From OWoN we have the following update – from the top.

Please read it carefully and rest assured that we are doing our very best to make sure you are kept updated on all relevant matters. 

We have a request. Please try not to submit questions to us via e-mail. It would be easier to address all questions via the blog. If you need to e-mail us, then you may certainly do so.

Also, if you wish to follow the main site articles by mail, please subscribe by scrolling down and to the right of this post and entering your email address where indicated . 

Thank you all for your tremendous support. The White Hats and their associates and staff do read your comments and are very appreciative of your recognition of their work. 

Please await further updates as they are available.  



To All,

As of yet, there have been NO Settlements done and these Guru Broker sites winding up the public to peddle their 300% marked up notes are disgusting. Poor and Needy people are being scammed and conned. It’s disgusting conduct praying on their needs. Wrong, wrong, wrong! How can we help change lives when a needy soul with their last $500 Bucks is only getting true value of $150 of Notes back and ruthlessly skimmed by these racketeers? The loss to them is enormous when converting now.

Check the Real Rates when buying. Many of these sites are Scammers.

These parties will not be given any access to the process or news early.

ONLY the PPs will be done first so you have time.

We will probably only come out at c10 EST so as to cover Mid States and then 07-00 is not too bad to West Coasters. OMG we hear. No we won’t delay it more or the Europeans will take the lot. West Coasters you move it or lose it. But we will pre advise when.

This week will only be at best the majors being pre advised or later. That will not be for Public trades. Ignore the Guru garbage.

The US Patriots and ourselves are trying to help all of you in safe steps.

You have time! When the time is right you WILL be helped. Trust the integrity of the back up you are getting. It ALL flows via this main group.


  1. WHA :
    Just want to say your site has been most helpful in understanding GCR re: dinar/dong .
    I spoke to my wealth manager last week and he does’nt seem to have clue about this revaluation of currency matter . Coud you possibly explain why ? Are we the chosen few that knows about this GCR ? Have you WHA spoken to your wealth manager about this matter ?
    Was it premature of me to discuss this currency revaluation to bank officer ? or are the bank officer just playing dumb ? Could all this revaluation of currency dinar and dong just another false flag to deter matters from the real problems of the U.S. economy ?
    Thank you again.


    1. Hello,

      Your wealth manager is most likely not on the distribution list for this matter, as was mentioned by OWoN when they advised us that bank rank and file have not been briefed as of yet.

      Nope, not a false flag at all. You can take that to the bank.

      (badda bing)


  2. Got cut off one of the reasons I’m coming to love this blog so much!! We couldn’t believe people would believe that mountain goat was up in the Alps with meine kinder . You Make quick work of cutting through the BS! Want to keep replaying… humor puts everything into perspective. Also owon sounding so loverly! Kindness compassion Abby is a wonderful foil for him. By contrast he’s been so uplifted and fuzzy. Except of course throwing a few Jews under the bus here and there. Also interesting Abby said let my people go! When I think of the Jewish people I think of Exodus and the book by leon uris let my people go and I can’t help but feel anything but love. But let’s not digress . You know Abby I feel alot of compassion for your circumstances. You sound very alone in a struggle for survival And that takes courage to keep going . Many on this Journey are in your same circumstances. I think that’s part of why white hat aux is doing what he’s doing as does Owon mention. God Speed to us all! Food for thought. You talk about how you pierced the illusion of big Pharma in your own life with the meds you were taking and how bs they were . Many of us here have pierced illusions of the powers that be my husband got amazing photographs of chem trails by the ocean where we live. Many were intense but there was also pictures he got right after of it being dissipated. Maybe you will pierce the illusion of the dogma that is so not the the great Source of all life of grace and goodness. I was inspired and told when I was sick goodness and mercy will follow me all the days of my life if I will follow goodness and mercy and that’s what it’s about….that does not mean Foolishness or lack of discernment it just means goodness and mercy!! I will not answer back do not want to get into a back-and-forth. A rose by any other name is always a rose !!


    1. FYI, I have never been on meds; I have always said I only take one, and nearly ready to throw that one out.
      All my statements are true and can be backed up, but thats not for this Blog. I’m also not under illusions of any kind.


    1. Hello,

      Private placements are present day, private arrangements between key parties. They are private, and so we do not have access to all the details and we do not seek to know them. These are in the realm of bog dogs for the benefit of all in the end.

      Prosperity programs were trade programs offered up until 2002 and are not open to new members. Such are on the list for WGS payment, according to the White Hat reports.

      Than you.


