Thank you, Don Corleone. But really, I don’t mind! 

First, I wish to apologize for this Fact Check being issued in advance of the commencement of the long awaited event. Please, relax. This is not some announcement or “heads up”.

The following are my words only. I am not writing because of anyone’s instruction or prompting. 

The reason I am communicating with our readers at this time is because I have been reviewing the over 550 comments in FC 122 and I am seeing a slight anxiety that is really unnecessary.  

The anxiety was further called to my attention from the many back channel e-mails requesting more Fact Checks, for “any further information possible”, or just some bit of hope that we will soon see the RV and such.

If I could, I would present updates from the front lines, in real time, all day long. But, that is just not possible. Of course, there are those on the numerous other guru blogs that seem to do just that, but we certainly know such landscape is wanting of accuracy and sometimes is of questionable motive.

Over the last 30 days I have had some brief communication with our contact. I initiated the communication to discuss the possibility of issuing a Fact Check on recently released information that was highly questionable in my mind. But, after accepting counsel on the matter, it was decided that, at this stage of the process, to disregard any notions of further checking and continue a quiet posture and shift attention to planning the important work of the future.  As advised, we issued no such Fact Check. I want you to know that I really wanted to cover the particular material.  But, as Mr. Spock would say, “The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few, or the one“. During the aforementioned communication, it was mentioned that things are going very well. There was no mention of defeat or retreat.

To further assuage any anxious feelings, please do not lose sight of the reason all of these fine people are working so hard. They are not gathered in such a large force to prattle of great visions for the future – and then give up. As mentioned in FC 115, we are going to see the largest financial shift in world history come down the pike, and we better prepare for it. Do so. 

As we discussed in the last Fact Check, there really are no issues of critical importance that require WHA to make inquiries of our WH friends on a continual basis at this time. The tone and form of my last several communications with our contact have been markedly different than in the past. It is similar to the feel of a business meeting that has reached its conclusion, where everyone in the meeting knows that further discussion would only be pedantic and repetitive. At some point the discussions and questions have to stop and the theoretical ideas in that meeting have to be put into practical use, or what was the point of the meeting? So, please understand that it is my judgment, at this time, to continue to suspend further significant inquiries to our WH contact unless absolutely critical.

Please continue to shift your attention away from the mechanics of “when” and onto the implementation of your particular planned contributions and personal financial arrangements.  Let those who are in charge of the WGS, etc., attend to such matters of “when” and “how”. Those issues are completely and utterly out of our hands by virtue of the specific station, talents and abilities that only certain people posses to effect the desired result. Again, focus on what you CAN do when the time comes.

The few complainers and malcontents that have shown mental incapacity for such thinking have long gone from our midst. It is only natural that they have gone, as this environment will not nurture such behavior. Such indifference and defective thinking is what got us into such a mess, and it will not get us out of it.

In closing, let me say that our readership has been very supportive. I am very glad to have met so many wonderful, caring and supportive people while administering the blog. I know many of you will make great contributions to supporting the advancement of social betterment and technological advancement of the living standards for all, and to foster better relationships with all nations and people. 

Continue to set the good example you have, remain patient and know that we will post anything we are instructed to post, if anything, or any other significant news, right away.

Thank you!




  1. Can you tell me anything about the Dragon Family and the Ambassador. He supposedly had an interview with Dave Schmidt on blog talk and he advises the world right now is too corrupt for a GCR and it will happen when we are not run by corporations. That may take forever. What is your take on this and did you listen to this. Thanks for everything. I am getting really confused with all this hopium out there.


    1. Hello,

      While there are legitimate elders and so on, we do not know the specifics and were told that such are really not going to be released in hard core detailed fashion.

      If such Ambassadors were wanting to make public statements, I am having a hard time understanding why they have chosen the venues they have chosen.

      Thank you.


  2. Tuesday, July 08, 2014 11:04:00 AM

    I respond with a smile on my face.
    O is due to meet Sr in Texas this week for his “Cut” from a certain PP about to go through.

    Major positions have been committed and huge consequences if not. Cant elaborate.
    Assume a few had a Come to Jesus call. It would not have gone well for them.

    Hello Tony :

    Is it at possible to ask your contact regarding where the Prosperity Programs are at this time , given what OWoN has stated above ?

    I pray and hope its not too much to ask.

    Thank you.


