Fact Check 125’s thread has grown to over 600 comments, and many are reporting difficulty navigating the thread, especially on mobile devices.

So, to alleviate such ills I am going to continue that topic here on a fresh thread so you can all continue your conversations.  

I would also like to say that we recently passed the 1,000,000th hit to our site! We are a zero income, completely non profit blog. We don’t use such metrics to adjust our content to optimize for such things. So, we simply have your grass-roots word-of-mouth efforts to thank for our success in the traffic department. Thank you all! 

We will remain true to our purpose, and any notion of commercialization or simply throwing anything we can at you to improve traffic is not going to happen. We exist in spite of such tactics, not because of them. 

I invite you all to review all the “intel blogs” and count the number of feel good posts; the number of late week pumps and Monday morning let downs. It forms a particularly deliberate pattern that must serve a purpose. But, that purpose does not seem to be accuracy in conveyance of information. The only remaining reason for a blog to exist is for commercial purposes. You can figure out the rest. 


We continue to be well placed to deliver valid and accurate information, and will continue to do so as we are advised. 

Thank you again, and your patience and continuing good will are appreciated very much. 



  1. Saturday, September 20, 2014 at 4:52:00 AM MDT

    … there is a question that’s haunting me , did Bush and O succeed at stopping the funding, again ?

    Saturday, September 20, 2014 at 6:42:00 AM MDT

    Sadly Yes and this also is why we are smashing them with more to follow.
    Saturday, September 20, 2014 at 12:45:00 AM MDT

    We need all your help to get this out. Russia is going to go public on it. Only by mass exposing them can we force the funds free to help our world and recover America. There is no Plan B for America. If we do not get the PPs released. America WILL collapse. Only reinvesting those funds and detouring profits away from the Cabal can save America. SNIP



  2. Friday, September 19, 2014 at 1:35:00 PM MDT

    We are already dealing direct with China now who have gained part release. CLIP

    We only see selective major groups getting paid and we steer well clear of that hooligan street paper which the Fraudsters have trashed CLIP

    Selective Reno and just a few special PPs have a shot. Some hopefully will overspill to the Dongs, but the rest is for high risk gamblers who must gain a macabre pleasure from getting beatings. Those holding Dongs have a shot. Dinars, you need a lot of blind faith and a supportive partner at home. What option do they have? But, its a funny zoo right now, and still capable of throwing a curve ball for those able to get in fast if they give a window. Be sure of one thing, no one knows the scale of overprinting and when it becomes clear expect the shutters to go down fast on the rest. If we do tell the 2 sites to jump. be damned quick. CLIP

    A week at a time and keep up some humour. We all need it. CLIP



  3. WHA,

    It’s been about 4 months since your last update with you WH contact.

    2014 will move fast now with the holiday season.

    As we are drawing to an end of the 3rd quarter of the year and you are inching up again on 600 comments, I was wondering if you had any plans regarding reaching out to your contact again.


    1. Hello,

      We have had some very brief contact, and the watchword is simply “wait for it”. Nothing more was possible to be shared with us. The reason is simple. There is nothing more to say, or do, but wait for the events to proceed. At this stage the current actions going on behind the scenes will not be disclosed in detail to us, and I think we all know why. Authentic, real involved parties will not sanction any public blow by blow reporting of the intimate details of these matters.

      As such, continue to ignore all guru dicta vomitoria that purports to be from “sources”.

      Do not be discouraged. Just because the overall scene appears as if nothing is happening or being done, that is not the case.

      If we are told that we are, without a doubt, heading into 2015, we will let you know. So far, no such thing has been conveyed to us.

      We will release FC 125.6 soon, to alleviate the long thread congestion for those who navigate on mobile devices.

      Thank you!


  4. Yes Tony your life would not have been in vain if you don’t see this happen. You helped us all on here which makes you stand out of the crowd and you will be remembered.


    1. Thank you.

      The time has come to let things happen, and spend lots of time planning for it. I do not want what is coming to be about money. It has to be about improving conditions on a wide scale. If I can help a little with such, then even if I wind up like Steven Hawking, or Joseph Merrick, it will have been worth it.


  5. Like you I get frustrated waiting, knowing what could be, hoping like crazy we get there this time around. But if we don’t your efforts are far from wasted from my view. You bring knowledge and a genuine love for humanity to us. You give many of us the added strength to continue our efforts in our circles.. and these ripples continue to expand and grow worldwide .. and what brilliant interference patterns are being created & experienced ! And thinking what they will bring in our future definitely makes me joy-filled and so thank full that my heart resonated with your words the very first time I came here.


  6. Hi Tony,
    Just wanted to say Thank you for all you do – your attitude & persistence , bringing Light to us all. I don’t get to read the comments in OWoN often but today was rewarded with the best belly laugh for ages. I look forward to your memoirs (:


    1. Hi Chris,

      Thank you so much.

