The following was found at OWoN, and without question, is from the top. It has been edited for appearance only. Any clarifying inserted text is in brackets.   

Thank you all for your continued support. 

Stay tuned for more information as allowed. 



Today many more articles will go up, but first we are allowing time for the Bretton Woods issue and more to circulate. Then a further 10 plus will be issued.

However, for OWON and WHA readers, a balanced overview and update of core issues.

For the first time last week we placed the sites on standby alert because a genuine Closure Status was approaching for the PP element of the Dong / Dinar project via HK.

Most of the daily activity is not debated and publicized because it’s just admin, but closure affects many lives, and with the reality of finite capital, we have an ethical responsibility to protect the interests of our core readership. Many of whose own lives have now transcended beyond impossible indebtedness.

Tony, at WHA, now does his own difficult tasks of fielding the Dinarians, the Dong holders, the CMKX’rs, advising the decent and thinking Americans equally needing this break, and for the moment, carries the worst of the grasping Banshees who howl at the site and moon if not fed their unearned Wanabe Dinarian get out of jail funding. The worst, the perpetually arrogant grasping nasty, we boot from this site. It’s a small minority, but Trolls and Turds need removing.

Tony is helped because there are a good majority who do deserve a break, and communication is key. There is likely to be a tight transacting widow before chaos once it’s launched. There is no organized infrastructure ready. None! Bankers have focused on helping themselves, not you. These 2 sites are your only real help desks. Information is otherwise restricted and locked down. Both sites are read, and scrutinized intensely. A delicate balancing act.

There is an impending intent to attempt to transact the initial Private Placement currency deal via HK.

Concurrent to that, other major activities are progressing under real duress.

BB, as a genuine good America Patriot, and Trust Client of ours, is ever closer to his funds at long last being redeemed. We talk daily. From that, Capital and Projects will flow bringing help to many. Leo [Wanta] has already been granted Custody of his funds by a previous Virginia Court, which the Fed and Cabal have ignored, but new actions have proceeded and a rare, Non Bent American Judge, is now ruling in his favor with Enforcement actions being determined. Enforcing it to the Cabal thieves.

As soon as the first of the Reno deals clear, many can be helped and markets will form. First in will cash in. Markets are then likely to dissipate when the euphoria realizes these markets are finite. Get out, cash out and think out your futures. Stick then to what is safe, what you know and can control.

Keep it quiet because the Wanabes and for some grasping Wives/ Husbands, families, fair weather friends, and hangers on will take the lot. Fools and money? Easy come is easy go. We see this all the time. Wise men, when this antes up, clam up!

MAKE EVERY DOLLAR YOUR PRISONER, GET RICH AND GET WISE. GET-REAL! Watch each day as it unfolds now because it is building up the momentum of a Juggernaught going downhill.

The Changing World is forcing a Changing of the Guard at the Cabal and Le Guard plus the BRICS nations and London want the Zoo cleaned out and cleaned up. London is fast becoming the Capital city of the world, and what London wants, London gets. London wants change!

A few dedicated Patriots are on side, hands across the oceans, and trying for all. One World of All Nations.



  1. Wow I just read a good portion of the new article on OWoN.
    Complex and almost biblically prophetic. I have no idea where we are in this gcr. WHA how close are we.


  2. Somewhere above there were a couple of references about a BB person. I found this amusing. I do not know who this BB person is, but about 15 years ago there was a lady with the name Betty Broadwater who frequently gave updates about Omega Trust and Trading and Clyde Hood, etc. You can still find some of her updates on the Web. Most people called her BB. BB’s updates were considered by some to be very important. People waited days for the latest BB report. Amusing.


  3. The OWoN article is up now on there site everyone needs to read and realize what were ALL up against .and then be proactive shout it from the mountain tops help these people that are trying to help you


  4. WHA
    Thank you again for your relentless endeavors By the way it’s pretty sexy when you throw down the gavel. Just from a girls perspective Lol.
    I am glad that you seemed have been wearing off on OWON. He is toning down abit His information is easier to digest
    Thank you again


  5. How did you determine where to buy the dinar currency to make sure it is legitimate? Any pointer on how much legitimate currency is being sold for? I’ve been following discussions for a long time, but unable to find answers. I just recently found this site WHA although I followed WH site until it stopped. Thanks for any help or it is already too late?


    1. Hello,

      I am not a currency dealer or expert, but I would suggest that you contact a registered currency dealer to make proper inquiries. It is my understanding that registered and licensed currency dealers will issue a certificate of authenticity when they send you your purchase. They will take steps to make sure that you are not getting counterfeit issue.

      All prices for such are usually listed on the sites of the dealers. Check several for an idea of the prices available.

      One dealer that I have had many good reports about is I get NOTHING for anything you may purchase from them. I do not sell currency nor do I derive ANY income from this site.

      Thank you!


