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We will update you later today on Dong / Dinar moves playing out as attempts are being made to re launch again from next week.

This WILL be orchestrated via a number of organized Private Placement only exchanges being contemplated first. For the rest it will be a case of Dog eat Dog in the free far all likely to follow. with the screams of “What about me? ” from vast armies of left behind. Between ourselves and WHA we will try to advise when the facts are clear, but we continue each day, communicating between Beijing, Taipei, Hong Kong, London, Washington, and overlapping with our parties from Reno to the East Coast as we push for closure. 

Many Good Men (and Women) are Globally committed in unison trying to get the first stages released. 

Cashing out is YOUR own responsibility. You got yourselves into it and will have to get yourselves out of it finding your own conversion cash out exit. 5 million Banshees screaming what about me will not be a pretty site as chaos envelopes those left behind. As the Irish would say, Eejits  [Irish slang for “idiots”] will get killed in the Bums Rush once the signal is given. Those who do read daily will be ahead of the pack. Wait and your dead bait. One fault then, yours. The crumbs will be left so go for them fast. Damned big crumbs for those moving their Butts. It will be first come first served and lose the rest as overproduction waste. 

Cash in and get out fast because this won’t last. Chaos will follow. Think of a Sty at feeding time around the trough! Welcome to Dong and Dinar land. For those cashing out, well done. The rest, life? 
As always, there are no absolutes and they may move the closings yet again but stay alert now. Snooze and lose. Good luck so be ready. All we can do is advise AFTER the PPs are done. Sure as hell not before. Ignore the usual lunatic sites nothing has happened, but if it triggers after Phase One we will advise when safe to do so once the PP.s are cleared safely. 

Maybe a few will get lucky this time. Good luck to all of you, you can but try.


The above words, from One World of Nations, were posted today. I thought it would be best to post this as a new FC since the information comes from a known player; way, way up the ladder and someone identified as knowing the lay of the land. I know a lot of you would appreciate seeing some corroboration on the main idea we have been trying to make very clear to those of you with dinar and dong: Act quickly. 

We know many of you take exception to his abrasive style, but we would recommend that you head the words, warts and all. Let us focus on the matters of relevance and sharing what will do the most good for those that are fortunate enough to have found the right place to be so they may be properly informed.  

We will amend this post with any follow-up information as mentioned above, good or bad.

I can truly say that after careful observation of the process, I think that the main reason we have seen so much confusing “intel” over the years, along with so many missed deadlines, is simply because of one thing: The effort to release it all being pushed against by the counter efforts of others. These efforts, back and forth, take on a process that creates massive waves of information that travels over multiple relay points, losing details and accuracy along the way. Additionally, as that information becomes distorted, it then also becomes stale and outdated by virtue of sudden changes at the source point. You can only imagine the confusion that can result from this process.  

Please continue to remember those that are working and sacrificing much to push these projects forward to completion.



UPDATE 3-15-14:

As promised, we are updating this post with the latest from John at One World of Nations: 

We seem to be getting a lot of WHA tracking as each seek to be first at the trough, once the markets create a brief slot. The Site Manager seems to be trying to field the world out there the Dinarans congregate en masse for a fast escape from skid row for many. Its tough, we understand and sympathize. So lets give him a hand as a gesture of respect and goodwill to all or he will be sunk coping alone under a feeding frenzy of hungry grazers.

1. There are no absolutes and no organised markets in the Non Accredited Currencies such as Dongs,Dinars etc. Confusion reigns everywhere. It is all uncharted territory with the blind leading the blind. A recipe for chaos. There is NO existing infrastructure to follow for Dinarians.

2. Money is finite. The US is On Balance Sheet insolvent. Getting Off Balance Sheet funds converted is a tricky process monopolized by the Cabal. They have taken everything. For decades.So, of course having stolen the country blind, Bush the Neocons and the Zionist Mafias have no time or respect for who they perceive as the laid back, ignorant Plebs who let them get away with it. Their views, not ours. And you have. Nor will they willingly pay it back. 

This is stated with respect, but intended to Culture Shock to try to help get the point home. Your doing nothing, is why they take everything with impunity. You have to organize. Or fold.

3. Special groups HAVE organised themselves and gone out to find large scale Private Buyers to take in their Dongs, Dinars etc. So, they deserve any rewards they accomplish. Good luck to them and well done. They thought it out and self organised as Thinking groups. Success is deserved.

4. Then we have a market of millions who bought in, albeit in good faith, but are clueless how to get out. Dinar vast overprinting has been a colossal game and many innocent but naive speculators may get hurt. But step out of your knowledge zone in any field and the results are the same. How do you think this will end? Money is finite and it will go fast.

5. Banks have no Forex Systems ready to deal with the Public yet for these currencies. Nor is it imminent. Dreamers expecting to walk into Branches with non standard paper will get nowhere and it may be seized as suspect fraud or money laundering. History of Funds bought from non accredited Guru sites face real issues. Explaining unusual income gains from Zero to Hero is a minefield of Compliance problems ahead when Banks seek your History of Funds explanations via KYC and anti Money Laundering pre clearance rules.The mass Public have no idea of the complexity of what’s waiting. This is not the banks fault. An easy few million. You wish. Learn – the – Rules!

6. We are not there to offer any consultancy or guidance. This is not our fight, its yours. There is not the money on the planet to fund even 10% of what the Dinarians are seeking. If you are lucky you may well need your own Legal Advisers to help certify you to Banks and help you clear Compliance. Be prepared in case. Play this wrong and they will freeze your funds and close your accounts. Learn the rules for the majors. This IS real goodwill to try to help you. Life is tough. We will not correspond on this. Get all your paperwork ready to hand for a fast run at it. Blink and its gone. 500,000 S House Rats will be coming out of those traps in a Klondyke rush.

So please, treat it as Tough Love goodwill. Free help one time.
Take the tongue in cheek humor here as just that. Its not a Currency or Dinar site. Good luck with whats evolving and hopefully some will succeed. But its mainly very hard work, good planning and good contacts. If the chance comes cash out and and get safe. Then take your time and think out your next steps with great care. Don’t gamble and lose it.The hardest lesson in life is to understand that making money is not the hardest thing. Keeping it is. Never forget that. Priceless advice. Watch your site.


Once again, the warning goes out to those of you who wish to exchange your dinar or dong for a good rate. Be quick about it. The above words are from someone who is well positioned to know. Don’t be slow. 

I am appreciative of John to provide this information and to consider the increasing traffic we are getting as people suddenly wake up from their dogmatic slumber to see the reality of what it may be like ahead. According to those who look at this event from the top down, there is opportunity, but it wont last if you are slow.

How ironic that today is the Ides of March. 2058 years ago today, Julius Caesar was assassinated by many whom he had earlier pardoned and forgave when they took up arms against him after he lead his legions across the tiny Rubicon river and marched on Rome – a gross act of high treason and insubordination. I  know, it’s not a cheery topic. But, Caesar was known for his bravado, his daring and his propensity to take chances. He took bold actions and he did not prevaricate or drag his feet. 

Take a lesson in all this. Please, just act quickly. Don’t worry about why. Just be quick.  And, remember, Caesar acted boldly and became dictator. But, he could not hold onto his prize because he disregarded warnings that there were murmurs of treachery against him. 

Don’t disregard the warnings about being quick. Caesar paid for his sudden lazy attitude.

Please, don’t be like Caesar. 



  1. Thank-you, Perry!

    Perry, would you be able to provide the address for John’s site. I have visited CanAuzzie and OWoN, but am unable to locate his posts. Also, is John the one saying to watch the WHA site?

    Thank-you!. In prayer!


  2. I have been reading guru posts on another site and Exogen Site – Stage3Alpha said that we would have ample time to go to the bank. He said we should not hurry.

    I disagree with him – we should listen to WHA and run as fast as we can to beat the crowd. I don’t want the crumbs, do you?


