We are moving on from FC #115. But, PLEASE! Keep it close to your heart. 

We have been sent the following from the top.  I thought long and hard about how I was going to present this to all of you. Either as a post in the thread, or as a Fact Check.  Well, you have your answer. 

First,  I want to thank you for being a great group of people. For the most part, all of you have been supportive and engaged in the discussions and showing a great interest in what is to come, and most importantly, what to do after these monumental events take place.

We owe a great deal to the White Hats and their colleagues at OWoN for letting us be on their distribution list for any information they can share with us.  Such associations set us apart from 99% of the speculative chatter that so many people are intent on following. 

This blog was started to assist in cutting through the tremendous levels of false and misleading “intel” that was presented to us every day, in various ways, by various blogs and hosts. We earned our place by reaching out to those who were unquestionably involved in the process.  We had no other choice. It was the only way to know just what the truth was.

To make sure we do not  jeopardize our hard won position, we must refrain from bringing over links of guru sites, or pasting articles from such places on this blog. We do not need to spend time reviewing such things since we have the connections we need to stay properly informed. 

If you wish to review such sites, you are free to do so, but we do not need to post these things on WHA. You may discuss how you feel about such sites, and other such topics, but let’s leave the links themselves off the blog. All other rules stay as is.  

The following will explain why we need to maintain the integrity of our site. It also contains other important reminders and information that you need to keep in mind.

Thank you all for your continuing readership. And, our continuing thanks and appreciation goes out to the White Hats, their colleagues, staff and supporters.

Please stay tuned for more information as we receive it.



1. We welcome the key task you do with calm proficiency handling the key currency and PP issues. Equally, keeping the site clean of the worst kind of undesirables. That IS important to all of you as the site IS watched daily to ensure probity and no miss-selling or Guru offers.

2. We note that parties STILL ambulance chase false dawn circulars from Guru sites. We do consciously try to aid and support YOU and your site because there is total awareness of the needs of the people. But they in turn need to wake up to the sensitive realities of the complex diplomacy in play at so many levels.

3. This IS the largest global re-financing in history. It is complex, aggressive and requires intense focus by the most intellectually sophisticated parties in the world co-engaged. Noise on the system from Guru Grunts does not aid resolution, but distracts. We advised your site at the beginning of the week that this week would not be possible with evolving issues. This is a giant jigsaw puzzle with pieces missing. Still to be formatted now.

4. The PPs, GS, RVs AND Currencies ALL reverse in as modules via London. There are interlocking Trusts, Platforms, and Banking all co-dependent here. There is no possible source of funding which will bypass the London support operation with its own links to DC. So ANY source of information circulating not via these key sources will be false and misleading. It is reading this convoluted Guru garbage which annoys Bankers hearing so many false dawns.

5. The entire Matrix and Network comes via the sources you have access to.

6. The two sites have been advised that once it is ready, we will pre-advise you each in adequate time, with care and planning for the sites. We are thinking out the time zones to help all of you for the public launch side. Your site must trust the protocols of what is playing out here. Beijing and HK talks with London at c04-00 hrs London time each day. London talks with Taipei each day while the US is still in bed. London talks with all key US Parties from 07-00 hrs EST. An entire day has played out before Reno even comes on line.

7. There are deep and focused Patriotic relationships between the core London parties and the White Hats, etc. These ARE the same parties exposing and fighting the global web of corruption, sparing none. These are the very relationships forged over decades fighting the Cabal, banking and media corruption; the parties fighting for humanity itself and the needs of our species.

8. Please cease publishing these vacuous [guru] projections as it’s both the worst kind of ambulance chasing and deters from the bond of trust with the sites. If it’s not on the site, it’s not happening. They need to trust the sites or vacate to Disneyland. Keep the calm and correct integrity of the information flow that you have. It helps no one if the WHA descends to a Guru Grunts Blog. WHA needs to be kept safe as is.



  1. I am stuck in CMKX land all over again… arghhhh!… delay delay delay… poor AL H had so many “its here” posts only to be shot down time after time… and way before AL certain others thought IT was here only to be shot down as well… I am talking about CMKX land which became a part of the whole mix… and used to push it all in a small way… so I have read…I can see in this update (“Easter is coming up, then the Holiday Silly Season where nothing gets done until October. This mess could still run into the year end.”) we may run right up to the Christmas season and things never get done then… I am conditioned to be sitting here come 2015!


