It would appear that international events have now caught up with things related to our subject matter. The following is from the top, via OWoN: 


We are cognizant of the need for news.

Reno this week is now simply in Limbo. The current Russian events are commanding key parties focus. Until we see a positive new move, we can offer nothing.


Please await further information when it is available.




  1. Hello

    I have sent the below at least a couple times. I am really hoping someone can attend to this and help me out… don’t mean to be a pain, so, hope it is not construed as such. It would really be nice to have a version of The History of Banking that could be printed out – esp to inform others in a manner-easy, so as to instruct as to the history of $ and the corruption, and, the integrity and care of others, that has occurred over X. If possible, it is appreciated. Thanx so much in advance. B


  2. If you take a look at this with unemotionally which you should,easy said hard to do,you begin to relisze that you were born in slavery with the illusion of freedom.If ever was a time for you to open your eyes it’s now. All has been a game of control, Religon,money,race,all used to get you to look the other way,I confess I’m as guilty as anyone,but no longer.The value of any country is not how much gold they hold or how much natural resource they it’s YOU,the people they thing they have to keep ignorant and fooled in to beliving there free. The illusion will be so vast that those that see it will be thought to be crazy.


  3. Why cant it be posted that………

    [ Editor note: We have been asked to keep certain names from OWoN off of this board at their request. That is why. Thank you]


    1. ok,, I understand I think …. this is the only way have to post to you so delete this after you read it…. I don’t want to clog things up with banter…. CMKX is always the thing no one wants to talk about or explain… yet there is supposed to be a payment… according to Mahue rumors it is supposed to be a payment other than fiat… who knows for sure…I really hope AL H knows what he was talking about and it is just taking a lot longer than he thought!… thanks for the answers and im back to reading and lurking…thanks again!


      1. You are welcome.

        I am just a coordinator of information, who wanted to make sure people had the right information from those who were qualified to give it.

        I did speak to Al last night. He was somewhat occupied, but was very nice in taking my call and we established our mutual good will and contacts for the purposes of him knowing who I am. LOL

        More to follow when I can write it up.

        Please accept my thanks for your patience.


  4. This RV better hurry up despite the Ukraine issue (or any other excuses/issues that crop up) because if it drags out too long then the big final collapse which is coming will strike us like a thief in the night and the banks will shut down/collapse/reform and so then nobody will be exchanging nothin’ for nothin’!

    All paper would be useless if this happens. Now wouldn’t that just be the most likely conclusion to all this, given my luck? Yup.

    The clock genuinely is ticking and time is genuinely running out… and I fear that if too many things keep delaying this RV it’ll be too late to ever come to pass, at least in a way where we useless eaters find ourselves exchanging.

    Then what? The whole world goes down to third world status and I suppose the Elites have got their way. Plus we dinarians all get to mourn for the rest of our unfulfilling lives at how close yet how far we were to breaking free from our misery.

    Tick tick tick. The clock really is ticking on this thing now.

    It’s a serious possibility we need to not ignore. This is a race to the bitter end now, all in, no going back. The RV simply must happen before the interest rates rise (as dear old Lindsey tells us) where the currencies and the system as we know it will all go bye-bye anyway.

    If this happens before the RV, well, take heart as the waterproof coating on the dongs will make a handy roof for my our new cardboard box homes. (And I guess the dinars will make good internal insulation on the inside walls). Glue, anyone?

    I have a real feeling that this is more likely at this point now than any windfalls coming our way. There are just too many excuses/barriers and the time… is… nearly…




    1. The Chaplain also tells us something else:
      “Get every piece of gold and silver you can get your hands on.”

      Tick-tock, tick-tock.


      1. That is indeed true.

        CMKX was a naked short seller hell. So many laws and crimes were perpetrated, yet nobody went to jail over it. The corruptions were deep and the crimes real.

        I do not blame OWoN for staying away from that issue. Hopefully justice will be done when this project is concluded.


  5. Does anyone have a link for the article with picture of signing a release of funds in Indonesia this month? Photo showed man who was reported to be relative of Sukarno? What were those funds supposed to be? Think article said something like $12-15 trillion?


      1. Thank you Terrence R.! Very kind of you. Are the mentioned funds in this article related to Global Settlements or something else?