  3. Pray with me please

    johnMarch 16, 2014 at 4:52 PM
    All watch your site daily now twice a day from Tuesday onwards. Cant tell you more but assume it may be good news and you will need to move fast. Just pray hard, we know how many need this break. No more details it stays dark until then. We cant say anything until afterwards for safety. We are ever conscious of all of you. Yes we are fully in the loop! Good luck and we hope its soon for you all. Just watch the site. No debates until its safe and done. Nothing is guaranteed. You know its history. Lets see if they do move or not. We care and will try for all


  4. I can’t help it but I have to lighten this with some humor I hope it taken it in a good spirit. I think this may be a match for Abby and John I’m feeling some Sexual tension and chemistry there:). They should both get the eternal boot to be in dialogue with each other I think whats needed is a healthy dose of HUMILITY and wisdom is what is needed all around There’s so many great contributions on-topic


  5. Just a point of clarification. Many people are get really confused. The “White Hats,” are a loose association of individuals who came together for the purpose of discriminating information. There is no “organization,” or “chartered corporation,” called the “White Hats,” that is controlling any part of the currency program. The term “White Hats,” does not show up on any contracts involving the final signatures of the trustees. Some of those associated with the White Hats do hold key positions but they do so as individuals not as an organization. “White Hats,” are not some new form of government or political party. They do not lobby congress or want to over throw or attempt to subjugate anyone’s government. They came together to facilitate communication as to what was going on when the MSM refused to do so. They are working with WHA to help discriminate real and subnative information to counter the cult like followings of the guru’s nonsense. It is kind of them to post reality when they can thru the WHA. Thanks for all you are doing “White Hats,” and WHA.


  6. Dear WHA…this is asked with due respect, no challenge intended. Why do the WH’s do what they do, what is their motive, where does their authority or mandate come from, why and how can they help when there are many “official” professionals working on this effort?



    1. Hello,

      Actually, they ARE the professionals working on it along with others.

      Why do they do it? Wow, that’s a question for them. I will only say I think they consider it their duty since many of them were in positions where they swore an oath to protect and defend the Constitution of the USA and are simply working to maintain their oaths. They used to work for some of the cabal bums that are trying very hard to hang onto their bankrupt systems. They know their enemy, and such knowledge is probably very valuable in their success so far.

      I cannot say who gives them their mandate. I simply do not know.

      I am very glad they have such a mandate, no matter where it comes from.

      Thank you!


    1. Welcome to my world.

      Things are happening so fast I cannot keep up with it all. Neil Keenan claims to be working with Dragons, so let’s see what they do. I was told he is not working with anyone of importance, so we will see if such information was true by virtue of what happens in the end.

      For now, I will simply watch with high interest.


  7. scott foyMarch 16, 2014 at 10:15 AM

    Thanks for the timely and articulate response, I don`t know how you manage to keep up with the herculean task your involved in as well bring these important updates. Your reply will put to rest my curiosity as to how this is transpiring, sorry I`m compelled to know the truth. I believe that everyone that visits this site as well as WHA should rest assured that there truly are hero`s working tremendously hard for the betterment of humanity and that the EVIL ones are painted into a corner without a logical way out accept total devastation. So again thank you so much for the above explanation and the time you put in.

    johnMarch 16, 2014 at 10:39 AM
    Thanks Scott
    On a few clear points from the other site, I am not Bi Polar, not arrogant, and not a stiff Brit .( Although some mornings are promising!). Yes, I do have humor, and Yes, while being diplomatic most of the while, there are some who do need smacking down. One particular wildly OTT Bible Bashing Krone who I protected earlier but booted, as other sites have booted her, spreads her usual acerbic bile, but such wierdoes pass around. Shes just road kill in life. Sad and pointless failed meat. Cracked mentally also.

    If what we are all trying to achieve works, there will be enough funds to help nations and real causes. We have hearts and consciences, and do care. We wont be giving free rides to Bums, but we will help Projects and Communities evolve.
    Scott, there are no ego’s here. Just many damned good people contributing for all. They are the real credit of the site. Also hope for of us. Even cal girl gives me the extra L some days for motivation and Get Real helps keep it real. They all do. We respect and value them all.


    1. LOL for your information, this is Abby that john is trashing in his post. And he tries to still make himself look like the good guy, by spewing such trash about me. First of all, he has no power to boot me he just has canauzzie suckered in to do his dirty deeds for him, lol. Gee john, you find me important enough to come here and read me?? I don’t bother with your tripe over at your place.
      Now the truth of the matter is that john is an Anti-Jesus person, an anti-christian in the deepest sense, in fact he does not even know what a christian is……”but it is bound to be something
      very darstardly”, correct?
      Actually, THIS is why john can’t stand me, because, you see, HE wants to run the World and Jesus is in his way. john wants to play God, and I was in his way. And That is the truth, but he makes up all these other flimsy excuses, when in Reality I am against the crooks that have messed up our world just the same as he does. But its JESUS that he can’t stand. I’ve seen this go on for at least the past couple decades, especially.
      Well, john, as soon as you come here to read my response to you, I have some bad news for you: Jesus IS going to reign as King over the earth, He is going to clean it all up, and you are not. And I will be reigning along with him, regardless of what you want. So give it your best shot john, knock your self out, because I am grinning all the way because I already know how it is going to end up.
      Its a very sad day when a supposedly important person such as you think you are, has to TRY to trash an elderly lady and doing it with lies. Its also sad for you, that God does not see you the way you see yourself. I think it is safe to say that He will be giving you the ”eternal boot’.
      I post this here, because I don’t bother with john’s commune over at canauzzie, and I have a right to respond here where it was posted for all to read.


      1. I am not a censorship bug but please do not use this blog to run a vendetta against anyone.

        I will not approve any more posts such as this one. You can disagree all you want, but I will not take any more time to read long posts like this which are self serving and antagonistic.

        Keep it on topic please.


  8. WHA , you are more than welcome as I realize the effort & time you put in to bring us intel. I try to gather intel that I believe is credible ask ?’s try to put it all together and share it. Certainly everyone is entitled to their own opinion, I just think that what the WH’s & John’s group are trying to achieve is to help level the playing field for us all and what we do with this opportunity is up to us. Continue on the path we are on or seize the moment and not let ourselves become a 3rd world country, put people in place who have our best interest in mind that won’t game the system. I could go on but I’m starting to get misty. THX for all you do


    1. As best I know, the reset is an agreed upon transition that all countries are accepting as the future. The IMF is obviously aware of it all and there are 80 law firms, world wide, involved in the finer details of law and due process. I cannot point to any one person being in charge.

      The revalue is anticipated this year, but an exact date is not possible to know. Many feel the day is fast approaching.

      Thank you!


      1. How do these different intel people always say it’s going to happen and then it doesn’t. Aren’t there people that are in charge of this that are aware that our country needs this to happen because of the economy and all the financially hurting people.. Can you tell me who is the group of people with the White Hats?


  9. Thanks again WHA for all your clear and concise answers! As far as John he did add some overview to the information but we really didn’t need him to know that we need to cash in you’ve been very clear about that thru the white hats. I still have to say cash in what ??I don’t like to count my chickens before they’re hatched even though I want to be informed I get it. As far as John and calling it warts and all is the understatement of the year! He called for the murder of a whole race of people! Remember 50 million guns I hate to bring up a sore subject to wipe out all the hymies! It has called into question for me the whole shebang because I know I’m not looking for perfect people but why would he be up the food chain close to the white hats how clear are you on that?? There is truth in what he says of course but it is a lot a lot of distortion. Were psychoanalyzing him but the point being it’s a learning experience. I feel he’s a very disempowered feeling man. That’s why blaming the other is such a deep way rather than looking at it as part of the unfolding and play out of good and evil. I mean it is the same model that they did in Nazi Germany or to other racist things. The old way of thinking. Then he wants to give you your hope and then he wants to smash your hope for his own disempowered feelings. It gives him a feeling of power over the little guy who he has contempt for. Also I am telling you in these false investment deals that were very false things that very credible discernible people missed I see so many of the same lingo. Historical bonds being redeemed tranches being paid out Humanitarian projects MouS Also you said you were a trader Tony my husband is also a commodities trader Always trading platforms are referred to. Are you sure this is not a lot of sophisticated falseness relating to that? I agree with the lady who wisely said we have a wha Tony which is the antidote to tnt tony . Very thankful for your measured clear responses can you double triple check That there is no manipulation at the top and that the distortion of John being towards the top is not a red flag?? And also all these phrases that I mentioned above are not red flag in relationship to the true GCR. Thanks your an angel!


    1. Hello,

      Thank you for your comments.

