Here is an update from the top, via OWoN. 

As you can see, it bears little resemblance to the typical “intel” you see on the vast majority of blogs and forums that write on this subject matter.

Let’s hope we can see a breakthrough very soon. Good people are working very hard to bring the matter off. Please continue to be patient and prepare. 

Thank you for your continued support. 




Markets are awash with false settlement rumors. All are complete rubbish and toxic to credibility.

1) There is, as yet, No Breakthrough. Nor any in sight!

2) Available funds which could create Jobs and Infrastructure Projects, continue to be used instead to prop up generations of reckless Fed and Treasury malfeasance, as well as the Bush Crime Family activities. This vile Crime family is the Turd in Americas breakfast cereal bowl.

3) Even IF and when there is any resolution for the Dongs/Dinars etc, it will need to be done in controlled phases taking many weeks, with the Public unlikely to see any access until at least phase 3.

4) There will be more than enough time to pre advise all parties once there is a genuine breakthrough. Distracting Guru garbage and Bloggers speculation still continues with wild Ambulance Chasers and false connections. We read, we see – Garbage! If it is not on the 2 sites, it is NOT happening. How much clearer can we be?

5) Please keep the Poofs and Puffs and fantasists off the sites. These are for credible issues and hard facts will be released, with procedures and rates when possible. It will ONLY be on the 2 sites, No Other. We will NOT communicate with or assist trading sites who grossly overcharge for currencies and who defraud or steal from destitute people who deserve better. Check your rates before buying. Scalpers are at work.

6) Easter is coming up, then the Holiday Silly Season where nothing gets done until October. This mess could still run into the year end. This is not an easy free lunch. The Dinar market still remains highly suspect and dangerous. Huge, false overprinting is a savage reality and a Shark Pit. Again, if it breaks you need to be in and out fast. Chaos will follow.


  1. Thank you Gayla. Yes, I have read some of the articles and see now why you all are here. I wish everyone all the best with your investments. For those of us who have not invested, I just wonder if there will be any financial relief with a reset. It’s getting so tight out here. I had to use my credit card to help my SS stretch so I’m doing one step forward and two steps back with this card. It’s getting a little tiring not making any headway.


    1. How this hype arena has effected my decisions; to postpone downgrading my lifestyle and house when I still could last year. My lifestyle is by “most peoples standards” very meager. I now can’t move unless it’s just an abandonment,


  2. Hello … I just came upon your blog a week or so ago. I’m not understanding the topic of RV or Dong etc.

    I’m 64 and whatever is going on now with whatever is coming, does it mean I will see my credit card debt go away that I’ve been living on along with my SS just to survive before the end of my life? Will my SS go away? Or … maybe I’m just a little confused about it all.


    1. I do not know of any plans to remove credit card debt by any other means than one paying it off or declaring bankruptcy.

      I hope your SS will not go away. I know how important it is.

      You are not confused.

      There are many unknowns up ahead. We are awaiting as much news as we can release but right now there is little being said.

      Please prepare as best you can, for good or bad.

      Welcome to the blog and please check out the official WH blog. The link is on the home page on the top right.

      Thank you.


    2. Cathleen, Welcome My best suggestion for you would be to spend some time going back threw the archives. There is so much good information there. I have learned so much from this group of people who are all pulling together. The advice is immense and the knowledge of all who are willing to share, well from my standpoint you just can not find better.


  3. As disappointed as I am to hear this 1 cent nonsense… I am most positive that Iraq is completely flooded with the US dollar. If they want to “inspire” the local Iraqis to use their own currency and dump the dollar, the dinar value would have to be at least $1 minimum. What are your thoughts?


    1. Hello,

      The rate has not been firmly set at 1 cent. We are expecting 1.00 to 3.50.

      The rate opinions within the upper levels simply are quite varied, and this is something that we can just read and then go on about our business. We do not know what the rates will be, no matter what is bandied about at this time. As mentioned before, we are better off preparing ourselves for what will indeed come.


    2. Michael, I’m sorry, but I don’t quite understand your reasoning.

      If I’m an Iraqi going to buy some bananas or batteries, and I have 10 crisp, clean US $1 notes, and I have 10 crisp, clean 100 Dinar notes, why would I prefer using the USD? Wouldn’t national pride inspire me to use my own nation’s currency?


      1. Natiolal pride does not feed children. If I could get more bananas for my family with the 10 crisp USDollars…I would surely spend them first.


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