We are getting daily help as needed from One World of Nations and they are looking after us as well as looking out for us. It is not going out anywhere but OWoN or WHA. 

Once the rates are known, and the PPs transacted, WHA will be advised how to rapidly assist.

Yes, we do care.

Once exchange procedures are known, WHA will advise you all.

OWoN will know instantly as it goes to London. 

Our questions are being handled courteously and with polite responses.

OWoN has direct access to both the Chinese Elders and M1, plus Reno so there is no better place to be. 

However,  they will not hold dialog with Gurus or parties with bad attitudes, as is their right, so please be patient. 

Whether this week or next, be assured, they are very much in the fight.  
Once it is fully qualified it will be shared with us so we can help further.

Please understand the magnitude of this message. Please continue to conduct yourselves as adults. Your courtesy and cooperation has been appreciated!



  1. Good evening folks.
    WHA has john mentioned anything today? And has your wh contact mentioned anything on the rv being very close?


  2. The one thing that I keep wondering with all the delays is more people are finding out about this GCR and investing a couple hundred dollars in VND. Which could potentially be a lot of $. Surely the more people that buy it’s going to cost more $ when the RV happens or doesn’t it matter is it all based on all the currency that is already printed and available world wide. Sorry if this sounds like a stupid question.


  3. With the release of WGS and GCR. Are we to understand, that is the end of the cabal in their control and manipulation of the of the world economy?


    1. Hello,

      I cannot answer that as an absolute. I would presume it would mean they would have far less influence. It is up to the people who step into the roles they will lose to act in a more humane and ethical fashion.

      It’s up to all of us to hold our elected leaders accountable.


      1. WHA Very true!! But the only way to be able to hold our elected politicians countable is for the voting not to be a rigged game!! Our votes do not count!! We have to get the money out of politics. Things need to change, There should be one champaign fund for all to donate too!! No special interest groups or person should be able to give to a certain candidate or party!!! The money should than be divided between all the candidates evenly! That should be all they are aloud to run on!! That levels the playing field!! Then n only then can people start holding our elected officials accountable!!! Too many special interest groups handing out millions to one candidate making the game completely rigged!! We have to get the money out of it!!


  4. This kinda lines up to .

    Tuesday, March 18, 2014
    Why We Are Teetering on the Brink of a Global Monetary Meltdown
    From: Bix Weir
    Date: Tue, Mar 18, 2014 at 12:50 PM
    Subject: Why We Are Teetering on the Brink of a Global Monetary Meltdown

    What we are experiencing is no accident. It is not some random event brought on by the greed and deceit of a system full of corrupt bankster types.

    This was all well planned. Planned very carefully back in the late 1960’s by a handful of Americans heavily connected to the financial system who knew our country was in serious trouble.

    Originally, it was Fed chairman Arthur Burns and his young protege, Alan Greenspan, that had decided to take on the Bad Guys. Greenspan was one of the first computer programming experts in the world. Along with his childhood friend, John Kemeny, he invented the very first sharable computer programming language called BASIC and incorporated it into our banking system in the early 1970’s. In a way, Alan Greenspan INVENTED the electronic money we so dearly covet today!

    Greenspan used this programming skill, along with the immunity given by the Federal Government, to rig the financial markets and control the unbacked fiat monetary system for over 40 years. A miraculous feat by any standards.

    These two articles spell out how it happened and what the ultimate END GAME is…

    The Original Road to Roota
    Greenspan’s Golden Secret

    Believe it or not we are on the brink of something extraordinary happening to our way of life and if you can hang on long enough for it to work through the inevitable birthing pains…you will experience an awakening like never before!


    – A world with no debt.
    – A world with no poverty.
    – A world of no war.
    – A world of no disease or hardship.
    – A world free of ruthless controllers.
    – A world where The Golden Rule is law.
    – A world where you can experience your true calling in life.

    These are just some of the things that are possible directly following the END of unbacked, fiat money. This is the world as we CAN MAKE IT….

    …if we choose to.

    May the Road you choose be the Right Road.

    Bix Weir


    1. ”alan greenspan decided to take on the bad guys”??? Greenspan IS one of the worst of the bad guys. Very instrumental in getting us to this place of disparity.


  5. I just wanted to bring attention to something that is never talked about, or even known. We have all been struggling and battling and scratching our heads about how to get rid of the Fed. I was just reading a couple days ago an article stating that ”the u.s. government can buy back the Fed at any time for 450 million dollars, according to the Congressional Record”.
    I dont have information as to where in the Record that is stated, maybe some Researcher can find it for us all.


    1. SI video address to BO from M1 (9-11-2013): (skip to 6:00)

      Now refer to the “History of Banking” where it describes a 3 part control structure OW-H-C. From the video we find:

      Owner (OW) = BIS
      Holder (H) = IMF Director
      Programmer (assume this is the Controller (C)) = FED

      From here we have my thoughts and conjecture digested from a year of clues.

      The SI-M1 plan includes the BIS, IMF, and the FED so I assume that the current system will be foreclosed upon after a triggered currency-derivatives collapse. The global banking infrastructure (buildings, computers, networks, SWIFT, and lower-level employees) can be liquidated, the Rothchilds gang evicted, and title passed in whole to new owners (the Elders?). The system could be totally reformed and repurposed for the new financial system. The FED is already insolvent and is only kept alive by accounting gimmicks. If their derivatives holdings were “marked to market” today and they were audited they’d instantly be beyond bankrupt and no amount of QE could save them.

