Changing Gears


Once again I had the pleasure of a conversation with our White Hat contact a few days ago. As usual, he was very generous with his valuable time.

Now, I know all of you are hoping I will give you a magic date, set in stone, guaranteeing the RV and all associated transactions within the WGS. Even if I was given such a date, I would not print it here. And, if I was not given a date, the effect is the same: No disclosure of such a date. Further, what would releasing such a date accomplish? Who would believe it? Not many. So, let me sum up the date issue by saying that continual efforts are being made to conclude the release of the WGS, and such efforts will continue until success is achieved. The day will come, but my experience leads me to believe that a public pre-announcement is not in the cards. 

Once again, no such mention of having to wait until 2015 was given to me.

Keep in mind that it is impossible for our contact to disclose every known detail to us. There are going to be unknown variables at work that may cause the information to fluctuate and seem oddly incongruent at times. This is simply the byproduct of the interactions in the very complex systems that are being retooled and reorganized. You know these details by now. Over 200 countries are involved, with massive amount of changes that are reaching into every department of every government involved.

The complexity of this staggers the imagination. Some of the information we discussed about the motives and reasons behind the desire for the cabal to maintain power are truly shocking. It goes way beyond just financial control of the planet – way, way beyond. 

It all boils down to those who stepped up to say, “No more”, versus those who want to continue with their dark agenda. Where those points meet, there is resistance. Resistance has to be overcome. It seems up one day, then down the next. The reason for that is the great dynamic of interaction at the points of the two counter forces at play in this planet-wide battle for the control of the financial/economic/political/technological centers of our world.

At this time, there is no further available information I can disclose. This is not to say that such information does not exist, or that things are not moving. We have to live within the confines of such an arrangement for the good of all. Nonetheless, be ready to act. Remember FC 115 – a free gift of advice from our contact. Don’t pay attention to guru “intel” and remember to help others.

We have come to a point in our work at WHA where it is obvious that the nature and scope of this activity is such that no greater truths, timetables or revelations will be possible at this time. The next step of any significant consequence will be the event itself, not more updates. We have the official WH blog which details the corruption by those in power at the highest levels, and confirms the existence of the Global Currency Reset, The Global Settlements, and the balance of payments owed to those on the Basel lists. We have been given approximate rate information, and an expected date range for conclusion. We are as informed as we can be. It will not get any better for us at this level. Still, we are better informed than most.

Fact Check #122 will be the last update baring the event itself, with the exception of notification that we will push into 2015, or if I am instructed to deliver to you a specific message important enough to release via this channel.

This posture is to accomplish two goals. First, it is to lighten the load on our WH contact. It’s not that he has asked us to, but I cannot see the need to bother him for information that is simply not going to be allowed for public disclosure. 

Secondly, you have all the information you need to act when this issue plays out, and we do not need to spend time “fact checking” the guru intel world for you any further. At this stage you should all be well above all that hype and see the reason for it: Self promotion and profit from monetized blogs which position themselves next to the “RV” for marketing purposes.

Rest assured that we will immediately post anything that we are told to post. We are not closing. We are simply adjusting our flanks to hold our position until further notice. You may continue to post in the threads.

Remember, a good 99% of what you will see on most blogs addressing the RV, etc., is inaccurate, embellished and misleading information. You do not need to read such things to successfully proceed once the obvious signs are everywhere. Just use your common sense, and remember, there will not be a second chance.

I wish to once again thank our White Hat contact, the White Hats, their staff and associates the world over for their hard work and continuing efforts to bring forth much needed changes and justice for our world’s economic, social and political systems, which are currently in a degraded and deplorable condition from years of theft, public indifference and incompetent management.

All of us need to stop and appreciate what these men and women are doing. They are making tremendous personal sacrifices on a continuing basis and show no signs of letting up until the job is done. 

Thank you.




  1. Very interesting article, my pardon if it’s a duplicate!

    Vietnam Seeks Dong Stability as Dollar Nears Collapse

    The article linked below is very telling of the last days of dollar dominance. Vietnam itself is now openly expressing its concerns with the increase of “foreign currency loans” within the country. The State Bank will not bail-out banks that have been dumping grounds for US dollar inflation. As a top banker in Hanoi has stated:

    “…the State Bank is not equipped to offer support to banks which run into problems with foreign currency liquidity.”

