Here is another update, from the top. 

Please read it carefully.

Keep in mind the admonitions contained within it. If you want to continue to receive information, please conduct yourselves as adults and remain patient.  More information will come forth, when it can, as allowed. There is no need to worry about missing out on any information. We are as informed as we can be.

Thank you all for your continuing courtesy and cooperation.



Key New Updates

With all the complex maneuvers and frustration for all with ever changing game plays, us even more on the Global front lines, fraught and frustrating dialog today with China, London and the US has resulted in a positive move late this evening. From a very confusing and highly stressful day for all, new light and hope is now returning fast. Thank all your Gods.

So, late as it is, because we know how very important it is to so many, after having announced a Limbo Land position today, as was correct and factual status on this roller coaster ride, events this evening have just changed things back to positive. We are thinking of you all.

Yes, we have full facts, but not for release now. A key party had a Health issue delaying asset allocation to assist a major closure you all need to kick start the process. That is due to be hopefully resolved over the next few days. Its not for release or elaboration but explained the delays. .

We have substantial multi country developments reconciling at last. Please, do NOT debate this on the Guru sites. We need calm order for just the OWON and WHA sites or a full clamp down will be imposed and nothing will flow. We owe no one anything.

All we can advise you with care, is that a phased approach is now being finalized and will only be detailed after completion of Phase One and possibly even Two.

Enough to leave us very hopeful that it will start to create new markets for you to get out in stages.

We do not want an ugly Guru site eruption ambulance chasing these events. This is not a Forex site or advisory site. Nor are we currency speculators or Traders. But, the major funds come to our Treasury Trust accounts for us to enhance up via our own platforms and help Nations and Communities. We are a primary gateway and hopefully we can release positive news soon, but only once safe to do so. This will be good for many soon so hang in there and wait as it unfolds. You have real renewed hope now. Speculators get used to it. You chose to ride those crazy tracks. No pain no gain?

As soon as we can give a full insight, when safe, we will. But right now we have to lock it down to keep it and you safe. This is why we asked you to watch your sites. We know how important it is to you all. It needed this breakthrough towards real closure. More when safe. We live with this 20 hours a day which the inner team know to be correct.

Once this comes through we can refocus back to helping the Nations and communities recover by taking it all away from those unfit to be entrusted. One World of Nations. Good People will make this all happen. The eyes, Souls and ethics of the site.

-end update


  1. Hey Everybody – Remember last Monday, 24th March when Okie posted that this would be a week to remember and that he was not going to post again anytime soon?

    I am not seeing, hearing or reading anything that is important to remember, are you? If I have missed something would someone please reply and tell me what it is. Saturday is not here yet and maybe we are supposed to hear good news tomorrow.


    1. 16:38 – 17:00 is the tell, but none of us should overlook her overall message. She is telling us in plain English that the IMF is gunning for world-wide economic sovereignty. The areas she outlines set the stage for centralized control through world-wide establishment of a common economic and monetary system.

      Monetary policy
      Type of growth
      Structural reforms

      Thanks a million, David!


  2. Well Tony I’ve taken a shine to you too and some of the other fine posters amazing high-level discussions going on very informative!!! Neo friendship right back to you and appreciate your efforts to illuminate. I will never throw the baby out with the bathwater that’s why I’m still here and my favorite saying I just want to make sure the baby is The real deal the best I can! I see that owons motive is not money or greed in that sense like many of the gurus. I just question if he doesn’t like the power over other people’s lives even indirectly. Giving the hope takeing it away getting to hear the sound of his own perspective. Getting to dump some of the Twisted Sister stuff That excites him to a willing and hungry audience!! I have compassion for so many of these people because they really have no other option some of us are more innovative and have been blessed in other ways but some have no other option but this hope like a last gasp. Spiritually there is no one in my heart of hearts over the one who animates my life. But I am not rigid i am not somebody Who could exchange the Bible for the true God as if the Bible is God. My relative who is a Christian Jewish pastor and I go round about this. I say each soul finds in the Bible that which reflects them the ones that are filled with love and goodness find that in the Bible and compassion the ones who want to hit you over the head with vengeance and ugliness and hell find that in the Bible. So to the true God be the glory !! I do think that will come in this circumstance I’ll tell you why from my own experience In this world for about three yrs valuable lessons learned. Will share in coming post. Discernment is key !! Besides the fact checks it is so valuable to see the discernment of eachs perspective even if I do not always agree with that and then white hat auxillary talking back to them most blog hosts don’t answer so completely as white hats auxiliary does which gives us even further perspective. So really appreciate that and the high-level responses of course not all them… To be continued


