holding company was owned 20% by the family members and 80% by the CRT. The 80% was gifted to the trust.

    Here is where it gets cool.

    This 80% is non-taxable. $8 of every $10 of profit in each of these companies pays NO TAX. It can grow tax-deferred. And, it NEVER leaves the individual companies. It is allocated for tax purposes to the trust, but it is never distributed. The money stays in the individual companies to grow the businesses. This allows the companies to grow exponentially without a heavy tax burden.

    The trust is required to pay a distribution based on what the trust document spells out. For example, my CRT is structured so I get 10% of the book value of the assets of the trust or the annual income of the trust, whichever is less. However, these terms are flexible and can be written to your specifications.

    When you die and your successor heirs die, the balance in the trust is left to a charitable organization. You can give it to your church or another organization that is an approved non-profit. Or you can create a non-profit and leave it to them so you have control over how it is being used.

    HOWEVER, what most wealthy people DO is create a family foundation and leave the money to the foundation to maintain control over the wealth that has been amassed…tax free.

    This is an elaborate example, but let’s try to put it into context to this event.

    Let’s say you had a CRT.
    And you gifted currency into the CRT before it revalued.

    How would this effect you?

    Well, you would get a personal deduction for the gift. The IRS doesn’t give full cash value, but a percentage. I don’t know exact figures, but I believe it’s around 50%. So if your 1 million dinar was worth $1000 USD at the time of gifting, they would give you a small deduction of about $500. Not much, but the real advantage is from the tax savings.

    NOW, all of the gains would now be inside the trust. If it becomes worth $3,000,000, this is tax free to the CRT. The CRT that you control. Remember, wealthy people own nothing and CONTROL everything.

    Using my trust example above, if the trust did nothing else and had $3,000,000 at the end of the year, I would get 10% of the value of this, which is $300,000 and I could use $2,700,000 to buy an apartment building, buy stock, commercial real estate, etc. Each year, I would earn money off the asset.

    The money can be invested in many things. Some examples would be world class dividend stocks, rental real estate of various kinds or you can also loan the money to a business. You could create a corporation and get a loan from the trust. It needs to be fair market interest rates and documented, but can be done. Self dealing is a big red flag with these trusts, so you need to follow specific rules. But if you follow the rules, you should be fine. They also tend to be one of the least audited structures.

    Hopefully, this will get the creative juices flowing on how you can use tax structures to help grow your new found wealth.


    1. That sounds great BUT to me it is the issue of taxes at all.Ii am not invested at all in the markets I follow this blog as a gauge to see how things are progressing in freeing ourselves from the oppression of the fed reserve and criminal bankers it’s great that people are going to make some money I hope most of them realize that in the end that is the true goal .


      1. Of course I agree with you. But, in the event we don’t get utopia out of all of this….you may still need ways to move within the system.

        The might of thoughts is powerful. Let’s hope enough people will force open the door to true freedom. I fear though, that if we are still injecting the concept of money into the discussion, nothing will really change.

        My post was designed to get people thinking along the lines of the controllers and briefly describe mechanisms that are used to gain more wealth and power. However, fleeting it is.

        Personally, I wish that people accepted reincarnation and understood that the planet they leave is the planet they will be coming back to again and again. We should all strive to leave it better than when we arrived.

        In the end, money is not the answer. But, given the system we live in, what is the alternative?


      2. Loyd — Exactly. Its about the taxes always hanging over our heads, and to seek out a Plan which merely prolongs paying taxes on your money, is not a solution that satisfies me either.
        Especially since the IRS is not even a lawful entity, and the money they twist our arm to squeeze out of us, even in a threatening manner…….well the IRS needs to go the way of the dinasaur.


    2. HIW — You have some very interesting Comments. In what you have just described, frankly, it seems like a lot of ”work” having to manipulate and tap-dance to try to one-up the Controllers of this wicked economic system. It also spells out and seems to encourage a ”love for control” as if there is some reward in the feeling of controlling a large sum of money, or over money. This is neither an attribute I have nor want. (We have two different friends that are like this; both have a decent amount of money stashed away, because they both thrive on just ”seeing their checkbook grow”. At the same time, they both have very weird shopping habits and live in very poor conditions. And neither of them has a real life, just so they can save up all this money.)
      So you can see the downside to such a focus on money and seeking ways ”to beat the system”. We should NOT have to do this.
      As I’ve stated, you impart a lot of information which I enjoy. However, I must disagree with your belief of reincarnation, as there is no evidence of it whatsoever. The Book tells us ”it is appointed to us, once to die, and then the judgement”. And since this comes from the highest source possible, I believe we only get one crack at it.