  2. WHA, When the time comes for the RV will there be better banks to put our cash out in than others. Since America is showing signs of being so unstable and with the looming drop in the dollar to come would it be wise to put it into a bank that has foreign connections? With the possibility and talk about some American banks going under how are we to know where to put the money. We could have gone threw all of this only to find at the end of the day the bank we put it in collapses. If this issue has been addressed before I apologize. This has been a concern of mine. Thanks


    1. Hello,

      I cannot really comment on this because I have not conducted a study of banks. All of the US banks are over their heads at least 100 to 1 from my understanding.

      I would hope the new system will bring stability to the banks. We will have to wait and see.


  3. MacHaffie’s new blog site at features same ol’ wacky headlines!
    Breaking And Important Information!



    Still doesn’t know how to spell Jack Lew.
    And Obama is a “fraud insurper”? LOL

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  4. Dear Tony,

    I’d love to pull up a chair now and join the community – I have been gratefully reading for a couple of months now, and I am very appreciative of your mods, and helping us become ‘one’. This is a sensible community in no small part to you Tony.

    Like others, I wonder how I can help others. In my area (Sydney) there are homeless. There are single mothers at risk of falling through the cracks – I can set aside $x for a nearby shelter to pay for their pressing debts or bills, or hire a social worker. New healing methods coming online. Maybe I could help getting some of the new energy devices out.. I don’t know where to start. Its greenfields folks! I sense we are going to need each other to learn to live and contribute in new ways. Let’s see what happens.

    To our gracious WHats and Tony, you have brought me back to just living my life instead of chasing unicorns, living it anyway despite the wait. Realising I can grow the light inside before the prosperity arrives. You may not hear from me again, but know you have made a(nother) friend in Australia and I walk with you into the new world that we are creating. Thankyou for all of your time and effort!


    1. Thank you very much for your kind words, and yes, I love Australia and it’s many wonderful people!

      I am glad you have found a new focus and understanding of what we face. People were starving for the truth and our chief goal here is the make sure they have it.

      We need legions of such kind and deeply thoughtful people, like you, to join our ranks. The White Hats and their colleagues and associates deeply appreciate your participation and support!

      Thank you!


  5. Thread owon Replies

    ——- April 15, 2014 at 5:20 PM


    It is not to your detriment that you are unable to offer forgiveness, forgiveness is only possible when there is evidence of true repentance. Until such evidence is clear to all parties, words represent only futility. Forgiveness is the fruit of love. True repentance is also the precious fruit of love. True love is never in word only. For the Pontiff to ask such without providing rich evidence of true and lavish repentance first, sadly only reveals his true nature and the true nature of his office and his church. I stand clear

    Yes, you do well to continue your path to the great Spirit World. There is no deceit there. This life will soon be gone, along with all of its hellishness. We are eternal. The pains, sorrows and tears of this life are are many, but all are temporary.

    Be strong my friend. I hold you in my heart. I weep for your pain. One day, we shall smile together and no one will take our joy away.

    Be well. Stand strong. Keep your heart tender.


    1. Great comment.
      We don’t need any more empty words, either from the Vatican-Jesuits or the Queen of England.
      Set the people free from the centuries old shackles before the people resort to violence.


  6. Just want to stop by and say thanks for everything you and WH do for us. As you know it can be a very confusing and chaotic roller coaster of gurus. From day one I was also wary of all the ads and donation requests. It is a breath of fresh air to find such a site with nothing but dedication to the people. Thanks again, keep up the good work.


  7. I was gone for a couple days and all hell breaks loose::). Go figure. I said to my husband you’re the most, calm adult I’ve known in a long time Tony. If you have kids I bet you’re doing a very good job!! Now that is what I call a well-thought-out eternal boot!! Now she’s got to read all were saying no way to respond back that must be hell!! But of course a gentle one that the true merciful God would give. Okay I really enjoyed the discussiona about Guru. I love how zap said it’s definitely done but could you please send a donation why do they need a donation if it’s definitely done is my question?? The one who has me puzzled is Dave Schmidt I cannot write him off as nesara. I did research into his background he is substitutive many years as a State Sen. not just one term. Good intentions but he went to Salt Lake to see lots of contracts and really try to know he may not realize but there’s so many scams out of Salt Lake. But boy I have a feeling he’s sincere And Trying to validate ? I am very heartened by the level of discourse and understanding that level of judgment was not good for the site And the purpose here and how so many people rose above it!


