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I thought it best to move on from FC 124, and the unpleasant topic surrounding it.

Once again, it’s time to assume a readiness posture and remain patient for events to transpire. We continue to watch with high anticipation and expectation.

We do not know in what precise form these events will manifest themselves to the general public. Such exact plans are not a part of our pay grade, and never will be. That is perhaps a very good thing. However, as we ALL know, these plans are real, they are going to come about, and we have been warned to prepare for them (See FC115). If, by some chance, we are entrusted to release information of a contemporaneous nature, we will do so. By that I mean, “as the event unfolds”. 

In the recorded history of Earth I am not aware of a time when a new century held so much potential for a culture to move forward as one, and with enough talent, technology and understanding to learn from past mistakes and make improvements that far exceed any that would have been possible in decades past. There are no shortages of people who want to assist with such advances. I am lucky to know a few of them. There are also no shortages of people who want to hinder them – just for personal gain and power – at the cost of literally holding back an entire planet from making much needed adjustments and preparations for the future. Remember, the future is something we create. It is not some cold mathematical formula that is necessarily pre-ordained by a shrink-infested, half-ass focus group, or burnt out, mentally ossified, intransigent statisticians. 

It’s bad enough that we are faced with so much resistance to cultural advancement from within our own species. We also have to contend with threats from off world acts of nature that we are not adequately prepared to deal with. One example is found here. We better get busy and focus on important matters, and those are not things like Kim Kardashian’s buttocks, or Miley Cyrus’ tongue. 

The basic mission we have been following for so long is simply stated as “repairing the world’s shattered, looted and hopelessly bankrupt financial system“. That is WHY these events are needed. It is not something to do for lack of something better, or to impress people at cocktail parties. This is a very serious step for the world to take – but is often cheapened by the “used car salesman” atmosphere of the self promoters and braggarts . But, even then, when all is done and we have achieved the goals set forth, then what?

To that end, look ahead. The past is fixed, but the future is not. There is much work to be done, and as a culture, we are pretty far behind.

Continue to disregard guru “intel” and simply wait for things to happen. Even if you knew every detail, every timetable, every nuance and direction of every erg and dyne of the entire matter, there is little most of you could do to take advantage of it. We are all in a good position to know what is possible to be known. There is no need to wander the landscape in search of more.

No matter what the outcome, I want you all to know that it has been my pleasure to assist in bringing forth information and greater understanding of this journey into the future. This includes introducing many more people to the work of the White Hats and how such ties into anticipated events. For now, baring any further unexpected need, this will be our last Fact Check until such time we are given authorization to deliver further information to you.

Again, our thanks goes out to our White Hat contact, the White Hats, their colleagues, support staff and all those who are working on these important matters.

Now…….let’s see what a little more patience and time reveals.

Thank you all!  



  1. snipets from owon. j August 24, 2014 at 3:04 AM

    Once we get the PPs moving, multiple Projects will be activated to help create wealth and address our long term needs. Community Development is key. Restore pride, address needs, impose values and responsibility, and educate from birth. We need Bum free communities. Boot their assess out to the Drone zones. On site, we see so many of the best of you. You encourage the hell out of us. You are, by and large the Thinking Americans and other nations. That is the Global community we need to re build. It all has to start somewhere. What we have isn’t working. Neither are 110M Americans now! Let’s help put the PPs to good use. Those with Dongs have hope. So do the Dinar PP groups. Public???? A single Acorn can help grow a forest. Where do we start?

    Read more at:
    OWoN © All Rights Reserved


  2. Tony

    Hello from a nice rainy UK

    Do you think people making profit from the RV will make the national news in any big headline way when it happens?

    I keep playing it out in my head and I can’t figure if it will be big news that a small number of the population hoarded some foreign currency for this RV, or whether they will largely ignore it, or maybe put it down to people having some old travel money left over who got lucky, or maybe they will even whip the public up in a frenzy by demonising the people who joined in??! Maybe we will be seen as evil outcasts for profiting from it? Or maybe we will tell people what we did once we cash out and they will be like “I’ve never heard of it”.

    I”m expecting some mainstream news channel somewhere to go interview a dong holder who made a shed load of bucks from it and for the newscaster to finish the interview with “who could have known?! Back to the studio!” (With the answer obviously being “nobody, if we listen to you lot”).


    1. Hello,

      You seem to be channeling Abby. She would often ask these kinds of oddball questions.

      Quite frankly, I do not consider any news organization as other than a propaganda outlet for sellouts. I quit watching the news years ago and could care less what they cover.

      One example – I caught excerpts of the coverage of the police thing in Ferguson. Over and over, they keep selling the story as “A white policeman who shot down an unarmed black teen”. Well, they can take their pathetic, slanted story and shove it up their soft pink assholes.

      There are many cases where a police officer can justifiably shoot someone who is “unarmed”. One reason is a struggle for the weapon, where anyone who is legally carrying can use deadly force to prevent a gun from being taken and used against them – even an unarmed assailant.

      The officer is entitled to presumption of innocence and juries will be called to judge him. If he overstepped his authority, he will be punished. But until then, we don’t need the Goebbels-esqe, limp-wristed, biased Ken and Barbie news media to set up their own trials and executions beforehand.

      I could care less if there is any coverage, and would not spend a second pondering it.


