Thank you all very much for participating in FC # 188. It was very heartwarming to see so many new readers sharing what they plan on doing  to help their fellow man when the opportunity presents itself. I know a lot of people are working very hard to give you the chance to make good on your public statements of good will. 

To reward you all, I have brought over this article from Project Camelot and OWoN. Paladin is a White Hat. He has written the following article which explains a little more about the still unreleased WH Report #48. Remember, you are reading the words of someone who, along with this colleagues, has worked very hard to expose deep corruptions and horrible crimes committed against humanity by the most vile of our species. As stated in the article, these are not opinions or speculations, but well researched and documented facts.

Please stay tuned for more information as it becomes available. 





First of all, I’m going to try to do better with getting articles up here at Project Camelot. When Kerry offered the opportunity to write a column and express my views and information I was both flattered and inspired. Personal issues and a very nasty winter have conspired to dampen my enthusiasm in addition to my inherent nature of being very mindful of providing information before vetting it thoroughly. Yeah, I’m a nuts and bolts kind of guy. Blame it on my background and life experience of performing all kinds of investigations for over 30 years. In my field of endeavor, opinions are completely worthless and lack standing. It’s all about proof and documentation and the ability to not only present the information so that the readers can fully understand it but also arrive at their own conclusions based on solid evidence.

Before I get into the gist of this article, I want to clarify a couple of things regarding my interview with Kerry on bitcoins. For one, I failed to emphasize that bitcoin was just an example and not the focus of an alternative currency that creates a direct threat to the cabal’s central bankers and their control of our lives. My objective was to offer an understanding of how bitcoin or ANY virtual currency that competes with what the bloodlines use to keep us in perpetual slavery, is different from the debt based system we have now. The second issue I failed to clarify was that trying to compare bitcoin to the US dollar or any of the other so called currencies is like comparing a seedling to a full grown tree, a colt to a 3 year old thoroughbred or a baby to an adult. In the evolution of things, bitcoin or any of the other virtual currencies do not, at this point in time, represent a decent comparison with “currencies” that have been in circulation for tens if not hundreds of years. My bad and I hope it did not create more confusion than it was supposed to negate.

Any form of money that is a true medium of exchange and not issued based on debt for the simple use of it, will severely threaten the cabal. If you don’t understand that the currency we use now is not currency/medium of exchange but rather paper that we have to pay interest on for the mere use of it, then I failed in my attempt to make that clear


For those of you familiar with the White Hats Reports, you’re aware that we have suspended publishing reports, and more importantly, failed to release report #48 as promised. I have been asked about that on numerous occasions in the recent weeks and months and feel perhaps I should address it here.

Our objective with these reports was primarily to continue the exposure of the withholding of the World Global Settlements (WGS) funds, the Wanta Funds, the CMKX debacle and the various other financial frauds perpetrated by the cabal on well meaning individuals. The primary focus was to let the cabal know that we KNEW and also to connect some dots for others (law enforcement, world leaders, etc) in the optimistic sense that they would respond in some positive way. Informing the general public at large was secondary to the main objective.

History will dictate whether the reports have had or will have any effect on the cabal’s stranglehold on humanity. I sincerely hope they do but I may not live to see that day. Our intent was always to expose the fraudulent financial system as it is the foundation for the cabal’s control of our lives. We are/were not partisan in any way as we exposed both parties in the US political arena in addition to cabalists in other countries. Our agenda was simple… to put pressure on the cabal and others in the desire to see change occur for the good of the people and all humanity.

As our readership grew, we began to see a change in the way we were perceived. It appeared that some were under the impression that we were constantly stating opinions and not reporting facts. This was and still is, amusing to us, as the complete lack of knowledge and understanding of the “game” did not prevent many from voicing opinions based on… their opinion. As I stated previously, the objective of the reports was not to convince the public of their authenticity but to put pressure on the cabal.

From the beginning, we were getting feedback through various sources that our reports were hitting the mark in terms of getting the attention of both the cabal and world leaders all around the globe. The exposure was constant and steady and in most cases, in real time as some reports detailed events that had occurred a day or two prior. All the while we were walking a fine line between exposing the truth and exposing operatives who risked everything to get us the information. In so doing, we had to keep in mind the method of exposure had to protect the ongoing flow of future information by not revealing the sources and/or methods.

I suppose the birth of report 48 occurred on February 16, 2012 when Lord David James of Blackheath courageously stood up in the House of Lords and delivered his speech exposing the $15 trillion dollar fraud perpetrated by the Federal Reserve, the US secret government, the criminal banking system and the corrupt politicians who are paid to look the other way when we the people of the US are put further in debt to support the slave status we’re all part of.

We then issued two reports in the next week which detailed not only the origination of our group but also included a copy of one of the SWIFTS for authentication. (See White Hats report #36 and #37 athttp://tdarkcabal.blogspot.com/). The historic significance of this event, Lord James’ speech, cannot be underestimated. For the first time, the very essence of the cabal’s misdeeds, the financial system, was exposed for all to see. And what was the response?

Total silence.

Not one mainstream media outlet reported on the story. Not one investigation was started to look into the matter as Lord James implored his colleagues to do. And not one peep from the public for demanding an investigation and response to why $15 trillion of their money that happened to get transferred overseas to some obscure entity named Pureheart Investments, LTD.

Not one.

We had begun investigating Pureheart before Lord James’ historic speech in the House of Lords but once reports 36 and 37 were released, we were deluged with various individuals and entities reaching out to us in an effort to assist in the exposure of the real story behind Pureheart. Out of this, report #48 was born. The deeper we went down the trail, the more bizarre and mind blowing it became. For us, who’ve seen our share of bizarre and mind blowing, it was something deeper… more sinister, than we’ve ever experienced. Through this process, we were able to gather documents and information which related to Pureheart’s formation, history, alliances, key players and most important of all, their objectives. This set us on a path that took us out of the realm of the financial system and into the world of black projects, secret deals with foreign countries touted by the whore media to be our enemies, advanced technology and alien contacts.

Bits and pieces of this story had been exposed over the years. The Black Eagle Trust, the Five Star Trust, the Russell Trust, Operation “Hammer”, Yamashita’s Gold, and Confessions of an Economic Hitman are just a few of the dots that could now be connected to the secret/shadow government. As we investigated the origins, we were able to follow it through to the present day and Pureheart.

Pureheart is the conduit for pilfering money out of the financial system and taking it down that dark hole into the abyss, only to resurface in several different places, all for the advancement of the cabal’s control over humanity. Black projects, false flags, payoffs and bribes to politicians and public officials, blackmail, murder, assassination, satanic rituals, agreements with off-worlders and numerous and ongoing crimes against humanity. The denial of access to the secret technology that the masses pay for but the cabal utilizes in order to better control us and systematically take away our sovereign rights.

