I have received information to share with you at this time. To clarify a few points concerning  all of you:
  • One World of Nations fully knows and understands how deeply important it is to all of you. For that reason, we have been assured that as soon as anything clears, WHA will be advised directly, and any further guidance given. Only two sites (OWoN and WHA) will be given this guidance. We will be looked after and helped.
  • Also, no, the OWoN parties do not have any grandiose attitudes. Please be assured of that. They always treat WHA respectfully and with a humble attitude. But, trouble usually finds those who ask for it, so please, now is not the time to act like a clown.  
  • There is a truly sensitive understanding of the need to help you all with clear information when possible.
  • There is also a clear lock down right now so as not to risk disrupting the process or stirring up Guru sites.

I am forever grateful for the assistance you are all giving this site. The White Hats, their associates and staff, are grateful to you for your patience as they work on the final stages of this monumental undertaking. 



  1. There is a forever tomorrow quality unfortunately that is taking shape here. I do like your way of doing things and saying things but I do feel your affiliation with OWon s as his puppeteering you a little bit! We can’t say his name and we were told over and over the exclusivity of him giving information when in fact with the press of a button it’s all over the other sites immediately. There was a lot of focus on his qualities after he was getting a lot of heat from every corner of feedback on this site. He had to take the ego position of importance up the Stakes of him being in the know and it being imminent To say it did not deliver because of liquidity problems which seems like a 101 they would’ve known about. Meanwhile he gets to be all elevated divert from all the ways he was being called Out! Why would you buy him so hook line and sinker it seems so manipulative on his part . Others say he’s been doing this for 10 years same I looked into TNT Tony tony renfrow hes been doing this for years. Google it higher sensibilities same pattern! To recapture the integrity of this site and your hard work please take a step back and evaluate who are your sources apart from OWOn. Whose name we can’t say!! Tony restore our faith if you can. you seem to say that if it did not come to pass this you would check with your higher sources apart from OWOn now that it has all evaporated you said that last week. I am not saying not to take into consideration his information I am saying is there not any other backing With white hats besides owon it seemed to be when the site was going before that. I am impressed with the intelligence and discernment of some of the non-Kool-Aid drinkers. We want the deeper truth that you were providing not I’m giving it to you I’m taking it away I’m the power!! Not you doing that at all. Just enabling that for good intentions !!


  2. Tony, I do not see your email address on here anymore, so can you give my email address to Vicxter please, at his request.
    Also is there any more update from Hodges of late?


  3. Yes thanks to one and all for where we are with this. Exciting times!!

    Can’t help thinking all of these bankers flying out of windows has something rather big to do with this. Or something else which is yet to be revealed..?



  4. Thank you White Hats, WHA and John for all the wonderful and timely information you have been providing. Thank you for your tireless efforts on behalf of the good people on this planet, and the planet itself. It is much appreciated by so many. I’ve been lurking for weeks/months and thought it was time to at least make a thank you post. Here’s hoping that we are all blessed so that we can bless others too!


  5. Dear WHA, DEFINITELY THANK YOU for all your patience and faithfulness and for caring and being here for us. John too. Like so many, I silently watch and read very selectively and pray and do what I can to improve my small corner of the world. But since John’s blog on the finiteness of cash available overall, I have I have a thought that keeps coming back and would like to ask: Would it be possible for those in charge to save some aside for the multitude of friends we all likely have that we gave a small amount to so they could also be blessed when the time came? Many of these don’t even have a computer! But they have big hearts and will bless those in their own world and families with the little they have, just as we will with the bit more we have. I suspect many of these have 5,000 to 50,000 dinar max. I am more than willing to receive less per each dinar if it can be spread out to more folk. And I bet most out here feel the same. Hopefully. 🙂 At that msg of John’s, I gave it all to The Lord and relinquished all emotion and desire, even of the good I thought to do with it. For I well know HE is able to take care of each of us fully without one dime coming from the dinar…if it came to that. Yet, the dominion mandate formerly given the beast nations and systems is now finished and the good all of you are working to do–you, John, the White Hats, White Knights, Benjamin, The Chinese Elders and Royal Families, Kennen and all others who are working both silently behind the scenes and in the open on behalf of all humanity will prevail. WE will all prevail. LOVE WINS IN THE END! Our Father’s love WILL PREVAIL. And the amazing thing is, that love extends even to those who would destroy us! So to all of you (from all of us who rarely surface, if ever), we send our love and blessings!


    1. Just wanted to mention that 50,000 dinar would be roughly $45-50 USD. I would guess most dinar owners have more than that. Most currency sites have minimums that exceed that number.


