Another update from the top.

This is not the news we wanted to hear, but do not lose hope. This week didn’t turn out as we had hoped. Please read and know that I will do my best to get additional details when possible. 

Thank you!



Information Update, REALITY based to help the Dinarian, Dong and other Currency gamblers. FACTUAL position.

There is now NO movement this week for the Reno Teams, and non likely. Frustration is the reality of the day and week. All are hanging in limbo. The HK deal seems to have rerouted to Lapland to see if Santas loaded. Contrary to all the hopes and efforts, last weeks erotic testosterone surge fast became a “Floppy”.

The PP’s wait on DC, who seem now more interested in Global posing and yet more Family Freebies on Air Force One while America disintegrates. Everyone is beyond frustrated. DC is focused ever more on filling their own pockets fast while emptying yours. There seems to be no one home in the Settlement process. Another weeks gone, more broken promises, more false dawns. Yet they can still fly to The Hague grandstanding and posing. Putin has had a week of healthy exercise laughing his socks off at these Clowns, while signing up major new Oil and Gas deals with China and India, plus a major new order for 100 Fighters from India. He can’t believe his luck, that the US puts such complete Muppets on Point Duty to front for America. Oh and Yes, he also took Crimea, that will do nicely thanks. BRICS gave him full support, and he has now routed the US in Asia. The US just lost the 2 largest emerging economies, and South America soon will allow Russian bases. Beyond their growing Sub Fleets, hugely successful Foreign Policies, and smart Diplomats. America can counter that. Sure, hire Russians!

Can these clueless clowns do anything right? How long will this Dog and Pony Show continue? Who has a clue, and who cares about you? They work for YOU. When will they start?

A farce you couldn’t write. Only in America, the concept of Superman conceived in Palookerville!

Don’t Cry for Me Argentina,  America needs the tears more.

There are so many good and great Americans. Why is this allowed to continue? Where is that great spirit and pride? It needs the Truckers, Vets and Bikers back. Tar and Feathers mount up. Put up.

Where are the Leaders not the Losers? TAKE BACK AMERICA!


  1. Tony, Do we have any idea as to just how far off track time wise the stuff with Russia has put this back? Weeks further out or a few months from what their goal was? Or will they be able to make good time on this in spite of the recent bumps?


    1. Hello,

      I have no insider information on the Russian matter. My feeling, based on the latest update, is that the delay was only minor, and will not stop anything from proceeding.

      No information apart from the latest update from the top is available at this time as regards timing. However, my personal feeling is that we are on track for 2014.

      Thank you.


  2. I used to follow this site until you allowed this guy to spew emotional drivel all over the place. He just rants and offers no real insight. Why did you sell out?


  3. I see a lot of questions asked about what guru sites have said. I think those questions are moot because we all know by now they have no validity in years, as to what they say. Save us that mess or else ask the guru themselves.
    I have given quite a bit of clarification about the ”jew / antisemetic ” outrage. This is an unnecessary accusation, if you all read my explanation about it. In reality, none of us knows who the true jews are, but some of us do know who the Imposters are, and have said so and stood against them. There should be no outrage about them, since they are Imposter ”jews”. Many of them have been running the very anti-american unFederal Reserve. Some of their names? Well, Greenspan, Bernanke, and now the new lady……..all Imposter jews. This should explain a lot, right there.

    Russia. Russia is more a friend to us americans than our own govt. Russia is the reason we never went to war with Iran, and that war rangling stopped. Russia is the reason we arent in war in Syria. Russia regrets not intervening in Libya. Russia is actually fighting our govt. which has been tyrannizing us for many many decades now. Russia is now a New Russia, and its time for americans to put away their old ideas of some stalinist zionist imposter jew regine russia of old.
    Putin is doing us more favors than we could hope for, since we have no leaders here who are for US as citizens. The ”Bear” is now growling and putting the usa in its place now. It is this Bear that is coming against our Fiat System which is our worst enemy, and the very reason why more americans are falling into dire poverty. Learn the truth ab out Russia and about Putin, and stop listening to the propaganda that our MSM tries to tell you. They are lying !! Period. Time to turn the channel so real truth can come in. One Site that I have liked a lot is real jew news. com written by a jew. Very informative.
    There are times when I must use the bible reference in order to fairly respond. I do not preach and I don’t really give a damn what anyone decides to believe. But until ”you” really know what you are talking about, you should not spout your personal ideas. ”you” in general.
    We the People can not take back anything without getting ourse4lves shot or tazed. Remember how the Occupy people were treated by the police Force? They were instituted to be Peace Officers, but have become police FORCES. They forgot who they work for and who pays them.
    We also have nobody working for us, as those who asked for us to ”send them to washington to represents US” are only there to line their own pockets and to get a nice lifetime pension..
    We also DO NOT elect anyone, because elections are crooked as a dogs hind leg. Our votes are NOT counted, its a farce if any of us thinks we really vote. LOLOL.
    Lastly, I have heard john try to encourage us to do an uprising and revolt…..numerous times, and over the past couple of years. I’ve told him numerous times why we cannot do that, yet he would never listen. We would only get a lot of us shot, but I guess that is unimportant to him. So yes that is true.