    1. Hello,

      Thank you for your comments.

      You certainly hit the nail on the head with the “It’s done, but can you send a donation?” thing. Seriously, who would need a donation if such was the case?

      We asked about the possibility of the man on Mr Schmidt’s show, “Gman”, being part of the teams involved. “Who?” was the answer we got. So, please be cautious, any of you, who decide to press on with such associations.

      Indeed we are having to hold ourselves to a higher standard. In fact, it should be the ONLY standard – truth, from those who know it, do it and make it happen.


    2. Hello Everyone,

      Would it be possible to start a new Fact Check and have a discussion about our plans for the distribution and use of the money from this amazing windfall?

      I’ve perfected my plans and I’m fully prepared. All I need now is for the go button to be pressed so I can put them into place. I feel so under-utilised right now.

      I also have some thoughts about the values and locations of real estate after the global reset that I’d like to get other opinions on, and I’d appreciate opening the forum to some constructive discussion.

      Would that be okay?

      Thanks for restraining the “Abbey” threads. Her comments held such low energetics and responses by others simply gave them more energy. I want all the earths citizens move to a different way of living and the judgmental attitudes expressed here were causing me great concern.


      BTW, I think its wise to remove my real name from the blog because the work I intend to do after the reval will be best achieved with some anonymity, and, as a single woman it will be much safer in the long run.


      1. At present we are using Fact Checks for new information from the top, but your notion is interesting. I guess we could have a Fact Check 116 1/2 or something. Let me consider the method.

        Thank you for your contribution, 100dthmonkey. Ha! I am sure the White Hats will get a chuckle out of that name.


  8. A micro story:
    On Sunday I helped someone with the final steps to E-File their tax return. They had a one time bump in their AGI, not huge, but enough to live in NYC for a year. By Tuesday they had a few credit card offers in the mail including one for a Visa Black Card, you know, the one with UNLIMITED CREDIT.

    If you have a windfall, take the advice of FC115 and beware the banksters, they know everything about your finances in real time and will be on your @$$ like stink on $hit.


  9. Thanks to everyone for keeping the energy flowing here. This community seems to be growing. That is a heartening thing. Let’s be grateful for all that we have today, and all that is to come. “When you want something with all your heart, the entire universe conspires to make it so.” We are actually being given the chance to be part of building a better world. What could be a greater adventure than that?

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  10. Hello,

    This post was found at OWoN. It was posted from the top, in reply to another post. Take note of the last sentence.

    I hope that explains why I am trying to get all of you to stay as close to the topic as you can, and pay heed to who may be reading both at OWoN and here at WHA.

    So, let’s show the world we are ready and will be good stewards of what is coming.



    “OWoN April 15, 2014 at 3:33 PM


    Thank you for such a heart rending overview. This is a growing global site here to help serve all. Your words will be read by Leaders of many nations.


    1. In Spirit of “FC #115”,

      We have the time, while waiting patiently for things to unfold, to take the necessary steps to get familiar/educated with the “Common Law” in the countries where it applies.

      If one is to retain wealth through the generations and truly believe they cannot take it with them, then they should have an understanding of the POWER of “Common Law Trusts”.

      By no means, am I an expert (still a student) of the trust structure and still searching for the answers of what should be Common Knowledge.

      In the search for true information on this subject I have found some books that may benefit the willing student. Although this might look like a shameless plug, it is not and I have no connection to the material, it is only offered as help for the earnest student who wishes well for their family in the generations to come.

      If anyone has additional information that could be of benefit, it would be most welcome. For the best information, I have found to date please google “The Art of Passing the Buck”.


      1. Red– thank you. I’ll check out this book. I’m interested in learning more about the structure of trusts in general. It’s so important to pass wealth along in a way that doesn’t destroy inspiration and drive and people’s lives. It certainly can.


  11. Tony – It seems when the comments get up around 275 and up my computer does not want to open up Fact Checks. I don’t know if it is build up overload or something. I do have a new computer and I was wondering if anyone else has this same problem. If this is a problem that is due to overload could it be possible to get a fact check broken down into two parts like FC #116-A, and then when it gets to a certain # of conversing back and fourth FC #116-B? Of course it is probably just me and my computer having this problem with this bog down. I am not a very save techy person. Of course I am willing to bet a 100 to 1 that it is just me.