    1. Kellygreen — I got your hinting. So I respond with this: Being the very realistic person that I am, I have never looked in the bible to ”try to find something that fits me, or that I might like”. What I post is exactly what the bible says. Period. Like it or not, hell and vengeance is very real; even if you personally would like to try to dismiss it, it still will not disappear.
      It was not written for people to go fishing through it to try to find something that suits their own fancy, but written with the ‘demand’ that we come to agree with it, and line up with it. And its a fact that 99% of the population hates that because mankind is spoiled and self-absorbed with wanting their own way, and a disdain for those who tell them ‘it just aint that way”. It is Man that must change, not God.
      And in case you were unaware, the Bible IS Gods own words, as he spoke it to the men whom he told to Write down what He told them. There were also some scribes who wrote the Minutes of an event or what was being spoken and they wrote according to the ways of their times.
      Ultimately, the bible is a History Book; of the past, the present and the future. The future as God foresaw it by way of ”fast forward”. It’s not some ”book of stories’ made up by someone, but actually relates to real life.


  3. Bless you Tony, WH`s and Owon. Holy Spirit,come forth now and set the captives free.Set the earth free and all of her people free.


  4. like the old jarhead, awaiting my marching orders as well!! thanks wha, wh, owon!!! have especially enjoyed this education i am receiving thru these sites/links!


  5. Tony, I admire and appreciate your patience in the task you have accepted, to keep the people informed of the developments in this undertaking without losing control of your board. I am sure you have other things you could be doing instead of taking grief from a group of frustrated people you do not know and probably never will meet outside of this board. I do appreciate your dry wit in the Judge Dredd’s (? I think it was Dredd) “move along citizen” (a little harsh but appropriate) and Caesar’s final words. Thank you for your assistance, patience, and monitoring of this board. There are a lot of people who review this board daily. If there is some pressure that can be applied by having these people contacting others, such as political leaders, please allow us to assist in any way we can. Thanks again.


    1. Hello,

      Thank you for your comments.

      Yes, I certainly do not have to do this blog, and yes, I could be enjoying other things. But, I wanted to look back when this was all done and say, “Yes, I helped a little”. And, just like most of you, I want to make sure people have the correct information (as allowed) so they can intelligently sense where they are at in all this and know just what they may be in for. There are so many fairy tales out there. Such will only lead to disappointment, and I do not like that idea at all.

      Actually it was not from Judge Dread, but that line was from “Rome”. There was a scene where ex legionary Titus Pullo returns to the legion to be in the triumph that Caesar is having to celebrate his victory in Gaul. Pullo is met by a Centurion who informs him that he had mustered out and is no longer eligible to march with the legion. Pullo gets upset and starts an argument. The Centurion remarks, “Citizen, walk on”.

      For some reason I took a shine to that phrase.

      Caesar – some say he was a true leader, others, a psychotic butcher. Probably some of both in there. It was not a time to show one’s weaknesses and expect to survive.

      As far as contacting political leaders, well, I can assure you that the WH’s are in contact with those that matter, and that is what makes them so key in this event (IMO).

      Thank you, again.


  6. To all the WHAs , OWONs , Mr. Hodges and Tony.This is coming from an old jarhead. Everyday we come here to get whatever we can from you and most of the time no one offers to do anything for you. Well I’m here to tell you right now, if ever I can do anything for you no matter how small ,Just let me know . Come on people lets pay it forward.


  7. It’s relieving to be on a site with people not demanding this transition takes place on their terms. It’s amazing how people don’t research and just listen to gurus. Thanks for the updates and hopefully, we all use this to prepare for future events that may occur afterwards ..


  8. Thank you Tony, and all the White Hats, OWON. I am a grateful lurker. Please, folks, let’s not bite the hand that feeds us. We would know nothing of this endevor without their kind help.


  9. Yup NEXT WEEK again.

    OWoN March 28, 2014 at 8:50 AM

    Resetting Dolly is my agenda.
    Hopefully you do only take this as humor. My work agenda is so great I have no possibility of a day off for such. ( Or a week to recover!)
    Right now, the infighting to get the first PPs done is enormous stress. Daily Plea Bargaining. Tribal Fiefdoms to overcome. Nothing is easy. Its like the Falklands 20 miles Mud Yomping through the night to surprise jump the Argies before dawn broke.
    But for us daily fire fights !