      1. Thank you so much! I just purchased small stake (haven’t been to Vegas in quite a while). Or Disney for that matter. About a week prior to Disney trip if you start flushing $50 bills, it won’t hurt as much when you get there with your children/grandchildren.

        Really appreciate the work of WH and WHA to bring down cabal. It’s daunting to even wrap my mind around the work, intrigue, danger involved to save humanity. You all are truly heroes of the first order!


  6. LGMarch 23, 2014 at 11:55 AM
    Interesting, when is the article scheduled to come out?


    OWoN March 23, 2014 at 11:59 AM
    it will be later today. Working on graphics and editing now. When complete, it will be posted.



  7. Tony
    I don’t believe that BB’s identity is unknown to those of us who have been following the tdarklcabal blog since it’s inception. In fact, he is mentioned in several of those reports. Why you feel it necessary to keep his name hidden baffles me but I respect your decision.
    My personal feelings about John, notwithstanding, should not have any bearing as to whether you post my comments.


    1. Hello,

      I am not keeping the name hidden. I am just keeping it off the THIS blog, for now. As you rightly mentioned, it is on the official WH blog, and that is fine because the WH’s are originators of their own information based on their work in the trenches.

      This blog is simply a fact check effort, to make sure correct information is brought forth and incorrect information is pointed out after we check on it.

      The name was presented in initials only form in the report from OWoN, so that is how we presented it here. It’s just a continuity issue.

      I don’t personally think it is all that critical that his name is “hidden”, but I have to walk a fine line sometimes. I want to keep our contact lines clean and unrestricted, so I will not take chances and alter information in an upwards fashion unless I am given permission.

      Lastly, my contacts do care about my personal safety, and will often times make recommendations to me on how to present information. In that I ask your indulgence. But, rest assured, the key concept and meaning of every update will be clearly presented, but sometimes we will have to suffer through some initials and abbreviated terms here and there. It will not have an affect on the outcome of this event which dwarfs my role by a factor of a trillion.

      Thank you!


      1. Hello WHA, I had a question about a post left on OWoN.

        ” January 4, 2014 at 5:19 PM

        These Dinar Guru sites have a lot to answer for when the wheels come off. Where is the money to pay for such fantasies. Limited Private Placements only may get done as are progressing now. Vast overprinting will see its own read end. Where is such money? America is broke. Countries economies need to be harmonized and capital pools balanced. Guru sites have fueled false fantasies which have built such false hopes for last hope people.”

        I read a lot of posts on that site and it seems like in one post he is saying dinarians are living a pipe dream and where is the money going to come from for this RV. Is he on our side or not? Is the IQD a pipe dream?


        1. Hello,

          He is not saying a revalue is not going to happen. He is pretty much saying that the vast “intel” from most of the gurus who claim that the rate will be $7, 12$, 15$, 32$, etc., will not be the case. These are simply fantasies sold to people by people engaging in all manner of histrionics and embellishments. The truth is we have been told by people in the trenches that such rates are impossible, and wont be seen. $3.50 is as high as it will get, and if so, it may not last.

          Yes, he is very much on our side. In fact, so much so that there really is no other side to be on that can withstand qualifying as a “side” at all. There are only so many people involved in knowing the hard truth, and we are in touch with them.

          We really wish you could spend 1K and make 32M off of dinar. But, that wont be the case. Sadly, there are some that are thinking that will be the case. That’s the pipe dream. There will be a revalue. It just will not take place in the ranges that many have been led to believe it will. 99% of all the rate predictions are just rhetoric.

          We won’t know the rate until it is released. Even at .10, it would represent a huge move. That makes your $1,000 in dinar about $100K. That is one great, rare exchange. It would mean many could start a business, go back to school, buy a house, invest for the future, etc.

          I am hoping for a rate that is sustainable and will allow most of you to make a change for the better, and impact your communities in a good way.

          Thank you!


  8. OWoN March 23, 2014 at 9:55 AM
    The big new feature article coming out will give you the raw truth of where you all are, why its taking so long and why. Then you will start to understand what you got yourselves into.


  9. Thank you WHA OWON and all White Hats slugging it out in the trenches for Humanity.May the Good Lord,Holy Spirit,Universe, continue to Bless and strengthen you with courage, bravery,determination and remove all obstacles and darkness which is impeding the resolution and finality for the victory of all humanity.So BE IT.IT IS DONE, IT IS FINISHED,IT IS SEALED BY THE POWERS OF LIGHT AND MIGHT. IT IS SANCTIFIED WE HAVE WON.


  10. I will sing a rejoicing song over my renewed faith in humanity when this roller coaster ride is finally over. Well, maybe I’ll whisper it to myself rather than from the top of a mountain…. no wannabe’s allowed!

    Thank you once again for bolstering my fading hope of being able to care for those I love and provide a secure future for them – I left a Guinness in a toast to your efforts and hard driven energy for the betterment of mankind!