The origins of Pureheart trace back to GOT, SA (Global Oil Traders), two Saudi kings, Lucky Luciano and the five originators of the secret government (hence, the Five Star Trust) Bush, Sr., Edward Lansdale, William Colby, Roberto Ferrara aka Lorin Rosier and Richard Armitage. Ferrera faking his own death and recreated as Lorin Rossier, living in a safe house in Europe with an underground tunnel system that allows him to come and go without being surveilled. A corporate attorney (former) of Pureheart who reached out to us giving us information and claiming the cabal possessed technology advanced 10,000 years of what is in the public domain.

A compelling story, to say the least.

Pureheart is a GSE which stands for Government-Sponsored Enterprise. Other examples of a GSE are Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and FICO. I guarantee if you look up the purpose and function of GSEs, it won’t tell you that they were created by Congress to steal trillions of dollars of US taxpayer’s money for crimes against humanity. And that’s EXACTLY what Pureheart does and has been doing for many years.

But I digress.

When we assembled all the data… the notes of meetings, the joint venture contracts with other countries, the various documents relating to solicitations, the notes of conversations and the vetting of most of it, we came to the conclusion that it would be a major expose’ of the cabal. And I don’t use the term major lightly. Its one thing to talk or write about it, it’s entirely another to provide proof in the form of documents numbering in the hundreds of pages.

The discussion of releasing 48 spanned several days and weeks with consideration given to every conceivable response and repercussion. Pros and cons weighed and debated… sometimes heatedly… before reaching the conclusion in favor of delaying the release. We were fully cognizant of putting many people in harm’s way, including ourselves. The vast number of documents we received and contacts from information sources after Lord James’ historic speech was truly overwhelming. The cons were first and foremost our own safety and the safety of others involved directly and indirectly. We could decide to jeopardize ourselves and our families but we couldn’t make that decision for other people. Due to the nature and extreme sensitivity of the documents, the list of leakers/whistleblowers who assisted with this effort would be a very short list, easily narrowed. Another factor on the con side of things was the issue of possibly jeopardizing other phases of actions being taken at the time and are ongoing. Another factor—I’m not sure whether it’s pro or con—has to do with the fact that world leaders, politicians, etc., already knew about most of the info contained in 48. So in that regard, no new information would be provided other than perhaps some details or deals that not all were aware of.

In my mind, the apathy of the general public was the critical con factor that made the decision not to publish 48 a no-brainer. It seems no one thought… or understood… that the $15 Trillion fraud exposed by Lord James in February of 2012 impacted every taxpaying Amerikan. Most don’t know the Federal Reserve is a private corporation of cabal bankers that make the rules for themselves in the banking world without limitations. Most don’t understand that Federal income taxes are, in fact, interest payments on the debt of the out of control government. Most don’t know the dollar bills in their pockets are not cash but debt with the cabal given the freewheeling authority to print dollars ad infinitum because the Amerikan citizens are the collateral on the debt. Most don’t realize the reason an illegal alien is allowed to hold the office of President is because the US is a corporation and they have no such restrictions (being a US citizen) on corporate officers. And most don’t realize that the political parties are two sides of the same coin and have long ago sold us out to their financial contributors and corporate benefactors.

And even the ones who know all of the above are not doing enough. Just knowing isn’t enough… action needs to be taken or nothing will change. Perhaps it hasn’t dawned on everyone that the cavalry isn’t coming, the ET’s aren’t going to intervene and save us and no religious idols/icons are going to wave their hands and all will be good again.

The deafening silence after Lord James’ speech was evidence that our reports, at least from the reading public’s standpoint, had become nothing more than episodes in an ongoing drama serial that were mere entertainment. Like a Robert Ludlum spy novel or a Jerry Bruckheimer action movie.

If your house is on fire and you’ve been informed it’s on fire and you do nothing about it, what’s the point of having a smoke detector?

Now… this is not to say that at some appropriate point in time in the future, 48 won’t be released. Every precaution has been taken to preserve both the integrity of the report and security of the documents. I have been informed that our reports have made an impact and changes are occurring for the better as a result. Personally, I see very little sign of that but I remain hopeful. I do know the cabal has been seriously challenged on their plans and agenda but I’m not convinced we’re going to be any better off trading one type of tyranny for another.

Apologies are extended to those of our readers who were not given an explanation after the ill advised and ill conceived publicity and build up surrounding the release of report 48. Hopefully this will put the issue to rest, at least for the time being. However, I’ll provide this link to a report one of our colleagues put out that gives an overview of what we discovered. There are hundreds of pages of documents that back up the information contained in this report.


 The follow up information articulated by Kerry should also be read to connect all the dots.




  1. Tony I just read an article on OwoN to email wha or OwoN
    If we want to participate in a group thing. Does this mean that public exchange is a no go?
    Only group is going to get the RV?
    Pls help me understand what I just read.
    I’m confused.


  2. Dear WhiteHatAuxiliary,

    Unfortunately I went into the Omega prosperity program with both feet way back, oh my god, 19 years ago, 1995, (my wife and I have no dinar or dong). Couple questions if you will?

    Do your contacts have current information regarding the current state (more of less) of affairs of the prosperity programs?

    I’m confused as to the relationships, if any, between the currency revaluations (Dinar and Dong) and the prosperity programs. One of my nightmares (…kinda. Yes, my life will go on regardless, and my wife and I are happy and thankful with or without funding [gulp!]) is that the Dinar and Dong successfully fund and the prosperity programs don’t! Gulp! …lol.

    Can you or members point me in a direction for any information as to the above…or particularly effective salve? 🙂

    [Though it is a personal quandary, I am submitting this as a post in that perhaps there are other members in a similar morass(?).]

    Thank you for any consideration, Thomas


    1. There is an item on the WGS list for “prosperity programs” payouts. Not much else is known at this time.

      This comes from someone who has see the lists. It’s not just speculation.

      I hope it all resolves very soon.


  3. Tony, I agree that automomous effort is essential, but in 1942 the Dream was actually much more achievable. That has vastly changed. Today, a mid-wage job can’t produce sufficient wages to cover one’s costs for living a simple, healthy life in today’s USA. Survival costs are mandatorily imposed yet largely deregulated, impossible to keep up with and prosecutable for nonpayment. The lie that an entirely unregulated “free market” society produces prosperity is evidenced everywhere. Despite these empty, mathematically disprovable euphemisms, unregulated privatization has created rampant levels of price fixing, monopolization and inflation that effectively indentures the faltering middle class, making higher education impossible for most who would like to progress– and whereas, in 1942, higher education wasn’t necessarily a prerequisite for a high-paying future, it certainly is now, at least for most people, entrepreneurs and creative types notwithstanding.

    Where I live, we are even charged to park bicycles on public streets that we have already paid taxes ten times over to maintain. It goes on and on– criminal imposition of draconian punishments on a day-to-day basis to extract profits we never see and from which we never benefit. Even our national parks are no longer affordable for most families to visit and campout. Soon, water may be privatized. Seeds have been patented. People were nearly prevented from collecting rain water in South America. The costs of living, once regulated to some extent and, consequently, kept realistic–- and, no, I do not believe that we are owed any free rides– are now patently absurd. Why? BECAUSE THEY CAN. And they are backed by the government and the judicial system.