    As the rest of the world moves away from dollar reserves Vietnam finds itself in the precarious situation of either allowing its tremendous economic growth and modernization to be stifled or to restructure its own M1 money supply and strengthen the dong for its own regional economic uses.

    China, by moving away from the US dollar in trade, is forcing other regional countries, like Vietnam, to adjust to the emerging economic realities of a world without dollar hegemony.



  2. Every time I check
    The dong is loosing value towards the US dollar.
    I hope the RV fixes this.
    Tony are things still ok with the dong going at .47 ?
    I don’t know but I feel like I have to check with you on this


  3. Erm… has anyone noticed the ISIS guys have stolen stupidly large amounts of dinar? Anyone catch that?

    So they can’t RV it now else they’d be making some billionnaire terrorists overnight. Unless that’s part of the plan (NWO etc)..?

    This is just another sign that the RV of our current dinar is very unlikely imho. Unless like I say they want ultra rich terrorists to finish us all off. Add to that owon’s firm stance on the 5t issue and I really think it ain’t gonna happen now for the dinarians. The rv, gcr etc is coming but like the Quayle says it ain’t gonna be like we think.

    I think Schmidt is in so deep now he cannot back out for his own good. I’m almost as interested in how his guru career will end as much as how this gcr will end.

    And now we learn what owon meant all along about the dong rv.. lol… drum roll plz… turns out we are looking at a couple % increase lol oh dear. So I just sold some dong back the other day into something worthwhile (my home currency) and treated myself to something instead. I still have a little dinar and dong but look guys this clock is running out fast and the rates are either not happening or ultra ultra low according to owon. Go buy some silver coins.

    Jusr my 2 dinars worth.


    1. A tad bit dark, but continental.

      I doubt that any “terrorist” will have the means to exchange his “holdings”. They are already well funded by someone. They would be most likely to bring a suicide vest into a bank, not their dinar. Can’t spend dinar in their version of heaven.

      And, …. drum roll please…….the Dong scenario was presented in the current market place, where there is no money, absent funding, to bring in the exchanges at the higher rates. This is a very hard activity to pin down in precise ergs and dynes.

      Enjoy those sterlings!


        1. Continental : of or relating to the countries of Europe except for Great Britain and Ireland.

          I was implying that the comments made had a wonderful tang of continental, old world, Napoleonic verve, while at the same time admitting defeat.


      1. Tony,

        What is your gut sense about what’s going on? I know you don’t have a crystal ball. But do you sense we are within days or weeks of everything going down?


        1. Hello,

          I am often asked this question.

          My personal feeling, and I stress this is just my feeling, is that we have moved into a new territory. Many nations are moving to non USD denominated trade settlement, and that alone is no small event, and a large part of the changes we were told were coming. It only stands to reason that the rest will eventually come to pass, hopefully, as planned.

          I am quick to point out that I was never given ALL available information, and my pay grade will never allow for such. Given WHAT we CAN see, and when you consider that such is just a small part of the expected changes, I would say that the move away from US dollar trade settlement is a sure sign of a pretty much “in your face” sign that we are a lot closer to “everything going down” now than we were this time last year.

          I cannot say we are days or weeks away – I cannot say we aren’t. Nobody in the loop would release such information to a fine point, and if they did, they would not authorize me to release it. Not in a million years.

          So, bottom line? Be ready.

          Lastly, I have a personal feeling, or foreboding, that we do not have much time to go on this current system before it teeters over and makes the changes much more painful than they need to be. Such is how tyrants like to go out – they like to take as many with them as possible. This is the great risk we are facing right now, in my opinion.

          I hope I have sated your curiosity about my personal take.

          Thank you!


  4. Hello and thanks again. The anticipation is killing me! Lol. My question is how many (in percentage) of the total amount of the people who follow your blog (and owon) will actually recieve a windfall? And why wouldnt we ALL receive?


    1. Hello,

      I do not have the numbers for such. But, remember that the number of people who hold currencies, prosperity program positions, CMKX shares, or any such private placement positions, are very small compared to the overall world populations.

      We were told to move quickly when you see a revaluation hit the market. That was for a good reason, chief among them being that this was not an investment, but more along the lines of a one-off windfall which stems from the shift itself. There are perhaps many more dynamic processes and procedures behind it all, but that is a general summation.

