The Philosophy of Skeptics 


Once again I am roused from my evening supine leisure to address something that pertains to our work. Well, sort of. 

It would appear that Mr. Collins, of, has issued a rather terse article regarding his belief that the White Hats and/or their work are make-believe. 

Now, I have to say that the attack against the White Hats was rather stunning to behold. Such an unbalanced, unhinged, obtuse and incongruent reply, rife with anger and steeped in pride, sadly, was like watching Karl Wallenda tumble from his position on the high-wire. Additionally, in an obviously coordinated attack on two flanks, Mr. Collins’ trained attack dog sent a few emails that were devoid of any sense of seeking an understanding, and were silly, snide attempts to nullify by force of words and not pursue merits of truthful disclosure. On that front they failed utterly and miserably.

I would also like to add that I did leave a brief reply on Mr. Collins’ blog, and as of this writing, it has not been approved.

As a trained investigator I know the importance of following up, and pulling the string until you find the 800 lb. gorilla. Otherwise, what’s the use of even looking? Truth is not found in supposition or in the vagaries of temple incense. It’s found by hard work and knowing what to look for, and knowing what you are seeing when you see it.

I am fully aware that Mr. Collins may have been put off by our White Hat contact’s remarks that he is “not in the trenches”. That’s fair and reasonable to anticipate and understand – the truth can sometimes carry a sting. But, the tone and vitriol of his recent article was unlike his past writing, and the sudden change of characteristic was, in and of itself, worth looking into. Professionals usually do not stoop to such crass tactics and low levels of pusillanimity, unless there is an 800 lb. gorilla in back of it. Of that I was ABSOLUTELY SURE, and later on, it was proven to be the case. 

So, because it is wise to start any inquiry with those directly and peripherally involved in the matter, I sent a request for contact and awaited a reply.

Now, I have to pause and remark that I had a nice Italian meal this evening, with some nice Chianti as well. After, I decided to listen to some Genesis (Wind & Wuthering), and while enjoying the digestive effects of The Eleventh Earl of Mar, the phone rang.

We proceeded to get to the bottom of everything, and now I have a very clear picture of why this attack was issued. And, I am certain that it was not because of Mr. Collins’ belief that the White Hats are “make-believe”. In fact, he knows the absolute opposite is the case, and the details of why he knows this are now known to me.

I know all of you are just waiting for me to spell it all out right here in fine detail. Will I?


I could lay all the facts bare, right here. I could lay them all out, with names, events, circumstances; the whole sad details as to what motivated such an attack. But, I do not see the need to stomp so callously on others. There are several parties to this sad business, and their backgrounds are somewhat tragic. Mercy is called for in this case, and I am given to take a more tempered approach in the matter, regardless of the fact that the ram has touched the wall. There are larger issues to attend to, and this type of thing should not be elevated to any further significant level of importance. 

I would like to address one comment from Mr Collins’ blog:

“Never do these people ever attempt to truly educate and enlighten the masses about the real condition of the human being and the machinations of the structures which hold them contained.  They peddle and sell false hope and spread disinformation and further confusion amongst the already disorganized masses.”

I had to read that several times to actually believe it was actually written. How anyone can read the entire official White Hat blog and come away with that conclusion, after a good faith review, is simply spurious, at best. 

So, Mr. Collins, I wish you well with your metrics theories and good luck with your blog. But, I would refrain from publishing such things as this (found on your blog):

“…..Because I’m a part of the disorganized masses fighting and crawling my way towards true understanding and enlightenment and now I have my own website motherfuckers, from which I can share everything I learn and others can come and participate in the rational and informative exchanges….”

Such crass language, which is demeaning to women, only serves to paint you as an unhinged part of the “disorganized masses” that you are fighting your way out of. 

Good luck with your fight.

Our work lies elsewhere.

This subject matter is concluded.



  1. Hello Everyone, I thought I would bring this over from One World of Nations. Looks like we may be close.
    Jul 29, 2014, 4:42:00 AM

    “There still seems confusion on the PPs. Some are spitting out Soothers. 1. No one owes them a dime. They chose to gamble. GS are Sovereign positions and not even close right now. 2. We advised clearly that the M1 status is bogus. Soother eruptions putting Vesuvius out of a role play now. 3. Only PPs are active right now and IF, just that IF, any safe residual capacity is left after our clients safe and confidential exchange, both sites will be advised how to proceed quickly. We can not discuss client operations. The gentle standby hint is for a reason. Smart money, smart moves.”

    Read more at:
    OWoN © All Rights Reserved


  2. Tony, I really love this community. We can be ourselves and we get each other. But what I most value is that we talk about ‘real’ stuff; those conversations I can’t have w my friends on FB for example. MA, a little wave to you (hi) for being so human in a way i can relate to!