    1. Hello,

      I appreciate your request. It is not unreasonable.

      Please simply await things to play out. I am just as eager to contact our White Hat friend and ask questions, and I gladly love to do so in order to help keep you all up to date as best as possible. But, right now the time is not right for such constant contact.

      They are very busy. But, I will say that this news is congruent with the overall tone of some of the communication I received last night.

      Patience! These fine people are on the job and are not about to let things to by the boards at this stage.

      Thank you!


  3. Tony: So many out there! Ben and David been out for a while! Like em both for their reporting information. Does it hold Water on intel? Worth the read at least. How close? magic 7 close??
    David Wilcock Comments on the latest Ben Fulford Article “Mass Arrests, Its Happening Now” – July 7, 2014 review.

    We have a new insider source telling us that the plan for a massive geo-political change is definitely real. An ever-increasing number of people in the USG and other Cabal-run institutions are being clued in on it now that it’s so close.

    This sounds weird, but I will tell you what I heard:

    The “White Hats” in our military who are doing this are at least to a large degree right-wing Republicans who embrace the Constitution, the Second Amendment and Christianity, seeing that they are literally battling the devil in its form as the Cabal.

    It is important to remember here that nothing is perfect, and even if you disagree with this political view, this is the group that has been willing to step up and take decisive action to save the planet from people who quite literally will kill us and kill everyone and everything, and migrate somewhere else, if they had the chance.

    Bearing that in mind, what I heard from very credible new sources was quite interesting.

    Do you remember the very strange Supreme Court decisions this past week?

    There was much more to it than most people realized.

    According to this source, each Supreme Court justice was individually approached and clued in on what is about to be happening. Apparently it is a very big change, involving mass arrests. It will probably lead to a huge housecleaning of all three branches of government, and particularly Congress and perhaps the high levels of the executive branch.

    They were told that if they sided with the group that is soon going to be arrested, and agreed with this group politically, they themselves would be arrested along with them. The change will be big enough that being a Supreme Court Justice won’t mean anything, apparently.

    This was wild, wild information. Who knows if it’s true. It is very interesting that there was a unilateral 9-0 vote on things this past week, and that two of the female justices discussed resigning.
    Whatever they were shown must have been decisive and convincing enough that it left no doubt in their minds. I haven’t even read what Ben wrote yet, not a bit, but there were only 11 comments when I hit this so I figured I’d get it in early.

    This could be ‘messy’ but I am having dreams suggesting that we are indeed very close. I don’t want to see people get hurt or killed. I also understand that some of that is unavoidable in order to accomplish this goal.

    I will read the update now and see if anything else comes to mind. I don’t know if Ben got this piece of intel or not but I doubt it. If it didn’t come from such a good source I would have laughed it off, but there you have it.

    – David Wilcock


  4. Thank you Tony, I appreciate you taking the time to answer my questions. The only other question I had, and you may have answered this already is from what I read if there is a new treasury note it will be of less value internationally. Do the white hats or powers that be have a plan where imports would rise slowly or do you think this would be a situation where quickly gas and everything imported like things at target suddenly rise by whatever percent the new note is devalued from the current dollar?


    1. Hello,

      Your question is a good one, but far and away outside my expertise.

      I would suggest reviewing some of the comments of Dr. Jim Willie, who has spoken of the new dollar, and warns us that the USA will essentially fall into third world status if we are not careful after the USD is dethroned as the world reserve currency.

      All I can say, based on what we were told, is that the new treasury issue will be metals backed, and that the old FRN’s will devalue and will be removed from circulation over a period of time. The precise mechanics, means and rates of devalue, expected exchange rates etc., are things we just do not know.

      Thank you!


      1. Hey Tony,

        I greatly enjoy listening to Dr. Willie. He has stated that we will back the “republic” dollar with gold, however, it will be non above ground gold ore that is un-mined. (so it is another ponzi-like trick because we do not have any) He also stated that all of the world will see through this attempt and not allow it-thus making the dollar even more “scheiss” than usual.

        It seems that to bypass the potential dollar train wreck if/when the GCR occurs is to convert the Dong/Dinar into a safe haven like the Renminbi, Ruble, or even the Danish Krone which is speculated to have phenomenal returns in the future. (usually PM’s would be ideal, but I assume they would have skyrocketed by then)

        Have you heard anything in regards to the US stating that we will back the new dollar w/ gold even though we don’t have any because we have leased it all out? (from the WH that is) Because it all that is left in Fort Knox are the socks that go missing during laundry day.


