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Before approaching Reno to ask for consideration to help the groups we needed first to ascertain if a viable volume existed.

Sadly it has not been the case, it is way too small.

A new approach will be considered after we see a live market emerge.

The initiative was a Test Sample which concludes there is no viable case to proceed.

All information collected will be destroyed. 

Thanks to those who participated.



Well, unfortunately, the numbers were not there, so the initiative to possibly help you all will not commence.

We appreciate the time you all took to provide the tally of your holdings of Dinar and Dong, and as written above, all this information will be destroyed. We do NOT maintain lists or data bases outside of the World Press internal features that store your posts and information. You have my assurances that your email addresses and information will NOT be shared with anyone and will be deleted.

I spoke with our WH contact last night. Despite all the recent blather from the ubiquitous dinar “intel” world, we have not had a revaluation thus far. I would expect such weekly pronouncements to continue unabated as they have for years. We will stay in close touch with those who know what is truly going on and will provide you with any and all information that we can, when we can.

As all of you know, WHA is simply a watcher and checker. We have the connections to check on most everything claimed that is germane to the events related to the WGS, and we will now concentrate on that mission. It’s a simple task, but an important one, we feel, because there are so many people who have been placing their hopes on these upcoming events. As such, we really want you to have the true facts. It is only with truth that you can have a firm grasp on what actions to take in present time to plan for the future – WGS/GCR, or not.

Thank you, and please accept my sincere thanks and appreciation for your recent participation.



  1. Boy, that grammar is just terrible from that tyraid @ 9:27 am. Lack of comas to crate run-ons.
    Exclamations to get his/its point across.Omg.!!!




  3. Sorry too Jake if I blew up over your post.

    Emotions running high and all that!

    Just want this ride over with so I can move on with my life and not think about this thing 24/7!

    And yeah like Texian said, the overprinting issue could be the early warning that we need to prepare for disappointment, IMHO.

    Either way it’s gotta be darn close now surely…??


    1. gazza – you can stop thinking about this 24/7 any time you want. just stop thinking about it – find something else to occupy your mind. even if you don’t have a job – do some volunteer work. practice meditation. if you do not learn to detach from your thoughts you will never be happy – with or without the reval. get a grip my friend!


  4. Out of all the security features on the current dinar-this is the one that is most difficult to fake:

    In a dimly lit area, hold a UV lamp over the Iraqi dinar. You should clearly see a UV box with writing inside on the back side of the dinar.

    Now, go find a Hippie and get some piece of mind.


    1. Jake

      It’s not really about that, it’s about the bigger issue: if Iraq has decided to design new notes already, what does that really mean for the RV? I know the current notes are secure, so why do they want even more secure notes? Is this somehow a way to start prepping the situation for an RV of the new notes only? Is this one stepping stone towards the final result of us dinar holders being shafted and getting nothing after all?

      Bottom line is, I know we are trying to stay positive here, but we are powerless and we are at the very bottom of the pecking order. And WHA has been told that OWoN are in the know for real, and OWoN have been talking more and more along the lines of “life is a bitch, sorry about your damn luck” on their site towards dinar holders. Now we hear 5T dinar is all Iraq want in this RV and nobody knows how much is really out there.

      I’m not trying to bring you all down, I’m in this too! I’m trying to piece things together by reading between the lines and getting some ideas out there. But I feel many on here are just not playing that game, perhaps for fear of the possibility of it coming to nothing. I have that fear too, but looking the other way won’t help.

      Holding a light up to a dinar won’t mean squat if Iraq pushes for a 5T RV. I’m not talking about “are my dinars real?” I’m talking about “is this another hint that this thing is crumbling further?”.

      I’m not saying it is and I am not trying to be the voice of doom. I’m trying to spark real conversation about what it could all mean!

      No amount of joints will get me piece of mind if my only shot in life of having a life falls through. Better to mentally prepare now for the worst possible outcome and be happily surprised later on.

      Either OWoN are in the know or they are not. I think they there, as WHA has been advised. OWoN is keeping a fair balance by helping us yet telling us the dark side of all this. That “negativity” is not them being nasty, it is reality.

      You know, some people out there still think they are gonna get $30+ out of this! People are crazy. 1c sounds ok the way things are going. $3 sounds to fantasyland for people on the street like us.

      From OWoN on April 29th:
      apologies if I in particular am guilty of yet again telling some Welfare case with $500 expecting a $5M Disneyland pay off then expecting to change the world, to get with a new program, its not happening. So apologies for questioning rice bowl expectations, reality is a bitch, but if Iraq needs c$5T to stabilize, and can afford no more, where is the new pot of Monopoly Money coming from?
      G7, the IMF,World Bank, Bank of England,Fed and Treasury clearly are only amateurs compared to Dinar land?

      … see what I mean?

      I’m really not talking torches and security watermarks with my comments here! I’m talking final endgame – what will we REALLY end up getting?!


      1. Think they call it “the shaft.” When Tony mentioned in passing that FED had overprinted Iraq currency, I realized our “ship” had run aground. How does the FED have any business involving themselves with Iraq’s currency anyway? There will be an RV and the connected will cash in. Everyone needs to start wrapping their minds around this so the despair won’t be too much when it happens. All of us know it was a real high flyer. If it’s in God’s plan, the people will be taken care of.


      2. Sorry if my comment came off as an attack on you gazza. My whole life I have lived in a beach town in San Diego. I look for opportunities to give hippies a hard time.

        I saw an opportunity with the black light/uv lamp thing and took it.

        I have nothing against hippies, however, it is common in my town to tease in a loving way.

        I always enjoy your posts and did not think before I pressed post.


    1. Lol what is going on??! I’m so confused! I thought the current dinars had all the security needed? Is this a ploy to get rid of the current dinar?! Could the banks upon the rv say no to older (current) notes?! This thing is playing out like a real drama! The current dinars were advertised as highest security features around.

      Its either good news, bad news or both!


      1. The safety features are improved. It’s not a case of the prior issues not having any safety features at all.

        Anyone buying through a registered seller should be fine. If you bought through E-bay, just have them checked if you are not certain.


  5. from OWofN

    May 5, 2014 at 9:11 AM

    eyes wide open. Forget small, you are what its all about.
    On Dongs and Dinars we have a BLANKET of no communication releases for the next 2 weeks in place OK. Read that as ? Trying? We can only advise if successful afterwards. Lets wait and see.


    1. Correct me if I am wrong, but it sounds like they are trying to release this to us. Is that what they are trying to say?


      1. My interpretation is that the cone of silence is being lowered. I take this as a hopeful sign. It also says to me that the ‘early warning’ for the two websites won’t be forthcoming. That makes sense to me. After all to give us a heads up also tips their hand to those that will do all they can to stop it. I think the element of surprise is a tool they want to be able to use. Works for me! I would be happy to have this roller coaster come to a full and complete stop!


