We have new information for you, from the top. Please read this carefully, and understand just where we are at this time. 


Reality – There is a big Fiscal Black Cloud in China’s economy right now which is causing a serious liquidity shortfall, and affecting Dongs etc being processed as hoped. It has created a need for greater asset backing being called for which needs to be addressed.

The talk of this weekend for RVs is baseless. Pure Broker fantasy and not happening.

OWoN gave a clear lead today to reality on all.


All will happen only in its time, it will be phased according to whatever Liquidity can be achieved, and prioritized accordingly.

A certain Blog site stating Gold backed instant mega releases for all is abysmal ignorance of reality, accompanied by a cash call for donations. You pay to have your intelligence insulted?

With care, with dignity, both WHA and OWoN will release what is safe as and when real news is available. A lot is in play but needs resolution before disclosing. It will be shared when accomplished and safe to do so. Ignorant bottom feeding S* flies and Free Riders are best removed from access. Real issues ARE progressing but need time to raise the Capital.



  1. I simply have to say this after reading some of the above posts. First of all, I didn’t see anything extremely bad in this OWoN “update”. I have the greatest respect and admiration for ALL those on the “front lines”, I honestly don’t know how they keep their sanity do to all they go through on a daily basis. I feel extremely blessed that they even take the time to give all of us updates and I for one want the TRUTH and/or FACTS (good and bad). I guess if someone just wants “Sunshine and Lollipops” then go to TNT or some other such site.

    Perhaps some of you may be trying to read to much into what was said in this “Fact Check #104. There is a lot that we know couldn’t be said so we really don’t know enough about the situation to draw any type of conclusions, IMHO. Delays happen in ALL things, perhaps even these delays were deliberate for some reason we will probably never know, who knows. My gosh the magnitude of this endeavor is bigger than any of us can even imagine, I am still in awe that we are so close now and I do believe we are close.

    Tony, thank you so much for this Blog. I would be lost without it and I am sure I am not the only one. I am so grateful to all that is being done for us by the White Hats and others. And I am truly grateful that we now have OWoN posts and update on this blog now. I am anxiously looking forward to next week.

    Thanks a million for everything, TC


    1. Hello,

      I appreciate your kind words. Your outlook on this is very healthy, and very accurate. The process is beyond huge. It’s a titanic and beyond, involving almost the entire world.

      Any information, properly sourced and checked, will be posted here when allowed.

      Thank you again!


  2. WHA, thanks for the intel you provide and your humble responses to all questions. You do not attack but simply answer the questions to the best of your abilities. People need to understand that this is a chess game which requires each move to be thought out meticulously and to call out your moves and plans is just not a good idea.

    It’s only normal for people to lose faith becuase many have been on this roller coaster ride for a long time and have heard for years that the changes are coming. It is very difficult to show others what is really occurring because most do not want to know and it is much easier to have your head in the ground thinking it’s all peachy. For those glued to the computer screens, just unplug for a while, enjoy your family and go out to enjoy life and appreciate what you have. The cabal has done everything to keep you down but your mind and soul are yours to do and believe as you please. Believe me, I am a recent college graduate, with 50,000 dollars in student debt, my wages are being garnished, and there are millions like me but I do not lose faith. I do not expect the whitehats to come to my rescue, it would be nice if I awoke tomorrow morning with big announcements of a reset and global debt forgiveness but I do not rely on others to come to my rescue. We all want a better world, a world where freedom reigns and opportunities exist for all of humanity. I create that world for myself everyday, by the way I teat others, and the little battles I have with debt collectors and USA corporation. I write letters everyday to the banks and debt collectors asking them to prove to me a loan was made. I write letters to the US department of education and ask them to prove to me where their authority comes from and to demonstrate to me that they are not a corporation. My letters just get ignored, no replies. Am I accomplishing anything? Maybe, maybe not but if we all just took responsibility and hold the cabal accountable for their actions then we would not be in this mess we are in. We humanity are the ones who will create change and make this a better world. No amount of money will solve the worlds problems. If we all just became rich, we would all spend that money and guess where it will go! Back to the corporations. We would be in the same situation we are now in in 50 years. Reset or no reset, we humanity must get off our asses and stop waiting for someone else to free you. I do not know if whitehats exist, they may or may not, if so, then good for humanity, either you, your are the one who will create change. I may be young and naive but I as hell no that I am responsible for me and only me and my family and I will wait for no one to save me.