      Let me be very brief. John is who he is. I cannot attest to meeting him, and I have been told he is a good fellow. His words are very harsh, yes. But, I think we all can use harsh words at times.

      My suggestion is to remember a simple reality in all this – his position in this is pretty much at the top. That is something that we cannot deny and it comes from a pretty reliable source, directly to my ears. Johns personal outlook and his edgy comments are his views, and they are simply that – his views. They do not have to be accepted, and really have no impact on the outcome of the GCR.

      Remember that he knows things we do not, and probably never will. His experiences at the top are probably gut-wrenching. He must cope with and see a lot of corruption. So, personally, he can say whatever he wants and I simply take it all in, evaluate it, and move on.

      I am well aware of scams that are conducted in the same names – saving humanity and all. I am quite sure John is not of that ilk.

      Hang in there.



  10. “3. Special groups HAVE organised themselves and gone out to find large scale Private Buyers to take in their Dongs, Dinars etc. So, they deserve any rewards they accomplish. Good luck to them and well done. They thought it out and self organised as Thinking groups. Success is deserved”

    Yea, special groups organized for themselves because they were already VERY close to people that were in control to allow it to happen and were insiders themselves! For this Brit to always find justifiable reason for a few connected to get their share and immediately find lack of reason for the 99% of the rest, just shows what a POS this guy is.

    Why anyone follows this British, self absorbed, propagandist is beyond me! I can tell you this guy is primarily shoveling the Hegelian Dialectic that the Zionist cabal has put out in front of us. This ENTIRE GCR and military and political games being brought out are ALL preplanned with all the large nations in on the act!

    This is all a very well thought out shift of power from the West to the East where by the US and Europian nations will be taking a back seat to China and the BRICs nations. Something else people better start understanding fast, the second a GCR happens, the life and lifestyle you have known here in America will be OVER. We will be on the fast track to third world living standards. This IS the plan!


  11. WHA
    A little banter between John & I

    scott foyMarch 16, 2014 at 8:11 AM

    Are the trading programs that are being instituted using the Gold backed Bonds that were issued to the Elders long ago when they stored their Gold at the NY Federal Reserve and it was stolen by past administrations. I`m very curious if that is the play here, because if I were the Elders I would not bring new funds to the table and trust these crooks. Also is the 1000 MT of gold per month that`s being repatriated out of London to China part of the deal to replenish the Elders stolen Gold.

    john March 16, 2014 at 9:12 AM

    1. The Elders are NOT transferring Gold out of London! That’s a Myth. Fact!
    They have transferred 2,000 tons out of Taipei and that is moving to a destination we will keep secret. Of course we know. London features massively in both Renmimbi and Yuan markets, We are directly involved hands on so this is not heresay. London is now China’s primary Global market for Forex etc. HK operations will move ever more to London.
    2. The Elders funds are now backing Euro MTN and BG Platform trading for all the best interests of humanity, which is where the Reno funds will also come to. Again, be encouraged by your Reno teams. We are all close. They mean well for all. We each work 24 x 7 for this;.

    This site has a worldwide clientele, and many are excellent, encouraging Thinkers who we need to assist the overall group achieve in controlled steps, the world we all seek.
    The Cabal and Zionist Zoo of Reprobates will be kept well out. Tier One Sovereign Banks are up for grabs right now. Work out the logistics of that in the right hands.

    So No, without breaching Trust, the Gold is NOT leaving and Yes, see London as the key Players now. History, Culture , sound relationships with China and Trust. With Zany humor to cope with this lot daily. There are no egos here Scott. We do empathize, but none of us can fix Stupid so we boot them after one caution.

    Scott, most of are 98% on track wanting the same, divided only by a few minor Religious differences and reality checks of Social achievability. With reason, we can all get past it.

    Our feet are firmly on the ground, and unlike Texan. DC, Chicago and NY Thugs, those profits will not go to these Whores for more wars. Their days are ending in ignominy.
    Time to breath clean air. Putin has put his cards on the table over Ukraine as he did with Syria. Get out or go Nuclear is clear. We all know he can flatten 90% of the US over 30 minutes and if that’s what it takes to rid the planet of this Roach tyranny, so be it. Accepting the 200 years it will take whats left to recover. The Giant Cabal Roach killing humanity right now must either back down or be put down. Putins Subs surround the US and are 10 minutes away from a multi coast wipe out. Obi Wan has handed them 5 Nuclear Carriers on a plate by naive lunacy. They cant even run the Zoo they have.

    The rest of the world is growing up fast Scott. US Hegemony is facing Armageddon. Putin WILL Launch if that’s what it takes. He will be safely bunker-ed down. We take our chances. We let it get this far electing such crap to Office. Karma!.Hope reason prevails. Its 90% likely it will. Thugs in history always lose eventually. Bush bred stupid so that chain will end. China knows what what of the rest. And Putin is street smart.
    The future looks more promising than you realize. I am quietly hopeful. forget Political Grunts they are just replaceable low grade Tourists passing through. Our own Elders, plus China’s, are close. There are many good people on the board now watching the moves. Its outgrow Cabal Tyranny now. This is a key year. 90% of the US will be gone if they don’t back off. Enough will survive worldwide if it comes to that. What will be will be.
    I have reason to believe we will come through this human carnage well. The Spirit of man bounces back. The world has a lot of good people. Just not in Politics or Banking. That is down to us.

    scott foy March 16, 2014 at 10:15 AM


    Thanks for the timely and articulate response, I don`t know how you manage to keep up with the herculean task your involved in as well bring these important updates. Your reply will put to rest my curiosity as to how this is transpiring, sorry I`m compelled to know the truth. I believe that everyone that visits this site as well as WHA should rest assured that there truly are hero`s working tremendously hard for the betterment of humanity and that the EVIL ones are painted into a corner without a logical way out accept total devastation. So again thank you so much for the above explanation and the time you put in.


    1. Scott, thanks again. I started my intense research of global finance 2 years ago and I am still playing catch-up. My long list of bookmarked articles to read later just grows as current events accellerate. It gives me satisfaction that my personal interpretations and conclusions, however contrarian, are aligned with the commentary you have shared – I must be on the right track. My extended family and aquaintances think I’m nuckin futs but I envision a time when they come knocking on my door for answers.

      For the posters who so harshly criticize the upper crust that are working for the good of all humanity I have to ask, what are YOU bringing to the table? I’ll be happy with whatever crumbs scatter my way from the table but I’d rather have the recipe for baking my own bread.


  12. From my understanding of all this is you have to be in a group to be able to exchange?
    I was going to just go to the bank and convert to trn when the gcr. Rv happens. Just go and convert the cash like if I got back from vacation and I need dollars now. Pls WHA correct me if I’m wrong. I don’t need a group to get .40 to 1.00 for the dong when it the rv happens?


  13. NOTE: This was soppose to be between the “QUOTE” “UNQUOTE” in 3rd Paragraph. I don’t know what I did wrong……John said “Explaining unusual income gains from Zero to Hero is a minefield of Compliance problems ahead when Banks seek your History of Funds explanations via KYC and anti Money Laundering pre clearance rules. The mass Public have no idea of the complexity of what’s waiting.”


  14. Hello WHA and all others,

    Tony, I have been following your blog for a VERY long time but have never posted. I have intended to post at a later time to tell you how much I appreciate this Blog, your time and effort to be our “go between” for the White Hats [so to speak].

    I do not want to step on anyone’s toes but IMHO, I think what John has stated above should be read and re-read and read again if you believe he is being harsh or however you view his words or him. When I read it, my thought was that I was glad that someone finally called an ace an ace and cared enough to warn the average Joe about POSSIBLE problems.

    IMHO, the thing perhaps you all are missing that I believe he is trying to advise you of to help you is QUOTE: “<<<<<<>>>>UNQUOTE

    KYC (Know Your Customer), SAR (Suspicious Activity Report), etc. are very real today in the banking world. There has actually been cases where say a teacher sold a car and deposited the funds in her account only to have her account locked up because it was Suspicious Activity. This was several years ago. But the banks have became fearful these days do to such things as the Patriots Act and the fines, even jail time they can face. Again you can thank the government for these things and we can blame ourselves for letting these things happen that have taken away our freedom, rights and so on.

