A Most Important Message To All

A few nights ago I was able to have a pleasant conversation with our White Hat contact.
He wished to share some important points with all of you.
Remember that the following advice comes from someone who has worked on this project for years. He has rubbed elbows with some of the world’s leadership, and is no stranger to every detail that encompasses the events you will see unfold before your eyes in the coming days. Take that to heart. You are not obligated to follow any of it. But, I urge you to bend to the wise counsel given here.
The following is from our White Hat contact, personally to you.
Thank you for your attention and consideration.


Ladies and Gentlemen,

It seems that so many of you are focusing on “When is it going to happen?”, “What is the rate?”, or “I want my money!”. “It”, being the collective transactions encompassed in the Global Currency Exchange and the World Global Settlements, which includes the revaluation of the Iraqi Dinar and the Vietnamese Dong, which many of you hold.

Many of you have allotted so many delirious hours reading “The blog of the moment”, deciphering “information”, cross referencing against previous or other “intel” (now there’s a concept) and rating the accuracy of alleged gurus and their “sources”.  The end result is that most of you still shake your fists at the sky, utter adult based comments and then, after verbally releasing all of your pain and suffering, do it all over tomorrow.  It seems that watching the entertainment value of the blogs should be a national past time worthy of their own award show and when the gurus are called up to receive their statue, they are able to slip in an update for you.  Now, as much as this might be humorous after all of the months, I do have a very serious question.

How many of you are focused on what to do once it does re-valuate?

This coming event is the largest financial transaction in the history of the world. People need to take those words seriously and respect the effort put into keeping humanity intact and to literally fix the shattered financial system.

If I may suggest, the center of your focus should not be “when”. Please allow me to suggest a few things you need to look at because it will be in direct relationship to your quality of life in these United States.

You all need to start looking very closely at our leadership – those that “We the People” elect.  Some tough decisions are going to have to be made, like what “We the citizens” say about the direction of our country and the humanitarian qualities we exude to the world.  For one, rid yourself of the idea that such leaders are “Kings” and “Queens”.

We question why you folks question gurus more than you question what is happening in your own communities.  Remember, all politicians have to start somewhere – you are the testing grounds for the perfection of their verbal diarrhea.  Hold on, that should be capitalized … there we go … Bullshit.  I am sure that some have fainted after you realized I used an eight letter word … get it together… off the floor.  Question their every action and word, and do not take the spin they issue to get elected. People need to start taking responsibility for whom they elect. Look at the carnage and corruption that has had to be reversed, and it all started in your own neighborhoods. Please, take a moment and think about it, then ask your neighbor his opinion.

The cabal, and their conspirators, need to continue to be isolated and thrown out.  When all is said and done, why are there 310 million Americans, and less than one thousand of them in the Washington D.C. beltway?! Why can’t we control them to represent our wishes? Why not take out your pitchforks and poke them in the keester?  Why not remind them, in all ways, who they represent?  Now I feel better that I was able to start my rant on the ol’ soapbox … it has been a while.

Some of you stand to be on the receiving end of a substantial windfall, and you need to understand some important things about the blessing.  For example, realize the Western European monetary system is the weakest it has ever been since its inception. Other countries with emerging economies will have equal say in the world. They are developing, and we are still here only because of many other countries and their good graces.  Our leaders sold us out in unimaginable ways and the rest of the world are not too keen on them at this point. Leaders always look at treasonous bastards as treasonous bastards regardless of where they come from.  The wealth of our country, and others, was diverted into our leaders’ pockets.  Sorry, I thought I was done ranting.

The world has now stepped up and started to correct the imbalances within it. The responsible world leaders have correctly determined that American leadership has failed after our leadership has fully looted the coffers of the US and various places around the world. By the good graces of the world, the people are now going to have good things bestowed upon them, not the leadership. Pay attention, because that means you will have to assume some unfamiliar responsibilities in the future.

If we, as a citizenry, wish to take possession of what is ours, we better understand what that means, and take control. It’s time to shift your focus. Start thinking about how you are going to take responsibility for your local communities, your cities, your States and national government. If someone does not perform in government, they need to go. Jail them if they lie, cheat and steal. Shift your priorities onto what you are going to be given to manage, and onto things that matter in keeping it and using it responsibly.