    I live very simply. I have zero debt. I work hard. I help others. I am happy. But I can also do the MATH. We are, as a nation, being harvested like hogs by corporations and others who own the government. We are fish in a barrel, and only a serious redistribution of wealth infused into the middle class, placed in the hands of smart, generous, industrious people– not wealthy brokers who stand to become billionaires ten times over from this windfall, and who, I suspect, based on what I’m reading daily, don’t really give a damn about people at all– is going to shift that balance by creating and restoring TRUE market-driven competition. That’s what I mean by an “unlevel” playing field. We know the truth but we’re looking for something better.


    1. I agree with everything you said but 100 times better than me; I am not native to the English language.
      I work 3 jobs right now to be able to pay my bills while helping the people in need; however, it is increasingly getting harder to do so simply because while the cost of living keeps rising, my wages have been decreasing; an interesting dichotomy.
      My water bill keeps rising [can you believe I pay $75 per month for my water bill, and there is only one person in my house and my cat, and AT&T just increased my bill from $50 per month to $75 (just for my house phone and the internet) all of a sudden].
      I had to tell an able-bodied and able-minded middle aged person that I could not donate anymore of my hard-earned money to him because he is choosing not to take jobs that I would.
      If something does not happen very soon to change the course, all of us are going to be doomed, and OWoN can condemn all the Americans they want for being “lazy”, but I did not know that working 3 jobs was considered being lazy.
      I have done my best in my life, and if anyone tells me I did not try hard enough, that person needs to live my life to know what hard life is really like.


      1. a naturlaized citizen- I was born here and raised here. I have worked at least two jobs my whole adult life like you just to pay my bills, I hear your pain. My parents who have worked their entire lives were born here and in their GOLDEN YEARS are at the food bank. When we were young we were taught you can become whatever you want to be in life ( this is a lie ) You give and give and give and they will take and take and take. I believe you when you say “I have done my best in my life, and if anyone tells me I did not try hard enough, that person needs to live my life to know what hard life is really like.”
        I to am burned out burned up and just plain exhausted from life. But this I do know I serve a God who is on my side and He does see.


  4. WHA

    I brought this over from OWoN, I am trying to help clear up the Dinar conundrum……

    [Editor note: Thank you, but this is highly repetitive and is covering ground that is well trod. Please stay tuned for more fresh information. The “dinar conundrum” is not really a conundrum, and is certainly well understood by those who have been reading this site and following the White Hat efforts]


  5. I think in todays atmosphere i would be happy w/ the .32 cents thrown out and run. Been around a long time now and want to just get to the end now! I really believe we could be close like in days. Not months anymore. Just hunch it is w/ a dose of pray to boot.


  6. Election process, or the ” bloody election” has started in Iraq… they say it may take up to 2 weeks to see the results… cant imagine a GCR or RV would happen in the middle of that… might be a quiet couple weeks ahead


  7. I have been wanting to attend a Jim Sinclair conference for some time but it’s never been convenient. A recent attendee generously posted his personal meeting notes in the comments at TF Metals Report. My interest is the big picture financial reset which might be different from the GCR discussed at WHA. With that in mind, this is what I took away from reading his notes:

    2015-2017 (June) is the time frame for the great leveling. 2020 is the finish line, Jim thinks the progression for bail ins is Euro, US then Canada. Brokerage firms can be subject to bail-ins. Jim strongly encouraged people to do business with local credit unions.

    The Great Leveling:
    -Implosion of general equity market (late 2014-to end of 2015)
    -Commodities lower
    -Roll over in banks
    -Significant bankruptcies

    The reason cycles are there is people do not change, we do not learn and that is why history repeats (Bo Polny).

    The BEAR is awakening, pay attention. BRICS are the wild card.
    When asked about a one world currency he feels the BRICS have prevented that. The old money families (Rothschild’s and Rockefellers) have controlled things unchallenged since the 1800’s. The BRICS are their first real challenge and the outcome is unknown. Gold is coming back into the system but does not feel that the currency will be gold backed, just the ultimate judge. [ Sinclair is a proponent of “freegold” ]

    There are many more interesting points in the original post found here:


    1. Hello,

      I really don’t know the answer, but I suspect that it was simply removed to place the most recent post. I don’t think there was anything more to it than that. If I hear otherwise, I will let you know.


      1. Tony, you express yourself well. I want to be clear that I do not advocate absence of toil on the part of either the wealthy or poor. Both work very hard to forge a life. However, if wealth continues to be controlled among the few and the masses’ earnings and general standard of living are kept at today’s economic levels, and those infrastructure projects the PP brokers speak so highly of merely orchestrate more low paying jobs so that the “few” can harvest the labor of the “many” and NOT really redistribute any of the wealth, then nothing will change. You will reduce the cost of taking care of the indigent by indenturing them so the wealth in the hands of the few can further increase. That is all. No leveling of the playing field occurs. Nada. None.


        1. Thank you for clarifying your comments.

          The only level playing fields are in Communist countries. I am speaking in general population terms. Our country could offer more to all strata of society if not for the fact that our financial and political systems are controlled by a very few who allowed the plunder. Trillions are unaccounted for, and the congress does nothing. Nobody pays for it. Nobody is charged. Yet, you miss a tax filing deadline and you get the hammer dropped.

          So, the issue is not the infrastructure jobs you speak of. Such jobs can only help, and many of the projects will involve skilled labor and engineering jobs that should pay way above normal wages. But, only to those who possess the skills for such, as it should be.

          I really do not know what you mean by “leveling of the playing field”. That is a very general term. My father came from Texas in 1940, with 12$ in his pocket, worked in an aircraft factory, fought in WW2, came back home and raised a family and became a real estate millionaire. All with a high school education and while suffering from PTSD. And all despite a very unleveled playing field, as you describe it.

          There is a point when you have to realize that if you want anything in life, you have to go out and get it. With or without the GCR.

          Thank you.


  8. From OWON “There IS a finite Capital Market, and all ties into any nations multiple of GDP’s. Maliki in Iraq post election is likely to instruct the Central Bank of Iraq to issue and support c$5T of Dinars which is c 3 times GDP and about right.
    Assuming that is undertaken using a combination of National Iraqi, surrounding Arab nations and Iranian holdings, plus an agreed and affordable Private Placement amount with the Reno teams, it satisfies all of Iraqs current and future needs. It then allows sustainable recovery to commence.”

    As long as the Reno teams get paid. Millions of well meaning Americans and people around the world will be left out to dry. This is not surprising if it goes that route. As long as they get theirs…..


    1. Allowing sustainable recovery to commence is not leaving people out to dry. Reno is just the beginning. It starts to repair the damage that the US was responsible for creating.

      There is more to this than is in the open at this time, and this creates vacuums where incorrect assumptions flourish.