    I have just tried to respond to many postings, all in one post here. Hope this is over with in short order, however I feel that it may well be some time yet, unless some very strong measures are taken against ”the enemy” who stands in the way.


  4. The information is what it is. I can only imagine how frustrating it must be to be actually in the trenches and watch it fall apart repeatedly, for years on end. It is discouraging. It feels like you’re in an uphill fight because you are. But why would you kill the messenger? We are getting information about how deep the rot goes-THIS IS VALUABLE! Use it. Use it to make those changes that you can make. Use it to strengthen your position and the position of those around you. Strengthen your family. Strengthen your community. Those who follow this blog, OWoN and more like it are more awake/aware than others. This is your opportunity to get the message out. You know things.

    Look around you and discover those things that you own…things that cannot be taken from you. Your family, your community. Pour yourself into those things. It will have a cumulative effect. As you strengthen your family and community we will all move up the food chain. Form boycotts. Money is a language they understand. Deprive them of it. MacDonalds recently came under fire for the way they treat their workers. I will not buy MacDonalds because of it. I have educated several others, who also will not go there. I get it. It’s a fast food conglomerate-big deal. But research MacDonalds sales lately. I am not alone. Small start equals change. I will not use self-serve anything. This is how I protect jobs and tell corporations that their employees really are their biggest asset. We still have some power and we need to use it more effectively. It’s cliche, but BE the change.

    The WH’s are appreciated! Keep it up guys. In the meantime support them by moving forward with plans of your own. You can’t rely on others to do all the heavy lifting. Forget the perceived insults from Blog posts. You probably misinterpreted it (you don’t know the inner working of their minds) and even if you didn’t, so what? Is it helpful to focus on a perceived insult. Does it change the reality? It does shift your focus from those issues that matter. Haven’t you allowed enough of that already? Stay on task.

    PS-Please disregard my earlier statement…I think I found my mojo again….


  5. what are the white hats comments on nda contracts must be signed before you get money and that you can go to jail if you spend to much I was hoping to pay all my bills especially my home


      1. Tony, I see a lot of questions in here, as I just now caught up on all the posts. Maybe its time for some clarification directly from your WH Contact. What say you?


        1. I would prefer not to bother them at this time.

          Too many people see the last update as a sign of total failure.

          I cannot understand why such is assumed.

          It was a setback this week. It’s not the end of the road.

          Witness this comment, from the top, from OWoN, in reply to a comment on their blog:


          I can say little publicly. Assume the key Brits are well up to speed and all over it. Don’t worry about our part time Political entities,they come and go. The real Power is behind and that is both Old Guard families and permanent. We build Global relationships outside of the Political Zoo. An entire new Global system is developing bypassing the US now.

          If that ex part time Union Organizer and his Commie handlers in the WH don’t get the PP’s and Currencies released the US will fold. Only the Taxes and Jobs created from that can save America now. The world sees that and now builds whole new Alliances US free. Its another typical US Cluster F all SNAFU driven.

          Nothing in that comment smacks of “it’s over, we lost”.

          For now, let’s wait the week out. The WH’s are in touch with the top, and there is no need to flip flop back to them to ask for clarification when they are all one in essence.

          Thank you.


      2. Ok Tony, thanks. I agree it doesnt indicate that at all, and its good to know the u.s. is being bypassed which equals Snubbed, lol. I did not see that posting because I don’t go over there to read their stuff.
        (I am suspecting that what is being indicated by ”new” here, is the BRICS banking system, and maybe we can open a Freedom Account in one of them where we won’t have our enemy Fed ruled banksters tampering with our banking business and reporting it to those that is none of their business.
        Am I close, lol?


        1. Hello,

          I have no details of critical importance about new banking details. Even if I did, I would not be keen to release such on this blog. I doubt very highly that any banking in the USA will be done without the ability of the the local law examining such if they have reason to suspect criminal activity.