      I am glad you are enjoying our banter over there.

      Sometimes it is a surreal feeling when I am over at OWoN. From the outside, it’s just a “blog” (albeit an important one), but the hidden dynamic is, who is behind it. Far and away not just some blogging bumbs or wanna-be’s. Not even close.

      As I have said before, when there is something we can know, we will. It does not get any better than that.

      Ah yes, my memoirs. If I go to my grave in this lifetime without seeing the major projects like NAWAPA near completion, then I will consider my life a waste.

      None of us want to live a life under the cabal plan for world pieces. Let’s hope the White Hats pull it off. I know they are working with nothing else in mind.

      Thank you!


  7. When OWON refers to the PP , each time I read that line I am only hoping that “FREEDOM” some how comes through . But I know that is not so. [PPP] updates are not reliable. Its been the same for years. Soon, imminent, rumors. Those words are now painful.


    1. Hello,

      PP refers to currency private placements. PPP would be referring to private placement programs, such a Freedom.

      I wont sugar coat it. The PPPs are long shots, but from what I have been told over the many months that I have had the fine pleasure of discussing this esoteric aspect of the WGS with those who are pretty much in your face doing it, they are not giving up on them just yet. Bottom line? Nobody else has the ability to offer those who partook in them a chance to collect, so let’s consider that aspect of it and hope for the best.

      I would say, as a friend, diversify.


      1. I have a question. Is CKMX a ppp or is it something different. I am trying to understand all this..Thanks for your patience and consideration..blessings


        1. Nan,

          CMKX is a stock ticker for CMKM Diamonds. This company’s stock was naked short sold and caused significant losses to shareholders. It is alleged that the stock was part of a sting operation and thus the monies lost were in effect taken without due process by those running the sting. I really am not expert on CMKX, so please do some research on it when you have time.

          It is reported to us that CMKX is on the BASEL list for payment as part of the WGS. Will they be paid? We cannot say.

          CMKX is not a PPP. The last PPP offered was the Freedom Program in 2002.


      2. Nan,

        I swallowed the red pill, completely by accident, when I surfed across the CKMX news a couple years ago. Shocking then, I am now numb to most surprises. From what I understand, a couple lines were inserted into an unrelated US bill to seal official records of just about anything involving surveillance, or something to that effect, and it slipped quietly into law. That would explain why information is so hard to find on so many public interest topics. These links might help:


        The red pill will change your view of reality and possibly the direction of your life. The Alice’s rabbit hole is bottomless so you will probably never understand it all, but you can try. Engage and may the force be with you. Hollywood is so much stranger than fiction.


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  8. This post is for the commenter on here who’s President of Bill Gates Fan Club. For everyone else, don’t take any vaccine without thorough investigation. Cabal is in process of rolling out an ‘Ebola vaccine’ designed to kill lots of people. That’s what all the Ebola hype is about. Ebola was created at a University of Wisconsin with a grant from US government who has the patent. Think about that. jimstonefreelance.com has a multitude of information on Ebola, how to cure it, and vaccines in general. So does sharylattkisson.com. Be informed!

    Gates Foundation vaccine empire on trial in India. http://missiongalacticfreedom.wordpress.com/2014/09/18/bill-melinda-gates-foundation-vaccine-empire-on-trial-in-india/

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  9. I understand what you are saying Gazza. Humanity does want peace, prosperity, happiness…But those things won’t be possible now or ever, under the existing controls. True, we are going to die, and sadly that may occur before things straighten out.
    The answer lies in what we want for our legacy. What are we willing to do today to ensure the ability of humanity to have peace, prosperity and happiness? If we can’t have it in our lifetime, shouldn’t we want to do whatever it takes for future generations, for our own children?
    My generation was raised on the principal ‘leave the world a better place than you found it’. My Dad called it ‘Nobless oblige’-to whom much is given, much is owed. Somehow our current culture forgot that. We have an obligation to raise the world up.


  10. Something I have come to realise: most people aren’t awake for a reason… they embrace their own demise with smiles and a shoulder shrug. It’s not that they don’t care because they are distracted, but they don’t care because they know we all have to die one day and life is short anyway. You could get killed by a bus tomorrow. So I see now that if you wake people up then NOTHING will change. Awake folks think somehow people waking up will turn it all around. Not true. I’ve seen too much evidence in my own life now that people expect to die one day and so none of “this stuff” matters. The only way people hurt is when their wallets or food supplies get hurt. Outside of that it is “oh well you gotta die one day”. Humans want enjoyment not suffering and depression. Of course football is more interesting to them than the banking elite’s plans. Because that bus tomorrow really could kill you, so just enjoy the football tonight. I totally get it now. This thing cannot be stopped anymore and people honesyly have to die one day so whatever, it seems. I am at peace with the 97% now – they used to annoy me but I get it now. I, too, want to enjoy my little life rather than get involved in this “raise the alarm” stuff. I want cinema and football and holidays, not any of this stuff. Maybe I should fall back asleep…?