    GCR is a total rethink of Global balances but the sticking point often being the stumbling blocks of assets title. Via this site, you get Global oversight of so much more.

    But, via this site, is the real hope of Humanity, so that once funds are freed, we can use the help and support of many applied minds, to deliver aid and projects to those areas most in need. It needs all of you to help enlighten and develop communities. No infighting or dogma, just Humanity. One nation for all. Next week we will release so much more.


    1. Perry,

      Your “NEXT WEEK” comment was snide and uncalled for. You took that to mean “further delays” into next week, when it was not such. The post indicated that more information will be released next week.

      Fair warning – if I have to expend any more time replying to your snotty attitude, you will be sent packing.


  10. Dear WHA…you stated that Mr. Al Hodges reads this site. GOOD. In my opinion, he is one of a very few individuals who people can actually relate. I have been following this saga for 22 years, and the great bulk of the so-called leaders have produced very little results, and all… all… ALL 100 PERCENT, of funding dates have been wrong. In 1993 there were weekly reports of Jim Gilmore being seen in the Atlanta airport, having arrived from Europe with signed “it is a done deal” documents. For years, Poof had “drops” being made in the southern Appalachian mountains. And Casper talked endlessly about packs being flown up and down the east coast. Even now no one, not even you, WHA, really know who the White Hats are. Are they, like the Dove of Oneness, working out of a trailer in Washington state, creating a following of thousands, maybe millions, with just made up stories?

    You, WHA, are doing a good service. You say Al Hodges reads this site. Mr. Hodges, you are a real person, a real professional with a real name and a real address. Mr. Hodges, you more than nameless White Hats, ZAP, Casper, OITC whistleblower, Rayelan, Gurus, Space Creatures, Fulford, Keenan, OWoN, and a whole bunch of other information givers, have things to say. Answers to questions. Talk to us, Mr. Hodges. You are a real person with real information. Others may know more. But you are real.

    I thank you Mr. Hodges and I thank WHA.


    1. Well,

      That was an interesting comment. Your kind words towards Mr. Hodges are appreciated, but your lumping in of the White Hats in with the trailer park intel network was extremely flawed and incorrect.

      I can assure you that the White Hats are not sitting in a trailer or in section 8 housing projects seeking Paypal donations and thinking up something to say to increase their google ads traffic.

      I wont go into details of how well I may know the White Hats, but I can assure you that you are making some seriously incorrect assumptions.

      Thank you.


      1. I know what you are saying. You have your reasons to be totally supportive of the White Hats. Very few people in the entire world really know who the individuals were, then and now, that put the world back together again after World War Two. We really don’t know who is actually in charge of international affairs today. But some high level politicians and PhD academics have a certain amount of insight into behind the scenes activities. My criticism of this twenty plus year saga is that so much of the information has come from the peanut gallery, people who meant well but knew nothing, to people who seriously needed their meds. And I have known a lot of people. There have been massive fraud, theft and scams, and crazy, pyscho stuff. But you know that.

        It is easy, my dear friend, to say I know the White Hats, and they are OK, good people, getting the job done. And they probably are. But the thousands, maybe millions, the little people who are involved, know squat. I, like you, have at some point felt I had good sources. Many people have felt that way. But the stories over the years have mutated, changed, become convoluted. I call on Al Hodges to come forth because of his serious professional involvement in these issues. The White Hats may have credentials equal to or greater than Mr. Hodges. But they are not known.

        My involvement spans two decades. I compare this, to use Jim Gilmore’s word, “project” to the first decades of Christianity. Communication was extremely slow then, but extremely rapid now. That is both good and bad. Scholars have spent centuries trying to uncover the events following the death of Christ. Like this project, stories mutated, changed, became convoluted. We will never know some of the actual events that took place during the years that the New Testament was written. I do not wish to equate the birth of Christianity to the events we are all now talking about. Some have, and it is common to hear the comment that the big reval will be the biggest event in world history for the next several hundred years. If so, then we will never really know everything that is going on now. But I am too old, too educated, too experienced, and too much of a natural skeptic not to ask serious questions. And I believe in miracles.

        Once again I call on Al Hodges. The only time I feel like I really know something is about 3AM after a bottle of rum. It is all clear then, so very clear.

        Keep up the good work.


