From  One Word of Nation’s, we find the following posted tonight: 


All watch your site daily now twice a day from Tuesday onwards. Cant tell you more but assume it may be good news and you will need to move fast. Just pray hard, we know how many need this break. No more details it stays dark until then. We cant say anything until afterwards for safety. We are ever conscious of all of you. Yes we are fully in the loop! Good luck and we hope its soon for you all. Just watch the site. No debates until its safe and done. Nothing is guaranteed. You know its history. Lets see if they do move or not. We care and will try for all.


Please be prepared to act quickly, and let’s hope that we are on the threshold. 

As written above, this is not a guarantee, nor is it official notice. It is simply a heads up for a possible move and you should be prepared to move quickly.

Thank you to OWoN, the White Hats and their staff for continuing efforts. We hope you get to all go home soon. Your work is greatly appreciated.



  1. Hello WHA,

    The Emperors have been naked for a long time (pretty cold in the snow). Let’s hope the rest of the nation will finally see it and DO something proactive. I see good things coming! Many thanks.


    1. WHA
      scott foyMarch 17, 2014 at 10:43 AM


      As always thanks for the timely info, my ? is if this transpires and our Cronie Corp GOV does not play ball what would be the retribution. And could they restrict the Banks in the U.S. from exchanging with the Reno group as well as the public.

      johnMarch 17, 2014 at 10:46 AM

      Your Phony Cronie Corp will get it served up them. They and the Fed Shysters are in meltdown now. No money, no power, nothing to buy favors with or threaten with.
      Reno is exchanging via HK then it comes to London and who do you think Chairs that? DC wont even get a bone unless we throw it.

      Good Americans and good Brits will work together here as we do. The people are fine , its the Cabal needing sorting and that’s coming on track.
      Whether it takes days or weeks, the pressure will only mount and for them????
      Each time they play it out now, there are costs and consequences. This is now a Global dynamic and power is changing fast.
      We sorted our Assholes. you just need to sort yours and will. Life does.
      Getting the Fed and Cabal out is key to it all. They wont last much longer.

      We understand how many really need this. The sites will help you all when ready and safe to do so. Good luck with it.


      1. Just the mere thought of being rid of the Fed and the Cabal is music to my ears, all our ears !!
        The only thing better would be to see them all hung in Time Square so everybody will know.


  2. More from John……….

    The Dongs start in HK and China so if DC try their usual dirty games, there will be retribution.
    Putin has told them to Shove It over Crimea. He told them to Put Up or Shut Up over Syria.
    The Jackal Pack are now realizing their Emperors are naked and ridiculed. With the resets coming,the scumbags who stole the show, will see their whole game plan ripped apart.
    So No, sit tight, watch the site and watch their games be tried and blow out.

    Our comment already from London to DC has been basically, it starts in China, what the * has DC snow got to do with this? BS wont wash now. They are all Yesterdays Failed and sordid, soiled men. Its in play and this will not go away. Now they suddenly realize no one is listening to their excuses and the train is moving. Worse, now THEY may not even be on it.
    For them its end of days coming. The Fed has been blown aside now. Retribution will follow.

    Excuses now get a vicious response. Global hatred is not to be tampered with. A whole new game is now playing out hardball.


    1. Hardball is right 2 days ago Keshe foundation released all his patents en mass to the public world wide he has a 2 hour interview and says with a copper wire mercury and a pot anybody can learn to make 2-3 kilo grams of gold in about 8 hrs using plasma tech or propulsion and repulsion the interview was done buy project camelot .com the bad guys are getting slammed from a lot of different directions now as they should


    2. Well, it sounds like the good guys are really playing hard ball with the sleeze ball crooks who have been robbing us for forever. Way to go !!
      You can not play nice with people who have seared consciences. Period. And I hope it continues and goes the limit if necessary.