  11. I try every day to not:

    1. go political – it is a hot bed.
    2. talk about the 800 babies massacred by people like soros (in 1 location – others to be investigated) http://www.theguardian.com/world/2014/jun/13/mother-behind-galway-childrens-mass-grave-story – to hot
    3. aliens and anti-gravity tech – clearly a conspiracy theory and i am suddenly an idiot
    4. the opiate clouds of guru bong smoke – well, I sometimes still smoke em because I don’t want to miss the opportunity = so sue me for being fear based – it is what I was programmed to be.

    But when it comes to finding new leadership: Someone clearly transparent, and ultimately, FOR the people. And because of my location: focused on north america. What do we have after “the event”? I would put to you:

    Tony may not have aspirations of grandeur but he is a natural leader because he jumped in. If he is only a leader from a pull and not a push (not a politician but only a man doing right and then we all gather). All I say is: maybe the heart leads us to a place that may mentally be difficult, but it is, where we are designed to be.

    Regardless of Tony, as I am not here to force him into a position he does not want, we will need to find the next step after “it” happens. And if Tony does not want to take the lead well: We must plan and define the next meeting place.

    Anyone? New Website? Guidance? A spot where we can all gather? Planning is everything. Lack of planning is planning to fail and I will never fail again.



    1. I agree 100% with your thoughts Matthew, do not dought your convictions. When President Putin addressed the the people of his country and told them that the USA will cease to be the country they once knew,hopefully when the people of this country are faced with the cold hard facts of reality which I believe many are now, some just won’t get it and it’s going to be a hard landing for them but there will be people of vision like Tony,WH,OWoN,and the people of veterans today are there also trying to save humanity and this country,all we can do is follow there lead and your heart.


    2. Hello,

      I do have my plate full for post RV activity, but I will try to maintain our group here for purposes of organizing helpful associations that will make the best use of new resources. We will have to await the PPs etc, to see just what those will be, and to what extent.

      The major heavy lifting projects, such as NAWAPA and other large ones will be the purview of the major players. Those are sovereign sized projects that will require lots of influence at high levels. We can only advocate for them and hope for the best. I am very happy that NAWAPA caught the eye of London. That is a major bright point in my life this year. I hope when I am in my wheelchair, and wearing Depends and being held together by bailing wire, that I will be looking over a vista in the American south west, and seeing vast water reservoirs, green fields of agriculture, lakes, clean power stations and millions of people who have their needs attended to without fear of drought, famine and blight.

      Other projects, smaller and more local, such as community development, can be our work. The higher level projects will provide for the lower level ones to be able to work. It will be a very synergistic approach for which we all will play a part.

      I will do what I can at my level, which will be at the community level. I hope to see many of you join in!

      When we have a good idea of what will come our way, we will know, each of us, what part we can play.

      Thank you!


  12. Owon Wednesday, September 17, 2014 at 12:48:00 PM MDT

    Good news though to see the Gurus starting to get taken down.

    Can’t comment yet publicly on anything, but just watch by the day. Like an LA schoolboy. it will come that fast. http://www.oneworldofnations.com/2014/09/iq-down-military-spending-up-something.html?m=1 =============================================================== Wednesday, September 17, 2014 at 3:50:00 PM MDT Well, apart from Hillary!!!! Where can we rent a Gorilla for the job? She truly has no idea what awaits her. Non of them do.
    OWON is the Soul and Conscience of all of you. We care. You matter. http://www.oneworldofnations.com/2014/09/iq-down-military-spending-up-something.html?m=1


    (Watch the resignations and arrest coming with the Perps soon. Only now is it dawning on them stonewalling wont work and is not an option. We cant publicise the game plan, but watch them roll out and roll over.
    Even their Legal Advisor’s are being “Advised” now to back out and back off or! The Witch Hunt is on!
    Thousands are going down. October/November/December the new arrests start. Westminster is nowhere to hide now)


  14. Hey Tony,

    I hope you’re staying dry over there or least not flooding!

    Can you please help me understand some of this ISIS/ISILLLLLLL crap? I have read so many conflicting reports. I’ve tried to sort it, but I’m just getting more confused and frustrated!