        1. It’s highly questionable that the bad guys would be using this site to plan their strategy to stop anything.

          While not everything can be said here, it’s more for the protection of our site and the people we deal with than causing harm to a world-wide process that would run over this blog like a tank over a beetle. Our role is very, very small. We just want to keep you updated with whatever we can release to you, which is a very small stream of information compared to what potentially could be released.

          The toughest part of my work is pushing to get you what I can, while maintaining respect for those giving me what they can, while not pushing so hard that I wear out my welcome. It’s not easy knowing there is more information, but restraining the urge to press the matter.

          I am fortunate that the people I contact are very understanding, and have the most incredible patience and quantities of politeness. Such values are simple, yet they allow understanding to flourish between us. I consider them the best mentors you would ever want to have.

          Thank you.


    2. Is there a reason these people do not speak in plain english? I mean what is he even trying to say here? WHA I want you to know you are pretty much the only person I have ever read that has the ability to form a complete sentence and to speak clearly what information you are trying to give. Don’t think it isn’t appreciated.


      1. Tony, you do such a fabulous balancing act is your last name Wallenda? I wouldn’t be surprised. 🙂

        I know we are small potatoes here, but I also know that sometimes posts and Q&A get carried to other sites, so the reach goes way beyond us here. I had that back of mind when I made the comment. I know you would give us more information if you were able to do so without cause for concern over losing that balance. Kudos and gratitude, as aye.


      1. My opinion is that I think they would have to allow everyone holding our dinars to exchange for new ones if it happened, surely they would have to give a window? Yet, the other half of me think they probably have ways and methods I could never dream up to skirt round it and just do an internal RV leaving us all out in the cold. But then what about the big players like the US holding loads of dinar..? Or, could the big players get a deal anyway to keep them sweet while we little people are still left out in the cold..? I really do not know. OWoN has touched on this being a possibility and since then it has been nagging at me.


  6. it is rather lengthy….but here is Lee wanta on coast to coast early this morning..what are your thoughts?? Anyone


    1. This is a pretty good interview. The White Hats have gone on record as having worked with Mr. Wanta at one time in the past.

      There was one nut who called in to complain about some off topic anger about the military wounded not getting compensation, as if that is Leo Wanta’s fault, but overall, it was not bad.


    2. Let’s bring all this info out to the public. Sooner the better. It MIGHT wake up a few sheeple if TMZ runs it. With the ‘honeypot’ angle in every story, TMZ may be interested. :-0)


  7. Happy Sundat to all,
    Thank you WHA, I obviously am not a good writer, especially when I write half a page to make a few point. Tony, you have really stated the problem very succinctly in two posts, “guru sites have 40 million hits and we have access to those who are actually holding meetings with world leaders and we have yet to crack a million”. Wow, well put. I know that we all want to see this world change, to become more just. To be more fair, to all, not just the poor. And so many many other issues. We all want to belong to something bigger than us. We all want to see right thinking, right action, right change prevail. We who come here and OWON, have been givin ALL the information we, or I will say, I, can digest. It has taken me time too see the light. To see where I find the truth. I do not always agree with OWON’s method, or the manner in which they put certain things. But I have even come to realize, or at least I believe, some of the harsh ways they sometimes put things has a reason. I have also began to read OWON as my most important and balanced place to see the real world truth as it is, not as I thought it to be. Both sites have shown me many issues that need to be changed. WHA stated that we have the right people fighting for us at the top levels. It is not for me to know more than that. I don’t need to know who the WH’s are, or who they are talking, working, struggling with for right change to take place. I have OWON to show me the issues they are, or maybe going after, but I don’t need to know that. What I DO NEED is to know what the real world truth is, and do my part in, as Tony put it in another post, TO GET OUT AND PUSH. We are all in different places. Rich, poor, somewhere in between. If we do our research as outlined for us by those that are ” who are actually holding meetings with world leaders” by reading and digesting what is posted on OWON, and follow the guidance given here by the WH to WHA, than it ceases to be about me and when I can exchange and at what rate. It becomes about what can WE do to affect change. Tony put it perfectly when he said,”the problem is not enough are getting out and pushing”. My brothers and sisters, I do not have the answers, I know I don’t even understand all the real world truth, but I do understand much of it based on my life experience and education. Someone else here will understand other things that I do not and may have ideas for us to GET OUT AND PUSH. I need the money as bad as anyone else. But we have been taught that right now that is not what we need to he worrying about. More qualified people are doing that for us. We will not see any exchange at any rate unless we do our part. I for one do not care what any guru has too say in anyway. I care about what the WH, WHA, and OWON has to say to us. My suggestion is we leave all those other sites alone and stay here with WHA and OWON. Tony has said it a thousand times, we will be told when it happens here on this site. Also, we are informed as too the facts that we need to know as one world of nation.
    So, let us all leave behind the guru stuff of when will it happen, what rate, behind. Let’s stay informed, do what is asked of us here and show the heroic men and women meeting with world leaders that WE HAVE THIR BACKS. They have our fronts, they are on the fronts, we need to have their backs and grab hold of the truth and GET OUT AND PUSH.
    Again, I apologize for the poor writing. I am so frustrated that Tony needs to repeat himself so many many times. I for 1 say NO MORE ME, I SAY WE, WE GET OUT AND PUSH and leave the other garbage behind. Otherwise folks we may not see an exchange we will not see change. Let’s help them affect the change that this world so badly needs. God bless the WH. Keep them safe from harm, guide them, give them strength and courage when they need it and God bless all the others involved in this HUGE undertaking. And God bless us all here. Thank you Tony for your courage, patience and guidance.
    Deus Caritas Est

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    1. Respectfully, I am not a proponent of just waiting to be told. I want to have my constitutional rights back and leaving that to others has NOT worked out do well to date.

      I figured out a long time ago that you can’t just fight to preserve freedoms in one generationm; it must be done in every generation anew. There will always be people who want to control the party hats, the pot-o-gold and the players. Rise up. Do everything one person can.


  8. what is the connection between the dinar rv and the release of the wgs?

    which comes first?

    or do they come at the same time?

    or is one necessary to cause the other?



  9. WHA :

    I cant seem to wrap my head around 200T in dinars in circulation and overprinting .
    The math of approx $3.00 x 200 Trillion dinars = I dont understand ?
    Where is all the money coming from ? Do our government really want US to become millionaires OVERNIGHT ?
    Please shed some light with my uneducated concern ?
    I have only been in this currency speculation since Dec…..I have heard of TNT Tony a few times and I think he is full of cow dung ….WHA site IMO is by far the best source information to obtain an objective and truthful facts . Thank you again.