    P.S. I think the thing with Abby is sad but a relief. Thank you.


      1. Yes, well I think yes. In my inbox when where it says White Hat Auxiliaries and it is big and bold so I know there are new posts It doesn’t seem to want to open up at all or without a good fight. I thought it was because the e-mail was getting to bulked up. I will have someone look at it for me since this seems to be me. I will also try the things you suggested. Thank you so much.


      2. Tony – No on trying again I am having a problem on opening White Hat Auxiliary and Fact Check Center all together. I think it is the Cobal and I need to get my cousin to check it out for me because all other e-mails open up with ease LOL


  12. Dear WHA,
    Thank you for all the time you put into running this site. You minimize your time and energy. For those of us that are spinning with the chaos of nonsense blasting our way, you are the stability that is needed. I vote for you. I don’t care what the position is “you have my vote’ LOL.

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  13. From many forums on “all kinds of topics, auto’s to music” to here the WHA, I have Not seen a Better person handling responses, He actually answers folks or basic communication back to the public than Tony.
    I have not a clue who he is but his approach, his honesty, trying to educate and down right trying to be a “Nice Guy” with Balance speaks Volumes. Keeping most us happy in this environment?…….he gets a A+ from me.

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  14. Abby has been permanently removed from this blog.

    She chose to reply to our email address with a very accusatory and religiously themed diatribe after she was given a few weeks to cool it. Another member also reported to me that she was sent multiple incoherent emails from Abby to the point of annoyance. This, after I was nice enough to facilitate the connection.

    Abby seems to think I was instructed by higher powers to remove her. This is not the case.

    I hope she gets the help she needs, because I sincerely feel she needs a lot of it.

    Thank you.

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    1. Thank you, thank you Tony! Abby was too much. She’s either a troll or mental case.

      I love the level of discussion and also am looking forward to hearing everyone’s ideas/passions for a better planet. My plan is to help educate children with autism from vaccine damage. We have a darling grandson who was perfect in every respect—meeting or exceeding all milestones, talking incessantly–until the assault of vaccines at 18 mos. He ran a high fever, then lost all his words, and had terrible meltdowns lasting for hours. It took several months to get to a diagnosis. There was little to no help in our area. Our son left a wonderful career to move to Houston area where there’s a magnificent school (pre thru high school) dedicated to these children. With the help of the school and a Dr. in Austin, you would almost think he’s neurotypical now. One in 63 children are affected with Autism now up from 1 in 20,000 thirty years ago. It’s a very expensive problem to have with school costing over $40K/yr plus doctors that insurance typically doesn’t cover. Most children don’t have access to this type of help. We hope to help a LOT of children!

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      1. Texian, sorry to hear about your son’s and his child’s struggle. I have close friends who have walked that costly and urgent path of discovery to find loved ones the support they need. Treatment has come a long way. I researched the topic years ago for a documentary–back then, drugs and aversive therapy were the only options. Later mimicry seemed to show promise. Bond-formation with animals also proved interesting; however, so much is still unknown. We need a lot more funding to work out what is causing this condition. Some of the most dangerous self-destructive, perseverative behaviors seem to have subsided in autistic children given the best treatments available , so at least that’s a positive. I wish you and yours all the best.


        1. Thank you for your comments. We’re very impressed with Dr Kendal Stewart who was an ENT surgeon & neurologist. He was frustrated with just patching people rather than a cure. Research led him to know the body is designed to heal itself with proper balance. He now specializes in Autism for children and auto-immune disorders for all ages and is lecturing physicians all over. It’s been an amazing progress for our now 7 yr old. He has a website if you just search the name. Between that and Monarch School where every teacher is a therapist specializing in Autism treatment. Classes are of course very small.

          By the way, research also shows flu vaccine causing dementia. Between vaccines, some pharmaceuticals, chemtrails, Frankenfoods, and hormone laced meats, how does anyone survive? Evil cabal!

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      2. What a wonderful endeavor. I have been extremely upset over the forced vaccinations of our children in US. They know that there is much danger due to the chemicals and other nasty things added to vaccines. They are actually putting foreign DNA into the vaccines that come from aborted babies and even animals. So very, very, sad. My prayer is that parents will wake up and revolt against these horrible vaccines. Sounds like your grandson is very lucky to have such wonderful parents and grandparents to help him through the damage caused.