          Thank you.


  6. WHA,
    this is my reservations about this whole story. Since I have started following the PP and WGS, from what I gather from OWoN’s comments and even recently, the PP are dependent on DC, the US Govt, actually giving them the money, and relinquishing that control. It’s a wierd situation. We have OWoN and everyone on our side raging that the Cabal delayed on their promises again, we are against the cabal, etc. The real question is, why would DC, the cabal, whoever, ever release trillions of dollars to BB, MC, W Fal, WGS, CMKX, RV, others, when its pretty clear that OWoN, the White Hats mission is to eradicate them? Why would they ever let the aforementioned people ever have access to trillions of dollars and establish their own power structure against them? It just goes against basic logic. Seems to me if I had the power to give money to someone, why in the heck would I ever give it to the people who are against me? I’ve heard it explained that if they don’t do it, DC will crash, and that is the reason they must cash in the PP and others. We have been hearing that for years, and still they manage to stay in power, and nothing changes. That is just my thoughts on the matters. It’s just a perpetual game ongoing imo. Honestly, I have no idea why they would ever release the money. They are doing a hell of a job not releasing it and have for many years. Oh yeah, CMKX?????? lol 🙂
    Thank you


      1. WHA,
        It’s not a question that some are working at great personal sacrifice. If there is one thing I’ve learned, it is that working at great personal sacrifice doesn’t ensure success. It simply comes down to in my mind, why would they even release the money to their clearly stated opposition? Thanks for everything and keeping us informed.


  7. WHA,
    Why have you deferred to owon for all updates…. Are you saying the White Hats agree with all that is coming from that site ? Have the White Hat contacts dried up ?


    1. We have not deffered to OWoN for all updates. They happen to be on the front lines. So, we watch and listen. I am not saying what the WH’s believe or don’t believe. That is their business to answer.

      The contacts have not dried up. I can call them any time.

      Thank you.


  8. Hanne, that link was depressing. I imagined some red-neck, white trash pair broadcasting from a trailer. Fortunately, I devoted only a few minutes to it. What a waste!


      1. Your right Tony it was and I’m sorry just the frustration of knowing what scum has controlled us for so long again I tip my hat and bow to the white hats if I can be of service let me know


  9. Hello, WHA. I read the following on the Dinar Recaps Blog. It says that if we deposit any money in a Federal Reserve Bank, it then becomes their property. So if the bank goes belly up we will lose all our money. And we will have to sign an NDA, and if that NDA is violated we can go to prison. Is all this true? I have provided the links below.


    1. Until we actually see and RV and have procedures to follow, I would not take the above as anything more than just jibber-jabber.

      Wait until you see something from an official source, and do not accept such things as real until then.

      Thank you.


      1. Your point about bank deposits is well-established law. Money that is deposited in a bank is legally the property of that bank. The depositor legally becomes an unsecured creditor (i.e., lender) to the bank. Most people don’t know this.

        If a bank goes belly-up, they can satisfy the debt they owe you by giving you an equity stake in the bank itself. (Which is just what everyone wants: a stock position in an insolvent bank.)

        This one of the big reasons why people such as Jim Sinclair implore people to get their assets out of “the system.” (“GOTS” – Get Out of The System)


  10. Look on the bright side … now you all have more time to go out and buy dinars, dongs, fool;s gold, etc. That’s all this is about anyway.


    1. This is one big mind game for them, those that choose violence fall direct into the mindset they want,the Ukraine is a perfect example .the longer they talk and play there games they expose themselves .the last thing they want is comuntiys coming as one helping each other.they are being exposed right and left.


  11. The Hegelian Dialectic – At the bottom of page 89 (of my copy, several versions exist) of “The History of Banking” it states,

    “For us to get there you can be [sic] rest assured that our current Economic system will have to fail first. It is still the old proven method of; Create the problem, Present the solution.”

    I believe we will have to endure an unpleasant financial failure before the powers that be present a WGS-GCR solution to the world. Global current events are illogical but nothing happens by accident and actions appear to be directed right off a Hollywood script. They keep us guessing as they build the East-West tension and dollar-debt problem to a climax. The coming G20 and Bretton Woods meetings should be interesting especially after the G7 essentially tossed Russia out of the G8. The G19 probably has plans to do something very similar.


