How Will You Pay It Forward?

Greetings, and Happy Easter!

It’s time for a little diversion from the usual.

I know that the waiting game it not easy. For some, like those in prosperity programs, which were offered in the 1990’s and through 2002, it has been over a decade of mystery, with little in the way of proper information that is rooted in official fanfare.

The currency issues, such as the dinar and dong, and whatever other 18 currencies are slated to revalue, takes center stage by virtue of the number of those involved. No further explanation is required from us as to the sheer width and breadth of the emotional ranges that all of you have experienced with this particular piece of the equation. From a penny to $32, and every number in between, we have been subjected to so many opinions and theories that even Buckminster Fuller would have been staggered to understand it.

Then, there are the CMKX shareholders. Within their ranks are some of the most scorned. You hear some of the most devilish, blood-curdling blasphemy from that quarter of the ranks. If a lynch mob is ever formed by the disgruntled, a CMKX shareholder is sure to be the one to fashion the noose. But, given what was done to them, when all they did was invest funds in what they thought was a properly regulated share offering, they certainly have cause to be angry. The affair was so broad and scandalous that CMKX is on the lists for WGS settlement.  Good for them, and I hope it happens soon.

We call this blog “White Hat Auxiliary” because we are convinced beyond all doubt that the White Hats are holding the point, and we are there to back them up on the “civilian” level. They are involved, and, they are properly positioned to carry the matter to conclusion. All categories above: Prosperity Programs, Currency Revaluations, CMKX, are riding on the release of the World Global Settlements. The White Hats and some 1800 people the world over are  working hard to bring this to a finality. But, it does not end there. Fact Check #115 was key to all of you being properly set up and able to make a difference and not fall into the trap of reverting back into whatever non optimum financial condition you sought to alleviate by participating in the aforementioned programs and speculations.  

A while back, one of our members suggested that we start a thread so that all of you could describe how you intend to pay it forward once this matter is set loose. Our White Hat contact agreed that such would be a good idea. So, now you have a thread to describe such! 

Now, please do not just write “I have projects”. Projects? That does not describe the matter in enough detail. Please be specific. 

An example would be: “I intend to fund a local college program to teach students how to increase the agricultural yield”. Then, describe why such is your passion, and why it is vital. 

Or, as another example: ” I am going to lobby to remove all laws that restrict doctors from using so-called “alternative treatments” on patients who elect to use such methods to treat their diseases. I want medical doctors to be free to apply such methods in the USA, as they do in other nations, but under supervision of peer review, and without resistance from big pharma because of concern for loss of profit.” 

And another example: “I am going to donate my newly acquired free time to volunteer as….”a teacher”….”a lawyer defending poor persons”…….”a pilot delivering food to disaster areas”……”a contractor  teaching less advantaged how to build homes, and fund their first effort.” Etc. 

The choices are endless, and I could not possibly cover them all. 

Let’s show the White Hats, and their many colleagues, working on our behalf, that we intend to make good use of this second chance to have the fruits of our nation returned to OUR control. Just how will we demonstrate the stewardship that will be bestowed on our shoulders? How will we nurture and protect our country and communities, and likewise set a good example? 

So, let’s hear it! How will YOU pay it forward?

Our continuing thanks goes out to the White Hats and their colleagues and staff the world over.

Thank you for your continued support. Please stay tuned for further updates.



  1. Hello Dear Tony,
    Thank you so much for this FC and opportunity. I was hesitating replying to this post as I considered the public voicing of my dreams/plans would not achieve anything. Today I have come to the realization that there may be some good come out of sharing my thoughts here on this topic. Maybe someone else will one day read this and wish to join me in realizing this specific project/plan.

    I would very much like to put in place clinics in several different areas of the globe that take a truly holistic approach in services offered to those precious ladies in our world who have been victims of acid, petrol/fire or similar attacks where they have been disfigured physically and severely impacted mentally and emotionally from such abuse. I would like to offer these beautiful souls another chance in realizing their owns dreams. I would hope what I could offer in these clinics would not only be the full surgical needs required in each case but also the support and assistance needed to completely heal on an emotional and mental level for whatever length of time that takes in each case. I would also like to include relocation assistance where a situation requires that and offer safe, loving and peaceful environments for those needing that specific assistance to contribute to the healing journey. Hopefully, at the appropriate time in each case, the assistance offered would encompass business opportunities where the clients would be assisted to become self sufficient in whatever areas/fields they personally desire to allow them to support themselves in the future and not have a need to return to an abusive unsafe environment/situation.

    I would personally wish to be involved in every single future clients program to allow me to personally offer these very precious ladies the love, care, respect and appreciation they deserve. I would like to be in a position where all services offered by these clinics would be completely free of charge. All I would desire in return is to witness our precious Sisters smiling once again and enjoying their lives to the full. My heart would be bound to their beautiful souls eternally.



      1. Thank you so much for responding Tony, it’s very much appreciated. If it’s meant to be I’m sure it will eventuate. Take good care of yourself Tony and thank you once again for all that you offer and contribute.


  2. I plan to buy several properties. Setting up aquaponic farms combined with housing for the hopeful homeless. Their work will pay for their housing and contribute to the success of the aquaponic farm. It will give them the satisfaction of knowing that their work will help provide for others in the future.


  3. I hope I’m not 2 late 2 be added to the “projects list!” This whole FC 118+ comments is one of the most heart-warming and inspirational readings ever! Maybe not many will relate to my first 3 paragraphs, but the calling is sure and is first on the list even before a home, even tho I’m essentially homeless but for the grace of our Lord supplying me a free room for now.

    First off I’d like to fund the next two albums I have all the songs written for. One is Songs of the Overcomers. The other is Psalms and Prayers for Kids, which is the next album from The Bible in Song for Children (BinS) that I feel commissioned by God to create. I’ve only been able to produce 6 of those children’s songs so far, but they came out excellently and are on my website at I have somewhere between 70-80 of those songs written and waiting on production funds. From now on I want children to do all the singing and playing for the BinS songs. The third album will be Twice Written By the Finger of God—The 10 Commandments, which is more than an album. It is actually a whole production for a children’s church or Christian school, complete with a few skits and a short play and 14 songs, 1 per commandment and a beginning and ending song. The play follows the first song on Commandment One that tells the story of Moses receiving the 10 C’s twice!

    If anyone did want to be a part of this project to help fund the creation of The Bible in Song for Children, or even Twice Written, I truly believe the spiritual reward will be very great. And although Father may surprise me, I actually have no expectations of this being a lucrative endeavor with so much music virtually free online these days. And the Twice Written project is so important, that that may be how it will be offered as well. Regardless, the whole BinS project is a labor of love for the children of the world and for the turn around of our nation in particular through the next generation if we don’t get it right in ours.

    I’d surely be grateful if anyone wanted to come along side at any point for any part of the project. Given where we are as a nation, the most important album is the 3rd one. And not only our children, but their parents also will learn the laws of God in a painless way. It is what we lost as a people and nation—our moral compass and roots in God’s law and His Word that reveals His heart of love for us. Twice Written was a Spirit-led endeavor to bless our nation so we will turn back to our roots and cry out to Him. The promise in 2 Chronicles 7:14 will be fulfilled when we do.

    The first two albums are already in motion to some extent. I already have the kids I’m teaching guitar to learning the songs and they will also be the band. And I have a young woman gifted in music far more than me who will arrange all the songs. She is already leading a kids’ band (mostly my students!), so it’s ideal in that regard, and tho she has offered to do it for free (since she knows I have nothing at this point), I can hardly wait to bless her for her time and talents!

    While these two albums are in sure motion with some funding, I will be following the directions in FC #115 since it will be imperative I’m wise with what I receive so it can support me indefinitely while I write the rest of the BinS project and beyond, and hopefully support other projects as well, not to mention production on another 12-15 albums for the BinS project! I have a very limited amount compared to many. Fighting banksters in court by myself (pro-tem) for 3 1/2 years and then losing didn’t leave much discretionary income! That impossible war with the banksters taught me a new level of faith and walking in the spirit. Looking back, I would NOT trade that experience, hard as it was going through it. My eyes were opened through that struggle to a lot of what was going on in our nation behind the scenes and the major fraud in the whole banking system.

    After producing 2-3 albums and finding God’s way for me to maintain as much of what I receive as is possible, I’ll know what I can spend to have my own roof again, this time fully paid for. Just something modest to come home to after a spin about the country helping churches produce Twice Written in their own church with their own children. I may not become the “Have Guitar Will Travel” minstrel I’d like, but I can see it in my mind’s eye! Also will use some of what I get to get my darling brother out of debt, to spare him the stress of red ink in his life. Found out he threw away the 5K I sent him for his birthday one year. Sure hope he has reason to be sorry for that one some day!