    1. And a wave and a hello back to you Andrew. I always enjoy reading your posts and you hit it on the head when you suggested that I had read more into the post by OWoN than had been meant. Much thanks for the reality check.



  3. Holy Guacamole. I can tell you one thing. If that is a staged event and something that is not based in reality… well my friends, someone went to a huge amount of trouble to create it. The signing of documents, the staged groups at seemingly world financial events? Goodness, why spend all the effort only to create fraud through a limited exposure video that would not benefit you in anyway what-so-ever?

    IF you believe, we know the west are the bad guys in this. We hear him say he has authorized military action if required. And we know that simply removing a single dictator is a massive problem. Imagine trying to remove the entire elite? I am not a fear-based being but I do pray the cabal choose the easy path and simply retire on this one….

    Put away the guns and let’s try to resolve this as adults shall we? Peace to all!


    1. Hello,

      We at WHA do not spend significant time on M1 matters. If they are for good, then we welcome it, especially The Venus Project, which is the most intelligent solution for giving all people of earth a high standard of living and declaring the resources of earth the common heritage of all.

      One thing I can say that seems odd, is that we were told that M1 was Chinese, not Indonesian.

      Thank you!


        1. Very interesting.

          It is our understanding that M1 is Chinese. Not Indonesian. As we have stated before, we really do not focus on M1 things, but there is a real M1. What he is going to do and how he is related to what may happen in the future is not entirely understood, and I doubt the full details of his duties will ever be released before any are commenced.

          Thank you!


    2. I watched that video, and I have to say that it was very interesting and encouraging. And look at the date of the video the 25th. Kinda falls in line with what CL over at IMF was talking about the Magical Seven. And it also falls in time with what OWoN was telling us to watch our sites daily for. Maybe this is our time.


  4. Tony, please delete the above post. I was far too whimsical for most normal purposes yesterday. I was trying to express that I don’t find their sexist humor particularly offensive but, instead, I made significant inroads into proving it true ; )


  5. owon clearly states the reason for some of their negative comments in the copied post above – “our negative comments often are to stop over hyping and reckless gambles”. so i don’t see it as giving and taking away at all. just wondering mary ann – have you ever talked about men in a disparaging way? if you haven’t good for you i suspect that makes you a rare women. my point is that it is not only men that are sexist.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi there john s

      Yes sometimes I slip up and say disparaging things about people and even myself. But then I move on to try to do better.

      I have observed that OWoN have made efforts to stop their humour that I found derogatory toward women. Good for them and it is appreciated.


  6. You know it seems to me that OWoN can give with one hand and take back with the other hand.

    Unless I read the post yesterday incorrectly, I was thinking that we were close to a GCR/WGS.

    The post today quashed my hopes of a quick trip to the bank!

    The only saving grace is that they are still saying that the Dong should be okay.

    I am wondering if, with the first post, there were other reasons that they stated things the way they did.

    I have been reading long enough to know that OWoN is not like the Gurus calling it every day. I am trusting that they are doing their darn best to help people and there are reasons, that I’m not aware of, for what they say.

    And I’m also happy to see that they have stopped with the sexist jokes.

    Well… back to being patient.



    1. Chin up MA, Owon’s post didn’t say the WGS was forthcoming, just that some positive moves were afoot, and the addendum above says the same. He was referring to PPs as he always has done. PPs to come first then maybe WGS but there are no funds for that YET. IMO the ISIS and cabal need to be taken care of first before those massive funds are released. But a PP release would imply a weakening of cabal resistance, so that is the hope. It is tempting to read our own desires into any info release. His latest is not bad news, as they are pushing for the PPs, which is the first step.


      1. You’re right Andrew I read too much into their first post and got my hopes up.

        The second post continues the information they have previously given about the PPS going first.

        Yes it is very tempting to read our own desires into information. But lesson learned.


  7. More from OWoN:


    Jul 26, 2014, 9:30:00 AM

    We do fully understand the needs and desperation of many. I was active even at 03-00 hrs this week overlapping with the West Coast parties, and working also from 08-00 hrs EU time as a big push is on but it is highly sensitive. These involve Global Sovereign Affairs. The last thing we need are the yapping Guru dogs hyping nonsense and hurting the public.

    If a real Public breakthrough is achieved we will advise you. However the PPs are far more likely first.which may prohibit Public disclosure for good reason. If the numbers of alleged bogus over printed Dinars are in the hands of the masses rumored, both the amounts and Public Order will be impossible to contain the stampede. Reality will rule. We have gruesome images.