    I hate it but we ARE criminals in the eyes of our so-called laws today, something else we let happen. And I could go on………But the bottom line is I am very thankful for John’s advice because it is my hope that his words may help someone and I am sure that is what his intent was. I do not see him as arrogant, I see him as knowledgeable and confident. I imagine his mind is going in a thousand different directions at once and he does not have the time nor should he have to take time to add any sugar coating to his words.

    I also want the White Hats to know how grateful I am to all their contributions of not only their time but also finances to help all of us, people they do not even know. They are putting their lives on the line for us every day; it is so humbling to me and I know I will never know all the sacrifices these great people have made for all of us. I also know that there are those that have lost a lot in this horrific endeavor, even their lives. As only one small person on this “huge ball” we call home, I just want you to know what an impact you ALL have made on me.

    I have followed this “financial war”, “good verses evil” etc. What ever you want to call it since the year 2000 and once had an extensive diary on the amazing journey of shall I say the “fall of the evil cabal”, whatever you want to call it until I accidentally erased the wrong USB key (SIC). Did I learn anything, yes….but it was to late for that piece of history. I am humbled and also honored we as people are being blessed by such great ones such as the White Hats. Thank you a million times over. I just want you to know that you all are in my prayers and I will do all I can to make your sacrifices count. And of course if there is anything I/we can do, please just let Tony know. And thank you Tony again for this great blog. I also want to apologize for the length of this. I will now go back to just reading. 🙂

    With great respect,



    1. Thank you for your kind words. I am sure the White Hats are also reading and appreciate your input.

      John’s words are very hard to accept, but I only share them here because he was identified as a very top level operator with rare access to places we would never imagine. Given that, I felt it necessary to disclose such verification and bring his words over here for consideration.

      Nobody has to accept them, and they are not even obligated to follow his words or take his advice. Nope. This is not a cult. Everyone here is free to act as they see fit. Any information we share here is for your consideration.

      My only duty is to make sure information shared here is from people who are involved and not from mysterious places that are unknown. It then is everyone’s duty to derive what benefit they can and act on it if they feel it prudent.

      Right now we are still waiting for the event to go down. When it does, all the guesswork will be gone and the truth will be known. If things go well, and rates are high and stay there, then none of us will have been worse for wear. If things go as we have been warned they might, then I think many who heeded the warnings and acted promptly to grab the best at the beginning may have found this blog worth the read.

      We certainly hope the rates are good and stay there for a long time. We have no reason to wish ill on anyone. No way. But…

      In the end, if haste proves to have been the wiser move, and many gain from it, then I will have considered John’s blunt style to have been the sweetest words I have ever heard.

      All in all, there has been no harm done to anyone by providing such information, warts and all. So, until that day, we will keep it up, and hope that it all works out for the better of all, to whatever extent is possible on this planet at this time.

      Thank you!


      1. Tony — It is not about john’s blunt style, as I also have a blunt style, of sorts. But it is john’s trashy references toward people in general, people that he has no inkling about at all.
        He even called me very foul names including ‘trailer trash” LOL. Well Abby is far far from trailer trash. One can be truthful and do it bluntly without talking down to people as if they are gutter rats.
        I have said all along that they will find some way to rip off us peons and there won’t be some utopian ending to all this. Now I hope that one thing the White Hats have strongly considered is for Banks doing Exchanges to provide some sort of a Certificate stating that ”we handed them clean Currency which was verified by the Bank’ and this is where the sudden change in their funds was derived.
        It ought to be nipped in the bud before it starts because we do not need to be hassled over this.


  15. About WHA’s addition from John:

    John is making a point that I would like to reiterate, and that is this: be prepared for increasing taxation and capital controls.

    It is clear and obvious, as nations go broke and bankrupt, they increase taxation and escalate capital controls. Capital controls are happening overseas now, and that is not conjecture. If anyone, for any reason, suddenly has more “money” than they did, that person’s government will know about it, and will react to it.

    Anyone who does get a windfall, be sure to follow the law with regard to capital gains taxation, and, I recommend the very thing Jim Sinclair is preaching, “GOTS” (Get Out of The System) ASAP.


    1. Occasnl — We hear quite a few people recommend to us, to ‘get off the grid or get out of the system”…….but, they never say how to do that. Did Sinclair do the same thing??


  16. Every “intel provider” has been wrong until this week.

    An excerpt from Zap’s January 31, 2014 “all you need is love” update:

    The inauguration ceremony where the heads of state sign off a historic function, will occur in mid-March, in Cirebon, Indonesia.

    He predicted this way back in January and he was right:


      1. Tony — No thank you; I do not play that way. john is the kind of person I do not want to be friends with.
        Occasnl — Nobody ‘gets under my skin’ because, you see, I’ve been around this planet so long that Ive ”seen it all” many many times, so I know just about every reason why people do what they do. Their problem is really inside them, not with me, so I can go ……PFffft ! And I can just move on. The main ingredient is this: Don’t live your life trying to get everybody to like you.
        Be honest and genuine; if somebody doesn’t like you for it, well then so be it. At least you know you are not being a phoney.


    1. I know I’m the “Debbie-downer” among commenters here. Allow me to continue that tradition, by summarizing this “turning point for humanity.”

      “The descendants of the glowing custodian of Solomon’s gold want to help YOU to develop ‘life-giving energy flows in every area of society’ so that you can be freed from ever doing anything disagreeable.”

      Very sorry, but one must first circumvent two meaningful points.
      First, Mao Zedong’s notion: “Political power grows out of the barrel of a gun.” (And, just to be clear, this is not in any sense a comment about China, or any specific nation. The point is that control can be taken through force.)
      Second, “If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.”

      Under Solomon was amassed the world’s largest holding of gold, because Solomon honored the one, true, almighty God. Does that same hold true of the world today, to whom this same gold is alleged to be released?

      The documents look great, the story and photos are compelling, Indonesia and the Philippines are exotic, Karen Hudes is bright, but, in my opinion, it just doesn’t all add up.

      Might I be wrong? Of course. But, everyone should carefully consider, and be prepared for, the alternative.


    1. Tony — A totally british arrogant insult to you and all of us posters here. Typical snob, as usual.
      As for the content, I think he sounds paranoid, as just as I have always said about his postings, one is a Upper and the next one is a Downer kick in the behind, and here he did it again. Yesterday was his Upper day, and today the Downer. I swear he is a manic depressive. Really a very weird creature who obviously has a lot of inner turmoil and just can’t seem to have any credence for any other human being except himself.
      But to say that people will have to ‘prove’ their currency is not counterfeit is nonsense IMO.
      Sorry, but I am not buying into anything he has said, simply because its just more of his usual
      agenda, which seeps through from him all the time, since he just can’t stand for anyone to have anything……regardless of his trying to say he ‘cares’ about the plight of the people. He does not.


      1. I tend to agree with you Abby but it’s going to take a lot of different styles and points of view to get this done . Just like your style brings a very needed point of view so does his . Remember your enemy is my enemy you go girl


      2. Abby,

        Well said. If the notes pass the counterfeit test, then they are worth the same as those from the “US Treasury Registered Dealers”. The Dong is an international accepted currency, so it doesn’t matter if you got it from Joe Smith on the street, Chase Bank or Sterling Currency Group. Also, when the GCR happens, the rules will change and the banks will expect millions of people doing millions of dollars type transactions.

        It will be normal, so these “freeze of funds and money laundering” garbage is just FEAR MONGERING. He has a pattern of writing something positive one day, and then something negative the next day. That’s a technique used to create confusion and other issues.

        I have bought from Sterling, from “US Treasury Registered Dealers” on Ebay, and from normal people on Ebay selling currency at very good prices. It should NOT matter. The only thing that matters is if the Currency is real or not. To only accept currency from hand picked places will create a nightmare in lawsuits and problems for the banks and those involved in the process.

        It what this guy is saying is really true, then the bad guys are still in charge and are creating these EXCUSES to screw people. PLAIN AND SIMPLE.


      3. I actually agree with Abby. I would have put it in slightly less mean terms, but it might be what he deserves, considering the disregard for decency he sometimes uses when posting. He is at the top though, so we have to listen. WHA, CMKX?????? 🙂


      4. Was it “…fast escape from skid row…,” “…500,000 S House Rats…,”
        or maybe something else, that got under your skin ?

        I agree with you, there’s a tone of paranoia, and the elevated sense reminiscent of bipolarity.

