We are moving on from FC #115. But, PLEASE! Keep it close to your heart. 

We have been sent the following from the top.  I thought long and hard about how I was going to present this to all of you. Either as a post in the thread, or as a Fact Check.  Well, you have your answer. 

First,  I want to thank you for being a great group of people. For the most part, all of you have been supportive and engaged in the discussions and showing a great interest in what is to come, and most importantly, what to do after these monumental events take place.

We owe a great deal to the White Hats and their colleagues at OWoN for letting us be on their distribution list for any information they can share with us.  Such associations set us apart from 99% of the speculative chatter that so many people are intent on following. 

This blog was started to assist in cutting through the tremendous levels of false and misleading “intel” that was presented to us every day, in various ways, by various blogs and hosts. We earned our place by reaching out to those who were unquestionably involved in the process.  We had no other choice. It was the only way to know just what the truth was.

To make sure we do not  jeopardize our hard won position, we must refrain from bringing over links of guru sites, or pasting articles from such places on this blog. We do not need to spend time reviewing such things since we have the connections we need to stay properly informed. 

If you wish to review such sites, you are free to do so, but we do not need to post these things on WHA. You may discuss how you feel about such sites, and other such topics, but let’s leave the links themselves off the blog. All other rules stay as is.  

The following will explain why we need to maintain the integrity of our site. It also contains other important reminders and information that you need to keep in mind.

Thank you all for your continuing readership. And, our continuing thanks and appreciation goes out to the White Hats, their colleagues, staff and supporters.

Please stay tuned for more information as we receive it.



1. We welcome the key task you do with calm proficiency handling the key currency and PP issues. Equally, keeping the site clean of the worst kind of undesirables. That IS important to all of you as the site IS watched daily to ensure probity and no miss-selling or Guru offers.

2. We note that parties STILL ambulance chase false dawn circulars from Guru sites. We do consciously try to aid and support YOU and your site because there is total awareness of the needs of the people. But they in turn need to wake up to the sensitive realities of the complex diplomacy in play at so many levels.

3. This IS the largest global re-financing in history. It is complex, aggressive and requires intense focus by the most intellectually sophisticated parties in the world co-engaged. Noise on the system from Guru Grunts does not aid resolution, but distracts. We advised your site at the beginning of the week that this week would not be possible with evolving issues. This is a giant jigsaw puzzle with pieces missing. Still to be formatted now.

4. The PPs, GS, RVs AND Currencies ALL reverse in as modules via London. There are interlocking Trusts, Platforms, and Banking all co-dependent here. There is no possible source of funding which will bypass the London support operation with its own links to DC. So ANY source of information circulating not via these key sources will be false and misleading. It is reading this convoluted Guru garbage which annoys Bankers hearing so many false dawns.

5. The entire Matrix and Network comes via the sources you have access to.

6. The two sites have been advised that once it is ready, we will pre-advise you each in adequate time, with care and planning for the sites. We are thinking out the time zones to help all of you for the public launch side. Your site must trust the protocols of what is playing out here. Beijing and HK talks with London at c04-00 hrs London time each day. London talks with Taipei each day while the US is still in bed. London talks with all key US Parties from 07-00 hrs EST. An entire day has played out before Reno even comes on line.

7. There are deep and focused Patriotic relationships between the core London parties and the White Hats, etc. These ARE the same parties exposing and fighting the global web of corruption, sparing none. These are the very relationships forged over decades fighting the Cabal, banking and media corruption; the parties fighting for humanity itself and the needs of our species.

8. Please cease publishing these vacuous [guru] projections as it’s both the worst kind of ambulance chasing and deters from the bond of trust with the sites. If it’s not on the site, it’s not happening. They need to trust the sites or vacate to Disneyland. Keep the calm and correct integrity of the information flow that you have. It helps no one if the WHA descends to a Guru Grunts Blog. WHA needs to be kept safe as is.



  1. I am stuck in CMKX land all over again… arghhhh!… delay delay delay… poor AL H had so many “its here” posts only to be shot down time after time… and way before AL certain others thought IT was here only to be shot down as well… I am talking about CMKX land which became a part of the whole mix… and used to push it all in a small way… so I have read…I can see in this update (“Easter is coming up, then the Holiday Silly Season where nothing gets done until October. This mess could still run into the year end.”) we may run right up to the Christmas season and things never get done then… I am conditioned to be sitting here come 2015!


  2. WHA, When the time comes for the RV will there be better banks to put our cash out in than others. Since America is showing signs of being so unstable and with the looming drop in the dollar to come would it be wise to put it into a bank that has foreign connections? With the possibility and talk about some American banks going under how are we to know where to put the money. We could have gone threw all of this only to find at the end of the day the bank we put it in collapses. If this issue has been addressed before I apologize. This has been a concern of mine. Thanks


    1. Hello,

      I cannot really comment on this because I have not conducted a study of banks. All of the US banks are over their heads at least 100 to 1 from my understanding.

      I would hope the new system will bring stability to the banks. We will have to wait and see.


  3. MacHaffie’s new blog site at features same ol’ wacky headlines!
    Breaking And Important Information!



    Still doesn’t know how to spell Jack Lew.
    And Obama is a “fraud insurper”? LOL

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  4. Dear Tony,

    I’d love to pull up a chair now and join the community – I have been gratefully reading for a couple of months now, and I am very appreciative of your mods, and helping us become ‘one’. This is a sensible community in no small part to you Tony.

    Like others, I wonder how I can help others. In my area (Sydney) there are homeless. There are single mothers at risk of falling through the cracks – I can set aside $x for a nearby shelter to pay for their pressing debts or bills, or hire a social worker. New healing methods coming online. Maybe I could help getting some of the new energy devices out.. I don’t know where to start. Its greenfields folks! I sense we are going to need each other to learn to live and contribute in new ways. Let’s see what happens.

    To our gracious WHats and Tony, you have brought me back to just living my life instead of chasing unicorns, living it anyway despite the wait. Realising I can grow the light inside before the prosperity arrives. You may not hear from me again, but know you have made a(nother) friend in Australia and I walk with you into the new world that we are creating. Thankyou for all of your time and effort!


    1. Thank you very much for your kind words, and yes, I love Australia and it’s many wonderful people!

      I am glad you have found a new focus and understanding of what we face. People were starving for the truth and our chief goal here is the make sure they have it.

      We need legions of such kind and deeply thoughtful people, like you, to join our ranks. The White Hats and their colleagues and associates deeply appreciate your participation and support!

      Thank you!


  5. Thread owon Replies

    ——- April 15, 2014 at 5:20 PM


    It is not to your detriment that you are unable to offer forgiveness, forgiveness is only possible when there is evidence of true repentance. Until such evidence is clear to all parties, words represent only futility. Forgiveness is the fruit of love. True repentance is also the precious fruit of love. True love is never in word only. For the Pontiff to ask such without providing rich evidence of true and lavish repentance first, sadly only reveals his true nature and the true nature of his office and his church. I stand clear

    Yes, you do well to continue your path to the great Spirit World. There is no deceit there. This life will soon be gone, along with all of its hellishness. We are eternal. The pains, sorrows and tears of this life are are many, but all are temporary.

    Be strong my friend. I hold you in my heart. I weep for your pain. One day, we shall smile together and no one will take our joy away.

    Be well. Stand strong. Keep your heart tender.


    1. Great comment.
      We don’t need any more empty words, either from the Vatican-Jesuits or the Queen of England.
      Set the people free from the centuries old shackles before the people resort to violence.


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