      I am not sure I understand your question “And why wouldn’t we ALL receive?”. I presume you mean ALL people? Or just all who hold currencies of note? If you mean ALL people, well, that just will not happen. That stems from NESARA thinking, that all will be given millions. Imagine a world that was not properly transitioned to have the majority of its critical tasks taken over by technology if everyone who collected the garbage or serviced your car or home air conditioning were made millionaires overnight? Boy, would those tasks go undone, or become HUGELY expensive to achieve. “Sure, I will fix your car, but it will cost you if I have to get up from my pool lounge and get my manicured fingers dirty”. LOL

      If you mean ALL as in the subset of those in the various programs, etc., then I can only tell you that the precise figures and final outcomes are not precisely known and will perhaps never be until it all happens. CMKX share price estimates vary. Prosperity programs have gone unpaid for decades, and no current figures are known at this time. The rates of the RV have been shared as estimates in a given range, but the final numbers are not assured. Private placements of varying kinds are private, and we don’t know the details.

      All such information is simply not able to be issued as firm, guaranteed future deliveries with iron clad warranties. We only have rough guidelines, but it is perhaps for the better that we are not given all the details for security reasons.

      All in all, the information we have been given is probably around 1% of what is known. We will have to wait for the rest.

      Thank you!


    1. [“I doubt it,” Cheney told conservative radio host Hugh Hewitt, when asked if he thinks the U.S. would “get through this decade” without another “massive attack on the homeland.”

      Former Vice President Dick Cheney on Tuesday predicted there would be an attack on the United States within the next decade that is “far deadlier” than the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks.]

      “Within the next decade” sounds a bit less urgent than the spectacular headline!

      Anybody expecting any global changes “within the next decade”… some of which could circumvent Cheney’s provocative prediction?


      1. Don’t forget his contradictions and total lack of understanding of this process.

        For instance his last video conference said 8000 people had signed up for the dong exchange, now it’s 2000 people. That’s a big discrepancy…ON VIDEO!

        The dragon family say people aren’t ready and he uses the example of people unwilling to sign a ridiculous contract to emphasize this fact. WTF?

        Or how about the fact that his little exchange will be paid out in the TRN, which is basically an impossibility without the release of the Global Settlements, yet he thinks his group will be getting fund within a few weeks. Per the top, we are a long distance run away from the release of these settlements.

        Or the utter disregard for the fact the treasury is BROKE!

        Or the fact that you are not giving your money to a bank to go into an account you are the fiduciary on, but that it goes to a paymaster and is distributed to one person per the contract. I really like the statement of one of his videos that you could leave it with the paymaster for a year or longer and lower your tax rate. Too funny.

        His entire approach is text book “asset” mind control. Watch your six.


  5. Tony,
    You were already mainstream but you made it over to Jesters Place..nice! I like Jester and read everything he puts out. He gave you the two thumbs up, so there you go, you made it to guru land and got your stuff posted and its not even guru Friday 🙂


      1. Some of my comments posted on WHA were transported to guru land few days ago. A friend brought it to my attention. LOL! Maybe they don’t realize I have no special contacts on any of this info….just opinions! ☺️


  6. Texian you too with your ” Suicide bomber faction seem to be inspired by KKK look with leader sporting the Michael Jackson ‘one hand glove’ while others on parade in black inspired by Obama’s new domestic terror squads” you both are on a roll this afternoon!


    1. Thanks Gloria! Tony is so inspiring. Laughing out loud frequently at comments on this site is refreshing change from reading about and seeing devastation around us. More power to White Hats for their diligence and thanks to Tony for keeping us informed…as much as possible.


  7. Tony!!!! You ALMOST owed me a keyboard with your responses to the post referencing updates at stage3alpha. I LOVED them all, but picked out the ones that were the BEST…

    Because he wanted to visit a world leader who was less corrupt than his own boss. Or, perhaps he was going to hide the IRS e-mail files next to the WMD.

    Yes, and I loved the suicide bombers:

    Because he couldn’t get his bullet proof vest to fit under his scapular

    That’s a lot of reading, and I skipped my last trip to see the Pyramids because of Muslim factions who were united in wanting to cut my head off.

    . Please, can we refer to those possible events without using the word “trigger”?


  8. Brand new post from stage3alpha:



















    1. Okay, I will bite.

      1. Because he wanted to visit a world leader who was less corrupt than his own boss. Or, perhaps he was going to hide the IRS e-mail files next to the WMD.

