Greetings, I have new information from the front lines. It reads as follows: 

As a result of Global Liquidity issues under intense dialog, new asset re-evaluations will cause both RV and Dong, plus other issues, to carry into next week. This is pre-advising all. Details can not be expanded on, but each day we will define what is unfolding when safe to do so.
There is a full and comprehensive understanding of its importance to all. No one is under any illusions as to scale of needs for many.
The purpose of OWoN and WHA  is to help, assist and enlighten all for what is coming. 
Please continue to prepare yourselves, and, as written above, we will keep you updated as we receive information from the front lines. Thank you all for your continuing courtesy and cooperation.




    Hello WHA,

    Jim Willie, among others, nailed this one on the head.

    This will not be a pretty picture for the EU and US cabal if/when it is potentially signed in ink come May. I figure the negotiations are already finished but the announcement is in May for the energy deal with these BRICS nations. (goodbye petro dollar)

    Thanks as always for your patience and persistence.


    1. WHA
      Please let me know your thoughts.

      Vlastimil March 20, 2014 at 3:07 PM

      Is Israel getting ready to strike Syria???? There are rumors about that as well as Iran. Cameron was visiting that blood thirsty idiot not long ago….so he got probably some hints right about what part of the game UK should play, right…..

      Why is $ not being crushed so that this fascist game is over and we might think of peace and not worry if any psycho will launch nukes….

      OWoN March 21, 2014 at 2:04 AM


      Israel has been waiting for its chance to sucker in the US and strike Iran. The Kazakh blood Empire of evil seeks dominance of the Middle East and an intelligent, progressive nation like Iran,stands in their way. So, they will do what they always do which is coerce the US into another war. Now Jews and Zionists run America they can manipulate all they seek. This is no longer the land of the free, it no longer has an operating Constitution, it is financially indebted to one group.who also now hold most key Military and Agency positions, and key Government roles. America has left the reservation as a Democracy and is now the worlds premier Terrorist State.
      Most other World Leaders are bought out very quickly as well as financially tied to the singular world settlement currency, with all the risks of your country being derailed it its withdrawn. The world is in bondage to a lunatic position which is now as great a growing threat to most decent Americans who are disenfranchised in their own birth land.
      Until the world gets Leaders who themselves are fit for office, it will only deteriorate.
      Nuclear and chemical weapons will only proliferate in the hands of other terrorist States, so what lies ahead unfolding is not good. It is less if than when.
      Unless we educate and rid the world of these false Blood oath religions and build a Global society fit to live in, it will only get worse. What sort of species willingly circumcise their male and female children? I had to have one of my sons done for medical reasons at 4 and its a truly appalling thing to do to any human if not needed. They need a stick to their heads.
      Vlastimil, what lies ahead will only get worse. All freedoms are being ever more eroded.
      scott foyMarch 21, 2014 at 7:41 AM


      Based on your comments the only recourse would be a march on DC, as electing honest leaders to do what is right by the American people is not the answer. Its not the answer because they become bribe-able or put them selves in position to be blackmailed, no the only way as I see it is to take it back. I am a peaceful man and I understand what you and the fine group of patriots who are working extremely hard are trying achieve for the entire globe, but if its DC that is holding this up holding the world hostage for their own benefit then we the American people need to get off our dead asses and help move this along. I know there is a march scheduled for this May nor sure how organized it is but I`m signed up as I believe every true American who has had enough of their freedoms being eroded and systematically taken from them should do.


      OWoN March 21, 2014 at 9:00 AM

      Absolutely right 1,000%. Every American bar NONE needs to get off their asses and go. All can car or truck or Bus share and all need to unite. Chip in together. Its your right to exist now. Stop this Zoo.
      Take Tar and Feathers and round them up. Descend on the Fed and Treasury. Tar and Feather the lot and both Houses. March on Wall Street Tar and Feather loaded.
      Let every armed American become an army of the people. Arrest the DOJ criminals and take them away. Tear down the Agencies. Deal with their cars parked. March on the Pentagon and NSA. Stop these wars and remove these Whores. Take bolt cutters and tapes. There can be no peace ruled by criminals. Take the Supreme's into Custody for Treason. Then march on Crawford Texas. Rodent extractors. They are happy to cause revolutions in other nations. How about one to restore democracy to decent Americans?


    1. Yes,

      We are a “miss information” site. Please refer to “batgirl” from now on for all your information.