    -Are they a cabal created and funded Black-Op?
    -What are their intentions or ultimate goal?
    -Did they really behead those journalists/aid workers/assets? And if so, what was the strategic point… to provoke a US/UK military attack, hmm?
    -Why would the US send half a billion dollars (and where does that come from anyway?) to “train and equip” the Syrian rebels? Who are the ‘Syrian rebels’? Aren’t they fighting Assad? Shouldn’t Assad want to fight ISIS?
    -Are they being used as a Trojan horse to get into Syria? If so, why?

    And even if they are every heinous thing the obama administration, politicos, and media are claiming, how can they justify military operations in any sovereign country without invitation or coordination? That’s a stupid question, I guess, but it has to be asked, right? Because by those standards, couldn’t the Prime Minister of Australia have ordered airstrikes to “degrade and destroy” the crips gang after the brutal murder of the Australian student last year in Oklahoma?

    Any light you can shed on any of this will be so appreciated!
    Thanks, Always.


    1. Hi,

      No flooding here. I do live on a river but I am high and dry unless the damn bursts. Then, well, te salude Don Corleone.

      I am afraid I am not qualified to give you any hardcore clarity on the ISIS/ISIL matter as that is the bailiwick of investigative reporters and intel operatives.

      My personal feeling on it is that all this is just an extension of the insane rails that our far from civilized culture is riding on. Our world is being ravaged, incompetently managed, plundered, disregarded and wasted, and these headhunter jihadis, whether black ops or “legitimate”, are just a symptom of such incompetence, and failure to put human needs ahead of selected pockets of those who control the majority of the earth’s wealth.

      Bringing balance to all nations by allowing equal access to the abundances of the earth will cure the need for anyone to dominate anyone else. Those that may still attempt to dominate will stand out like ripe cherries on a snowman’s arse and should be easily removed in a world that values peace above anyone’s ideological insanity to dominate because some voice in their head, or robed blow-hard on a dais tells them to.

      This all goes deeper than simply knowing if such-and-such armed group is black ops or not. Black ops or not, it’s all the same: tragedy and slaughter.

      Fortunately, there are many who are attempting to assert sane and logical order among nations, and we are witnessing the first steps to place such order into place by removing a lot of corruption among a relatively small number of usurpers of our planet’s financial centers.

      Thank you!


      1. Hello Tony,

        I thought I would pop out of the shadows to pay you a well deserved compliment.

        Not to get too personal….but I find myself really enjoying your writing style. Your entries are quite informational and thought provoking, but also entertaining. I find myself looking forward to reading them. Is writing a part of your professional life?

        As always, thanks to you, the White Hats and OWon for your dedication. Pushing back decades of violence, greed and corruption is just about the most noble calling I could imagine.


        1. Hello,

          Thank you for your kind words.

          Alas, no. I do not write professionally. I would love to do so, and plan to write a lot to push for NAWAPA and other projects that will be critical to cultural advancement, post RV, but not for monetary gain.

          Would I accept a writing job now? Sure. It would be fun if I could work it in to keeping an eye on the blog. 🙂


  15. OWON Wednesday, September 17, 2014 at 5:43:00 AM MDT

    LLP 33

    Watch the resignations and arrest coming with the Perps soon. Only now is it dawning on them stonewalling wont work and is not an option. We cant publicise the game plan, but watch them roll out and roll over.
    Even their Legal Advisor’s are being “Advised” now to back out and back off or! The Witch Hunt is on!
    Thousands are going down. October/November/December the new arrests start. Westminster is nowhere to hide now. http://www.oneworldofnations.com/2014/09/owon-exclusive-seek-power-of-knowledge.html?m=1


    1. Awesome, awesome news. SO MUCH MORE IMPORTANT than the RV! Great to know this will be a much better place for kids and grandkids ! Thank you to White Hats, Tony and anyone involved in cleaning up the planet !! You are all true heroes, and deserve our undying thanks !! (Tony, haven’t been able to post on OWON. Please feel free to post this there).


      1. Hi Tom,

        Make sure your computer has all the latest updates for Flash, Java, etc. Try a different browser and make sure that Java and Flash are enabled. Clear your cache and cookies and refresh your browser once you update it, if you have to. Then try to post.

        Thank you for your kind words. Be assured that the fine folks in London read our blog and are going to see your words.

        Thank you!


      2. Tom – ditto your comments. The white hats DESERVE our undying thanks and they HAVE it from this corner and I know so many others as well.

        As for Mr. “opiate clouds of guru bong” Tony – love ya! You made my day with that comment. It’s my new favourite Tonyism.