  12. if one reads some – more and more – of the owon texts, the conclusion of “buying an assault weapon” seems to become a “reasonable choice”…

    please be very careful with this kind of conclusions, you will very probably be “neutralized” before you even know it, as they say.

    others refer to violence based on “religious convictions” or “holy texts”?

    i heard that religion was about the trancending of violence, instead of offering a “sacred basis” to legitimate it…???


  13. OK… just one more post, and I will shut up about what is being posted by OWoN.

    Here is a recent comment posted by one of OWoN’s most active contributors:

    “Vlastimil March 26, 2014 at 12:57 PM
    Evidently as we mentioned countless , without US revolution nothing will happen and because there will be no revolution in US then we will be in one year time at the same spot as we were a year or two ago.”

    FOR THE RECORD, I am trying VERY hard to trust the validity of what is posted on OWoN… but they are starting to pontificate way too many ass-pull generalizations that are clearly NOT the mark of “somebody in the know.”



    1. I have heard through the grapevine that that is the objective of the OwoN site: to ignite the revolution in the US. Many innocent Americans will get killed if that becomes the last resort.

      I am not buying the propaganda that Americans are the only ones to be blamed in this current crisis; who was behind the colonization of the American continent?

      If no revolution in the US leads to the world-wide economic melt-down, then the European elites will be equally hurt, and may be, that is what is needed to free us and the rest of the world from their domination.

      It is not just the Neocons and Zionists that shaped the world the way it is.


    2. You are certainly welcomed to come back and point out those that you feel are in the know, since you seem to be convinced that you can spot those that are not in the know, that should be easy for you to do.

      Thank you.


      1. I have long been hoping and promoting that the White Hats are “in the know.”

        Do the White Hats actually agree with this OWoN comment that “nothing will happen without a US revolution – but there will be no revolution in the US – therefore, in one years time, we will be at the same spot we were a year or two ago” ??

        I thought for sure that the White Hats CONFIRMED a GCR will occur in 2014. Am I mistaken?


        1. Why should I ask the WH’s if they agree with such a thing? What makes that statement a fact?
          The person who posted that is not someone we get information from.

          Yes we were told 2014 was the year. I do not know what you saw today that made you feel it was now stated by the WH’s that such was impossible. We just had a setback this week, like one of many.

          Don’t be pedantic. If you are not happy with what you are reading here, you may go to OWoN and register your complaint there.

          Thank you.


  14. This is disappointing news. The currencies were, as stated, a gamble. I always saw it that way but I’m truly saddened to think that the larger issue-that there may never be respite from that powers that have tanked our economy and allowed the world to view and label America as bloated, uncaring ‘Bubba’s’-goes on unabated. If I look through the eyes of the rest of the world…I understand. But our leaders do not represent us and have not for some time.

    This is how we are portrayed but is not in fact who we are as a people. They do not see those of us who have and continue to fight the good fight by the only means available to us. We reeducate our children from the public education. We support them while they drown in student loan debt and work the only minimum wage part-time jobs available. We support our aging parents whose pensions and life savings have been ravaged and stolen. All this while trying to keep our own heads above water and contribute what we can to the community. We pick ourselves and our life shards up and we rebuild and we are grateful for the strength to do so. We literally scream NO to the wars, the political games and the financial debauchery. We are not recognized. Please don’t misunderstand. I am not looking for nor do I want sympathy. I work hard for what I have accomplished and share what I can. I am grateful. I am an American.

    I’m looking for meaningful change and what I can do to help bring it about, but some days make you weary. I read with interest the 226 page doc from OWoN. Clearly our struggle began before our birth. There were those among us fighting back in the 1930’s to address corruption and vice. Their voices, as ours have been silenced and drown out by the MSM. Some days it feels as though there will never be an end….only more of the same. The Vets and the Truckers and the Bikers have all marched on DC. The MSM labeled these events as ‘much ado about nothing, conspiracy theorist nutjobs…meanwhile in other news Miley Cyrus…’ And this is how the world sees us.

    I have a good life. As much as I need and more than my share of happiness and love within my family and community. The rest of this week I’m going to focus on that. In the end it’s the only thing of value and always has been. I think I’ll spend time with my family, walk my dogs and call my Dad. I’ll help the neighbor get her trash cans in and drop some clothes at the donation center. Maybe I’ll buy some stranger coffee. I guess that’s what I can do today…

    Thanks to WH, WHA, OWoN and all those in the actual trenches. We recognize your efforts and your sacrifice.


  15. At this point that’s what they want,your biggest weapon is the correct knowledge,I’m not saying I wouldn’t resort to that,but taking a life has to be done to the right person at the right time for the right reason, not that simple is it.