      She is where all world leaders get their information, and all their deeper concerns are laid at her feet.

      Of course, I kid.


  2. …it is a giant game of broken telephone where the truth and original message becomes so distorted by the time it surfaces that it is completely and entirely false. I do not doubt that there are good people working towards good things, but I think what they are capable of is grossly distorted. I don’t think any of these people have any hope of changing or improving anything. The masses are sheep, ready to be herded in any direction that is needed by those in control. I hope I am wrong about all of this, but my gut feeling has seldom disappointed. Currency speculation is one thing, but people should not be led to believe that this will be an imminent event or a windfall.


    1. I look within for the truth and decide for myself what resonates with me. If good guys win, they will be able to take back the media and wake up many sheeple. The reset is supposed to bankrupt the cabal and put money in the hands of good guys who can help humanity. Once money has served it’s purpose, I expect it to become obsolete with the release of advanced technology, including free energy.


  3. Wha it looks like the same old story of much ado about nothing. We still have no proof of anything happening and everything we are told is possible, rumor or just trust us. The only thing that seems different is the certainty with which people talk about something happening soon. A currency dealer said this whole thing depends on believing in some conspiracies. As I predicted it would not happen this week, I don’t think it will happen next week or even the next month. If you look at the track record of this site and other sites you see a pattern. There is so much false hope. I predict we will soon hear another excuse as to why it is being delayed and there is no proof of anything. Good guys finish last. What do you say?


    1. I am also skeptical but am keeping an open mind. White hats say the reset can happen anytime in 2014. I wish them all the luck in the world.


  4. I was surprised that no one seemed to address what was written in FC 103.

    At first I missed it as well. Using the term “liquidity issues” threw me off. But the term “re-evaluting assets” was unmistakable and did refer back to liquidity issues.

    It has come to my mind that oil and natural gas has seemingly played a big part in valuing asset backing of currencies. However, with the commitment to free energy on the horizon, oil and natural gas may not have that much medium or long term value.

    But the folks in the know would have understood that long ago. So it seems that these assets are now being downgraded and more gold backing required. That is a huge deal. But it had to have been anticipated long before this stage.

    What it does speak into is the erroneous contact values placed on the Dinar under private placement. Need I say more?

    No need to comment at this time.



    1. I’m glad it’s not my job to value assets on a global basis. How does one value a toxic paper assets such as mortage backed securities where the homeowners are underwater or in forclosure? China’s paper assets are imploding. Expensive fracking wells are often depleted so fast that they don’t pay for themselves. Saudi oil reserves may not be anywhere near what is officially reported. Those at the top definitely have their hands full.


  5. I need help understanding the following from OWoN. Thank you.

    A new Bretton Woods alternative is in very advanced negotiation right now. Cant say more.

    The battle is with the US having its claws torn away from the percentage vote and veto demanded with a world who knows what that Varmint Pack will do if not reigned back. So, you can surmise, not happy campers.


      1. WHA

        FROM OWoN

        scott foy March 20, 2014 at 12:02 PM

        Not to change subject matter here but just how instrumental is the Bretton Woods Committee in all of this. Browsing through the web site its like a who`s who of cabal members and was curious if this think tank was one of the many hurdles you and the good guys were trying to over come. If I`m being to nosy by all means let me know, just very curious by nature.

        OWoN March 21, 2014 at 2:09 AM

        A new Bretton Woods alternative is in very advanced negotiation right now. Cant say more.
        The battle is with the US having its claws torn away from the percentage vote and veto demanded with a world who knows what that Varmint Pack will do if not reigned back. So, you can surmise, not happy campers.

        Vlastimil March 21, 2014 at 3:42 AM

        If that 1.1 T$ was not granted to NAZI fascist in US we would be somewhere else today…

        I stand on this ……, somebody should be responsible for that!!!!!!!!!!

        OWoN March 21, 2014 at 4:03 AM

        A number of parties asked us what this nonsense was circulating from the mind of Disneyland parties relating to Reno. Major Gold backed releases, you are all going to be rich. What mindless imbeciles are given air time, and we noted, more appeals for contributions. Why does anyone with any gray cells left even key into such sites? Let alone fund them.
        They are an insult to intelligence. giving false hope to truly desperate people. It's cruel apart from imbecilic. Why pay to be insulted?