    1. Hello,

      That is a very complex and thorny issue for which I am not qualified to answer in full. I am quite certain that to bring in the currency at a rate of $3.00, this issue will have to be addressed by those who are expert at such.

      But, is there really 200T in circulation? Does anyone have an audited statement from the Central Bank of Iraq that confirms that number?

      Well, whatever the case, no matter the number, the Iraqi Dinar is estimated to come in at about 1.00 to 3.50, and however they do it, we are lucky that such is not our direct concern to fix or bring off.

      Thank you.


      1. RE: “But, is there really 200T in circulation? Does anyone have an audited statement from the Central Bank of Iraq that confirms that number?”

        Audits? “We don’t need no stinkin’ audits!” LOL

        Obviously, we all agree that an audited report that accurately “evaluates” every aspect of the dinar, would be VERY helpful. But, at the same time, what difference does it make if we CANNOT somehow receive an accurate summary of US Dollars in circulation (both paper AND digital!)

        I honestly feel, to this day, that the primary holdup for the GCR, is the widespread uncertainty about exactly how many trillions of US Dollars the Federal Reserve has outrageously “manufactured out of thin air.”

        Has anybody seen THAT audit?


        1. Spot on David! The FED and the monsters who created it are root of almost all modern times financial evil in my opinion. Not to dismiss the disastrous evils perpetuated on children, women and others over centuries. We have a lot to fix…can hardly wait to get this show on the road. I’m a “senior” so may not have many years left to accomplish, but we have raised two exemplary children who are on the same page and work tirelessly to make things better for many. I’m hopeful they’ll carry on and move everything forward. Let’s go TEAM!


      1. It’s possible that we over-analyze the guru sites. Maybe it’s not prestige or money. Maybe they’re just driven to say something because, after all, people need something to read. In the end, the most frequently uttered words on those sites are much the same as in music: “No, wait; no, wait…”

        Thank you, WHA, for your logical thought processes, ever-accessible wit, patience and clarity– and for not kicking us off the site 🙂 Much of the inane commentary (for example, mine now) is mainly angst aimed at filling the Info gap while waiting for crucial updates. I have every confidence that we will collectively respond with high-quality commentary when it most matters. Meanwhile… “No, wait …”


    1. Elite Instituting Drastic Measures Immediately…

      by James Harkin on Friday, May 2nd, 2014 | 15 Comments

      Pastor Williams just emailed me something I should share with you all immediately…

      “A while back I mentioned that my Elite friend was traveling for a few months. He and his wife JUST arrived back home. I just received an email from him. It was startling beyond words.

      HE SAID -“The Elite are instituting drastic measures which will be implemented IMMEDIATELY. The world as we know it will never be the same again. Expect catastrophic events in the monetary world, nature and the Elite EXPECT DIVINE REPROCUSSIONS.”

      I will try to get my friend to elaborate more.”

      I will add more when Pastor Williams knows more…

      See more at:


      1. Given that fact that they tried to detonate a nuke in Charlotte last summer and now reports are coming in that nuclear material is being sent to 3 places in America, you might have your answer. I would say that would effect nature and the financial world. It would probably have divine repercussions, as well.


      2. This is consistent with the cabal/elite being in such a corner they see no alternative but to scorch the earth on their way out. Regardless of what one may think about ET groups, they have said this would likely occur, and because of their respect for our free will, have no choice but to let the cabal play it out. But, humanity’s free will decision is for peace, and because of that, no nuke will be permitted, and the ET groups have authorisation to intervene to prevent any such event. To me this is credible and logical. I am happy to post the sources of this information if requested and it is permitted. Up to you if you agree. I am simply posting to help calm people’s nerves in case the above post brings any fear. I think what will happen is more chaotic skirmish but no major war outbreak. They sound desperate. Desperate folk make mistakes. What they put in motion will have effects, but not the ones they envisage.


      3. Now Tony, this is typically fear mongering, no facts, just gossip. Fact is that nuclear material was stolen and shipped to USA. Fact is that something is up in Oman. Fact is that the Cabal still are after Iran and that they will use a false flag again to blame Iran, so as to have a reason for attacking Iran. And sadly, Americans are still too blind to see through all this.


  10. WHA

    Do you think once the election results are zipped up and Maliki is announced the winner, then this Iraqi RV (not GCR completely) will finally happen soon after? I get the feeling this election is the big thing delaying it. Note I’m talking only dinar here, nothing else.

    Also note I am not saying the RV will involve our dinars we hold worldwide, as we know Maliki may decide to print new notes and render ours worthless… or not. I just wonder if you feel personally that when the dust settles from the election and he is sworn in again or whatever they do then he will get this thing finally done, one way or the other, to our profit or loss.

    Thank you!


    1. It would seem that every once in a while a news item in Iraq is used as a basis for justifying “intel” as a reason the RV is just about to happen. Even if it is just in Iraq. Aha! NOW the RV can happen! Then, a few months later, another such news item in Iraq will come out, and then, aha! Now we can have an RV. And it repeats, over and over.

      If the election of Maliki is the key to such, then why is it that a few weeks ago (according to guru intel) we were then supposed to have the RV? Just this morning I heard a guru say in the same breath, that it’s not just Iraq, it’s a world-wide event, and then say that Iraq may go first, and the entire world event is centered on Iraq. What???

      We know things can change. We know guru sources are sometimes correct in some ways (i.e., it’s a world-wide event). But, the vast majority of the time we detect a great deal of embellishment and improvising going on in order to save face. You will notice that we NEVER give an advance date. We never impart anything unless we are cleared to say it. Sure, we can speculate on items that are of a general nature. But, we won’t ever scramble to cover our backsides with things like, “Man, I thought we would not be here, but we are, and we don’t know why it didn’t happen”, followed by a Tweet in a few days that “It’s all good”, then later, “We had the RV in December, it just has not been triggered yet”.

      Man, who writes this stuff?

      The latest reason for Iraq’s RV being a sure fire lock has been the re-issue news. Well, if that was the key that held the RV in check, then how can you explain the 1000 prior guru “we have an rv!” announcements that preceded it?

      As mentioned before, and as we again restate here, this is a very complex, world-wide, multi-faceted process involving 200 countries, with each department of every government being affected. Treaties and alliances of 80 years in age are being re-written. The balance of world power is shifting. Monetary systems are changing. Some are losing power, while others are gaining it.

      It is set against such a process that the revaluations will take place. We have never been told that a certain election, or political appointment is the key to it all. Certainly, such things may have an impact in a certain country. But, such events are never held out as the keys to the kingdom of making the entire world-wide thing go forward.

