A Brief Chat With A White Hat…………..



This evening I had a brief conversation with our White Hat contact.

For the first and only time since I started this effort of seeking out information, I called without any particular list of questions. That’s not like me – someone who does not even make coffee without a list.  

I was not going to post any summary about tonights call since it was largely about things peripheral to the WGS – things that I needed to clarify – to make sure I do not stray from my task, which is to make sure the information I post is factual, or at the least, as accurate and close to the truth as it can be  at the time it is posted.

I would say, based on the feedback, that we have been pretty spot on. The inaccuracies were simply minor, and not worth mentioning simply because it has no effect whatsoever on the outcome, which is inevitable.

In the past, we have covered many things.  Possible rates, things to expect, when to expect them; these things remain the same and unchanged.

I pointedly asked, once more: Is 2014 our year?

“Yes”, was the answer.

Are things progressing? Yes.

Remember those 80 law firms and some 1800 people involved? They are not involved in this to study the existential after effects of projects that endlessly linger,  never to end. They are in it to win. I have no doubt that they will, and neither do they.

Could there be more delays? Yes. After all, this is a complex, diverse, monumental undertaking that involves many issues, many entities, many parties who must move in the same direction while facing a not-quite-dead resistance from the old guard. The completion is not based on mystics, or an assembly of wood sprites at the edge of the magic forest. It’s based on hard work by skilled people who are sacrificing much. All of you would be amazed at the things that some of our White Hat allies do, and the responsibilities that they undertake each day.

Just remember, these same people are now helping us stay as informed as possible – good news, or bad. 

Again, I thank our WH contact, their colleagues and staff, and all of you for your continuing support.

Stay tuned for updates as they are available.



  1. Could someone please link me to the new Comment by OWoN that was mentioned above a couple times? I’m not sure which of the new overnight post’s Comment section it’s in…



  2. FC 101 stated that “OWoN has direct access to both the Chinese Elders and M1…” OWoN also posted “The Freeing Of Humanity” video as a main article. OWoN states: “Just to clarify, it is the historical record we are promoting in this video and NOT the narrator. He has not been vetted yet.” For reference, comment and video here:


    A couple questions:

    1. Is the purported March 11, 2014 signing event by M1 specifically included in the historical record that OWoN is promoting, in other words, was this a real and significant event?

    2. I did not notice any reference to Swissindo in the video but they are mentioned extensively in other announcements about the Mar 11 event. Is Swissindo of any significance or are they latching on to the event for publicity?

    Thanks for anything you can pass on.


    1. 1. Real, yes. But, so far, not exactly having a full impact. I know little more.

      2. I do not know the answer to that question. My discussions about it were limited.

      My suggestion would be to make contact with someone who was responsible for placing the website regarding the event on line and seeing if more information is available.

      Thank you!


  3. WHA, ONLY 184+ countries, 80 law firms, 1800 participants which probably just include lawyers and politicians to simplify and speed up the process. Changes would be and are being processed very quickly in this environment. I don’t understand why this change could not all be finalized and implemented over a weekend with such a simple process.

    I now have a different perspective of TIME and a CLARITY that brings me a calmness. Things are progressing and 2014 is the year. Good enough for me to maintain a balance in my life.

    Thanks for this post.


  4. Since I do not mince words, and do not get wordy or mushy, I have and do simply say I appreciate all that anyone does on our behalf regarding these affairs. I can only imagine the indicated hardships they are enduring. However sticky that might be, lets not forget that many of us out here have been teetering on the very brink of homelessness in the coldest winter on record.
    Personally, I have reached the place where I am sick and tired of having to fight a shut off notice each month now for the past 4 or 5 months and being turned into a beggar, which I never thought was possible. To sit here with many many skills, and Degrees and Licenses in my household, and to be told by the World that they are not going to permit you to have a job makes this ”blue planet’ stink. (Age discrimination is alive and well; do not let anyone tell you otherwise) There IS an agenda working and lurking behind the scenes.
    This all needed to happen and conclude about 5 years ago; now, its almost too late


  5. I appreciate that you cared enough about our concerns to reach out to your WH contact and help to clarify the situation. Thanks for the post.


  6. Tony,
    I am sure you have seen it but OWoN has a recent update post that is quite informative. It may be worth tagging as #106, very positive, “progressive” news. Appreciate your initiative in bringing the latest to the forefront. Pleasant news to the ears and hearts of many.


  7. Hello WHA,

    Thank-you for the update.

    If liquidity is an issue, would it not make sense to simply delete the zeros from our two currencies and declare a new rate going forward? That would mean that for every 1169.00 worth of dinar you get one US dollar, minus the spread. And every new dinar would then be worth 1 or 2 or 3.61 USD. This scenario would eliminate the question of who is footing the bill, cabal/speculators profiting and more. Earlier you stated the decision to delete zeros was at the discretion of each country.

    I fear the solution is much more complicated than I have suggested.