  16. WHA

    Have I got this right: the PPs have to come first, then the general worldwide RV will be announced right? If so, and if PPs rely on honest government, then yes as someone else says we will go to our graves waiting for this.

    PS: Yay Russia! Go Putin! About time the west was shown who is boss!



    1. Hello,

      I am not sure I understand the process in full, but the private placements seem to point to getting the RV started. Just how that applies to the US Gov’t in a precise manner is not fully known.

      Although the updates from the top are genuine, they are not including a lot of the precise details that cannot be shared, obviously. Because of this, we cannot simply say that success will not come because of gov’t corruption – period.

      Let’s wait and see what the next few days bring. We should all know that this process has more ups and downs than a viagra test subject.

      Hang in. We will get any and all information from the right people.

      Thank you.


  17. RE: “The PP’s wait on DC, who seem now more interested in Global posing and yet more Family Freebies on Air Force One while America disintegrates. Everyone is beyond frustrated. DC is focused ever more on filling their own pockets fast while emptying yours.”

    Apparently ALL the focus is now back onto the corrupt DC politicians (who recently were proclaimed to be no longer an obstacle… huh?)

    I guess that means that The Rothschilds are off the hook… as are the “retired” Bush Nazis… forget the Queen of England too… and no more worries about The Black Pope and the Jesuit Vatican. WHAAAAAAAAAAT?

    RE: “Where are the Leaders not the Losers? TAKE BACK AMERICA!”

    WHOA… I thought that OWoN and the White Hats ARE the frontline LEADERS who are aggressively taking down the Cabal monsters! This sounds as if they are expecting us… the “We The People”, to take back our rights and the trillions of stolen dollars. WTF?

    Maybe it’s time for me to buy an assault weapon, after all.


    1. Son, those are dangerous words.

      Google “threatening a government employee”.

      Even the suggestion can be considered a threat.

      I’m from Texas and support the right to bear arms, but would never suggest what you have.



    2. David, it is “We the People” and ONLY “We the People” who can take back our rights and our liberties, nobody else. If “We the People” are unwilling to do that, nobody can do it for us. “We the People” have been indoctrinated for ages to look up to others for our needs to be met so that those others could enslave us. “We the People” need to stop depending on others for our needs once and for all time. Only then we will be freed from this slavery. We need to take responsibility for ourselves and our lives!
      An assault weapon is not going to help you in any way.


      1. Hanne,

        I apologize if my closing comment bothered you. I keep forgetting that many people simply cannot read things IN CONTEXT… for within the context of that post, it shouldn’t be that hard to ascertain that I am NOT serious about personal guns, but instead, was mildly bashing the OWoN spokesperson who positions himself as a LEADER on the front line of this global re-balancing, only to now insist that WE ALL need to become Leaders.

        Regarding your passion about We The People “taking back our rights”, I wish you all the best. I have already dedicated 20 years of my life supporting several relevant causes. I’ve lost my corporate status, my savings, my house, my health and several loved ones… all for “a better America.” Unfortunately, most Americans are grossly uninformed about the strangleholds that a select group of trillionaires have long maintained via ultra-sophisticated mind-control & money manipulation practices… a major reason why all of the recent grassroots initiatives have steadily faded away.

        Also IN CONTEXT of this WHA blog… these White Hats ARE on the front line of some strategic maneuvers that can help loosen this stranglehold… which is the only reason I started following this auxiliary support blog.

        That said, if the WGS cannot be ethically re-assigned and the GCR never happens, then IMHO, “We The People” are in for a VERY rude awakening… with or without our pride-filled rally flags (and relentless Facebook posts… LOL)


      2. David,
        About positioning oneself as a leader: basically that is not possible without followers.
        Regarding my passion: a passion doesn’t stop in the face of adversity, it takes adversity as a stepping stone to greater and better directed passion.
        As to your last statement here: not the GCR nor the RV is going to rid us of our adversaries, rather the contrary is true.
        We the people have to stop feeding the beast on every plane to get rid of it. That is the only way that will work.


        1. Hanne,

          RE: “We the people have to stop feeding the beast on every plane to get rid of it. That is the only way that will work.”

          Please share with us your personal plan to “stop feeding the beast.” Are you… no longer using any credit cards? growing all your own food? no longer consuming gas by not driving anymore? and is the beast visibly weakening because of your personal choices?