        1. Thank you! You know, parents can opt out of the vaccination program. Many areas have DAN (defeat autism now) doctors who will sign a waiver. The contents of vaccines, if parents really looked into it, would convince not to inject that crap into your children.

          On my other rant, forgot to mention fluoride. Now that’s a dissertation in itself! I’ll spare you. :-0)

          Yes, our little one has been fortunate in that two sets of grandparents have been able to help a lot. We’re so concerned about the multitudes of others who don’t have a chance. Our doctor says with early intervention he can almost reverse it entirely if program is followed religiously (is that a banned word?). He says if no treatment early, by the time they’re 7, it is what it is.


    2. Tony, you have a tough job, and more patience than probably most of us here. I think Abby would have been gone much sooner if someone other than you were in charge, and I include myself in that ‘someone other than you’ group. The caustic nature of Abby’s posts had me too passing over all her comments as I felt they were changing the energy of this site and not in a good way.

      To read she was asked to cool off for a couple of weeks was actually a relief, a feeling which surprised me. To read that she chose to ignore that request and rant at you, sadly, did not surprise. The up side for her is that she can continue to read the posts here and remain in the knowledge loop. I wish her well and hope as you do that she realizes soon she is her own worst enemy so that she can start the healing process.

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      1. What can I say?

        For the volume of readership, we ban about 1 in about every 52,000 views. That’s not bad and shows most of you are sane, composed, focused and of a social nature. In every crowd there are bad/difficult apples and our crowd is no different.

        Yes, I tried to get her to calm down, but her unpleasant nature was the final straw. I don’t think she actually did anything else all day long but sit here and post. She was out-posting all of you by about 4 to 1, and although she was at times very pleasant, she could not stand to be challenged without getting nasty.

        Also, I am not lost on the idea that her “behavior” could be a ruse. I base this on the fact that she did the same thing at OWoN, yet I never saw her on a guru blog or such, or get removed from one of those places. She seemed to want to commit public seppuku in White Hat circles only, and was successful on both sites. And again, I didn’t initially ban her. I just gave her a little vacation. She came back at me in an unpleasant way. Nobody does that twice, on, or off the blog.

        Well, we move on, citizens.

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  15. Dear WHA, I am totally attached to your website.

    However in the last month I see some posts degrading this site. Some posters are in my opinion sabotaging this site from its true purpose. I understand your concept of freedom of speech. However I am now reducing my involvement in this site to your comments. Can you help me in this? I feel that some 75 % of the posts are totally irrelevant.

    l wonder if I am the only one who sees this?

    Does any one else feel the same way?

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    1. Hello,

      In an attempt to allow “free speech” we sometimes have to contend with some who feel that such means they can say just about anything as often as they want. It’s not easy to draw the line sometimes.

      We can allow a certain irrelevance at times, as such is the woof and warp of everyday conversation.

      I am well aware that some of the “debates” are just the same people posting back and forth to make it appear like we are disorganized. Haha. I didn’t come down in the last shower.

      This blog is what all of you make it, but I will certainly act to keep us on course if it gets too far into the ethereal, no matter what the underlying subject may be.

      Remember FC 115. We better start focusing on important things.

      My best advice to many of you is to leave your religious fervors for Sunday at church. Lite discussion of spiritual matters is fine, but any attempt by anyone to dominate others or make others wrong about beliefs will be subject to suspension or removal.

      Thank you.

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  16. Amen Herbert
    Bitterness has a way of infecting even the most positive. There a lot of positive people on this site and we can gain strength from that.
    I would like to not re-invent the wheel so, I would like if we could share ideas of how to rebuild and pass it on after the blessing. I have gotten a few so far and it is stimulating.
    God wil leave it up to us to take care of humanity.
    While we wait, it fills many of my hours thinking about the good it will do for others.
    Yippee it’s mind blowing.