    As far as the reset many seem to suggest that this movement of power from the west to the east has been planned for a very long time and using the existing institutions such as the IMF creates an atmosphere of doubt. I understand that starting from scratch my be more difficult and the approach of repurposing the existing institutions may create a smoother transition but money will never solve the world problems but it may create a bridge to get us to that point.

    Sorry for the rant, I am no investor/market guy, I hold no dinars or dongs but only care for the liberation of humanity because I truly believe we, humanity, have no idea of what we are truly capable of, but we will surely know when we become free of financial tyranny.


    1. Hello,

      Thank you for sharing.

      I am not surprised at the replies you are getting in reply to your debt inquiries.

      I hope there is some relief for you in the future.

      I do believe that as our technology progresses, the idea of money will be replaced with a form of technologically provided living. However, we are a ways from that idea. I think within the next 100 years it may indeed become necessary.

      Thank you!


      1. The cabal are 100 years ahead of us and when they are defeated, all this suppressed tech shall be released. I can show you all the links you need on free energy, antigravity, replicators, etc.


  3. Hello WHA-

    Thank you-I was wondering how you have time for your ‘day job’ lately. You have gone above and beyond. All efforts are appreciated and folks need to keep in mind that (accurate) information isn’t good or bad, it just is. Use it to push forward. It’s been my experience in life that even (or sometimes especially) adversity is where I learn to grow the most.

    You have a calm and concise manner. I like that you keep it real. I remember back to when my children were young and in that “why? why? why? stage. Frustrated one day I told them simply “I don’t know”. That’s when I first realized that ‘I don’t know’ is a valid and accurate answer at times.

    Thanks again for your dedication to a monumental task!


    1. Hello,

      Thank you for your kind words.

      And, you are correct. We are here to fact check; to de-gurufy the information people want. The facts have been checked, and posted. My job is done at that point. The heavy lifting is up to those qualified to do it. And, trust me. Those who are lifting are also READING. So, your words go far.

      I know a lot of fixed ideas are becoming unfixed these days.

      As Morpheus would say: Welcome to the real world.

      This event is going to go down. It’s inevitable. We have the added bonus of having limited access to know what is going on to get us there. It wont get any better than that.


      1. Hi WHA,

        First of all I want to thank you for the work you are doing here. I am very grateful to have come across this blog. I was beginning to think I was crazy for believing in this whole thing – those dinar sites will send you to the loony bin. When you have the knowing inside that some information that you have come across is real, and then you find that the only other people who believe it as well are followers of cult-like message boards, it makes you start to wonder.

        It’s a relief to find you here, brother. Thank you for providing this beacon of lucidity. I found your site a couple days ago from a link in the comments of a dinar blog (I am so happy to be out of that rats nest). The integrity and human kinship with which you hold this space here is apparent. And it is most appreciated.

        If there are truly some White Hats working to actually change this thing for the better – well, my heart fills with joy at the thought of it. If they exist, and you say they do, then my thanks, respect, and deepest gratitude go out to them. May they be blessed and protected everywhere they go.

        There is a question that’s been floating around for me about this whole thing, and I’m wondering if you might be willing to share your thoughts:

        Some of the information out there says that the PTB are planning a global currency reset, in their move toward a one world currency. This is actually how I came across the whole scenario in the first place. In one interview I came across, Lindsey Williams talks about his ‘Elite’ cabal contacts and is warning everyone that a currency reset is coming soon and that it’s going to destroy America.

        Now, I want to believe that there are WH. And on some level I already do. I choose to believe in what you are saying because the resonance with which you say it has integrity. And, if I can vet the information and its resonance in my mind sufficiently, I will always choose to believe in what is light, because that is where my heart lies.

        But that’s what brings me to this question. Because both sides are claiming to be planning the GCR.

        So, my question is, how can this be? How can the White Hats and the PTB both be behind the GCR?