    PPs are owed, and will benefit the nations. No one owes for fraudulent overprinting and the numbers propounded are such multiples of even US GDP as to be an impossible equation. Impossible volumes will not be met. For many innocent Dinar holders they may be facing a South Sea bubble ending. Dongs should be OK, but Dinars have real issues. We do not seek to advise but just raise the risk issues. These are all long shot gambles for most.

    Even now, we still hold no Dinars. Forex is always a wild ride Our having seen how many have now rebalanced their portfolios following our alerts, is satisfying to see our extended help will protect many.

    If and when any real Public move is indicated,we will provide what is possible to the 2 sites. Hype can unbalance hope. We are ever aware of your needs, and our negative comments often are to stop over hyping and reckless gambles. The PPs will help economies, but a Public release needs careful planning.

    Let me be very clear. There are NO mountains of hidden Gold and there are no mega Gzillions coming to bail out impossible numbers. Impossible! Orderly steps only will be made.Money is finite. Moves are limited.

    If a Public move is achieved, we will advise you how and when. Then you will have to move fast because windows will close. Right now only the PPs are an issue, No Public paper yet.It is peak vacation time. If anything changes we will advise. The PPs have no relation to Public holdings. Way too much fantasy is cross circulating the net. All untrue. Its hurting many with false hopes.


  8. Just a question – has the idea been considered by anyone you know of for some kind of moderated networking system (similar to LinkedIn for example), whereby like-minded professionals can register/add their expertise to a humanitarian pool post event?


    1. Hello,

      I do not know of anything of that sort, which is to say it may exist, but I am not aware of it.

      My best suggestion is to keep an eye on OWoN for such sources. They are really tracking on that issue, and may have some good ideas in the near future.

      Thank you.


  9. I’ve just re-read FC 115 again. It is a very sobering and essential shot of wisdom for our times. I’m printing it off to use as a guiding reminder in the days ahead. Thank you again WH, OWoN and WHA and very best wishes from down under.


  10. Thanks for all your hard work that you do. I just received my Vietnamese Dong and read the update from OWoN. I cant wait!!!! Thank You WHA!!!!


  11. I know this is an OWON question and not a WHA question, but where are the comments section in the new format of OWON or is it disabled for now? If anyone has found them and could help that would be great. Thanks so much.


  12. Happy guru friday everyone! From Okie..








    1. LL, I call your Okie dinar guru Friday and raise you to a John Machaffie.

      “Johnnie has outstanding balance of $ 150 for his family survival bills this week. Your assistance in donation would be much appreciated now! John MacHaffie”



    From the TruNews site:
    “Topic : Today is Part 1 of a two-part interview with a Wall Street trader identified only as “V.” Rick questions V about the ongoing assassination of high level bankers, massive fraud in the financial markets, and nefarious plans to crash the Dollar in order to introduce a new currency and financial system.”


  14. Many thanks to OWoN. This gesture is entirely generous. So few credible sources exist in this narrow niche. I’m CERTAIN it’s entirely due to your stellar qualities, WHA. I owe OWoN a debt of gratitude. They teach me tolerance daily, exacerbate my cynicism weekly and refine my critical reasoning comment by comment. Grateful to both sites. LP/macrogirl


    1. Thank you,

      But in all honesty, the stellar folks are those on the front lines. They are of a quality that is very rare. Not perfect, as they would certainly be quick to point out, but way, way above average in their patience, tolerance and dedication to their work.

      All I did was what was asked of each of us…to help a little. That’s all I could do. The real work is theirs.


    1. Hey Keezy or Tony… that last comment about “Positive moves” was that posted in a comments section of an article at OWoN?… if so could you tell me the title?… I have been looking and cant seem to find it… thanks


  15. WHA,
    Has your contact ever mentioned if monthly payments whether SS pension or salary payments will be in trns or frns after event


    1. It’s difficult to explain, without going into a boatload of details. A few years back, the person I knew mentioned that the Elite speak through code in the media. Pastor Lindsey Williams has also alluded to this, especially when he’s mentioned their own code of ethics and being attentive of buzzwords.

      It’s taken me a number of years to understand the code. I’m not saying it’s something occurring everyday, yet when a story seems to be plastered everywhere with the same context, the chances are high that they are talking through the supercomputer (as my source used to say).

      When you hear things that are a bit more unusual than other times, there’s a high probability that a coded message is being sent out. In this case, the name “Goldilocks” made me take attention to the message being given. Hearing “seven” and “magic” are not common words for most news stories.

      So, if you listen to the news, rather than just hear it, you might be able to detect some of the messages they send in code. As I strung the context together, that would be how you’d interpret the message. Symbology is huge, so that’s another tip.

      I hope that simple explanation helps. You’ll never hear news the same way, ever again.