    But most of all, after getting the BinS project completed, I want land to develop however I am lead. So many of the projects I saw as I prayed in tongues, I saw in full Technicolor. The longer I prayed, the more detail I would see. This was many years ago, now, and I still have a notebook full of these projects. They varied from a small business making Baby Teddies to save the unborn (the technology didn’t exist yet when I saw this one!) to small factories for essentials where the people all own stock in the business in common, to whole self-supporting Villages (with detail of where to get the building materials for the workshop/homes and how they would be built and how the whole Village would be laid out and what kind of businesses would be run from the Village), to ranches for different needs. One for our wounded warriors–even saw the configuration (layout) of the ranch and why it was to be that way and how each room was laid out and what they would learn from each room, etc.–, to a working cattle ranch for boys in need and a self-supporting chalet for girls in need (and how it would be self-supporting), etc etc. I even have a family who would happily run one of the ranches and they would be very good!

    Obviously my mil dinar & a little dong won’t get much of the above done, even being super frugal and wise. But I am totally happy to share any of the ideas with anyone who does have the funds and who would like to run with any of them, or would even like to use part of what I saw as an addition to what they already do see and plan on doing. Interestingly, some of the above projects came with a name. So, I figure they will live when Father gives them breath and support. Just because I saw them, doesn’t mean I have to create them all! Don’t think it would be possible anyway! But think they were all from our Father’s heart! And they will live thru someone! I am certainly more of the visionary than the administrator. And sometimes I see with lots of details. I even saw an amazing virtual reality game the kids entered on foot with lazar-light swords they had to earn from home that taught them about spiritual warfare from a Biblical worldview. But don’t know first hand how to put the pedal to the metal in a business plan! We need one another for sure! Thanks for reading. I loved all of your ideas I’ve read so far. I really see our Father’s hand in all this. Very exciting. It is so wonderful to be a part of such a community.

    Love to all,


  4. Small to medium family owned and operated businesses are the heart of local thriving economies and employment opportunities. However, many existing business and communities are suffering from the cabal’s usury financial system and corporate closures. As a way to kick start the recovery of local communities affected by this corrupt and degrading system, my idea is to start a revolving fund facility that will provide zero-interest micro-loans to anyone with a worthwhile small business idea.

    The fund will operate on the pay if forward principle in that money loaned out to help someone is re-paid to the fund over a period of time. Those funds would then be available to be loaned out again at zero interest and so on, in perpetuity, thus helping as many people and as many communities as possible.

    Micro loans would be available to anyone with a worthwhile idea and who just need financial help to get their idea of the ground, or for an existing family owned business that needs immediate help to stay afloat or for an expansion. A vet needing some initial funds to get kick start a new enterprise, a farmer who needs a new piece of farm machinery to boost the output of their farm, or a single mom wanting to buy initial stock to start off her small retail business are just a few examples.

    I would also provide access to free experts and training to help with business plans, accounting help, and in setting up management systems. I‘d initially plan to offer this in my state but will look at expanding the idea nationally if successful.

    This idea is not new. It has been used successfully in third world countries to boost local economies, create employment opportunities and alleviate poverty.


  5. WHA

    Your right its not about money, its about freedom and restoring our God given rights which have been systematically taken away from us not only here in America but globally. I for one appreciate what is being done by the WH`s and the other good guys working tirelessly to make sure this happens. I also appreciate this site and how you have cordially handled and replied to everyone, I mean to know what you know and who you know and to keep that information on a lease needs to be commended. Thanks


  6. Thank You

    I like everyone else get a little anxious while the battle rages and things are quite. I need to remind myself who is in the trench`s fighting for us and the tremendous top level world wide support they have in all of this.


    1. Indeed.

      You have the vision. The process is only going to finish because so many people fought to make it so. If more people understood what was really behind it, they would appreciate the work done on their behalf a lot more. When I saw what was being done to make this thing happen, it went way beyond money.

      This year should be one for the books. I have still not heard otherwise.

      Thank you!


  7. WHA
    Not to change the subject the projects and aspirations submitted here are just astounding, so I thought I would bring over who the WH`s are working with to reassure everyone we are in good hands. THX

    Quote from White Hat
    Let me give you facts of our work and if numbers mean anything to you, let me provide a partial list of who backs us in our endeavors:
    … The heads of 70 countries;
    … The finance ministers and all of their counterparts of those countries:
    … The Queen of England;
    … The security agencies i.e. MI-5, MI-6, MI-9, CIA, Pentagon, DOD, NSA, Joint Chiefs of Staff;
    … The banking industry worldwide;
    … The Federal Reserve, the good guys;
    … The Black Caucas, 40% of the democratic vote;
    … A majority of the House of Representatives;
    … A majority of the Senate;
    … A vast majority of the Administration;
    … and the list goes on!
    Many of us have fought for the last year to have this completed and here is the toll between us and them.
    On our immediate side:
    … We have no casualties!

    Over 100 “arrests” worldwide;
    … Lock down of over 100T of illegal “fiat” funds;
    … Identification of approximately more than 500T worth of accounts that qualify;
    … Charting of the persons and financial systems that have been utilized in the frauds;
    … Collection of 10’s of thousands of documents that indict former Presidents of the United States on both sides of the Republican/Democrat squabble including payments

    We have reams of documents and information that would indict all of the past Presidents and, in one case, a wife;
    … We have survived numerous death threats but yet, we are determined to not quiver, even for a moment in time;
    … We have bankers, lawyers, politicians (meaning the ones we don’t have in the Senate and congress due to their payoffs)in multiple countries;
    We have the finest of our top operatives going from country to country following the fraud
    Shall I continue or do I need to tell more?

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  8. After the GCR, I definitely want to praise God for His road map for me (prior to even knowing there was going to be a GCR) and detach from all of this to clear my head. One thing I don’t see myself doing is making any sudden moves or changing how I am currently living. A multitude of ideas and projects come to mind, but instead of jumping into all of them and spreading myself thin, I would rather pray the decisions through (as I do now). It’s going to take seeing what all of this is going to look like, then going to God and asking, “What’s next and/or how would you like me to proceed?” Whatever the Holy Spirit lays on my heart, I know I cannot go wrong.

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    1. Hi, Green Lantern! I can tell you are a brother for sure. And you spoke my heart as well, but said it better than I did. And in a whole ton of less words! Seems to be one of most men’s special gifting–few words that speak volumes. Our Tony is certainly good at it. 🙂 Anyway, GL, I’ve noticed all of your posts are excellent and from an excellent spirit. Thanks..
      Love reading your thoughts. 🙂 LoveWins!


  9. I am so happy to see the responses you received, each of these projects and so many more are needed globally as we move forward in transforming our planet and All Life upon it.. There seem to be major categories under which the many projects can be focused and most overlap in their breadth Most people see needs in their communities but don’t know where to begin to formulate a plan or how to obtain funding and where to begin implementation of their plan. I believe a centralized system on the internet is needed where individuals can go for information and to request funding. This site would make available information on where to begin in a community or individually. How to formulate their plans and how to request funding. The site would also be a data bank of projects already in existence, and ones in the start up face where individuals can connect with others for sharing of information on how to begin, or to collaborate their efforts.

    . Another good starting point is to have town hall meetings with open forums utilizing already existing communities centers or churches. A meeting in which the people of the community are encouraged to come and share the needs they see and suggest programs and ideas to help transform their community. They can then volunteer or nominate ones to take their ideas and formulate them into a statement to request funding.

    The website could offer a sample format to begin these meetings and how to sponsor one in a community. One suggestion would be to begin by sharing some of these suggested topic areas as a starting place to open the discussions. This as part of the service of humanity and the empowerment of people to learn to govern themselves in harmony. This allows them to set priorities for their community.. They can they decide which areas to begin, begin committees to formulate the program ideas, request funding and implement them.

    Some of the suggested areas:
    EDUCATION- How can we change the current educational system to include curriculums that focus on humanitarian and ecological awareness, and encourage the natural abilities of the students. Reeducation of adults for the new green technology and spiritual and humanitarian awareness. Retraining centers of health, construction, farming, environmental services workers for the new natural healing and green technology.

    REVITALIZATION PROJECTS -In the cities, and closed military bases to reclaim abandoned buildings for housing and establishing community gardens and self sufficiency centers, also including health and healing centers. Providing homes and resources for the community and the homeless.Revitilzation of the land and waters to be cleaned and healed. Education people on new ways to live.