  3. I might have this completely wrong, but if OWON is referring above to the UK (I think they are partly UK based?) regarding the “we kick everyone off welfare after 6 months, 3 months you have to take a job” stuff – I have to strongly disagree. Again, IF he is talking about the UK. I have never seen such a thing over here. The welfare class are booming!!

    I am in the UK and the welfare system is SO easy to play if you make the right choices! It always has been and always will be (until the big crash bankrupts the system and everyone goes zombie – yikes, we have no arms allowed in the UK!!).

    I have friends and family who have been on welfare for many years, one guy all his life pretty much, and they have done VERY well out of it because they REFUSE to work. They have been offered jobs but they just find ways to excuse themselves and keep picking up the welfare money. They don’t want to flip burgers for minimum wage, so they just refuse it, and they get bailed out with welfare. It never changes!

    They live better quality lives than me, and I work full time (NOT an exaggeration). One guy I know raised a family and has a nice size house with garden, car, petrol allowance etc all because of welfare. Good luck to him – he saw the opportunity and took it. He has done well from welfare. I gave up being angry about it because you can’t blame the wasp for going in the jam jar – you blame the guy that left the lid off the jar. If somebody offers you a cheque for not working, of course many will take it. If you can manage to get a car and house for free (with travel allowance due to having to take your kids to school etc) all for nothing without working, then you can spend your day time doing other fun things rather than being “stuck at work day after day”. The Bible says if a man won’t work, let him not eat. But the state says if a man won’t work, let him watch paid-for Sky TV all day.

    I have to work, and I am glad I work, because I feel lost without it as much as I moan about it on a Monday morning. I get nervous when I am unemployed and I feel lost. Plus because I did not impregnate some girl at 17 I would be nowhere near the top of any “free house” list anyway as per the welfare rules in the UK. If you drop a baby or two out of your womb in your teens/early 20’s you get a free ride to retirement in the UK, especially if you then leave the guy. Me, being male, if I had got somebody pregnant years ago and gave up work around that time I could have been in a nice little house now all paid for by now with spare money for the pub and petrol! But alas, I did the right thing – I went out and worked from 18 and did not get anybody pregnant. But it has bitten me on the backside years later now, because I am a low earner with small prospects in an vastly overcrowded country where too many people chase too few half-decent jobs. And because I am in good health, no kids etc basically I don’t get a dime from the state. Damn it! I should have learned from others!!! Nobody teaches you how to play the system when you are 17!! So annoying! So I am out there on my own working hard getting nowhere (not even my own home to live in) and millions of work-shy Brits (including plenty of immigrants) are doing SO SO much better than I am now. I don’t even have a car right now! I stand in supermarkets counting my pocket change before buying food while the welfare family next to me fill their trolley up! LOL I am a loser because I chose to do the right thing from a young age and it never paid off. Ahhh, the good old UK. What’s the point?!

    So yeah, don’t think we are tough over here on welfare. We are seriously not. The thing is, the great crash is coming and the UK is as bankrupt as the US by all accounts. When the welfare all gets cut in the big collapse, the zombie fallout could be horrific.


    1. Thank you for your insight Gazza I suspected that was the case,it’s a template that is being used world wide,not just the USA thanks again


  4. It’s incredibly encouraging to see that truth about the Dinar situation is coming to light. I made just a single miniscule purchase and then decided against any subsequent purchases. Boy do I feel fortunate now! Something in my head told me to investigate the mechanism of an RV a second time once I held those 25k notes in my hand. Eventually I realized that at some point buying dinars from an entity isn’t profitable for the purchasing organization after, say, $5T has been spent. Could be a bit more than that but the point is there isn’t anywhere close to the amount of funding out there that could allow for a public exchange outside of Iraq. It is an impossibility. Oh yeah and there’s also that little counterfieting problem. As for the Dong, maybe that situation may prove to be much different.

    Ones focus needs to turn away from dinarland now. Get rid of your dinars and invest the proceeds in yourself. For instance, sell them and spend a part of the proceeds on classes where debt validation tactics are taught. That’s becoming a booming industry, with so many banks and debt collectors waving the white flag these days, and you can make a comfortable living in it while helping others free themselves from financial slavery. Do something that will help you free yourself from the anxiety that lack of resources can create.

    Find a peaceful place, do a little ceremony if that’s what it takes, and close the dinar chapter of your life. Though it may not seem like it, it’s truly the best decision a dinarian can make. And remember to never feel guilt or have regret over any of this. Though a lesson was learned the hard way, much enlightenment has come from following this story and discovering the big picture. We’ll all be called upon to explain this mess after the collapse. In the mean time, sit back and watch this all play out with quiet disapproval.


  5. Tony with the OwoN talks it makes me feel like the dong won’t RV at all.
    Your contact still feels it will be in the range of .47 to 1.00
    I know there are no garuntees but we should expect .10 thru 1.00 right.


    1. Hello,

      Yes, any public exchange of whatever currencies make it to a public revalue status should be called to our attention by the appropriate parties in time to give you at least 48 hours notice.

      Right now as I type I see the usual guru weekend pump up blather to spur on dinar sales for the big Monday morning miracle, which will be followed by the “we didn’t expect to be here….” let down later on.

      We all know better. We have not seen the PP’s go yet so a public revalue is nowhere in sight at this time.


      1. The one place they won’t expect to be is swimming in the river Cocytus along with the judas types on both sides history has proven time and again that there agents are everywhere I’ve not felt any here consider ourselves blessed with Tony

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  6. Tony,
    Bringing this over from OWoN

    August 23, 2014 at 3:26 PM

    Please do understand, for many we do feel your pain and stress. The anguish and hopelessness.