    2. I might suggest that if you ”want to take less”…….all you would have to do is Give away what you get. That should satisfy your desire to become broke again in a very short time, lol. As for me, I want the highest amount possible, so that I will have more excess To give to others and help alleviate the pain of some others.


  6. Thank You For The Updates And Positive Attitude And Information that You Provide. I Was Told That The Treasury Reserve Notes Would Be Released On Or Near The 20Th. Your Opinion Please.? Thank you.


  7. THANK YOU ALL SO VERY MUCH!! From the bottom of my heart, for even the chance of raising myself out of lifelong poverty, I am sincerely and profoundly grateful. When this goes down and I enter PANIC mode trying to get the instructions straight, I may forget my manners and forget to say how much I appreciate the White Hats, One World of Nations (especially John) and Tony here at the White Hats Auxillaries… all the effort, all the blood sweat and tears, delays, missed family time, waiting For-Ever… THANK YOU!!!!

    Let the Lockdown continue!!

    MUMs the word. No one say a thing and just let it happen.

    THANK YOU!!!!



  8. Corroborated from white hats not collaborated with white hats Noticed typo. Bottom line besides coming from John’s at one world itdo you have other verifying information during this sensitive time. Thanks


  9. So exciting to have had so many new Fact Checks in the past… 96(?) hours. What better evidence could we have that progress is indeed being made. Just occurred to me that perhaps we have always looked at the old adage “nice guys finish last” in entirely the wrong light. “Last” not because nice guys lose, but last because nice guys stick it out to the end, and therefore WIN. We all know the nice guys are the good guys. And we also know the good guys wear WHITE hats.We can bestow honorary white hats to the auxiliary members WHA Tony and OWofN John. Blessings to all. Be safe.


  10. Hi WHA as everyone is saying thank you so much for your continued grace under pressure! Humility is a great quality and I think furthers everybody’s life arrogance the opposite. So are you saying that you have collaborated which you said you going to do later in the week that John’s info is directly in alignment from the Whitehats? I will hold the best of intentions. I just want to voice a small concern in the best spirit that things seemed to escalate coming against John with all the people piping in about his various factors. It was accumulating and I just wanted to make sure that with certain personalities they have to then up the ante to take the power back. I’ve seen TNT Tony that I’m not comparing any of these people who do it all the time. When his factors seem to be waning and his number seems to be up he will up the ante with more juice higher rates whatever it is to get the spotlight away from critical thinking and more on him having the power. I just had a small concern that that might’ve been part of John’s approach but perhaps not I’m open-minded and humble. But I did wonder if you had a confirmation directly with white hats?? Reasonable question with all the stops and starts that have gone on for different reasons


    1. John and the White Hats are on the same team, which is to say, they are pretty much holding hands on the merry-go-round. As has been stated previously, John is confirmed in his position, which is considerably high up. I cannot go into more details.

      Although I do not fully understand your question, there is no need to delve into such worries at this time. The people who are working on this are not going to be removed or replaced, as best I know. So, love them or hate them, they are working hard to bring the matter off.

      With that in mind, I would shift attention to more pressing matters in your local environment.

      Thank you for your understanding.


    2. I truly understand where Kelly is coming from…….We have heard so many guru opinions for so many years and nothing they say is true. They are on one big ego trip. It is so refreshing to know that we now have the truth coming to us and we can definitely trust what WHA tells us. He works hard on our behalf and is a big player in the final outcome of our long journey. How do I know this – I know him and you can believe every word he tells you.


    1. WHA, Thank you for the update!! it is greatly appreciated!! Thank you to all in this fight for freedom!!! lets hope this is it!!! Woot Woot!!


  11. WHA,

    Thank you as always for your endeavor and willingness to share with us the truth being shared to you. Heartfelt thanks as well to the WH for tirelessly working behind the scenes for righteousness to prevail.Truly grateful for your efforts to keep us informed. Hoping this is it, and that all of us in whatever program we may be in, will finally be able to get off this ride- prosperous and blessed that we may be a blessing to many others.


  12. So appreciate the spirit of mutual cooperation between WHA & OWoN. The Three Musketeers facilitating
    the delivery of reliable and trustworthy information for us truth seekers.


  13. WHA, John and WH,

    Thank you for all you are doing to collaborate, support us and see this through. Godspeed to everyone!

    Scott C


  14. A clear and concise explanation during such an exciting time in our lives, yet it has a calming effect allowing everyone to keep grounded in the moment and realizing just how fortunate we are to be a part of this momentous event. Thank you.


      1. To reiterate part of the only comment I’ve ever made prior to this one on your blog; “…thank you in advance for the info you will soon receive,” …I am very much focusing all the energy I can muster on this latest post being relevant to that comment. Please thank the front lines in my behalf, and thanks to you again for making this effort for all of us.


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