      1. Abby,
        There is a real duality inside of you that seems to be trying to make peace with itself.

        You scream and holler about not getting what you deserve. You are frustrated that you might not become a millionaire on your dinar once this reset takes place, yet you criticize people who save money or use the legal tax system to preserve what they have rightfully earned with their input to the system. It’s quite confusing.

        I like to have money for freedom. That’s it. It’s security that my family won’t be on the street. I would gladly give up the use of money, if everyone on this planet could live a life of true free will and not be slaves to anyone’s whims.

        As far as “the book” goes, it has been heavily distorted and changed for very specific reasons to serve the purposes of the Roman church. The councils of Nicein AD 325, Constantinople AD 381, Ephese AD 431 and Chalcedoine AD 451 being the most blatent. One of reasons being that Reincarnation was completely removed from the bible.

        In the end, the truth exists whether you choose to believe it or not. You’ll find your shangri-la. That I’m sure of. Someday Abby, you will be at peace. Either here or there.


      2. HIW – I gasp at your comment to me here, wondering WHERE did you get all that from? How far down in the ditch did you have to reach for that??
        First of all I have absolutely no inner battle going on inside me, and I am one of the few that has an aligned single nature, nothing two faced about me, what you see is what you get.
        Scream and holler? Maybe you have your own mother in mind here, or maybe you are haunted by a school marm and looking for someone other female to take it out on.
        Maybe you arent used to outspoken females. Take note: people that are right to the point or blunt spoken, are NOT screaming and hollering like a 3 year old, as you love to imagine.
        I can just say, get used to the variety of folks in this world, and do not profess to be any ”good judge of character’ because you miss the mark in every way. I pray for the sake of individuals, that you are not a Counselor of any kind, lol.

        What is this?? ”Get Abby Week”?? Geesh, get a grip people.
        I see too many ”trying to mold everybody else into THEIR image”.


  21. “$300 Trillion”

    This is something I am still struggling with. Of course, any assessment of dollar value is a comparison of two things; each is relative only to the other. A single ounce of gold could be worth “$300 trillion” – just ask a Zimbabwean or German.

    So, if we anchor one end of that comparison, the value of a single USD, to somewhere around where it is today (that is, we relativize its value to, say, a basket of commodities), then is there contention that there exist hidden assets in the neighborhood of $300 trillion?

    $300 trillion represents a meaningful percentage of the combined value of everything on Earth. (Of course determining that number would be a daunting actuarial challenge, but for reference, gross world product is in the neighborhood of $75 trillion.) If there is hidden somewhere some value-equivalency of $300 trillion, then I again pose this question: of what could it possibly consist?

    Unless one is considering the possibility of some kind of infinite, harnessable, free-energy technology, I just don’t see any way such a gargantuan quantity of value could possibly exist and be hidden. This is almost along the lines of a fully-developed new, small continent (replete with brand-new transportation systems, sewerage, and Starbucks’s) suddenly appearing on Earth.

    I want to be clear that I am not attempting to call into question anyone’s integrity or sincerity. Nevertheless, I still contend that the notion of any hidden $300 trillion-worth of assets (unless one concurrently throws in Zimbabwe-like devaluation of the currency), appears to be a logical fallacy.

    Thank you, WHA, for entertaining my “contrarian” point of view!


  22. Dear Mr. WHA,
    I wholeheartedly agree with Luckfully in stating he/she wants to be just like you when he/she grows up. This is the essence of meritocracy, and you are demonstrating it with your deeds, day in and day out.
    Mahatma Gandhi said “You must be the change you want to see in the world.” You accomplished the feat Gandhi spoke of. Meritocracy is very much alive in America. Congratulations to you all. We will overcome whatever the challenges before us.


      1. Luckfully is a she…it’s the name of our trusty old sailboat-lol. When she was quite young our daughter would combine the words luckily and hopefully: Luckfully. We tried to explain that these were different words and what they each meant. To which she explained to us that “there is no point of one without the other.”

