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The following, posted on OWoN, is posted here for your consideration. 

You may consider this article as a one-stop place to read up on all the reasons there have been delays, who was behind them, why, and what we can look forward to once all can proceed. 



A brief housekeeping note:  To the rectal orifice who tried the fishing attempt, sorry bud, you’ll have to do better than that. Thanks for the laugh. Learn how to spell, and how to not capitalize letters in the middle of words, especially when you are trying to pass your self off as a major ISP.

Thank you all for your continued support. Stay tuned for more information as it is presented.





The following was found at OWoN, and without question, is from the top. It has been edited for appearance only. Any clarifying inserted text is in brackets.   

Thank you all for your continued support. 

Stay tuned for more information as allowed. 



Today many more articles will go up, but first we are allowing time for the Bretton Woods issue and more to circulate. Then a further 10 plus will be issued.

However, for OWON and WHA readers, a balanced overview and update of core issues.

For the first time last week we placed the sites on standby alert because a genuine Closure Status was approaching for the PP element of the Dong / Dinar project via HK.

Most of the daily activity is not debated and publicized because it’s just admin, but closure affects many lives, and with the reality of finite capital, we have an ethical responsibility to protect the interests of our core readership. Many of whose own lives have now transcended beyond impossible indebtedness.

Tony, at WHA, now does his own difficult tasks of fielding the Dinarians, the Dong holders, the CMKX’rs, advising the decent and thinking Americans equally needing this break, and for the moment, carries the worst of the grasping Banshees who howl at the site and moon if not fed their unearned Wanabe Dinarian get out of jail funding. The worst, the perpetually arrogant grasping nasty, we boot from this site. It’s a small minority, but Trolls and Turds need removing.

Tony is helped because there are a good majority who do deserve a break, and communication is key. There is likely to be a tight transacting widow before chaos once it’s launched. There is no organized infrastructure ready. None! Bankers have focused on helping themselves, not you. These 2 sites are your only real help desks. Information is otherwise restricted and locked down. Both sites are read, and scrutinized intensely. A delicate balancing act.

There is an impending intent to attempt to transact the initial Private Placement currency deal via HK.

Concurrent to that, other major activities are progressing under real duress.

BB, as a genuine good America Patriot, and Trust Client of ours, is ever closer to his funds at long last being redeemed. We talk daily. From that, Capital and Projects will flow bringing help to many. Leo [Wanta] has already been granted Custody of his funds by a previous Virginia Court, which the Fed and Cabal have ignored, but new actions have proceeded and a rare, Non Bent American Judge, is now ruling in his favor with Enforcement actions being determined. Enforcing it to the Cabal thieves.

As soon as the first of the Reno deals clear, many can be helped and markets will form. First in will cash in. Markets are then likely to dissipate when the euphoria realizes these markets are finite. Get out, cash out and think out your futures. Stick then to what is safe, what you know and can control.

Keep it quiet because the Wanabes and for some grasping Wives/ Husbands, families, fair weather friends, and hangers on will take the lot. Fools and money? Easy come is easy go. We see this all the time. Wise men, when this antes up, clam up!

MAKE EVERY DOLLAR YOUR PRISONER, GET RICH AND GET WISE. GET-REAL! Watch each day as it unfolds now because it is building up the momentum of a Juggernaught going downhill.

The Changing World is forcing a Changing of the Guard at the Cabal and Le Guard plus the BRICS nations and London want the Zoo cleaned out and cleaned up. London is fast becoming the Capital city of the world, and what London wants, London gets. London wants change!

A few dedicated Patriots are on side, hands across the oceans, and trying for all. One World of All Nations.



A Brief Chat With A White Hat…………..



This evening I had a brief conversation with our White Hat contact.

For the first and only time since I started this effort of seeking out information, I called without any particular list of questions. That’s not like me – someone who does not even make coffee without a list.  

I was not going to post any summary about tonights call since it was largely about things peripheral to the WGS – things that I needed to clarify – to make sure I do not stray from my task, which is to make sure the information I post is factual, or at the least, as accurate and close to the truth as it can be  at the time it is posted.

I would say, based on the feedback, that we have been pretty spot on. The inaccuracies were simply minor, and not worth mentioning simply because it has no effect whatsoever on the outcome, which is inevitable.

In the past, we have covered many things.  Possible rates, things to expect, when to expect them; these things remain the same and unchanged.

I pointedly asked, once more: Is 2014 our year?

“Yes”, was the answer.

Are things progressing? Yes.

Remember those 80 law firms and some 1800 people involved? They are not involved in this to study the existential after effects of projects that endlessly linger,  never to end. They are in it to win. I have no doubt that they will, and neither do they.

Could there be more delays? Yes. After all, this is a complex, diverse, monumental undertaking that involves many issues, many entities, many parties who must move in the same direction while facing a not-quite-dead resistance from the old guard. The completion is not based on mystics, or an assembly of wood sprites at the edge of the magic forest. It’s based on hard work by skilled people who are sacrificing much. All of you would be amazed at the things that some of our White Hat allies do, and the responsibilities that they undertake each day.

Just remember, these same people are now helping us stay as informed as possible – good news, or bad. 

Again, I thank our WH contact, their colleagues and staff, and all of you for your continuing support.

Stay tuned for updates as they are available.