    Recovery of the most valuable thing you have, life, comes from facing it and dealing with it,.Self Help.
    We live in a truly sick and degenerate society where the I Want My Lick syndrome over rides all values and personal responsibilities. Go out, find it and Earn it!
    I look daily at the vast numbers who backed a 10,000 to one long shot horse and are squealing like kids with a smacked Ass. It lost, it’s gone, so start again and stop backing 3 legged donkeys. Bookies dont bail losers. You win some, you lose some. Just learn to select better.
    Years have been wasted ambulance chasing this Dog S! Your life and time is precious. Use it each day.
    There is no money and No Santa. You – Lost! Get over it.

    Every day you waste whining about the system , rogues and Bankers, you fail to invest real time looking for what will dig you out. There is just not the money in the world to bail out 90% of the garbage paper out there. Victims of overprinted bogus notes need to wise up, it’s not coming for most of you. Dongs are OK- but Dinars have more warts and hairs than a Gigantic wild pig. Stop chasing it.

    The esoteric, complete Jungle Bunny papers which are desperate gambles involving bust companies, are just a waste of time even answering or debating. Even worse the promissory hogwash surrounding them. The best advice, put them in a drawer, forget about that garbage and one day maybe your Tooth Fairy will come. Old Mother Hubbard has zilch in her cupboard.Nor strap on wings for the pigs. But don’t worry, because daily yet another complete asshole will regale you with more worthless fabrications of how some Eastern Potentate is riding in on his Donkey to unleash mountains of Gold just for you. But after the last 5 years of weekly, we are done Blogs, don’t you smell Bull essence ? Flatulent Gurus and Rope a Dopes tracking. Florida swamp land for sale?

    Way too many are proposing to rebuild the world with their “My Blessings” money. What a crock. Funded by who?

    Most Banks have no plans to do Forex trading for Dinars, even AFTER a PP for selective Heavy PP Groups. It does not include Joe public yet for Dinars. Do the Diligence. We will not debate it timewasting. You bought, in you dig out.
    A Guru – Conned You! They stole your dreams and money.

    Those lucky enough to get out on Dongs hold onto it tight. I say this with deep respect. You have no idea whats tracking down. America is in a beyond belief mess. You will need all of it. Keep your heads and Council. Don’t try to play God. Just build a sold base for your own family first. Fools and money? Families are as avaricious as grabbers.

    With the PPs its a start to help some, and we will via Projects and infrastructure. Welfare is not our area, nor will it be.

    The key point is this, and said with true and humble respect, time spend brainstorming ideas to create income will throw up new life and chances. Sitting waiting for Jungle Bunny paper to pay is trashing your life and denying for many the opportunities right under your noses. Life does provide and will. So, if a job only pays half what you had before, who cares, its at least feeding you now. A step at a time. Any work for money is a yes. Legal! Each new path will bring new opportunities. Just take the steps and make your own luck. Stop depending on others, Man Up., YOU live it. Its YOUR life. Live for the day, and go Earn some Pay. Look harder! Look wider, and move. No one owes you. Life will surprise you if you reach out for it. Stop whining, start winning. The dollar will fall in value and taxes will go up. Hello??? Gas is 12 $ a gallon in Europe. Car, electronics and Food twice the price. Phones etc. We live and build. We make it happen. We kick everyone off Welfare after 6 months. After 3 months each are told you take the first jobs we offer you anywhere, or your off now. Once your off, you cant re apply for 3 years and ONLY if you worked. We Got Real!


  7. More OWoN…. I assume he means CMKX where he posted KMCX….


    The selected currencies via the Private Placements will go first. Because of the vast Dinar overprinting scam many banks will not touch them for Public conversions. Dinars are a potentially giant Puke bowl of corruption. Beats me how most think they can buy this Jungle Bunny crap and think they have a moral right to be bailed.

    Dongs etc you should be ok. Dinars, we still hold none.

    All this other garbage out there , who will bail it? They are bust, sucked dry. No point wasting time debating them. Leave it to dreamers. Toilet paper.

    Start with- Money is finite. Then understand the US has ONLY been built on an overprinting Fed fantasy paper, saddling you Goyim with the debts, and theft of other nations assets for the last 75 years. Compound it with seeing the whining, whinging Military and Agencies syphoning out 55% of GDP to create havoc and hate in the world, further compounded by the collapse of Industry and woeful Leadership, and you end up with the 35% Welfare nightmare that is America today.

    People allowed ignorance to develop, and became dumbed down to what is now. Stupefied sheeple. Worse with 35% on Welfare and no growing industries for future hope.

    With the Currency and special Sovereign Loan PPs we are progressing with, those can create projects and infrastructure bringing jobs and economic growth. That still has synergy and hope.

    For those who can get out, do. The voting dynamic now is horrific. Unemployable garbage will vote Democrat and choke the nation. I do talk to a number, and they are they are horrific sub animals who consider a Welfare Check as their right and income, with no intention of ever working. Yes, they won’t work because a stupid system allows it. Put the lot on forced border guarding or starve them.