        We couldn’t argue with that kind of logic so we adopted both the word and the spirit into our family vocabulary. Years later we chose it as the name for our boat because sailing like life, entails both luck and hope…and neither should ever be taken too seriously. (BTW I am also a she)


  23. Dear WHA
    I am sorry if I offended anybody. I was trying to get people to head in a positive direction. I believe we are all already aware of the dire straits that our country is in.
    You seem to give us a calm and positive outlook on a bad situation and it is much appreciated.
    The best one can do is take care of your house and have plans in place.
    Poor planning will be the demise of many people. If we can help guide those in need, with Gods help during our lifetime it will be a better place.


    1. No worries.

      These are trying times, and I know things can be said in the heat of the moment. If I can bring parties together to find common ground, I will. The only thing I will flat out not allow is gross disrespect towards the White Hats. Several have already been shown the door for that.

      As long as disagreements are civil, they can take place here any time and I wont interfere. I may bend the rules just a bit to see if things calm down, but overall, if it’s civil, its fine.

      Thank you.


      1. You are one of the good guys. After following this blog for awhile now in the shadows, your posts and responses speak for themselves. Thank you for the info you have shared, thank you in advance for the info you will soon receive, and thank you for your moderation skills, everybody should pay attention to your ability to stay on point…kindly…gently…and diplomatically…thanks again.


        1. Thank you, that was most generous of you.

          Since 2002 I have had some skin in the game with this affair. After years of being in the dark I know how it feels. It’s not a good feeling. This effort is an attempt to make sure whatever truth can be shared, is shared, and to the best of my ability, make sure it is the truth.

          I am told this is the year. I truly hope for all that this is the case.


    2. Derbygirl, I do not need anyone to lead me or head me in any direction whatsoever. Give us all your card and if we need your services, we will call you. Your statement to me was an insult that was unwarranted and when such happens, I guarantee you will get a sizzling rebuttal.
      I am a member of the Truth Brigade, not the Positive Thinking group that is unable to deal with truth. Its as simple as that.


  24. This is a response to James from his previous message. I think our scarcity mentality is making us think incorrectly.

    Using one of Tony’s favorite quotes “just when I thought I was out they pull me back in”

    Ok, if by some miracle the good guys can pull the GCR/RV off then this is what will happen. I’m going to use the Dinar in this explanation because the overwhelming majority hold Dinar. Something like this has been said by a couple of “intel providers” but I’m going to use Tman the White Hat as a reference.

    Tman in his interview with Kerry Cassidy back in late 2012 said that more than 90% of people holding Dinar have less than 1 million. It is rumored that 5-7 million people in the US hold Dinar right now. So, if it comes out a $1 after taxes people will only have enough money to buy a modest home, a car and maybe a trip or two. After that they will have to keep working for a living just like they are doing right now . That applies to at least 90% of the 5-7 million people holding Dinar.

    Only less than 500,000 hold more than 1 million Dinar and those are going to be the really wealthy people. That number is a drop in the ocean and the ones in charge know it. If it comes at 3.50 the same applies, but like Tony is saying that number will drop fast after the onslaught of people going to the banks. The above scenario with the $1 dinar rate is still in play regardless if it comes at .50, $1 or 3.50 because the majority hold little amounts of Dinar and that money will not last forever.

    Very few people hold Dong and Zimbabwe compared to the Dinar. Those will be a much better investment when all is said and done. Don’t say the Zim is not going anywhere because even John has recently said it’s in play. It is supposed to be a secret and that’s why they are downplaying it with the Yuan articles etc.


    1. Hello,

      Thank you for your comments.

      Once slight correction: “……..the number MAY drop fast….”.

      Next, I do not recall in that interview that it was stated that 90% of the people holding dinar have less than 1M dinar. I am not saying it isn’t so, I just cannot find such reference in that interview with the copy I have. Notwithstanding this issue, I agree that the overall per person amount of dinar is probably less than 1,000,000. That is just a guess.

      Thank you!


    2. Thanks for a great reply! We will just have to wait and see what can be done with the excess and whether the excess is even that much afterall!

      PS: where can I find that interview?

      Thank you!


      1. You give us information and hope beyond the naysayers and repetitive questioning. Thanks for repeating what you are able to confirm and bolstering hope for a better future, both personal and world-wide with each post. I look forward to your insight, your kind manner and your faith in what is to come. Bravo!


        1. Thank you for your comments. We are glad you are finding this a good place to spend some time.

          The White Hats read this forum and I am sure they appreciate your support. They are working hard and sacrificing a lot. It would make your head spin to know just what they are putting into this effort, and at great personal sacrifice.