    NON HUMAN SPECIES CARE & EDUCATION – Educating people on All non human life forms and non abuse of them. Releasing all non domesticated animals from captivity and reintroducing them into their natural habitat unless this is physical impossible.

    GOVERNMENTAL CHANGES -Refocusing of government to be on a more regional basis, with a determined amount of funds being focused to a state or federal program to maintain larger infrastructure. Establishing spiritual/healing centers and communities in areas to become models that people can visit and spend time and learn about how to live together in harmony with each other, the earth and all life.

    ALTERNATIVE FUELS AND POWER -Programs for alternative establishing electric cars as the only type built and reestablishing train systems which run on green fuels or electricity, perhaps the old trolley car system. Programs for alternative solar, wind and electromagnetic power.

    HUMANITARIAN EFFORTS – This would overlap with reeducation of individuals and retraining in helping the homeless and displaced, as well as revitalization programs. It would also overlap with the Non human species programs and spiritual programs to awaken humanity. There are so many needs in this area to many to list here, we all know them.

    SPIRITUAL EDUCATION – The new enlightenment energies that are present will aid significantly in people being able to transform the former ego/bondage belief systems. We need programs in every community which help ones to reconnect consciously with their inner Divine Source for the fluidity of this transformation to begin.


  10. These are ALL wonderful and noble causes! If moral and physical improvement is the goal in WHATEVER category, it is good! The different areas of help expressed improve all. Remember, if one of us falls, we ALL are lessened. Don’t let a satanic message (above), intrude, or affect you in any way. When evil attacks on any level, you KNOW you are doing the RIGHT thing.
    I’m a veteran and former bad-ass know a follower of the Prince of Peace.


  11. First passion: To set up free clinics for the treatment of PTSD.

    Second passion: To help reconstruct Detroit.

    Thank you for EVERYTHING WHA and OWoN!


  12. Some years ago our Govt decided to abolish our trade apprenticeship scheme. As a result we have a desperate nationwide lack of skilled tradesmen. Also my small hometown is pretty much derelict after losing its primary industry over 30 years ago. Population has declined from over 6k to 1100. Housing is cheap – youth are aimless and 3rd generation unemployed. I have been inspired by a builder who took on school children and gave them a project to build a house as their woodworking project. I am considering the notion of progressively buying homes and training local youngsters on the job to both provide them with self-respect, vision, a trade and create a new low cost rental housing market. Increased value in the properties will be profit-shared with the team. Add to that an incentive to bring new industry to the region.


  13. My plans are simple to start (because of uncertainty of rates, and God’s plan) I have been trying to figure out just what “rings true in my heart” for the last 3 months.
    SO… I will start off with making sure I no longer owe any company! (Every bill paid in full, with a stipend set aside for monthly recurring bills like phone and utilities, for the next 6-12 months) and, because our vehicles are falling apart beneath us, a “new” used vehicle for my husband and myself…
    Then, once I have My house in order…

    I plan on making “Care packs” for our local homeless.
    The packs will include basic needs items like nail clippers, soap, tooth brush/paste, towel, pocket calendar, things of that nature, all neatly packed in a handy bag with a reminder that “ALL ARE ONE”.

    I also plan to do a lot of random acts of kindness! There are so many that need, if I can make even a small difference to a few, it will grow! (A tsunami starts with a tiny ripple!)

    I am also going to help my mom with an “enlightenment center” where the community can come learn, explore, exchange knowledge and ideas about “ONE-NESS”. Enjoy a community garden and open skies and quietness.

    I know its not a big start, but I also know that the Lord will guide me to what I should do with what He brings to me.

    If funds permit, I want to look into building and distributing free energy devices.


  14. Pull everyone around me up by the bootstraps and resolve any financial issues in their lives. Literally giving good people a clean slate to work from again. We’ve all made financial mistakes, myself included. It’s time i helped more than myself out of this hole.


  15. WOW! I’ve been blown away by the scope and scale of people’s dreams and intentions listed already on these few pages. The sheer range of diversity, creativity and passion is strikingly apparent. Imagine what could be accomplished…..WILL be accomplished…when people have the freedom and resources to fulfill their most cherished and heartfelt ambitions; their soul’s deepest yearnings…

    Now I have an idea that may some need help from everyone: the establlshment of an international free web service to host sites such as Information Clearing House, Global Research, Rumor Mill News, Tom Heneghan Freelance, Paul Craig Roberts, etc. so they can continue and thrive without having to plead for donations.

    In other words, a truly free press with no back doors to intelligence agencies, no interference from governments, banks or corporations and no censorship of free speech as happens to material posted on major sites such as YouTube and Facebook.

    We want our voices to be heard; we want to be consulted and involved in decisions made in our name, whether they impact our own lives or those of others across the world.

    The service could also provide free educational material across the world but especially to underdeveloped nations, and forums for the integration of local, regional and global projects spawned at grass roots levels.

    It will be non-profit making. It will pay its way through separate entertainment channels providing pay-per-item books, magazines and videos streamed online and by advertising revenue from companies that will not be allowed in any way to interfere with editorial freedom. For once, the corporations will have to bow to the will of the people if they do not want to risk losing an international audience; they will even have to start behaving in a responsible manner towards us and the earth. They will be held accountable, as will the bankers and politicians.


  16. We have too many needy & throw away children. I would like to provide a home for needy and
    unwanted children. What is happening to some of our children is a disgrace.


    1. At this time, none. Of course, the guru factions are hopping around like furies, but they always do.

      The general tone of the information I have received over the last month is that things are moving in the right direction. So, with that in mind, let’s wait for the inevitable to come to us. We have been busy with prep work here, with 115 and now 118, so we should all be of the right mind to receive and then move ahead with supreme confidence. You all got the best counsel you could get – from someone who earned his place in the trenches and has sacrificed well beyond what anyone would expect. Just remember to practice it as is correct for each of your circumstances.

      Thank you!


      1. This seems like a good place to mention that this Fact Check has been very successful. No arguing, not even close. You have successfully directed our combined energy towards a cause, kept our mind off the elephant in the room for a couple days. Perhaps similar FCs could be posted to help us as we wait. A single question that makes us dig for an answer.

        Personally I am itching to work on a curriculum. Truth Studies.

        That’s what I noticed here, everyone playing nice. And all the fabulous ideas of course.

        I have also thought about taking a couple days (for you Tony) and parsing/scraping the FCs for FAQs, compiling them for you, and suggesting you tweak my draft, and post them so you can quit repeating yourself. Not that we mind, but as an Administrator, I’m a problem solver, and IMHO you could sure use an FAQ page.

        Let me know if you are interested.



  17. Dear WHA,

    I have some questions and thoughts about what the first few months following the reset will look like from a fiscal view point – you know, stuff like the structure of banking, the nature of politics, the value of property, the depreciation/appreciation of assets, the likelihood of a global crash, prosperity for all et al.

    Would you consider it appropriate to have a conversation about that, please?

    I’ll look forward to hearing from you.



    1. Hello,

      The topic is appropriate, but my ability to provide such an answer is not adequate. I can only say what we have been told to expect. The US Fed Reserve Notes are going to depreciate over time. Jim Willie said that the USA will tiptoe into the third world if careful, and fall face first into it if not, or words to that effect.

      I am not sure what to expect. I hope it works out for the better. I would hope a global reset would be for the better. Otherwise, what’s the point?

      Thank you!


      1. I agree that it’s likely to get quite messy for a time. There will be a great deal of uncertainty as markets plummet world wide. I think though that if the the prosperity funds are real (and I pray they are) then tangible improvements will be seen everywhere immediately.

        This will help quell the fear and anxiety.

        I don’t know what to think about the banking system in the first few months. I’m presuming that any country with the legislative capacity to perform a “bail in” (theft of depositers funds) will do so simply because it may be the last opportunity they ever get to rip us off.

        So that means that in order to protect the windfall capital it needs to be converted to something solid – like precious metals. I’m not planning on buying property or even a car until the markets adjust. I think there’ll be a downward property spiral in Australia after tbe reset simply because our markets are totally dependent on industrial production in other countries. The property market is already overheated in state capitals.

        Anyway the thoughts and remedies of others would be greatly appreciated, please.