      1. Their code of ethics (according to Lindsey Williams) is always to announce to the public what they are going to do, prior to actually doing it. Think of it like this. In football, the coach sends in the next play. What is said in the huddle would sound like garbled to us, yet the team members understand it, then execute the plan. It is the same thing, which is why I was saying that it is difficult to fully explain.


      2. In looking at the coded message again, there is one more mention linked to the term “Goldilocks”. My source mentioned that the Elite liked word games. In breaking up the term, you will see “Gold-I-Locks”. Basically, it’s another way of telling others to lock into gold, because the person sending the message out has. Interesting, huh?


  16. While listening to WTAM (Clear Channel station) this morning, I caught a coded message going out.

    For some, it was just a new report on getting seven hours of sleep. One key word tipped me off to it having a dual meaning for the elite to hear. I’m so grateful that my source (who’s unfortunately now deceased) taught me how to listen to the news rather than just hear it.

    Within the message was “seven”, “magic”, “no more, no less”, “sleep”, and the clincher to know it was intentionally coded, “Goldilocks”. The message was pretty obvious, if you understand the code. So, this is what went out to the elite.

    It was that monetary moves are now in motion (don’t be caught sleeping). We all know about IMF’s Christine Lagarde’s comments regarding seven, so that one is obvious. If you’re not aware of the Lagarde speech, look for the one made before our national press club in January. She used the word “magic” quite a number of times in it, as well as the phrase, “no more, no less”.

    So, the time is now for action to begin (no more, no less). Goldilocks contains a few messages. The obvious is to secure your gold now. The less obvious is that Goldilocks was involved with bears, as in “entering the bear house AKA market”. Within that was revealed that there will be three levels to the coming bear market, being there were three bears.

    Use the info as needed. Hosea 4:6!


    1. Interesting.

      I was listening to the financial insider “W” talk about hearing 2 coded messages go out over a 2 week period towards the end of June, beginning of July about silver.

      He said these were the first coded messages he’s heard about metals in over 3 years. To hear 2 right in a row was rare and that there was going to be major moves in silver.

      Possibly coinciding with the end of the silver fix August 14th?


      1. I am very aware of W’s reading of coded messages. He is fantastic in understanding their logarithims. I am definitely not in the same ballpark as that, yet am very appreciative of his info. My belief is that God is giving us all different gifts and info to share in the times we are living in. If anything, we are validating each mother’s info. I consider the ability to share, as I did, a true blessing. I cannot explain it other than I understand how the code works and how it resonated with me when I recognize it. The most important thing for me is that others hear it, can debate or affirm the message, and then do what is best for their families, friends, and themselves. I promise to keep sharing these messages, if and when I hear them. I am not a guru, but simply a messenger.


  17. Tony, you and the White Hats are our lighthouse and your positive and exemplary beacon shine brightly for those of us who would without you be lost in the swells and darkness. Thank you for all ya’ll do. (A midwesterners’ colloquialism … with endearment) 🙂


    1. You can’t make this up. Just weeks before the London Silver Fix goes by the way of the DoDo Bird the NY Fed slams the Bankster responsible for the ending of the Silver Fix …Deutsche Bank for having much too high derivative leverage!!

      NY Fed Slams Deutsche Bank (And Its €55 Trillion In Derivatives): Accuses It Of “Significant Operational Risk”

      But that’s not the half of it. There are rumors that the companies picked to “replace” the Silver Fix (CME and Reuters) are NOT going to carry on the original “Silver Fix” at all but create a brand new transaction based electronic system that will report something called the “London Silver Price”!

      So what happens to the MASSIVE amount of silver derivative contracts that Deutsche Bank wrote that were dependent on settlement based off the “Silver Fix” after August 14th??

      Poof! Hello weapon of Mass Financial Destruction as counter-parties to Deutsche Bank’s 55T Euro derivative book will be decapitated in a Global Derivative Meltdown!

      Those who think the ISDA will come to the rescue with a revised definition of the “Silver Fix” don’t understand that this is all being done ON PURPOSE!

      The only question left…WHAT WILL WE DO AFTER THE CRASH?

      That is where the decision for FREEDOM will be either demanded by the People or forfeited by the People.

      I choose FREEDOM…what about YOU?

      May the Road you choose be the Right Road.

      Bix Weir


  18. Also from OWoN just now….
    Tuesday, July 22, 2014 6:39:00 AM

    James, Whatever CMKX chance is possible, it can ride behind the key PPs we are working on now. Retain humour it helps. Sorting out the conniving bandits who hurt CMKX will take time. They cost a lot of good people stability. Keep hoping its not dead, but false projections dont help the cause. Eyes roll with TPTB. – See more at:


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