        If the WH do exist and if what you say is true, then I do send them my thanks and gratitude. And then, that would mean that I will be eternally grateful to you as well…


        1. Hello,

          Thank you for your kind remarks.

          The White Hats are real. I would not spend time making this all up. Trust me. There is no money in it, and there is no benefit to sitting here every day, taking time from my personal life, to just lie to people without any gain, should I be that kind of person. So, rest assured they do exist.

          As for the “sides”, I can only speculate on such sides as I am sure there are many groups within the power structure of this world that want to control a part of something. I don’t know since I do not move at those levels. Far from it.

          The White Hats are assiting in bringing in the new, but I don’t think it is accurate to say that they are a form of PTB, fighting the other PTB. We are getting into a realm of data that I do not enter since my job is simply to check with the proper parties to see that any information released here is correct. I do not involve myself in the highly sophisticated aspects of this endeavor simply because I am not qualified to do so.

          Thank you, again, for your kind words. I am sure the WH’s appreciate them as well.


  4. As we are told WH/OWON watch this board,may I ask were is the HARDBALL as OWON said was going to happen. I’m ready for HARDBALL.


    1. Stay tuned.

      Remember this, and I post this for all, not just to you specifically Perry:

      The information we get could be cut off in a heartbeat. I cannot tell you what I went through to get such vetted.

      Then, we would be wallowing in the backwater of Dinar Guru.

      None of us would last 3 seconds in the environment that the White Hats move in. I can tell you from personal experience that they don’t just work 9-5 and go home.

      I am the responsible party who manages this blog because I want you all to have as accurate information as there is at all possible.

      Don’t even think for one minute that all of us know each minute by minute detail that goes on at the top of the chain. We don’t. I know more than most of you because I have built trust and have been told things, many thing, which I cannot release. Don’t even ask me to. It wont happen.

      If you want me to feed you bedtime stories full of sweetness and light, where every week is “super fantastic”, the I can refer to you many other sites for that, close this one down, and go back to my quite life. But, if you want to know the down and dirty, real life at the top issues that are being confronted head on by those who are dedicated to bringing changes that are for the better, then you will find it here.

      Like it, or not, here is where the information you want to know will be found. Good or bad, it will be here. That is, until I see that it will do harm to even share it.

      I don’t like the delays any more than any of you. But, they are a part of the picture for now. Changing 75 years of policies that are in place in almost all countries is not easy, I would guess. So, let’s take a breath and realize that we have the easy part here.


      1. I have done my part in trying to wake my friends and family, but they aren’t going to believe it unless they see it in the news. I tell them the media is lying to you and to read the alternate news and they just look at me like I am nuts. If I was an insider, I would have ordered the mass arrests of disinfo agents pretending to be reporters and brief the public already. Yes, there will be lots of shock and disruption but the truth always prevails.


  5. O my goodness
    Please WHA this was a site from what I can tell from a lot of other posters that we came to for information. I know this is not your job. But could you stop all the BS. We already know all of who is bad and who is good. Bashing anybody is not moving forward. If we looking behind we cannot look ahead. All this crying about where we are distracts from where we are going.
    Please people, stop crying. Pick yourself up and say “ok that’s what happened and learn the lesson”.
    The problem with experience being the teacher is we take the test before we learn the lesson.


  6. Dear WHA and OWoN

    As always, many thanks for all you do in sharing information “from the trenches”. In one of your responses I seem to recall you saying that presidents and prime ministers are conversing with your WH contact. Awesome! My Prime Minister is talking to someone, who is talking to you, and you are talking to me. I would not normally have access to this level of intelligence and understandings of the inner workings of those holding the levers of power. Oh man, I do appreciate that.

    I am aware that for us as a species, it is just about “high noon”. My concerns are of course about the global welfare of citizens and the rebalancing & rebooting of the financial system. If there is no GCR soon, I believe the looming financial Armageddon will be the end of many (if not most) of us. So I contemplate the reset in terms of our responsibility for surviving as a species, and not so I can be pole vaulted into a bourgeois lifestyle – which I didn’t earn or desire.

    The information and articles which I read on WHA and OWoN provide a sort of resonant field through which I can have insight into “how we are doing” in this monumental fight for our collective survival. Not to hold to any specifics in terms of timelines for completion, but just the sense of “are we still winning?” Feeling into the resonant field, and in the light of today’s fact check, I am left with concern and an uneasy sense of foreboding.