    1. I support Convoy of hope now and look forward to dramatically increasing support for them post RV. Many children around the world suffer. Every bit helps to get them water, food, clothing and education. Just my two cents depreciated down to change for a penny 🙂


      1. LL, How much of the money given actually goes to the charity? The only reason I am asking is because over the years I have given to groups like buying two goats and chickens and stuff only to find out that just a few cents on my dollar actually went to where I was told it was going. Some of the presidents who run these charities make a tone of money every year and I mean a tone of money. It made me sick and sad in my heart. I believed it was 60 min. or 20/20 that followed the money one year and I was so disappointed. I have not haven since. I have always wanted to find a charity for children that I can give to that actually gets it. But after watching the show how is an person to know just who to give it to. I have not heard of Convoy of Hope but I am going to look them up.


      2. I don’t have specific numbers but was spoken of highly by a missionary and he travels to these countries and sees first hand the dissemination of food, clothing, water and such by the organization. I mean, ultimately, I’m unable to go so I trust the recommendations of church leaders, missionaries and such.


      3. LL – I’ve heard about some great contributions by Convoy of Hope to improving conditions. I’m going to study their structure more deeply and hopefully learn from them.


      4. I saw that 60 Minutes episode too. Now what I do when I want to “give” is I make 100 sandwiches and take them down to the local “tent city”… Keep your money local, there’d plenty of people in my city that are hungry, need blankets, rides to a Dr… Etc. Also, I purchases a huge silent generator (a large battery on a hand truck) that can run my laptop for about 15 hours. I also have a portable printer and portable scanner. I pack them up and drive to tent city and offer to do resumes to help folks–help lift them out of their situation.

        I never give “cash” anymore. I give goods and services.

        Just my way of giving!!


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  17. This is a awesome site
    With Great People on it
    Ms Gloria you stay encouraged
    Micktax stay on site we need you
    All you guys have taught me things and enlighten me to things that have made me think of things I would have never look at from your eyes.
    Tony has a gift of letting views play out until the citizen
    Flag appears then BAD NEWS
    For that person
    So let’s keep each other built up and Abby lets just keep praying for ole Abby she means well she just has to much time on her hand Tony can handle her.

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  18. ……………April 15, 2014 at 8:06 AM


    Now I understand what mean about INTERPOL.

    In the dead of night on December 17, 2009, President Barack Hussein Obama placed the United States of America under the authority of the international police organization known as INTERPOL, granting the organization full immunity to operate within the United States.

    Last Thursday, December 17, 2009, The White House released an Executive Order “Amending Executive Order 12425.” It grants INTERPOL (International Criminal Police Organization) a new level of full diplomatic immunity afforded to foreign embassies and select other “International Organizations” as set forth in the United States International Organizations Immunities Act of 1945.

    By removing language from President Reagan’s 1983 Executive Order 12425, this international law enforcement body now operates on American soil beyond the reach of our own top law enforcement arm, the FBI, and is immune from Freedom Of Information Act (FOIA) requests.

    What, exactly does this mean? It means that INTERPOL now has the full authority to conduct investigations and other law enforcement activities on U.S. soil, with full immunity from U.S. laws such as the Freedom of Information Act and with complete independence from oversight from the FBI.

    …..April 15, 2014 at 8:20 AM



    Now do you see why we are quiet? Our reach is F! long and our rage is deep!
    We want them all in Jail and first shipped to The HAGUE A new Nuremberg for this scum .
    …….-….April 15, 2014 at 8:42 AM

    …., no doubt, this is just ONE of many back door approaches you & the team have had to use as your weapons against this criminal & financial warfare. I would think this especially so since their crimes against humanity have crossed and recrossed many international waters for so very long.

    I am hoping to bring today to this viewing audience the truth of what could be dubbed “the first Waco” back in 1914. This will blow you away with the power plays and innocent lives so boldly taken by one of the “R” families, history has been repeating itself & most Americans have no idea this took place, these brazen “entitlement acts” by the few have got to be stopped.

    Here is your thank you for today for keeping your head down and forging ahead to make hope a reality for so many in need. May the fruit of your labor be ready for harvest !!!


  19. Tony,
    I don’t want to cross the line or anything but heard RV of other currencies being delayed, only IQD will be RV. Have you heard anything w.r.t ?
    Thank you and much obliged,


  20. Dear WHA,
    Love it love it love it. Hammer time!
    We need alittle gratitude in our attitude !
    Some people need to
    Sew a little love once in awhile. I promise it comes back.