      There is some reason why so many incredibly wild stories of constantly occurring RV’s get spread around. I think that a lot of people out there want to be the one to “call it”, because they have built up a large following and want to make sure that they can maintain their prestige and reputation by doing so. Then, after this goes down, they can bask in the glory of it all, and have everyone look to them for future advice, because after all, they called it.

      I laugh at such notions. Only on planet earth are the patently ridiculous spectacles of our society held up as those to be worshiped, while the truly talented thinkers and builders of the future are ignored because they just aren’t sexy. Some guru sites have 40 Million hits. We have access to those who are actually holding meetings with world leaders, and we have yet to crack a million. (Not that it bothers me, I am just making a point).

      I do not think we will see an Iraqi RV by itself. No such scenario has been told to us as how it will go down. We have been told that about 5 will go first, and the balance of the 15 will follow. We do not know the exact timing, but that is what we were told, and that is what we have shared. We will certainly update you if we are told otherwise.

      Thank you, and enjoy your weekend.

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      1. Well, Tony…I think that I am not the only one to THINK this…so when I say “we” I mean those who have thought it but didn’t have the guts to say it…WE think you’re sexy:-P LOL….sorry, just had to let you know that we appreciate your candor and intellect…


        1. Well, that’s certainly a post I don’t see every day.

          Thank you, VV. But, there will be nothing sexier than to see all this business behind us so we can all get busy making a difference.

          Thanks again.


  11. I’ll leave a link for the conference call with Markz when it is posted. The time is not finalized yet but it should be midweek. Markz said Mr. C would be on the call.


  12. Tony, have the White Hats given any indication of the future role- or demise- of the I R S when the GCR is completed ? If not, do you have any thoughts to share ?


    1. Hello,

      The IRS collects all taxes for the USA. As such, excise taxes on all manner of goods and services, in addition to the one on your income (whatever class it is called), would need to be collected in some way, and without the IRS, there would be no structure to collect them.

      If you mean, will personal income tax go away, then I would say that I have heard of no such plans. Only if we push our lawmakers to get rid of it will such happen. The problem is, that not enough are pushing. So, the income tax remains, and likely will after the WGS.

      The idea that income tax will just go away is largely NESARA based. But, NESARA is not in play, and is only a concept that is often propped up as coming soon. This is not the case, never has been, and most likely never will be.

      My last thoughts are that we should all plan on paying taxes on any gains from the coming changes. We all accept this system with our acquiescence, so we will have to live with it.

      Thank you!


    1. No. As written in the updated 120 of 5-2, the matter is closed and will not proceed. WHA was just assisting in compiling information. That effort is now ceased and over with. You do not have to send any information.


  13. I just read Markz on dinarrecaps. He talks about the powers that are holding this up, the good military and how there will be more disclosure on all of this in the week or two coming up. It’s worth the read. He will be back later tonight to discuss more. (The title of the article is MarkZ “Full Disclosure will be Used From Here On Out” at I4U Saturday PM)
    WHA, do you know of him?


      1. He speaks with M. Cottrell and is going to have a conference call next week. His recent comment was: [MarkZ] Mr Cottrell said I could reveal who he is, he said there would be no hiding and he is looking forward to a very interesting call around mid week. I have perhaps the most plugged in person in the intel world who we will call “Charlotte” for now who will be helping me with moderating the call(her knowledge about the event is stunning). This call will be all about informing the masses. You will feel like Neo when he took the pill…. 🙂 I hope some more of the framers will join as well but that is what we have to look forward to so far. Try to ignore all the slander attacks which I am convinced will be launched in hopes of dis-crediting the call before it happens.


        1. Thank you very much for that fine reporting.

          I am very surprised that Mr. Cottrell is going to do an interview. He is represented by Al Hodges, at least I think he is, and Mr. Hodges has at least on one occasion prevented such interviews.

          Please provide a link for the interview so we can attend, if you can.

          Thank you!


  14. FROM

    Could the WHA comment , please

    Urgent News Flash | Dinar, Dong and the IMF

    From good Political and IMF sources we have just been advised that the IMF are contesting to stop both Dinar and Dong deals, on the grounds that it will represent a vast distribution of unearned wealth to the undeserving US Public.

    Simple reality, they feel that no Americans should be allowed to cash in on the deaths of millions and destruction of nations. So, as this is still as yet unclarified, will the IMF now attempt to introduce a new currency bypassing all the Speculators? Clearly, a Political battle will rage now. A ravaging and mercenary Pentagon hoard will be far from happy if now denied their vast, ill gotten war crimes gains. Nothing is decided but clearly its a new spoke in the wheels. Morally of course, the IMF are right. But, Politicians don’t do moral values. So what chicanery now?


    1. My comment is that this article was from January 2014.

      We asked about this and our WH contact said that it’s not an issue to be concerned about. The “contesting” obviously did not succeed.

      Thank you.


  15. Happy Saturday, just a couple thought. I continue to read the posts, and still find myself very dissappointed. There are many legit questions being asked. I understand why people ask them and seek answers to them. However, I find myself dissappointed because so many people seem to continue to miss the truth. OWON, and before them, the WH site, educated us on the real world truth. I like the rest of us are not part of those on the front lines. So we do not have the answers to the questions some of us think we should know. The answers lay in every FC and comment by Tony. The answers lay in every article and post by John at OWON. Everything else about over printing or is it still this year and so may others are not for us to know. What we need to know is what is written. We need to stop thinking about us and even our projects we want to do to help affect change in our world and our Country. Like Tony says, stay tuned. He tells us too be patient. He always tells us what we need to know. The more informative articles that have woken me up are on OWON. I don’t know why the possible oppurtunity presented to us failed, I don’t need to know. All I need to do is what I am directed to any either site.
    I trust both sites COMPLETLY. Not blindly. I took a good hard look. Logically speaking, for something to be true, objectively true, there cannot be any contradictions in the major premis, minor premis and the conclusion. I have found nothing but the truth. Therefore, I will follow what I am told to do with my Dinar, but more importantly, what to do in my life to make a difference. To do my part, no matter how small to make positive changes in my life and in this world. THIS ONE WORLD OF NATIONS.
    I do believe the possibility of these two sites helping us failed because of the lack of following very simple direction. That is not to say that I have not learned a lot fro many of the members here, I have, it means that we need to trust those who have the right questions to ask because we do not. Not only do we not know the right questions to even ask, but we can’t ever know the answers. It is not for us to know, it is for us to wake up and prepare. Prepare according to the informed and wise people that are letting us have a glimpse inside. To trust WH’s, OWON and WHA. Folks, if we do not trust these people by now than please go back to the gurus. Please. So that those who post about the FCs can do so. Not in a manner to dissect and try to figure out what we THINK is being said. But so the post can adress the issues brought before us. Again, please trust them or go back to the gurus. Trust them and let’s go back to asking the right questions for us.
    Again, please look past my bad writing. I only want Tony and the other people loyal to WHA and the WH to continue with their good work in fighting for change, for what’s right. Also for OWON to continue to educate us on what the real world truth is and then have the freedom here to be directed to figure out what we can do in a well thought out, peaceful way that helps us all to see what GREED is blinding us from seeing and doing. I would bet that this failed because to few did as directed and too many asked too much. Just my too sense. What do I know??? Except to trust those that do know. So God bless us all on this Saturday

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    1. Wow.
      Give God All Glory

      His Timing is Perfect.