          The WGS can return trillions of stolen dollars/resources to their RIGHTFUL owners…
          The GCR can REBALANCE the financial power and empower new ethical systems…
          Then “We The People” can build upon a REALISTIC opportunity for self-sustainability!


  18. Fantastic, very well put!!
    My thoughts are we need to
    Tweet all politicians out with
    1 shirt(no pockets) and 1 pair
    Of shorts(no pockets) and a pair of flip flops and nothing
    In hand then replace all them
    With people—real people
    We the people that believe in and live by the old original Constitutiion.


  19. If “PP’s” are dependent upon honest, effective, responsible federal government in the U.S.A., hopeful recipients will go to their graves unfulfilled.


  20. Sorry wha. Information seems to have to deteriorated to owon s personal political views. Give hope take it back with a dose of his rants to boot. Tnt tony did the same ploy. When his facts for the good did not materialize he then did an about face against the powers that be. I don’t believe either any more. Talk out of both sides of there mouth. What ever London wants London’s gets now its Lapland. If you scrutinize each sentence there are so many times he contradicts himself . You admirably said you are not interested in a following I get that! But many appreciated your noble discernment. You can not explain away the rabid antisemitism even with two cool heads like you and neo. This is not resonating as the truth from owon for good or bad anymore. So much distortion. If you have anyway to recapture the tract you were building that is not aligned with this owon every minute I feel kinda throwing up on us please do. Other wise it is what it is. Part of the Tower of Babel ! I still appreciate you tony and fondly recall how it was when you and other white hats were at the helm! Somebody described it as a jewel! Some of your posters are so bright and well versed in there understanding. That gives me hope Such good souls. It’s not at all because owon doesn’t give good news or bad news. It just feels so distorted to his own agenda. It is what it is! I know this gcr will happen like an angel in the night. I won’t say thief 🙂 There is One who has all Power ! May we all find him Now ! Owons is not God….Abby’s vengeful God is not the real one Who does the eternal boot. (That gave me a good laugh) But ….big but There is on who has all Power who can move mountains or Gcrs. There is also that power in each Soul to be part if it !! May real wisdom and truth come back thru wha again!!


    1. Kelly, where I stated ”God says, Vengence is Mine, I will repay”…….I was quoting from Gods own Word. Yes indeed that is THE one true God. I do not make Him to be the way ”I want him to be”….but I tell about Him as he really is. In the end, all those who do evil, will be avenged by God for their evil doing, and that is a good thing. All my quotes were from the Word of God, and we must all line up with that, one way or another. It is no laughing matter, so watch your laughing; I know my stuff. Or don’t you think evil people should be punished? If not, then why are you in here?
      (there will be an ”eternal boot” for those who deserve it”)


  21. This is where I always take serious exception to OWoN and have said so in the past on many occasions. First off everything is ALWAYS painted as America’s fault when in reality anyone who has a slightest clue about what’s going on knows that not one politician in D.C. does anything on their own. They are ALL employees and followers of the globalist bankers.

    Secondly, OWoN is always painting the scenario that China, Russia and the BRICs nation in general are the good guys while the US is th bad guy. Again, anyone who has a true understanding of what is taking place globally knows that what we are living through right now, is a DELIBERATE power shift from the US and West to China and the other BRICs nations.

    This is ALL by design dating back to the 90s where the term BRICs was first coined by a JP Morgan banker. It was also in the 90s that the fast track of shifting this power started. Everything from Bill Clinton allowing our weapons and military secrets to be sent to China, our Industrial base being sent to China to the current times of deliberate precious metals manipulation where by ALL gold is being funneled into China. When the new global financial system kicks in, those holding the gold will rule. NO COINCIDENCES here people! Are you starting to see the REAL picture?

    So I say, if I know all of this information, how is it someone in such a placed position like OWoN, doesn’t know it?

    One last note, be careful what you wish for on the global reset, the end result will probably not be what you expect! Meaning, from what i have pieced together, when the reset happens, America will be reduced to a third world level. We are purposely being branded and made to be modern Nazis ( rightful so based on our actions from orders of the cabal) Our military is being gutted as we speak. A police state apparatus is being put in place like the world has never seen before. Our currency will be severely devalued to that of third world level.our country is being diluted and turned upside down through deliberate social change and rampant illegal immigration … and while all of this going on, everyone is being brainwashed with happy talk of becoming millionaires from a reset ( which in all probability will NOT happen),

    What a perfect way to neutralize concerned citizens. If they didn’t feed this disinfo while these things were going on, the alarm would be so high and the backlash more evident but tell the population they may be millionaires and bad guys will be rounded ect. and they will gladly ignore the horrid facts surrounding them.


