Changing Gears


Once again I had the pleasure of a conversation with our White Hat contact a few days ago. As usual, he was very generous with his valuable time.

Now, I know all of you are hoping I will give you a magic date, set in stone, guaranteeing the RV and all associated transactions within the WGS. Even if I was given such a date, I would not print it here. And, if I was not given a date, the effect is the same: No disclosure of such a date. Further, what would releasing such a date accomplish? Who would believe it? Not many. So, let me sum up the date issue by saying that continual efforts are being made to conclude the release of the WGS, and such efforts will continue until success is achieved. The day will come, but my experience leads me to believe that a public pre-announcement is not in the cards. 

Once again, no such mention of having to wait until 2015 was given to me.

Keep in mind that it is impossible for our contact to disclose every known detail to us. There are going to be unknown variables at work that may cause the information to fluctuate and seem oddly incongruent at times. This is simply the byproduct of the interactions in the very complex systems that are being retooled and reorganized. You know these details by now. Over 200 countries are involved, with massive amount of changes that are reaching into every department of every government involved.

The complexity of this staggers the imagination. Some of the information we discussed about the motives and reasons behind the desire for the cabal to maintain power are truly shocking. It goes way beyond just financial control of the planet – way, way beyond. 

It all boils down to those who stepped up to say, “No more”, versus those who want to continue with their dark agenda. Where those points meet, there is resistance. Resistance has to be overcome. It seems up one day, then down the next. The reason for that is the great dynamic of interaction at the points of the two counter forces at play in this planet-wide battle for the control of the financial/economic/political/technological centers of our world.

At this time, there is no further available information I can disclose. This is not to say that such information does not exist, or that things are not moving. We have to live within the confines of such an arrangement for the good of all. Nonetheless, be ready to act. Remember FC 115 – a free gift of advice from our contact. Don’t pay attention to guru “intel” and remember to help others.

We have come to a point in our work at WHA where it is obvious that the nature and scope of this activity is such that no greater truths, timetables or revelations will be possible at this time. The next step of any significant consequence will be the event itself, not more updates. We have the official WH blog which details the corruption by those in power at the highest levels, and confirms the existence of the Global Currency Reset, The Global Settlements, and the balance of payments owed to those on the Basel lists. We have been given approximate rate information, and an expected date range for conclusion. We are as informed as we can be. It will not get any better for us at this level. Still, we are better informed than most.

Fact Check #122 will be the last update baring the event itself, with the exception of notification that we will push into 2015, or if I am instructed to deliver to you a specific message important enough to release via this channel.

This posture is to accomplish two goals. First, it is to lighten the load on our WH contact. It’s not that he has asked us to, but I cannot see the need to bother him for information that is simply not going to be allowed for public disclosure. 

Secondly, you have all the information you need to act when this issue plays out, and we do not need to spend time “fact checking” the guru intel world for you any further. At this stage you should all be well above all that hype and see the reason for it: Self promotion and profit from monetized blogs which position themselves next to the “RV” for marketing purposes.

Rest assured that we will immediately post anything that we are told to post. We are not closing. We are simply adjusting our flanks to hold our position until further notice. You may continue to post in the threads.

Remember, a good 99% of what you will see on most blogs addressing the RV, etc., is inaccurate, embellished and misleading information. You do not need to read such things to successfully proceed once the obvious signs are everywhere. Just use your common sense, and remember, there will not be a second chance.

I wish to once again thank our White Hat contact, the White Hats, their staff and associates the world over for their hard work and continuing efforts to bring forth much needed changes and justice for our world’s economic, social and political systems, which are currently in a degraded and deplorable condition from years of theft, public indifference and incompetent management.

All of us need to stop and appreciate what these men and women are doing. They are making tremendous personal sacrifices on a continuing basis and show no signs of letting up until the job is done. 

Thank you.