    1. Actually, it was told to me that deleting zeros was at the discretion if each country, just to be clear. Will such be done? No idea.

      You may be correct that the solution is more complicated. We will have to wait and see.

      Thank you.


  8. Good morning White Hats auxiliaries , hope all is well for your amazing work that you have done for Humanity , have a question and trying to get my facts straight little off subject ! but is Valimar Putin a bad guy ?and where is he leading us ? enough of us can hang in there we’ll be just fine !


    1. Hello,

      How interesting you bring up Vladimir. Is he a bad guy? I really do not know. Is he a smart guy? Very much so from what I can tell.

      Some interesting information about his recent behinds-the-scenes maneuvering in the financial world were described….and boy oh boy, Vladimir is no dummy. I cannot go into details.

      Not sure he is leading us anywhere….but if you ask me, I think he is qualified to lead.

      Thank you.


      1. Oh wow. I really appreciate these comments on Putin. And I mean, of course, in addition to the huge debt of gratitude I carry for all our Jedi Knights – White Hats, WHA, OWoN, and my fellow concerned citizens posting here… I salute you all.

        I know that nothing is as it seems. Even the most mundane aspects of our lives have been hijacked for sinister purposes. The complexity and scope of the matrix can be so overwhelming. Sometimes I find myself thinking “why oh why didn’t I take the blue pill”.

        But I wouldn’t even if I could, I’m in this fight til the end. It gives me loads of optimism to know there are others out here who also care and are asking the same questions I have. And it gives me immeasurable peace and confidence to know there are still people willing to shed light into the darkness.

        Thanks my dear friend WHA, always. And may the Force be with us all.


  9. Thank you, Tony, for making that call “without a list,” even though that took you out of your comfort zone. You must have felt “Listless.”
    And thank you, as always, for sharing what you learned.

    Could you possibly help me reconcile the following two statements?

    You wrote:
    “I pointedly asked, once more: Is 2014 our year?
    ‘Yes’, was the answer.”

    Then you wrote:
    “Could there be more delays? Yes.”

    I understand “delays.”
    I DO believe that the WHs are “skilled people who are sacrificing much.”

    BUT, based on the real possibility of “more delays,” how can your contact answer “Yes” to the question, “Is 2014 our year?”
    Why is his answer not, “Hope so,” “Fingers crossed,” or “Sure looks like it?”

    >>> Is 2014 a deadline for some kind of a Treaty or Contract?
    >>> Is 2014 a “close of a window” for disbursement of some kind of funds?
    >>> In short, What makes 2014 “Our Year?”

    I can still recall Al Hodges saying:
    “…. if I were a betting man, I would bet that we will receive payment by Christmas.”
    “… based upon information from many, many sources including my work on securing release of the World Global Settlement funds, that payment is imminent.”
    THAT was back in 2010!

    Thanks again, for keeping us informed, sir.


    1. I think the key to solving your concerns is to keep in mind the huge scope of this endeavor, with the added fact that we do NOT get to see everything going on. The information you get to read is only a FRACTION of what is going on. From that, people assume they have enough information to form questions that are assumed to be based on a total of information. It is not the case.

      One weekend may see a delay, so they overcome it, and press on. The exact processes, results, effects, efforts, etc., are not fully revealed. So, when a WH says 2014 is the year, then you can bet they have a view unlike we do, and are basing that remark on such.

      The information you have compiled is from events that transpired long ago, and we cannot use that to judge today’s events. Efforts were undertaken to release this over many years, and each time someone else had another idea. Again, there are those who don’t want to let go of power. That should be no surprise.

      As to what makes 2014 our year? Well, I can only assume that such assurances are backed up by rapid and effective progress by the people in the trenches. I wish we could see the details and know just what backs up such positive forecasts. But, we cannot.

      Thank you!


  10. WHA. After all this is done we are going to have a party. And you my friend are very welcome to join. It’s amazing how well you put words together.


  11. Dear WHA,
    Thank you so much for this frank straight forward FC. I have to say, you completely cracked me up with the comment, “someone who does not even make coffee without a list.” I enjoy your humor immensely. Maybe all the different personalities involved in the recent increased activity on your blog is sending you a bit nutty, lol, welcome to the club.

    Actually, in all seriousness, you are probably quite overwhelmed with your recently increased workload so maybe it’s time to ensure you take a little more YOU time so we don’t lose you and see you carted away by the men in white coats. Heck, where would we all be without you? You are the only sane, calm, intelligent voice I even bother listening to anymore.

    In closing, I sincerely thank you again WHA for all that you are doing to keep us all updated with the truth. You are a precious soul and I appreciate you enormously. Thank you White Hats and all your associates for everything you are doing for the human race and our planet.Take care and be well always.
    With sincere love and appreciation


  12. Please don’t forget I can resurrect and/or modify the White Hats Foot Soldiers “Training Camp” web site to teach folks how to blanket the Internet with White Hat links and news… Just give the word..


  13. WHA,

    We may not always seem to fully appreciate your integrity and dedication… but WE DO!