      2. Ben — In your comments, I can distinctly hear your gross disappointment in general mankind and you are correct in you analysis of it. IMO Mankind is a big failure, speaking in the overall general sense. However, by now, you should know who to vanquish from your circle, who is a scoundrel, and who to stop listening to. Throw out all the trash and keep only what is good.
        The White Hats are obscure because of the real danger to their lives; you know the Cabal are a dangerous bunch to come against, don’t you? So why demand names at this point? You can get a pretty good description of them if you read all the Reports on (I think that is the addy)
        Your decades long wait is understandablly nerve-racking, however, many of your thoughts and opinions are quite incorrect. I think if you can manage to be a little more patient for just a little while longer, it will be beneficial. Otherwise, we will all be in the same sinking boat, anyhow.
        I too would love to hear anything that Mr. Hodges has to say.


    2. IMO Ben you make some valid points. This has been going on for years. Plus Mr Hodges is know just like I’m not hard to find so why do the WH need to be hidden. Obama / Kissinger ext are not hidden .


      1. Hello,

        Et tu, Perry?

        They are not hidden. They just are not obligated to answer to anyone that asks who they are. Their work demands certain protocols be adhered to.

        Mr. Hodges is an attorney, and as such, is an officer of the court and is subject to public licensing. Therefore he is held to that standard of disclosure.

        Thank you.


      2. mankind a failure??? nonsense! all we have been thru and we are still here – big success in my book – and most of us quite comfortable compared to those of 1000 or even 100 years ago. not perfect yet certainly and far from a failure. and possibly on the brink of unimaginable success!!! the only way we end up with a failing grade in my book is if one of these fools in power pushes THE button and we all go up in smoke. possible and quite unlikely as even the fools with their fingers on the button know when they push it we ALL go up in smoke, and in my judgement they are not that reckless. they haven’t been stealing all that money to just vaporize it and themselves.


      3. JohnS – yes, the fool in power may understand the effect of “pushing the button” but what about the madman, the schizophrenic or lunatic? Or worse, the demon-possessed? Its not all about money, Dark clouds loom.


      4. Yes, Abby, I do know about dangerous people. I have been in meetings with men who can kill you with their hands. Meetings where every car entering and leaving was watched. Where the security had guns. I sat and rode beside the main security man. I have been investigated by the authorities. My records have been taken in raids. My phone has been tapped Has that happened to you, Abby? And I did not demand the name of anyone. I simply asked for Mr. Al Hodges, who has been public for years, to come forth. I respect Mr. Hodges. I do not expect him to come forth, and I understand that. But I wish he would. I once talked often with a guy, a professional investment counselor, who had a friend that was a presidential appointee with the IRS. Twenty years ago much of the so-called intel was about as worthless then as what the Gurus are now saying. Not much has changed. So, what this WHA person is doing is wonderful. But what real information is being presented? There is so much conjecture. Is ZAP right? Is Casper right? Is whistleblower right? Hudes, Fulford, Keenan, and all the others? Who is right? Who is right? Do you know who is right, Abby? Tell me who is right. I do not know who is right. Tell me three things, Abby, three real things that you have learned about this saga in the past six months. Things that if you had to prove to a judge in a court, or go to prison, you could. You know, people have gone to prison and people have died because they could not prove the claims they have made about this saga. We are like a ship lost at sea. It takes someone like Al Hodges to provide real answers to real questions. If I had a growth inside my head I would go to a brain surgeon, not to a high school biology teacher. And I mean no insult to the biology teacher.

        So, like the old lady used to say in the commercial, “Where’s the beef?” Are the White Hats the beef, the brain surgeon, the real deal, the man with a plan? The WHA person says so. What else can be said? We will have to wait. But I really would like to hear from Al Hodges. And I can tell you, Abby, it ain’t fun having a gun pointed at your head. Have you had a gun pointed at your head, Abby?


      5. john s. — Sorry, but mankind in the general sense is a failure. It has done nothing Right for centuries. It has failed miserable in the health of its citizenry by contaminating our air, our food, our water, our water sources, our govt., our economic system, educational system, we have a youth population that is all messed up because of what it has been born into, etc etc.
        I never saw anyone using perscription drugs by the dozens, being sick at such early ages, having mental problems, unable to even think or comprehend short sentences, filth for entertainment, sex treated as entertainment, foul language in everyday talk and in every sentence, rampant crime, drug and other addictions at an alltime high…….etc etc. The list is endless and too nauseating to elaborate on.
        I never saw any of these things before the60’s. And none of the problems in schools…..ever.
        I won’t expound and bore everybody with the obvious, but sorry, john s. the human race is in a very failed state of affairs. Why else do you think the WH’s are having to fight such Beasts in what they are trying to accomplish? And why do you think it has taken years? A handful of ”good guys’ compared to the masses of bastards.