      Last summer the chatter on the guru sites suggested to me that major financial software upgrades possibly named “Babylon” were being installed and tested world wide. The live tests were apparently causing some hiccups on the stock exchanges. Hodges stated in his May 15, 2013 CMKX announcement, “It means that the Global Currency Reset into the new international, fully transparent, all digital, 1024 bit encrypted banking system will happen as soon as it is possible.” I believe most of the new system is already in place. If this is the case, a hugely massive GCR could potentially be implemented over the weekend and hardly anyone would notice until they read their account statements. A recent comment in red above an article at OWoN indicates that funds would roll out in stages.

      Sounds like everything is ready to go from the bottom up – the top just has to pull the trigger and switch management teams at the extended FED facilities. If the cabal burns down the Fed infratructure on their way out the door we are in for some serious hardships as international trade will grind to a halt. If the BRIICS Bank is ready for business, and I kinda doubt that, they could save the world.

      Not sure how the TRN and other new currencies would fit in.



      1. Sure, I’ll take the bait.

        I think The Chaplain is right, this is the reset, not the collapse. (Santa makes the salient point that derivatives are very difficult to clear because so many are specialty performance contracts, nevertheless there are clearing houses set up.)

        The global banking structure cannot be liquidated; regardless of what changes, or how, we still need systems, trading platforms, and networks. The Eurasian Trade Zone is building a separate, physical network, but it’s not scheduled for completion until 2015, so I’m not sure what to make of that, i.e., if SWIFT can be circumvented by new software on existing infrastructure.

        I didn’t quite understand your comment about the Fed’s derivative holdings, or QE saving the Fed. I would say that is true of all of the major investment banks; maybe I misread your comment.

        Dr. Willie and JC Collins both theorize that China is taking over the Fed: U.S. Treasury debt is being consolidated under China. China is the second-largest holder already, so they get the Fed’s balance sheet too. I don’t fully get what China is doing. I’m sure you’ve noticed the two defaults, and the previous spikes in SHIBOR & 7-day Repo rate; PBOC is shouting loud-and-clear that they’re reigning-in the shadow banking system, but I believe it will “not go gentle into that good night.” They may be planning to bite the bullet and let their currency deflate before the reset, or perhaps as a part of it. You may have noticed they just widened the CNY’sdaily trading band from 1% to 2%.

        Dr. Willie theorizes that the BRICS bank will be used to recycle U.S. Treasurys back through the west, primarily London.

        The Nazee/Narco-barons are being evicted, as the castle-dwellers move the flagship to China.

        I’m beginning to think that the gift to the people of the US from the rest of the G-20 is slowness. (Marketwatch said milk products are only going up 10%, for now.)

        If the Nazee/Narco-barons succeed in pushing too hard in the Ukraine, they will push us, here in the US, right off of a cliff. But, it is possible that what is happening there is primarily theater, to provide a ready scapegoat as we begin our major devaluations.


      2. Trvlr,

        You may be right about a Lindsey-Sinclair scenario for 2015/16 timeframe.

        I think we agree – the FED will remain minus the current owner-managers.

        FED holdings – In short, they are insolvent an a collapse could be triggered at any time by various triggers, most obviously a mass Treasury dump would start the dominoes falling then interest rate deriviatives would EXPLODE.

        I am also confused about China, there’s 2 of them, the Elders and the Communists.

        I’m wondering if Willie’s source, “The Voice”, is the same as “V” at roguemoney net.

        Thanks for the comments. I’ll be making some adjustments…


  6. There were comments this morning, March 17, from a NESARA badged website suggesting Jack Lew had made statements about the new gold backed currency while in Brazil yesterday. I was not able to see any reference to this in any other media. Do you know anything about this? Thank you.


    1. Hello,

      If you are referring to John Machaffie’s site, I would be cautious. He does not take the time to check any information and his confirmations are often wrong. I have not received any word that Mr, Lew made any such announcement. I am sure it would have been covered in the media had he made such statements.


      1. You are correct with your supposition. As a habit I do not rely on media that does not invite comment and his website does not. While perhaps well-intentioned, mis information is damaging to any surrounding truth when held in the same light. Thank you for your precaution.


        1. You are most welcome!

          Thank you for being here. All of us working together, to watch and fact check, are a formidable weapon against dead ends and false reports that only serve to cause stress were it is not needed. That is why this blog exists and all of you are a part of that spirit.


  7. Hello Tony
    John had advised on checking the (forex) sites twice daily from this Tuesday onwards. Would you be able to advise on the best time of the day to check these sites…ie if the rates were to change, would it show in the morning or afternoon or evening (EST or GMT)? Thank you.


    1. Hello.

      I would simply check a few times a day. I think those rates are updated frequently. You can also watch the respective central bank sites for each country. Those should be updated frequently as well.
      Banks usually take the forex rate at the close of each trading day in London time to adjust their rates.


    2. CS — I recall john saying to ”check the Sites, such as this one or OWoN twice a day, starting Tuesday’ (which is today). I don’t think he said ”forex”. ?


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