  25. Dear WHA

    Thanks for an excellent site. Just a couple of questions/remarks.

    I have noticed long time poster Abby, amongst others, have been slowly losing hope and coming the realisation (it seems) that this GCR may not be the windfall she/they expected. I can only agree. The GCR will happen, there is no doubt of this in my mind with all the evidence, but I cannot see it creating millions of rich folk. The idea of a $3.50 dinar and a 0.40 dong are surely impossible? I think your (WHA) recent comments about possible blocks being put in place to stop us all cashing in are a huge step forward towards the rather disappointing ending I think we are all going to suffer. I have dinar and dong and some others, and I need this to happen as much as all of you on here, but I am slowly coming down off of the original high and realising that, whether you like it or not, there are people above us, some of them evil, who will do everything they can to stop us cashing in… not stop the GCR, but stop us little guys cashing in. Abby – I can see you are seeing this more and more in your comments and now WHA is kind of saying things without saying things that kind of sway towards “just cash in because there may be problems pretty quickly if you don’t… that’s if you can even cash in at first anyway!”.

    1 – WHA, forgive me if I am wrong, but I think you once said you only have dong not dinar. Why is this? Maybe because dinar is currently untradable and therefore too risky? I feel like this if I am honest. If I only had one currency, it would be the dong, and NOT the dinar by long shot! The thing ain’t even tradable internationally!! By the time it is, the chance may have gone. This whole thing is slipping away…. we’ll be lucky to get our money back I think by the time the dust has settled.

    2 – regarding what I said above with the rates… I know you think it’ll be about $1-$2 for the dinar and I think maybe 0.30-0.40 for the dong but in reality what about the excess currency out there??! There are trillions of dinar and dong floating around. How can it possibly be worth these lofty amounts if there is so much paper out there? Surely both will be both under a penny?! If all that dinar comes in at even $1 then surely this will cause too many problems with all this excess out there? And the dong will have to be 0.005 or something surely?! How would the world cope if all this wealth was created overnight suddenly… I know Iraq has oil but it’s not unlimited and Iraq is still a violent dump in need of, well, anything and everything right now. Surely the IMF cannot just create trillions of $$ overnight like this without problems?

    Many regards and thanks… and Abby keep the faith but maybe we all have to come down from the clouds together and realise this GCR will probably buy us Dinarians all a nice long holiday somewhere warm but probably not pay off our mortgages.



    1. Hello,

      There is no reason to lose hope. These events will transpire. They may not transpire in the way most gurus claim it will, and upon whose assertions many of the people bought dinar/dong thinking that it was going to be easy to grab a quick million. However, it still can be quite decent a payoff, when you consider the possible windfall based on the move it possibly could make from present levels. If you have 1M dinar, which costs about 1K, and the dinar moves to even .25, then your 1K grows to 250K, paid in TRN’s, the new metals backed issue. That is certainly a windfall! Even at .10, that’s 100K – a monster exchange for the money. Can we live with such values? I sure hope so. Because that would enable any person with even modest abilities to start a new life in one way or another. Now, if we see $3.50, then, “Te salude, Don Corleone!” That’s an extreme payday. But, as we have been warned, such rates may not last. Remember, banks pay rates at the close of the following day. However, the dinar is going to be a managed float, not traded on forex. So, just what that means on a day to day basis is unknown in terms of rate progression.

      The point I am making is, don’t let the unknowns upset you. Do you best to prepare, but realize that we don’t have the ability to know just what will happen. We may see $3.50, but only be allowed to cash in 25K at a time. We may see $1, an only be able to cash in a bit more. We may be able to cash it all in . We just do not know. There are so many scenarios that may play out. But, in the end, I think the value will be there, and all things being equal, it will be a good run, and worth the purchase.

      1) I have both dinar and dong. Modest amounts of both. I agree the dong is perhaps in better shape than the dinar at present.

      2) We do not know how they are going to manage the issue of over-issuance of currencies. My guess is that the off balance sheet wealth will play a role. Just what role I do not know, and am not expert enough to even understand it all.I do believe that there are cards up the sleeves of those who are in charge of all of this, and I don’t mean that in a sense that they are cheating or dishonest, but in that we cannot see all or know all, and that could color our expectations in a negative light and cause undue anxiety.