    There are two queries I have with regard to liquidity (if you are not able to comment on this, I do understand):

    1. In fact check 103 it was said “As a result of Global Liquidity issues under intense dialog, new asset re-evaluations will cause both RV and Dong, plus other issues, to carry into next week”. And with today’s fact check it was said “there is a big Fiscal Black Cloud in China’s economy right now which is causing a serious liquidity shortfall”. China’s liquidity issues have been known in popular press for some time, but it appeared that notwithstanding their liquidity issues, China was pretty much central to the whole WGS/GCR endeavour, and managing it well. The concern I have for our collective welfare, is that this “liquidity issue” may be a turning point and indicate that all is not proceeding as we had hoped.

    2. I recently came across the http://www.godskyearth.org/ website. They claim that on the 11th March 2014 quadrillions of funds have been signed off for humanity, with the amounts listed by individual country. Do the WH and OWoN have any insight into the information of global financing from the king of kings in Indonesia (godskyearth), and is that in any way connected to the Chinese liquidity problem of the WGS/GCR?

    Once again, I express my deep gratitude to you, the WH’s, and OWoN.

    R L


    1. R L,
      When reading reset topics keep in mind there is a distinction between the Elders and the Communists that ran them off the mainland years ago. The difference is not always stated when “the Chinese” are mentioned. The Elders took their hoard with them to Taiwan and islands to the south as they dispersed.

      China’s banks are insolvent just like those in the US and elsewhere but those 2 are the biggest hogs at the trough. Both have been printing fiat like crazy and it was recently revealed that China has actually out-printed the US. China’s debt is less visible as they mostly owe it to themselves. There has been an all out global currency war bubbling for several years as each country jockeys for position around the feed trough. As OWoN phrased it, “money is finite.” China has deftly maneuvered into position to get a few more bites so a little less for everybody else.

      At least that’s how I see it.


      1. Hello No Dinar

        Thank you. The distinction between the Chinese Elders and the Chinese Communists is a good one to keep in mind. It contextualises some of the puzzling developments. Much appreciated.

        R L


      2. R L, my research shows that if good guys are able to mass arrest the cabal and release advanced technology and brief us, we will prosper. Most people are skeptical at this point.


    2. Hello,

      Thank you for your cogent and well posed questions and remarks.

      I will answer as best I can, although these are questions for a higher pay grade than me.

      1. I can only imagine what a “Global Liquidity Issue” entails for an economic power like China. Although it sounds ominous, it does not mean that the wheels have come off the release of the Global Settlements. That much I know as of earlier tonight.

      2. I have been told that the event and the circumstances behind it are valid. However, as I understand it, the reserves, which are quite old, are not at this time recognized internationally. I have no specific knowledge of any relationship to the WGS/GCR.

      We will certainly pass along any news about this that we are allowed to share, when it is given. For now, we can say that the circumstances of the meeting and the event itself were indeed real and the gold is there.

      Thank you!


      1. Thank you WHA for the courtesy of this measured, thoughtful response. This additional information is reassuring. It keeps the flame lit and the candle burning… R L


  7. FUBAR for us in the USA.
    I’d drag my feet also. That’s taking away congress spending bindge. No more super welfare for the poor. I guess they will have work


    1. I have not read it, but I would think it may be the removing of the USD as the reserve currency of the world. This is where we are heading, as I understand it.

      I have been told that the 2010 code passing in the US is not going to stop the WGS.

      Thank you.


    2. I lifted this quote from the IMF from JC Collins’s site:

      “Just to remind you what those are, the 2010 reforms do a couple things. One, they bring four dynamic emerging market countries into the top 10 shareholder ranks or what we call quota ranks of the institution. China, Brazil, Russia, India. It also doubles our permanent capital, the quota. And it also creates a fully elected Executive Board.”

      – William Murray, I.M.F. Deputy Spokesman, Jan 9, 2014.