  11. Hi Tony this reminds me of what a wise mentor told me about certain game players. they give you always enough to keep you hanging on never enough to satisfy you. I feel that goes on with info from owon. He goes only so far was smashing you down even some of the language calling Dinar holders contemptuously gamblers. Then when there’s a bolting or revolting as the case may be he gives you that crumb to satisfy you r eel you back in again. I pray that is not the case and that he is giving stuff based on real info but the patterns and the walks like a duck quacks like a duck are so been there before… Are you in your heart of hearts really satisfied that he gave it took it away took it away even deeper and then gave it back always cryptically Do you have any corroborating facts that make you feel in your heart of hearts satisfied that this is not a game for whatever the reason of owon. Just so many earmarks of manipulation on owons part. You my dear tony are not manipulative at all so what you say to that?? That whole Humanitarian and projects thing one day I will write up my experience directly with that losing six figures regaining six figures through divine grace . So I know the manipulation side from very professional people with very unlikely reasons. I also know when you’re looking to the left / the right (not politically )can come in with recompense and restoration which I think is how the GCR will come in. With recompense and restoration in ways we may not expect!


    1. Hello,

      I am sorry to hear of your six figure loss, via what I took your meaning to be via a con man. I am not really sure I understood.

      I do not see any earmarks of manipulation on OWoN’s part. Quite the opposite. To what advantage would OWoN have by falsely claiming such knowledge on a blog? They sell nothing. They recommend nothing.

      We confirmed OWoN’s status with our WH contact. If anyone knows, it’s them.

      As one guy remarked, “Nuff said”.


    2. Good morning Kellygreen

      Hope you are doing well. Just thought I would offer you a little different perspective as a contributor to the OWoN site. First I should explain that I am a ordained individual holding both a masters and doctorate degrees in religious studies. The bible is my anchor for how I fell life should be walked. I am not preaching at you just giving you my perspective. There is no one in my “heart of hearts,” except the one who died on the cross on my behalf. Many people have different views. I do not feel threatened by diversity at any level. We all have choices to make in life.

      Is OWoN some keeper of the “only,” truth? I don’t think so. Nor does he either for that matter. OWoN published an article for me of recent that was overtly Christian which stirred up those who are obviously not. Why did they do that? It is my opinion that various philosophies and religions are being embraced to make sure everyone has a seat at the table. Do I have OWoN or John as my “guru?” Of curse not. Do I ask OWoN to explain life to me. Of course not. Nor may I add do they want to. That he is even on any blog at all is extraordinary to contemplate. Why bother?

      OWoN has at its foundation a passion to do something different. Religion killed everyone on 9/11 and its time for us to all change. All the money in the world can not fix a problem that is human in nature. There has to be a different way to view life beyond the cloistered views of religion. That is exactly what they are promoting and I am walking down this path with them as a born again, spirit filled believer. I am not handing out religious tracts and neither are they. The world is not a box of vanilla ice cream. If humanity can not learn to live together then our ship is sunk.

      OWoN has absolute disdain for the Dinar guru community that has created a following based on nonsense. He is not “up or down,” about that issue. Reason with me for a minute. Would the most economically influential power brokers on the planet let some man in Oklahoma be the “announcer,” of the largest financial transaction in human history? Seriously? He may well be a nice man, but come on! Give us all a break. “Nuff said.”

      You many not like what OWoN says or how they say it. Neither do I at times but that’s just life. Been to the movie theater lately? I personally read thru what he says keeping what is of value and dismiss the rest. No disrespect intended in this comment, just that a lot of information I can’t vet. If I can’t vet it, I put in in another file in my mind. But, I do not throw out the baby with the bath water. OWoN is indeed connected to the trading platform that will bring about “revolution,” in some circles.

      OWoN is not connected to the anti-Christ or the new world order that I can see. It is just the opposite in my opinion. He simply does not fit the biblical model. Sorry, but that dog “won’t hunt,” as they say around here. He is passionate about a future that is free from destructive social paradigms. Who isn’t?