  18. Hi Everyone,
    Here’s my plan:
    I’ve always presumed an exchange figure of approximately $3.50 AUD. I have dinar and dong. Some of the dinar is already in Reno with a group awaiting the paymasters stamp.
    I’ll exchange as fast as I can. Pay off any debts with bank cheques and get lots of bright green fun tickets to treat myself and spoil my family and friends.
    Buy Gold and Silver
    Call the Perth Mint (the number is in my phone), where I have already registered, and purchase as much physical gold and silver as I can. I’ll utilise the safe depository scheme offered by the mint. It’s a world renowned melting house, takes international clients, is backed by Australian Government and well worth investigating.
    Here’s the link.

    Get my act together
    Then I’m going to the city to SHOP – note the capitals. When I’m utterly exhausted from too much self indulgence in the actual emporiums, I’ll shop online for a couple of days from the comfort of my 5 star hotel, with views, a spa and decadent room service.
    Then I’m off to a retreat in Queensland for six weeks to tone up my body and mind, have some dental implant work completed and laser my scraggy old face. While I’m re-energising, I’ll call a few friends in various parts of the world and tell them to expect me.
    I’ll organise for builders to renovate my existing home to include a disabled holiday accommodation wing, as well as standard bed and breakfast accommodation. (I live in a high traffic nature based tourism zone in southern western Australia).
    During that time i’ll employ suitable professionals to set up some legal structures – companies and family trusts – to handle the funds and keep them safe in perpetuity.
    Then I’m off to Norfolk Island, to inspect a couple of properties. Norfolk Island is an Australian territory but it’s generally not supported with tax dollars – so it’s a little tax haven for Australian residents. So I’ll investigate that possibility.
    Then I’ll travel first class to various places spreading largesse and joy wherever possible. I’m sure to come across projects and people who could do with a hand up. That will take me about five months.

    Sustainable Farming Community and School or Grand Scale Prepping!
    Then it’s back to WA to start work on a self sustain farming community somewhere in this location.
    There are very few chemtrail attacks in this most remote part of the planet. The air comes straight off the Southern Ocean, care of Antarctica. The weather is much cooler on the southern coast, it rains more and the land is about 200 metres above sea level, so it’s safe from tsunami inundation. The soils are fertile, there’s plenty of clean ground water and the people are friendly and generally prosperous. It’s a good place to live.
    I am presuming that, at some stage there will be a geological imbalance and the manure will hit the fan. At that time the world will be faced with the serious dilemma of how to feed and house billions of panicked souls. In any event it makes perfect sense to plan around the possibly because the life style is better anyway.
    I’ve earmarked three potential properties and will purchase one in the name of a company. This way the property can be sold to shareholders when the infrastructure is in place. Each is currently zoned tourism/farmland, with several accommodation cabins and large tracts of virgin forest and cleared farming land, making it the perfect haven for a self sustaining farming community.
    I’ll offer accommodation and paid employment to develop the property utilising various underprivileged socio demographic groups, as well as skilled labour as required.
    I presume that new free energy technologies will blossom forth within the next few months and I intend to offer the farm as a demonstration facility for those technologies. Fruits, heritage vegetables and crops and chooks will be grown organically. I’ll get a couple of Clydesdale horses and a cart. I’ll get a mate of mine to build a still for bio fuels from putrescibles waste and I’ll buy a couple of old but gold petrol aspirated vehicles, like an FX Holden. (These vehicles are easy to maintain when/if SHTF or in the event of an EMP event).
    Then once it’s all up and running I’ll set up a residential school where people can come and stay and learn how to live sustainably. Perhaps a consultancy and certainly hire out my newly trained work force to assist others to achieve the same outcomes.

    Then I’ll sell some shares in the project, like a time share project and do it again – or better – or not! Hooray, miracle achieved.

    All donations will be made via a monthly contribution funded by interest earned on the invested principal.
    I intend to support Foodbank,
    and Gondwanna Link at this stage.
    My neighbour is a retired teacher and he travels to Nepal twice a year to take aid and check on his school. So I’ll make sure he has a regular capital injection as well.

    Politics of Change
    I feel as though the time has come to change the way we manage communities. I have no formal ideas as to how this change will be instigated and yet I have no doubt that its coming. I intend to keep my finger on the quickening pulse of equality and provide funds and ideas to guide the transitions.
    I’m sure there are lots of other things, great and small, that I’ll help put right. I’ll do whatever it takes to ring in the changes.
    My main objective however is to protect the capital.
    My best wishes to all of you.

    BTW, if SHTF somewhere near you, then remember WA. It’s truly wonderful here.


  19. I intend to defer my decision about as to where I “invest” my money once the GCR/RV happens. I think there are many wonderful souls who contribute here who will improve the world enormously. However, I think we need to remember that after this event, the world will be a different place. Along with those countries whose currencies will revalue downward substantially (relatively) will come poverty unlike anything we will have experienced within our own homelands and yes, perhaps lawlessness (and Marshall law), etc. For those who follow predictions of economic analysts, countries like the US and perhaps across Europe, may find themselves also having to deal with hyperinflation – where purchasing power will be greatly reduced.
    While I understand why so many are anxious for this event to take place, we need to remember what it will mean for those who have not prepared or unaware of what is coming up (that will be the majority of the population). Our benevolent dollars may likely be spread very thinly.
    I am an optimist and believe that if we choose the target of our benevolence wisely, the Phoenix will indeed rise out of the ashes more quickly and brightly.
    Thanks to all for your thoughts of kindness to humanity. Thank you also WH and WHA for your selflessness and dedication.

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  20. WHA
    My group will be concentrating on the Tesla QEG free generator manufacting and distribution to those in real need. We will concentrate on northern climates.

    To what degree of promotion of this plan will depend on the GCR.

    My O My! There certainly is plenty of optimistic clamoring amongst in Dinarland regarding the GCR …..this week even. I can’t help but keep a wary eye on these predictions. Anybody else admit to this …attraction ?


    1. I used to listen to all that nonsense, but now I trust WHA and OWoN for the truth. If it hasn’t been backed up by them I don’t believe it anymore. The folks of Dinarland have been saying “this week” even since before Saddam was born. I think a few of them were calling for it around the time Noah built the ark too (I’ll have to check my facts on that one though).

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      1. since finding this site….I have discontinued my guru weekly blarney…….it is WHA/OWoN only……besides that I really enjoy reading comments from all…..very informative…..


      2. Agree Gazza. Even the select few that I grew to trust the most recently (Zap & Goat) are turning into another “Super Fantastic” TNT Tony Baloney. I would love to believe them but it’s Owon now baby!


    2. WHA’s blog is a true breath of fresh air on the topic, but outside of this, I continue to be baffled and bewildered by how many in “Dinarland” seem to remain happily and confidently oblivious to what takes place in “Realworldland”.


  21. What a great question. I have spent many hours in prayer over this my first task would be to make sure I placed the money where it would grow the maximum return. Then I would research and figure out which area had the greatest need and would be sure that the monies reached the people and not admin fees. They are so many needs in the world it is mind blowing however food and health care , shelter and eduction would be the top of the list. God is in control of all things and his guidness would be needed for my direction once this blessing took place.

    Give All Glory To God


    1. I will present my own later. First I want to present my friend, William’s vision and dream since he has a mil dinar as I do, not much, but a good beginning hopefully. I have done my part to help while we wait by re-building his website, re-writing everything, improving it and adding to it as I’m lead and as Wm gives me new articles to include. Fortunately I have a brilliant techie brother who is the webmaster and makes everything I send him work perfectly and fast!

      Wm has a small almost unknown prison ministry that has impacted tens of thousands of inmates over the 30 years it has been functioning—since 3-4 months after he himself got out of prison for drugs, and he has boxes and boxes of their letters over the years to prove it. A few of them I’ve put on his website as samples. He didn’t discover until age 58 that he had ADD, dyslexic and Tourette’s syndrome. Had he or his parents or teachers known why he was so different, it could have changed his life while he was still young. But what he discovered was that although only 5-8% of the general population is ADD, 70-75% of the prison population is ADD. That staggered him and lead him to write a book about ADD to help the ADD inmates (the majority of them and everyone he met in prison!) understand themselves and thus correct their issues without street drugs. The book is titled: The Happy Prisoner. The website:

      It also has a transformational page in the midst of the book that leads them to Jesus, because he discovered that so MANY of them have no one in their corner. No one loves them or even cares any more. But Jesus does! When they find Jesus, they find life & reason to live & reason to be the best they can be. The letters from those men are so inspirational you’d cry reading a lot of them! But the book itself is one of the few books on ADD and it is full of not just personal experiences but of great references that explain things more scientifically and give them understanding of their strengths and weaknesses plus groups to connect with once outside. The book is in a class of its own. Very transformational.