        Although I agree with the general message of the post, that one must be cautious, prudent, and informed, the writing has that meandering sense indicative of sensationalism.

        I know WHA has said that this John guy is a little higher up the food chain, but I’ve looked his sight over carefully a couple of times, and I did not add it to my reading list.


    2. An attention whore, that’s all he is and will ever be. Bungee jumpers also like the up and down thrills- until the cord snaps….


      1. My impression is that he is missing a vital link to understanding how hopelessness over time saps the will. After all, no child writes “hopeless moocher slacker” when asked what he wants to be when he (or she) grows up. So how do those for whom he has such contempt go from A to Z on the list of losers that he takes such delight in describing as “pigs at troughs?”

        That missing link can only be admitted into the psyche if one’s sense of self can bear the weight of it. John’s cannot, so he separates himself from all of “them” because the burden of responsibility would necessitate BIG modifications in his worldview, for starters.

        Don’t strike back at him. He is a conduit for us. For that I am deeply thankful. He cannot harm anyone who knows we are one and is honored to bear the collective weight of it. This is our thank you gift to life. Otherwise, “it’s catch as catch can, Harry,” just like he says. As for me,
        I fall back here on “The Island of Doctor Kilgari”…

        What is the law?
        Not to spill blood.
        Are we not men?
        Are we not men?
        :). LOL


  17. Hi WHA,

    What do you think about this?

    “Per multiple conversations today with Institutional Investors via CME, all tranches have cleared, and FRN/TRN conversions are with global facilitators as of now. The new TRN will be backed by gold, minerals, oil, natural gas and other untapped resources in North America that have not yet been monetized & securitized in conjunction with BIS protocol. EM’s are positioned, and gold certificates projected to back and fund the GCR utilizing the historical bonds. GCR and RV projected within 5 days if all goes as planned. The FRN/TRN conversions have been positioned to stabilize & regulate global economies with full transparency, thus eliminating Currency Manipulation, Alternative Illegal Bank Leverages, and Global Cabal Influence.”

    from stage3alpha


    1. Hello,

      I do not deal with S3A and have no idea who they get their information from. They are pointing towards lots of projects that we know to be going on, but we do not know if the details of their report are accurate.

      We will find out soon enough.

      Thank you.




    1. We will have to wait and see just what changes are made regarding that specific item. I have no information on such a project being set in motion by an inside effort. It is my impression that such restoration would be the will of the people to secure.


    2. Hang in there Kevin I truly believe it’s coming. The will of the people is the awaking of the people to the truth. We can help this along buy spreading the word. Kind of like the Amway thing if you tell enough people find that Double Diamond lol. be at peace brother and thanks Tony and White Hats.


      1. I am a lurker who has to come out of the shadows today.

        Love and gratitude to the White Hats & WHA Tony. (How interesting that the ‘antidote’ to TNT Tony’s constant Any Second Now hopium is also a Tony.) Thank you to all for what you bring to the masses who prefer truth & accuracy over the “intel”. I am so glad Dinar Recaps started posting your FC’s as that is how I found you, and must say I had started to despair that there was a place on line where facts regarding the RV and GCR could be found. Also appreciate the background and discussion so many posters bring to this fascinating subject and time in world history. Kudos!

        I am hopng someone will post the Cole’s Notes version of what is found at the ungse website. I have attempted to read the site several times and all I get is a blank page. Curiosity is killing this pussycat!

        Also want to say to the folks that were wondering about private placements that they may want to contact the Generals64 group. I read a post sometime last year that led me to believe this group is considered PP. I do NOT know that to be fact, am only suggesting that might be the case. That’s what I understood from the post but it doesn’t mean that’s the case. And to be honest I can’t say with 100% certainty who made the post but I believe it was a leader in that group. Worth checking out, if indeed the group hasn’t disbanded. KCMana put out the newsletters quarterly rather than monthly starting some time in 2013. I have not received a newsletter in 2014 but then again the first quarter isn’t up yet.


        1. Thank you for your kind words. We are glad you are finding the work of the WHA helpful. We owe it all to the White Hats themselves.

          Without the WH’s we would be without direct reports, virtually from the front lines. We are simply a conduit and are happy to help get information out to those who seek it.


  19. “We will update you later today on Dong / Dinar moves playing out as attempts are being made to re launch again from next week.”

    Looking forward to your update on the Dong / Dinar.

    Thank you for all you are doing!


    1. Hi Vicxster — Missed you around here, where you been? lol. Gee, they have been pounding on Abby with their ballbats, accusing me of being ‘negative’ or ”bitching”. LOL
      (and Perry Mason is dead)


      1. Hi Abby !

        So sorry that I seemed to have abandoned you; I am quite certain you have done just as well without me though:) I got severely bogged down with many issues on the home front that all seemed to occur at once… And, to be truthful, and without offense to anyone, I got really bored with #97 and having to scroll 900 times on my phone!
        Anyway, I hope this is all coming to a fruitful and positive end shortly; I don’t think I could handle much more! I am very grateful to have this site, however- I am so much happier since I deleted DR from my life! Would love to exchange email addresses with you if you are interested; let me know… I will check back regularly again now that my situation is a little calmer 😉


      2. Vicxter — Yeah he’s the kind of Defense Lawyer I needed this past week. BTW I watch his oldies on ME Tv nearly every day, since I had to unplug my cable awhile back.


  20. How can we get into these private placements with our Dinars? I have some friends in diplomatic circles in another country – maybe it could be done through them?


    1. Marina,
      From what I understand the private placements are closed. The minimum amount of dinar to get in was 1 billion dinar. Thats the reason some groups were formed.


      1. Fortune favors the rich! “There is nothing new under the sun”
        Are these “Private Placement groups going to buy me another house?
        I just lost mine. Thank you WHA


      2. sgb,

        I am not rich. I lost my home also. I am thankful that God put me in a position to be blessed. I will truly try to be a blessing to others.

        Also, most of the people affiliated with the ministry are not rich either. We are all hoping, praying and fasting for this breakthrough.


  21. WHA Thank you for all you do.
    Please ask the White Hats what gives these people in “private placements” special consideration
    above the rest of us? Why can’t they wait in line like the rest of us? I have a contract, it is called a
    Dinars and Dongs, both asset backed. This is sounding as political as what happened in Oct.2013
    in Wash. DC. PP’s are no more or less important than the rest of us and should be treated as such.
    Thank you!


    1. sbg,

      I must confess a little ignorance here. There are many terms bandied about herein, of which I’ve never seen precise and explicit definitions.

      You specifically state that you have a contract. Do you really mean this? I’m not trying to pry into your or anyone’s private affairs, but I don’t specifically recall anyone mentioning a contractual obligation. My natural curiosity springs forth:

      Who is the counterparty to your contract?
      Is your only performance in the contract a payment (in USD I presume)?
      Is there any mention of time for the counterparty to complete the contract?
      What, exactly, are your counterparty’s performance obligations?
      Can you sue?

      Please understand, I’m not trying to pry into private affairs. But there is a lot of disappointment, and lots of waiting. If there is a contractual obligation, it seems there may be recourse.

      Perhaps I’m jumping on the word “contract,” and taking it in the formal, legal way, when maybe that isn’t what you meant, if so, I’m sorry for asking a bunch of moot questions.

      Thanks and Regards,
      Occasnl Trvlr


      1. Dear Occasnl Trvlr, all bank notes are contracts for value consideration. When you buy say
        Canadian Currency you trust the country that printed it will honor it at its denominated value,
        for the buying and selling of goods and services.
        Thank you WHA


      2. Then, naturally, the counterparty is the issuer. I don’t think there’s any question concerning redemption by the issuer, I just don’t happen to owe any taxes or fees to Iraq or Vietnam.

        Also, there is always the risk of non-performance through demonetization.


  22. Terry. I Received The Exact Message Via Email. How Is This Possible. Somehow, We Are Connected To The Same Source. My Contact Has No affiliation To A Group That I Am Aware Of. I Am To Be Part Of A Platform Tier 2 Humanitarian Project Over Seas. We Have Been Waiting For Funding For Quite Some Time. Very Curious now.


    1. JB,

      I am affiliated with a ministry that is involved with the private placement. From what I understand, there are many other ministries involved. I am not sure who your contact is, but I actually received two emails regarding this info as well as info from S3alpha. One email came from a gentleman named John Nace. The other email came from the pastor of a ministry in Texas.