      Mr. Collins goes on to say:
      “This tells us a few important things. One, the influence of the BRICS countries within the structure of the I.M.F. is going to be greatly expanded. As stated, they will be in the top 10 shareholder ranks. These are positions previously dominated by western financial and U.S. dollar interests. The gravity of this statement cannot be understated.

      Second, it’s telling us that the BRICS countries are bringing capital with them. Enough capital in fact, to double what the I.M.F. presently holds on reserve. The BRICS countries will be injecting a huge amount of capital into the SDR system. One only has to research the amount of gold being exported to the BRICS countries, especially China, to understand where this capital, or worth, will come from. We’ll get back to that in a while.

      Thirdly, expanding the influence of the BRICS countries within the structure of the I.M.F. also ‘creates a fully elected Executive Board’. The Executive Board of the I.M.F. is responsible for SDR allocation. Let that sink in for a moment. The BRICS countries are going to have an equal say on SDR allocation. The SDR is being built up as the world’s reserve currency. The value of the SDR will be based on a basket of currencies. And the U.S. Treasury is pushing congress to make this happen.”

      It is actually in the short-term best interests of US citizens to not pass it, but the world will go around us anyway, so in the long run it’ll be ugly either way.


    1. I believe the US currently has defacto veto power over all voting at the IMF. I believe the biggest reform allocates voting power to countries based on their relative contribution to global economics. If so, the US would instantly lose veto power and dominoes would begin falling immediately as previously stonewalled items on the agenda will surely begin to pass.
      I absorbed this second hand so I could be wrong.


  8. WHA,

    I lied…one more post on the topic: I hoped your post of 12:46 would comment on paragraph 5 and the last sentence in paragraph 3. The tone of the latest FC seems contrary to the goal of keeping it polite and civil for the WHs who follow us. It also sounds like language that is inconsistent with the high vibrations of this site. Perhaps it is merely a glitch.

    Frustrated and discouraged.



    1. Hello,

      As stated before, some people at the top can be abrasive with their comments and opinions.

      Don’t take it personally. There is not one person on this site that could step into the shoes of these hard working people, and once there, contend with the world-wide pressures of managing this kind of effort.

      The tone is a minor issue. Look beyond that.


      1. IMHO it’s time for every one to step back and ask themselves do I want a big pay off with the same criminal element place to steal most of it, or do I want the house disinfected. Thank God we have the brave people in place from all walks and countries helping humanity what’s a few days,weeks or even months if it means freedom


  9. If the US does not accept the 2010 Quota Reforms, a Soviet Union style collapse is likely; the US will lose its reserve currency status along with the veto vote on the IMF Executive Board. I wonder what the retards representing the US will be doing in the coming weeks.

    “Things continue to happen quickly here, especially in regards to the Ukrainian situation. Just today, the US stated that they will not become militarily involved in the Ukraine. Ukraine military itself is retreating from Crimea and the final conclusion is pretty much what we were assuming it would be.

    A few things to watch over the coming days will be how Russia responds to the weak sanctions opposed on them by the west.

    And how will the world respond to the US reluctance to implement the 2010 Quota Reforms as we move into April and its G20 meeting? Will Congress accomplish what the obviously influential Bretton Woods Committee is asking them to do?

    If not, what will be the consequences? The G20 has already stated that they will use aggressive measures to enact the reforms without US compliance. This will mean the removal of the dollar as the worlds reserve currency by force, as Russia has threatened. America will also be stripped of its veto vote on the IMF Executive Board.

    Perhaps this is the ultimate plan. Make the reforms impossible to pass in Congress so the aggressive measures can be justified. Perhaps the members of the Bretton Woods Committee are attempting one last effort to save the United States from a Soviet Union style collapse.

    Our televisions will say that no one saw this coming. But there are those of us who do see it coming. Will it be consolidation or collapse? We still wait and wonder. – JC Collins”



  10. WHA,

    Those names are familiar, but the IP addresses should have been different. I am searching for evasive truth in a sea of lies and misinformation and that is one strategy.

    It is careless to overlook the fact that the common person still has no tangible evidence of anything happening. At best, it is all speculation, circumstantial and plausible. I do believe there may be a reset, but I occasionally doubt that it could be an individual windfall. I am not suggesting you are misleading us, but information is only as good as the source it originates from. And that is a leap of faith for all of us.