      William’s vision is to use whatever he gets from this rv to re-print and distribute 500,000 books and get them by the case into every single prison yard library, Youth Authority and Juvenile Hall in America. That’s Phase One. He already has the printer who will print them and distribute them for him at $1+/bk if he’s still in business! He just needs the funds. Hopefully there will enough for Phase Two—which is to hire a ghost writer to help him put together a second book on what not to do when you get out of prison. Recidivism is exceptionally high. He has all the chapters already planned and some of them written. Once finished. Phase Three will be to print 500,000 of them also and distribute them by the case to every prison yard Library, Youth Authority and Juvenile Hall in America. He so much wants to save the kids and youth from what he had to go through. He thinks if he can educate the public to the disparate numbers of ADD inmates compared to ADD general population, that there will be accommodation for the learning differences beginning in lower grades. Most important is to be sure all these kids can read, and they learn differently than the general population and need extra coaching. To the end of helping to educate the public for the sake of the children, in Phase Four he is hoping for enough funds to pay a social media person to help get the word out. And Phase Five–if there were really enough funds, he sees the book being made into a movie, perhaps a documentary, to really educate folks to the changes needed. And BTW, the book is not only easy reading, it is fascinating. If you know anyone who is ADD, it would be a huge blessing to them to get them a book!

      There is more, but that gives the general idea. He is very knowledgeable about prison inequities and solutions. Also about the problems of having the mentally ill locked up with no proper help to change their hopeless situation. Quite a few of our friends on this site posted wanting to help the homeless. Wm also does, but he realizes so many of them are mentally ill and need very special help at this point. Some of them in this state got there from being on the street homeless too long. Others are there from the special mental facilities they had a home in being closed down from lack of funding and not having any where to go and no one to help them. One sister (I think) wrote of refunding one of these homes. Praise God. All the good ones need to be refunded!! Thank you for any of you who might be willing and able to also help William’s vision to empty the prisons of ALL non-violent ADD inmates!

      Blessings on us all!
      Rhoda / LoveWins on behalf of William Sultzer of Psalm 146:7 Prison Ministries. Please visit for more information.

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    2. Texian….thank you……I read the article and it is really to bad that things have not finished for all of us…..I fear there would be more exiting this country……..My Dad always said,’It only takes a few to ruin things for everyone.’ How true, how true………


  22. i want to take the condemned house and fix them up and give to homeless people, help them get work, to pay the bills on there new homes, if we did these in each city there would be no homeless people. i want them to help repair the houses and work right along side me to show they really want it and are willing to work for it.


  23. I have been truly blessed, wonderful parents, a loving wife, healthy children and healthy grandchildren. I pray for the opportunity to be able to continue supporting children’s charities, but on a larger scale. Our kids are our future and how we care for them and the environment they grow up within, sets my goals. Thank you OWoN, WH and WHA for all your efforts.


  24. I plan to sponsor an Orphanage in the Philippines for Kids who have literally Nothing, shoes, school supplies, Computers and to teach them basic life skills, Like sewing, Auto repair, Computer Repair and other Skills

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  25. What I want to do with the money God blesses me? Wow there is so much and I doubt if I will be able to do it all. There is a couple in Missouri that take in troubled teens and love them, teach and nurture them. They have expanded as blessed to take in more. They r trying to build classrooms and cabins. I want to help. But they say charity starts at home. My husband has a son he has met once. Want to get them together. 2 adult children I am absolutely proud of their work ethics and families would love to help them out a little. Mom needs handicap shower and would love to spoil her a little. Community needs some green in this dustbowl and community center. Friends need good medical care for their problems. Really want to help them afford the help they need. Neighbor needs handicap van as he just lost his second leg. Want to help those struggling to help themselves. I really believe in giving a hand up and not a hand out. I, myself would like a house that will be a home and not in a 16 year remodel cause we ended up living off the funds to finish our house due to lost jobs. I want to quit my job and take my handicapped husband on the vacations he deserves. I want to have time to rekindle friendships that I have held so dear. I could go on and on. I pray God sees fit to bless soon!

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  26. I always believed that dental care should be FREE FOR ALL… To that end I will start a free dental services, serving schools, retirement homes and low income parts of city/towns. My plan is to purchase 3 to 4 custom built dental mobile trucks along with support van for each. This dental service will be absolutely FREE. All manner of dental work would be carried out, from root canals, fillings, dentures, braces etc. Other plans include rebuilding our recently collapse community center. This is going to be so incredibly exciting!!! To share, To Love, To cry with joy! NAMASTE!!

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    1. PLA

      great idea, but ideally without the root canals and metal fillings! They are criminal things which destroy the body. It would be great to see an idea like yours but from a holistic angle. Root canals are the only medical procedure where they force a dead piece of body to remain inside. Very dangerous! Causes cancer and all sorts of issues. Would be a shame to do such a nice thing for people only to be making them sick or at risk.

      Blessings all

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      1. Thank You Gazza!!! Noted. If the truth be known hopefully by the time I order these mobile dental units new suppressed medical/dental technology will avail itself… and if not in the mean time until such time that suppressed medical/dental technology is released I would seriously consider other dental options. Again Thank You.



  27. Wow. What a tremendous response! I think God is surely smiling! Here goes mine:

    -Fund research and grassroots movements to bring awareness to the amazing benefits of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy and even open a private HBOT clinic. I experienced this myself last year during treatment for 2nd & 3rd degree burns on my face, chest, stomach, arms, & hands. The results were nothing short of miraculous. I’ve since discovered that HBOT has been successful in treating diabetic wounds, eye diseases, autism, cancer, brain injuries, PTSD, multiple sclerosis, stroke, cerebral palsy, rheumatoid arthritis, sports injuries, and on & on, even recently in veterinary care. Although HBOT has long been approved and used in other countries such as China, Russia, Japan, and Great Britain, it has very limited use in the United States as it is not FDA-approved. Oxygen can’t be patented… need I say more?

    -Donations to Baylor College of Medicine-Alkek Eye Center and Texas Children’s Hospital Genetics (both located in Houston) for research and development. One of our daughters has been legally blind since birth and has ‘autistic tendencies’ and those are our stomping grounds. The doctors and staff at these 2 facilities are phenomenal!

    -Support programs that provide assistance and services to veterans with combat related eye injuries and vision loss.

    -Lobby for all military personnel who are deployed overseas to have free internet services, and until then fund as many as I can privately. Currently our troops have to pay as much as $100 a month to contact their families via internet. This is unacceptable! Keep in mind that the FCC is working hard to expand their free cell-phone program (Obama-phones) by providing free internet to “tens of millions of unconnected” by the end of 2014! But not our soldiers…WTH!

    -‘A Reason to Smile’ – establish a local dental outreach program b/c few things are more beautiful than a healthy confident smile.

    -‘Random Acts of Appreciation’ – slip a $ or giftcard to anyone seen committing a random act of kindness. This will be a little project for my daughters.

    -Scholarships/Career counseling – my husband and I would like to help people transition into new careers (specifically military veterans and single parents). We own and operate a real estate school and already do this to the extent we’re able… as he always “Be, Do, Have”.

    So many other things I’d love to do like help Trapper with his equine center, help Texian with alternative treatments for autism, work with MtnHwk to help the blind see light & color, help angrytiger, emmy, & LaVar re-educate Americans, and ask Offshore & derbygirl to help me establish a private Hurricane Response Team (I live on the southwest Louisiana gulf coast and I don’t like my community beholden to FEMA), etc!

    May the Force be with us all!

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  28. I see many here interested in FREE ENERGY. I’d like to gather you all together to share info. Anyone interested in free energy work can send me an email to I have an American firm looking for investors. I’m located in Indonesia [for 28 years) and have been studying free energy technology for about five years. I have a technical and engineering background. I will produce devices for our 18000 islands, many without electricity (only 6000 have permanent settlements, but that’s a lot).

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  29. Great ideas and great passion !!

    I would like to throw out a few ideas that might save some of us some time and money, headache and heartache.

    First, make use of existing organizations where possible. My two areas of interest, mentioned earlier, are the homeless and veterans. In Phoenix, there are already a number of great organizations already servicing these groups well, so why set up my own organization ? I’ll just lend my time and money to ones already doing it.

    Second, if you’re starting up your own business, seek expert counsel before you spend a penny. Most major cities will have a SCORE (service corps of retired executives) program which will have retired executives who would be glad to work with you to critique your plan and get you going in the right direction. In smaller towns, I’m sure for the price of a cup of coffee, you could get someone with good business experience to help you out.