    1. Kevin Mulloy,

      Why are you insisting that the GCR-focused White Hats address your passionate concerns about “the Republic”, at this time?

      The United States is only ONE of the players (albeit a large one) in this enormous GLOBAL reset. Once ALL of the worldwide participants have sorted out the various Global Settlement funds, and have determined and adjusted the relevant Global Currencies, there will be major announcements addressing many significant changes.

      Nobody is going to focus on restoring the Constitution of the Republic of the USA, until the trillions of dollars in stolen, laundered money, all over THE WORLD, have been re-valuated and re-assigned into a new financial system lead by ethical new leaders.

      Then, soon after the “Cabal” has been firmly separated from these enormous assets, “the Republic” will begin to re-constructively rise from the ashes!


  4. Quick Question for WHA – It appears FC100 was based on John said. Has the WH confirmed and agree with John that this could be the week? Just verifying? Thanks and good luck to all!


      1. All the info seem to center around the cashing or exchange regarding the RV. What about info regarding the deliveries of the PP. THANKS


        1. Hello,

          All the other projects, PP, CMKX, etc., all go out once funding is released. We tend to discuss the currency exchanges because there are so many more people involved in that at present.

          We have many prosperity program members with us and we will know when deliveries take place.

          Hang in there!


  5. johnMarch 17, 2014 at 7:26 AM

    As always with any high level good initiative it takes only one small action of incompetence or outright stupidity to stop the rest. Washington DC seems shut down with snow today. Give that bunch any excuse and they will take the week off whining. So, more trouble in paradise may be looming while the world waits in anger an frustration. Every time they pull something.
    Be prepared for more delays and pathetic excuses. Phones and the Internet still work. No good reason to delay. Wimps will grab another freebie week. Cancel their Pay Checks for No Shows and see them mover their Butts to work. Any lame excuse is all they need. The world waits, and waits, and waits. The US really has to be removed from these Central roles. Way too many Rodents or laid back Numpties to trust such powers. Will they slide off for yet another week again? No Pay, No stay away


    1. Terry601

      The banker defined two different bank types (this is all I know) — private client and retail/consumer branches. I have no information concerning locations. Neither did he.


  6. As of now banks doesn’t accept iraqi dinar and vietnamese dong for currency exchange… would the GLOBAL announcement of a reset (in that SAME DAY) … make IQD and VND instantly be exchangeable in banks that formerly doesn’t accept?

    Also when you say 204 countries are involved in this reset … does it mean that every HEAD OF STATE (president or prime minister) knows this is happening? or the Central Banks heads only? or none of them knows this?

    Thanks much from the bottom of my heart… to the WH and to you WHA for u have made us STAY PUT unwavering in this journey inspite of many false distractions


    1. Hello,

      At some point many will. I would assume that any bank that would show on their screens that a currency is exchangeable would exchange it. We are heading into new territory with this process. We cannot assume that past procedures are going to work or be expected.

      We have been told that every department in those countries will be affected in some way. We can only assume that every Head of State would be aware of what is coming. Our WH contact has taken calls from many of them in the past as part of his routine work. So, it stands they they are aware of it.

      Thank you!


      1. Hi follow up question…. If the exchange will only come in some point … Then we cant cash in on the first day of the announcement?

        Tnx again


      2. I made an appointment a week ago with a Chase private banker to discuss a large foriegn currency exchange. Today, I met with him. He invited three other bankers to sit in on the meeting. Bottom line: chase told me they will certainly exchange the dongs I have. When it ces to the dinar, they will call me (and six other people already on their sheet list) as soon as they hear of the rv from JP Morgan When they call me, they will give me info re the branch in my area that is exchanging dinar. He said only select branches will be doing that and that retail branches will likely have no info about it beforehand.


      3. travers33,

        You mentioned retail branches not knowing anything beforehand; is thier another kind of branch that may already have some knowledge of the event?

        Will the select branches only be branches located in large metro areas?