        In this Global village of nations, where the chain linked dependencies affect us all, this latest trade deficit and liquidity shortfall impacting on China, at the very time it is also trying to reign in its Shadow Banking illegal lenders, is now coming home to roost on the Private Dong and part Dinar deals. Ever more assets are now called for to underpin the Cash Call to fund it all. So, another paper chase ensues. Nothing is easy, and nothing is done. Ever more pressures on the front line teams hemorrhaging cash, living daily stress, carrying Bankers and the hopes of nations, is no easy task. With armies of Wombats screaming on every site,gimme, gimme, gimme more. Demi has been replaced. Its becoming a Global village of Macbeth and the three witches.

        The Guru sites entice in and solicit ever more. These are all uncharted waters. There are no absolutes or guarantees and a lot of Sharks are loose. Be careful. Only risk what you can afford to lose.
        Despite all the best applied efforts of a number of good Patriots embedded into Reno trying for all, even they suffer the consequential knock backs of Global capital shortfalls. Reno has its Sharks attracted also, step with care.
        Until there is a resolution to the Chinese liquidity dichotomy, expect delays. Banks can only fund against secured positions. Even those are geared.
        There are other initiatives being explored, but being withheld from Blogger sites for good reason to stop aiding abusive Gurus from reckless and ruthless marketing.
        Liquidity is key to all as the Ponzi circus plays out its ever declining hand.
        Too many, are hoping for too much. Any likely solution will be phased. Who gets what and when, and who is a priority. That will be determined by power not need. Real world rules.
        All we can do is advise when it is safe and appropriate to do so. The Client positions have to be safeguarded first. We are ONLY keeping this and the WHA site in the loop and no others.
        Attendant responsibilities go with these releases and we are again respectfully aware of all parties standing and needs.
        Next week we and the WHA will give you a factual update of any progression realities. Reno is the new Alamo fighting for the remaining heart and Soul of America. Nothing is easy.


  6. Hello,

    To prevent unneeded traffic or inquiry, please do not refer to “john” any further. Please use the term “OWoN”.

    This is a courtesy to prevent unneeded traffic or attention that may result from the subject matter being discussed on this blog. Any such references, from now on, will be removed from this blog, or edited as needed.

    Thank you, and please continue to watch for additional updates as they are released.



  7. Dear white hats auxiliary , thank you so much for all of you have given us ! And help making all the dramatic changes to our lives .. I have a question I’m not sure if anyone has dinar if they could tell me if they have serial numbers on each and every note ? and thank you so much for all your efforts ..


  8. I Just Read The Latest News On Iraq. The Article Is Titled ” As Bad As It Gets”. If Anyone Can Take The Time To Read This Short Article And Help Me Understand How A Country On The Verge Of Another Civil War Can Possibly Take Aim At A Currency Revaluation. Thank you.


    1. I cannot speak to be an expert on Iraqi politics, but I do remember at one time the USA not only was on the verge of a civil war, they flat out fought one. Through it all, the gold standard stood until it was replaced, in peacetime, without a shot being fired.

      I somehow do not think a civil war in Iraq would be any worry to an event that is world-wide. Plus, there is always going to be someone wanting to start something in some country over anything.

      A link to the information you have shared would be helpful.

      Thank you!


    2. Joe B,

      Three separate subjects… the Iraq Dinar RV vs. the GCR vs. the WGS!

      First, the World Global Settlements (WGS) re-distribute a shitload of assets to re-balance the global playing field, and wipe out the Cabal stranglehold.
      Then, the Global Currency Reset establishes adjusted international trade values for several currencies, based on audited REAL assets.
      Then, according to many Dinarians… the Iraqi Dinar (IQD) which has long been under-valued, is due to rise significantly in value.

      TIMING? It’s starting to look like a variation of the popular saying; “April Showers bring May Flowers”.


  9. A mainstream attempt to wake up the sheeple!

    “Last week, something remarkable happened. The Bank of England let the cat out of the bag. In a paper called “Money Creation in the Modern Economy”, co-authored by three economists from the Bank’s Monetary Analysis Directorate, they stated outright that most common assumptions of how banking works are simply wrong, and that the kind of populist, heterodox positions more ordinarily associated with groups such as Occupy Wall Street are correct.”