      As I said recently, you can’t take what is posted or said on OWoN only at “surface,” value. OWoN is playing a strategic role in all that is happening by keeping political pressure on key groups of people. What might not have been able to happen on the White Hat blog is taking place on OWoN. Nothing is said or posted that is not a key issue. Put on your “Jason Borne,” hat and try and figure out the puzzle. Who is he poking in the eye with a sharp stick and why? Don’t fold up your tent in offence and walk off. I would encourage you to stay the course and “figure it out.”

      Your friend


      1. Neo, I could not have said it better myself. And I’m glad to hear you sincerely voice your Stand. I too am a born again and possess a deep insight into many things that are said, so deep that often I find it hard to express it in words, because it is more apt to be an overall picture. Its called discernment, as you know, and often that makes it difficult for others to comprehend where I am coming from. I’m in complete agreement with your discerning of what is what.
        In fact, I’m so often misunderstood, but I have always known where OWoN is coming from with his general stand and what he is trying to accomplish. My fury with the elements of our society, gov, and downright inhumane heartless criminals of our world, is probably far greater than any on either of these Sites……simply because I have probably endured it all for many more years than most posters. I do not seek special privilege due to age, but I mention it to make a point, as is often said, “I’ve seen it all”. And I’ve seen it all first hand as I’ve watched it all happen with my own eyes, in real life. I’ve observed how society and people and most things have changed, and too often not for the better. Furthermore, when I came into this world there were only 120 million people in the USA; today it is almost triple that. This makes a huge difference in everything, and it is not for the better IMO.
        Religion is one of the most misunderstood that is happening. 99% of the people have it all wrong, and worse, do not want to understand what is Real about any of it. Simply put though, religion is not true christianity at all, and what is taught or portrayed as such in 99% of ‘churches’ is way off the mark. But that is all for another Blog.
        Neo, good post. Thanks.


      2. Neo,
        Nicely articulated brother. As a servant of the Lord, your words give me a new perspective to the postings of OWoN, I’ll read their blog with a different view, previously having taken offense to certain derogatory posts, nevertheless, one cannot deny there is solid, in-depth knowledge about the global financial situation unfolding. And thanks to Tony, a calm voice of reason, who diffuses and provides a forum where critical information is disseminated.


  12. Dear WHA
    When we sit back and take a deep breath and find that calm place and know GOD Is with us. We can look more objectively u always found when you made a decision based on feelings. You were coming out the loser. If you made your decision based on
    logic. You could win. Now both could be the same. Logic and feeling But if they were at odds. Logic wins


  13. Hey Tony,

    Very impressive managing skills and controlling the ones who kinda freaked out the last couple of FC’s. I’m thoroughly convinced that the struggling side to this major task can be very overwhelming. As we receiving these almost daily updates from the front, you suddenly realize the true battle our What Hats face daily. Glad the White Hats are there for the good of us all and I for one know the final day will be victorious due do their hard work.

    Keep up the good work brother!


  14. WHA

    Thanks for bringing such a positive update. I’m sure everyone is happier now.

    One thing: it really sounds to me (from these updates) that the process of cashing in will literally be a free for all and really confusing for many as there won’t be a serious system in place for us little guys and gals.

    Of course the banks won’t open their doors the day after the RV with smiles on their faces and all the staff welcoming you in to enjoy your windfall. There are going to be angry staff members who were conned into believing this was a scam, who have missed their chance in life. If anybody gets trained up in advance to recognise what a dinar looks like and how to spot a fake, then the cat will be out of the bag. All this nonsense about 800 numbers and the like, it has to be nonsense because the moment you tell staff to man the phones regarding an RV, dinars etc what will they do? They’ll run out with every penny they can get and buy the dinar! The supervisers will too! And the managers! And their families! So this cannot be a structured process down to the locla bank level surely? I think it will be a massive mess and confusion and people being turned away at first while the eruption of the announcement kicks in. People will run down to the banks and they will be told “not today sorry we still don’t accept these dinars” etc. I can just see nothing but confusion all round when this hits the newswires. The fear then is that we won’t be able to offload quickly and could find ourselves driving hundreds of miles around in desperation trying to find anyone who will take them off our hands at any price as the day rolls on and the sun goes down.

    Know what I mean, Tony?!

