How Will You Pay It Forward?

Greetings, and Happy Easter!

It’s time for a little diversion from the usual.

I know that the waiting game it not easy. For some, like those in prosperity programs, which were offered in the 1990’s and through 2002, it has been over a decade of mystery, with little in the way of proper information that is rooted in official fanfare.

The currency issues, such as the dinar and dong, and whatever other 18 currencies are slated to revalue, takes center stage by virtue of the number of those involved. No further explanation is required from us as to the sheer width and breadth of the emotional ranges that all of you have experienced with this particular piece of the equation. From a penny to $32, and every number in between, we have been subjected to so many opinions and theories that even Buckminster Fuller would have been staggered to understand it.

Then, there are the CMKX shareholders. Within their ranks are some of the most scorned. You hear some of the most devilish, blood-curdling blasphemy from that quarter of the ranks. If a lynch mob is ever formed by the disgruntled, a CMKX shareholder is sure to be the one to fashion the noose. But, given what was done to them, when all they did was invest funds in what they thought was a properly regulated share offering, they certainly have cause to be angry. The affair was so broad and scandalous that CMKX is on the lists for WGS settlement.  Good for them, and I hope it happens soon.

We call this blog “White Hat Auxiliary” because we are convinced beyond all doubt that the White Hats are holding the point, and we are there to back them up on the “civilian” level. They are involved, and, they are properly positioned to carry the matter to conclusion. All categories above: Prosperity Programs, Currency Revaluations, CMKX, are riding on the release of the World Global Settlements. The White Hats and some 1800 people the world over are  working hard to bring this to a finality. But, it does not end there. Fact Check #115 was key to all of you being properly set up and able to make a difference and not fall into the trap of reverting back into whatever non optimum financial condition you sought to alleviate by participating in the aforementioned programs and speculations.  

A while back, one of our members suggested that we start a thread so that all of you could describe how you intend to pay it forward once this matter is set loose. Our White Hat contact agreed that such would be a good idea. So, now you have a thread to describe such! 

Now, please do not just write “I have projects”. Projects? That does not describe the matter in enough detail. Please be specific. 

An example would be: “I intend to fund a local college program to teach students how to increase the agricultural yield”. Then, describe why such is your passion, and why it is vital. 

Or, as another example: ” I am going to lobby to remove all laws that restrict doctors from using so-called “alternative treatments” on patients who elect to use such methods to treat their diseases. I want medical doctors to be free to apply such methods in the USA, as they do in other nations, but under supervision of peer review, and without resistance from big pharma because of concern for loss of profit.” 

And another example: “I am going to donate my newly acquired free time to volunteer as….”a teacher”….”a lawyer defending poor persons”…….”a pilot delivering food to disaster areas”……”a contractor  teaching less advantaged how to build homes, and fund their first effort.” Etc. 

The choices are endless, and I could not possibly cover them all. 

Let’s show the White Hats, and their many colleagues, working on our behalf, that we intend to make good use of this second chance to have the fruits of our nation returned to OUR control. Just how will we demonstrate the stewardship that will be bestowed on our shoulders? How will we nurture and protect our country and communities, and likewise set a good example? 

So, let’s hear it! How will YOU pay it forward?

Our continuing thanks goes out to the White Hats and their colleagues and staff the world over.

Thank you for your continued support. Please stay tuned for further updates.



  1. Hello Dear Tony,
    Thank you so much for this FC and opportunity. I was hesitating replying to this post as I considered the public voicing of my dreams/plans would not achieve anything. Today I have come to the realization that there may be some good come out of sharing my thoughts here on this topic. Maybe someone else will one day read this and wish to join me in realizing this specific project/plan.