      1. WHA, while I agree that allowing sustainable recovery to proceed is not hanging people out to dry, it sets citizens up to be choiceless yet again over outcomes and robs them of the freedom to plan a collective future of their wun choosing, merely relegating them to the zeitgeist of the new bosses’ “reconstruction” agenda. Corporations will still profit, as will brokers and traders, and the “people” will simply switch bosses, with no possibility of gaining enough startup capital to reclaim their freedom from the toil those “new leaders” think is all we “deserve.” I wonder if it ever occurs to those who presume to engineer our future that we, like them, might sensibly have the expectation of profits behind the crumbs that keep labor enslaved. I get it; they want to control the money from PP and they could not care kess about anyone else’s Pathetic little life. They will invest well, invigorate the system, put Humpty Dumpty together again, and harvest the pickins’. It’s Really Nothing New but forgive me if I’m full-up on straw heroes.


        1. Hello,

          Sets people up to be choiceless? That sounds like North Korea. I am not sure I follow.

          If that is what we are facing, then we best get out the pitchforks and stick them into the 1000 people who are ruling the 350,000,000 of us and demand something else. When was the last time you contacted your representative over anything you were not happy with? I just sent a letter last week, telling my rep what I was unhappy with.

          What toil are you speaking of? Working? Life is 80% work, no matter how much money you have or earn. Most “rich people” I know work like dogs. You think Trump works 4 hours a day? I bet he works 50 hours at least in a week, if not more. Idle rich are a working class study in psychosis. Most wealthy families insist their children go to school and get a career. Most do.

          Let’s see how this plays out before we engage in inspection before the fact.

          Thank you.


    1. Green Lantern, Thanks for posting this. I have only read half of it for now because I need to take a brake. This kind of stuff is way heady for me. I can’t do it all at once.
      It just amazes me that the US Government is still acting like they are still the Big Man On The Campus when the entire world knows they are no longer in power and a huge population of our citizens know this as well. I don’t see that the government has muscle anymore to flex so when are they going to give it up. The have become the fly in the ointment I think as far as the rest of the world is concerned.


      1. I have had visions of what is coming and can say it has brought me to physical tears. If only 10% of the population was as committed to defeating the NWO as they are about NBA owners making stupid comments, we would have avoided much of this insanity.

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      1. Gazza, Oh the chips are coming the only question is how soon will they be mandatory. I was just hopping to have a little breather before that hits. I have a friend who is going threw breast cancer stage 4 with two young boys to raise. This is her second round of cancer. Don’t know if she is going to make it but I would like to be able to do all I can do for her and her children. She is on her own. I really want to help people like her as well as get water to people who desperately need it. Only time will tell.


      2. P.S. I also saw an interview of a young US government official who was being interviewed about his RFID chip. He has his chip and is proud of it. Told all the things it did for him. I was like OMG are you kidding me. It has all his information from medical to banking. I also saw an interview of a young man in his early 20’s who had it. Now this was not in America and I am sorry I can’t remember where it was. But he paid all his party tabs from his chip. They did it right on camera, and since he spends a lot of money there he is a VIP and was thrilled that he was one of the first to be on the cutting edge ” He was the man”. My heart sank and I literally got physically sick in my stomach. It is already here now it is just a matter of when.


      3. This is why we need to fight against property taxes. God provides what we need: food, water, clothing, shelter. If you own your own property, with no taxes to pay each year, you can stay out of this system. If they can’t take your land, you can survive. That’s the Biblical way to protect yourself.


      4. Its simple…learn to live free, like before there was electricity. The RV CAN help us, help us develop a skill set and assets to make them regret ever trying to impose “their” will on us. The hand that tries to force it on me and my family WILL be chopped off. I was born free and I will die free, living on my knees is not living at all. I WILL live free or DIE for death is the least of evils…

        Live Free or Die,

        Gen John Stark


      5. Gazza, Yes the game is over once the chip is mandatory but until that day comes I will still keep my dreams. Who knows, maybe God will fulfill a few of them. I am just so grateful that I will not be living in this planed 50 or 75 years from now. I would hate to see what it is going to look like by then, I am tired and I want out. I do not wish to be here any longer than what God sees is absolutely necessary. I am not making long term plans to survive and I would rather be with my Lord than stay here. However He knows the number of my days and I need to focus on that just one day at a time.
        I am willing to bet a million dollas if I had it that Wall-mart will be one of the first stores to introduce shopping for produce by the chip. To me it is absolutely no coincidence that Wall mart has literally taken over this country. They have moved in and squeezed out most of the private small family owned produce stores. I read a statement somewhere that most Americans live within I believe it was 5-15 miles of a Wall-mart. Is this just a coincidence? I don’t think so.


  9. Pardon me for going back to my version of Future Prosperity 101. I am perplexed by everyone’s emotional rollercoaster regarding fiat currencies. Instead of guessing which fiat currency will garner how much new currency, why are so many intelligent people missing the obvious outcome? China, Russia, and India are stockpiling precious metals, hand over fist. The physical precious metals cannot be produced at the whims of the “bad guys” as fiat currencies can. So once again, I have to state the obvious based on facts we know. Why aren’t people using vehicles of true future wealth to store away, rather than getting ulcers trying to know the right moment to cash in their monopoly money for the new monopoly money? Is it that common sense has become too obvious that it seems too simple? When Russia and China set the tone for gold and silver, then what? Paper is what got us into this mess, so I do not understand how new paper will be different from old paper. And let’s not forget, the currencies at the top of the heap will be backed by gold, not dinars or dongs. Again, I am stating my case on the truth we already know and this does not require a cash in immediately mentality.


    1. Gazza thinks there are too many people with Dinar.

      “Too many dinarians told too many friends and family and now we have overprinting and its collapsing. The dinar was gonna be a bit of a secret but it seems people couldnt keep thier mouths closed. Now its overprinted to meet the demand and worthless almost (maybe completely if iraq keeps it internal). We can only learn lessons from this. Next time u see a great opportunity dont tell people just go do it. Did you all really think telling your friends, publicising it and gifting it away would help this thing? People make money by knowing something the others didnt! Mom and pop investors are too niave to have these chances because they only go tell their friends and the whole opportunity collapses.”

      That mentality of yours is what breeds “elitism”. We are ALL EQUAL UNDER GOD. Each and everyone of the people that have bought Dinar DESERVE TO MAKE A WINDFALL OUT OF THIS. WHY?

      One word:

      That’s something most of humanity lacks and one of the reasons the PTB create things and situations that breed mindless competition, jealousy and many other unnecessary emotions and belief systems that turn us against each other while they do whatever they want with us and the planet behind the scenes.

      5-7 million people with Dinar is too much??

      Only 1% of Americans have a SIGNIFICANT amount of Dinar. Most of them will spend it in 3-5 years anyway. They should stop with the excuses and give people their money. They will get most of it back anyway in 3-5 years. So what’s the fear of giving 5 million people some money? Control control control. It is always about that.


      1. Being equal under God does not imply having equal worldly wealth. What we do for the least, we have done for Him. Faith is not having to try to calculate real or imagined wealth. Faith is trusting every need to be met, regardless of anything happening in the world. Seek ye first the kingdom of heaven, not the temporary kingdoms of this world.