      1. Whitehat auxiliary. My husband and I have had a very similar humor from our first date to 30+ years later. It’s on core bond and we roared at The mountain goat intel. That’s one of The reasons im coming to l


  3. JD said:
    “One person could clear it up real quick and that’s AL …”
    I disagree. Al can not vouch for Al.
    Tony, back when you said you would try to get more info on CMKX, I was quite disappointed to find out you were trying to correspond with Al Hodges. I was hoping you had a different contact. Al Hodges and his veracity is in question here. We do not need an update from Al. We need a confirmation that Al is legit, in my opinion.


    1. Hello,

      First, check the California State Bar Mr. Hodges is a legitimate Attorney.

      Secondly, I have talked with Mr. Hodges. One tough hombre. He is simply awaiting more information from the top, just like all of us.

      Thirdly, as for his veracity. His veracity as to what, and where is such in question? Only in a few limited pockets of disgruntled CMKX complaint wards would you find Mr. Hodges talked about in such ways.

      Lastly, Mr. Hodges is in contact with those at the top. The CMKX resolution is part of the Global Settlements payouts – the White Hats have confirmed such.

      I hope that assuages some of your concerns.

      Thank you.


      1. Thank you, Tony. Coming from you, that does indeed assuage my concerns. Sorry, but I find that I oscillate between being “disgruntled” and just plain “gruntled” sometimes.


        1. I have been attached to this activity, in one way or another, for almost 14 years. I wanted to know if there was truth behind these “stories”. I dove in and found that there was indeed. Otherwise, I would not be here, at my own expense and in my spare time trying to do my small part to help keep people informed, including the CMKX shareholders.

          Being stock investors, they are more “business-like” and are simply results oriented, and, as such, they want results or tangible information. I understand their position and frustrations. There is a result on the horizon. I would love nothing more than to see the CMKX saga put to rest and everyone compensated for the crimes against them.

          Hang in there. Good people are working hard to bring this matter to a positive conclusion.

          Thank you!


  4. White Hats Aux. If you can please tell me where this Neil Keenan stands with regard to these Global Accounts? Are the Global Accounts part of the revaluation funding? Neil gave update today and did not sound too happy. Thank you for all you continue to do.


    1. as an fyi – Keenan has stated directly on his website that the global collateral accounts “WILL NOT” fund in the West (USA). China is keeping the funds in the EAST.


  5. Tony – Do you happen to have any more recent update about where the UST’s stand now?
    Can we still expect to be paid in those, rather than fed. reserve notes?


  6. I have finally figured it out…….Folks, do you remember the CB craze of the 70’s? That is exactly what we sound like but this time around it is the computer/internet craze…………..still fun, don’t you think. I didn’t say a word on the radio but my teenage daughter had a lot of fun.

    WHA – where is it?


    1. Oh Philly, copy that ! Lol. That reminds me once back in the early 80’s and I had just left South Carolina in March, driving alone, heading thru the mountains on a very clear day.
      Suddenly came around a mountain and wham, ran smack into an unexpected snow packed interstate. Saw a Carolina truck in front of me, Quickly got him on the CB. He was my angel, told me to just stay in his tracks, assured me I would be ok. After awhile, he told me there was a very nice truckstop restaurant just up ahead, and we could stop there for a break.
      Very nice gentleman, we had some food and coffee, rested, and continued on at about 35 mph for hours and hours.


      1. No I’m from Ohio. I was on a trip to visit someone at that time, and on my way back home.
        I only wish I was from the carolina’s lol. I love going up on Saluda mountain, sitting up there at the bakery, outside having coffee and their wonderful homemade apple streudel overlooking the smokey’s.


  7. I too agree that it is best to not bring statements in here from nesara, or zap, or guru sites with all their outrageous claims. They do nothing but distract and put bumps in the road here, away from our Goal. Reading all that stuff only serves to cause confusion and clutter up the mind. Just my thoughts on that mess.
    From the Article it sounds like perhaps Wanta and Bonney are making headway on getting their funds, which launches into the Stage that we all are in. Lets hope this is true, and I must say that I have been making some no-nonsense-lets get-down-to-business-here bombardment of the Power Above, which is akin to ”let my people go”!!
    Good job and a thumbs up. !!


  8. Dear WHA, would it be possible for you to debunk this post…The poster known as F4D(Fishing for diamonds) has been around along time and at one time was pro CMKX… I only bring it because F4D has some credence in the past and we have heard nothing from AL… post follows…

    “Post by f4d~ on 5 hours ago
    My sources tell me Hodges has closed up shop because Urban was financing the whole “distraction” to drag it out past the statute of limitations to try and deflect from charges and allow time for assets to be sold, moved or hidden.