      2. There’s articles out questioning who this Mr. Sino is(the man supposedly signing the TRN’s??). Some say he is a channeled being?? Here’s a letter from a delegate who resigned who mentions being disturbed by NWO references. Also this involves OPPT (One People’s Trust) and CVAC’s and doesn’t sound legitimate. Is this man signing the bills really the M1?


      3. i think sino, etc. smells like disinfo… if it were real, he’d be on CNN and we would see progress with the GCR. my questions to the WHA are: Is Leo Wanta really going to get the money he says is his? Or is it just for our entertainment?


        1. Incorrect.

          Sino may smell, but it’s not “dis-info”.

          One reason it may not be on CNN is because the funds are not recognized as of yet. Please don’t ask me why, as I do not know the inner details.

          Leo is real, and not an entertainer.

          Stay tuned for more information on that pesky GCR.


      1. Thank you for the video! A large fact in video I know is incorrect. JFK was killed Nov 1963, not 1966. The documents shown were dated in 1966 and narrator says JFK was killed 11 days later. How is that reconciled in your mind?


  6. Further, on previous comments and interest at WHA in how the Bankster system works under the Federal Reserve; there is a book that was published by the Chicago Federal Reserve Called “Modern Money Mechanics” which explains how fractional reserve banking and “loans” are made. I won’t get into the details here but just the word “loan” is a fraud because banks do not loan, they just facilitate the creation of fictional credit which actually belongs to the person that wants to borrow currency ( not money which is gold ). Anyone interested in reading the pamphlet can view it at
    If you want a reprint copy they are available at a modest cost from places on the net. You will find bankers don’t even know that they don’t loan anything nor do they understand fractional reserve banking.


  7. Hey Farters – How about changing the subject so WHA can eat his ice cream.

    Did anyone read Okie yesterday and if you did, what do you think he is talking about? TV/Fox news on all day and I heard nothing. I realize there are more days to come this week but am anxious to hear something. Poor old Okie has been calling RV tomorrow for many years. I fear that he gets his info from the cabal just like Poof did for 13 years. I remember 12-13 years ago when Poof would update us on Sunday night and tell us Prosperity Program packs will arrive this next week. This was before we had heard of the dinar/dong. I truly think he was hired by the cabal, paid by the cabal, posted what he was told and we were gullible and believed every word. At the end of the day I would call WHA and ask”did you get a pack today”? I still call and ask “what’s happening”. I am his old in age annoyance from Texas. WHA – I love reading your comments and now I don’t have to call and say “what’s happening”……………….but I still do…..can’t help it.


  8. Looks like the cabal keeps throwing obstacles in the way.
    I personally think they will start ww3. How do we stop them? I think Putin is on the take. This seems orchestrated. If Russia would like to see a gcr. Why in the hell are they provoking strong tensions that can lead to war. That’s what the cabal wants.


    1. The Fed reserve is taking it’s last breaths hopefully, The last G 20 meeting the fed was trying to throw it’s wait around ,China stood up and said basically your nothing but a paper tiger they tucked there tail and left what else could they do with the whole room laughing at them.The people of the US better wake up to the fact that as Tony said all roads lead to Rome. Quote by Martin Luther , I can break wind in Munich and the pope will surely smell it in Rome .


    1. It would appear that the fart was followed by something else that I cannot describe in good company.

      Again, the update did not say that all hope was lost. It just referred to key people being sidetracked and that more updates are not available at this time.

      I hope that clears the air.

      Tee hee


  9. Sent this same email yesterday. If anyone can help me out it would be great, and, appreciated much. Thanx.

    Aloha 1st of all I want to thank you for the great info I’ve received from WHA. I am quite glad I got on your email list recently. Next: I was hoping it might be possible to have some form of a downloadable version of The History of Banking? I would like to share this with others and found it quite cumbersome to continue to click to get to the next slide… all 226 of ’em. I tried to contact oneworld folks to no avail – very difficult to actually get thru… So – if it is possible to get help from you I’d be much obliged. Thanx. B


    1. I would also appreciate any assistance that can be offered in gaining a copy of the 226 page document from OWoN shared in FC 107 if anyone possesses this knowledge and is kind enough to share. Thank you very much.


  10. Thank you ! Realistic news, even if it doesn’t appear to be favorable on the face of it, is much preferable to having smoke blown up my ass. Thanks again to all the parties involved for the info.


    1. Nice call Tom- I agree. It is refreshing to be treated like an adult and be told the truth. Great work WHA…thanks again.


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