    In the spirit of “knowledge is power” it might be helpful to also ask the White Hats about the validity/value of this rapidly-expanding organization:

    MISSION: The Bretton Woods Committee is the nonpartisan network of prominent global citizens, which works to demonstrate the value of international economic cooperation and to foster strong, effective Bretton Woods institutions as forces for global well-being. http://brettonwoods.org

    ABOUT: Committee members are leaders at the top of the business, finance, academic, and non-profit sectors, including many industry CEOs, as well as former presidents, cabinet-level officials, and lawmakers who share the belief that international economic cooperation is essential and best served through strong and effective IFIs. Through the Committee, they champion global efforts to spur economic growth, alleviate poverty, and improve financial stability. http://brettonwoods.org/page/about-the-bretton-woods-committee

    MEMBERS (alphabetical list): http://brettonwoods.org/page/committee_members

    Upcoming March 28th Seminar (right before the IMF April deadline) includes: The distinctive work and operations of IFIs, such as the International Monetary Fund (IMF), World Bank Group, Asian Development Bank (ADB), and other multilateral development banks (MDBs)


    1. Hello,

      Thank you for your support. I appreciate it very much, and so do the White Hats.

      My conversations with our contact rarely go into the intricate details of such complicated organizations such as the IMF and all the associated offshoots and such that have spawned from it. So, we will have to leave that to people who are in charge of educating the public about such things.

      That being said, our WH contact does deal with such people at such levels, and I am sure that they have the appropriate understanding of such structures to successfully navigate whatever issues they are required to handle at the time.

      Bretton Woods, as I understand it, is going to change considerably. The changes, and how they will come about exactly, is not known by me. We will have to wait and see.

      Thank you!


    1. Hopefully there will be time to hear something on CMKX. I know things seem near term, but going off the past, we may still be around a while. I’d sure love it all this just happened soon and didn’t have to think of it though! Thanks WHA


  14. Tony,

    Thanks for the update. I truly appreciate the time and the dedication you and the White Hats are investing in this endeavor.


  15. Awesome news WHA, thank you so much for this great up to date FC. I love hearing the positivism in your words. I like many others am wishing for a speedy successful conclusion as I am quite sure the white hats are more than ready for all this to conclude so they can enjoy ta normal life once again. As much as I wish it were over I am okay with the fact that everyone working on our behalf is confident with the fact that 2014 will be our year…..I can live with that. I genuinely understand anything of this magnitude must be a monumental task with all the I’s to be dotted and T’s to be crossed putting it lightly of course. I appreciate your update and all those working on our behalf to return our world to it’s former self. This is truly a wonderful blue planet of abundance for all and I am genuinely grateful for the White Hats and all the others bringing about this necessary change for humanity.

    If there is anything we as a collective on this board can assist in any way please mention what we as a united front can do to help. Cheers and good luck to you all !



      1. WHA Once again thanks for the much needed info, John @ OWoN also left a detailed post that involves you that you need to see.


      2. Tony — I wanted to point out something which BeWise was talking about back in FC#104. He mentioned that he had a college loan of $50,000 and was dealing with it.
        I would like to take this opportunity to bring this to the attention of the White Hats, just how these Dept. of Education loans work: They are designed to ”Endure for a Lifetime” and this is how they do that:

        Firstly, they generally wait until they have piled on a ton of Interest, then EVERY payment made on it goes totally on the Interest. In any case it all goes on the Interest. None of it ever gets applied to the Principal, and so the Principal remains unchanged. And they even changed the rules so that they can garnish your SS check. Even then it does not reduce the principal.
        I wanted to point this out for the White Hats to realize and keep in mind, now knowing that the sleezy Dept. of Education are considered to be ‘federal loans’ which cannot be bankrupted, and the only loan I’ve ever heard of that applies all payments to the Interest, which rises as it diminishes, thereby remaining forever, so that the Principal cannot be reduced. THIS ought to be considered when dealing with our crooked banksters, and even better yet, it ought to be realized that BeWise is correct, that all bank loans are nothing but white collar crimes and ought to be all wiped clean and begin anew.

        In any case, this entire issue must be addressed. (All loans at the Dept.; of Ed originated at a Bank)


      3. I have not purchased dinar nor dong but certainly have enjoyed the history lessons. One question if I may – what role does the redemption of historical bonds play in this scenario? Do the White Hats know when this might happen? However, I do understand if this question is not on topic. Thanks and good luck to everyone.


      4. http://www.checktheevidence.co.uk/cms/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=182&Itemid=60

        I will also do my part to help by posting good articles here with links. In the long article(link above) there is much mention of free energy and 911 truth. I also read other articles which mention Nikola Tesla’s free energy and anti gravity discoveries about 100 years ago. Tony, do you believe in all this being a reality(hopefully this year, 2014!) as soon as the cabal are defeated? I strongly believe this myself as the cabal may be as much as 100 years ahead of us so we wouldn’t have to wait 100 years.


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