        1. Hello,

          Yes, I have heard Dr. Willie’s comments on this, and it is quite an interesting scenario. I have to admit that I have not brought this point up with our contact, but I think I will jot it down so that I can when the time comes. But, I would say that the answer to this would be the WGS and the use of off balance sheet hard wealth to provide the backing we are discussing. This is subject to much controversy, but according to the White Hat reports, such does exist. We can only wait and see what will play out to provide our currency the backing it will need to compete in a new monetary environment, absent Federal Reserve hegemony.

          I will say that Dr. Willie’s comments are certainly in line with what is expected of a country that has abandoned gold/silver as money, only to find out that the rest of the world has not. It gives new meaning and understanding as to why a President was assassinated for wanting to resume the gold/silver path for his country, and even more meaning as to why those who pulled the trigger had their motive to do so. After all, look at what we are possibly facing, and consider the power that is going to be lost in the process.

          The only difference today is that the White House is occupied by a colleague of the old guard.

          Thank you!


  5. The Sydney Morning Herald is reporting a few gems today:

    “Other parties such as miners and refiners may enter the London gold fix, which has been controlled by banks for almost a century but has come under scrutiny following allegations that the system is open to manipulation.” Read more:

    “Veteran fund manager Han K. Lee says inflation is about to bite, leaving global sharemarkets set for the biggest tumble since the global financial crisis.” Read more:

    “We favour markets which will benefit from improving growth and offer good value – China and Korea. We like the structural story behind India, the Philippines and Vietnam,” he said. Read more:

    So, now in the MSM: inflation will bite, that will trigger the ‘correction’ of the usd and stock markets. Miners to be invited to help fix the gold price, so it would naturally rise right? It’s all coming together.

    A note on timing: the timing isn’t based on time, it’s based on events.


  6. Hi Tony, if you’ve already answered some of my questions apologies. I’m just very confused by everything. I came across lindsey williams about a year ago and although most of me thought his stuff was far out there was that part of me that kept thinking … But maybe he could be right. So basically he’s predicting this big event in 2015 where the dollar will become pretty much worthless. I guess my question is are the white hats working to prevent his predicted event for 2015? His website also states that the dinar and dong will be worthless as his important lesson is to get out of paper currency. I wanted to see if you could provide your thoughts on this , mainly do you think this big event in 2015 he is predicting where the dollar becomes worthless has any validity and is his advice to get out of paper currency have any merit? I would greatly appreciate any opinion you had on this. Thank You,


    1. Hello,

      The White Hats, along with many others, are working to bring an orderly transition to the new financial infrastructure, which is quite complex and fraught with challenges.

      I cannot comment on Mr. Williams’ statement that all paper currencies will be worthless. I shudder to think that such a thing would befall us all, as it would be a catastrophe of unimaginable proportions. I hope we can see backing of such currencies with the metals that have been money for 10K years, then such would not be worthless, but simply evidence of value which cannot be created out of thin air. I will leave that to those involved to further explain it all; I am just not the one for that.

      I would say, in my own opinion, that absent a re-tooling of the financial system, the current system is so incredibly bankrupt that it could not be salvaged as is in a million years, and is bound to fail based on math alone. There just isn’t enough funny money around to patch it all up without creating a hyper-inflationary blow-out that would make Wiemar look like a warm up for WW III.

      Quite simply, I am just like all of you in that I am waiting for those who are charged with this undertaking to bring it about. The general idea is known, but the hard core specifics are unknown to me, and as such, I can only imagine what is going to have to be done to keep currencies the world over as strong as possible. I know that 20 of them are to be significantly revalued. The rest? We will have to wait and see.

      Thank you!


    2. My two cents on Lindsey… I believe him. I think this is the way it will generally go. It isnt a mistake that it has got this bad. How else can you bring in a nwo without a worldwide collapse and all currency fail as the big one that allows people to embrace a new system? People will be brought their knees so the nwo can say “let us help you up”. So yeah, I would listen carefully to Lindsey if I was you as he has been accurate before and his recent timeframe of 2015 sounds spot on. Get some basics in and bunker down a bit coz they will not fail at their plan of crashing then rebuilding a horrific new system. The crash will be awful. Derivatives will destroy the lot.