    I would very much like to put in place clinics in several different areas of the globe that take a truly holistic approach in services offered to those precious ladies in our world who have been victims of acid, petrol/fire or similar attacks where they have been disfigured physically and severely impacted mentally and emotionally from such abuse. I would like to offer these beautiful souls another chance in realizing their owns dreams. I would hope what I could offer in these clinics would not only be the full surgical needs required in each case but also the support and assistance needed to completely heal on an emotional and mental level for whatever length of time that takes in each case. I would also like to include relocation assistance where a situation requires that and offer safe, loving and peaceful environments for those needing that specific assistance to contribute to the healing journey. Hopefully, at the appropriate time in each case, the assistance offered would encompass business opportunities where the clients would be assisted to become self sufficient in whatever areas/fields they personally desire to allow them to support themselves in the future and not have a need to return to an abusive unsafe environment/situation.

    I would personally wish to be involved in every single future clients program to allow me to personally offer these very precious ladies the love, care, respect and appreciation they deserve. I would like to be in a position where all services offered by these clinics would be completely free of charge. All I would desire in return is to witness our precious Sisters smiling once again and enjoying their lives to the full. My heart would be bound to their beautiful souls eternally.



      1. Thank you so much for responding Tony, it’s very much appreciated. If it’s meant to be I’m sure it will eventuate. Take good care of yourself Tony and thank you once again for all that you offer and contribute.


  2. I plan to buy several properties. Setting up aquaponic farms combined with housing for the hopeful homeless. Their work will pay for their housing and contribute to the success of the aquaponic farm. It will give them the satisfaction of knowing that their work will help provide for others in the future.


  3. I hope I’m not 2 late 2 be added to the “projects list!” This whole FC 118+ comments is one of the most heart-warming and inspirational readings ever! Maybe not many will relate to my first 3 paragraphs, but the calling is sure and is first on the list even before a home, even tho I’m essentially homeless but for the grace of our Lord supplying me a free room for now.

    First off I’d like to fund the next two albums I have all the songs written for. One is Songs of the Overcomers. The other is Psalms and Prayers for Kids, which is the next album from The Bible in Song for Children (BinS) that I feel commissioned by God to create. I’ve only been able to produce 6 of those children’s songs so far, but they came out excellently and are on my website at I have somewhere between 70-80 of those songs written and waiting on production funds. From now on I want children to do all the singing and playing for the BinS songs. The third album will be Twice Written By the Finger of God—The 10 Commandments, which is more than an album. It is actually a whole production for a children’s church or Christian school, complete with a few skits and a short play and 14 songs, 1 per commandment and a beginning and ending song. The play follows the first song on Commandment One that tells the story of Moses receiving the 10 C’s twice!

    If anyone did want to be a part of this project to help fund the creation of The Bible in Song for Children, or even Twice Written, I truly believe the spiritual reward will be very great. And although Father may surprise me, I actually have no expectations of this being a lucrative endeavor with so much music virtually free online these days. And the Twice Written project is so important, that that may be how it will be offered as well. Regardless, the whole BinS project is a labor of love for the children of the world and for the turn around of our nation in particular through the next generation if we don’t get it right in ours.

    I’d surely be grateful if anyone wanted to come along side at any point for any part of the project. Given where we are as a nation, the most important album is the 3rd one. And not only our children, but their parents also will learn the laws of God in a painless way. It is what we lost as a people and nation—our moral compass and roots in God’s law and His Word that reveals His heart of love for us. Twice Written was a Spirit-led endeavor to bless our nation so we will turn back to our roots and cry out to Him. The promise in 2 Chronicles 7:14 will be fulfilled when we do.

    The first two albums are already in motion to some extent. I already have the kids I’m teaching guitar to learning the songs and they will also be the band. And I have a young woman gifted in music far more than me who will arrange all the songs. She is already leading a kids’ band (mostly my students!), so it’s ideal in that regard, and tho she has offered to do it for free (since she knows I have nothing at this point), I can hardly wait to bless her for her time and talents!