    Thirdly, if you’re starting your own business, begin your business plan now. Be specific.Look at exactly what it would take (in conjunction with #2). Some of the plans here would literally take the management team of a Fortune 500 company to get it started, given the scope of the project. Doing a business plan will add a dose of reality.

    Four, remember starting a business and running a business are two very different things, with 2 very different skill sets. If you plan on running the operation yourself, be prepared as to what you’ll need to keep it running.

    Kind of related to FC 115- don’t blow it by making decisions without proper forethought.

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    1. I agree totally! One thing to keep in mind–a rule of thumb for business plans: in your proforma, where you project income and expenses forward on a spreadsheet…

      Take a look apt you’d numbers. IF you only generate HALF the income you projected — and your EXPENSES are TWICE what you estimated—-and you can still BREAK EVEN — then your business will likely be able to survive..

      I plan on whipping out my business plan during my 90 day cooling off period, and I will be using OPM and trying not to touch principal at all. And yes, besides family, I have used SCORE , what a resource!!


  30. WOW AND WHOO HOO! I just knew we were all busting with plans to make a positive difference! I’ve never read a more positive blog, have you?

    We are the collective embodiment of the hundredth monkey effect and there are millions more just like us.

    Here’s a Wikipedia link explanation:

    Look at the list of projects we intend to create – Well done us!

    I want this new world so badly I can already see it!



    I’ve been called to work again today so I’ll send along my plans as soon as possible.

    • Education to love ourselves
    • Homes for veterans
    • New energy technologies
    • Sustainable agriculture
    • Small government
    • Designated disaster response capabilities
    • Feed the poor
    • House the homeless
    • Alternate medicine
    • Financial security for our extended families in perpetuity
    • Safe havens for disabled people and single parent families
    • Animal sanctuaries
    • Mental health facilities and social outreach centres
    • Australian and New Zealand aboriginal health
    • Nutritious Meals on Wheels for all age groups
    • Medical research for a plethora of problems, addictions, diseases and afflictions
    • GMO and Monsanto shutdown
    • Community gardens in public spaces and schools
    • Programs for native Americans
    • Rewards and for student efforts
    • “Spoil” our underprivileged kids
    • Assistance for families living with Autism and aspergers
    • ECO housing scholarships
    • Community kitchens to educate and feed the poor
    • Modified wheelchairs and push bikes for returning veterans
    • Clean water programs providing copious quantities of readily available water to communities across the planet.
    • Hydroponic greenhouses using sustainable energy
    • Resolve the government insurance mess (Good luck with that!)
    • Duffel bags, and war clothing for the homeless
    • Assistance for single parents to pay down debt
    • Video production house dedicated to Disclosure of ET and galactic presence around earth (I’d like to see that!)
    • A University of Light (…. and that!)
    • Funding an extension of worthwhile existing programs in third world countries
    • Breakthrough health technologies
    • Training for kids without families (foster kids) who enter society as unsupported adults
    • Free energy devices
    • Alzheimers
    • Reproduce the “Medici” System
    • Leadership training projects
    • Projects for wounded veterans, housing, health and happiness
    • THC as a useful commodity for pain relief, healing, textiles, bio diesel et al
    • Quantum, turbine, plasma energy technologies supply store
    • Clean and green environmental education
    • Pre med programs for vets
    • Videos promoting Inner Peace, including meditation and inner digestion (! Gut flora) as well as soul transformation
    • Solfeggio scale sound healing
    • Self build farm, home and wellness centre for homeless in Costa Rica
    • Pay outstanding debts on foreclosed houses in US and return them to the owners debt free
    • No kill animal shelters
    • New community infrastructure for natural disaster torn nations like Phillpines
    • The “Talkteaser” T Shirt (Love it!)
    • Training disenfranchised youth to act as Mr Fixit’s for the elderly
    • Retrain and temporarily re-home disabled people in tourism facilities
    • Build a Music Label That really supports the Artist
    • A sanctuary for veterans, especially those suffering PTSD
    • Donations to the Civil War Trust to protect the graveyards of war dead.
    • North American Power and Water Alliance, the Venice Project and scholarships for the advancement of each entities goals
    • Foundation for the visually impaired
    • Campaign to de activate nuclear plant in Armenia
    • Homeless shelters the world over
    • A sports facility in Wisconsin
    • A 12 unit camp by a lake for some time out for those who could otherwise not afford it
    • An end to fracking
    • Holistic waste water treatment
    • An end to sex slavery and rehabilitation for those who have endured it
    • A new town library
    • Stop the use of disposable plastics – (water bottles, plastic cutlery, shopping bags, excess packaging)
    • Funding the National Baha’i Assembly of the United States youth development programs to strengthen communities and people
    • Mobile food kitchens to feed the homeless


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  31. I always believed that dental care should be free FOR ALL… To that end I will start a free dental services, serving schools, retirement homes and low income parts of city/towns. My plan is to purchase 3 to 4 custom built dental mobile trucks along with support van for each.

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    1. Dental can be prevented if people ate the right foods and had an alkaline body. Low PH (acidic state) in our mouths is what causes problems like cavities which are just a bacteria pathogen. Leaving baking soda with water in our mouths everyday for 10 minutes can help us immensely prevent an acidic mouth.

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  32. I am a CMKX share holder from way back and I will be building a homeless shelter for boys and girls with a training center and hire teachers and other people that I know they care about others here in Houston, TX. I am going to put money in separate trust funds to pay people and to run the program and not us government money to fund the project and be a BLESSING to somebody else in this would. MAY GOD BLESS ALL.

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  33. I have been a professional musician for 40 years. I played six nites a week from the age of fourteen. I lost a five ton truck full of music equipment after my fight with the bank for my home. I have played a Hammond organ from the age of twelve. I am going to get another Hammond B3 and hire some guys and play in the parks and at schools for children. I will be singing about love peace and happiness!

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  34. I was raised in an entrepreneurial home and thus I have a different view of money. I was taught that when you come I to some money—don’t “pay bills” with it. Instead spend it on something that will generate more income. The reasoning is that when you are done paying those bills, you will still have the extra income and will be better off then if you just spent it to pay down/pay off the bills.

    That said, First, I would start a business (I have started and ran two in the past) to get that extra income going–which essentially guarantees I can “give” for the rest of my life..


    1) I want to help the homeless and hungry here in my city.
    2) I want to help WAKE people up to the abuses we here are aware of. I want to start here locally, perhaps a school like one of the posters above described…

    I’m not too sure how I will do either one because I consider it bad luck to think too far ahead and prespend a windfall that might never arrive. Plus, it would set me up to be as disappointed and as bitter as some folks seem to be after waiting a decade or longer..

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    1. Tony, please delete the first version — too many typos 🙂

      Angrytiger, I definitely agree on a pragmatic level. Still, for those who are not entrepreneurially-minded, any healthy or restorative giving can be incredibly helpful and ripple out much farther than one might anticipate. Looking back, its amazing how, once, a long time ago, a one-time, two-week $500 loan radically changed my life, enabling me to pay it forward a thousand-fold since.

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      1. LP — Same here! — a $1,100 loan turned into a fabulous business… I want to add that I would spend considerable time choosing a business that would tie in and compliment the end goal. I just don’t want to over-think it before funds are available. The process is familiar, I just don’t want to jinx it…


  35. I am going to use my money to start a foundation (named after my mother) to help caregivers who take care of their parents or spouses. I also want to improve the quality of life for seniors in nursing homes and assisted living facilities. I also want to make a sizeable donation to the White Feather Foundation and the Keeping the Blues Alive Foundation.

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  36. I will use my money for humanitarian efforts to address the cruelty done to animals worldwide. I am on petition sites, animal rights sites, and am informed of other cases, too, such as the horrors going on right now that the Bureau of Land Management is perpetrating up innocent animals – donkeys, tortoises, cattle — and covering it all up. A just-posted YouTube video shows the heartless treatment of these beautiful beings. There are also still residual torturing of animals in other countries for various uses, as well as the terrible situations in “science” laboratories worldwide, and predominantly in the USA. People have no idea . . . .

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  37. Thank-You all who are ordained by God to serve In His kingdom here on earth. I congratulate you all in your tireless efforts to educate and inspire man to produce a better crop for humanity to live by.

    It would be of great honor and privilege to associate with those who aspire to put and end to poverty and hunger.

    By a Divine inspiration, the LORD has placed In my heart to do so in the land of Haiti and throughout the Antilles. For in the name of Jesus, I have declared a war against Hunger.