      1. C’mon Tony you dont have deep deep undercover connections like TNT Tony , Already Blitz and DC ( WINK ! Now they have the UNreal intels ( LOL ) I enjoy scanning and laughing the USEless information then come here …makes my day . Nothing like a morning smell of cow dung .

        Please keep up the good work you are doing WHA ….WE MUST HURRY TO THE BANKS NOW !!!


  7. Monday, July 07, 2014 11:24:00 AM
    Pure dreamland. But if the PPs are not started soon, the lot really will go.
    OWoN is referring to “Private Placements” only or Prosperity Package as well ?

    Does Private Placement rely on Prosperity Package release as much as the actual RV does ?

    How can Private Placement (DONG) affect does not involved in Private Placement ?

    In a most recent addition from John, he states that we are looking at least 8 weeks ?? Does that affect the DONG as well ?

    Thank You.


    1. Hello,

      Usually, PP refers to “Private Placements”. These are private arrangements. No details about such are available for public disclosure.

      PP can also mean “prosperity programs”, but these are rarely referred to in such discourses, unless otherwise noted.

      I cannot understand your third question.

      I would think not, re: dong, but you would best post this question to OWoN, since that is where the information originated from.

      Thank you.


    1. Simple mistake CJR.

      There are many Tony’s out there. You have the villainous “say hello to the bad guy” Tony Montana’s. To the fraudulent “I enjoy going to orphanages to tell the kids that Santa doesn’t exist” TNT Tony’s. To my favorite of all, “the greatest entertainer on earth” Mr.Tony Clifton.


  8. Tony the con man , people please research Tony and you will see that he has a arrest record fro being a con man WAKE UP THIS STUFF IS BS !!!!!!!!


    1. Lol wow! Where did that come from?!! Totally the wrong Tony!

      But I must also say, even if a person has an “arrest record” for something, that doesn’t mean he is continually a con man. Have you ever gone over the speed limit in a car? Then maybe you should never be allowed to drive again… don’t ever think because somebody was arrested they can’t be trusted ever again. People change, things change. That said, I’m not endorsing TNT because his info is awful and always wrong, not because of some arrest. Even Jesus Christ was arrested. I’ve been arrested too years ago. So what? That now makes me untrustworthy in all things? When you go to the toilet it stinks too.

      Furthermore, to say “it aint gonna happen” gives you the same credibility as TNT… “what” isn’t gonna happen? You didn’t even explain yourself. If you mean the GCR ain’t gonna happen, then LOL!!! Are you nuts? It’s even in the mainstream now! The reset is in motion now. The question is will dinar holders make profit… I’m not touching that one anymore. And the fact you got this Tony mixed up with TNT and then you say “do some research” is pure comic genious.

      Ahhhh, it’s warm out today. The heat brings out the loons!


  9. Something I’ve been wondering: When the GCR happens and I cash out on my dong and dinar, wouldn’t it be senseless to take USD? The value of the USD will go down significantly as a result of the GCR, correct? Any suggestions on what to invest that cash in that will bring me long term value?


    1. Hello,

      Such detailed information on what the value of the USD will be at any time in the future is not something we can comment on. I do not know who can.

      If you wish to exchange into any other currency, please research that issue and make whatever decision you feel is best for your circumstances.

      Please consult a qualified individual for such advice in the future.

      Thank you.


  10. Thanks for the response tony.
    I remember now that you did answer this question about 6 fact checks ago. I just came across this and it was dated like a month ago. I thought it was new news. Sorry didn’t mean to upset you. Thx again


    1. Hello,

      I asked, point blank, about JC Collins’ views a while back.

      I was told, quite simply, that Mr. Collins, while an expert writer and analyst, is not “hands on”. He is viewing the matter from his viewpoint in academia, which is not going to be the same as one who is quite literally rubbing elbows with those who are redesigning the systems, that those who authored the textbooks of academia, built.

      If we are told it will be 2018 until the revalue, we will post such. No such news has been given to us at this time.

      Thank you!


  11. Ron Van Dyke and Dave Schmidt have both been speaking to a man called the Ambassador. The Ambassador has been interview by Van Dyke and it is available on YouTube. It is planned for him to be on Schmidt’s show next Wednesday.

    This man says he represents the Red Dragon Family who allegedly have trillions of dollars to release to the people holding Dongs and Dinars.