    While these two albums are in sure motion with some funding, I will be following the directions in FC #115 since it will be imperative I’m wise with what I receive so it can support me indefinitely while I write the rest of the BinS project and beyond, and hopefully support other projects as well, not to mention production on another 12-15 albums for the BinS project! I have a very limited amount compared to many. Fighting banksters in court by myself (pro-tem) for 3 1/2 years and then losing didn’t leave much discretionary income! That impossible war with the banksters taught me a new level of faith and walking in the spirit. Looking back, I would NOT trade that experience, hard as it was going through it. My eyes were opened through that struggle to a lot of what was going on in our nation behind the scenes and the major fraud in the whole banking system.

    After producing 2-3 albums and finding God’s way for me to maintain as much of what I receive as is possible, I’ll know what I can spend to have my own roof again, this time fully paid for. Just something modest to come home to after a spin about the country helping churches produce Twice Written in their own church with their own children. I may not become the “Have Guitar Will Travel” minstrel I’d like, but I can see it in my mind’s eye! Also will use some of what I get to get my darling brother out of debt, to spare him the stress of red ink in his life. Found out he threw away the 5K I sent him for his birthday one year. Sure hope he has reason to be sorry for that one some day!

    But most of all, after getting the BinS project completed, I want land to develop however I am lead. So many of the projects I saw as I prayed in tongues, I saw in full Technicolor. The longer I prayed, the more detail I would see. This was many years ago, now, and I still have a notebook full of these projects. They varied from a small business making Baby Teddies to save the unborn (the technology didn’t exist yet when I saw this one!) to small factories for essentials where the people all own stock in the business in common, to whole self-supporting Villages (with detail of where to get the building materials for the workshop/homes and how they would be built and how the whole Village would be laid out and what kind of businesses would be run from the Village), to ranches for different needs. One for our wounded warriors–even saw the configuration (layout) of the ranch and why it was to be that way and how each room was laid out and what they would learn from each room, etc.–, to a working cattle ranch for boys in need and a self-supporting chalet for girls in need (and how it would be self-supporting), etc etc. I even have a family who would happily run one of the ranches and they would be very good!

    Obviously my mil dinar & a little dong won’t get much of the above done, even being super frugal and wise. But I am totally happy to share any of the ideas with anyone who does have the funds and who would like to run with any of them, or would even like to use part of what I saw as an addition to what they already do see and plan on doing. Interestingly, some of the above projects came with a name. So, I figure they will live when Father gives them breath and support. Just because I saw them, doesn’t mean I have to create them all! Don’t think it would be possible anyway! But think they were all from our Father’s heart! And they will live thru someone! I am certainly more of the visionary than the administrator. And sometimes I see with lots of details. I even saw an amazing virtual reality game the kids entered on foot with lazar-light swords they had to earn from home that taught them about spiritual warfare from a Biblical worldview. But don’t know first hand how to put the pedal to the metal in a business plan! We need one another for sure! Thanks for reading. I loved all of your ideas I’ve read so far. I really see our Father’s hand in all this. Very exciting. It is so wonderful to be a part of such a community.

    Love to all,


  4. Small to medium family owned and operated businesses are the heart of local thriving economies and employment opportunities. However, many existing business and communities are suffering from the cabal’s usury financial system and corporate closures. As a way to kick start the recovery of local communities affected by this corrupt and degrading system, my idea is to start a revolving fund facility that will provide zero-interest micro-loans to anyone with a worthwhile small business idea.

    The fund will operate on the pay if forward principle in that money loaned out to help someone is re-paid to the fund over a period of time. Those funds would then be available to be loaned out again at zero interest and so on, in perpetuity, thus helping as many people and as many communities as possible.

    Micro loans would be available to anyone with a worthwhile idea and who just need financial help to get their idea of the ground, or for an existing family owned business that needs immediate help to stay afloat or for an expansion. A vet needing some initial funds to get kick start a new enterprise, a farmer who needs a new piece of farm machinery to boost the output of their farm, or a single mom wanting to buy initial stock to start off her small retail business are just a few examples.

    I would also provide access to free experts and training to help with business plans, accounting help, and in setting up management systems. I‘d initially plan to offer this in my state but will look at expanding the idea nationally if successful.