    Have you had any indication at all as to whether there will be ANY kind of structure/process in place on DAY ONE right after the announcement to ALLOW people like us to exchange. I have a nervous feelin the cryptic message from OWoN regarding “just exchange quick and run” was more to do with being locked out permanently soon after the announcement than any rate changes going against us. Maybe he knows that the message will change within hours after the RV to be “tell customers ‘no’… all exchanges are frozen until further notice”… or something like that and we will be left holding worthless paper.

    There is something more to this, I can feel it. Any clues please WHA? Thanks for all.



    1. Hello.

      Absolutely no information has been released about the process. All the information released via the guru networks has been nothing but speculative and guesswork.

      All we have been told is that we should be quick about the exchanges. No other descriptions of process has been released through any official channel. Until it is, we will not know precisely what to expect on location at any bank or similar location.

      So, all scenarios, including the one you have proffered, are simply speculative at best.

      Thank you.


    2. James — The other day I got rid of a little dinar in order to buy a little dong. So I went to our local big name bank to order some. The girl knew nothing about dong at all, so she finally pulled up a screen, but didn’t know how to read it. So I asked her to call her boss over to help her and she said he doesnt know anything about it. So I asked her to turn the screen around so I could look at it, and then I had to explain it to her. I then had to tell her what to put in the boxes, so we could finally get the amount of dong she needed to order for the amount of money I was giving her. We finally got it taken care of, placed the order and she said it would be 48 hours. But the next morning she called me and told me it was there. Her customer service was just great, so before I left I suggest she ‘do the same” and sort of grinned. She appeared to be inquisitively interest, but I left it at that..
      Anyhow, the entire thing awhile, because she had a very hard time trying to find the right form for me to sign upon ordering, but I waited patiently and let her do her thing. So I agree with you, I hate to think of what it will be like with many people trying to exchange. They will be going bonkers, and with a Boss who knows nothing about such things. Go figure.
      P.S. This bank keeps no currency on location and they had to get it from halfway cross the country. This tells me many regular banks will have to be sending it away to get it verified, too. It is going to be a nightmare IMO lol. I hope I will be getting directions and instructions from Generals64.


  15. “In brightest day, in blackest night, No evil shall escape my sight. Let those who worship evil’s might, Beware my power… Green Lantern’s light!“

    (I thought the oath fits for this forum.)

    Are both parts of the process (GCR and WGS) moving in tandem or will one be finalized before the other? In seeing the take down of both gold and silver yesterday, I knew something serious was occurring.


  16. Thank you, again, for the level-headed approach you provide!
    I’m quite new here … so forgive my ignorance, but the reference to ‘Tony’ here is not TNT Tony, is it? 🙂

    May the light prevail on Earth, beginning with rooting out the ‘dark hats’ in government and financial system … breaking the vice-grip on humanity.

    Much love and many blessings.


  17. WHA, did I miss your AL H update/convo recap? … Been gone since yesterday round noon…ive looked everywhere I can find to look! … TIA


    1. Hi,

      No, you didn’t.

      I did speak to Mr. Hodges a few nights ago. It was a brief conversation since Mr. Hodges was occupied at the time of my call.

      In short, there are no new details to release about CMKX at this time, but he has been invited here to post anything he wishes with strict assurances that he will be given unlimited access to post and will be treated with respect. He informs me that he will most certainly take up this offer in the future should he wish to update the field.

      Right now he is awaiting the events we all are.

      Mr Hodges stated that he was glad I made the introduction, is very familiar with our blog, and will certainly post any comments and updates here should be have reason to do so.

      He is in communication with the right people to be informed, and I have no doubt he wishes all of us the best.

      Thank you!


      1. WHA. From what I gather they will create new markets with the trade programs being used for what their intentional purposes were initionally were created for, and that was for humanitarian purposes globally. Highly secretive programs that were hi-jacked by the Bush Cabal. THX


    1. Us = those within the group of people arrayed in a common cause. In this case, the new system/RV/PP.

      What = anything/anyone who is counter to releasing the new system, no matter who may object.

      Thank you for your post.


  18. Hi Tony
    I have been following the WH’s since November of 2010, and the WHA when I found out about this site. I commend you for doing an excellent job with the FC’s and the courteous way you have managed the posts. Just wanted to chime in and say hello and to thank you for everything you do, and to thank the WH’s forever standing and watching!


  19. Hi Tony
    Thank goodness the key party having a health issue wasn’t who you mentioned in the previous fact check. Removing her gluteus maximus from obscuring the view ahead would require mountain moving efforts (sorry…just being mischievous).