    Click to access qb14q102.pdf


    1. David, you are so correct; the average american citizen still has no idea how banking really works. If they did, they would go ballistic, and realize how they have been robbed by banks, and the very reason why they are broke, or living payday to payday, etc.
      In essense, everybody who took out any bank loan, it was your own Signature which the bank used to create the very money which they ”told” you they were loaning to you, but in reality it was your OWN money they loaned to you, and then deceptively told you you owed THEM. This is nothing but a big lie. Tom Schauf explains all this in his book called ”America’s Hope” which I read back in the 90’s.

      We need fearless men and women to stand up to these theives, unless the White Hats are able to get rid of this Enemy of us all…….the unFederal Reserve Bank-sters from which is all stems.


      1. I posted this article with a link to RTS. I am just waiting for money to become obsolete as all money is just an IOU note. Then poverty will be history as well and we will have all our wants and needs met with advanced technology. The whole concept of money is a cabal scam designed to impoverish the 99%. Let’s hope good guys can force the mainstream media to out much bigger truths to sheeple so we can do our jobs.


  10. as im understanding it, there is a three step process, the first step is complete. the second step the is the rv, will we be cashing in when this rv happens? the third step is the gcr, when the gcr happens currencies such as the dollar will devalue, what will happen to the british pound?. what im getting at, is when this happens will we be losing out when the gcr happens? the other thing im curious about is, what is the possibility of banks doing bail ins when we have cashed out, (before the gcr happens) to me it seems like a good window for banks to be able to get rid of some debt on their books? im i just looking to far into this or is it possible?



    1. Hello,

      As I understand it, the term GCR is the overall description of the RV. Revaluation is a re-set. The technical aspects, the sequences and processes are not entirely known and it is not really important that we know it. When the final signature is affixed to whatever document that it needs to be affixed to, then it all proceeds. The revalue, the release of funds into the hands of the paymasters, and they will pay whomever they are required to pay.

      I cannot comment on what, if anything, will happen to the Pound. That is way beyond my understanding. The FRN’s will devalue over time. The new issue TRN will not.

      I cannot speak to bail ins. That is up to the government’s of each country, and I am under the impression that restoring fiscal policy to include asset backed money may negate that from happening. That is just my personal hope and opinion.

      We will have to wait and see just what happens.

      Thank you.


  11. So many times i see references to “Reno”

    Could you please explain a little more about the importance of “Reno”?

    Thanks a lot!

    Keep up the great work!!


    1. Plainly speaking, it’s where some important people are assigned to work on this matter. I once asked, “why Reno?”. I was told that it was simply where they were assigned. Nothing more was offered.

      My personal feeling is that it is because of the relative remoteness of the city, which is well insulated against large scale riot or insurrection, as well as being listed as one of the safest places to be in the event of same.

      Thank you.


      1. As I have read before, because Nevada is the gambling capital of the world and more cash flows through the state than anywhere else, Reno is used as the mega-center for currency distribution/shipping. It’s where they literally bundle, palletize and ship most of the currency flow in the America.

        I’m sure this plays at least a small part as to why Reno is so central to a reset/RV process.


  12. I finally got around to reading some older but not ancient articles at OWoN. The comments under this one from earlier in March has the regulars discussing the problems in triggering a reset event via dollar collapse – no country wants to be the first to pull the trigger as it would be considered an act of war. It was suggested that England could dump some Treasuries – it would raise their standing in the world. Or we could and should do it ourselves. Interesting read and difficult subject.

    The article itself is about an entirely different subject.



    The truth is out: money is just an IOU
    THIS is a must read article!!! The Truth IS out!!!! This is transparency in it’s finest moment in the financial world and in the eyes of the general public: Money is just an IOU.

    The following is an article by The Guardian News Paper, and a pdf copy of the original document that this article is based upon.

    This is a revelation of epic proportions coming directly from withIN the banking industry, from the Bank of England itself. Of course, this isn’t the “whole” truth, and really it is just barely scratching the surface, BUT is is a huge piece of the puzzle. WE know all of this information, but to see it being put out like this is a moment that makes me want to jump up and down and point and chant “Itoldyaso, Itoldyaso, Itoldyatoldyatoldyasooooooo!!!”

    (full article in above link. How will this truth affect the reset? What makes the reset different besides being gold backed? Thanks white hats for your intel and let us know what you think of this article.)


  14. All, maybe someone can shed some light on this. I heard the ideal thing is to set up an Inter-vivos trust, gift whatever Dinars / Dongs you have to the trust prior to RV (you are the trustee) and open up a bank account in the name of the trust. Forgive me if steps are off or I left something out since I’m trying to get information on how to proceed with this. Can someone shed light on this procedure or provide links to good information on how to do this?