  1. Very interesting article, my pardon if it’s a duplicate!

    Vietnam Seeks Dong Stability as Dollar Nears Collapse

    The article linked below is very telling of the last days of dollar dominance. Vietnam itself is now openly expressing its concerns with the increase of “foreign currency loans” within the country. The State Bank will not bail-out banks that have been dumping grounds for US dollar inflation. As a top banker in Hanoi has stated:

    “…the State Bank is not equipped to offer support to banks which run into problems with foreign currency liquidity.”

    As the rest of the world moves away from dollar reserves Vietnam finds itself in the precarious situation of either allowing its tremendous economic growth and modernization to be stifled or to restructure its own M1 money supply and strengthen the dong for its own regional economic uses.

    China, by moving away from the US dollar in trade, is forcing other regional countries, like Vietnam, to adjust to the emerging economic realities of a world without dollar hegemony.



  2. Every time I check
    The dong is loosing value towards the US dollar.
    I hope the RV fixes this.
    Tony are things still ok with the dong going at .47 ?
    I don’t know but I feel like I have to check with you on this


  3. Erm… has anyone noticed the ISIS guys have stolen stupidly large amounts of dinar? Anyone catch that?

    So they can’t RV it now else they’d be making some billionnaire terrorists overnight. Unless that’s part of the plan (NWO etc)..?

    This is just another sign that the RV of our current dinar is very unlikely imho. Unless like I say they want ultra rich terrorists to finish us all off. Add to that owon’s firm stance on the 5t issue and I really think it ain’t gonna happen now for the dinarians. The rv, gcr etc is coming but like the Quayle says it ain’t gonna be like we think.

    I think Schmidt is in so deep now he cannot back out for his own good. I’m almost as interested in how his guru career will end as much as how this gcr will end.

    And now we learn what owon meant all along about the dong rv.. lol… drum roll plz… turns out we are looking at a couple % increase lol oh dear. So I just sold some dong back the other day into something worthwhile (my home currency) and treated myself to something instead. I still have a little dinar and dong but look guys this clock is running out fast and the rates are either not happening or ultra ultra low according to owon. Go buy some silver coins.

    Jusr my 2 dinars worth.


    1. A tad bit dark, but continental.

      I doubt that any “terrorist” will have the means to exchange his “holdings”. They are already well funded by someone. They would be most likely to bring a suicide vest into a bank, not their dinar. Can’t spend dinar in their version of heaven.

      And, …. drum roll please…….the Dong scenario was presented in the current market place, where there is no money, absent funding, to bring in the exchanges at the higher rates. This is a very hard activity to pin down in precise ergs and dynes.

      Enjoy those sterlings!


        1. Continental : of or relating to the countries of Europe except for Great Britain and Ireland.

          I was implying that the comments made had a wonderful tang of continental, old world, Napoleonic verve, while at the same time admitting defeat.


      1. Tony,

        What is your gut sense about what’s going on? I know you don’t have a crystal ball. But do you sense we are within days or weeks of everything going down?


        1. Hello,

          I am often asked this question.

          My personal feeling, and I stress this is just my feeling, is that we have moved into a new territory. Many nations are moving to non USD denominated trade settlement, and that alone is no small event, and a large part of the changes we were told were coming. It only stands to reason that the rest will eventually come to pass, hopefully, as planned.

          I am quick to point out that I was never given ALL available information, and my pay grade will never allow for such. Given WHAT we CAN see, and when you consider that such is just a small part of the expected changes, I would say that the move away from US dollar trade settlement is a sure sign of a pretty much “in your face” sign that we are a lot closer to “everything going down” now than we were this time last year.

          I cannot say we are days or weeks away – I cannot say we aren’t. Nobody in the loop would release such information to a fine point, and if they did, they would not authorize me to release it. Not in a million years.

          So, bottom line? Be ready.

          Lastly, I have a personal feeling, or foreboding, that we do not have much time to go on this current system before it teeters over and makes the changes much more painful than they need to be. Such is how tyrants like to go out – they like to take as many with them as possible. This is the great risk we are facing right now, in my opinion.

          I hope I have sated your curiosity about my personal take.

          Thank you!


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