    On the other hand, I did read from the news of a certain public figure who had been hospitalised for a benign prostate…may he recover quickly from that low blow…even if he was not the key party in question.

    The statement from FC #112 :- “Enough to leave us very hopeful that it will start to create new markets for you to get out in stages.” sounds very promising, & I would have liked to ask for more clarification if not for the fact that we have been told not to debate this…even the comments here are copied and pasted in the other ‘dinarland’ sites.

    Thank you for the update.


    1. For those of you wondering who “a certain public figure that was hospitalized for a benign prostate” is – it’s Jack Lew, US Treasury Secretary.

      I often wonder why everything seems to be such a secret on a public forem when, with a little help from google, anyone can see the news on reuters or other major media.

      This is not a slam, but I would like to request that if someone is going to bring info to the site, no mystery necessary unless it is endangering someone or a process in our quest for completion.


      1. Hello,

        Your comment was observed and I was asked to pass some information to you, from the top.

        1. No, the person mentioned as having a medical issue was not Jack Lew (even though he did have a recent
        prostate procedure).

        2. Everyone deserves a right to medical privacy.

        3. They do not release the identity for good reasons, one being, it’s nobody’s business.

        4. The reasons you are often times not given the whole picture, is because a lot of it is simply way above
        our pay grade to know. Even if we were told, it would not result in any benefit to the general public
        to simply be aware of such fine details. Please remember that we are furnished with information that
        is simply not easy to come by. Let’s not think that we can dictate terms of its content, or
        register complaints when details are withheld for the good of all.

        Thank you.


      1. By all means, THANK YOU for your time and consideration. I look forward to the updates, they build hope that things are real. We have someone that answers our questions. THANKS SO VERY MUCH. If we would have has this years ago, some of us would not look so old and worried.


  20. WHA,
    thank you so much and OWON. Regardless of delays or what happens, I’m glad at least someone is communicating. It’s a good thing I spent lots of time on the computer. I can hardly keep up with all the fact checks!


  21. This is somewhat off topic but it appears that Karen Hudes has either joined the ranks of the gurus or someone is running a scam using her name. I see no obvious sign of this funding project on her “official” website’s home page:

    [link deleted]

    [Editors note: the site was some kind of merchandising effort from all appearances, and I won’t allow such]

    There was a comment about a scam like this at OWoN but it was not specifically identified. Keenan recently threw a jab directly at her on his website as well.


    1. Hello,

      I do not know the answer to that. In the past I was told that the dinar was going to be a managed float, which I assume means it would not freely trade on the forex against other currencies. I have no idea if that information is still the case, and I would rather not even attempt to pick any of the WHs like chicken right now to find out. They are very busy, so let’s wait and see what goes down.

      Thank you!


  22. My question is..why can’t someone close the guru sites? These people post their opinions and who cares what they think? I know I don’t, do you? What a giant ego they must have – makes them feel important. They know nothing – they only pretend that they do. I feel sorry for a person who is so starved for attention.

    Thanks WHA for posting the encouraging news. All of us will probably sleep better tonight as a result of knowing that something good is on the way.


  23. Helping Nations and communities by taking it ALL away from those unfit to be entrusted.Music to my ears and soul, thank you OWoN.

    [Editor note: please do not post formal names from OWoN over here. This is at their request]


  24. Health issues? Ha! Ha! Next up in the delay rotation is usually weather related or someone “blocking” a wire transfer, etc. This “info” is for entertainment purposes only!


  25. Thank you SO MUCH, for all that you do. It is with peace and confidence that we know you are providing us with such valuable information and updates.

    Blessings and gratitude Marlayna


  26. Sorry about that Tony,
    I forgot of the FC from a while back where someone posted a video and you said it was not allowed…discard at your discretion…However, I guarantee this guy is an Okie the Oil Man follower.

    Sorry Again.


  27. To summarize,

    I think Tony does not want these type people from the guru sites gravitating over here.

    (only a 2 minutes plus-PLEASE DO NOT post if it takes away from the sites mission statement or anything that may hurt the flow-but this is what I picture when I think of the people who frequent the guru sites.)


  28. One other point. The guru sites post these fact checks. When the event happens, you might need another system for the announcement.


    1. I think it is okay to post them, but we do not want heated, back and forth, “TNT and Okie know better than you!” kind of thing.

      I am sure there was a lot more information that could have been shared. They left it out of the update, and for good reason.

      Thank you.


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