A Few Questions and Answers From The Top: 

With the continuing assistance of the White Hats and their colleagues, we have been allowed to provide you with information directly from the front lines, unfettered and unvexed, as it travels a pure line to us.

I know the information is not always pleasant.

But, if you would prefer that we embellish it, or write for impact rather than fact checking, then we would be forced to throw away the very reason we reached out to the White Hats in the very beginning: To get to the truth.

In furtherance of that goal, we have been given answers to two questions, as of late.

Please read this information carefully.

Thank you for your continued readership. And thank you, again, to the White Hats and their colleagues and staff.

 Please await further information as it is available. 


1) For quite a while, many of you have requested more clarification as to why we have been advised to act quickly in the exchanging of Dinar and Dong once the revalue has taken place. The following, from the top, goes deeper into the  reasons for such a suggestion:

There is no plan as yet to organize Forex Markets, or any volume of demand to sustain the amounts of some issues. Printing has not been coordinated with bank capability to respond. Each sector is working for self interest.

The first trades will be Private Placements which will ONLY be advised after safe completion.

The banks will not have been pre-advised, and there will be a short window before chaos hits. Once Guru sites get a hold of it, mass chaos may result with a tidal surge of desperate cases mass appearing. Banks will NOT be able to cope so it is open to question the likely moves, but historical evidence of Banks response is that of lock outs.

Private Rates may not be Public Rates, so when Public Supply grossly exceeds market needs, the market may respond by driving down Exchange rates. Or suspending trading.

For that reason, we will try to set up a special pre advised and timed Notice Release just for the 2 sites [OWoN and WHA], so you each have the lead time to get in and out fast before chaos hits. You have nothing to lose by being in and out first and fast.

You have everything to lose if caught up in the late Ambulance Chasing surge.

You all need to understand that the key parties Do Fully Understand the extreme importance this means to many of you, which is why they so carefully advise parties to take a step back after cashing out, to keep it safe, and only partially reinvest in what you know and can control. Otherwise, it will be lost and game over. Life is NOT a game. It’s brutal and can be ugly. People can make it so.


2) Many have asked about private trading platforms that were abused by Bush, the agencies and cabal. Although such was detailed in the WH reports, we have some additional information, as follows:  

The White Hats and their London associates have been fighting this corruption together.  Each have exposed numerous guilty parties. Only the power of their special link got it exposed at the very Top.

Many do not understand the sheer, enormous pressure they work under. Hours off the Richter scale and the Roller Coaster temperaments of dealing with Mercurial Third and First World personalities. Diplomacy is key with extensive knowledge, Cultural experience and intellect needed.  [WHA comment: Remember when I told you that the WH’s are qualified for this work? Now you know why]

The White Hats, and other good US Patriots, have the one key contact needed who has the essential knowledge, experience and standing needed to assist them get those funds into their own Platform use for the true benefit  of all. They do all work very closely together with huge integrity.

OWoN and the White Hats will be working closely together to trade those funds and get them into Project Investment and Job Creation. Also for good Humanitarian needs. OWoN is not a currency trading or Guru site. It  has already built up a substantial US and Global following and has clear intentions of using many US and Global supporters for Project development and delivery. In addition Community Planning and development. Major  opportunities for US and other nationals to help turn our world around.

Yes, the site is different, but it is challenging and uplifting consciousness to address the realities of our true Global problems and our collective need to both understand and plan for the rapid changes our nations are experiencing, with vast social ramifications. They are both on and even behind the front lines in this fight for Justice and all of us. Your gain is their pain. They do this as Patriots. Contentious as that may be. But they have already built a network of willing multi national parties able to put those funds to good use for all of us and our planet.

They are very much on our side. Without them, all we are left with is Political chaos, incompetence, Bank /Cabal chicanery and subterfuge. Who else is giving you this information flow and help? Caring has a cost. One they pick up alone.



  1. James — Right now I wish we could ”go down to some pub and have lunch and a sweet iced tea” while we wait. Doesn’t that sound simply scrumptuous? lol (and see if we could get sir michael to join us) And just sit and listen to that wonderful british accent for the whole afternoon from both of you.
    I toally agree with your last post to me. All these things we want to do for some certain people, problems taken care of, and mission accomplishments. That is where it is at, and hard to do without funds. Oh, it does take lots of funds. I want to replace someone’s 24 yr. old car, and help someone get his missing teeth replaced, so he can get a better paying job.
    I also want to move to a better climate, as I can’t stay in one place indefinitely.
    I must say that in the past week we have had a few blessings straight from God which has been a sudden and effortless turn-around for us. Things are really begin to happen and I think it is a Sign.
    When I was rushed off to ICU a few short years ago, they asked me the usual question, do you want us to recussitate if necessary, and I said, ”hell yeah ! still have things to do and places to go, this is just NOT a good time for me to go”. LOL
    And so I am still here and on borrowed time. I want to make good use of it and get it all done.
    Indeed I do and indeed I will. Or I will be saying, hey, I wasn’t done yet !
    Hilarious, huh.


  2. Instead of arguing this point why is everyone not heeding OWoN’s post?
    ‘Thought i would bring this link over from owon. kinda quiet here so we could spend the time helping ambassador wanta get his money back which in a round about way furthers our cause by serving notice on the crooks in washington that we’re not gonna stand by and take their bs anymore. if we make them release wanta’s money maybe ours will not be too far behind.’

    If everyone would take a few moments away from all of this and just stop and send those emails/letters as is requested in the post regarding Wanta, it would put more pressure on our poser government/congress to move things along in Wanta’s favor. Which in turn would be in favor of all of America. Hope everyone will go back to the above post by OWoN and read again, and take action.


  3. Hi
    im curious as to what the white hats know about underground bases, and what they know about what was planned for about 90% of the world population? thanks


      1. Tony, yes there are many underground bases, cities and bunkers. One under the whitehouse, under camp david, under Wright-Patterson AF base, under the Denver airport, and the list is endless. I believe money from those off-balance sheets was shuffled there, and used for this purpose as well as many other deceitful purposes. (Unfortunately though for ”them” God says there will be no place to hide, lol.)


  4. WHA

    Without wanting to just ask clumsy questions, please could you ask the WH’s next time you ask a few questions this following issue, which is pretty huge for anyone holding dinar I think:

    Is there any indication whatsoever that the IQD will become internationally traded/recognised in the high street banks BEFORE the RV takes place. If it does, then brilliant – my fears are laid to rest. If it doesn’t, then (like my recent posts have suggested) I can only see this getting messy. We could end up holding bits of paper that officially are worth a fortune but realistically worth nothing as we cannot get any bank to take them off of us. Any delay in the banks recognising the IQD as tradable will go against all this advice about “cash in quick”.

    Please could you ask? It’s quite a fundamental thing I feel, as there is so much hanging on this one point. I would hate to be in and out of banks all day as the clerks stare down at the dinar all confused, stare back up at me blankly, look me straight in the eye and say, in a quiet, calm voice, “move on please, citizen”.

    Thanks a million (dinar)



    1. Thank you for the laugh! I needed it.

      In Roman times, being a citizen of Rome was a coveted item in good times. Today, some may not like being reminded of such title! LOL

      Your question is a good one. I am not sure I can get a specific answer for you since we are trending towards the “it’s coming, and that’s all you need to know” phase. I will do my best.

      Thank you!


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