      2. I don’t know, but there must be money in it for one or the other.

      3. I doubt he even read it.

      4. Most likely behind bullet proof glass and armored walls.

      5. They are pretty big. Give me some time.

      6. Okie

      7. Okie

      8. No, but a small faction of cabalists bombed the hell out of the place and killed over 1,000,000 people in the process. I don’t see any influence, do you?

      9. You mean the spin about billions of USD being spent on training Iraqi armed forces, only to see them run like little girls when 800 men in pickup trucks threatened their positions?

      10. Yes, and I loved the suicide bombers:

      11. Of course. When there is peace, then they will be preparing for war. What else do you expect from government workers?

      12. Because he couldn’t get his bullet proof vest to fit under his scapular?

      13. That’s a lot of reading, and I skipped my last trip to see the Pyramids because of Muslim factions who were united in wanting to cut my head off.

      14. Please, can we refer to those possible events without using the word “trigger”?

      15. Hmmm. I don’t know, but I hope it’s not the same people who overprinted the dinar in excess of amounts needed to sustain their commerce.

      Peace to you too!

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      1. Insightful comments Tony! I’m particularly impressed with this newer Iraqi fighter group. They’re certainly much better coordinated in their uniforms than the ‘rag tag’ look of other Islam groups. Did Michelle’s wardrobe advisor consult on this? Suicide bomber faction seem to be inspired by KKK look with leader sporting the Michael Jackson ‘one hand glove’ while others on parade in black inspired by Obama’s new domestic terror squads. Do Iraqi guys also have the new United States city armed vehicles with gun turrets or have they received Obama’s shipment of those as yet?


  9. United States citizens may be interested in following It’s whistleblowing website by Retired Marine and airline pilot Field McConnell and David Hawkins, forensic economist, a Brit who lives in Canada. They’re naming names, calling out fraud, corruption and murders. They have a live stream broadcast today at 2:00 pm EST (which gives you a little time to explore the website and sign up for Livestream.


      1. Thank you, WHA, for the link to Mr Hodges letter to George Osbourne about the involvement of Bush Snr in blocking the World Global Settlements.

        One wonders how someone who is certifiably, criminally insane could continue to wield such power over elected world leaders and royalty, when long ago he ought to have been restrained and undergoing treatment in a secure mental health facility; or convicted and punished for his crimes, along with his accomplices..


  10. June 21 WHA says OWoN is not a White Hat
    That’s fine of course. My comment;
    OWoN = A angel outfit. Did you ever see the movie `Michael’? With J.T.
    OWoN = An action angel = offends a lot of people
    Doesn’t mean it isn’t an angel …
    I think that OWoN cares and fights for the good of humanity. It is with that commitment that they brought about the changes and discoveries we are NOW seeing manifested in action being taken around the globe. I see it and I see other TOP figures joining the fight to weed the garden. Make no mistake; This battlefield is more horrific for the people at the eye of the storm then I would even want to imagine. And I mean that. As I read accounts of busts, such as the June 21st bust in Denver that just took place, I weld despicable horrible images in my mind that I will never escape. How grim it must be for the good troops and commanders. ( not to mention the victims.) I want to assure the OWoN that the good fight has started and the citizens are coming out and falling in.


    1. Let me be clear about the term “White Hat”. In this term we are referring to the small group of people who came together to form a group called The White Hats. I was not referring to the colloquial term white hat, meaning “a good guy”.

      I want to make sure you all understand. I was not saying that OWoN were “black hats” as opposed to white. I am saying they are not members of The White Hats. However, they are certainly “good guys”.

      I hope that is clear. And I hope I understood your words.

      Thank you for your comments.


      1. Yes. That is very clear. I hope my compliment of them was not lost because I used your phrasing. They are very white hats. I think we all understand at this point. This is a turning point for the human experience. Nothing less. That is what is important.

        How’s this for a slogan. “DOWN W/ Bushcabal” “Rally the Citizens – We all are America”
        I’m a marketing man remember. Marketing is like money, It is not evil, the men that use it are ether good or evil.