    In the land of Hispaniola such remedies the LORD has promised to prosper its inhabitants. Amen.

    This will include but not limited to: Agriculture, Livestock, Fisheries, and leading technological breakthroughs.
    Advancing a sovereign civilization to come to the aid of other sovereigns.

    I accept the LORD’S plan to,
    ” Feed the lambs, take care of the sheep, feed the sheep.”
    Will you join me in paying it forward. He is ready to seed this land with His abundance and become a place for Him to dwell and rest His head.
    Amen HalleluYah, Thank-You Jesus, Thank-You LORD.

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  38. we have come so close to getting this project going over the years and have the skills to devote but are always stalled by funds. Our family feels that it is crucial for communities to
    become more self sufficient. My husband is a raw food chef and our family business was in building healthy energy efficient homes.. We would like to take these skills and create a center that provides healthy food and education to people to understand what healthy food really is
    and how to prepare it.

    This will in turn foster many small growers in the area to supply the center, It will also be a
    hub for health in general and new sustainable ideas that can be promoted for the community. Ideas in housing, energy, art, any needed basics for living and all that promotes community. When this is successful and the goal would not be to make any profit but to be self sustainable., we would like to seed this in other communities that are interested.

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    1. When all is said and done, I need your kind of teaching. I posted earlier the need to start over for our Family. We would buy property and get away from this current system and rely more on our ability to support ourselves with what we raise, grow, store and trade. We were all born in the city and are ill equipped for this.


  39. It is truly humbling and encouraging to read each and every response to this great question.

    Some of what my family will do, of course, will be determined upon the amount received. But we will be able to set up trusts and college funds for our family. Finish paying all of my daughter college debts and help her to be able to accomplish her dreams of being a teacher and impacting young lives, to me there is no greater dream than to see young children thrive because they are so loved by their teacher.

    Our church of course will benefit hugely and I can’t wait to help them as they continue to be a beacon of light not only to those who attend but to the world out reaches and missions trips offered as well as to continue helping so many in our local Detroit area. Where many know the need is great due to very unscrupulous leadership of years gone by.

    I personally hope that I will be able to continue creating and sharing my God given abilities as I use some of my sales to help others when God places needs in my path. I also hope to support those whose hearts are lead to teach the Gospel of truth to the world.

    The needs are great everywhere so it will be so freeing to be able to meet needs as we see them instead of wishing we could help, in financial ways.


  40. I want to support vulnerable children, to get new legislation for Mandatory reporting of child abuse and neglect. I would also like to buy a small plot of land, to be used for community projects such as growing organic fruit and veg allotments, along with chickens etc . A fresh food bank where if you share the work, you are then you entitled to the produce. Along with a youth center to run work shops to learn practical everyday skills from cookery,carpentry etc recycling projects. That would benefit the local community young and old

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  41. I would like to create a spiritual healing center, a completely non-profit service for those on the cusp of awakening who need the time and space to complete the process, or for those newly awakened who arrive shell-shocked and disoriented and require love and guidance. Space to be silent, to assimilate the new heightened sense of Unity and Oneness, to be fed and housed without stress, and to be in a community that encourages awakening from the dream matrix and into self-responsible spiritual adulthood would be the focus. This arising Consciousness that now seeks harmonious self expression through the human family, is my passion, my love, and what I would give myself to in service, and this is the vision I would like to develop. The monastic tradition always supported those who were serious about enlightenment, and spiritual sanctuary and healing is very important to us all, individually and collectively. Thank you.

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  42. I am going to give a sizable donation to The Salvation Army. They have quietly been doing the dirty work, helping, and rebuilding broken lives all over the world. When I was sick, they took me in and cleaned me up. When I was healed, they fed me with food boxes. When I married and had children, they gave clothes and Christmas gifts. When my wife passed away at 32 from cancer, they comforted me. I made a promise when times were darkest, 22 years ago Easter, that if I ever had the means to do so, I would give back to the people in the trenches just trying to make a difference.

    My family and I (Remarried), will start a farm. We were all born in the city, and are woefully unprepared to supply for ourselves outside of a “Work for money to buy your goods” system. After spending extended periods unemployed, my wife, 5 children and myself have wished we could go to the cellar and eat some canned goods that we made the year before or go to the freezer to get some lamb, chicken or beef that wasn’t soaked in hormones and unknown garbage. We wish to learn more about herbology, gardening and animals for food. We will explore alternatives to electricity and water too. After we learn from our clumsy mistakes, we will do it again but while teaching others to do the same. I hope that there are folks that know more than I that would try to save us from making too many mistakes. We are prepared to start over and from scratch.
    May God Bless you and keep you,

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    1. I know a Buddhist nun who taught off the grid techs for a decade. Tony can send me your email address when the time comes and you can write to her and ask her anything. She’s brilliant.


  43. My plan is to buy a 20% ownership stake in a growing company and employ and create over 1300 new good paying jobs. Over 20% of those jobs will be vets. We will build a world class all electric vehicles that will be made in the USA. We need to look, for alternative energy sources and not rely on Oil. This will be a cleaner environment for us and generations to come.

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    1. We should collaborate. I’m planning an intercity shuttle company for rural Anerica and looking for alternative forms of fuel for the shuttles. I will have the website up in a day or so. A detailed business plan is already finalized and we await only the funding.


  44. I am like Emmy who says she is going to help recover this nation by serving this nation. I like that, and it fits exactly with my ideas. I am going to conduct nationwide seminars teaching the American people the truth about the Social Security/Income Tax laws and the contracts that we have entered into that cause us to be subservient to government and obligated to pay income tax even though it is actually voluntary. I’ll teach about the traps that are involved by their changing meanings of certain words like “state” vs “State”. “State”, in the tax codes, actually means you are a United States Citizen with a legal address in the District of Columbia, and as such, you agree to total rule by the United States Government, hence you HAVE TO PAY your income taxes. I’ll teach the ponzi scheme of social security. Did you know that not on thin dime of your social security with holdings go to your personal retirement account? I’ll teach people how to officially sever the contractual relationship that (which you are probably unaware of) you have with the Government and return to being a free sovereign living in a free country. I’ll teach of how the tyrannical government we have is continually and gradually destroying the Constitution by passing and enforcing laws that abrogate the Constitution. (Madison vs Marbury supreme court case says that any law or statute that abrogates the Constitution is null and void, ab initio) A good example is all the gun control laws that are eroding the 2nd Amendment. I’ll teach how to establish and set up county Grand Juries and Courts of Common law as prescribed by the Constitution so that we can have true justice, of the people, by the people, and for the people, without the corruption of our current judicial system. And, I will teach how the finances for this republican form of government will be generated, and Emmy has the right idea on this. This is just a small part of what I have in mind, but I will make a difference and we all, working together, will return this country to a republic form of government living under the Constitution. (Provided they don’t kill me(us) first.)

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    1. Yes…AGREED…this is another of my big dreams and goals is to heavily support the organizations that will work on behalf of the people to abolish all the rules, regulations, laws and entities that have been designed to keep up us all broke and in desperate servitude to the horribly sick, demented and overly wealthy few that have held us all under slavery for so many decades!!!


  45. 1.) Meaningful and sustainable development and aid to the Indian nations that have been left out of the gaming and other types of economy. There are plenty and they are dreadfully poor and all that that implies. Dakota territory would be a good place to start.
    2.) If you have ever known a young very smart individual that has lost fingers, for instance, you would understand why I will set up a foundation to grant state of the art prosthetics to accident and birth defect victims.
    3.) I wish I could give the blind the ability to see light and color. I believe this can be done.

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  46. Donating to established ‘organizations’ that take in and care for wounded, sick and old animals. The Golden Carrot, Rescue Me, Rough Start Horse Rescue are a few. There are so many!!!! Donated to a young man (out of military) currently in ag school that has a dream of developing inner city ‘farms’ and ‘gardens’, work with troubled youth through the gardens, establish co-operative markets with others (and he is already doing this). Donated to a family moving their wonderful, organic restaurant to a new location in hopes of making a go of offering good, organic foods in a less ‘progressive’ but growing community. (I just pass on the dong and copies of instructions and web sites), and a hug. 🙂
    My community is very poor (industry shut down, very high rate of welfare and dependency). Will purchase land locally and develop gardens as well as approach businesses (schools, hospital, sheriff dept, firehouse, etc) to put in a ‘community’ veggie beds to encourage hands in the soil and offering bounty to others. Very much need volunteers in the community to help and encourage this, process now of talking with others for ideas, contacts, locations.
    I hope to have enough to buy land for an agricultural ‘school’ and community gathering farm. Have a wonderful contact on the school board that would be excellent advisor, mentor, teacher and a real mover who also has this desire and the knowledge to do it.
    Open to help fund projects that ‘make’ devices that are non-polluting and necessary to help environment and quality of life.
    First, I will get my little car fixed, get my fences repaired (bear love to climb), and go to a place where I can focus on my health and not be stressed about paying for it. Instead of being ‘just’ a doner of funds, I would like to participate in physically doing the farming, building and teaching, etc. and cannot participate long at this stage.
    As well, open to assisting in any way possible with education and materials for those open to information.