      I seem to remember that one paid their mortgages off by working hard and earning a living in whatever way one chose. I do hope that people can see good value, and that mortgage payoffs will be possible. I have no reason to wish hardship on anyone, and I do not. But, let’s remember that life in our present system demands effort for anything worth while. I know a lot of people are in bad shape and I hope whatever they receive, it will help them.

      We are entering an unknown realm based on a huge financial transaction that has never occurred before. Not one person really knows exactly what we will see when it happens. Estimates are given, yes, but exact numbers and details will not be known until that very day.

      Thank you.


      1. WHA — Ultimately what I have a problem with, is the Fact that there are the ”many times the 300T off balance sheets’ that you mentioned above which would be counting into the next ”illion” whatever that might be. And then you and a few others, turn around and talk to ”us” in pennies and cents. It is almost as if we are being persuaded to be satisfied with this type of poverty thinking, AND to be happy with it, as it is ”still a good deal” …….or a little more than we had before………before, we had it all stolen from us BY the very ones who have hoarded it and been living in the lap of splendor and opulence .
        Now, to be clear, I never bought any currencies based on the outlandish rates being bandied around by flakey guru’s, however I did expect the 3.50 range, simply based on the previous rate and the KWD rate, which is quite reasonable. I do not at all like the numbers you are giving here, and if it does come out at something below what I expect, then I let it be known that I will not be a happy camper at all. Just for the Record, to all those handlers out there making these decisions…… AINT OK WITH ME. lol.
        Tony, as I’ve said before, I do not have nearly a mil dinar, and neither do a lot of others. Now the one with the 100 million dinars, is Bush Sr. which Iraqi govt. cronies gave to him. He should not be permitted to cash any of that in, or exchange it, but tape it together and put it in his bathroom.
        I might point out here too, that ”working hard and paying the banksters their bankster mortgages” is the biggest hoax of all time. It plays right into the cabals hands and they love people for it. No thanks; let us exchange our dinar for what it was before the bankster/cabal Lot pulled off their phoney war.
        I truely do appreciate all your hard work, Tony, and for all those hours you spend on us. I don’t think we have to tell you that each day, though; it just goes without saying.


    2. James — Thanks for your comments here. You have pegged me correctly. I am for telling the truth no matter what it is, whether it is palatable or not, and I say some of these things which some take as being ‘negative” for a very good reason. The guru’s all over the Net have falsely rallied up the troops to believe such an outrageous fairytale, that when reality comes right in front of them, they are going to be unable to handle such disappointment. Yet, when I point out the falseness of such claims, I am not permitted to post, and so the lies pervail and it is going to end up a real mess.
      I try to keep both feet on the ground and I still think this could be quite different from what most are/were expecting. The suspense is more than enough to have to deal with, as it has been going on for way too long, though I realize all that is involved behind the scenes. Still that is enough, let alone the self-made frenzy of pie-in-the-sky and hitting hard on the cement….they are going to need ObamaCare, lol. Long term, if they don’t get real.

      As for long term planning and looking to the distant future for a settled peaceful outcome, or eventualities…….I do not live in that arena anymore, because my ”future’ is now all in my rear view mirror, so I live in the Now. Furthermore, this has already been going on all my life, which has been more decades than I care to think about, and so to me, it is finally ”that time” for me.
      So, in many ways, we are each coming from a different viewpoint, and we all need to try to understand that. And realize that some of us having been here for a very long time, are speaking differently at times, out of experience and having ”seen it all”.

      All in all, I think we have a very good group in here, and it is a good place to realize where each person is coming from, and how they think, and why. As for me, you are all going to have to just put up with me for awhile, because you see, after being forced to spend all my savings to live on, I cannot afford to die……yet. On the other hand, if we don’t get a decent exchange date pretty soon, I won’t be able to live…….either.
      Now I never ever thought I would see the day when I would have to say……..I can’t afford to die, and I can’t afford to live.


  26. In just recent days we have seen many strange ‘suicides’, including the young female CEO of Bitcoin, an invasion of Ukraine by so called rebels who are probably blackwater cabal thugs, and a missing jumbo jet nobody can find. This is what I see happening while trying to turn a deaf ear and a blind eye to whats going on in the world.
    Of course these things are just a drop in the bucket to what all is really lurking behind the curtain, so then where has the Cabal been even slightly hindered; they sure look like they are just as able as they always were. Point is, I do not see any improvement in any way; none of our problems have lessened, and the horrific disasters continue, as always. Just telling it like it is.