    1. Joe, I respectfully disagree with one of your points.

      In this case, the politicians are doing one thing on their own: They keep pulling out passage of the 2010 IMF Code of Reforms.

      In truth, those who insist on not including it in a bill for the Ukraine are defending the economic sovereignty of the US, which will be lost as the IMF induces the world to link to SDRs. So, what congress is doing is morally and justly the right thing to do.

      But, the rest of the world is going to go around us anyway if we do not agree, and they’ve made clear their April deadline.

      It’s like a person being subjected to an unjustified arrest: they are within their rights to resist unconstitutional behavior, but they’ll end up in the same place anyway, except with a bloody nose, swollen eyes, and missing teeth.

      It is my opinion that the rest of the world is angry at the US but still willing to allow a soft landing, monetarily, for us innocent citizens. But, if they have to resort to “extraordinary measures” to effect the reset, we may lose that sympathy, and end up essentially on our own.


      1. Occasnl Trvlr, I respectfully disagree with one of your points.

        you wrote: “In this case, the politicians are doing one thing on their own: They keep pulling out passage of the 2010 IMF Code of Reforms. In truth, those who insist on not including it in a bill for the Ukraine are defending the economic sovereignty of the US, which will be lost as the IMF induces the world to link to SDRs. So, what congress is doing is morally and justly the right thing to do.”

        IMHO, too many Americans are parroting the “we are the greatest country” nonsense, while their rights, safety and financial stability are swirling down the drains.

        Before any of us can claim to know “the truth”, we should also get clear on why so many leading-edge scholars, former government officials and prominent policymakers are promoting just the opposite… that Congressional enactment WILL ACTUALLY sustain U.S. leadership in global financial matters… and that failure to act would diminish the role of the United States in international economic policy-making and undermine U.S. efforts to promote growth and financial stability!


      2. Wouldn’t sustaining a position of leadership in global financial matters necessitate having a position of leadership in global financial matters?


      3. Occasnl Trvlr, you can look at the withdrawal of the 2010 IMF Code of Reform in that perspective or you can look at it as business as usual, as more orders given by the globalist and carried out by the bought and paid for politicians.

        Did you ever think for a second that the intention is to have America deliberately lose it’s veto power in the IMF or at a minimum to just play this theater out farther down the road because we are not at the proper timing of the final reset action to take place yet?

        When April 11th arrives, that doesn’t mean we will automatically lose our veto power. That date will start the action for us to lose of veto power IF the politicians don’t sign on. Perhaps when April 11th arrives and that loss of veto power is made mainstream ( which it isn’t now) that veto power loss will be made as the excuse the politicians will use to defend it’s passing. Zionist globalist shill Harry Reid said yesterday in regards to the withdrawal, that they will focus on it and take it up “later this year”.

        Like I said above, whether we lose the IMF veto power or if this is just stalling the timing of the vote, the fact of the matter is this is NOT a decision made by any politician and certainly not the act of a few “good men” sitting in D.C.. They are doing nothing more than carrying orders from their globalist employers.

        This is a grand chess match and the timing of EVERYTHING is controlled by the globalists. Nothing moves forwards or comes to finality in Washington D.C.unless and until they say so!


    2. In reply to David. again this can go either way. Which ever the final plan the globalist have for the USA on the world financial stage is what we will live with. It could very well be that they want America to lose it’s veto power. Couple that with everything else they have done or are in the middle of doing to destroy “OLD” America. They want “OLD” America so destroyed so that there NO chance of saving it.

      They can not have a NWO with a prosperous, militarily strong, peaceful minded, human rights minded America still standing. If America falls, the rest of the world will be a cake walk.

      There is NO stopping this new system from rolling out. There is NO stopping the US dollar from losing it’s world reserve currency status. The only question that remains after the reset is finalized is, how bad will America actually be? Sadly, from what i have been able to piece together, we will literally be on a third world level under stringent police state governance.

      They have so deliberately destroyed the current system we have used for the past 100 years so no thoughts could ever be considered to save it . Before this full change over, they extracted every possible amount of profit from the system they could ( think derivatives) . At this stage, the ONLY alternative is this new SDR system being brought out. Anything else would mean pure uncontrolled collapse and chaos. No country on the world stage will allow that.


    3. “Occasnl Trvlr says:
      March 26, 2014 at 12:48 pm
      Wouldn’t sustaining a position of leadership in global financial matters necessitate having a position of leadership in global financial matters?”