    1. Thank you, it was fun.

      I think he helped us understand why he can be so opinionated on the hoi polloi, as he explained the high level of pressures they work under and the stress relief that is often manifested in his criticisms of the shirkers and goldbricks in our midst. I was actually relieved to understand such comments. Given his work and his responsibilities, which will benefit us all, I am happy to grant him his proclivities and value the information he is able to share.

      I tend to agree about the private placements being key here.

      Thank you.


      1. Tony. Where is this great exchange with John posted? Would love to read it, Can there be just a Q and A section in your blog where this great information can be all in one place? There are so many gems hidden within the comments sections of the Fact Checks, but they are scattered, deeply embedded, and hard to find. Thank you once again for so many gems.


  11. Thanks Lloyd for your response to my post. You are correct in your assessments. I ask myself daily what is real and what is an allusion/delusion, trickery of the worst kind and so on. I feel like we are all just being viewed as experimental caged animals. As a common citizen, I feel very hopeless to ever be able to make a difference until the Cabal has been rendered powerless. I pray that can happen. I believe it will take people like the White Hats with far more savvy and intelligence than me, who know the Cabal better than I do.

    But in the end, once the White Hats and others working for the good of the World has done their part then it will be up to us “little guys” to care as much as they did. IMHO, the “what about me” mentality will have to be adjusted to also include broader thinking to care not only about ourselves but learn from the example of White Hats who have placed others above their own self and families. I hope there is enough strength (verses hopelessness) left in this country to care as we must care to right the wrongs and never let the evil control again. But I also believe it can happen again if we still have a Democracy verses a people’s Republic. IMHO only, we can’t have politicians passing life changing laws without the people’s vote on these laws.

    I am sure the “Illuminati Human Sacrifices” do exist but perhaps the article posted above is simply a decoy. I don’t know, as you say we are all trying to gain more understanding and get a grasp on issues. I also know it take money to take action these days.



    1. A big part of the problem is the “Hoping and Praying”, this is not the solution. People must stand up! For what they believe in! Take some action, work as a group, have a plan, get off the coach turn off the TV! You can hope all you want, but nothing will happen, YOU can make it happen, get the right mindset and GO make it happen!

      Three types of people:
      Make things happen,
      Watch what happens,
      Wonder what happened!

      Which one are you!


    2. Yes TC that’s because you believe in humanity like I ,the human sprit can be misguided ,drugged , tortured,abused but it CAN NOT be snuffed out it will always endure and they can not stand this,it leaves them scratching there head, Love and Compassion is the most powerful thing on this earth and sometimes it welds a heavy hammer


  12. Hello WHA, I thought I would bring you the following info in the provided link. It says “All the world came out of global debt on July 1, 2013, when Iraq sanctions were lifted.” Since July 1st will be the one year anniversary of this, I believe we will see our blessing come into fruition by then. I think this whole thing is like a dramatic play. This is why I believe that when the new parliament is seated on the 26th we will see our blessing shortly afterward. Also keep in mind the parliament was supposed to be seated on July 14th but they moved it to the 26th of this month. Hmmmm, I wonder why. I know your contact stated that this is global, but it’s kinda strange that everything seems to be lining up with this Iraq link I provided. Anyway here is the link for you. Give me your take on it.


    1. Hello,

      I have no clue about the information in that article. I wonder if the Judge agreed with the arguments of the gentleman at the center of that article.

      The only mention of anything to do with the Vatican from our contact has been the mention of accounts set up there for politicians by the cabal. They are reportedly used as bribes to keep them in line. Otherwise, why would a congressman sell himself if not for monetary gain. The highest bidder usually wins, and the cabal is usually the winner in that respect.

      Thank you!


      1. FYI, here’s a fast-forward to March, 2014:

        Robert Michael Marques, 38, of Mill Point Road, Boonsboro, has been in custody on a fugitive warrant at the Washington County Detention Center since November, according to Washington County District Court records.

        Last November, a grand jury in Lexington County, South Carolina, indicted Marques, charging him with falsely asserting the authority of law by using a “sham legal process” in an attempt to hinder an employee of that state’s Department of Revenue from performing official duties.

        Marques did so by sending documents from “The Chair of St. Peter — The One Supreme Court Office of the Postmaster General Divine Province,” according to the indictment.