  16. OWON Wednesday, September 17, 2014 at 5:18:00 AM MDT

    A no vote campaign is needed for that *itch. Is that possible ? Will PP funds be available ?
    Wednesday, September 17, 2014 at 5:34:00 AM MDT

    We are on it by the hour. This morning both Beijing and Taipei ask the same question. Our focus i[s] Global. Our reach IS that far. They can run, but have nowhere to hide. http://www.oneworldofnations.com/2014/09/owon-exclusive-seek-power-of-knowledge.html?m=1


    1. Reminds me of something I heard once. What do you call a thousand Corprate/Crown lawyers at the bottom of the ocean A START. “First into battle and last out” . may the Devine sprit be with you


      1. My thoughts, and only a guess, is that the SGE schedule change is a manipulation of the manipulators.

        I believe there will be many significant events over the next several years so The Big Event means different things to different people. Some events may not be pleasant. Most readers here are probably looking for an RV-GCR but my scratch-n-dent crystal ball from the local flea market projects shifting dominoes that are ready to tip. These might include reserve currencies, borders, treaties, organizations, etc. Such events would have to be managed in large meetings of international leaders and could not possibly occur all at once since you must first have an egg to get a chicken.

        This is interesting, from 1988:

        Which was referenced in this story:

        That I initially found here:

        Thanks to all that deserve it for whatever reason.


  17. Comic relief is what it should be called. Tony and DC has more reasons why it has not happened , however they are so tight with the powers to be they state they know exactly when it’s going. Then some of the names are crazy Mnt Goat , , Poppey 3 ,Okie , Striker.

    Poppey 3 calls it everyother week he has contacts on the front lines.

    With all that said only put stock in what you read at this site. Pure truth and for the good of all mankind. Not just about cashing in and false dates and rates.

    It’s ashame so many people believe the crap that they spew.

    Pray for our world and for the people really fighting the battle for all of the worlds benefit. The White Hats are the real deal.

    Tony thank you for this site




    1. Yes, thank you so much Tony for all you do. And much appreciation to the White Hats and everybody working so hard to bring in a new world. It was crazy-making before when I was reading on the guru sites.

      Blessings to all and may we have the patience to last until this this is all resolved, Mary Ann


      1. Hello,

        Thank you. I am very sure the White Hats appreciate your support.

        When this event plays out, the salesmen and promoters who professed to call the RV every weekend for the last 10 years will have a lot to answer for. Also, if the dinar is revamped to make most of the current notes worthless, then they will be running for the hills when the lynch mobs come looking for someone to hold accountable. For their sake, I hope most can exit with something. Imagine being on a call week after week, having your head filled with sugar plum fairy dust, only to find out that the sugar was salt, and the fairy was a gremlin in disguise.

        We will be told what is going on and how, and only by those who are hands on, walking the walk every day. They don’t blog and hold calls or sell seminars. They would NEVER NEVER NEVER pipe intel to those who do so. But wait, WHA is a blog, right? They talk with you, right?

        Yes, but if you notice, we do NOT have access to every one of their daily calls, meetings or planning sessions. We are NOT on par with them. We are NOT given information to use for commercial purposes or to release to you every day. We are only given small doses when appropriate and just to keep you all oriented in the right direction and to keep your heads out of the opiate clouds of guru bong smoke. That is as good as it gets, since the real work behind the scenes is not dished out to multiple blog guru hacks to use for ad word fodder. This is not some cheap weekend outing or flea market sideshow geek attraction. This is a deadly serious activity and any notion that the legitimately connected teams would support such tactics is false.

        When the day comes for us to carry out the privilege and honor to notify you all of impending processes (if allowed), then we will do so, and I give you my word that such will come from the top, and not from some abstract, half-assed carnival freak show that could not call an RV if they lived in one. And, I assume most do from the tone of their reporting.

        Sorry for the blunt attitude, but I wont mince words on this topic. The people working for this project do not deserve to be thrown in with such opportunistic clowns.

        Thank you again, Mary Ann.

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  18. Looks like Tony has a court date, that is the Guru Tony of course. Seems like we were told that would happen. tnttony.blogspot to check out. I for one use to be on the emotional roller coaster ride, until I was introduced to the White Hats and the real Tony. I thank all of you from the bottom of my heart. I pray for protection, wisdom and the right timing that is critical in the process you are doing for the whole world. Thank you!


    1. Yes, he was indicted for an investment scheme that was not licensed. I do believe it was one of those surfer programs that was just a hidden ponzi scheme.

      How truly unfortunate that he pulls in 35K plus listeners to his repetitive, laugh-it-up dinar calls that routinely dispense premature speculation on the RV. He mentions nothing about the real world issues that the dinar faces; overprinting, counterfeit, etc. All he sells is the sizzle.

      We do not know what the dinar will do in the end, and we hope that whatever the teams can make happen will be fair for those who are all in. But, as we have seen, the issue is not quite as clean and easy as many gurus would like us to believe.

      Thank you for your support!


  19. Sorry for off topic from money and gcr news. But when you learn this stuff the rv seems insignificant for the evening. For a moment the wind goes out of your sails. You just slump down and sit in an emptiness that permeates everything….