      Maybe someone forwarded the email to you.


      1. I’m glad you have a sense of humor! You could not do what you do without it. You stated in your
        above reply at 7:24pm that the “World Global settlements are spelled out on the WH official blog”
        My inquiry was based on your statement.
        Thank you WHA


        1. Hello,

          That is correct. The official WH blog has not been updated in a while. Report #48 was going to be released but it was decided that not releasing it was best due to the extremely sensitive content and the possible effects that could have resulted. Such effects were weighed against not publishing the content at all and it was decided the latter was more prudent a decision. Thus, the blog has not been updated since that time, and for the same reasons.

          The WH’s are making excellent progress now and the past content on the WH blog apparently served its purpose well.

          The second site you reference was simply a back up site and is no longer used.

          Thank you!


  23. Hi,
    You are truly ‘burdened with glorious purpose’, thanks WHA.
    And to our brave and noble white hats, I pray we can make you fellas proud.
    I salute you and God bless you all.
    PS: I did a little research on “Fifi’…she sounds like an exciting ride!


    1. Hi,

      Yes, FiFi was a joy to see up close. I even got to help the ground crew with some taxi prep. It was a real thrill to stand so close to that plan when it was starting its engines and rolling out. The technological advancements on that plane were stunning for its time, and the workmanship displayed was very evident…as witnessed by the fact that FiFi is still flying.

      The White Hats appreciate your comments!

      Thank you.


      1. I AM A BIT CONFUSED, pleaseexplain to me what is being said in post 99 regarding thePPP. Sometime I am just hard to understand. Please break it down in simple words to make it more clearer to me. THANKS will the PP come before or after the RV.


        1. Hello,

          Nothing was said about the Prosperity Programs, or as you labeled them, PPP.

          John was referring to PP as in Private Placements, which I am sure he meant as those exchanges done at higher values for parties partaking in such. I do not know the details or they ins and outs of that arrangement and I do not seek to know the details since I am not a major whale. I am just a guppy, and so I will be with all of you in the bum rush. LOL

          I am not sure of the sequence since so many things have probably changed, but the PPP are indeed in line for payment when the WGS is set loose. As I understand it, the PPP were to be paid first. But, I am under the impression that it will all pretty much commence simultaneously.

          We will just have to wait and see.


  24. I found this blog post really interesting. Notice that the Indonesian diplomat is holding and signing an UNCUT sheet of US dollars. Not something easy to get!

    Considering Kennedy and former Indonesian president Sukarno signed the original agreements to back the US dollar with gold in 1966, right before Kennedy was assassinated, the fact he is holding this sheet of uncut dollars is interesting.

    It appears that something big is happening behind the scenes.


    1. HIW and All,

      I ran across the same announcement at another site and have been digging around a bit the last couple days. Here is some of what I found – I have no proof of anything, just links.

      The man signing is MR.SINO.A.S., son of former Indonesian President Sukarno, and apparently the current “King of Kings”. Sukarno was the King of Kings during most of the 1900s. The King of Kings is the world’s M1 money creator that Fulford occasionally writes about. Soekarno signed the Green Hilton Agreement with Kennedy who was soon killed for that act. The uncut dollars might be the old gold backed “Kennedy” dollars that Karen Hudes speaks about or maybe they are new TRNs that will be circulated soon.

      This video is freshly published: (best part at 13:00)
      Anyone recognize the man’s voice? He must be a White Hat or similar.

      The video narrator mostly reads from “The History of Banking” that can be found at various sites including Canauzzie’s posts at scribd:

      Some more similar info:

      Click to access press_release_swissindo_11_march_2014.pdf

      Swissindo? OPPT? I’m feel like I’m drinking from a fire hose… Apparently the Illuminati split between good and evil and the evil bankers have been in charge for a bit. The pendulum swings…

      Take a red pill and enjoy the rabbit hole as much as you dare – some of it is pretty disturbing.


  25. From the article above referencing Dongs and Dinars:
    “Cash in and get out fast because this won’t last. Chaos will follow.”

    Isn’t that part & parcel of ponzi scheme?

    No offense WHA, for you’ve handled yourself admirably, but this whole affair has major issues:
    1) it depends on others (White Hats) to do the heavy lifting.
    Folks, when in experience have you ever had others get down and dirty so that you benefit?
    2) exactly where are these new funds to pay for everything to come from? I have yet to see a lucid,coherent explanation that doesn’t invoke some miracle development or break everything learned in economics 101.

    Anyway, at least you don’t bring up the aliens card to explain away how it’s to be done.
    I see where Cobra says 5 billion spaceships are now in low earth orbit and they’re there to prevent the bad aliens from using their ‘strangelets’ bomb or something.
    Good grief, people belief this?

    Meanwhile, tomorrow some important announcement is supposed to be released (Courtney Brown) that apparently shows ET’s have influenced humans in the past (if I’ve interpreted the intent of Browns implication postings correctly).
    Let’s hope these folks offer empirical proof and not hearsay.


    1. Hello,

      As you know, a Ponzi scheme is a money in, money out affair. There is no real production or value created.

      An increase in the value of a nations currency by injecting fresh resources is not a ponzi scheme. Further, we do not know for sure that values will drop to nothing, such as in a Ponzi. It is unlikely they will drop to zero. It has been suggested that the best rates will be in the beginning. Who knows, they may stay high for days. Maybe not. We just don’t know and are relying on those who sit higher up to give us suggestions.

      1) The heavy lifting is not just to make people wealthy with a currency revalue. The heavy lifting is to change the entire system. That benefits all in many ways, too numerous to list.

      2) Economics 101 is going to go out the window. Nothing is going to reset based on a system that is so hopelessly corrupt and bankrupt that it is needing a replacement. The fine details of the mechanisms to the World Global Settlements are spelled out on the WH official blog.

      The short version? The end of the current fiat system was predicted a long time ago, and preparations were made. Real money, waiting in the wings. Not the paper fantasy money you learned about in Econ 101.

      5 billion spaceships? I knew I should have opened that parking lot on the moon.

      Another great opportunity passes me by.

      I cannot attest to being an expert in ET’s, but I cannot live with the idea that all of this space was created just for us. That’s just my opinion.

      Thank you.


      1. Had you seized the opportunity, let’s face it, Richard Branson would have made more than you out of the deal. He’s just that way.


  26. Follow up question , im from asia will the banks here like citibank, will they readily accept, exchange the DINAR/DONG no questions asked? Thanks again so much


  27. Hi,
    Since cashing in should be ASAP and the retail banks may not know how to handle it… What should we do then to be sure we can cash it in? Cashing should b done in a day immediately or face the consequence of missing out the bus?

    Thanks so much to what you do.


    1. Hello,

      We are told that there is a protocol for all of this. The Treasury has not announced it as of yet so we will have to wait and see just how we will be instructed to proceed.

      The sheer numbers of people holding these currencies will be daunting. Not everyone will get to the banks at the same time, I am assuming, so I am hoping for a staggered process. I don’t see how it should take a long time. You plop down your bills, and they give you a bid, and you either take it or leave it. It should be a rather quick thing. I hope!


  28. Tony,

    Can you confirm any of this?

    Thu, Mar 13, 2014 at 11:24AM Further to our Notice of Redemptions, the US Treasury, China Treasury, IMF, World Bank and others have, as of yesterday, agreed on the timings of the release of all funds in respect of the historic bond redemptions and the RV of the Dinar and Vietnamese dong.

    The global reset (GR) is directly tied to these events, and because of the proximity of the GR which is scheduled for this month after March 17, 2014, all USD wire transfers and transactions are on hold, inclusive of all Project funding’s that were scheduled for this week.

    This decision is based very simply on the advent of the US Treasury Reserve Note (new symbol TRN, or the new US Dollar) which is replacing the USD (the Federal Reserve Note (FRN)). The announcement of the new US TRN and its exchange rate is scheduled for after March 17.

    All funds and transfers in USD have been effectively frozen globally for this reason, and the transfers will continue after March 17 in the new US TRNs. All completed transactions, and pending transactions are affected by this decision. No USD money transfers will be allowed at this time until the changeover.


    1. Hello,

      I cannot personally verify it at this time, but since the 17th is so close, let’s wait a bit and see.

