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Here is another update, from the top. 

Please read it carefully.

Keep in mind the admonitions contained within it. If you want to continue to receive information, please conduct yourselves as adults and remain patient.  More information will come forth, when it can, as allowed. There is no need to worry about missing out on any information. We are as informed as we can be.

Thank you all for your continuing courtesy and cooperation.



Key New Updates

With all the complex maneuvers and frustration for all with ever changing game plays, us even more on the Global front lines, fraught and frustrating dialog today with China, London and the US has resulted in a positive move late this evening. From a very confusing and highly stressful day for all, new light and hope is now returning fast. Thank all your Gods.

So, late as it is, because we know how very important it is to so many, after having announced a Limbo Land position today, as was correct and factual status on this roller coaster ride, events this evening have just changed things back to positive. We are thinking of you all.

Yes, we have full facts, but not for release now. A key party had a Health issue delaying asset allocation to assist a major closure you all need to kick start the process. That is due to be hopefully resolved over the next few days. Its not for release or elaboration but explained the delays. .

We have substantial multi country developments reconciling at last. Please, do NOT debate this on the Guru sites. We need calm order for just the OWON and WHA sites or a full clamp down will be imposed and nothing will flow. We owe no one anything.

All we can advise you with care, is that a phased approach is now being finalized and will only be detailed after completion of Phase One and possibly even Two.

Enough to leave us very hopeful that it will start to create new markets for you to get out in stages.

We do not want an ugly Guru site eruption ambulance chasing these events. This is not a Forex site or advisory site. Nor are we currency speculators or Traders. But, the major funds come to our Treasury Trust accounts for us to enhance up via our own platforms and help Nations and Communities. We are a primary gateway and hopefully we can release positive news soon, but only once safe to do so. This will be good for many soon so hang in there and wait as it unfolds. You have real renewed hope now. Speculators get used to it. You chose to ride those crazy tracks. No pain no gain?

As soon as we can give a full insight, when safe, we will. But right now we have to lock it down to keep it and you safe. This is why we asked you to watch your sites. We know how important it is to you all. It needed this breakthrough towards real closure. More when safe. We live with this 20 hours a day which the inner team know to be correct.

Once this comes through we can refocus back to helping the Nations and communities recover by taking it all away from those unfit to be entrusted. One World of Nations. Good People will make this all happen. The eyes, Souls and ethics of the site.

-end update