    For those unemployed, and genuinely trying so hard with no hope, you I truly feel for. With no economy left as the Military and Cabal grab it all, you need to fight to kill the Cabal and massively cut the Boys with their Toys and Contractors. US Leadership is over, it’s failed. Butt out and rebuild America.
    Desperation I fully understand, but self help alone will get you out. US Welfare will have to be stopped at some stage. The Cupboards are bare, time to close the doors. They have stocked up on ammo, Civil Riot Control has been practised and they are all now trained and ready to fire.
    America is out of money and soon, time. Leadership has been lost and without really Patriotic new Morally conscious Presidents, it’s over. A Banana Republic is emerging a Comedy or Errors fantasy show. With so many good and talented Americans its a tragedy. Why don’t you mass demonstrate over Pelosi, Bonehead and Reid? What happened to Isa’s Clean Up promises? Go Tar and Feather the Congressmen. Time to end this Federal Monstrosity that is Washington DC. Get back to basics.

    But they wont. Why think or move their ass when all they can do is sit on it? The Spirit and Soul of America is dying.

    A Kenyan Con Man is not the answer. Nor more Bushes or Clintons. Its like watching the collapse of the Roman Empire. With 110M Welfare Vandals within.
    Where do these Dreamers think that Omega and CMKX money is coming from? Santa? Wake up, smell the garbage heap, the roses have died. When do the get it, – they wont get it? How many more Wassock next weeks failed promises can they take? 5 years of that crap. It’s here, we are done. Dummies get Done- over!

    Lets keep that crap off OWON. Leave it to the rags. Dead ends are not worth debating. Focus on hope, what can be done. The real PPs, the Sovereign Loans, are the hope. Forget that other crap. Its fly blown. Sunday / Monday we will expose the PP delay scam.


      1. That Nesara guy has never been right about anything yet. He keeps bumming for money and people are stupid enough to support him.

        Nesara has been discussed for years. The people who think they are going to get money from a miracle say that Clinton signed off on it but he did not.

        Nesara is a fluke – does not exist – not gonna happen.


  8. Happy Guru Friday to All!!










  9. Guess we will be waiting a little longer. We should have a new estimate of a PP time frame by the end of the weekend. As we suspected, all the recent rumors about the “Admiral’s Group”, etc. are crap.

    Remember, there will not be a public RV in advance of the PPs being released.

    Let this be a good lesson on how 99% of what you read on dinar forums and NESARA sites is generated by someone smoking crack.



    AUGUST 22, 2014 AT 1:00 PM

    LG and all re Admirals Group and PPs. The rumour, as usual , is unfounded. Rumour is spelled with a U but dumbed down for retarded Brokers who unleash this garbage. I work with the group multiple times daily and cover from as early as 03-00 hrs. If the site is not pre advising you, it’s NOT happening. The Rumour, with a U , is garbage.

    On Sunday we will release a new article covering timing for the PPs and why. Also naming the lying, scheming deviants and why. Over this week end you will receive a record number of key issues to absorb. Please do, you are the Shock Troops of Truth and need to know.

    No to now, or next week, or even this month so far. No. Sunday will help explain a lot, and Saturday will help prepare you for what’s coming. Things are NOT good and Sugar coated Crap is still Crap to swallow. Trust- your- site. We DO know!

    Read more at:
    OWoN © All Rights Reserved


    1. It is really sad the misleading garbage these other guys are putting out. They need to understand playing on people emotion and giving approx dates and rates. I realize Tony has said it’s about traffic to their sites and other things.

      I pray that people would wise up and stay away from these sites. So Sad

      And then the names they go by is nuts.

      Thanks Tony and White Hats and OWN we may not like the news sometimes but at least it is FACT




          1. Yes. Please go to that thread and make sure you click on “Load more” at the end of the thread to display all the content. Many fail to do this then come running over here looking for it.

            The fight will continue. There will be no giving up.


  10. Just called Wells Fargo in my area. They have several locations for foreign currency exchange. Also said no Wells Fargo anywhere has an international de la rue machine, but they use a black light and other methods to verify currency and can exchange without sending off. I was advised that at no time does Wells Fargo anticipate exchanging ANY dinar even if it becomes traded currency. Hmmmmm?


      1. WHA
        First. You made me laugh. I really might have to make an introduction.
        Second. WF is not going to tell anyone if they will or won’t exchange the dinar with any certainty. In other words the people that give you that answer are not in the know.
        Third. Charlotte and Raleigh NC have del la rue machines so does Philly and DC. I’ve already called them.


    1. Texian,

      I made arrangements with a private banker at WF in the Dallas area. He will be handling all the CE for myself and local group of like-minded individuals. He is aware of what is taking place with the RV, and included the Dinar when we discussed the types of currencies we possessed. The specific branch we will use does not have the international DeLaRue machine, but will confirm through blacklight and the their local currency book. Agreed with Tony, they will be tripping over themselves early on to accommodate our CE.

      Make sure you request a private banker. The one we met was extremely helpful and made us feel confident in what was taking place. He was very aware of things that are taking place and felt we were close to this all winding down and becoming a reality. We got the thumbs down at a Kansas City WF branch prior to going to Dallas. Wouldnt even discuss a Dinar CE with us. Be persistent! Good luck!!

      Tony, I am with you on Kate Upton!!

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      1. Thanks, Craig. We opened a WF account a while back for this purpose. We deal with a CU most of time. We’re assigned a private banker, but did not divulge to them why we have account there. I just called today to check on location because they have 4 locations here that have foreign currency exchange. I didn’t mention dinar, but she brought that up and indicated they could exchange locally any currency. Then asked if I was referring to dinar, in which case, they would not be doing anything with that even if it does become a traded currency. I asked same question a few different ways and it was same answer on that one. It’s really curious. We’re down 35 about 300 miles or so from you.