      I cannot imagine that all USD transfers are frozen at this time. That would seem almost catastrophic to the world’s international commerce, including our own.

      Thank you!


    2. In previous posts I have used the phrase “patently absurd.” A global halt of all USD transfers, absent world-wide cataclysm, falls into this category.

      Please forgive me for waxing philosophic, but the very notion that such a supposition would even be considered as possible is very disheartening.

      I implore anyone and everyone, apply your mind and intellect to these events unfolding before us. WHA and others provide invaluable insights, but each of us is responsible for applying logic, knowledge, and common sense to everything that is presented.

      How much world-wide trade is conducted in USD, by whom, and under whose jurisdictions? What would be the ramifications if (if it were possible), all of that transacting was suddenly stopped?

      I’m not posing those questions because I am seeking their answers; those are the kinds of rhetorical questions that each of us, as seekers of facts and truth, should consider in our own minds, as we digest the pieces of alleged information we come across.

      Don’t be a reed shaken in the wind.

      (Terry601, please understand that I am not directing this toward you, rather, I am taking advantage of this example to make the point to all of WHA’s readers. It’s been noted that many seem to be losing hope, and as people lose hope they may tend to grasp at straws.)


      1. Occasnl Trvlr,

        I will not take your post personally, but since you chose to make an example of my post, I will respond to you. My major concern is not with the halting of trade in USD, but in the announcement by th US Treasury about a metals backed currency around the time of March 17. I had previously asked Tony about the existence of such currency. I just happened to copy the entire comment. I believe that most of these intel statements have a little truth at some disinformation. I simply wanted to know if Tony knew about the announcement.

        I think we are all adults on this site. Most of us made it to this point in life without the instructions of others on this site. Some people need to withhold judging people that they do not know. As far as “weeds shaken in the wind”, Who are you? What have you expereinced? I am sure some of my personal experiences would have you shaking in the wind? I live in a city where homocides occur pretty much every day. I stand on the Word of God every day? Bear in mind judge not, that you be not judged.


      2. If someone insisted that last Tuesday the sun rose in the West, from that point forward I would consider that source to be not credible.

        Best wishes, Terry601.


  29. As the WHA stated >>>> “I think that the main reason we have seen so much confusing “intel” over the years, along with so many missed deadlines, is simply because of one thing: The effort to release it all, being pushed against by the counter efforts of others.”

    The effort to CANCEL OUT the illegally created DEBT that has recently destroyed the value of the US Dollar, is still being resisted by THE CROOKS who jacked up all this debt… by using their UNREGULATED banking system to steal and launder TRILLIONS of dollars to fund their greedy, destructive agendas.

    Many people are worried about having enough gold to “back” a new currency… yet nobody before was “verifying” the amount of gold in Ft. Knox, OR explaining the trillions missing in the Pentagon ledgers way back on Sept 10th, OR explaining the mega-trillions missing in Ron Paul’s subsequent mini-audit of the Fed! WHY? Because THE CROOKS in charge of “circulating” money, never needed gold to back it… they just needed a few genius computer hackers (welcome to the Digital Age)!

    The GCR will be announced when, and only when, the NEW Powers-That-Be are fully confident that a new global “accountability” system is firmly in place, to avoid a repeat of this disastrous outcome from allowing unethical people to control the banking system… and this is a VERY complicated financial world we are living in, and all “t’s” must be crossed and all “i’s” dotted, to avoid a false “re-set.”

    THEN… IMHO… we will all receive a huge announcement about how the US DEBT has amazingly been zeroed out, or “reset” (if you prefer)… resulting in “the largest financial transaction in the history of the world!”


  30. So it looks like there will be a limited amount of funds to exchange with and not everyone will get a chance to do that.
    I find that astonishing since this was supposed to help humanity, not punish it further.
    Private placements again, haven’t we had them already ??????? There is no end to making the wealthy wealthier.
    It was meant for the common, regular folk worldwide, not for private placements, again.
    God help us !
    What am I missing here, please ?
    The Chinese Elders helping humanity this way ?? How are we to pay it forward, help others if private placements will consume the available funds and we will be left with a few crumbs for the unfortunate masses.
    Unbelievable if true.



    1. Lexi — Some time back, Groups were forming for the Private Placement. These Groups were made up of just ordinary people such as myself, and we are not wealthy by any means. We are all on a List by name. So it stands to reason that maybe these groups could be called in to exchange since they know how to contact us. Also, if they decide to start the exchanging in this way, it would cut down on the mad rush and PP people can also help those who are not in, if necessary.
      So you see, when you see the words ”Private Placement” it has nothing to do with elites or
      wealthy people.


      1. Andrew, maybe I can help….You will need to contact your currency dealer as soon as possible after hearing of any rate change. I have used both, Sterling (aka Dinar Banker) and Treasury Vault. In Sterlings case, I’ve been instructed to use their online form, giving them my instructions on what I want done with my currency upon a revalue. I am told I have many options. They will pay off any law-a-way amount and send you any remaining currency in
        cash by FedEX. If you have over $50K US owed you, they can make arrangements for you to pick it up in Atlanta, or they can make arrangement to wire, use handler to hand carry it to an airport near you, or even an armor car can be provided. You can also take part of your
        (winnings, let’s call them) in Gold or Silver. Basically they just say, “Tell us what You want
        us to do. Hope that helps. EAB


  31. WHA,
    thank you for bringing it over! It’s amazing how things change so fast. One day its possibly delayed for a year, now its possible again. The rollercoaster never ends, but us CMKX’ers have learned to live with it, I guess. I’m hoping to get off for once.


    1. Hello,

      We are certainly on the receiving end of the emotional ups and downs that take place higher up. I can assume that all it takes is one big-shot to stop some key transaction, and everything stops, requiring new routes, new strategies, new meetings, etc. to get the show back on the road. Between the two, being at the top or being down here with the common man, I would say the easier job is down here. It must be a pressure cooker at the top.

      Thank you!


  32. Hello, WHA.

    I know you partially addressed my question in an earlier comment, but I still can’t wrap my mind around why the VND would drop quickly and drastically in value subject to market supply and demand when it is supposedly being revalued as asset-backed and in an effort to reflect more realistic, stable values.

    I can see how many other market forces might impact fluctuation but not merely supply/demand, and not by any extremely large margin. It was said that such fluctuations, after the reset, were expected to be within 2-5%. Otherwise, what is the point of a reset?


    1. Hello,

      You are getting into territory that is going to require a very complex explanation, and that I am not qualified to give. It has been suggested that the best rates will be in the beginning, and as such it has been suggested that you cash it in fast. This information comes from those with pay grades way, way, way above mine. The reasons given for quick exchange were multi-faceted and numerous. With that in mind, I would just head the advice. If you wish to retain some holdings for later, that is certainly your choice.

      I do know that the reset is not just about making a lot of people wealthy and by extension, possibly “lazy”. It’s about stability and evening out the playing field so that more people can share a higher standard of living. The subsequent rates may indeed stay in a pretty good range, but they may not.

      For so many, after waiting so long, I would hate to see them let the best rates slip away because they want to hope for more.

      It was said by Lindsey Williams that the rates would adjust to within 5%. We asked about that. It is possible that the PTB may make that so, but it is not assured.

      Thank you!


  33. WHA – Just out of curiosity, I called 5 different banks in my area, 2 Chase and 3 Wells Fargo, including the Foreign exchange dept at Wells Fargo. No one had a clue about a “RV” or GCR and Wells Fargo was adamant that they will not exchange IQD, even if it does reset. Now I’m somewhat confused since if the RV is imminent, how can all these large banks be 100% clueless? Has anyone called their bank by any chance? Thanks in advance for taking time to reply


    1. Hello,

      We were told a few years back that none of the walk in banks would even know what to do with the currencies in question, and that is the case for sure. There is for a good reason which is pretty obvious when you consider that this is a once in a lifetime event and never has a transaction of this size been done before. New experiences are going to take place, even for banks it seems.