    1. Thank you, OWoN and WHA, for all your efforts on behalf of all. Quick question for clarification: is the private placement group you mention completely divorced from any of us? Or is it the many many groups that combined, as in the generals64 group + the others?

      It sure would be nice if a large number of us could still do things in a quiet orderly way! Seems more godly and like the true blessing it is meant to be for all of us eager to bless. Sure don’t like the sound of chaos for breakfast some morning!

      God be with each of you working on this immense “project” for humanity, and give you supernatural wisdom and discernment–and His angels surround you and protect you! AND US TOO! And make a quick work of it all withOUT chaos and left behinds! Amen! :))


      1. Hello,

        The subject of “groups” is something I have only briefly discussed with my contacts. I am not in a group and I know nothing of General 64.

        To my knowledge there are only very few legitimate ones. There have been many scams in this area.

        I would not know how to advise anyone how to join a group.

        Thank you for your kind words.


  11. Hello WHA,

    It sounds like the success of this event presupposes a significant pool of funds to pay the bill. My impression is that there exist multiple narratives as to where the money is coming from. Perhaps they are synonymous.

    1. Zap, Poof, Schmidt: The Dragon Family
    2. Hudes: Global Collateral Accounts
    3. WHA: World Global Settlements
    4. OWoN: Leo Wanta

    Would you be able to share any facts about the above four? Would you be able to share your opinion on the above four? Are you aware of any other significant sources of funds?



    1. Hello,

      I cannot really speak to this in precise terms because I am not privy to the intimate details of the WGS. All I really know is that they consist of off balance sheet assets and are quite large.

      Thank you!


  12. WHA – Found this at another site. Have you heard this and your thoughts?
    ” Per conversation Arbil is completed and goes into effect in Iraq on April 1st at rate of $3.71 in country. Arbil has been signed by all 3 parties. General Public exchange can take place anytime before April 1st if all goes as planned.

    All Internal TRN conversions have been finalized as related to China, UST, historical bonds, gold certificates, and majority control of gold assets by selected entity and organization.

    G7 countries are currently blocked from trade as countries no longer want FIAT USD, ie reason for so many currency swaps & liquidity swaps globally and imminent release of TRN’s by UST.

    Global Dark Pools & Dark Liquidity Pool manipulation in conjunction with FX Probes now face accountability and transparency standards and procedures.

    GCR azimuth angle, guidance, and resolution on direct course for target and selected date. Misinformation at maximum level and pending announcements from JL and CL forthcoming.

    Cabal final neutralization phase LIVE and all aimpoints are LOCKED. “


    1. It sounds great.

      We have been awaiting the commencement of this event for a while, and as we get closer to it, more and more information like this is going to come forth. I cannot speak to ALL of the information in that article being fact, but the general spirit of it all is certainly the case. $3.71? We have been told that $3.50 is as high as we can expect, and not guaranteed.

      I do not know if the balance of the information is based on any fact whatsoever.

      Thank you!


  13. almost every other day a new “fact check”?!

    things really are heating up?

    well, thanks a lot!

    i almost lost hope, but it is slowly coming back!

    you are doing a great job, mr WHA and White Hats!


  14. RE: “Keep it quiet because the Waabees and for some grasping Wives/ Husbands, families, fair weather friends, and hangers on will take the lot.”

    I have no idea what a “Waabee” is… but I do know that it is nonsensical to post ANYTHING on a dinar-related website, and then ask people to “keep it quiet”.

    FYI… this entire blurb is already up on the frantic dinaresguru blog (that boasts 20 million page views):


    1. I think he was referring to a person being quiet AFTER they exchanged…in other words, don’t broadcast your now grubstake. If they wanted to keep the content of the post quiet, it would never have been posted in the first place.

      Waabee is obviously a mis-spelling of “wanabe”

      Thank you.


      1. Once again, thanks for your efforts to discern the truth from the madness. Your calm and diplomatic demeanor continues to ring true, and is greatly appreciated.

        I agree with you about the “after exchange” reference with regards to the context of the new post. What I got from David’s comments is somewhat in line with a concern I was also starting to have, that WHA & OWoN are making every effort to truly help and disseminate this time-sensitive information as it happens to their regular good guy/gal followers so that hopefully all can do their best to act quickly and avoid the proposed inevitable stampede. Yet, there’s this new trend that seems to have ramped up considerably over this last week of the WHA posts being re-posted within minutes on the two major dinar super-blogs.

        I know you have no control over what the so-called gurus post, but is there no effective way to copyright (no re-posts without permission, etc) so that things don’t get re-broadcasted en masse so quickly to the very crowd you and the WH’s are trying to warn us about?