  11. Understand that if you call and ask a bank if they have a De la Rue machine, they may say yes because De la Rue makes U.S. currency counting machines as well….and sometimes they’re often at the Tellers cage. Point being, that you need to get their Foreign Currency Department to find out if THEY have an International Currency De la Rue machine that verifies and counts foreign currencies.


  12. Check it out fellas:

    Includes some pics of the new gold notes. Note the lack of “Federal Reserve”. Nice!

    Tony, what do know of Neil Keenan? Just discovered his site recently, been reading some back posts and watching vids, some compelling info. Feel like I saw him mentioned in some of the old WH reports, could be wrong though.

    Thanks for all you do!


    1. Hello,

      We have been advised that Mr. Keenan is simply an opportunist of sorts. We really try to avoid spending time with his issues because he is not in charge of anything and we are happy to simply maintain our existing relationships rather than seek out ones that would not lead to any advantage.

      We are in a golden place and with our contacts we can circumvent 99% of the flotsam and jetsam that is what I call “Anna Kournikova Intel”: It looks good, but it never wins anything.

      Thank you for your support!

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      1. Quite right! Shopclues will sell you one of these doctored bills for rs.300 (which 300 Ruppee) about $5.00!

        I saw this from Tony and laughed out loud!


    2. Anyone that wants to have a clue, where the minds at are headed; I posted a reply to:

      Rob Shoots The Naysayers

      And because I was not a slobbering fan in my post, it did not get published.

      Does this mean they are all wet? No, of course not. But it does suggest very thin skin. My post was critical of the post, and the performance by “Rob” (whoever that is); not the mission, or articles themselves.

      Have fun figuring out where their minds are working into, I have given up trying to figure them out. I have no idea whether they are legit or not.



  13. I read that silver doc gold window article 3 times. I still can’t get my head around it. Where did the gold come from? I have been under the impression that gold was coming back into play from the east to the west to stabilize fiat currencies. Instead this article says the opposite.


    1. I’m not convinced by his premis. He says that because the price has been stable that the USD is gold-backed. Well, if all USD were turned in there wouldn’t be enough gold in the US to back it up, so I think that’s shoots that argument. The best that can be said, in my opinion, is that the price of gold has been rigged via COMEX to oscillate around 1300, which keeps the USD at that point. I doubt very much the USD has full convertibility with gold and instead that there are indeed a hundred times more paper claims on every ounce the US holds than actual physical gold. Otherwise why would a TRN be required?


      1. FIFI is still around, but I thought I would bring up the prime cohorts to take over for a while.

        I think the premise is that the gold price has been pretty stable and is around 1300/oz for quite a while now. This gives other governments the ability to exchange their USD for an ounce of gold at a price they consider inherently stable. In essence, the USD is convertible to gold at that price, and solidly at that price. This seems to imply a de facto gold convertibility vis a vis other currencies.

        That is my take. And please note, a very amateur take at that. I am not qualified to render an expert opinion on it.

        We will see what plays out on the worlds stage.

        I have to add that if this is a strategy to move the USD back to gold convertibility via a side entrance, keeping the USD afloat via an invisible gold tie in, then it is damned brilliant to keep the price of gold fixed while the new notes are then placed in circulation to make the seemingly convertible USD a fully obvious one by the symbolic introduction of the TRN.

        Again, that is my amateur take on this, which I would not bet too much money on at the track. LOL

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      2. Hi Tony,

        I read the new Fact Check and nicely done, as usual.

        I wanted to come back here, though, and thank you for your explanation of that article. I’m a bit green when it comes to understanding gold and the metals market. Actually, I’m extremely green! But I’m working hard to catch up and keep up and I really appreciate your counsel (albeit ‘amateur’)… on so many things!

        I’ve been wanting (and needing) to thank you for several days now and I am ashamed and so sorry it’s taken me this long! I just couldn’t seem to think of anything clever or original to say. I honestly don’t know how it is you’re able to do this without any palpable writer’s block!

        Your replies always seem so thoughtful and personal. And they’re delivered with eloquence, poise, and a delightfully cunning wit. It is an art and I am completely in awe of your gift.

        I love words, especially well written words. At the risk of sounding like a silly groupie, let me say, reading your commentary and the dialog here has become a daily indulgence of which I never tire. I hope that when the RV leg of this amazing journey is complete, you might find a little time and desire to keep this blog (or something similar) going.

        Alas, the burden of a glorious purpose. Thank you.

        A friend, Always.


        1. Hello,

          That was very kind, as always.

          I might point out that our WH contact read some of your past posts and was very impressed by them. He wanted to reply to you but he got busy and couldn’t. He is one very busy fellow these days, so I am sure he would have, if he had not been distracted by his duties.

          As for metals, etc., best to hook up with a qualified and reputable dealer. They can review your corpus and make recommendations for the proper amounts of metals to hold to protect your portfolio from hyper inflationary blow outs. One excellent dealer is Peter Schiff

          I mention him in passing and do not get any benefit whatsoever from any purchases from that link. Feel free to research others.

          Thank you, again, for your support and well wishes. Please, do not feel ashamed at taking time to reply! You may take all the time you need to reply, and you can rest assured your words are read by many in the trenches and are appreciated.