      Praying for the World and Thankful for this site and everyone on it.

      It’s going to be fine blessing coming soon. Just let it run it’s course and victory is ahead
      for all of us the story has done been told. We WIN.



  16. In response to the question of whether a revaluation of the Dinar may have already occurred, is about to occur, or could ever occur due to vast overprinting, I suggest a review of this prudent thesis from JC Collins, from his most recent posting, found here:

    (Please don’t get hung-up on Mr. Collins’s use of the phrase “unpeg from the dollar”. The excerpt is best understood in context, where he is drawing out from the original Bretton Woods agreement.)

    “Many are so obsessed with what certain currencies are going to be worth after they unpeg from the dollar and peg to the SDR that they are missing out on the most exciting transition that we will ever see in our lifetime.

    What will the Iraqi Dinar be worth? What will the Vietnamese Dong be worth? How will all that money in circulation be taken out so that the currency can actually be revalued at something worthwhile?

    I get many questions on this all the time and I’ve answered it already to the best of my ability in the post ‘The New Exchange Rate System’. A large portion of the M1 money supply of all countries will be restructured through the SDRM. This will fix both the sovereign debt crisis and currency crisis with one move. The money left in circulation will be revalued based on each countries SDR composition and defined allocation, determined by economic indicators and fundamentals.”


  17. Hi Tony

    Would it be possible to get an update from your WH source on where we stand with the scenario outlined in FCs #114 and FC #115? Is this scenario still a possibility and what we should now be looking toward, or is it largely now superseded?

    thank you


    1. 115 stays important.

      114 may still be the case, but for now, we cannot officially and firmly say it will play out that way.

      Events are progressing, and with progress there are most likely changes. We will keep everyone in the loop as best we can.

      Thank you.


  18. Please indulge my curiosity for a few moments…

    I think that one’s perceptions are, to a large extent, influenced by the lens through which one views the world. There have been reports of conflict and bloodshed in Iraq around the elections, but I have also seen reports and images of growth and major developments in places like Kirkuk. I can focus on one or the other. For a moment I would like to look at this through another lens.

    When we purchased our dinar three years ago, there was a strong sense of, and talk about, how very lucky we were. We well understood that this was a gamble. We thought of it as a lottery ticket which does not expire. But, we felt divinely blessed with the potential windfall and like so many others started planning on the ways we would spend it to heal the planet and assist humanity. It very much felt like “many are called, and few are chosen” given the overwhelming number of people who believed it was a scam. But the tide has turned.

    As people get more and more desperate, and sink deeper into destitution, it is natural that they would grasp at anything which would represent a chance of survival. As the economic noose tightens, the number of people who want in (to the IQD) would naturally increase. Now we are told that the amounts of IQD held, is up around 200 Trillion dollars’ worth.

    The point being that there has been a trend which is not unlike that of the early adoption of a new product: first some resistance, then in comes the early adopters, then through word of mouth (thanks to the not insubstantial efforts of the Gurus) there’s wider acceptance of its legitimacy and value, to the point where (like mobile phones) there are vast numbers of the public with their own holdings.

    If this observation is correct, then it is conceivable that by year’s end there’ll be millions more holding their own stash of dinar, and the over-printing will reach fantasy never-been-seen-before proportions, to 1000 Trillion (?). This would be the phase where we go from media attention, to enthusiasm, to greed, to delusion, and ending in despair! (Borrowed from article on Bitcoins): . Looks like we are in the final phases…

    I would like to make two comments on this view:
    1. We understand how a country can over-print their currency. For example from 1900 to 2010 the USD lost 98% of its value: . We are told that the amount of IQD issued is 200T – and the Iraq economy can support 5T. This means that Iraq has achieved in a decade what it took the USA 110 years to do, and at double the rate 2::1.

    Seems strange. Iraq does not produce any manufactured goods for export. They export oil and gas, etc. which are traded (still) in petro-dollars, achieving 2013 oil revenue of 90 billion dollars. What would be the point of such an (apparently) reckless over-issuing of their currency, especially when Iraqi officials and Central Bankers have made so many statements in recent years of restoring their currency to former values? And with Iraq wishing to take its place in the wider community of nations, it would be expected that they would defend the legitimacy of their currency. (Do the math… 200T x 3.50) – small wonder John from OWoN sees this is a huge problem.

    This is more incomprehensible, when one considers that Iraq exports oil not IQD. Or has the dinar bubble reached such insane proportions where the world wants dinars more than it wants oil?

    2. If we were indeed at this out-of-control juncture, where the amount issued is vastly greater than Iraq can support, and if the trend continues into bubble-mania, what would be required right now? I don’t know what monetary or fiscal initiatives are available, but it would seem to me that a change in messaging to the public (especially to all the “late adopters” in the product cycle) would be required. The euphoria has to be quelled, the mania has to stop. This can be accomplished with “negative” news like “it is unlikely to happen in 2014 or that chaos reigns”.

    Apologies for the long post. There are still many things which don’t make sense, but I guess all we can do is wait and see how it plays out. Again many thanks to WHA and OWoN for bringing us the facts of the moment as they unfold.

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    1. RL,

      Just a heads up in regards to the BTC link you shared.

      The article was arguing that BTC was a bubble at $250ish because it crashed to a bit under $100. (where it stabilized for a while).. Well, it hit $1200ish and has been stabilized at $450 for a while.

      If the trend continues, you are looking at $5k plus BTC w/ a drop to around $2k per BTC.

      Do you still think that BTC is a bubble when it is up 450% since that article was posted?

      (Or as you stated, “ending up in despair”)


    2. R L

      Well said, great post. I feel the same. This dinar flurry is growing exponentially now and the cat is way out the bag. If it had been a little secret, like the Kuwait opportunity in 1990, then some would have made a fortune, like they did, or like they did in bitcoin when they stumbled across it at $2 per coin and decided to lump on heavy for a once-in-a-lifetime shot. Hats off to these people.