    This idea is not new. It has been used successfully in third world countries to boost local economies, create employment opportunities and alleviate poverty.


  5. WHA

    Your right its not about money, its about freedom and restoring our God given rights which have been systematically taken away from us not only here in America but globally. I for one appreciate what is being done by the WH`s and the other good guys working tirelessly to make sure this happens. I also appreciate this site and how you have cordially handled and replied to everyone, I mean to know what you know and who you know and to keep that information on a lease needs to be commended. Thanks


  6. Thank You

    I like everyone else get a little anxious while the battle rages and things are quite. I need to remind myself who is in the trench`s fighting for us and the tremendous top level world wide support they have in all of this.


    1. Indeed.

      You have the vision. The process is only going to finish because so many people fought to make it so. If more people understood what was really behind it, they would appreciate the work done on their behalf a lot more. When I saw what was being done to make this thing happen, it went way beyond money.

      This year should be one for the books. I have still not heard otherwise.

      Thank you!


  7. WHA
    Not to change the subject the projects and aspirations submitted here are just astounding, so I thought I would bring over who the WH`s are working with to reassure everyone we are in good hands. THX

    Quote from White Hat
    Let me give you facts of our work and if numbers mean anything to you, let me provide a partial list of who backs us in our endeavors:
    … The heads of 70 countries;
    … The finance ministers and all of their counterparts of those countries:
    … The Queen of England;
    … The security agencies i.e. MI-5, MI-6, MI-9, CIA, Pentagon, DOD, NSA, Joint Chiefs of Staff;
    … The banking industry worldwide;
    … The Federal Reserve, the good guys;
    … The Black Caucas, 40% of the democratic vote;
    … A majority of the House of Representatives;
    … A majority of the Senate;
    … A vast majority of the Administration;
    … and the list goes on!
    Many of us have fought for the last year to have this completed and here is the toll between us and them.
    On our immediate side:
    … We have no casualties!

    Over 100 “arrests” worldwide;
    … Lock down of over 100T of illegal “fiat” funds;
    … Identification of approximately more than 500T worth of accounts that qualify;
    … Charting of the persons and financial systems that have been utilized in the frauds;
    … Collection of 10’s of thousands of documents that indict former Presidents of the United States on both sides of the Republican/Democrat squabble including payments

    We have reams of documents and information that would indict all of the past Presidents and, in one case, a wife;
    … We have survived numerous death threats but yet, we are determined to not quiver, even for a moment in time;
    … We have bankers, lawyers, politicians (meaning the ones we don’t have in the Senate and congress due to their payoffs)in multiple countries;
    We have the finest of our top operatives going from country to country following the fraud
    Shall I continue or do I need to tell more?

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  8. After the GCR, I definitely want to praise God for His road map for me (prior to even knowing there was going to be a GCR) and detach from all of this to clear my head. One thing I don’t see myself doing is making any sudden moves or changing how I am currently living. A multitude of ideas and projects come to mind, but instead of jumping into all of them and spreading myself thin, I would rather pray the decisions through (as I do now). It’s going to take seeing what all of this is going to look like, then going to God and asking, “What’s next and/or how would you like me to proceed?” Whatever the Holy Spirit lays on my heart, I know I cannot go wrong.

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    1. Hi, Green Lantern! I can tell you are a brother for sure. And you spoke my heart as well, but said it better than I did. And in a whole ton of less words! Seems to be one of most men’s special gifting–few words that speak volumes. Our Tony is certainly good at it. 🙂 Anyway, GL, I’ve noticed all of your posts are excellent and from an excellent spirit. Thanks..
      Love reading your thoughts. 🙂 LoveWins!


  9. I am so happy to see the responses you received, each of these projects and so many more are needed globally as we move forward in transforming our planet and All Life upon it.. There seem to be major categories under which the many projects can be focused and most overlap in their breadth Most people see needs in their communities but don’t know where to begin to formulate a plan or how to obtain funding and where to begin implementation of their plan. I believe a centralized system on the internet is needed where individuals can go for information and to request funding. This site would make available information on where to begin in a community or individually. How to formulate their plans and how to request funding. The site would also be a data bank of projects already in existence, and ones in the start up face where individuals can connect with others for sharing of information on how to begin, or to collaborate their efforts.