    He says the money will be used to assist humanity when the Cabal has been stopped.

    Do you think that there is any truth to this?


    1. Hello,

      We have not taken the time to check into this issue. There are so many people claiming to be “Ambassadors” and “Elders” out there.

      We did check into Mr. Schmidt’s past claim that an “elder” had traveled to the USA and had then left after a supposedly walking out of a meeting with Treasury officials. This was completely false.

      Our friends in London would certainly know if anyone was a “real elder” but we wont take time to bother them with this issue. They, and those who are authentically working on the changes, are certainly in touch with those who are involved. That is all that matters. It is highly doubtful that anyone who truly was involved at those levels would be giving such interviews at this time.

      There are indeed off balance sheet holdings of dynastic origin in existence, as pointed out in the White Hat reports. But, I doubt that any of the principals of such would be doing press of any kind at this time.

      Thank you!


      1. Hi Tony,
        Thank you for the effort and quality of consciousness you put forth. If it is OK I would like to be a little critical of your response to Mary Ann’s question. There are thousands, maybe tens of thousandsnow, and growing very quickly, of individuals who have come to see Dave Schmidt as a very honourable, honest and strait forward person who is very knowledgeable person re the RV?GCR. Many who have listened to the ‘guru’s’ out there have now gravitated to Dave Schmidt’s work for up to date and intelligent information. In my opinion your response short changed Mary Ann’s Question [ note, she is a good friend of mine and I could possibly be a little biased :-)]
        If you are not aware of his work I suggest a little time spent investigating his site and work from the beginning; last fall; maybe even personally connecting with him for discussion. To dismiss him out of hand the way you did does, in my opinion, not do him justice. He deserves better that that. I cannot speak for Dave; however I am quite sure that if he found out he was being misguided in some way, he would be the first to want to know. He deserves that respect. I humbly request you do some research and respond again.
        If there are any others who read this; I ask you share your thoughts also.
        thank you

        Paul Davis.


        1. Hello,

          I have no personal problem with Mr. Schmidt. However….

          We are getting into an area that would require me to disclose information that I am not at liberty to disclose in order to fully answer your concern that I am being unduly harsh with Schmidt.

          Remember, I am powerless to form any opinions of Mr. Schmidt on my own, with respect to this activity. I am not “in the trenches”, so I depend on those who are for such and I cannot ignore what I am told.

          If I could fully relay what I know, you would, at an instance, know that I am not taking Mr. Schmidt to task out of spite or to cause him harm. Not even close.

          The sum total of Mary Ann’s query was centered on the “Ambassador” issue. Your concern goes above that issue and tends to try to sell me on how good Mr. Schmidt is. I do not know what one has to do with the other.

          Just because someone hosts a call from a person claiming to be such an Ambassador is not proof enough of such a claim. MANY have made such claims.

          I could write much more, but I am bound to not disclose further details at this stage of the game, for the good of all. I cannot comply with your humble request to “do some research and respond again”. Simply put, there is no need to research an issue I have been thoroughly briefed on already. However, since you seem to think I have been given incorrect information from which I have formed a flawed opinion, I am more than willing to review any information you have been given, by whomever you have been in touch, which you used to come to your conclusions.

          My conclusions regarding the subject at hand were arrived at from those in the trenches. I know of no other person or organization to consult that would qualify as superior in source or higher in altitude.

          That is the best I can do to reply to your concerns without disclosing information that is not appropriate to the course and scope of WHA and its role in support of those working on behalf of the good of all.

          Thank you.


    2. I think this is the key Mary Ann: “the money will be used to assist humanity when the Cabal has been stopped.” and not before. I don’t think any of this off-sheet wealth will be released just so it can be stolen again. Also, as London reports, the crooks keep staving off the reformation. Ergo, when the reformation is able to proceed it will mean the crooks have been *contained*. Hope it’s soon. Sarkozy looks close. London paedo rings about to be busted. The noose tightens. At some stage enough will be removed so that the changes can occur.


  12. Right now a civil war would play right in to there hands which is what they want brothers fighting each other we can be confident they are desperate at this point time will expose the truth thank you WH and WHA


  13. Iceman,

    I know what it is like to be called crazy, but remember, people like your friend have to exist (no disrespect) for this thing to work and for there to be opportunity for the informed people, like us.