  10. Tony well said that’s what makes your site special. Keep up the great job. Truth is what we need and sometimes it hurts but in the long run the pain is short lived. As far as over printing that’s the printer responsibility and it’s Yet to be proved if that is a issue. People. Should have been excited about buying this dinar heck that’s how I got in. We have to calm down and let Tony do his thing with WHITE HATS and it’s. going to work out what can we do now but have faith. I have faith that this is going to be over very very soon and GOD is totally in control of all things and this site is one of the blessing so take a deep breath and start figuring out post plans agin and let’s ROCK AND ROLL.




  11. Stay tuned.

    The issues that are brought up for discussion are but a mere fraction of that going on behind the scenes.

    WHA is about finding the truth concerning our subject matter and presenting it to you. We dispensed with the guru crowds long ago, and what we give you to consider is not from any mysterious source or from persons who are not related to key events and issues. I know that seems hard to believe, but it’s true.

    I could simply turn this blog into a reblogger of Okie and TNT or Blaino or Mountain Goat, fill it full of google ads and maybe that would assuage some hurt feelings? Those warm and fuzzie updates would act like a shot of heroin, only to see that the next week comes and the DT’s set in.

    I cannot take another course without dishonoring myself, or selling out. You all wanted the right people for information, and we have it. I know, it’s not fun. The real world outside of the Poof-O-Rama LSD trip is not easy. The after-high is terrifying. The style of OWoN is what it is, but in all reality, truth is the most important commodity, and I can assure you that you will not get it as accurately as you do here.

    Stay tuned. We are hooked up with people who are wanting to help, but at the same time, have complete contempt for the actions of those who are taking advantage of many by filling their heads full of unrealistic visions of making $32,000,000 from a 1K dinar purchase.

    However, aside from all that, the focus should remain on progress and accurate assessments of same.

    More coming. Thank you.


  12. Too many dinarians told too many friends and family and now we have overprinting and its collapsing. The dinar was gonna be a bit of a secret but it seems people couldnt keep thier mouths closed. Now its overprinted to meet the demand and worthless almost (maybe completely if iraq keeps it internal). We can only learn lessons from this. Next time u see a great opportunity dont tell people just go do it. Did you all really think telling your friends, publicising it and gifting it away would help this thing? People make money by knowing something the others didnt! Mom and pop investors are too niave to have these chances because they only go tell their friends and the whole opportunity collapses.


    1. Gazza,
      The question of the hour is , who is doing the overprinting? Is it CBI in conjunction with other governments? If so, do you think they know how much is in circulation (I’m only talking about legit notes, not counterfeited)


      1. A few days ago, WHA indicated it was Federal Reserve who did the over print. That was first time I had ever heard it was over printed or that Federal Reserve was involved at all. I didn’t buy much, but would not have bought ANY if I knew the FED was involved. I had not purchased previously not knowing how to be assured the currency purchased was legitimate. A fool and their money is soon parted….I resemble that remark!


      1. alwaysme

        LOL I was waiting for that question!

        Notice I never said I deserve to be in on this and others don’t. I do not deserve any such windfall myself, that’s for sure. But life isn’t about who deserves what. The poor man in Africa doesn’t deserve to have to live in such bad conditions struggling for food each day. The kid born into a rich family who grows up to be a horrible little sod doesn’t deserve his nice things. Nobody deserves this life, and you can take that as a “life is good” or a “life is terrible” comment – whichever you prefer.

        I heard about this from stumbling across it. I didn’t deserve to know about it. My point is that with any opportunity in life it disappears when too many people chase it. The window is only open for a while. Dog eat dog and all that. Today, somewhere, somebody made a load of money doing something I wasn’t aware of. They’re not gonna go tell people beforehand are they? Whatever the deal was, somebody somewhere in the world today has made a life changing fortune. Wish it was me. Instead, I worked for a little bit of currency per hour – sold my soul for a few pieces of paper, you might say. Much like you probably did. I wish that other person had told me how they were about to make a fortune, but alas, they didn’t.

        And so the world keeps spinning and the wheel keeps turning. This whole dinar thing may come to nothing if Iraq simply says “screw you USA and world, we deserve a fresh start without making you rich” in which case we all tear up our lottery tickets and find a way to laugh about it later on down the line. It’ll make a funny story one day.

        I don’t deserve to win or lose at this, and I don’t deserve to have stumbled across it in life.

        But the fact still remains, if you go shooting your mouth off to everyone about a decent opportunity it’ll only hurt the chances of it becoming a success. All I ever heard was “hey I told my family” or “hey I told the bank clerk behind the counter to buy some dong” or “hey I gifted some dinar to Mr Joe Average” etc and then we wonder why this deal is looking worse and worse. That blooming TNT Tony guy started a twitter campaign, mainstream media caught onto it, I’ve seen that clown Cramer talk about dinar on TV coz people were bugging him about it and on and on it goes. Suddenly instead of a great opportunity we have an old news story. At some point the boat gets too full. I’m afraid it seems dinarians couldn’t keep their mouths shut! I’ve told nobody about this, not one person. Not even my closest loved ones. If I get a decent sum, I’ll help them out of course. But if I tell them, if they don’t laugh and they like it, it’ll then spread onto facebook etc then around another thousand people which will mean another billion dinar printed up and sold etc and so the potential return gets lower and lower.

        OWoN, who I trust, have stated the rate is over $3. But they also stated the over printing is insane. They then hinted Iraq will likely stick two fingers up at us and go it alone with this RV. I am seriously preparing myself mentally for that to happen now. Gone are the dreams, now I’d be happy with a small win, but even that may not happen now it seems. So I am being real and being mature about it. But clearly, people couldn’t keep their mouths shut.


      1. Yes, I also see the re-direct to a dead end, maybe try again later. I am having access problems with many sites but not all so there may be a server problem somewhere. Glad I got copies first for reading later. Turns out the docs were related to VERY large metal deposits by Soekarno at the Swiss bank UBS in 1966. Later docs dated 2008 explained the allocated deposit versus a typical bank deposit and the deed of assignment to a Mr. Ronggolawe. I did not notice any mention of Kennedy or Green Hilton in the 21 pages.


  13. Hello Tony, been a lurker and fan for quite some time.
    First of all, let me give you my sincere appreciation and gratitude for what you and the White Hats do for Humanity.Your efforts are indeed above and beyond. For that I am eternally grateful.
    I got into this investment over five years ago because it just made sense that Iraq with all of its natural resources including the oil and gold in the ground would eventually have a reality rate once Chapter 7 sanctions were lifted and the new Basel III protocols were firmly put into place.
    Its been my understanding that countries under these new protocols would be allowed to monetize there natural resources to give value to there currencies, thus going back to an asset based currency rather than a fiat based currency with NOTHING backing it to eliminate
    the 100 plus years of Ponzi schemes.
    Having said that, the recent comments from OWON have left me more confused than ever.
    I understand that the Dinar has been overprinted. Thats a given. What I fail to understand
    is why the WGS is so tied to two or so Patriots getting back there stolen funds which judging by the past WILL NEVER HAPPEN.
    The comments from OWON this morning leave me with little Hope, Know when to hold them, know when to fold them, know when to walk away, Hardly congruent with recent fact checks from your other White Hat contact..