    . Another good starting point is to have town hall meetings with open forums utilizing already existing communities centers or churches. A meeting in which the people of the community are encouraged to come and share the needs they see and suggest programs and ideas to help transform their community. They can then volunteer or nominate ones to take their ideas and formulate them into a statement to request funding.

    The website could offer a sample format to begin these meetings and how to sponsor one in a community. One suggestion would be to begin by sharing some of these suggested topic areas as a starting place to open the discussions. This as part of the service of humanity and the empowerment of people to learn to govern themselves in harmony. This allows them to set priorities for their community.. They can they decide which areas to begin, begin committees to formulate the program ideas, request funding and implement them.

    Some of the suggested areas:
    EDUCATION- How can we change the current educational system to include curriculums that focus on humanitarian and ecological awareness, and encourage the natural abilities of the students. Reeducation of adults for the new green technology and spiritual and humanitarian awareness. Retraining centers of health, construction, farming, environmental services workers for the new natural healing and green technology.

    REVITALIZATION PROJECTS -In the cities, and closed military bases to reclaim abandoned buildings for housing and establishing community gardens and self sufficiency centers, also including health and healing centers. Providing homes and resources for the community and the homeless.Revitilzation of the land and waters to be cleaned and healed. Education people on new ways to live.

    NON HUMAN SPECIES CARE & EDUCATION – Educating people on All non human life forms and non abuse of them. Releasing all non domesticated animals from captivity and reintroducing them into their natural habitat unless this is physical impossible.

    GOVERNMENTAL CHANGES -Refocusing of government to be on a more regional basis, with a determined amount of funds being focused to a state or federal program to maintain larger infrastructure. Establishing spiritual/healing centers and communities in areas to become models that people can visit and spend time and learn about how to live together in harmony with each other, the earth and all life.

    ALTERNATIVE FUELS AND POWER -Programs for alternative establishing electric cars as the only type built and reestablishing train systems which run on green fuels or electricity, perhaps the old trolley car system. Programs for alternative solar, wind and electromagnetic power.

    HUMANITARIAN EFFORTS – This would overlap with reeducation of individuals and retraining in helping the homeless and displaced, as well as revitalization programs. It would also overlap with the Non human species programs and spiritual programs to awaken humanity. There are so many needs in this area to many to list here, we all know them.

    SPIRITUAL EDUCATION – The new enlightenment energies that are present will aid significantly in people being able to transform the former ego/bondage belief systems. We need programs in every community which help ones to reconnect consciously with their inner Divine Source for the fluidity of this transformation to begin.


  10. These are ALL wonderful and noble causes! If moral and physical improvement is the goal in WHATEVER category, it is good! The different areas of help expressed improve all. Remember, if one of us falls, we ALL are lessened. Don’t let a satanic message (above), intrude, or affect you in any way. When evil attacks on any level, you KNOW you are doing the RIGHT thing.
    I’m a veteran and former bad-ass know a follower of the Prince of Peace.


  11. First passion: To set up free clinics for the treatment of PTSD.

    Second passion: To help reconstruct Detroit.

    Thank you for EVERYTHING WHA and OWoN!


  12. Some years ago our Govt decided to abolish our trade apprenticeship scheme. As a result we have a desperate nationwide lack of skilled tradesmen. Also my small hometown is pretty much derelict after losing its primary industry over 30 years ago. Population has declined from over 6k to 1100. Housing is cheap – youth are aimless and 3rd generation unemployed. I have been inspired by a builder who took on school children and gave them a project to build a house as their woodworking project. I am considering the notion of progressively buying homes and training local youngsters on the job to both provide them with self-respect, vision, a trade and create a new low cost rental housing market. Increased value in the properties will be profit-shared with the team. Add to that an incentive to bring new industry to the region.


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