      You are assuming again that America will continue to have a leadership position on global financial matters. We will know in the near future just how far down they will take America. Again, this decision is coming from the GLOBALISTS not some sleazy bought and paid for D.C. politician!


      1. Joe, about this comment, you clearly misunderstood my rhetoric. My point here is that the United States does not now have a position of leadership in global financial matters, and hence sustaining a non-existent position is axiomatically impossible.

        About your previous reply, above, you may be right, and thanks for the perspective.


  22. Glad you’re finally helping spread the word of the VERY REAL NEED for the true AMERICAN’S out there to stand up and take it back. Thank you for doing so.


  23. Thank you all. WH/WHA/OWON. Will there be a point when it’s time to slay the evil ones. As in the bible Gods people did slay evil people. IMO from the history of this and time and time again of the evil ones lieing ext. Would there come a time to slay the evil ones , like Gods people did in the past ??? IMO when people are evil/ crooked ext they usually don’t ever change there ways unless forced. Again I pray for us all and closure to the WGS
    Thanks again to all working on this.


  24. I appreciate you guys working so hard for us !

    It really ticks me off that they can get away with so much wrong doing. I wish “WE THE PEOPLE” would get together and put a stop to all that mess.


    1. Right now people are hypnotized into thinking that things like Kardashian’s buttocks are something to be aware of. This, while they are being robbed and sold down the river.

      Therein lies the problem. Too many people are not aware enough to know they should be more aware.


  25. so the game seems to have changed. prior posts seemed to suggest that our foolish government had been bypassed on all of this. now they are back in charge – what gives??? agree with those that find this very confusing. and very appreciative of all who are trying to break the log jam.


    1. WGS is not dependent on the US Government. The private placements seem to be another matter.

      I do not know all the details. Stay tuned for more information from the top. That is all we can do at this time. I certainly will not post guesses. We have a line to the top. Let’s let them update us.

      Thank you.


    2. Not just that, but OWoN seems to place all the blame on America and the jewish people. The anti-semitism and America bashing is starting to get disturbing.


      1. Abby – I disagree. When Hitler was doing his world tour thru Europe I didn’t see anyone else man up and put a stop to it. And while there are bad people from every race and nation, anti-semitism is condemning the entire race. Likewise with America. The US has been a leader in many areas in its short history. Many global inventions have come from this country that have helped progress human civilization, way too many to name. I recognize there are bad leaders at the top, and have been for several elections. However I don’t put the entire blame of all the world’s woes on the shoulder of the US or the Jewish people. There is plenty of blame to go around. OWoN’s comments about “Russia can make it a wasteland” or something to that effect is certainly not warranted. Ultimately, man is inherently wicked at the core. Many rise above that and many do not. I wouldn’t be quick to condemn a nation of 300 million or the state of Israel as I’m sure you can find good in both.


      2. LL — I can see you have not done much real digging into the root of our problems, or the World’s problem. You must come to the understanding that a country having a few contributing inventors or that it has ”many good people” has nothing at all to do with any of this.
        First of all, our Root problem is the wicked evil criminal banking system, and this system was brought into the usa by Jews who are actually Imposter Jews, but if they want to call themselves Jews, then so be it and thus they ”taint” an entire race because People refuse to dig for Truth and learn that there are two different ‘jews” being spoken of here. It is these Imposters who have indeed destroyed our very Economic System; we call them Banksters and the System they deceptively created in the USA is the FIAT Dollar which has no Value but instead CREATES DEBT, and wealth for ONLY themselves.
        So this is where we are right now. And what you need to realize is that when you have this small Elite group of Rotten Bad Apples in the bushel, then THEY Rot the whole Bushel. And then it does not matter how many ”good apples” we have, because the Rotten ones Rot EVERYTHING.

        This then brings us to the very thing that the WHITE HATS and this Blog are working on, and the reason why that has become absolutely necessary, or else none of us will survive because the Rot has touched everything worldwide now.
        LL, I am not trying to be a smart ass, but trying to get you to think, seriously think. And put away your Blind Allegiance to ”a mere flag’ just because you were told to do so, as they were taught to do in Germany…….An examination of Reality is always needed. Likewise, we cannot blindly think our ”favored ethnicity” is correct just because we favor it. The solution is to examine closely and then admit that Corrections are needed and necessary. Then and only then can we be Proud of what we stand for or defend.
        I hope this is enlightening for you.


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