  14. I understand completely Tony (U.S. Marshal thingamajig). I am attempting to back check this over the weekend and will send you a private missive should that effort yield pertinent data. ~ Thomas


  15. WHA,
    For every bail-in story there is a PM will plummet because trns are gld/asset backed story …or cabal is all but destroyed and new post rv/GCR banking system will be safe story….I think your advice is “stay frosty”


    1. So on a scale of 1-10, how serious is the “bail-in” threat in your opinion? I’m trying to look at my options, and it doesn’t sound like a bank account is a good one. Precious metals seem volatile, and a suitcase full of US dollars doesn’t sound much better. I’m wondering if you think asset-backed foreign currencies might be the way to go. I understand you can’t give financial advice, just looking for your thoughts.


      1. Metals all the way. You won’t lose on them unless you need to cash them in early. I do believe the $500 target for silver is real. Just my opinion.


  16. Tony – you mentioned the other day that you were being bombarded by the number 126. I’ve been told many times that if you see, hear or feel anything 3 or more times it is a sign from the angels. So here’s what Doreen Virtue says about the number 126 in her book ‘Angel Numbers 101’:
    “The more you stay positive and filled with faith, the better the outcome of your current situation. You’re steering the ship with your thoughts, so keep them uplifted.”

    There you have it! :).


  17. Hey Tony!

    Thanks for the congratulations, but I wasn’t planning on retiring for a year or two. But I will definitely retire a bit early if the money is good when the WGS/GCR occurs.

    I looked up a picture of Kate Upton and boy is she gorgeous.

    I do have plans for my retirement. I have been on lots of boards, practiced Social Work and taught Social Workers. I have some places that I will offer to volunteer where they could use my experience.

    If the WGS/GCR comes in really low, say at a penny, I have my favourite charities here in my City where I will donate. Shelters for the homeless, the food bank, people that work with street kids, animal shelters here in the City and there is wonderful sanctuary for elephants in California. And as well we have a number of Aboriginal organizations in our Province that can use money. And one of the ones that I hold dear to my heart is an organization that trains service dogs for veterans with PTSD and other injuries. I have been really disappointed in how our government has not been supportive enough to veterans. Of course it all depends on how much money I get.

    Now if it comes in as say 47 cents, I will have more money than I have ever dreamed. And I will definitely need professional help. I am hoping that this site, WHA, and/or OWoN will have information about worthwhile projects that we can support.

    Again, thanks Tony for what you do. This site is a breath of fresh air compared to reading on the Guru sites.



    1. Hello,

      Yes, Kate is very pleasing to look at and by all accounts a very well rounded individual.

      Your plans sound very honorable. I do look forward to seeing you put them into effect.

      We are expecting at least .47 minimum on the dong, so I hope that holds up when the RV is initiated. We will get a 48 hour warning, or abouts, so I am hoping for the best for you.

      Thank you for your support!


        1. That is what was shared with us at the time we last checked on rate possibilities. Remember, that is not guaranteed.

          We will have to wait and see what comes down the chute when the rope on the chute is pulled to let the beasts loose.


      1. Tony

        I still cannot allow myself to believe in .47 for us public because we would all become too rich overnight. But you’ve heard me go on about that before and so that’s not the point of this post.

        I need to ask, what is the justification that the dong is worh 47 cents? Why isn’t it worth toilet paper? 47 cents is about 30p in UK money. Why should 1 dong be worth so much from Vietnam’s perspective? What have they really got to make the dong suddenly so valuable? And wouldn’t it cause havoc in the Vietnamese economy if this happened?

        I expect the man on the street to get a fraction of a penny for his dong when this plays out but that’s my opinion – I’m not having a pop at anybody it’s just the way things always work out (ie: dreams never come true).

        Again, not trying to run anyone down, just looking for reasons why the dong should be worth more than it currently is.

        Thank you!


        1. The answers to your questions are expected to be coming very soon.

          We are entering terra incognita. Never before has there been a transaction this large in the history of the world. I would imagine that such would render such questions as almost anachronistic. Kind of like asking a modern day cruise line captain, “How much coal does your crew have to shovel a day to stoke the boilers?” The ship still moves forward, but not by the same rules as before.


  18. WHA,
    For your readers: I have researched Banks in Virginia and found there are none that have a Del laRue machine. From this information, I gather it’s a state regulation. The closest banks to Virginia that can verify the dinar currency are in North Carolina, DC., Pennsylvania.
    My suggestion for everyone to research their state for the Del laRue. If you go to the Banks websites and look under foreign currency. You will find a location nearest you and more than likely you will be traveling. So plan accordingly. I am terrified with all of the excitement I might wreck my car going to DC. So I’m taking the train. Which I have already gotten schedules.
    Things could change if the banks start bringing in the machines.
    I would appreciate any other info that someone else has found.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Er….. WOW!!!! This is the big green light for worldwide bail ins. This is it. All things moving into place by the end of the year. Seems 2015 is really looking like the crash. My goodness… people will read that and still keep their money in the bank!! Amazing times ahead….




        1. Hello,

          The “bail in” scare mongering is going around and people are going cockahoop over this. Could it happen? I suppose in theory. God help us all if it does.

          Bottom line, we cannot advise you on this as this would be considered financial advice to a large degree. TNT Tony, Okie, Sedona Dave, all have had legal issues because they cross the lines into advising without licensing.