    1. An Inter-vivos trust is also called a Living trust. These are great for avoiding probate. Everyone with substantial assets should have one, but this won’t save you on taxes for the increase in value of the currency.

      I would recommend you seek professional advice so they can examine your family needs.


    2. I am in no sense an expert on this, but I’ve read of lot of pure crap written by people who pretend to know what they are talking about. (And I mean outside of WHA’s blog – someone else left an interesting comment about a trust owning either all or part of a business.) Let me share a few thoughts, and I promise, I won’t stray into something I’m unsure of without stating so. (I am not in any sense a financial or advisor or expert, and I am writing from the perspective of someone in the U.S.A.)

      First, I think it is John, of OWoN, who was trying to make the not-well-received point that suddenly coming into any large sum of money is rife with entanglements most people aren’t accustomed to.

      Having said that, the main point to be made is that, if someone buys or invests in something, and realizes a significant financial gain, then as soon as that gain is realized (i.e., “cashed in”), then that person will be liable for federal taxes on either a short-term or long-term gain.

      Trusts can serve different purposes. Among those are:
      1) avoiding a personal capital gain (and hence avoiding the related taxation on the gain),
      2) helping to shield assets from legal claims (such as lawsuits),
      3) in some sense, side-stepping inheritance taxes.

      Concerning 1):
      If one realizes the gain and then establishes the trust, of course they’d have lost this advantage. In order to realize this advantage, there is the complication of getting the physical cash into the legal possession of the trust, or some entity that belongs to the trust (such as an investment corporation). I suspect it can be done, but I don’t know anything about it. One may need to establish a bank account in those currencies (which I don’t think is possible in the U.S.A.).

      Concerning 2):
      Any trust adds a layer of protection, but offshore trusts add an additional layer of protection. Wise choice of jurisdiction is very important.

      Concerning 3):
      There is a way to use an offshore trust so that once you, the Grantor of the trust, have passed on, your beneficiaries and their heirs have no tax responsibilities to the U.S. government at all in any way. (There’s a reason why the inheritors of family fortunes are sometimes caught in shenanigans offshore.)

      You specifically mention that you would be the Trustee, but I’m pretty sure that is not true. You would be the Grantor of the trust, and you may name yourself (and probably other people and/or entities) as Beneficiaries of the trust, and if the trust is written to include a “Protector,” that would most likely be you as well. The Trustee would be the custodian of the trust, and if you were the custodian, then you’ve created a nightmare tax entanglement, wherein it seems like it would be very difficult to defend one’s self-beneficial action.

      Many people have mentioned their intentions to primarily help others. A charitable foundation, created by you, can be one of, or the only, beneficiary of a trust, if one so chooses, as can any organization the Grantor may choose.

      Seek professional help! (And DO NOT necessarily trust any Tom, Dick, Harry, or Jane who happens to be an attorney, a CPA, or anything else. Many “professionals” are “one-trick ponies” who only know enough to get people into one-size-fits-all solutions.)

      Choose the trust’s jurisdiction wisely, choose the custodian wisely, and be prepared to pony-up a bit of a wad to get the ball rolling. In all seriousness, if one is fully confident of the IQD (and or VND) revaluation, then it seems like setting up a trust is the best way to preserve the new-found wealth for anyone and their heirs, but you’ve got to have a high level of confidence in the RV to pony-up the cash to do it in the best way.

      There may be simpler ways to still get advantages, such as a domestic trust holding an investment LLC that owns the currency, as an example. All I can do is repeat myself, seek professional help!

      I hope this has helped, even if only to get the wheels turning.


  15. Dear WHA,
    Thank you so much for this exciting update. Thank you also to John and the White Hats for all that you each do. You are all such a wonderful dedicated, hard working team,

    WHA I would at this time specifically like to offer you my sincere gratitude for the manner in which you have conducted yourself in the role you hold. Your sincerity, patience, understanding, work ethic, commitment and moral core shine through so beautifully. In other words you impress me enormously and I am extremely appreciative that I found your calm voice of clarity and reason in this whirlpool so many of us found ourselves in.
    Bless you all eternally.


  16. WHA what ever happened to the white hats web page update. It got stuck at 47.2
    They said update 48 was coming and it just never did.
    They mention this site as an official outlet. But that’s it.