    Many “accomplices” participated (obviously you know who they are on the two pump boards) for their own personal profits driven by blind shareholders from THIS stock as well as OTHER penny stock boards all in an effort to line their pockets.

    Now that the paycheck is no longer coming from Saskatoon Canada to Hodges’s “campaign”, he can’t afford to pay his apartment electric bill. Let alone keep the farce game going.

    Hodges is being investigated. Michael Briggs is being investigated.And two others that I can not yet name should be worried as to what is coming.

    I said I won’t post any longer. I am breaking my exit for this post. Because IMO it is quite telling.

    Someone tell the players on millionaires and 29 to watch for Jay Adobe’s yellow bus the black car with tinted windows about to pull into their driveway sOoN.

    It’s about d**n time and I can hardly wait!!!

    THEN I’ll be “done” posting.

    Enjoy! It’s been worth waiting for.

    nuff said


    1. I would simply say, they better be correct, because the liable issues in that post are quite serious.

      I think the scenario that Mr. Hodges was involved in a simple case to run any statute of limitations off the clock is ridiculous.


  9. For the past year, and especially the past 6 extremely cold months, and living in an all-electric apartment, I have fought shut-off notices each and every months, not to mention how to keep gas in the car to get to where you need to go, figure out how to keep food on the table, how to prevent becoming homeless, go to bed at night with the nighmarish thoughts of ‘am I really going to end up having to live in a tent’? Then the water pump on your car begins to leak, a tire picks up the only nail in town and goes flat, the battery is on its last sparks……on and on it has gone, with my very survival being threatened.
    This on top of the stinking world forcing me to become totally broke, and left with a fractional income when compared to the needs at hand. Yet, I’m not in here crying around about it.

    Then I come in here and find cry babies all bent out of shape over a few blunt to the point words ?? And ‘your feelings got hurt??? Is that all some of you have to be concerned about?? And you want to try to shame me into coddling you??
    Gimme a break! Get over it, I’m not here to make people feel good. Go to your sweetie or your spouse for that; this is all about much bigger fish to fry. News Flash: The truth is not pretty, santa claus is not real, and life wont get any better by your whining around about Abby who tells you the truth. Learn how to live around it and get your head out of the sand.
    I am not your problem……its the content (which is true) that is your problem. But that content is not going to change no matter who puts it out there. And it is all over the Web, published by men; why don’t you go blast them, instead of thinking you will pick the ”easy target” here.

    I have not been ‘nasty’ to any of you. If somebody posts errors, I will rebutt that false content. If anyone doesnt want the correction, then make sure you are correct to begin with, know what you are talking about, and back it up with real facts, and IN context.

    And how ‘fortunate’ for the abby whiners and complainers who have managed to have plenty of money and have all their needs met, have no problems, and living the high life……and designated themselves in position to ‘fix abby’.
    Well Abby is not the one who needs ”fixed”.


    1. good God abby – if you are not “crying about it” what was the whole first paragraph of your last post?? everyone one of your posts has a “nasty” tone! age old question – more important to be right or kind? we know what you have chosen. and since we reap what we sow it is no wonder that your world is unkind(as described in your last post) back to you. they say that insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. maybe you out to reconsider what you are sowing!


    2. “santa claus is not real”

      That’s a point I’ve been subtly trying to make here on WHA’s blog; it typically doesn’t go over well.


  10. Update, Can you comment any more on this line.

    The Treasury cleared and authorized Banking facilitation for such amounts is finite and mainly ONLY within the remit of our support group.


    4, 2014 at 8:46 AM


    Please ignore all false dawns and Broker disinformation circulating. Idiot talk all of it.

    Right now, we are heavily engaged in the biggest financial undertaking during the history of the planet. The IMF, World Bank, US Treasury, Fed, Bank of England, China, Chinese Elders, Hong Kong, and multiple major Banks are trying to get a consensus here. None of which is helped by the grasping Military Cabal and Agencies, all ruthlessly protecting their own private criminal Fiefdoms. Ever more compounded by Jesuit, Zionist, Israeli and Neocon pressures and games.

    Ignorance abounds.

    These are highly complex issues and need core groups combined strengths to get to each stage. Huge Geo Political Social Re Engineering of the nations, Tax Treaties and Tax Policies are all inter entwined and under review.

    The Treasury cleared and authorized Banking facilitation for such amounts is finite and mainly ONLY within the remit of our support group. When we speak it is with authority and knowledge and with the core power to do so. Not the vacuous Broker Chains empty rhetoric. Nor do either site have any agenda beyond helping communicate factual reality when possible.