      This dinar RV has been many years in the making, has come in an age of super information flow and has become such a media joke it is hard to keep the faith. I know people like Finnick (sorry for spelling) on here says keep the faith, it’ll come in at $3.44 etc and I do hope they are right, of course. But the maths is the maths, like you pointed out, and around $3.44 at 200T+ is a big ask. But then, OWoN has stated the rate they know about is over $3 and will not disclose it yet. So the maths makes me fearful the “scam brigade” may end up being correct EVEN THOUGH it is NOT a scam in the pure sense and plenty of worthy bigger groups have made money on it, as well as the scum up the ladder who get theirs before the ants get a chance.

      I would be happy with 1c per dinar now, or say 5c in reality would make a nice difference to my life. $3+ tells me there is a catch with this, and the maths suggests that catch is that is isn’t for people like us.

      Another clue: OWoN tried to set up our own PP the other day – why? Think about it. They wanted us to be able to cash out, maybe early, but the vast majority, maybe 90-95%, go to worthy causes and not our pockets. That’s great! I was up for that!! But you have to ask “why”. All I can think is OWoN knows that the chances of this thing happening the way we all wanted is getter so remote now that a PP cash in where we only get a few % ourselves was our best shot. See my logic? I am grateful for the attempt made by OWoN and WHA, and I am sorry it failed, but I now suspect that OWoN has indirectly told us “hey guys that was your best chance” by doing this. NO they have never said that, I want to make that clear, I am reading between lines and throwing it out there for discussion.

      Let’s be fair, the IQD isn’t even recognised by banks at the moment. What on earth are we holding?!!!

      We’ll just keep watching and hoping.


      1. We are still assuming the expected rate of between 1.00 and 3.50 will be the rate released when the RV happens (for the dinar).

        I think you are reading far too much into that last effort by OWoN. They do sit high up, that is true. But, just because the group did not bring in enough currency here does not reflect on the overall issue of the RV happening at all. The dinar is problematic, but overall, things are still moving forward.

        Thank you.


  19. No need to comment on Dave Schmidt whatsoever it’s a prima facia. We keep our dong if the RV does happen we go in under their auspice to get triple the street rate at the worst the street rate no risk. No harm no foul. All the while keeping our dong. I am asking with clarity in this scenario with OWOn does an official known RV have to happen in order for what he was proposing to take place?? also he is telling us that he has access to large trusts many clients trading platforms all the necessary big deal things. Only doing this for us because of a goodwill gesture. Why would he not have the little guys piggyback on his big access instead of gathering up our numbers? It’s not their numbers its his feeling for them and goodwill gesture that he’s trying to put forth Whatever thenumbers were would just be added onto his already big numbers. That in is in essence the premise the mom and pops that this dong placement is trying to do if in fact it happens? Since he gathered up peoples numbers can he tell us the numbers he was looking for maybe there’s more available?? These are two different trains of thought but primarily they all he lead to the same place. Thanks


    1. I am not going to take the time to seek the answer to that question.

      The matter is over, and I do not see the need to research the what if’s and if only’s to this particular issue.

      Thank you.


  20. Doesn’t the whole thing have to RV before this would come into play private placement or not?? Another words the whole thing has to be for real before any private placements take place….owon or not ?? Of course the rumors of private placements but nobody really knows. Dave
    Sedona has the dong list that is the same concept that you guys were trying to do except you can walk into the bank with it you don’t have to send anything anywhere. The caveat being the whole thing has to happen first. So even if you have large numbers doesn’t the whole thing have to happen first??


    1. Hello,

      I cannot comment on Sedona’s offer. I described it to our contact and he commented that it sounded highly questionable.

      You will have to ask Dave about the details as I am not going to go near it. His scenario calls for the event to happen first.

      I cannot comment if pre-rv revalues are possible since I do not have the capacity to act as a facilitator of such. Even if I was involved in such, I would not be able to discuss such details in a public forum.

      Thank you.


  21. Hello Tony,
    Thank you so much for your prompt update regarding the outcome of this matter. I just wanted to thank you, the WH’s and OWoN for attempting to assist us all in the manner in which you each did. It was very much appreciated and I personally am very grateful to you all.


  22. alwaysme

    You really don’t like me do you?

    You and your comments/attitude make me hope the RV really does only happen internally in Iraq.

    That would put this whole nasty RV business to bed once and for all and we (you and I) wouldn’t be tempted to engage anymore.


  23. If you are a CMKXer its just another day in the circus… I will say this site is very refreshing to say the least… please keep us informed as much as possible… TY WHA


  24. Hmm… so do you think maybe the vast over-printing isn’t quite as vast as suspected? And/or that dinar speculators aren’t holding as much currency as previously thought?

    I know of people who have placed massive orders on reserve or layaway, and I’ve wondered if, when the RV occurs, dinar dealers will actually be able to fulfill these orders.

    Regardless, we forge ahead with faith and gratitude and unwavering support for those working so hard to make this world a better place for all. Always.


    1. alwaysme

      I don’t understand – the overprinting clearly is a huge issue – why are you saying perhaps it isn’t after all?

      As for reserves I don’t trust them. If you can’t touch it you don’t own it.

      Side thought just popped into my head: our PP attempt failed in about 2-3 days, I wonder how Dave Schmidt’s PP (or rather that other guy who is organising it, some guru guy can’t remember his name) is still open and running along? I wonder how long it’ll take before his collapses IF it is genuine?

      I at least take heart in the fact we were told very quickly its a “no go” – that tells me OWoN is genuine and isn’t out to screw with anybody’s feelings. If it had dragged on for weeks only to be a “no” I would have been suspect about them/it!


      1. Gazza,

        I’m not ‘saying’ anything (in regard to overprinting), I asked a question… 2 in fact.

        If you are attempting or would like to answer my questions, by all means do so but with verifiable facts please.

        Thank you.


  25. Wha

    Serious question not being a troll:

    This recent attempt at a private exchange has seemed to suggest the original idea of walking into a bank, alone, as a single person holding dinar and getting a buck or three (or even a penny!) per dinar has gone now… is that the case? Note my question isnt about rates its about procedure. Has this basic concept disappeared now? Have things evolved past the idea of simple bank exchange after the announcement?


    1. We have not been told that the dinar is a total bust. If we are told such a thing, we will post it here. We won’t hide information, good or bad. We have nothing to gain from pumping up or embellishing “intel” to gain traffic for Google ad revenue.

      We have not been told that the idea of a public exchange is “no longer the case”.

      The very minute that we are told that the GCR/WGS etc, is kaput, you will be told. I would not want someone blowing sunshine up my bum, and I likewise would not do that to any of you. Without a profit motive to this blog, it would make doing so simply for spite. And that would be worse than for profit. It wont happen here.

      Thank you.


  26. Certain individuals in iraq are saying the rv has already happened the door is shut and big players have done well, therefore we little people are too stupid to see this and we have no chance. Wha or anyone else heard this too? I read it earlier today.