    1. WH report #48 was not published because of the content and its ramifications to the completion of their work at this time. It was decided that it was best to not release it… at this time. It is my understanding that 48 is complete.

      Thank you.


      1. WHA,

        I’m presently here in Cambodia visiting friends. I plan to have my available USD exchanged to VND that is available among their local exchange vendors. Will the Dong I get here be treated any differently when the RV happens? I apologize if this topic was already tackled in your previous posts/discussions. Tia.


        1. Hello,

          Although I am not a currency seller or expert, I would not think that your VND would be treated any differently as a valid currency. I cannot speak to what impact the revalue will have in Cambodia, but I would think that the VND would be valid wherever it is used or exchangeable as an international currency.

          Thank you.


  17. Dearest and Wonderful White Hats, and Pure Hearts,

    First off may I express the deepest of gratitude to your hearts and souls for the courage and love you have for your fellow human…May this planet never experience this sort of slavery again, and may those with eyes to see and ears to hear become the watchers of the innocent ones…May we teach compassion and caring for one another…Freedom that is truly free is the blessing of life, but slavery that is disguised as freedom is a hell unto itself…

    Thank you, Thank you, and Thank you again for caring for my life, my freedom, my soul without even knowing me…



  18. I echo Trapper’s comment on wonderment that there are still good and honest people in this world of ours, willing to fight for the right causes. WHA, please let them know how much their efforts are appreciated and that in our small worlds, we are doing the same. Or at least trying hard to do the same.

    I am also a relative newcomer to this site but it feels like I must have been here before.



    1. Hello,

      I am still planning on trying to get more information, my schedule permitting. The only thing that may prevent it is the obvious position we are in at the moment – being so close.

      But, remember. CMKX is on the slate. Once funding is released, the paymasters will disburse funds according to their lists. The WGS, being the largest financial transaction in history, will make it possible.


  19. “At an end your rule is, and not short enough it was.” Yoda

    To all our Jedi Knights… thank you for bringing peace, justice, and a bright future to our galaxy. May the Force be with you, always.


  20. Very wise advice WHA, even without the family psychology background!

    Advice given to me was quite simple; don’t invest more than you could afford to lose gambling in Vegas. My speculations are very, very modest and my only wish is to provide a secure future for my family. I have no dreams of big money and I don’t want the burdens that come with it; I don’t worship mammon.

    I’ve read of families investing everything they own for this once in a lifetime shot at this, then losing it all because of believing in so called “gooroo’s”. It’s no wonder this currency speculation is considered a scam by the mainstream. So many have fallen for those false prophets promising wealth and watched them walk away with the “investor’s” hard earned money.

    I’m one of the newest readers of this blog and as before, my greatest appreciation to you and those you’re representing here. It’s almost unfathomable to believe there’s still “good” left in this crazy world and they want us to have control of our lives back in our own hands.

    Peace to all.


  21. My wife and son are pressing me to cash out of this investment right now. They are telling me that they have not seen any tangible evidence of anything happening and are losing faith. They do not want me to devote any more time to this and are saddened by how hopeful I have become. They want me and us to get on with our lives and they are convinced there will always be reasons given for delays and for this not happening. Part of me has me thinking the same. What can I say to them to buy some more time? Can you please explain in more detail what your latest update means? Blessings.


    1. Hello,

      Did you overdo your personal financial stake in the currencies you have to the point of stressing your family?

      First, this is NOT an investment. Investments are usually not with such expectations of increases that are anticipated with currency speculation. Critical funds should not be placed into any venture. The funds used for currency speculation or any speculative venture should be such that can easily be done without.

      That being said, I am wondering why your family would be urging you to cash in your currencies? If you followed proper risk management then your holdings should be of an almost insignificant impact to your family, and they should not have cause to bring such considerable pressure to bear on you.

      In detail, the update simply means what was written. Issues have come up and we are to expect more news very soon, with next week looking promising. We are now getting information from the ONLY place we want to get it from – those involved. Not “sources” or “contacts” or “my banker said…”..or “$32 rate” hogwash.

      I don’t know what more to suggest that you do because I am not fully aware of what you did to upset your family. If your holdings are modest and do not interfere with your families existence, then I suggest you simply pay more attention to them for now, and be pleasantly surprised later. Just how upset will you all be if you bail out now and see the new rates come in?