  13. High TC,I’m no means an expert ,just trying to get a grasp on the issue like you and thousands out there ,when you control the flow of information to the masses and the courts and the law enforcement,well u get what I’m getting at,apparently just like there are hidden economies at the upper levels there are societies tied in and apparently have been for some time,perverting esoteric knowledge, masters at mind control, our problem seems to be able to sort out the bs from the truth.good luck but don’t stop seaching when some one tells use they have all the answers,be careful,


  14. bringing this over

    June 20, 2014 at 5:54 PM
    OWoN,when you say Dong kept low, what type of price are we looking at, less than a penny USD, more than a penny, 5 pennies, etc.? Any clarity would be appreciated. –

    OWoN June 21, 2014 at 2:36 AM
    ZN The Dong currently trades via AustralAsia. Successfully as a low cost economy employing millions. If its currency increases 10% it will lose trade and jobs. If it re aligns a thousand per cent, which is what gambling dreamers predict, then millions will lose their jobs and companies will fold. Who will buy into the currency of a collapsing economy?
    Take the exchange rate as it is now. A 2 % increase it can take. A 10% increase will make it non competitive to trade.Companies would face ruin. These are REAL Judgment calls.

    So, when the IMF and others make these calls. do they do so with pragmatic logic adjusting only what the economy can stand, or be carried away with this plethora of mainly US based non market accredited unlisted currency speculators, who seem to think they, , as Non Forex Traders, are smarter than long term accomplished Professionals, and they by virtue of a few loose Bucks will outsmart the smartest and capture the Holy Grail?

    How many loose mouthed bottom feeders work for the IMF or BIS? How many are even Bankers?
    A zoo has congregated of mainly well meaning but desperate people looking to make a small investment and win the Lottery with every ticket. Manipulatives Brokers have coerced them in and feed from their greed. These so called Gurus are making hundreds of a per cent mark up per delivery, from gullible cases. Try 200% a week and compound that. A ton of profit from the poor.

    Disgusting but no one made them gamble.How many have been paid out ever? How many next weeks do you hear? For the last 4 years Hodges has been done. Precisely, done and stitched up. Okie, Phony Tony? Its all a one way street.

    For this reason we stay well clear. Give a view based on logic, and you unleash a torrent of abuse from malignant pond life for having the audacity to tell the ” We are Special- Dimwits”, you may have been had. Basic sense dictates that 2 plus 2 does not add up to 200022. Not wishing to apply a pick axe handle to so many heads, it’s better to just leave them dreaming. Raining on parades is ugly. We are special. We have Reality TV especially for our intellect. We are real. Reality Real. Its ugly. All of it.

    With the real PP’s. once released , we will make a difference to many. Coordinated Global project help.

    But Heh, ZN, why worry about complex equations, Aaaamm gonna git me a few hundred bucks of thaaam theyer Dinnaaarrs and Ahhm gonna make me Billions. Okie said!

    Need I say more? God Bless Tony at WHA as he soothes them while I just reach for base ball bats for some. Turn the other cheek, then smack them. Danny de Vito, need a new job?

    But, and here is a curved ball, how can Iraq launch its Stock Exchange in 3 weeks with nothing? I only see the Special Groups getting in on that.

    DL, Prosperity Packages. Feeling lucky? You want to buy some Florida Swamp Land for Real Estate? Omega. Syphoned out. But Heh, what do we know? – See more at:


    1. Well, I am happy to receive a blessing! LOL

      As stated above, once the real PP’s are released, then we will see a difference.

      Until then, at our pay grade, we can only watch, wait and bring you the information, as above, and let you all decide what is what. One thing that is very true is that none of the dinar gurus are as in touch as we are here at WHA.

      But, there is a silver lining in all this. I will give you a hint:

      This entire event is beyond the control of one man. There are many working on it. Let’s let them do their thing and see what we have to show for it by years end. Then we can come back and see where the best predictions landed.

      At this stage, nothing has happened. When it does, we will know just how far off the mark some were, and how close to it others were as well.

      We have the easy part. We just simply wait and see.

      Thank you.


    2. What??

      Now I read from supposedly a great source that “…Omega [is]. Syphoned out.”???

      Oh well. I guess that’s that.

      Wife and I and several friends have been in Omega since 1995. 19 years! The horror stories I could tell you of what people have gone through long before the RV was even on the horizon. It was NOT pie in the sky, it was not swamp land in Florida back then. I didn’t get in (unfortuantely with both feet, my terrible mistake) until I had direct verification from TWO professional financial advisers as to its veracity…still a gamble, but definitely real back then–1995.