    1. Well, these “certain individuals” can come forward and contact us here and we would be glad to see some evidence of that claim, with strict assurance we wont cause harm. Our word is our bond, laid bare for all to observe.

      Thank you.


  27. OK. The pp that wha and owon tried to out together failed. Iraq may use new dinars over old notes. Where are we with the Vietnamese dong? Also thank you for giving us the info as accurate as you can. Also a special thank you to the people behind the scenes at bat for the people I know youve all tried your best


    1. All we know is that the dong is certainly better situated for progress in whatever ways that progress is defined in all this business. The Dinar, well, we know the story – lot’s of problems, overprinting, etc. Quite a contrast to the TNT side of things. It’s being worked on, but we don’t know all the details at this time. We will pass any details we are allowed to know when we get them.

      Thank you!


  28. I’ll let you decide on this WHA if this is By Gordan Duff,senior Ed : this is another story I don’t want to write or be interviewed about.I only post these things because the sources are not Internet gossip but are too credible to ignore .I do not get joy out of this,the obvious reason is to stop another 9/11

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  29. Oh my gosh. SO disappointed to read the update. I really felt we had a good shot at this. But it makes me wonder – can there be as many dinar out and about in the world as speculated at OWoN when two websites couldn’t pull off the number needed to give us a large enough pool? Perhaps the trillions aren’t out there after all. Wishful thinking??

    Anyway, I came to the blog with information to share regarding assisting veterans. One of the updates from OWoN in FC 120 had mentioned “Help for Heroes” in a way that looked to me that it is an organization so I thought I would do a bit of research, as making a donation to veterans had been put forth as part of the plan. That got me wondering if there was an international umbrella group for veteran’s organizations, or one worldwide group such as we think of Red Cross. Now we know the private placement isn’t going to happen, but I thought I would share what I’ve learned anyway.

    Help For Heroes – a UK program
    Helping Our Heroes – Dallas,TX, USA and Grantham, UK
    Help Our Military Heroes – Danbury, CT USA
    Those were the orgs I found with ‘Help’ in the name.

    There are two Wounded Warriors Projects that I already knew about and those two were all I was able to find. One is based in the USA, the other in Canada.

    None of the websites I found appear to have a linking program to their similar charities in other countries, so I tried searching on another tack. I found a list of veteran’s assistance organizations on Wikipedia, which is far from conclusive. That was obvious from the get-go as Wounded Warriors Canada isn’t on the list, but I include the link anyway as a place to start for anyone interested:'_organizations
    There are 2 organizations listed as global. The World Veteran’s Federation, as listed on Wiki is a little confusing as the summary says they represent 181 vet’s organizations in 96 countries but further down the page says 170 orgs in 93. Either way, they have global connections.

    So, even though we are not being considered for PP in Reno, I share this info. When we did FC 118 on projects it became apparent many of us have plans for assisting armed forces personnel so I thought this info might still hold some value.

    Let’s keep the faith and visualize every day this “thing” completed in a manner that makes life a little easier for those of us living with financial stress/duress, and the world a whole lot better off from the millions of ways it will be paid forward.


    1. “…[C]an there be as many dinar out and about in the world as speculated at OWoN when two websites couldn’t pull off the number needed to give us a large enough pool? ”

      Please don’t take this the wrong way, I don’t mean this to sound mean-spirited.

      People who read and post on websites such as OWoN & WHA may have a handful, or perhaps a briefcase-full, of currency to exchange (me included). You know who doesn’t read or post on such sites? Black-ops groups and multimillionaire speculators, who may collectively have MANY WAREHOUSES full of currency for exchange.


      1. Occasnl Trvlr – taken in the spirit you intended I’m sure.

        I am still so naive about banksters and black ops and other ‘critters’ – honestly, what you’ve suggested never even crossed my mind. Thanks for the eye-opener (I think! Sometimes in all this I think I rather like naiveté. It certainly makes the world a simpler place. Sigh……)

        Seriously, thank you.

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  30. With all that’s going on, the White Hats are still trying to get an outcome that will be favorable for us, and I’m grateful for that. I know they’ll succeed and will continue to visualize a win-win situation for all. Thanks WH and WHA.

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  31. Thank you OWON and WHA for presenting the truth, the real world truth on your sites. It saddens me, so many posts on OWON about the most important issues that we as one world of nations that are echoed here, have not been internalized. There are many people who have not “gotten it”, and so many others who may have awoken to the many issues we face today and into the future. I believe the idea was to educate us to what we are blinded too. Or otherwise would have thought were conspiracy theories. I for one have woken up. I will do my part in making this country what she should be again, making this world what it should be.. ONE WORLD OF NATIONS. I realize that is a very broad statement. We all live in different places with different issues and different countries with different issues. I have the utmost respect for Tony, you are truly a sharp, patient and dedicated man fighting for truth, justice, love among many other things. So for that Tony, THANK YOU.
    We all toil in God’s Kingdom every day. No matter what denomination or religious beliefs, we are all under the same God. There are so many articles written, posted on OWON that discribes in detail what we are facing. So many issues spoken about on both blogs, to wake us out if our slumber. We have been lulled to sleep over decades. I am not a conspiracy theory person, but I have learned so much that I for one have woken up like do many others here. Now what are we going to do about it. I am not talking about anything violent or conspirital. I have been asking myself, what can I do? What is my role? How can if leave this world a better place for my children and grand children? That brings me to the obvious. It is not about me. It is not about just what I can do. It’s about what WE can do to right the wrongs expressed by the WH and OWON and WHA. How can we as ONE WORLD OF NATIONS do our part in helping those on the front lines?
    There are many good responses to that question here. But inevitably most folks wind back up to me. Forget all this injustice, where is mine, can’t change anything unless we receive our ROI, WRONG WRONG WRONG. To many of us say we are willing but than go back and think about the cars, houses, vacations, or even just getting caught up with bills. But folks we need to and can look at the entire picture that has been so skillfully laid out for us and take action now. Today.
    I am grateful to OWON and the people at the to to give us this chance as it is our only chance to have an ROI for our families. Too many are still stuck in the guru mode. When, how much, and where can we get rich on other people sacrifice. Great sacrifice has been made by people I do not know, sacrifice that I cannot even fathom, and we are going to mess up our only chance. Because of the guruified WHAT ABOUT ME, WHERE IS MINE…. To many of is say sure there are a lot of problems and issues we can change. So many even talk about it. Many I know are sincere. But after reading so many of the responses here has made it plainly obvious, many, most are still in the mindset of sheep. We truly need to be honest with ourselves and recognize that even if we do not recognize it, we are still dreaming of having our new houses on MTV Cribs..
    Please folks, see the truth. Smell the truth, live the truth. I found the truth here and OWON and than WH. I am not a good writer so forgive me. I am not offering any ideas of what we can do, I will leave that for another day. I am not offering any solutions either, that I will leave to those trained for the great change that God willing will take place. We need to stop asking about ourselves, we have to stop looking at own issues, because we do not band together, well, we will not have those issues. If we do not band together, whether or not we receive an ROI, than we all lose. The unimaginable work by so many for so many years will be for nothing. They need us to wake up! They need us to come together, they need us to do our part. Otherwise, the way I read it, the work, sacrifice, dedication for Truth, Justice, liberty, and Love for all will come to nothing. So folks, and this includes me, we all need to get up off our keisters, get our head out of reality TV and do our part now. Do what asked of us, how they ask us and move forward. We were given very simple instructions. Reading many of these responses made me realize that too many have not shed the guru mentality. Let’s all awake from our slumber and help those at the top and all involved in this with them in whatever way we are asked, like FC 120. Let’s all awake from our slumber, quit blaming daddy or mommy and take responsibility for our part in making this truly ONE WORLD OF NATIONS.
    Sorry for this poorly written response. I hope in makes sense.
    Thank you
    Deus Caritas Est(let Him Love you)