        It’s admittedly a slippery slope, and I would genuinely appreciate your take on the matter, since you have a knack for taking on perplexities like this in a way that resonates and makes sense. By no means am I suggesting a restricting of access or anything of the like since that defeats the purpose. I, like many others, would have never found our way here if that were the case. I guess the difference is I don’t re-post what is said here to 20 million people before the ink is even dry.

        I am wanting to heed the warning being given, but this aspect of this new trend is somewhat of a headscratcher to me. If I’m off-track, please help me out.

        A very sincere thank you to the White Hats, OWoN & WHA for your tireless efforts on behalf of our beleaguered planet.


        1. Hello,

          Nothing is given to me to post, nor does OWoN post anything that they are not okay with being in the open, even in gurudome.

          The warning was to not put your mouth in overdrive once you exchange into a potentially life altering amount. It was not a warning about where the information in FC 106 can be posted.

          Remember. Privacy does not stem from asset protection. Asset protection stems from privacy.

          Thank you!


  15. I have been extremely impressed with many of your past posts. The no nonsence direct approach was very impressive and believable. However your last few posts seem to be bashing dinar and dong holders for not being able to do any more than read all of the confusing posts and vent their frustrations trying to desperately get the truth. There seems there is no truth to be found.
    I thought your Site was the breath of fresh air that I was looking for but now your posts are just full of boasting and putting yourself on a pedestal because you have such high up secret intel right at the top.
    Please focus on facts that we simple people can understand. Not focusing on your ever so important self, and your phantom intel.


    1. Correction:

      That post was not written by me. That information was given from the top, from someone who reports to nobody because there is nobody to report to above him. In other words, he pretty much is the kind of person you do not want to tick off. Yes, he has strong opinions of what he sees to be people trying to make fortunes with little effort – falling prey to hustlers. He is entitled to speak his mind, and so he does. And so we will let him, and he will be given respect here. You are welcomed to start your own blog, and ban him from posting there.

      So, your rather impolite request to this man has been duly recorded. I am sure he will get right on it.

      You seem to be all over the map with your request. First, you assert that you found no truth, then you request that we focus on facts so “we simple people can understand”. Not quite sure I can follow, the simple man that I am.

      With your words posted for all to see, including the phantom at the top, I will say goodbye.

      Move on, citizen.


      1. They are worth something now….not much……… but they are worth something. We are anticipating an increase in their value very soon. This year is the year, we are told by those in the trenches.

        Be ready….. and act quickly when you get the news.


  16. Thanks-you ALL WHA/WH/OWON. Can you tell us who BB is???????Thanks

    BB, as a genuine good America Patriot, and Trust Client of ours, is ever closer to his funds at long last being redeemed


    1. Many would know his name, as do I, but since it was not spelled out in the update, I will not do so here. Let’s just say that Mr. B is an important person in all this, with great responsibility, is known very well by our WH contact, and is not someone you want to tick off.

      I had the pleasure of speaking to him some time ago. He deserves our respect and our best wishes.

      Thank you!


  17. Dear WHA, in the above post, John is reiterating his previous news on there not being enough funds for everyone to cash in:

    As soon as the first of the Reno deals clear, many can be helped and markets will form. First in will cash in. Markets are then likely to dissipate when the euphoria realizes these markets are finite. Get out, cash out and think out your futures.

    This saddens me a great deal, for there are so many of us that are in real need of help now. Is there no way that the White Hats could address this issue. Not all live in the US, many live abroad – could this factor be their handicap ?

    Much obliged for all you do.


    1. You can do a Google search for “free energy” and “suppressed tech” I will do my best to spread the word on this so humanity will demand it’s release which will help end poverty. I also wanted to let you know that other insiders say no one will be left behind. Keshe also claims to have all kinds of powerful tech to help humanity and clean up earth.


  18. Thank you for bringing this over. It is loaded with very good news. Some may or may not realize the significance of this paragraph ~

    “BB, as a genuine good America Patriot, and Trust Client of ours, is ever closer to his funds at long last being redeemed. We talk daily. From that, Capital and Projects will flow bringing help to many. Leo [Wanta] has already been granted Custody of his funds by a previous Virginia Court, which the Fed and Cabal have ignored, but new actions have proceeded and a rare, Non Bent American Judge, is now ruling in his favor with Enforcement actions being determined. Enforcing it to the Cabal thieves.”

    These particular funds that were absconded with by the Cabal were detailed in some of the first WH reports almost 3 years ago. If my memory serves me, it has been said more than once that the taxes alone from the Wanta funds will almost resolve US debt issues. Thus,
    the reason this is such good news for all Americans. It also shows there are still a “few good men” left in our judicial system that do not have sticky fingers. A true testimony to the hard fight that has been fought on our behalf and continues so behind the scenes, and we will reap the benefit, as well as generations to come. May we all be worthy of and up to the task of moving forward with much needed change so the efforts of the WH and others will not have been in vain.


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