    If the world and it’s brother knew what was going to happen, there would be NO opportunity in silver, dongs, etc. Any money can you make from this coming RV and subsequent likely collapse of Biblical proportions (which should be unlike anything known before!) will be done off the misfortune of people like your friend who is just too blind to help themselves. Again, no disrespect as I am surrounded by such people too.

    You just know you are right, and so “be right and sit tight” as Jesse used to say. Invest in some currency and silver after you have your survival items ready and if you have money left over maybe gamble in the paper market on silver call options, or stock market put options etc. Try to make money from this if you can because you’re gonna need it (of course, turn the money into something worth while once you have made some!).

    Again, if it wasn’t for blind people like your friend (and everyone in my life) you wouldn’t have this opportunity to get food in before the chaos, get water stored before the chaos, get silver before it runs out, get some currencies before they RV, get some market positions before the world catches on, etc. I have stated this before and I stand on my statement: if too many people find out about what is about to happen, your window of opportunity WILL close. Be thankful you found out and let the blind lead the blind. I noticed you said your friend “laughed”. If it was an innocent laugh, then ok, but if he/she laughed AT YOU, believe me, they won’t be laughing soon. Time for us who are awake to toughen up about all this. I have been laughed at before, but the laughing will stop when the whole thing collapses and people cannot live like they did before.

    The window only exists because the blind cannot see it. So, in a way, we who are awake have to thank the blind fools.


    Posted on July 4, 2014by Jean

    Maine Republic Email Alert
    “…That I should bear witness to the truth.” – John 18:33 // David E. Robinson, Publisher

    RELEASED BY: Admin. David Robinson, 207-798-4695
    3 Linnell Circle, Brunswick, Maine, 04011

    For JULY 4, 2014

    ON June 19, 2014 the organic American states of the Union — known as The United States of America exercising plenary civil power upon the land — issued Orders to all Members of the domestic Police Forces, US Marshals Service, the Provost Marshal, members of the American Bar Association, and the American Armed Services; and Appointed General Carter F. Ham to lead and command The Grand Army of the Republic (GAR) and its successors under the guidance of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and with their full support.

    The Orders stIpulated that should it become necessary to suppress commercial mercenary forces operating under the guise of being federal government agencies — including but not limited to the Department of Homeland Security, the Federal Emergency Management Administration, the Internal Revenue Service, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, etc. — General Ham shall assume immediate command and control of all armed forces and services owed to The United States of America stationed in North America and shall join them under his Command as The Grand Army of the Republic. And that all forces of air, land, and sea are to be employed.

    Any cost or loss suffered as a result of deployment of The Grand Army of the Republic shall be charged as previously stipulated.

    All effort shall be made by The Grand Army of the Republic to spare life and property while undertaking any action whatsoever within the states of the Union without exception.

    The GAR is uniquely enabled by these Orders to operate on the land of the fifty (50) organic states for the purposes of securing the lives and property of the American States and American State Citizens. The GAR is not a foreign army and is composed primarily of American State Citizens.

    If they are required to take field positions, the local commanders are ordered to make every effort to communicate the basis of their authority and the reasons for their presence on American State soil to ensure a prompt cessation of hostilities and a widespread understanding of the usurpations and acts of fraud which have led to any conflict.

    All parties must be brought to understand the nature of the federal government, the limitations of its authority, and their own obligation to act in favor of the organic states of the Union.

    The Grand Army of the Republic (GAR) shall continue to operate under General Orders 100 known as the Lieber Code, extant from the pen of the last Republic President, Abraham Lincoln.

    No orders, Executive or otherwise, issued by Barack H. Obama pretending authority on the land of the American States while operating as “President” of the UNITED STATES Corporation nor as the “President” of the United States of America, are owed any performance by the Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Ham, or any Ordinary.

    All plainly stated grants of contractual authority evident in The Constitution for the united States of America remain in place, subject to good faith performance of the accompanying obligations and treaties.

    Mr. Obama is the “President” of a governmental services corporation under contract to provide stipulated services to the organic states and is on their payroll. He otherwise acts as a foreign dignitary representing the United States of America, Inc. In neither of these capacities is he allowed any granted authority to impose upon American State Citizens, endanger American State property, or command mercenary forces on American State soil — however veiled as federal civilian service agencies.