      However, if you placed your family in financial danger, then you best act accordingly to repair the damage.

      Lacking a degree in family psychology, I really do not think I am qualified to dive into whatever deeper issues may be affecting you and your family, simply because you bought some currency.

      Whatever you do, I wish you the best!


      1. WHA

        Here is some more from some back and forth between him and I, and if you really carefully read his last statement everyone should realize we are in good hands.


        john March 19, 2014 at 10:45 AM

        eyes wide open

        Timing is everything. Those who have made the journey and know, are working to turn it around. The report is to open minds to what is coming. What is beyond is infinite in power and being. Look at Bush now, wheelchair bound and senility. First the Gods make Mad those they seek to destroy. The Cabal is unwinding. Zionism will take a hit soon. Let us complete this task first. .


        scott foy March 19, 2014 at 12:10 PM

        Being in a wheelchair and senile is to good for that Demonic NAZI, the pain and torture he has ravished upon this planet will never be realized. From the Clinton`s, Idiot Jr, & now the current Fraud residing at 1600 he has been the puppet master of all, as his SS bloodline injected in him from REICH father Prescott. These cowards should not be able to just wander off into the sunset with the vast fortunes they have plundered, they need to be judged and held accountable by the people of this world.

        By the way a beautifully written article as I know it does coincide with my above statement. THX

        john March 19, 2014 at 12:47 PM

        But in his head he knows he is rotting and its all slipping away in front of his eyes. Before he controlled everything. Now he cant even control his bladder or dribbling chin. It will only get worse and his end here will not be in dignity as he rages inside his skull but won’t get the words out.
        The rot in that family runs deep. He cant take it with him, and you have no idea what awaits him.
        Life without end can also be purgatory without end. He will wish he could die.
        The American people do not need more Bushes. A Bushfire is better. Live.

        scott foy March 19, 2014 at 1:20 PM

        Can`t stop laughing at the last comment and picturing that old B****** in his chair with his drool bucket, I can actually feel your disdain for him.

        john March 19, 2014 at 1:47 PM

        Then understand who we are, the level we are at, and all the truly good things we stand for. We KNOW what, and who is going down. What we gave you today is only the start. We can not be bought and that alone kills the Cabal. We know what is needed, and coming. We are fighting for all the good causes, we DO fully understand the needs of many, and the need to bring hope and opportunity with the releases.

        Let stage one start and you will see what is coming. Many good people are working together to this end. They all deserve credit and a slap on the back.

        And every mouthy Numpty out there, just deserves a slap. Sad they get to ride.
        Each day you will see it unfold.


        1. Thank you!

          How fortunate we all are to have such good men on our side. I hope we all step up and work hard at improving conditions in our life, our country and our world. Soon, we will not have an excuse for not doing so. Many are working hard to make it possible.


      2. WHA my friend- you might be ‘lacking a degree’ but I’ll say with complete conviction, you are uniquely qualified… I suspect you’ve brought peace and calm to many more than you’ll ever know. You continue to impress and inspire me. Thanks for answering the call.

        As I’ve said before, you are burdened with glorious purpose. God bless you, always.


    2. LPG — I am going to be a blunt as I generally am, and get right to the point here (because I do not like to type a lot, lol) I have read everything put out by those working on this, the White Hats, and I have kept up pretty well with what is going on. I also know pretty well, just what information to throw aside and NOT get influenced by it.
      So there are times when one has to use common sense, calculate what do you have to lose,and what do you stand to gain, and then stick to what you know is most beneficial. There is a lot of good benefit to this, and soon your family will see this, and they will stop getting on your back about it.
      Sometimes you have to withstand the ”heat” and stick to what you know.
      I’m afraid if you cave in and sell out now, and miss out on some real benefit, then is when you will really have family disagreements. I am female, but here to tell you that you Men are to be the head of your household, and not let women give you orders.

      Believe it or not, there are some people who really are in FEAR of having any real money. Sometimes there are real hidden motives……think about it. For instance I had a childhood friend whose husband kept her with him BY keeping her too poor to be able to do anything else. Also by making sure they had too many children to be able to make any other choices.
      So, when my friend inherited quite a large amount of money from her aunt some years ago, her husband quicikly decided to disperse it to each of their children, their church, and take a trip to Rome after which my friend was again as poor as a church mouse, as she is to this day.
      This is how insecure husband hung on to her. This is just one example of how some people are, and to the detriment of their own immediate family.