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      1. Hello White Hats:
        I just need clarification on something per #116 and that is Do you see that Zap/poof intel and Mnt.Goat are considered Guroos? I seem to only relate to their intel reporting. I honestly believe it to be sincere intel reporting. I hope they are on the same team w/ different connections. Finally how accurate is this intel report.? P.S Zap said all done this week and Mnt. goat now says delays…


        1. Hello,

          Well, that is an interesting question. We really do not have a specific definition of a “guru”.

          Let’s put it this way. Poof/ZAP has been releasing reports of “done” for over a decade. Mountain Goat, well, I don’t know who they are or why they should be considered connected enough to follow.

          Every time I am referred to a guru site, I see certain commonalities. They all have sites that feature ads to click on, or request donations for themselves. That simply does not point to their focus being on providing information from those involved.

          The White Hats warned us of the 100th monkey syndrome. Too many people on the chain, and when the initial information reaches the public, it bears no resemblance to what it started out as. We only have one monkey – me. And I really do not change what I am told to release. I have no reason to.

          So, Zap says done (as usual, along with donations needed) and Mnt Goat says delayed.

          The truth is simply this: There has been no revalue so far and we have not been told that all is done, or will be done this week. We have been told that we would be given some advanced warning of the revalue, from the top. We have not been given such warning yet.

          So, now the task before you is to consider all the options and decide from where do you wish to get your information? Granted, you are all free to read any source you want. We are not a cult and you can freely consider anything you wish. But….

          This blog will not serve as a reblogger for such places since our focus is to remain connected to the top. And the ability to have THE source removes the need to rely on anything else.

          That is as best I can tell you.

          Are those folks gurus? I will let you all decide.

          Thank you.

          Liked by 1 person

          1. This info is a confirmation that makes me feel….better!
            I’ve always wondered about Zap & Goat…although I think those two deserve a bit of credibility over any of the “others”


      2. I read Mnt Goat’s news letter and find it well articulated and interesting. I don’t think she (I think shes a she) is of the norm “guru” that’s proclaiming an RV every 10 seconds. But will not promote, just my two cents that is now = to a penny waiting for change.


  21. Why Tony allows you to spew this garbage is beyond me. I think it should be left out for good measure. A lot of Abby’s comments seem to ” cheapen” the site with her know it all and all judging comments. Sorry WHA, but I have just quietly followed a long a long time and I no longer can keep my tongue behind my teeth.

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Micktacks, Gloria, you are absolutely right– Abby disparages people and things she doesn’t like, exactly as you are doing now. Should you be i-silenced because someone calls it spewing?

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Thanks LP. I couldn’t agree more. What is good for the goose is surely good for the gander! A little more love coming forth from everyone would be really nice. This behavior is exactly why Americans as a whole, cannot agree on anything long enough to make positive changes in our world. Every group that crops up, with plans of grandeur, end up eating their own. So sad.


  22. Abby, we get it, you hate the Catholic church, however you certainly not acting very ” Christian” like with your condemnation of the church as a whole AND QUITE FRANKLY.. i AM SICK TO DEATH OF YOUR COMMENTS about the church as a whole. YOU say there’s nothing ” God like” about it, who the hell died and left YOU BOSS LADY?

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I agree and thank Tony for getting a grip on this. Abby was the primary reason I chose to go back to lurking rather than actively participate in this worthwhile forum.
        I still have that Guinness waiting for you!!



    1. I think you misunderstand where Abby is coming from. From her comments on the church, I am relatively sure she has done her research. She has not just sat in church and accepted what was told or taught. She has more than likely researched deeply into the history of the Catholic church. I spent 3 years researching history all the way back to the Babylonian days, and their cult worship. I fully understand what Abby is relating to in regards to the Vatican. I encourage you to do extensive research into the history of the church and Vatican. History reveals that when Rome “fell” it really just regrouped, and has continued to control and rule the world through the church. It really is a sad situation, due to the fact that, as new denominations were created, by breaking away from the Catholic church, so many of them carried with them pieces and parcels of the same Babylonian rituals with them. So much evil has come upon the world through the church and religion. You don’t have to research to far back to see what Catholicism did as it branched out into regions of the world. Just look what they did though the missions that are now in California.

      I feel that is so easy to misread a person, through blogs.


      1. WHA: Please know that I was not replying to WHA, but to Gloria’s comment. Never meant to upset the apple cart. I was not suggesting that you misread her. I think I will stop while I am ahead. But I am sure you understand what I was trying to say.


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