    Yes, this is more disturbing then gmo foods, poisoned water supplies, brain washing msm, and horrific terrorist organizations mass murdering our own people – that are one in the same – our own governments.

    This same unbelievable info keeps showing up (and expanding in new places with more names and even more gruesome stories). What do we do with (or where in our brains do we put) this information?

    The names associated to this group are the highest elite among us. People we trusted to lead us. Care for us. Protect us. And show us the right from wrong in the world.

    How then do we start to rebuild the trust that all human relationship is based on after being so deceived time after time? To be living in these times is certainly a challenge for the ages.



    1. Ugh. But Mathew, the golden light for me is that the Common Law Courts springing up in USA and Europe are actually real and have been referenced at Australia’s Royal Commission into Child Abuse. It’s another triangulation that the cabal (a) are being cornered and effectively hamstrung and (b) pitiless thugs who are not special at all – just people who think they can get away with using us as fodder. Fleeing like scared cockroaches. It is time for the arrests to begin surely.


      1. Hey Andrew,

        I do love the common law courts (I planned to invest, or donate to them, or help opening more of them across america after the gcr). That is where I first learned of this nastiness when they discovered terrible things happening in Montreal Canada:

        (and note the recent posts on the right hand side of that page for the full story – the stuff goes deep and right into the heart of the church – and getting children from church orphanages!!!)

        I’m not normally a cursing man (and I would never dirty up Tony’s blog) but if you live near me it is a good time to cover your ears because it is about to get loud at my house. Just running through the Kübler-Ross model here and apparently I’m at the anger phase…


  20. News from little old New Zealand. We have our general elections in 4 days time. Last night a meeting was held by chap by the name of Kim Dotcom. Guests were Glenn Greenwald and by video link Edward Snowden and Julian Assange. Major disclosures were made re-mass surveilance by the NZ GCSB, denied by our Prime Minister John Key (good friend of O). Mr Key, in my opinion, is an expert verbal anaesthetist for the masses. As an addition, most of our sleepy population has no problem with our tax department recording our voiceprint for identification purposes. Our population is being voiceprinted by the government.



    1. When these lovely people do stir, ask them to give some thought to price fixing (I pay 60-80% less for NZ kiwi fruit here in the US than kiwis do, and it grows on your block. Also check out bogus gov. expenditures. While I was in Auckland, they were busily re-paving perfectly intact residential streets and sidewalks in Ponsonby. Go Kiwis.


      1. LP Good point. Many do realise that we export raw materials only to import the same processed items that retail at less than locally manufactured ones. We ship off raw timber trees to other countries, livestock etc which means other countries get the employment to process them. Go figure. And don’t get me started on the Christchurch earthquake mess. Re the GCSB disclosures, it has been an eye opener to see how effectively the media have rallied around to support the Govt with very subtle innuendo, character assassination and thinly veiled manipulation. At least we have a cracker footy team (sorry Aussies). Sorry to digress Tony, thank you for your patience and perseverance.


  21. This is a long one so sorry about that, but was posted on Ben Fulford’s site just published 15 Sept 2014 under the comments section:

    “and now for all you naysayers. Let the truth about the Guru’s be told.
    It was all a giant White Hat Sting Operation encompassing the last three to four years. That agrees with my information as well. The Dragons and White Hats are real. Obama our “Lightworker” cannot stop this anymore.
    Zuvrick Ray at Stage3Alpha: “Reposting “Anonymous Post”
    09/15/20145 Comments
    Zuvrick Ray > You people don’t realize that many Gurus and Okie in particular, were handed misinformation intel, by the white hats for purposes of enticing evil ones in power to grab Dinar and try to cash in.
    There were specific sting operations done using marked USD to catch them with proof that can nail them.
    This was explained by a rare-posting white hat that used the name Anonymous. Here it is: (See Below)
    Socal Cutie > Zuvrick Ray September 15, 2014 I remember this well and you are correct and anonymous Is spot on
    By Anonymous 7/13/14 – Emailed To Dinar Recaps
    7-14-14 Anonymous: It has been months since I last posted. So long in fact that you may not recall my last comments sent directly to Dinar Recaps. But that is OK – for I have never sought ‘guru’ status.
    I am not friends with, nor do I collude with, anyone you know on the boards – NOT the goat, Okie, MarkZ, Jester, TNT Tony, wife in the know, General64, Zap, JonnyWg, BellaGrits, Atty Hodges, JC Collins, TerryK, WHA, etc. etc. etc., nor any of the Dinar traders.
    I am asking Recaps to post this because I believe it is the most widely read Dinar board. I suspect this info will then be copied over to other Dinar chat rooms as well, but I’m sure with these last two sentences will be omitted.
    Earlier today when I saw Zuvrick RM’s comments in Exogen/Stage3Alpha thread on Recaps, I decided to not wait any longer to share more information with my fellow Dinar holders. Zuvrick Rm’s comments are very close to the truth regarding the Cabal & how their days of control are ending.
    We are 99.85% there. (Yes, there is only one very minor financial control that must be put into place for these cabal members & yes, they are fighting it for all they are worth. But then I would too, for it is scarily similar to the ‘mark of the beast’ if you have read your Bible.)
    Since we are this close, I believe it is now safe to share this info with you. I want to show you how some of the pieces of this massive puzzle have fit together over the months and years, to allow the Good Guys to make the necessary arrests AFTER the WGS/GCR.
    Also I think you need to know that all of us, as legit Dinar holders, have played at least a small part in a huge sting operation by the Good Guys/White Hats. (‘Good guys’ are not just men and they are located world-wide. White Hats are located in the USA.)
    The WhHats had to gather enough evidence to put the US cabal away or at least permanently bar them from future financial transactions (the reason why international transactions are now being tracked and centrally reported by all international banks – in the USA, we saw this implement on 7-1-14 as FATCA).
    While we would have liked for all the cabal to be prosecuted by the International Court in Hague on moral issues alone, the WhHats needed the solid proof of – clearly illegal – numerous – monetary transactions.
    It has been very heartbreaking for all of us, because these info ‘false flags’ mentioned in points 1 & 2 below, have made it an emotional roller coaster ride for us over the past 3 years (it was July 2011 when the intensity of the sting operation took hold).
    This evidence gathering process extended the WGS waiting period for us to the point of making it almost unbearable, but I think it has all been necessary. I’m sharing this now because I too honestly believe everything is done for the WGS and those funds are now truly safe, in very secure places.
    And as I said before, the cabal are nearly neutered and spayed as well! (Yes, I used animal terms on purpose – LOL!)
    1) The many times Okie told us the RV was happening (IE. the plane was cleared for landing, it was a 737 ($7.37 rate), runway lights were visible, etc.), the cabal was receiving this same “it is happening now – any minute now” info from their inside sources, in order to set them up for attempted insider trading on the FX.
    The purpose of the postings on the Dinar boards was to give validity to the sting that was underway. We most certainly should not blame Okie at all for any “misinformation’, for he was asked to help the WhHats and being a strongly patriotic and religious man, he did his job well.
    In future years, as we reflect back on these times, we need to thank Okie for what he was willing to do for us and his country, regardless of the price he personally paid via his slandered reputation at times among Dinarians.
    Because I do not know Okie personally, I don’t know ALL the details regarding the loss of his son and more recently the accident that nearly took his daughter-in-law’s life. But I do pray that his family has not been targeted by the evil cabal in ways only they seem to be able to orchestrate, in order to make Okie pay for his (perhaps even sometimes unknowingly) aide to the WhHats.
    2) The reports month ago of DC elites cashing out early at very high rates – was another sting operation.
    ‘Have you wondered why TNT Tony and DC are JUST RECENTLY saying these “characters” did not deplete the contract funds? Well … here is the rest of the story about that one too.’
    Little hints were given to these DC folks at time of exchange into partial SKRs/partial cash that they were truly favored since they were given first chance to redeem Dinars before everyone else, and that there were ways “wink, wink” to make even more money on this.
    These hints prompted the elites to give their ‘exchange cash’ to their friends, family, office staff to buy more Dinars – allowing double-dipping to be done – but in reality it was more “gotcha” insider trading evidence being added to the legal case against these DC elite.
    So as all of us were stressing that the DC folks were stealing all the Chinese funds available for Dinar purchases at the contract rates, in reality – just the opposite was happening. The WhHats were simply ensuring that none of the elites’ Dinars would be paid at the higher contract rate and due to their egos and greed – the elites won’t even get the street rate – for their Dinars are looked up as evidence! (Are you smiling yet?)