    One of the latest OWoN comments read, do not invest more than you can afford to lose. These are just some of the mixed signals we are perceiving.

    I agree with Terry. It would be helpful to read Fact Checks that are written in a more direct manner and void of euphemisms and contradictions.

    I don’t understand how we can go from being asked to check the site twice a day after Tuesday, to, back to the drawing board.



    1. I know how you feel, and all I can do is supply you with the information I am given.

      For now, it was explained that a liquidity issue caused the delays. I have no idea just what that means in total, but it was presented here as direct information for your intake.

      Invest no more than you can afford – that is a rule in all endeavors. It’s hard truth. I know.

      The recent FC’s were simply information presented to us from the top, and I cannot alter them in fear of a contradiction here and there. We are going to see many more such contradictions in the future, since what is sent down the line for us to read one day may indeed be changed the next.

      Welcome to the real world of changing the world’s system of finance and monetary policy. It wont be done in a perfect way, with angels singing, I am afraid. That was the guru sales pitch.

      It may indeed be a windfall comparatively speaking, since a move to even .10 on the dinar would be a huge intake. But, we do not know how this will play out until it does. So, best prepare for any eventuality.

      Let’s see what the new week brings. Quite frankly, I want this over with as badly as you all do. I would rather see you all miserable with the truth for a while, than “happy” with information sold to you in an effort to satiate someone else’s need to feel like a big-shot and attract attention, or get people to click on google-ad links.

      Hang in there. No matter how we feel about how the information is given, things are being worked on. That I know for sure.

      Thank you!


  11. WHA,
    thanks for bringing it over, although I read both sites to stay apprised to whatever OWON says. This has been the story for 10 years. It’s always next week, always more problems. Many CMKX’ers are/were not happy about being tied in with the WGS. One person referred to them as the “perpetually imminent” WGS. That seems to have been the case for many years. And what of all the other parties due their money? Wanta, Cott, BB? Reno is now at the forefront? It seems CMKX is long down the line if even one part of all these people due money can’t get their funds. I am happy however that it is still seeminly possible within a relatively short time period. Hopefully he doesn’t come out next and say its next year like before.
    Thanks for everything


    1. WHA OWoN just posted an article on Bretton Woods that they feel everyone should read, and the significance it has in this endeavor. THX


  12. For the record, this is hardly the first time the global “reserve currency” needed to be replaced by a whole new multinational agreement (as the graph below illustrates.)

    However, it IS the first time EVER, that the new “going forward” plan needs to meticulously overcome the illegal, unethical, demonic creation/circulation of mega-trillions of Federal Reserve notes that the Cabal create out of thin air, to fund their greedy, destructive agendas.

    In other words… this IS the richest, most complicated, convoluted, financial restructuring IN THE HISTORY OF THE ENTIRE WORLD… and it WILL NOT happen until all of the moving pieces are firmly in place (which I’m pretty sure we all support!)

    And, quite frankly… IF the “get rich quick” Dinar and Dong weren’t included in these upcoming settlements and revaluations, there would be a lot less antagonistic insults floating around the internet!

    Personally, I don’t mind if it takes a few more months (knowing that “sometime in 2014” has always been the target date.)



  13. David, I believe I had a third post that was not posted and that is what I was referring to, asking why it was not posted.

    David, if you are going to talk about “exact wording” then please do so. I said there is so much false hope and NOT this site is so much false hope. David, there is no proof of anything. If I am wrong, please show it to me. All I can find is speculation, conspiracy theory and a lot of take our word for it and we cannot tell you more. Where is the proof?? That is part of the critical thinking.

    I don’t remember saying anything was well thought out, so please don’t put words into my mouth. But, for the record, I do actually believe my post was well thought out. Do you not see the patterns, delays, reasons/excuses. There are others who are now saying the same thing.

    We will see who is right. So, for the record, I am saying it won’t happen next week or month or the month after that! I hope I am wrong. This has been a great site for information, but I am starting to question that. I am permitted to do so. I don’t think there is anything impolite about what I wrote.

    On the contrary, reading about people referred to as ignorant, bottom feeding free riders sets a certain tone. And that is part of the reason why I said things seem to have changed in the last week. Those sorts of comments would not have appeared before.