    The Orders require the Joint Chiefs of Staff and General Ham to commence measures to disarm federal civilian agency personnel and to seize control of the vast stockpiles of arms which have been improperly amassed by “the Department of Homeland Security”, FEMA, and other agencies employed by the UNITED STATES.

    The only federal agency allowed free egress on the land of the American States is the U.S. Marshals Service, and then only when their personnel are engaged in their duty to protect the U.S. Mail and sworn to act as constitutional officers. All other federal agency personnel are limited to unarmed service until further notice.

    The Joint Chiefs of Staff are directed to communicate these General Civil Orders directly to Mr. Obama, the members of the “US Congress”, the administrators of all “federal” agencies, the members of the “Supreme Court” and those acting as “Governors” to compel their rapid understanding and cooperation.

    Any expense or damage incurred by these organic states or any American State Citizen as a result of actions undertaken by any federal agency personnel acting as armed mercenaries on American State soil will be understood as the result of violent crimes committed against the peaceful inhabitants of the land and will incur immediate judgment liquidating the assets of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the Federal Reserve (FEDERAL RESERVE) in payment of the stipulated reparations. Such crimes shall also be considered contract default increasing the public debt subject to bounty.

    Any and all corporate officers of the UNITED STATES or any successor organization(s) inheriting “federal” service contracts who support, condone, or promote such crimes against the American States or against American State Citizens shall be subject to arrest and prosecution for commercial and violent crimes.

    All foreign officials operating as elected or appointed officials of the United States of America (minor) who support, condone, or promote such crimes against the American States or against American State Citizens shall be subject to arrest, confiscation of their assets, and deportation to Puerto Rico, Guam, or such other “states” as may be willing to receive them.

    Such “foreign officials” include members of the American and British Bar Associations who were licensed to act as privateers against the interests of the American States and the American State Citizens from 1845 to 2013 in flagrant Breach of Trust. All such licenses are now extinguished. Members of the Bar Associations are required to cease and desist assaults against the American States and American State Citizens and shall be subject to arrest, confiscation, and deportation otherwise.

    Insomuch as corporate officers operating the United States of America, Incorporated, and the UNITED STATES have contrived under conditions of fraud and semantic deceit to re-venue the estates of the American States and living American State Citizens to the foreign jurisdiction of the United States of America (minor) they are found guilty of capital crimes, including acts of fraud and treason committed between 1933 and 1945, and are condemned posthumously.

    Insomuch as elected officials operating the United States of America (minor) have similarly committed war crimes against the American States and their peaceful inhabitants during the same time period, they stand condemned posthumously.

    No enforcement upon any American State or American State Citizen is owed as a result of any “Act” of any “Congress” operating as the sovereign government of the United States of America (minor) nor as the Board of Directors or Board of Trustees of any incorporated entity whatsoever.

    All those (E)states and ESTATES erroneously believed to represent the American States and American State Citizens and which were conveyed by fraud and legal deceit to the United States of America (minor) and more recently to the City-State of the United Nations, are re-venued without exception to the geographically defined American States and the American State Citizens where they shall remain in perpetuity as assets belonging to the rightful and lawful beneficiaries.

    All legal fiction entities however structured and named after the American States and American State Citizens are returned to them and their control, free and clear of any debt, promise, encumbrance or obligation alleged against them as a result of false claims made “in their behalf” by officers of the United States of America, Inc. and the UNITED STATES, INC. or by any foreign officials operating the United States of America (minor), or the United Nations City State falsely claiming to “represent” them or have jurisdiction over them.

    The current circumstance is in part the result of criminal acts engaged in 150 years ago, which resulted in the commercial enslavement of African Americans who were summarily claimed as chattels backing “US government” debt in the wake of the Civil War. Despite every act of abolition and declaration of prohibition against both peonage and slavery, it has been the policy of the “US government” to enslave its citizens and to operate as a rogue state among the nations of the world.

    Instead of freeing African Americans the sum total result of the Civil War was to vastly expand public sector ownership of slaves, giving rise to the outrageous and improper claims that have been made against the American States and the American State Citizens that we are dealing with today.

    It is uniquely fitting that The Grand Army of the Republic is recalled to settle this circumstance in favor of the people.

    These Orders were addressed to and received by:

    Joint Chief of Staff
    9999 Joint Staff
    Washington, DC 20318 – 9999

    7012 3460 0003 4344 3512 – JUN 19 2014

    [Link redacted]


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