    Please, be assured, when a real breakthrough is achieved and money moves, then you will be advised in adequate time. We live this 24 x 7. We alone connect all the links. So please, STOP publishing the weekly ROT from Disneyland Gurus. It is all empty noise on the system and time wasting distraction.
    We ARE doing this to help all of you. And to put back vast future profits accrued, helping many of you co enjoin with us as operating groups to help develop and deliver the projects and infrastructure so needed. To get our people off the streets and to get the kids off drugs. This is a battle and life we are all in together.

    People can make it better, with compassion, humility and care. One World of Nations. Every life counts.



    1. Hello,

      Thank you for bringing that article over.

      The line you wished clarity on would seem to point to the funding behind the revaluations. I cannot give you more details at this time.

      The best thing to do is simply await more news as it is released, and ignore the guru sources.

      Thank you.


        1. I think we can assume that is certainly expected, otherwise we would not be here anticipating the event itself. The structure of the entire matter is very complex, and they are proceeding ahead with it all.

          Please await further information.

          Thank you.


  11. Hey Folks…any thoughts on the Sunday April 6th announcement stuff being tossed around in guru land>

    The formal global announcement of the TRN, the Global Currency Reset, and the Global Reset will occur on April 6, 2014. The news will be carried by CNN and other networks.

    Thanks to all involved at every level 🙂


  12. Tony re: |My father was born in a little barn on the prairie near Pampa. He grew up in White Dear. Texas blood runs in my veins.|
    My father was AF pilot so we traveled around. But we were in Amarillo 5 years and I went through high school there so very familiar with Pampa and the panhandle. Traveled to most towns for high school sports.


  13. WHA

    I know you haven’t been told any other currencies, but just throwing this out there: the GBP (my currency!) should surely devalue in all this too I think. If the USD is going down (prob 30% by estimates I hear) then the GBP must go with it, maybe even more. The UK has a terrible debt problem (GDP to debt ratio) and very little resources. Little oil, most of the gold was sold off years ago, tiny island so not much land/agriculture and manufacturing has declined big time (it was never that huge to begin with). All we have is a strong financial sector (London being a financial capital of the world) and we all know what that is built on… paper and digits! Therefore if this is done fairly, the GBP should tumble at least as much as the USD I would think. What would you think? Not what have you heard (!) but your own personal opinion, off the record? I don’t know why the £ is as strong as it is!! We are a tiny island of not very much anything!

    I was thinking this out further: if the GBP doesn’t fall, or if it does but later on, then it seems cashing out for me quick won’t get as much gain, as the GBP will still be quite strong. If the GBP is going to fall slightly later in another basket, then it would be worth waiting for that to happen before cashing anything in to maximise the return, but then that goes against the idea of getting out early. These things people need to think about who are not in the USA.

    Finally, if some of the 20 currencies go before the others (like the first 5 you talk about) then won’t this create a run on the others if the gap between them is a few days or more? If 5 currencies go, and the dong is in there, but the dinar isn’t, every person who laughed at the “scam” would suddely stop laughing and run out to buy dinar that day. Although I suppose the dealers would probably see that coming and raise the prices up artifically high in anticipation of another set of RVs. Interesting thought. Just trying to piece this together in my head! Maybe I’m just thinking too hard.

    PS: in response to other comments in this FC recently, I love all people too, just hate mis-information, even if it is innocently done, especially about “eternal things” which are simply too important to get wrong.

    Anyway, here’s hoping and praying…



    1. James — Yes indeed ‘eternal things’ are way too important to get wrong. I think most people are mistakenly thinking those things are just totally unimportant, and will land a very hard fall by doing so……while we get mocked and laughed at in the here and now.
      It all ties in together.


  14. Thank you, tony and whitehats ! Today Mtn goat posted and said we. Are very close – she said now it’s in Iraq’s hands to first post on the Cbi – then it will go live ? What do you think ??


    1. I found the source of Mountain Goat intel.

      Sorry, I could not resist. As regards Iraq, the best thing I can tell you is to simply await word from those on the front lines. They will know what to tell us and at the time we need to know.

      Thank you!


      1. What a great way to start the day – thanks for the belly laugh, Tony; and good thing I didn’t have my mouth full of coffee 🙂 Down side? Now I have that darn song stuck in my head, and I didn’t even start the video! All together now:

        High on a hill sat a lonely goat-herd
        Laydee-o, de lay-dee-o, de lay-deee-OH….


      2. mygirl56, I having the exact same problem. So out of the grate love of my heart I sang it to my mother and now she has it stuck in her head to. Thanks Tony. LOL


  15. want to thank the WHA and the WH for the info shared…… glad I found this site……….I read the original WH reports until they stopped……..luv the comment section very informative……thank you again………


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