          All we can say is consult a qualified expert on asset preservation and consider all options to protect what is yours. If the Feds are intent on bailing in, there is not thing one you can do about it. Even with offshore accounts, those have to be reported and would be subject to seizure as well. Fail to report them, and the penalties are twice the account value, and possible jail.

          That is what we get for being silent while every reprobate fool in congress passes laws that do nothing to protect anyone from the pilfering and theft that have brought us to this sad state. But, they can pass laws to steal from us all to patch up their corruptions, at your expense.

          My personal feeling is that you should hold physical metals in a secure vault, lots of stored food and means of protection. In a bail in, the people are going to smell blood and it could get very ugly. The DHS did not buy 1.5 billion hollow point bullets for show and tell. They intend to use them on us if we take to the streets when there is no money or food.

          Money will be useless in a system collapse. Food, exchangeable money, protection and shelter will be most important.

          Liked by 1 person

  19. Hi again Tony,
    I again tried to get on the email list. I have done this a few times in the last month, without success. I did it again about an hour ago and did not get an email. I used the ‘contact us’ to ask for it to be done manually but I get this response
    We were unable to fetch your activation record. Are you sure you specified the email address you signed up with?
    My email is xxxxxxxxxx.

    Liked by 1 person

          1. Tony,

            Based on a couple of recent comments in this thread, is there any reason to believe a single currency like the Dong would RV before or separate from the GCR?


            1. Hello,

              I cannot say with any certainty that it will. Long ago we were advised that 5 currencies were going to go first, including the dinar and dong. We are not sure that is still the case at this time due to complex issues that make changes necessary.

              That being said, the dong seems to be the pack leader at this time. The dinar is saddled with issues that have been outlined many times, so we really do not know what to expect on the timing of the dinar. There will most likely be a revalue of the dinar, but we will have to wait for more information from the top before we can comfortably convey what we may expect from that corner of the world.

              Thank you!


      1. HAO TONY,
        I AM NOT UNDERSTANDING “You always indicated when the gurus started to dovetail w/ Reno & London- lookout !” ???


        1. Hello,

          This statement relates to a prior statement I made that the closer we get to the actual event, the more accurate the “intel” will be in the guru realm simply by default. The two will merge to a fine point. As they say, on that day, everyone will be right in terms of seeing what will have occurred. The variations that will cause many asses to sting will be limits to just how much there is to issue, and many promises made by those who wont be around to back them up.

          Liked by 1 person

    1. In this case, I am banking on it being accurate.

      I do not recall a time in the recent past that good news has been allowed to be unchanged for this long a time. Every day when I wake up and find that we do not have any “delayed again” news, I am hopeful that current targets have real traction and will hold up.

      I cannot promise anything, but it looks like 2014 will stick.


      1. Hello WHA, I just wanted to say that I second that statement as well. [OWoN] told us exactly a week ago to allow 2 weeks minimum to go through, and we have no delays so far. I believe we Dong investors will be taken care of before the month is out. I recall in his post a few days ago, he said they are tracking the PP’s. And he also said to let it happen. So we will be OK. I wish I could say the same for TNT Tony and Okie. LOL


  20. I’m in a private placement program since 1995 (oh, the pain), and have ignored currency revalue issues.

    I’m not sure I’m figuring this currency exhange math correctly when looking at these large numbers such as the Dong. I note one online source uses 0.00005 as the exchange rate of Dong to US Dollar…and another source says, 21,175 Dong to US Dollar. Huh?

    Can someone please clarify to this newbe what what a $100.00 (US) exchange to Dong today would equal post-RV in Dong currency?

    In the event that my program does not pan out I’m now of the mind that I should exhange for some Dong just in case(?).

    So if I assumed a hypothetical exhange rate midway between what WHA has heard from his source…say, 0.85? How would that translate in the end game numbers-wise? Is there an exhange source online recommended? Or, if someone would just point me in the right direction I’d sure appreciate it?

    Thanks, Thomas


    1. Last week I went to Travelex and bought a million dong for $62-then they hit me with a $9 service charge. If you bought a $100 worth, it would be 1,588,125 Dong plus the $9 charge.

      If it RV’d at the .85 rate you brought up, your $100 would be $1,349,906 and 25 cents.

      You can walk into any travelex, there are four in San Diego where I am at, and handle your business quickly. (usually at airports)


      1. Omega. I’m still confused as to Prosperity Programs (PP) which is just a coined term. I never heard that term until maybe 9 years ago versus Private Placement Programs (PPP). My assumption (only) is that Omega is indeed a PPP in that I placed my money privately into that program (in 1995). Bergavin, together with Farm Claims, were the top two programs followed by Omega and Freedom…with Omega being the largest by population. I continue to understand over the last couple years that Bergavin is to go “first”, perhaps simultaneously with Farm Claims…then Omega and Freedom in rapid succession.

        I know that the bushes, et al, have been holding these programs up from day one and even hijacked them. However, I would hope and assume that within the process of resolution for the World Settlements and shift to a asset based currencies worldwide (…and a Federal Reserve that is truly owned and operated by the U.S. Treasury (or the Federal Reserve abolished…renamed…whatever)) the bushies clammy handhold on some of these programs would, unavoidably, be chopped off.