      Now I read this from OWoN? I give up…kinda. See? I think I’ve become some sort of a sick hope addict after all this time.

      Is OWoN a genuine top of the ladder source? I thought I remembered reading here that he is just that. If he is then, to-hell-in-a-hand-basket, this thing is over as far as the prosperity programs. If he isn’t, then why the heck are you posting his stuff? Is he a White Hat?

      Do the White Hats KNOW that the Prosperity Programs are CURRENTLY viable?? I of course already understand that we’re in a war over this with the Bad Guy Cruds, but are the Prosperity Programs CURRENTLY viable??? That’s a reasonable and simple question. Would you consider asking them that simple and direct question…it is nothing about timing, just are they actually real in current time with a reasonable chance at ultimate success? Yes? No?

      If I have missed something, and as I type I’m suspect that indeed I have, then I apologize, but I have been reading every comment (I think) for about three weeks now (since joining).


      1. I was not in Omega, and know little of its procedures.

        Yes, it was picked apart by the cabal, with Bush 41 holding the keys to that platform. The prosperity programs are on the BASEL lists, so people who are rightly due their payments are not without some hope. Since they are on the list, they are viable when the funds are made available to make them whole. I presume that is what the GS is intended to rectify, in part.

        Our contact is not handling that aspect of the WGS and we really do not know who is.

        OWoN is not a White Hat. We do not post their material in Fact Checks any longer as we are not a re-blogger for them, nor them for us. If readers want to bring information from that site to the threads, that’s fine. It’s already in the public domain at that point, so, as Hillary would say, what difference does it make where you read it?

        Thank you for being a reader, and please enjoy your stay.

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  15. WHA,
    Could you respond to the below? It seems the opinion of OWON that the Dong can only sustain a two percent increase. Over the last year, OWON has pointed out basically the dinar is a bust, and the dong is the less risky of the two, yet it can’t even sustain a 10 percent increase? Where did all the talk of cents or .40 cents go? Are we deluding ourselves that somehow we are going to have a windfall here? I mean 2 percent, which is nothing, versus a .40 cent revalue? There is no comparison. At such a small percentage gain, it is basically not even worth speculating on. Yes, I know, this is absent the WGS, but if Vietnam cannot sustain an increase, what good does trillions of WGS money do for anything? How would this allow a public rate in the pennies, let alone .4. What is reality here? Thank you.
    “johnJune 21, 2014 at 2:36 AM
    The Dong currently trades via AustralAsia. Successfully as a low cost economy employing millions. If its currency increases 10% it will lose trade and jobs. If it re aligns a thousand per cent, which is what gambling dreamers predict, then millions will lose their jobs and companies will fold. Who will buy into the currency of a collapsing economy?
    Take the exchange rate as it is now. A 2 % increase it can take. A 10% increase will make it non competitive to trade.Companies would face ruin.
    These are REAL Judgment calls.”


    1. Hello,

      I cannot argue with his assessment because I am not even close to being qualified to do so.

      But, in my amateur economic opinion, I can understand that if Viet Nam alone saw its currency jump that high that it would be problematic. But, given a world-wide adjustment which would see many other currencies adjust as well, perhaps they would simply be moving along with everyone else, and in that way the increases we have been expecting can happen. I really do not know, but I assume those working on releasing the WGS have the answers that I do not.

      Thank you.


  16. Illuminati Human Sacrifice Denver Friday June 20-21 8pm

    I have heard about these Sacrifices for years and it is being published quite openly in the more recent years. I would really like to hear some feed back regarding this. One thing I can’t understand, if this is indeed taking place and these are the places it is actually taking place at, then why aren’t authorities, military, militia, even bands of citizens…anyone….organizing to arrest or even kill these monsters? Seems to me this would be a good time to get rid of a few sickos….catch them now with their pants down and no pun intended. How can everyone just stand down IF this is factual and actually going on and now? I understand a lot of things but this is one thing I don’t understand.

    Thanks again, Tony for everything you do for all of us and I am so thankful for the White Hats as well. Also, just my 2 cents, I am glad OWoN posts are brought over here. There are occasional times that I don’t have time to read both blogs. I think it is just like anything else, if a person don’t want to read it, then just skip over that particular post as they are very well labeled as coming from OWoN.



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