    1. Abby,

      Your problems may be of great importance to you but they are really just a drop in the bucket in terms of global problems. In the US the poor live in luxury compared to the 3rd world. The RV & CMKX are a drop in the bucket in relation to the WGS-GCR. The world has centuries, maybe millenia, of cabal instigated issues that need to be reworked. Global finances will most likely get worse for the masses before they get better and I expect a painful transition of indeterminate length before economies can be rebuilt for the benefit of all. Over the last 40-50 years most of the industry in the US was shipped overseas and it will not magically reappear next week, next month, or even next year. I keep telling my girlfriend, be careful what you wish for – even if you have plenty to spend there may not be much on store shelves for a period of time!


      1. No disrespect, but in CMKX we have heard it all over the years and its time to pay out what was collected for the shareholders.


    2. Abby,

      I forgot to add these links. Things may get worse before they get better.

      These examples are exactly the opposite of what the world seeks but they are probably the first few acts of a big show that eventually and hopefully leads to a standing ovation in Paris or Brussels or maybe in the east this time.


      1. Dear Abby
        I was hoping this site would be informative. It appears with your assistance it’s turning into a bitch and gripe site. I appreciate some of the info you bring. Could you please tone down the bitching. It will save time for those of us that have to scan your posts for real info


      2. Derbygirl, it seems that you have a ‘reading problem’ as your response to my posting does not at all relate to it. Sad to say, but as with most of the american population, you seem to not be able to face the truth in the face. Fact is, my posting was totally accurate, and you may have to do so growing up, either now, or eventually……..meanwhile, you are barking up the wrong tree if you think you will hush me up from speaking the bitter truth, and it is bitter…….but real.
        You make a huge mistake calling me a bitch or bitching; the problem lies in your mirror, and you need to go deal with your SELF. If you want fairy tales and visions of sugar plums, I know a ton of (false) churches full of childish folks, who can paint such for you.
        The world is in a hell of a shape, stop denying it.


  27. “Level Playing Field” & “Debt Jubilee”

    Considering the temporal realm, what does “wealth” consist of? For anyone answering something like “lots of cash,” or “money in the bank,” thanks for playing, and you get no consolation prize. I doubt that very few, if any, readers of WHA’s blog would have given such an answer; we see through the false promises of fiat currency.

    Gold, silver, energy (oil and gas), farmland, real estate, water rights, mineral ores, machinery, patents; these are better measures of, and stores of, actual (temporal) wealth.

    Let’s look at gold as an example. (I’m going to play a little fast and loose with the numbers, but they’ll be close enough to make the point.) The amount of gold known to have come from the Earth is somewhere in the neighborhood of 150,000 tonnes. So let’s start with that, throw in the 170,500 tonnes that Karen Hudes talks about, and then just for fun, let’s throw in another 50,000 tonnes. That would give us a wholly-unprovable, generously-high, world-wide estimate of a total of 370,500 tonnes.

    Now, let’s level the playing field. Given the estimate of some 7.2 billion of us on Earth, we each end up with about 1 and 2/3’s troy ounces of gold. I would be delighted to receive 1 and 2/3’s ounces of gold; it is nothing to sneeze at. But I daresay, I don’t see that as a life-changing windfall for most people living in the developed economies.

    The same is true of any measure of actual wealth or value: all of it (including generous estimates of any hidden wealth), spread out throughout a truly level playing-field, doesn’t add up to a life-changing windfall for anyone except the world’s desperately poor. And, remember, for such a theoretical exercise as I did above, the assets aren’t added to what each person already owns; everyone who owns anything loses everything first, so that everything can be evenly redistributed.

    Want to go a step further, and disannul all debts through a debt jubilee? Keep in mind, in this cursed fiat-currency world we live in, every unit of currency that is anyone’s asset is someone else’s liability. Any “money” anyone has saved in a pension, IRA, bank account, savings for education, or stuffed in the mattress, instantly becomes worthless. It’s axiomatic, currency cannot exist without debt: relieving everyone of their debt would dissolve the underlying obligation behind every existing unit of currency.

    Thinking that a “level playing field” or a “debt jubilee” is in order? Everyone should be fully aware of what they are hoping for.

    Thank you, WHA, for the blog!