      But only you can decide what to do. And it is up to each of us to already have a Heart to do what is Right and Good……and to not subtract from anyone. But I think you need to find out just WHY your family would insist that you sell out. If they read THIS sight, then the reasons they gave you, are NOT the real reason.


  22. Dear WHA

    I know this has been asked a few times, but given how late we are now and how close it seems we may be, any word on if it will still be only 20 currencies revaluing in one go (with maybe more to follow), and if so, any idea on some more in that basket? Somebody must have an idea surely? The reason I ask is because I cannot see how this will work if some are revalued at first, then others later. This will open the doors to lots of problems I think. Surely it has to be all at once with no more to follow? If it is going to be staggered I have my doubts over whether we have all read this situation correctly and maybe this event will be completely different to what we are all expecting. Don’t want to be a nay-sayer (I’m genuinely excited and grateful for everyone’s input and hard work here) I’m just trying to picture the event in my head if it’s a case of “hey planet earth, these currencies just RV’d but there may be more to follow”. Cannot see that working!



    1. Hello,

      At this time I have not been told of any more than 20 that are to be substantially revalued.

      Can there be changes at the last moment, or perhaps changes that have occurred and are not for our eyes? You bet!

      However, please understand that I am not in a position to demand that all information be shared with me. Therefore, it would be unwise to assume any particular situation may be as one may think, simply because all the information is not available to base such a firm conclusion on.

      In short order we will know because we will see it unfold. There just is not other way to say it at this time, unless those with pay grades above me are able to inform us. My bet is that they wont be saying very much at this time. And that is for good reasons.

      Thank you!


  23. This is the key phrase… “scale of needs for many”.

    This reminds us to stop acting like Wall Street and worrying about how to take advantage of currencies but rather to look at the big picture and how it is going to effect all of humanity in a positive way.


  24. WHA

    St JohnMarch 19, 2014 at 7:12 AM


    Question: Will your “new age” arrive before all the bankrupted governments collapse into financial ruin…..or will the “new age” delay their destruction for another era?
    johnMarch 19, 2014 at 7:57 AM

    St John
    Calm heads and hands are working together to try to organize a soft landing as we evolve, or a full head on blood feud if not. Their old world is visibly now crumbling. So much is riding on the next few weeks.
    Many of us are working 18 hour days for this and 7 days weeks. Many, many good people are focused together from Reno out. My days start with Beijing, HK, Jakarta, India, Zurich, London, running onto the US East Coast, Canada, Texas and Reno. Way too big for this bunch of Palookas to stem the tide. Serious parties are all lobbying hard for this. The grease my hand boys are running out of time. Big Bubba is coming for them.


  25. Please tony if you can. Besides John at one world Do you have other high up verification of this as immeniently Unfolding to conclusion whether it was this week or next ?? I know poof Dave Schmidt are also saying so. But they have been delayed always. You are always so precise and clear so I trust your discernment. I would like to know if you whiteheads auxiliary have any other confirming information that is not from John. As far as taking care of us at white hats aux everything is immediately reposted to Dinar recap as it was last night. So in case my question is not clear I would like to know if you have other verification in addition to John at one world I am not asking specifics unless what you feel is appropriate to share, Just if you have other verifying Highup information of all this unfoldment?? Thank you for your efforts


    1. Hello,

      Perhaps I did not make myself entirely clear last time.

      There are NO higher ups to verify with. The White Hats have verified John’s status in this, directly, without a doubt and without question.

      The White Hats are on the front lines, without doubt and without question.

      Accordingly, there is no need to look for other “confirming information”. As hard as it may be to believe, you are reading from a blog that is as informed as any place can possibly be.

      Hang in there. When this thing goes down, you will not miss it.


      1. In other words if this does not come to pass as OWoN says, then White Hat posts can be as believable as Okie ant Tony and TNT, and all of the other FAKES.


        1. Actually, Oakie, TNT Tony, etc., were not/are not getting information from the White Hats, or OWoN. This is a distinction you failed to make in your rather pusillanimously stated and flawed analysis.

          They stand on their own, and you may take pot shots at them all day long on your own blog. and I could care less. But, you won’t take any more cheap shots here. Move on, citizen.


  26. It’s amazing to see the finish line coming into sight. Thanks for the update. Above all, I pray for God’s will to be the most important factor in the outcome of all of this.


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