    David, perhaps you are hearing things you are unwilling to hear. Your response is very emotional.

    I will not comment any further on this matter.

    Freedom of speech!



    1. philip,

      Thank you for the polite rebuttal. I will not belabor this any further, but will leave you with a few “critical thoughts” of my own:

      1) The White Hats MUST NOT provide any “proof” at this time. If they do, they are (pardon the sports analogy) “telegraphing the plays” to the opponents.
      2) As the digital age progresses, “instant online Freedom of Speech” MUST NOT degenerate into an accusatory prosecution that is front-loaded with false assumptions.
      3) IMHO, the WHA did make a huge mistake, by revealing too many incomplete details (which most of us credit to his compassionate desire to graciously appease the most frustrated readers.)

      God grant me the serenity
      to accept the things I cannot change;
      courage to change the things I can;
      and wisdom to know the difference.


  14. Hey Tony,

    I just wanted to say sometimes OWoN comments are hard to understand. Its hard to know whether or not there is still going to be an rv for everyone, or if only the parties in Reno will receive funds.

    We have been told several times that the rv will result in a payout using metals backed TRN, now that idea seems to be coming into question.

    Eventhough, OWoN and the White Hats are seemingly working on this together, the information received from each party seems to be different.

    Your reports from the White Hats were clear and direct.

    OWoN seems to speek in riddles; as if he doesn’t want everyone to know what he is saying. Things were going well when we simply received info when you spoke to your White Hat contact. I can’t really say that reporting directly from OWoN is making things better.


    1. Hello,

      Remember, as outlined before, the private placements are private.

      The Global Settlements are global, meaning among the nations.

      Be sure to not confuse the two.

      The issue of TRN issuance and metal backing of same has not been canceled as far as I know. I will certainly let you know if such is the case.

      Thank you!


  15. If anyone is having trouble with any ups and downs with this investment of even life for that matter…try investing a decent amount in Bitcoin.

    After holding them through numerous “crashes”- nothing seems to phase me anymore:)

    You are speculating in currency. (Not the most guaranteed of bets.) Give it some time-you will not be disappointed.

    “It’ll make you proud some day, I promise”
    -Al Pacino-Scent of a Woman-Final Court Scene-


    1. WHA

      If my last post in FC #103 was inappropriate for this site I apologize, I just got a little incensed from certain comments from OWoN and could really feel their frustration. It is not my intention to rouse up a mob and march down to DC or TX with pitch forks in hand, and tar and feather the whole bunch like was suggested. I should not have made my comment out of anger but certainly that`s what happened. What I should have made clear is that whether the WH`s and certain other individuals are successful or not, a peaceful march has to happen to remove the infidels of this for profit CORP GOV or it will just be the same all over again. There is something gathering steam called the American Spring planned for mid May I`m sure you are aware of that I am signed up for and plan on attending. Again if I was out of line I apologize I as I only try to provide info that I think is relevant and find sound & truthful answers to bring here as I have been communicating back and forth between both sites. If you chose not to post this I fully understand.

      Thanks for all your hard work


  16. Came across a web site today (tradewithdave.com) where he made the call that unmined Gold would be declared an asset by a consortium of nations (unclear if the Russians & Chinese would go along).

    Read the post for the details, but my point is that this is the only theory that doesn’t require pie-in-the-sky. No sudden introduction of mythical treasure. And far as I can tell, that is the basis of WhiteHats claims of what is going to fund a new monetary system. At least until now, because with todays announcement of “liquidy” problems, it appears there isn’t any hidden treasure to unveil.


  17. Are we the ignorant, bottom feeding #### flies and free riders? I don’t understand how we could be so close and now hear something that is not new (China’s debt and economy) are the reason for the delay. When everything was supposed to be asset backed, how can we now have a need for even more backing? Did we forget to back some assets the first time around? I thought the cabal and others were the delay and not China. I am very confused. Thanks.


      1. Agreed – I’m likewise confounded. If a countries currency is being revalued to match their resources, for example VND, you would think those exchanging VND post RV, those monies would serve to strengthen their currency. Or am I totally misreading the situation?