    1. Occasnl Trvlr,

      Karen might be saving a few ounces later:

      In an earlier post you retracted a comment that the WGS and GCR might be separate. Was that purely an oops moment or did you have some specific thoughts about them being separate? I hadn’t thought about that scenario and now I’m curious what your thoughts might be if the WGS were released without some sort of GCR. If the WGS paid out in fiat then a global currency collapse would just be pushed into the future would it not? Am I missing something?


      1. Hi No Dinar,

        That was an “oops” moment in the sense that I was not being clear at all; very sorry for that.

        In all due respect to WHA, the White Hats, and fellow readers, I remain highly skeptical of the WGS. My reasons boil-down to two basic points. The first is in trying to identify the nature of long-held, off-balance-sheet assets. Of what could they be comprised? The seemingly most probable answer is some large stash of precious metals, ala Yamashita and/or Karen Hudes. The second lies in the improbable altruism behind gathering, and then much later releasing, such a cache of assets.

        Nevertheless, accepting the WGS at face value, my opinion is that it and the GCR are related only in the sense that each complicates the other, but that they not interdependent, and either could proceed without the other.

        To your specific question, I think the WGS without the GCR would result in the bulk of the new assets being funneled to the top 0.01% in a matter of a few short years. Also, the WGS cannot be paid out in fiat currency. This gets a little complicated because of the claims of the WGS being long-held off-balance-sheet assets. If they consisted of fiat currency, they couldn’t have been held any longer than today’s fiat currencies have been in existence. And, if they were comprised of today’s fiat currencies, their reintroduction to circulation would only serve to increase the velocity of currency and spark very significant price inflation. An increase in available currency without an increase in real goods and services (through economic growth or otherwise) is purely price inflationary, and would only serve to see prices rise to the new level of currency. This is one of the fundamental reasons for my skepticism concerning the WGS. This is also why, no offense intended to anyone, claims of some hidden $300 trillion are patently absurd on their face, and do not withstand even cursory scrutiny.

        Contrary to my feeling concerning the WGS, I am staunchly and firmly convinced of the GCR, albeit the form and implementation timeline continue to elude me.

        Also, it has been made quite clear that the world will proceed with the GCR whether or not the U.S. passes the 2010 IMF Code of Reforms, but by very different means if the U.S. fails to pass it. If Putin threatens to insist upon rubles or gold for oil and gas, that may be the very lever used to get the U.S. Senate to capitulate.

        In my earlier comments, I wrote that Answer #2 made no mention of the GCR whatsoever. Upon rereading Answer #2, I inferred an indirect reference to the GCR where Answer #2 mentions the passing of the 2010 IMF Code of Reforms, so I felt the GCR was mentioned (indirectly) and corrected myself for initially writing that it wasn’t mentioned in Answer #2.

        Very sorry for being confusing, and thanks for asking!


        1. Hello,

          Your skepticism is noted, and certainly welcomed here.

          My only comment is that we tend to value the assets of WGS off-balance sheet wealth in terms of current fiat system value. We do not know what those values will actually be, nor do we know just how much is held, but I hear it is many times the current value of 300T. I doubt very highly, no matter how much it is, that it will just be thrown out all at once. I am quite sure that those in charge will see that it is properly used to structure the new system in a responsible and sound manner. Otherwise, what’s the point of all of it? Replacing one mess with another is not what all these people are working for. Quite the opposite.

          So far we have not seen the GCR because we have not seen the WGS released.

          If you knew the persons attending the meetings our contact sits in on, it would not be hard to accept that the WGS is real. Why? Because our contact has gone on record many times talking about the WGS, and, in doing so, has set the stage for a framework in which meetings take place. For our contact to claim a falsehood about the legitimacy of the WGS and conduct meetings with such people after publicly uttering something of this magnitude was indeed true would be a surefire way to discredit oneself and make the entire reason for spending some 20 months away from home, at one’s expense, seem a foolish endeavor.

          Although I do not have eyes on the vast holdings that are there, I can almost assure you that the conversations I have had about them, and the way the information was delivered to me, made it hard for me to believe that it was just a big story thought up by men with nothing to do but play games, at their expense.

          That’s just my take on this after personal interaction with many of these fine people over the last year.

          Let’s see what some more waiting will reveal.

          Thank you!