    1. Don’t let a Kenny Rogers quote get you down.

      There was nothing in the latest from OWoN that says that all hope is lost and the WGS is doomed. It’s a hard fight, no doubt. But, from where I sit, things are happening and nobody is giving up.

      Those patriots are simply there to disburse the funds in a responsible manner. The WGS is not tied to them. They simply are playing a role in it.

      Thank you, and stay tuned.


  14. I don’t like drama any more than the next person, but we need to understand that this process is a negotiated process like pulling teeth without anesthetic. It can be painful and be a rollercoaster of two steps forward and one step back. If there are countries such as Iraq that get tired of losing millions of dollars per day waiting on the US to pull their act together and cooperate, so they say they will change currency as a negotiation strategy, it could happen. Do not shoot the messenger when the negotiations go badly one day and go well the next day. I know there are a lot of people who are depending upon this to change their lives and the lives of others, but try not to criticize the messenger as “Pete” and his endorsers are doing because the message is unpleasant. Think how the actual negotiators feel if this filtered update series of messages has this much drama and emotional swings. I suggest we support those who are doing the work, rather than saying you do not need the drama. Unfortunately, drama and emotional swings of success and setbacks sometimes happen in real negotiations. If we can’t handle it, take a step back and change your focus to something else to regain perspective.


  15. I have to disagree about owon. I like them and him!! I’d rather have hard truth than happy lies. Plus Tony told us a WH told him that owon was in the real know so thats good enough for me. I want to say thank you to owon for your info and efforts and please may Tony keep bringing the info over and everyone else please do because we do need it.

    I know its not what you want to hear but this could all end in an internal rv only like owon said and if so then thats iraqs decision not his! Dont shoot the messenger!


    1. How do you know it is the truth? Because it fits your BELIEF system? NOBODY HAS BEEN RIGHT SO FAR! Well, only Zap one time with his Indonesian event prediction back in January. Of course you love him, but that doesn’t make his information the “truth”.


  16. Mr. WHA,
    Please share this with your blog readers what American citizens have been doing to protect their assets so that they will understand what they are up against when they end up with the windfall.
    I am not suggesting they flee to Caribbean islands to join the British Commonwealth. If anything, we need to restore the Republic to make this nation autonomous from the domestic and foreign elites.
    Thank you.

    [Link redacted]


  17. Boy oh boy did Pete hit the nail on the head about owon. He’s running out of terrors. He’s already yelled one cent and then now the old currency won’t matter I mean he has so much in his bag of traumas. As much fire in the dinar theatre as he can manage. You think putting a few measly dinars on layaway is his motive to say people from. So many people are on to it now though what that one person says about callous? Tony if it was not for you and your credibility to him it would’ve been over a long time ago with him. It’s crazymaking! It’s fun to see how he is going to try to power usurp next Like all abusers when he’s going to far he’ll do a little bit that he has to reel you back in to feed his warped stuff off of. Theres got to be a better way to land this plane for real. I’ll take Dave Schmidt over owon any day. Because he doesn’t play mind games!! Come on Tony you got to turn this towards a better direction of real Whitehats !! You didn’t come this far with this good of intentions. Godspeed us all!


    1. Stay tuned.

      And I will add, be careful with your words. This site is watched carefully by people who can make things happen, and your comments are not enduring you to them. There is no time to argue and debate, and if you do not like what is going on here, then move on.

      You have been removed from the intake list.

      I have repeatedly told all here that PEOPLE who are in high places are WATCHING your behavior and attitudes. This is a serious effort and there is simply NO time to stop and address remarks that show that you have disagreements that are overtly critical of an effort to help others.

      Thank you.


      1. Mr. WHA,
        The only reason why I came across that publication was because I used to follow OWoN and read the question being paused “how are you going to keep it” several times. St. Kitt’s and Nevis came up in the same paragraph for asset protection. So in order for me to break down the riddles and the codes used in the speech, I had to read that book.
        I am sure your blog readers can come up with other resources to learn various ways to shelter themselves from endless taxations.
        Too bad we are living in such predatory system.


  18. Dear WHA, I am not a part of a PP so I have never paid much attention to what is or is not going on with them. Why are so many people so concerned about what is going on with them and trying to get information. Are they so important that one needs to pay attention to even if your are not involved in one? The way I have always looked at it is ” I’m not in one so what will be with them is them and what will be with me is me.” Are people so interested in them because they are some sort of a precursor as to when things will happen for the rest of us once the PP’s are taken care of? Sorry if any of this is repeat repeat repeat for you. I am just curious that is all as to why they are that important.


    1. Hello,

      I am not a party to the private placements in terms of knowing what the purpose of them is in the larger picture. I think it may be for purposes of creating liquidity and a market for the public revaluation and all that is to follow.

      Since they are private, I would say that you would not have any way to pay attention to them even if you wanted to, at least on that level.

      Stay tuned.


  19. Please remove the last post.

    I asked RMN for the source. They have posted that its McHaffie – Nesara News – He’s not too reliable.

    Lets wait and see.



      1. Machaffie has the “I cannot stop stop staring at the train-wreck appeal.”

        It is so BAD, his intel that is, that he leaves you wondering what pathetic depths he will stoop down to next. It is akin to watching a crazy person on public transportation…you don’t want people to know that you are actually curious what nonsense it spewing out of their mouth, but it is so nonsensical, that you cannot help but stare and wonder what is happening in between their ears.

        I think it is fair to say that Machaffie is having a constant tea-party in his mind with John Lennon serving the Mad Hatter and TuPac Shakur.

        Liked by 1 person

  20. Hi Folks, I’m new here and hope that my copy/paste here from today’s (Monday) Fulford update is not inappropriate. Hoping for a reply from WhiteHatsAuxiliary. If this is true than I fail to see any positive potential for funding of the prosperity programs, etc., in the months ahead.

    “It is true that the pentagon white hats support Obama because, in their words: “he prevented World War 3 from starting in Syria.” However, the agency white hats need to realize they were given a false choice in the last election between Mitt Romney and world war 3 or Obama and no change.
    There is a third option and that is to march into Washington, arrest all the criminals, and set up an interim government headed by the joint chiefs of staff to preside over the restoration of the Republic of the United States of America with an up-dated constitution.”


    1. Hello,


      I would not worry about Fulford’s “intel”. He has been extremely inaccurate on things that someone with connections would not have missed.

      Good things are happening and we just have to let those who are making them happen do their thing.


    2. Clarification: …sorry for the bad writing. In my comment above, please read as, “If it is true that the pentagon white hats support Obama…” as per Fulfords quote then I fail to see any positive potential for funding of the prosperity programs in the near term (remainder of this year). Can anyone confirm or deny this assertion by Fulford? Thank you.