There will be no second chances. There will not be another group of 1800 people that wish to give up their lives for six years to resurrect the world’s financial system one more time. It will be our responsibility to safeguard such from now on. If we fail to maintain this gift, the next time around the consequences could be horrendous – war, famine, social collapse. It’s time to be responsible, to be engaged in your surroundings and band together irrespective of religious, racial, cultural, political or social differences. We won’t cure the ills of the world unless we do so.

Whether you believe it, or not, at some point in time we will have a revalue, and there will come an opportunity to exchange. The bank will ask, “Where do you want your money?” People will say, “Put it in my account, please”. Then, the spending will commence.  People have dreams of a fleet of luxury cars, multi-million dollar homes on the beach, a BBJ airplane, a yacht, mindless travel, etc.

Such rash actions are folly.  These people will be the first into bankruptcy. It is theorized that six out of ten of such people will be right back where they are today, within three to five years.

The reasons for such failures are simple to understand. Such people fail to hire the right professionals to properly manage wealth. Egos are allowed to get in the way, and this causes a failure to understand what money is and how it should be managed and utilized.

The smart advice is this: Once the funds go into your bank account, take three to six months off and just let it sit there. If you have bills to pay, then pay them. Save your house from foreclosure, get your car out of hock, pay junior’s college bill, catch up on your back taxes, and pay off all your debts. Then, just sit on the rest. At this point you have a period of time to research financial and wealth management. You have the time to interview professionals. You have time to ask other people who they use as their professionals, if any. Now is the time for you to consider how you wish to structure the rest of your life and your family’s life.

To be sure, be prepared. The bank will send a guy in a $1500 Armani suit urging you to buy all kinds of products that will be good for the bank, but not necessarily for you. The banks will also try to promote you to other such types in an effort to “save you”. These guys have been waiting for you for years. They see a lot of “new money”, ripe for the picking. Don’t participate. Wait for the advice of your selected professionals.

During your months of cooling your jets, deal with people who are experienced with management of substantial wealth. Do not place your fate into the hands of a bank employee wealth manager. If the bank tries to make an appointment with one for you, say, “No thank you”, and walk out the door.

In the area of tax help, you need to apply the same rules. If your 1099 CPA has never done work for high net worth clients, then ask him for a referral to one that has. If he gets insulted, well, tough. It’s time to grow up and realize that you are now in the big leagues, and you will have to do some things that may be uncomfortable. Best get used to it.

Again, exchange and do nothing for a while. Do your research, and take your time. Do it right. If you wind up with more money than you ever made in your life, then congratulations! You made it. BUT THAT IS ONLY 50% OF THE BATTLE.  THE OTHER 50% IS KEEPING IT.  Now, it’s time to think differently, be responsible and realize that you are not just some kid who has money to buy bubble gum.  If you do not listen to the right advice, you will end up bankrupt.

Managing money is a full time job. The sharks in the Armani suits will be circling, and they will bend you over without any conscience and with amazing alacrity, if you let them.

Lastly, let me speak from my spiritual perspective, and please adjust it to yours.

“When you die, you will stand before God and his Son and be judged for your time on earth. When He questions you, as to why you should be allowed eternal life in heaven, do you tell Him about your life of achievements and success, or tell Him what you did for your Brother…….the meekest of His children.”

Remember to…. PAY IT FORWARD.


  1. seriously? He thinks we’re idiots who are not calling our congressmen and senators and HAVE BEEN for many years now, screaming, shouting and are probably on some red or blue “hit list” with FEMA by now? Whoever this is needs to get out and talk to people more often, see the tens of thousands of sites that went up since Obama was elected and all the liberal democrats who turned on their party in angst and frustration…we are a divided country for sure but the majority of us are in prayer on this, some of us even having heard from the Lord about this and the plans HE has for the finances. MY GOD is still in control not matter WHO is elected.