    2. ”currency cannot exist without debt”. I fail to see where that is true. Theoretically, lets say the world was just beginning, and there are ten people. Each of them is given an equal amount of currency to begin the world with. One begins tilling a field and planting, and then selling crops to another where they use some of their currency to buy some of his crops. This is an exchange of some currency for some crops for food. There is no debt here at all. Just a lot of exchanging goes on. Actually, you might have meant that Usury is the real problem, not Debt.


      1. Why would the initial farmer trade their crops for a piece of paper? It is the promise behind the piece of paper that gives it perceived value.

        For a lucid explanation of the relationship between currency and debt, I recommend G. Edward Griffin’s classic, “The Creature From Jekyll Island.”


  28. Be Expectant

    We know the source of the above statement.

    An opinion, thanks.


    1. My opinion is that such has not occurred simply because Machaffie said it did.

      I have some cross channel communication in progress and I will ask just for grins, but so for I have not heard anything like this going down.

      Thank you.


  29. Thanks for all you do.

    An opinion on the following :-

    Beware of false Messiahs!

    Now we see Light in the hands of Good Men

    Let the fight back begin, after all, it’s only the planet we are fighting for

    One World of Nations
    11 March 2014
    The Battle for the Survival of Humanity Against the Bankers and Cabal – Bush, Jesuits / Vatican, Zionists and the Military Industrial Complex……………………………..


    1. Hello,

      That’s quite a long article.

      To be brief, the inclusion of “Bush” in the mixture is certainly accurate. His fingers are on most of the high level corruptions we have seen reported on the WH blog and elsewhere. I also agree that the fiat model is kaput. That is why the new system is coming on line. Gold is money, and it is to such a standard that the world is going back to. A “reset” as Christine Lagarde has mentioned.

      The light in the hands of Good Men? Well, I can only think that means those who are working behind the scenes to bring the new system in to flush out the bad one that has all but failed.

      I don’t have time to read the entire article, but I am very hopeful that we are seeing the final push.

      Thank you!


      1. I am once again going to say, for the umteenth time, it is known just who the culprits are, such as the bush crime family……so why not just ”take them out” and be done with it, already. Otherwise, we are going to be here for years, if not decades or another century of the same ole same ole, and even harder to do away with because of the added technology. Sorry to repeat this montra, but I just dont see any reason for toying with them endlessly like this. There comes a time to not play nice… all.


        1. I would not recommend that approach.

          When you back someone into a corner and they see no way out and have nothing to lose, they will find a way to take you with them. There are some real psychotics in the world. If they could unleash Armageddon, they would. If they cannot have it, they wont let you either if you appear to be gunning for them.

          Keep calm, and let the people working on this do their job.


  30. Thanks, Paul. CBS and Forbes wrote that the FBI acquired their Bitcoin during a drug seizure/investigation and their holdings were valued at 25 million (at the 850 rate). Truth as we expect it does not seem to exist…who knows what is real anymore.

    HIW, your informed and articulate insight is always welcomed–thank-you. That applies to you as well, David.


  31. WHA said:
    “The information in Mr. Hodges’ update was given a green light by our WH contact.”
    “All in all, Mr. Hodges is in contact with many key persons in this affair on a continuing basis.”

    Tony (if I may), you have no idea how comforting those words are. Thank you.

    Please understand that while any NEW info you may find will be greatly appreciated, it is equally helpful to get confirmation of OLD info like this.

    Up until now, anything about CMKX that has been “documented” has been read with “a grain of salt.” My sodium intake is through the roof. So, any low sodium confirmation of anything that has “already been reported” is also important to us.

    (Trust, but verify)

    Thanks again.


    1. Hello,

      Thank you for your comments.

      I truly understand the personal impact in terms of emotional stress and uncertainty that can come from something like the CMKX issue. I personally have felt the same things over the years, and like all of you, I want to see this thing through. I do not like being involved in something that is supposed to transpire but never does. It’s a horrendous feeling, and I know the CMKX shareholders are going through some very tough times with this entire affair. However, it pales in comparison to what the people working on this matter are going through. There are sacrifices of immense quantities going on, all around.

      I will do what I can to pry loose some more information for you. It is not easy accessing the right people, and proper introductions are important. It took me years to establish the lines I have now, and I don’t want to lose them, since if that occurs, this blog would not have a reason to exist. So, to maintain this effort I have to show respect for those who I talk to, avoid being impertinent, and plead my case for more information to assuage the anxieties I know are ever-present.

      Stay tuned.


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