    3. Whoa. ‘Extremely inaccurate’ indeed.

      My take from the White Hat reports #1 all the way through #47+ is that they’ve not been supporters of Obama or Romney and seem to have no delusions of who/what either is.

      And I’ve never been a Fulford follower (could never get past his creepy picture) but I seem to recall him claiming the joint chiefs of staff had been “compromised and brain-washed”.

      Didn’t mean to be snarky, I just don’t have much tolerance for people like Fulford who make such bold declarative statements that affect people who are desperately seeking truth. But I digress.

      Welcome aboard ThomasCSS!


  21. Today’s quote from OWON:

    “Somewhere mass speculators still seem to blindly think they have a right to the planet to blindly bail then out to escape to a fantasy life saddling the world with hundreds of Ts of debt. Sure, the IMF will go with that? And Pigs will?

    Here is my response to that:

    1- OWON seems to have forgot about the Indonesia event that happened last month that involves many quadrillions of dollars which are going to be used to fund the GCR and other things. Funding the Dinar, Dong and other currencies RV’s will not be an issue with that much money coming in.

    2- 100’s of trillions of debt?

    Debt is only created with the current FIAT financial system. When the new system goes online all the currencies of the world will be asset backed and debt notes will disappear worldwide. The money people make off the revalued currencies will not create debt in that environment. Judge Dale explained how that works last year.

    3- Like I have said many other times OWON has a pattern of giving out information in which he gives positive info, then negative, and then positive, and then waits a few days, and then negative again, and he has been doing this since he was posting in the official White Hats website years ago. He’s doing the same thing he was doing way back then.

    4- It seems to me that OWON’s idea of a perfect world is to fund PRIVATE PLACEMENT programs to create a couple of MEASLY trillions of dollars to create more OBSOLETE infrastructure and put millions of people to work in low to medium paying jobs.

    5- Whoo hooo!!!!! We are going to be soooooooo happy now that EVERYONE in the USA has a job making $10.50 an hour which gives everyone enough money to pay the rent and other bills and keep them in perpetual slavery until they die. That sounds to me EXACTLY what the OLD PTB have done, but with a new coat of paint (new PTB).

    6- There are people on this blog that are as smart or even smarter than OWON’s buddies that are making millions. A lot of good and smart people being abused daily. The difference between them and us is lack of connections, environment, lineage and none of us has sold out, or have had the opportunity to do so.

    So, because of that we need to be happy and take the $10.50 an hour job (just over broke) and shut up and be happy. Well, not me my friend!!!!!

    What makes YOU BETTER THAN ME?

    I decided to be one of those mass speculators that have a right to the planet to escape our daily burden and ACHIEVE the so called “fantasy life” he is talking about. Yeah that life you know similar to the one OWON IS ENJOYING RIGHT NOW. I’m sure everyone here feels the same:)

    Time will tell if he is right or not. I hope he is not. That’s all we can do at this time.


    1. Pete,
      well put. The back and forth from OWON is something to see, along with the idea that it just seems that OWON just doesn’t want to see a bunch regular people with money. It’s better if the PP just go through, so they can do things as they see fit, but we are living in fantasy land if we think we can do anything. I seem to recall how we will pay it forward, now we are living in fantasy land for thinking we can do something with OTHER people’s money. It is quite an ordeal to watch play out.


      1. Nicely stated Pete, yep, I agree, the pick ’em up slap them down rhetoric is annoying. I bet there are many dinarians or sheeple which appears to be the moniker of the day, that are professional folks pulling down a nice income. As far as I’m concerned, I got into this cause I saw opportunity to make $. I’m not going to deny that. But I’m by no means a free loading dreamer as outlined in certain OWON posts. I hope everyone gets paid big from this. One thing I notice is that OWON site has gotten very anti-american. You have people there echoing some of the leadership comments such as let Russia and China bomb them. WWWIII will straighten them out and so forth (I paraphrase). Hysteria breeds hysteria. If you go to OWON site, read it with a grain of salt. There are some very good articles there with excellent authors.
        Don’t let one person’s post ruin your day and get you down.


    2. Pete, Thank you for your post!!! I agree with it all!!!! It will be very Interesting to see how this all plays Out!!! I wish the best for all!! Thank you WHA for the wonderful job you do here!!


  22. I really would love to meet someone three hundred years of age I could not imagine how many stories they could tell. Let’s all keep the country of Iraq in our prayers for safety and protection durning this time while they are going thru the election process. And also for the rest of the the world that peace and prosperity will flow over all of like milk and honey and we will soon see end to all of the madness and new beginning that is much brighter and sweeter than we could ever imagined. That only GOD can provide us.



  23. Hello WHA,
    You are staying busy. For over twenty years there have been things that I have attempted to have “fact checked.” Sometimes I have been successful, and other times no results. There are two things I am curious about now. I am sure others are curious as well.

    1) The White Hat Guy said they had been informed that technology 10,000 years ahead of current normal technology was possessed by certain humans, and
    2) ZAP has said there are Chinese elders living today who are three hundred years old.

    Bold claims that need to be fact checked. Thank you.


  24. Hey,,, starting to wonder about this John guy from OWoN… he seems to have a chip on his shoulder… he mostly bashes other gurus or groups when the question he is asked is not ever leading in that direction… maybe he is upset because he is not getting the exposure he wants?… or maybe upset be cause he is not fully in the know… it does seem as though he has a chip on his shoulder for… if you would rather I did not bring over his posts anymore just say so… I read a small post from AL H and he seems to distance himself and the truth from anyone other than the the WHITE HATS… so, I wait and wait… Thanks, and sorry for the bother!


  25. All of you can make a difference NOW! Help stop another genocide like Rwanda.
    South Sudan is fast becoming a genocidal time bomb — but in days we have a unique chance to defuse it once and for all. The next days are crucial — with peace talks resuming this week, the US and France are calling on the UN Security Council to impose sanctions. Let’s take advantage of this perfect storm of opportunity and flood key global leaders with 1 million voices urging them to save the people of South Sudan. Join now:


  26. I’m putting this here as a reply to Gazza because I believe this will help calm some people and can be better seen than above:

    “Jesus Christ! The Dinar was at 3+ in the late 80′s an early 90′s. 3+ is its NATURAL rate ,but the bad guys have artificially driven the rate of the Dinar to where it is right now. I see the 3.44 or 344 number everyday (sometimes 2 or 3 times) and that’s something more than human telling me that will be the rate of the Dinar when this circus is finally over. You are letting your beliefs about money find “logic” to an event that can’t be measured by “logic”.”

    I personally believe the old notes will be redeemed and everything will be fine. This is the perfect opportunity to put good money in millions of people’s pocket and those millions will help their fellow human family, so I sense the good guys at the top will not waste that once in thousands of years opportunity. It will happen. I have no doubt, but get some Dongs just in case. It is better to diversify and be prepared.


    1. April 28, 2014 at 2:08 AM

      No one has received a dollar yet, but for PPs, if in the right sector of Cash brought into the US, NOT Speculators, there are very serious discussions in play.
      Unless you are in such a group, you are nowhere.