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  3. I don’t agree with your advice about waiting 6 months with your money in the bank. The bankers stole money from those people in Cyprus through haircuts and have setup the laws to do the exact same thing in the U.S. I don’t know how you could trust keeping all your money in the bank for the banksters to steal it. I think it’s good to think beforehand where you can allocate funds to get it OUT of the banksters, thieves and evil psychos hands. Like getting it into investments that are not in paper which can be devalued overnight or taken from your bank in the form of haircuts. Real estate, precious metals, farmland, gold and silver funds, gold and silver mining stocks and emerging stocks overseas. And some stronger foreign currencies like new Zealand, Switzerland, Canada. I don’t trust the bankers to let them steal from me..I think keeping the money in the bank is like taking candy from Hitler. I just don’t trust it.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. This site OBVIOUSLY is a FRAUD!…The “Dark Forces” cannot ever seem to say things that are a “Dead Give away’ about WHO they are…PAYING DEBTS OFF??? PAYING PAST DUE TAXES??? STOPPING FORECLOSURES???…NONE of these things reflect what is supposed to be NEW about the NEW “Finacial System” as refected by the Galactic Family…The material here refect a continuation of the OLD System!
    I’m shutting this site OFF my bookmarks.


  5. Dear Hugh

    Just when i think I’ve run out of gas, I am reminded that I have so much more to give I take my tired butt and get up and push forward. Thanks for the inspiration. This site have given me so much more than just the hope of an investment coming to lite.
    Thank you


    1. “Just when i think I’ve run out of gas, I am reminded that I have so much more to give I take my tired butt and…”

      I was a little concerned about where that was headed.


  6. A quote from Paul Craig Roberts:

    “One of 2 things is likely: Either the U.S. Dollar will be abandoned and collapse in value, thus ending superpower status and Washingtons threat to world peace OR Washington will lead its puppets into military conflict with Russia and China. The outcome of such a war would be far more devastating than the collapse of the Dollar”

    I think this tells us where we are IMO.

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    1. War is coming, of that there is no doubt. Will the US still be around when the final war kicks off? Funny how the US is not mentioned in prophecy and yet many other countries including Russia are..just food for thought


      1. I don’t understand how people continually are willing to take others lives in a foreign country just because some tool for the criminal bankers with stars on chest says to,Don’t participate it’s that simple,you say they will throw me in jail,I say your in a prison already and don’t relies it.


      2. Well, it may be coming but I don’t see it as eminent. They have tried that several times in the last year and all attempts have failed. I would hope, and have faith that the ploys attempted in Syria, Crimea and other and other targets of the Cabal would stand as evidence that it is not “business as usual”, and that our White Hats are making a difference. Thank You WH & WHA for bringing us the truth as you are able to.


      3. This is just my opinion. I for one am sick and tired of the US policing the world telling others what they can and can not do as well as telling them what they can and can not have. I think war will come once the dollar seriously starts to devalue. I think the US will start it and the US will lose.

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      4. LL — I think what’s coming is the collapse of the fiat dollar. We know that few if any countries will stand with the usa trying to start a war with the two Big Guys. Proof of that is to look at Syria, and others, and look at how usa has been trying to start a war with Iran for at least 5 years or so, and nobody would get on board with that.
        But yes, huge war still looms always, and will come to that too, but later on. IMO.
        post #3 @ 10:00 pm Est.


  7. Being a prayer warrior for the White Hats and those who fight with them as well as praying for those who will receive the benefits of the rv/funds/settlements, etc., we are entering the week before Easter. I wonder sometimes, since Jesus knew what was going to happen, how heavy His heart was. And He could have said No but to know He went to the cross for my sins and that He loved me that much… what can anyone way. There is no greater love. And I am reminded that as we stand in judgement before the I AM that we enter heaven only through the blood of the lamb…. John 3:16 and not by works but by grace are we saved. Yes He will look at our lives showing us the real meaning of His Word. …”insomuch as you have done unto the least of these you have done unto me”…………. and “they will know you by your fruits”…… yet the question that must be answered to enter His Kingdom is do you believe? Are you a sinner saved by grace? As many believe financial blessings are about to come forth may we all remember that we are trustees of His money and we are His ambassadors. May our hearts, our lives and the blessings that are received be sanctified, may we drink from new wine skins, and may we reflect His glory in all that we do.


    1. Lets not leave out the fact that one must repent and ‘go and sin no more’ and that He never died for anyone to continue sinning. No ‘sinner’ is saved; they must be converted to the Saint category. Otherwise they got no benefit from his dying.
      I am an Ex-sinner.
      (post #2 at 5 pm est)


    1. You are free to register a complaint with OWoN if you wish. We do not control content over there.

      The BIN article was simply pointing to maneuvers by the US Air Force and accusations from Malaysian officials who were of the opinion that the US had something to so with hiding passengers from the missing aircraft. So be it.