  7. Dear WHA

    Congrats on 100 fact checks! A great milestone!

    Need to ask… it says “watch your site”… what site?!! WHA site? OWON site? Or have I got the word “site” all confused?!

    I suppose the “weekend” thing was always a loose idea as this whole issue seems so fluid that it could all change at any point, so hanging onto a weekend for the announcement was always going to be subject to change. Weekend would obviously make sense, but anything can happen, so who knows maybe it’ll be on a Thursday lunchtime LOL.

    I think this idea of missing out on early rates isn’t going to be a problem for everyone as just cashing out at any realistic rate would be an amazing thing and allow a lot of us to go pay it back and help people with it. Of course the higher the better, but if it comes in and then falls to half of that rate, or even a third, I think people will still be happy with that. I know I will. I’m not the kinda guy who gets all “oh no! Yesterday I could have had double!” … I’m happy with even the crumbs that fell from the rotten scraps which came out of the trashcan! I’ll take that!! 🙂


  8. Thanks for the update!
    I wish we had some more information on where the exchange will be possible outside of the US. In Poland I did not find any bank or currency exchange office where the Dong is currently exchangable. Maybe that will change on the day the RV happens? My only option at this point is to quickly book a flight to London (where I found a company the deals with the Dong) on the day the RV happens. However that would implicate more time required to travel and without guarantee that I will succeed.

    Tony, any advice on the above? I’m hoping that you can provide some more insight on this matter, so that I can plan accordingly.

    Nevertheless, your and the White Hats efforts are greatly appreciated! You all deserve to rest!


    1. Hello,

      I wish I could offer advice on this but I can not simply because of my lack of familiarity with your country. You may have to conduct travel to exchange. If so, make sure the rate you expect upon arriving at the location is as you expect. Monitor it along the way with a smart phone or the like. I wish I knew the best course of action for you, but I simply do not.


      1. WHA, I appreciate you reply.
        Abby, I live in Poland. You are suggesting to contact the Vietnamese Embassy in Poland, right? That might be a good place to start. Thanks!


  9. Dear WHA,
    Thank you so much for this exciting update. I greatly appreciate you sharing this info from John’s site as I never seem to be able to find his various posts like this one when visiting over there. Again, I sincerely thank you WHA, John of OWoN and the amazing White Hats. May you all be protected and eternally blessed.Lets all keep our fingers crossed that the moment is now and we can begin turning our world around by each making a sincere compassionate contribution to all those in need..


    1. To do you currency exchange.

      The complexities of this event may point to a rapidly changing rate after the start. Those involved have told us that larger more organized groups will wet their beaks first, for reasons we cannot fully understand, and when it’s turn for the rest of us, we need to act quickly.


      1. WHA, Thank you for the update!!! I Also want you to know how much I appreciate you n your site!!! Thank you for all the info you bring!!! Lets hope this is it!!! Woot Woot!!!! have a great day everyone!!!


  10. Thanks so much for keeping us informed on this site. Would it be possible to post a link to John’s post above? I tried googling the site but couldn’t find the post. Thanks again, I feel we are close now! May universal prosperity sweep across our globe.


  11. Hello Tony
    John said to look for it from TUESDAY onwards. Has the plan changed so that the event will occur on a weekday now? Thank you.


    1. Hello,

      I do not know, but in any event, be ready.

      We were told that it could be in the early part of the week as well. Is Tuesday early? I suppose it could be, but I think at this stage we would take any day of the week. I would.

      Thank you!


  12. Just popped in to check new comments on FC 99 and lo and behold here is FC 100. My heart beat actually quickened with excitement when I saw it, and THAT never happens! Hope my heart knows the unknowable, that this is THE END. Hats off to the people who wear the White Hats, their trusty Auxiliary member(s) and even crusty ol’ John at OWofN. (Today Exogen has also stated “The good guys won!” Perhaps a coincidence, and perhaps not!)


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