    1. Spot on and very well written because your intent is well understood! Some are still clueless evidenced by not even being able to follow a very simple instruction to EMAIL currency numbers. Tony had to post same instruction couple dozen times? The ideas for projects sound wonderful, but for those who can’t respond as requested how do you think you can possibly manage a project involving huge sums of money? I’m not trying to ridicule anyone just food for thought. I suspect this may have been the deciding factor when White Hats reviewed the posts.


      1. Being ignorant of the way private placement works and being unable to follow simple instructions, although I find it personally irritating when I see it in others (when I see it in myself, I of course find it forgivable, even lovable), by no means excludes a person from benefiting society. LOL


  32. From John at OWoN:
    What we can only assume is that any Public RV of Dinars may now be year end or later. Its chaotic there so we will move on with other issues.

    …seems this election violence has stalled everything badly.


  33. Based on new news from Owon this morning the pp test failed and will not be moving forward as the tallied amount was nowhere close to the volume needed to approach Reno….oh well


  34. From OWoN….
    May 2, 2014 at 2:11 AM
    What we can only assume is that any Public RV of Dinars may now be year end or later.
    Its chaotic there so we will move on with other issues.


  35. plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose
    [the more things change the more they stay the same]
    owon states that there was insufficient numbers (quantity of holdings) to warrant an inclusion of us shrubs into the big-boy arena of really-making-a-difference. The well-healed have done so well over the last however many centuries; best we git back into da woods and continue carry’n water and chopp’n wood.

    Where’s Robin Hood when you need him?!


  36. Statement on OWoN says group holdings were way too small to be worked at Reno and all of our info has been destroyed. Many thanks to the White Hats, WHA and others involved who considered trying to help us with our projects and help us exchange when the time comes!


    1. Ah but what pretty walls your house will have! When else in life will you get the chance to have wallpaper with a horse head watermark on?!

      Joking aside, hang in there. I know it is a disappointment and we all wanted this to be easier but we are powerless in this and I still believe this will happen and this year too. Why? Because if it doesnt the world will collapse and we will be killing each other in the streets for food and water. At that point who cares about the rv? Better off dead in that outcome. That is what is waiting for us in 2015 or maybe 2016 at the latest. So surely this gcr has to be 2014 else we’re all doomed including the white hats.


  37. I have a very good feeling about this plan….either format. At this stage to have this opportunity …we may be blessed to be here with Owon.


    1. Thanks much for what you have attempted and everyone involved .

      Are there any developments
      regarding the programs ? To whom should questions be presented for an appropriate response.

      We are getting a very heavy dosage of Hopium year in year out.

      Now we Know there won’t be a revaluation anytime soon.
      At least not in 2014.

      However we need to know if same applies to the programs ?

      Much appreciations to the Whitehats , Whitehats Auxillary .


  38. WHA
    So the deal is:
    10% for the Veterans fund
    3-7% or so cash direct
    85% for your funded project for humanity which you will own, build, operate under guidelines and potentially profit from
    Is this the gig?

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    1. Maybe. We don’t even know if we will get to proceed until the tally is final and they give the okay. Another, all cash to the person, less 10% for wounded warriors, and paymaster fees scenario has been given to us as possible. But, that’s getting ahead of ourselves.

      Let’s get them the tally first, and wait for the details.


      1. Hello WHA, I really like the option you just mentioned, as I have 5 sisters I plan to help when this is done. I could give ten percent and the rest back to me. Do you think we will have more than one option?


    2. I hope that isn’t the case 3 to 7% for us because I am doing odd jobs to survive and having $29.98 to my name is a scary way of living. I have plans on how to “pay it forward” as well as pay my sons students loans off, move out and buy a small house of my own, buy a new used SUV, and keep some for a rainy day. 10% to our wounded troops is fine but the rest should be given to us so we can decide who we want to help. And how would you explain the approx., percentages to the IRS?


  39. Thank you tony. And thanks to everyone asking all the right questions. We only have one chance to get this right. I just hope we will be putting our faith in the right people IF this does proceed.


  40. WHA just wanted to let you know I have been following you for a long time. I just never joined, but I have been keeping up with all that is taking place. I want to thank everyone behind the scenes for all they are doing, only God see the whole picture of what is happening and I pray protection for all.


  41. Hey Tony,

    Quick question…Ive started a precious metals recycling project that is just starting to turn over after some considerable effort and I plan to use a good chunk of the funds to purchase more VND (this was the plan all along). When I get more VND should I email in and report the increase? thanks


  42. WHA

    May I ask how long the window is open for people to submit their amounts?
    Given the suggestion that things may move quite quickly I imagine this opportunity to participate is on a strict time line.

    Thank you


  43. WHA,
    is it necessary to partake in the tally of numbers to be able to be involved in a deal that is later reached, or can one hold off on sending info in and still partake if a deal is reached at a later time? Hypotheticals. Thanks


    1. Now that is a loaded question. If I tell you “don’t bother”, then a thousand others may defer and the numbers could come in under the target and we shine it on.

      If you want to participate, then participate. If you don’t, then don’t. But, I cannot guarantee that you will be allowed in if your email is not on a list of those who stepped up to tally and contribute to the whole effort.

      Remember, WHA is NOT a principal or administrator of this potential project. We are just helping to compile preliminary numbers to see if a project is feasible. The rules, which may affect those who wish to defer at this time, are not known, so take your chances. I am not meaning to be stern, but I want to make absolutely sure you consider all angles. I would not want someone to miss out because of a failure to add to the tally.

      Thank you!


    2. Those that do not add to the tally now might not be allowed to participate. Better to send in info required, then if it moves forward you can decide then whether to participate when there is more information available.


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