      If you wish to not take them seriously, I respect your right to so decide.

      Thank you.


  8. At the risk of sounding like a total rube here, can someone please point me to a precise definition of a “prosperity package” (I think that’s what “PP” stands for when not used for “private placement”)?

    Are these contracts? Sorry for my ignorance, I just don’t know exactly what people keep writing about.


    1. PP’s were invitation only arrangements that were open up until 2002. The precise details of the programs is not clearly known, except by those enrolled. They are slated to be paid out under the auspices of the Global Settlements.

      Thank you.

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  9. It would be good to confirm about the PP’s because that is in alignment with what we heard on Dave Schmidts radio call tonight…. He was very fact checking and credible with the way he was presenting it being a State Sen. and meeting these people unless this is a whole con artist ruse. I’m sure you must listen to the call was very interesting he gave so many layers of validating it what do you think from your sources?? Thanks wha You and him to some degree are the only two to me that have any credibility not anymore yodel lady hoo:)


  10. I am thrilled to announce to all of you. Keep the faith. My dearest friend just called me ecstatic, that she received 3 separate emails regarding 3 different PP’s she had signed up for, 1 was 12 years ago.
    So, folks it is happening! She was given information, where to call, etc..
    Blessings to all of you!


      1. She is still reading the attached pdf’s with who to contact and how she is to proceed. She tells me now that she is hoping these are not all fraudulent. One is from Alpha Omega Station Press Department
        Does that sound like it might be legit? It looks very real to me. Several pages with that one.
        and lists different Global Accounts with it. I know she has signed up for many different programs/pkgs over the years, so she is not really sure if they are legit. We really don’t know what type of notice or document to expect regarding these packages. So hey, maybe we jumped the gun???


        1. I would be very cautious.

          I do not recall the Omega program being referred to as Alpha Omega. But, I was not involved in it so maybe it was. Unless she is given a live person to contact, I would not consider this credible.

          I would say that because of the lack of corroborative reporting of such a thing that it is most likely a fraudulent document. Especially if it asks for personal information.

          Thank you.


      2. Can I just contact you by private email to discuss this further info, so as to make sure I am not reporting something that might not be real on this blog? I got really excited when she called me and started reading these to me. But due to the respect and knowledge that so many folks on this site do not deserve to be fed BS that might now be true. No one needs to have their hopes raised and then dropped another time in all of this. We have all waited a very long time to see something real and positive come from all of this.


  11. WHA, apologises in advance if this has been covered elsewhere. Do you have an expectation on when FC116 will be released? thank you


    1. Hello,

      No, we do not at this time. However, without making a promise, I am sensing that another one will be out before the end of the month. There is much going on behind the scenes and we are awaiting further information that is sure to come.

      Thank you!


      1. I guess that goes to show you that the folks on the other sites that are saying any day now really do not have a clue what is the real truth it’s a shame they lay all of that false junk out to people and get their hopes up. What a shame.



  12. I have lost all hope in our government. I no longer believe that we have a say in it at all. Let me explain why I believe this. Several years ago I had a patient who was a governor for two terms. I had grown to really hate politicians at this point but I really liked this man. Who was kind and caring. I asked him why he got out of it and went back to practicing law. He told me Gayla let me tell you something. When I went into politics I really thought and believed that I could actually make a difference. But once I got in I realized that there were things I had to do that I knew were dead wrong and almost evil in order to accomplish what I had promised I would do if people voted me in. He told me that it got so bad that he could hardily look at himself in the mirror and could not sleep at night. He told me that he could no longer live with himself if he continued. Now this is coming from the mouth of a politician. He was a good man and an honest man. He told me that no matter how much you believe you can win a seat and make a difference the system is so corrupt within itself that it will make you corrupt just so that you can get your job done. He had to leave because it was destroying his life. Now this is being said to me from an honest man. I am under the belief that when you vote it is all about voting for whose lies you want to believe. I HAVE LOST ALL FAITH. So for everyone who sais we have to vote them out, win it back and make a change I do not believe this to be possible.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Great reply reminds me of the wisest and wealthiest man in a earlier period of time, and he himself quoted from his God-given wisdom, “It’s hard to make something straight, that is crooked.” Really sizes up the times we all live in now. I agree relax, seek excellent advice, and go that that makes sense to you, after a time of seasoning.


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