      I have no idea what the Dong rate will be yet,but the PP status of the groups involved would allow them to clear Dinars for example as a Tier operation, swapping their holdings for a new Dinar transaction enabling Iraq to balance its books and negate other Tiers.
      Somewhere mass speculators still seem to blindly think they have a right to the planet to blindly bail then out to escape to a fantasy life saddling the world with hundreds of Ts of debt. Sure, the IMF will go with that? And Pigs will ?
      There is a mass belief of an impossible rescue coming. If only Finance and Treasury .Minsters dealing daily with insolvent economies had such hope. But then, who values the opinions of National Professionals compared to the collective opinions of both Guru and wannabe land?
      Puff the Magic Dragon is flying in with Gzillions to fund all.
      Its all still chaos but lets wait and see daily.
      It can all turn in a heartbeat.


      1. April 28, 2014 at 5:20 AM

        Mass chaos still. Where is the money to settle anything right now?
        We seem to have a world of Welfare Beneficiaries dreaming of how they will rescue the world based on Other Peoples Money. Too many on Whakkie Backie it seems. Delusion is spreading. Only dreams are free. There is not the money in the world to fund their fantasies. Don’t try to reason with Delusional head cases. It seems to be catching.


    2. Yes! When the word “quadrillions” is used to describe the wealth held in trust by the Elders and off-balance-sheet assets, even if 200 trillion dinar have been printed the use of just one of those Q’s would pay all dinar holders at the $3 rate and facilitate massive changes for good in the world. We saw the tip of that ice berg in FCC 118. A rate of a dollar would use less than a quarter quadrillion. And if some of that 200T is counterfeit it’s a smaller amount yet of the world funding. To me it just makes so much sense to spread the money around – changes and improvements will come about so much more quickly when many have the $ to spend on their projects. We can be the change we want to see in the world. As the old adage says “many hands make light work”.

      When we have not/are not able to do the heavy lifting of breaking the cabal, I trust we will be given the opportunity to show how grateful we are to those that have by making the world a better place. The White Hats have asked us to pay it forward. It makes sense that there will be funds at hand to facilitate that.


      1. That Yes! was for Finnick Odair’s comment. When I wrote it there were no replies on his comment so I never thought to address mine. Now it looks a little disjointed so just want to clarify.


    3. Finnick Odair,
      Well said brother. I read interesting article by “guru” outlining how UST can trade dinar dollars for oil credits which they hold essentially paying down the nat’l debt and funding $ for dinarians to cash out. Very interesting read. I too believe we will be able to cash out soon and I’m not even in a group, just hold miniscule teensy weensy amounts but enough to power forward when this is over.


  27. That’s it, I’m done with this and I quit. This roller coaster ride is just too much, I’ll figure something else out as far as investments and speculation go. I understand this is a fluid and dynamic situation but having held both the dinar and dong for nearly a decade, I’ve lost my ability to endure these constant ups and downs anymore.

    Good luck and peace to you all, remember to love your fellow man.


    1. If I may suggest, just put your currency in a safe place and seek a diversion. I don’t know the benefit of quitting since it would be almost effortless to just hold onto your currencies and await news which is sure to be very public.

      I don’t know how so many people are seeing that today brought bad news. The news from the front has been very good.

      Hang in there. Stop fixating on rates and do what gives you joy.


      1. Though I can’t agree with the “very good”, I do agree that waiting a bit longer for the very public news is the most prudent thing to do after all this time. Had the gurus not lied all the time, people would not be so upset now. Keeping ourselves busy with things we ourselves can do is the best medicine against anxiety.
        I also want to thank those of you who have visited my blog from here. Even though comments there would have been appreciated, no comments won’t deter me from the path I’ve chosen.


    2. May I suggest you not to read anything else but the pertinent information for the event from WHA and ignore everything else from the GURU bunch and OWoN?
      I find OWoN to be callous and hurtful. The people who run that site are the top echelons. What does that mean? They got billions of sterling pounds and Canadian dollars to sit on while we the peons in the colony are barely getting by.
      I sometimes find them relishing on inflicting pain on the colony subjects as if we had any choice in the current predicament we find ourselves in, so don’t read anything the elites put out to “educate” us; it is a blessing for us to have the filter through WHA.
      Just maintain your self-sufficiency in the meantime and empower yourself with knowledge that will help you in the future with or without the event.


      1. I would also go on to saying that “elites” are basically parasites who do not produce anything value for the rest of the society because they can tax us to death, literally.
        So why do we, the colony subjects, want to give our powers away to yet another elite?
        Can we have a world without “elites”?
        That was the idea behind when the settlers left the European nations to the New World, yet we still found ourselves slaving to the “elites” who are fighting among themselves to get better edge over other “elites”.
        We will see what BRICS is all about when the dust settles, for I believe nothing the “elites” do is for the commoners.
        They do everything to protect their self-interests.
        There is a lot of work ahead of us. That much is for sure with or without the “event”.


  28. These new Comments brought over from OWoN today about things turning on a dime and now the RV number is over $3…

    Sigh . . . . My heart can’t take it! LOL! But then maybe Iraq will just dump the currency I am holding and release even newer currency and mine will be wallpaper like Daryl Luke’s.., oh wait that penny is sounding good… I could at least move to the country with a penny.

    I was just starting to hope for 2015 (don’t be mad) because if I hold my Dinar for a year or longer before I cash-in the tax rate goes down drastically—to 15%… Plus I have an extra $500 coming from a long-past-due client in a couple days, so she says out-of-the-blue, and I want to buy $10 Million Dong with that, since at this point my bills are current, I have gas and food, I have no CC debt to pay down or off.

    I toyed with the idea of swapping my Dinar for Dong but don’t want to chance something being in transit. That would be a tragedy so I won’t chance it. That’s why I won’t do the layaway. In want to hold it, touch it, feel it.

    Then in the back of my mind I AM sort of hoping for the Murphey’s Law effect.. If I prepare for a years wait then I could be blindsided with the RV on a dime!

    The mental gyrations I go through! That is 2 minutes in my head. I gotta get outta here until the dust settles. Wow. I don’t know how anyone that listens/reads the GuRoo sites has any stomach lining left.

    QUESTION: Tony, what Time Zone are you in? I’m guessing Pacific because you appear to fade out around midnight. I know the timing of “the BIG post on how to cash-in” is being discussed so it can benefit the little folks too, and I would feel better knowing when you are asleep…not that you would not get a 4am call… Just can’t help but want to be available.

    I should just bury my head in the FAQs as a distraction! I will, however I have a new client starting May 1, once I get the learning curve under control I will get on it, should be a couple weeks. Hope we don’t need them though!



  29. Hey Everybody calm down trust GOD he has this totally under control it is going to let the RV happen and he is going to provide what he feels we all need. Make do with what he blesses us with and do what we be planning on and stay together as a team. Hang in there Tony the Tiger Your doing a awesome job.




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