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  47. I would like to start a foundation to give non-restrictive grants to small nonprofit arts organizations (annual budgets under $250k) in the State of California. California ranks 50th out of 50 states in terms of its support of the arts (which is a complete travesty), and 80 percent of these small nonprofit arts organizations have not even one full-time salaried person on staff. This means that those who run these organizations have to work incredibly long hours to support themselves and their organizations. They are dedicated, gifted, valiant people who do a great deal of good, and as we know, the arts are the lifeblood of a community The grants would be non-restrictive; in other words, the grants could be used to pay rent, salaries, equipment, marketing and PR, or go towards special projects — wherever the organization thinks the need is greatest.

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  48. We all live in a yellow submarine. I pray to God; Mother earth, father sky, grandfather moon and all the ancestors, north, south, east and west that what comes about from this great effort will be an awaking of the people of earth to realize that there is one sacred world for us and it is our only mother and gives us everything we have. we are to honor Mother Earth. we are her caretakers.
    Humanity is our only brother. I pray this blessing will lead to a time of humanity helping humanity and the total and equal distribution a of new way of thinking for us that will concentrate a great amount of energy on healing mother earth and humanity. May the white buffalo be plentiful and free to bring abundance to all of mankind. May there be random acts of paying it forward braking out all over the place. Remember no less then 3. And they are told to also pay it forward to 3. What we can do is remarkable. And How we do this also makes a big difference. Thank you

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  49. My wife and I are in the process of forming a ministry called “Under His Wings Ministry”. We plan on helping small churches who want to grow by doing fundraisers and we also will be doing some disaster relief help by buying a cook wagon and going to wherever disaster relief is needed to help feed people. We also want to help Pastors by providing them a place to go and just get away and recharge.
    James & Wanda
    North Carolina

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  50. I found that my local (Minneapolis) branch of the Habitat for Humanity has a program called “A Brush With Kindness.” Also a non profit, this program helps elderly, poor-fixed income and single parent households with repairs of their homes. They also go into entire neighborhoods and paint, haul trash, landscape etc to bring LIGHT into all who live, work and travel through. My intention is to expand the program to employ as many as possible in this endeavor for the next 4-5 years.

    Additionally – my intention is to locate and fund FREE ENERGY programs. I would like to set up distribution/installation programs in at least 10 major cities within the U.S.. After that I would like to spread south into Mexico and South America.

    The new technologies for cleaning our air, water and soil are also HIGH priorities for myself.

    Government reform MUST be HIGH on the list of everyone who receives this blessing. It is my desire to found an organization to bring us all together with power and financial resources to turn our government OUT and bring in those who will honor and uphold the Constitution with all it’s pure intentions. I wish to be a part of the DE-throning of the Cabal that has enslaved Humanity.

    I have been very blessed by this opportunity. I take very seriously, my obligation to use the monies I receive for the betterment of HUMANITY. For myself and my family I will take 1% of the total to be sure we are cared for and secure. Everything else belongs to the ideals of a society enlightened and aware.

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  51. I am planning on opening a homeless teen shelter. One for boys and one for girls and then have them both come together for special events. ie, dances, special teaching, camp outs, etc. I will also help these young people learn the important things about who they are in and through God so they can use what the real truth is to exceed in life.

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  52. Very heartwarming reading the goodness in all your souls!

    The Human condition will soar when you begin to ‘pay it forward’. This small sampling of care, love and desire to help Humans, animals, Mother Earth, covers the spectrum of the disenfranchised, disabled, displaced, distraught, diseased, depressed and just plain down and out. The world will turn on your goodness.

    I have been bootstrapping my plan going on 2 years. Raising money in a challenged economy, to bring forth the technology we possess, has been an education that will make us better and ready to pivot when RV funds enter our account.

    We are currently focused on South and Central America.

    Something as simple as a ‘road’ can make the difference between life and death. A town does not eat unless the farmer brings his crop to market. A farmer does not get to market unless he can access a ‘road’. ‘Roads are at the mercy of Mother Nature. Degradation of ‘roads’ are like rust on a car. Rust never sleeps.

    We possess an ‘Earth friendly’ Road and ‘Dust Suppression Technology which is healthy for Mother Earth, and the people who will travel down these roads. We have found a very large need in the absence of sustainable roads.

    To respond to this wide absence in the international market at a time when it is most in need, this technology has been developed as an inexpensive, environmentally-friendly, non-toxic and water-soluble chemical composition that treats, conditions and stabilizes the local soil to render it the idyllic paved road surface for a wide range of applications. The product, through a carefully engineered, quick and easy-to-manage process of application, effectively makes the local soil rigid and compact: strengthening it and providing for water shedding on the material surface. This technology is a fraction of the cost of asphalt , which drastically fluctuates with the price of oil. We use on-site soil/road material, offering savings in excavation, transportation, disposal and labor. Savings can range from 40-70% depending on current methods in regions we’ve encountered.

    The Health of our roads is directly in correlation with the health of our peoples and countries.

    Food for thought!

    Health is Wealth!

    Fact #118 shows how the Heart sings.

    Thank you Tony!

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  53. 1. Set up a trust with a minimum of $1 Million dollars to use for a continuous stream of ROI to give to charities of ALL sorts that use a minimum of 75% of the proceeds for the ACTUAL purpose of the charity!
    2. Set up Education Trusts for all the children I know of family members, friends and neighbors…for the children are THE future.
    3. Set up a trust to fund scholarship programs in colleges and universities whose focus is on TRUE Constitutional studies (like Hillsdale College) and the TRUTH of our country’s history!
    4. Set up a 1 Million trust for the purpose of putting the proceeds toward projects for the betterment of my local community and bringing people together. One such project is to have fire hydrants installed in my rural area and build a community center with activities for ALL ages!
    These are all just “starter projects’…there’s SO much more that needs to be done to repair the damage done of decades of political slavery on us!

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    1. We’re on the same page jajruth. Did you know Hillsdale has a K-12 curriculum? Would make an excellent parallel school system, IMO


  54. I have two projects I will fund. The first is a curriculum (5 parts) to take people from dependency situations (school drop-outs living at home or in marginal existences, governmental supports and/or prison) to empowered self-sufficiency. The second is to underwrite the costs of research addressing the faulty assumptions that have been made concerning all aspects of life for those who live in poverty and the “education” that does not serve their needs.

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  55. I intend on donating and helping those with out but I don’t know exactly what I’m going to do because I really don’t know how much I’ll have at exchange/after exchange taxes. Then I will know what I will do. I know I want to help homeless families.

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  56. We live on 40 acres with two houses on the property which is gorgeous with fields, woods, ancients oaks, trails, a heart rock and a spring fed creek. It is a lovely vortex which has been in a legal situation to be settled July 28. With our blessings our vision is to create a .org and put both houses and land in that name (El Shaddai) and create a retreat center available to those who would not be able to have that experience offering whatever emotional and spiritual assistance they may need. I can feel it! Thanks for asking.

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  57. I originally posted this on recaps (that’s where I read the post) but someone gave the link to post here . so I am…
    I have many ways I am going to pay it forward.
    1, I am going to record a new single and 100% of the profits will go to charities ( mixed animals , people, environment..)
    2.I will be sponsoring inventors with great new ideas on free energy type of technologies.
    3. If I can, I want to invest in seeding the clouds over calif and Arizona to bring some desperately needed rain/snow.. I mean somebody has got to use geo engineering for the better of mankind, certainly not our government!
    4. I plan on being something like a “secret santa” to many friends/clients as a way of saying I appreciate you.

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  58. I am employed in a family business that is on the verge of bankruptcy. We have 9 family members and 3 close friends employed who are also struggling. My main objective is to get the company out of bankruptcy and enjoy life with my family and close friends by helping those who are also struggling financially and to put our children through college.

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    1. Sounds good. I intend to open up a wholistic healing center where people can come and get healed with all sorts of problems with (currently) suppressed technologies and other advanced means that are mostly suppressed


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