      This was touched on by a White Hat in an interview some time ago. Here is an excerpt from that point:

      Right now Wells Fargo is one of the primary banks that’s been
      assigned to handle the big side of the transactions. That does not mean that
      you should be running to their retail branches and banging them over the
      head with your basket of dinar. They probably won’t know what to do with it.
      In fact, I can almost guarantee you they will not know what to do with it.
      The retail side, meaning the common folks who are holding, you know, a
      couple hundred or maybe a million dinar, you’re just going to have to sit
      tight and wait for those announcements. It’ll happen. It’s coming about, and
      the world pressure is forcing it to happen. And I could go through a long
      litany which would take quite a while, of the reasons why, but I think for the
      time span we have right here, just know that it will happen.


      1. WHA: On my wifes’ Chase Bank Statement for March. Note: WE WILL UPDATE YOUR DEPOSIT ACCOUNT AGREEMENT. Effective March 23, 2014, We will be updating
        your agreement, including. HOw we determine the exchange rate that we use for foreign-currency transactions. See the “Transactions in a Foreign Currency” section. (I WOULD SAY THAT IS A ANNOUNCEMENT) Wouldn’t you all? Blessings WHA thanks for another update so soon. We needed that.


        1. Hello,

          I don’t know if that is an overall announcement, but it is intriguing that they mentioned such information about the foreign currency thing.

          We are seeing interesting signs from all over. We can only watch and wait.

          Thank you!


  34. Dear WHA Representative
    Thank you so much for sharing this information with us all, it is very much appreciated. My sincere thanks is also offered once again to the White Hats for all that they are doing on behalf of many.


  35. Dear WHA,

    Thank-you for another update!

    I am struggling to make some inferences from FC 99–would you be able to help?

    1. Are we rushing to exchange to get the initial higher rate before the rate is lowered via supply-demand market forces or will our paper currency become altogether invalid after a short period of time?

    2. Could there be truth to HIW’s earlier post that the rate will eventually recover, after a year or so (in which case those who miss out now will have an opportunity later)?

    3. Will the event still transpire on a weekend or has that changed?

    4. Is someone implying there will be very long lines at banks or a rush to get the best rate or a limited pool of funds that will not last beyond a day or two?

    5. Are you of the impression that we will be permitted to exchange everything at once and during one visit?

    I think everyone visiting this site appreciates any updates, commentary, observations, inferences and opinions you may have to share at this very late hour–thank-you!

    White Hats: if you are out there and if you are listening…THANK-YOU! I have been a skeptic
    for some time and have moved back and forth along the spectrum-of-belief, but
    now find myself believing with much more certainty. Good luck!


    1. Hello,

      1. If you mean by “our paper currency”, the dong or dinar, we cannot say that it could become altogether invalid as in worth nothing. No such warning has been issued of that. We were just told that the opening rate may not last.

      2. It is possible simply because nobody knows what the future will hold. Currency speculation is high risk.

      3. No change on this. Still expecting a weekend change.

      4. I would say all of that is possible. We don’t know for sure. That is why were told to act fast. The gurus who speak of making appointments and being treated to plush back office parleys while sipping on mint juleps are giving dangerous advice.

      5. I am of the impression that this may vary from day to day during the process. That is MY opinion. We have been told of the possibility of exchange limits, but that has not been given as a 100% fact. We can only wait and see.

      I have sent a copy of your compliment directly to our contact. I am sure they will appreciated it!

      Thank you!


      1. Thank yoy for you wha updates. Someone in my family is one of those good ‘people’ who are saying good things about OUR republic comingcoming our way in near future but that is all I can get out of him. He also says there will be no rush exchanging. I find the two

        perspectives interesting….


      1. Hello,

        Common “prepper” blogs will tell you to have anywhere from 2 weeks to as much as a years supply. For most, a years worth is extremely difficult since there is the problem of space to store it all.

        I would say take into consideration the number of mouths to feed, and work in your storage capacity, and work from there to whatever amount you think you can maintain.

        I asked why they were placed in Reno. The answer was, “That’s just where they put us”. I can not say that Reno has any significance other than it is rated as one of the safest places to be in times of mass insurrection or riots. Perhaps that is one reason?

        Reno is not the main hub. The majority of it is dealt with in London. There are teams all over the world.

        Thank you!


  36. WHA – Much thanks for your updates. I, for one, greatly appreciate it and absolutely will heed the advice. Being I commute 40 miles to work, I’m taking to carrying my “stash” with me so as soon as I see an update with RV having taking place, I’m clocking out and heading to the nearest bank.


  37. As a woman, I am SO TIRED of being parenthetical in our world!

    *Many Good Men (and Women) are Globally committed in unison trying to get the first stages released. *

    Really, are the parentheses absolutely necessary??!!

    On Fri, Mar 14, 2014 at 1:40 PM, WHITE HAT AUXILIARY/FACT CHECK CENTER wrote:

    > whitehatauxiliaries posted: “More From The Top > ===================================================================== We > will update you later today on Dong / Dinar moves playing out as attempts > are being made to re launch again from next week. This WILL be orchestrated > via a n”


      1. Thank you for your updates and thank you too for your replies to people’s comments and questions – we gain knowledge for that.

        I wanted to follow up with you on a specific program that you mentioned you would try to inquire about the next time you spoke with your source. Where you able to ask in regards to Farm Claims? I would presume they will roll out with everything else, but have been hearing strong remarks that only the originals will be paid which was 13 – I do not believe that as why would they have people to sign up. The other area of concern and this would be for all in prosperity programs – what will happen to the claim of a participant that is deceased? Will it go to surviving heir?

        Anxiously await your reply.


        1. Hello,

          I am sorry but I was unable to ask about Farm Claims. At this stage we are moving ever closer to the event and I would simply await any notification from whoever would be administering such.

          I would think that any money received in the name of a decease person would be disbursed according to a will or trust to appropriate heirs. I know of no information that such funds would not be will-able to a legal legacy. Best to consult an attorney if such funds are received and there are questions as to how to proceed in your circumstances.

          Thank you!


    1. As a woman, I find it unfortunate for all of us that this upsets you, mainly because we know who we are, and so do men. Although I can’t speak for what may be in John’s mind, I see it as a gesture meant to emphasize that the use of traditional masculine literary phrasing for simplicity’s sake is in no way intended to minimize the contribution of women. As such, it is gracious rather than condescending. And here is another thought: No guy would ever point that out ID a woman were to use the same device. I know there are reasons for both attitudes. We do well to learn from one another.


    2. Jesus, SH is that all you can find to gripe about…see why you’re in parentheses.
      People have causes and concern, many questions and looking for answers, some
      even financial lives in the balance…and right out of the bag…YOUR COMMENT


      1. Earl, lol! You have no idea my earthly struggles, so, hush. I fight the battles I can fight. Fighting the marginalization of women CONTINUES to be a battle that requires diligent attention everywhere, whenever it crops its ugly little pervasive head up–whether that is at the store or on a GCR update board or helping women find their way out of the emotional and spiritual imprisonment of the completely-covering-blue-burkas. As we move forward into a our brave, new world, I pray that we all recognize that marginalization is STILL a danger for all oppressed groups–and yes, women are still oppressed and abused, the entire world over. People of the colors of the rainbow, all beautiful, so many oppressed. Children-oppressed. Women-oppressed. I spoke against the use of parentheses [“(Women)”] to remind us of this oppression, of how pervasive it is, and of how UNCONSCIOUS it can be. So, good. I’m glad I riled some of you up, even those of you who continue to want to bury your heads in the sand and just wait for the blessed event. Do you really think our human problems are just going to *poof* disappear, when the RV and GCR happen? We must stand for what we believe in, whenever and wherever that opportunity presents itself.


    3. Look, I’m a very strong woman in spirit, soul and body. But my strength does not come by being identified as a women, it just happens to be who I am. Does it really matter that they put women in parenthesis? NO!!!!! Be confident in who you are!!! Blessings


      1. SH, this will be my last comment on the matter. What does (Women) have to do
        with the RV or the GCR? The site manager told you he had copied and pasted
        the phrase, wasn’t even his. So out of 140 questions and comments, all relating
        to the RV, you just happen to think the number one, first comment, all who visit
        here should be, your fight for equal rights. I do not speak for anyone but myself
        here, you want MY respect, as a man or women, if you’re going to highjack a
        website, and a topic thread, please have the decency to see it’s not your personal
        agenda, because I’m offended that your comments are sexist in nature and you
        are assuming that there are not hundreds if not thousands of women visiting here
        as well. So a cause on behalf of both, would be nice next time.
        Because that is the audience. Try Fukushima.


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