  18. WHA please explain what you mean by ‘You will not be allowed to belabor that point.’ posted in fact check 103. Why was the content of my 3rd post not approved? I thought questioning and critical thought in a polite manner was permitted. The trend towards censorship is concerning. During the last week or so there has been a change in the site. The information shared seems to come largely from OWoN. Is that correct? Your site mentioned that it did not want to provide guru sites with information, but so many sites appear to repost what you write along with our comments. Thanks.


    1. Philip,

      This is the exact wording of your previous post that prompted the WHA warning message:

      “Wha it looks like the same old story of much ado about nothing. We still have no proof of anything happening and everything we are told is possible, rumor or just trust us. The only thing that seems different is the certainty with which people talk about something happening soon. A currency dealer said this whole thing depends on believing in some conspiracies. As I predicted it would not happen this week, I don’t think it will happen next week or even the next month. If you look at the track record of this site and other sites you see a pattern. There is so much false hope. I predict we will soon hear another excuse as to why it is being delayed and there is no proof of anything. Good guys finish last. What do you say?”

      And NOW you show up with “I thought questioning and critical thought in a polite manner was permitted. The trend towards censorship is concerning.”

      With all due respect, what the hell is polite and well-thought-out about:

      “I predicted it will not happen.”
      “This site is so much false hope.”
      “There is no proof of anything.”
      “Good guys finish last.”

      WAKE UP, Philip! If you are as intelligent as you THINK you are, and you truly believe in your own opinions, as stated… then you would just STOP reading and responding to these WHA comments, and instead, go hang out on a site that YOU trust!

      On the other hand, if your intention is to vent, rant, and blatantly attack the integrity of this WHA spokesperson… then create your own damn blog to educate the world.


  19. This site is turning into another Dinar gossip blog. I’m not trying to upset anyone, but every Dinar blog seems to eventually fall into this. It’s happening this week turns into next week and then turns into within the next 3 months then back to within 2014 and the cycle continues. You made a mistake by linking up with OWoN IMO. I hope I’m wrong.


    1. Hello,

      I am sorry, but you are incorrect, and are not fully aware of the nature of this endeavor and the parties to which we are now in contact.

      We did not just “link up” with OWoN. We vetted the process carefully.

      Comparing OWoN and WHA with dinar gossip is your call, but not accurate in any way whatsoever.

      Thank you.


      1. Please just take note of how negative the comments have become since posting OWoN’s ambiguous and abrasive content to your blog. There’s a reason for this. For me, OWoN hasn’t clarified anything and only ads to the clutter and confusion of the process. I do appreciate your willingness to consider others views and I hope you take this into consideration as your future OWoN postings continue to generate more negativity and frustration amongst your loyal readers.


        1. Hello,

          We post the information because it is from the front lines – directly from those in the fight. Its’s not just “another view”.

          I must be doing a very poor job with this site if that is the understanding here.

          Let me repeat: Just because the information from OWoN is hard to accept at times, or comes across as terse once in a while, does NOT negate the information coming from it.

          Let’s get that point understood, okay?

          I am not really interested in anyone being loyal to me or the site.

          I am interested in seeing that the correct information is shared.

          Thank you, and please take my words in the spirit they are intended: truth.


  20. Hello Tony
    Is this serious liquidity problem something that can be (or has to be) resolved quickly, failing which the problem would only get bigger? (If this question cannot be addressed at this time, I understand.) Thank you.


    1. Hello,

      The specifics of the “liquidity problem” are totally unknown to me, and, as such, I cannot give you an exact answer. I will do my best to always give you answers that are available. However, realize, right now, we are hooked up with those who are dead bang in the trenches and we have done an end run around the guru intel networks that have lead people down paths that are completely strewn with guesswork and false data. So, just know that your question is a good one, and I will try to get as much clarification as I can on it, and whatever information can be shared, will be. And you can count on it being as good as it can be.

      Thank you!


  21. Thanks for update,and thanks to all WH and all who are helping make this happen. I’m just tired of it always being NEXK WEEK. As a cmkx shareholder you have NO idea how many times we have heard that. Thanks again to all again for trying to make this happen.I LOOK forward to the WEEK when stated its THIS WEEK.


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