        …oh, the stories. The thousands of times, not hundreds, we thought funding was at hand since 1995, often from excellent sources. But that is the depth of their twisted roots of control including, of course, the media via ongoing claims of national security from segments of the intelligence community similarly under control of the bushies, et al.

        It is difficult for me to comprehend successful fulfillment of the World Settlements and Private Placement Programs AND a new monetary system REPLACING the FIAT based FED model without some use (and the accompanying risk) of force. Then I ask how the heck can ‘they’ (the good guys, the White Hats) successfully pull that off in that they are a minority and the ‘free press’ against them? The White House is under control of the bad guys???

        An RV of world currencies is predicated on a change from the Federal Reserve fiat system. And the Federal Reserve families control virtually everything including, I’m sure, the bushies and company.

        All of the above being said, I remain hopeful in that I know there are very good people, very powerful people, working to make this work. And, after almost twenty years in the midst of this morass I know that many many good things must have been accomplished over that period one step at a time.

        I love the White Hats for their extraordinary courage and noble hearts willing and risking to change history even as its being made. I love the British Lord (name escapes me at the moment) for his similar, even astounding courage in that he went PUBLIC big time x 10! But what of the ongoing roar of silence in response?

        …the ramblings of a man-on-the-street.

        Thank you Tony for the fine service you have provided here.


        1. Hello,

          Ah yes, Omega. Along with Freedom, it was one of the largest PPP’s offered in the 90’s. Omega was Cheney’s deal. Freedom, Kissinger’s.

          Both were pilfered by the Bush cartels who were the masters of those platforms, at that time.

          The term “prosperity program” does not appear on any paperwork I posses for Freedom. But, “PPP” does.

          Does it in your Omega paperwork?

          I know little of the Farm Claims. I am told they were real, and that somehow the NESARA myth grew from that.

          The last information we had from the top was that the outcome of most of the PPP’s does not auger well. We were told that a few might be paid out, but each and every one from that era will most likely not. We have no idea which ones may be favored over others. Omega looks like a bust. Freedom might have a chance. We are well positioned on that one to know if and when it happens.

          I know a few others in Omega, so if by some chance that one funds, we will let everyone know. But, from what we are told, it was completely gutted by the reprobates that oversaw the platforms at that time.

          Right now we seem to be on the cusp of knowing all the answers by virtue of events taking place and revealing just what will and wont come to pass. In the end, that will be the best way to know.

          I appreciate your post, and never hesitate to share your thoughts here.

          Thank you!


    2. Thomas,
      Stick with your first sentence and forget the exchanges. If your intermediaries are doing their job you should feel whole. Besides when your private goes down then you will be to busy to worry about exchanges. Wish I could say more but can’t. Stay with this site they are pretty spot on and are trustworthy.


      1. Thank you very much George. I’m going to hope you have some inside info that indicates that Omega, etc., are not completely dead in the water. [To Tony: yes, I have my original contract but have lost any contact with intermediaries over the years]

        I do have one excellent/legitimate contact of sorts twice removed (rock solid chain). A U.S. law enforcement branch (I am purposely not using the name of the branch, though I do know it) has a large contingent directly involved in the delivery process of packets/packages/notices for various PPPs (don’t know which ones at this moment…working on it). He and others have been staged several times over last year or two only to receive stand down orders each occasion.

        Days ago they were put BACK ON ALERT and RE-STAGED. Very hopeful.

        A request to you George. Can you please reply to me letting me know if I am correct or incorrect in my inference that you have some inside knowledge that allows the possibility that Omega may be alive? I’m not asking for the content of that knowledge presuming it is too sensitive to share…just kind of a thumbs up or down?

        Thanks again George. Thank you Tony for your thorough and thoughtful reply to me.

        Regards, Thomas


        1. Hello,

          We have heard of the supposed “law enforcement delivery teams”, tasked with delivering such.

          Such claims are dubious.

          Why would such teams be needed to deliver instruments that are only negotiable by parties so intended for? Further, such teams would not be able to stop confiscatory seizure upon transfer of funds into any bank. What benefit would a deputized courier be in delivering something other than service of legal papers in a lawsuit?

          I am willing to accept the idea, but I do not see why this process would be needed. All that would be needed is a Fed Ex or UPS delivery, signature required.

          I would be most willing to look at any evidence or hear from any such delivery team, with assurances of all confidence being maintained. If such information like this has reached our ears and eyes on blogs, then surely they can go a little further and reach my ears and eyes behind the scenes were even more privacy is assured, and prove to me that this issue is as being claimed.

          I intend no effrontery to your good self, but I am not in a position to accept things so cavalierly and then at the same time have our readers expect WHA to claim high ground in the fact check department.

          Thank you!


    1. Ditto here too………..I am now concerned about what is being said about the dong being exchanged before September 2nd. If we do not have an RV by then how can we exchange before the deadline that Vietnam is proposing.

      If anyone on this blog is from Dallas would you mind telling us which WF bank and location you are using. My neighborhood Chase, Meadow/Central area, said go downtown but downtown is not convenient. Advice would be welcomed and appreciated.


      1. Hi Philly, what deadline is Vietnam proposing? Could you post the source please? Is it from a govt body or just gooroo speak? Thanks.


  21. Hello Tony!

    I really have nothing of value to add to the discussion….just that i continue to read, learn and appreciate all of the efforts being extended to create an awareness and a new dynamic.

    Thank you Tony, White Hats and contributors at OWon. You truly have no idea how much these discussions have changed my world view or my focus.


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