    During these early DC elite exchanges, hints were also given to them that a certain Dinar dealer(s) would handle their new ‘double dipping’ Dinar purchases on the “hush, hush”.
    While I believe there was more than one Dinar dealer involved in this sting, but I cannot find concrete evidence to support my suspicion of the 2nd dealer. The US dollars given to these DC folks for their early exchange of Dinars were actually marked bills and they were then given in exchange marked/traceable Dinar currency – which will never be redeemed!! (This is where you should really be smiling!)
    So as you can now see, the cash these elites were given was taken in off the street in this sting operation as the elites used those US dollars to buy more Dinar. So their original Dinars are locked up and the ‘double dip’ purchased Dinars are marked bills that will not be exchanged – means the elites aren’t receiving any money at all because those SKR receipts are just worthless paper!
    But at the same time the WhHats and Good Guys (elites’ attempted international transfers) were busy gathering lots more fraud/illegal activity evidence against the elites.
    The “errand boys” used by the elites for ‘double dipping’ will face some repercussions, but the real purpose was to seal the fate of these DC elitists. It is refreshing to know that some of the exchange funds, although a relatively small amount of cash, was given to help those in need.
    3) I know this is going to sound like a schoolmarm or a preacher, but I mean well when I tell you that in the future you truly need to be looking as much at what isn’t being said directly, as what is being laid out in clear black & white before your noses. Don’t live life paranoid, but please, please learn to read between the lines! Three examples follow:
    a) What did I not say in #2 above?
    As you began to read, didn’t you wonder how “they” knew which DC elites owned Dinar in order to know who to target in this sting? If “they” know who the elite Dinar holders are, don’t “they” know who all Dinar purchasers are?
    Yes, “they” do, but “they” do not know who we may have gifted Dinars to or if we have sold some Dinar for cash or checks (unless Dinar was noted on the check’s memo line), but “they” sure know about any Dinars we have purchased – whether from a Dealer, Craig’s list or Ebay.
    Will.. Will “they” make us account for any Dinar that we don’t exchange during our initial bank visit?
    Not likely. Why not? Well – remember that we’ve been hearing for months now that Iraq will issue new currency. If we don’t exchange within a certain timeframe (it truly is long enough – so don’t stress about this), the current IQDs will become worthless, just like the Saddam era – pre-2003 IQDs are now worthless.
    Also “they” believe most of us will not gift to individual family members/friends/charities more than what we believed could be exchanged into $1 million USDs. “They” have known what the Chinese contract rate is for many, many months now. But we haven’t.
    So think about ‘when and why’ the idea was introduced to Dinarians to use a dated, notarized gift letter. The ‘when’ will give you a good idea regarding the date the Chinese finalized the contract rate with the US Treasury.
    The ‘why’ for the dated, notarized gift letters is so that at the time of exchange, those who received gifted Dinar may not have to obtain a copy of the giver’s original Dinar purchase receipt.
    That is — if at the time the gift letter was drafted, the rumored exchange rate times the amount IQD gifted did not equate to more than an anticipated $1 million USDs – then no copy of the giver’s purchase receipt will be needed.
    b) Treat MSM news the same way –
    look for details that were not mentioned, before you take any info at full face value – question not only is it accurate, but also is the complete full story being told?
    As an example that Dinarians can relate to: ISIS terrorists. Many “gurus” have told us they believe this was a ploy by Maliki to stay in power as Iraq’s PM. Chuck Hagel adds to the smoke & mirrors just this past week by saying ISIS is a significant terrorist threat to the USA.
    But what does O do? He goes golfing, flies out to a bar in CO to drink a beer and shoot pool, and goes off to Texas to be close enough to the Mexican border to fake interest in solving the US’ illegal immigration problem. But what has O not done?
    Since ISIS surfaced in June, O has NOT used his phone and mighty pen to ink another of his infamous EOs to designate ISIS as a valid terrorist group that must be controlled via US financial sanctions (also known as an OFAC order).
    Sadly, all those “gurus” or (“guru wantabe’s) who kept a close eye on the DFI EO status, never thought to look for an EO that should have been signed and wasn’t. Please learn to look for the logical missing pieces!
    c) Research and Filter very thoroughly, sometimes many times over — any posts, ads, news, etc. now or in the future regarding possible investments or worthy charities – especially for what is not being mentioned but is a very relevant piece of information.
    Also learn to completely, totally wipe from your mind those seeded ideas that have been proven false. If you need to – keep a list of what you have researched and determined to be bogus schemes and false claims.
    Investments — Ask yourself if the 17% annuity return rate that is being advertised on some Dinar boards really seems legit. Get the details as to whether this is an annualized return or the 17% is really the difference between the annuity purchase price and amount you would receive at maturity – perhaps as long as 15 years later.
    The scenario that 17% is the lifetime yield is much closer to the level of return for today’s low rates on bank CDs. Because we have believed in Dinars, the once-in-a-lifetime windfall, many think we are easy targets for believing their hype as well. Be careful with your money. Invest – but invest wisely.
    Charities – A valid, but very sad, example of charity fraud is the Relief Funds for Haiti following the January 12, 2010 earthquake. As American’s we phoned in millions and millions to help the Haitians.
    The money was taken from our bank accounts at time of our calls, mailed checks, etc. But then two years later we were told that the funds still had not been released to help the people of Haiti due to US gov’t concerns about Haiti’s political corruption. Really?
    To support this explanation, we were even told about Haiti’s former leader coming back from his fancy home in Paris to try to get his grimy hands on some of the aid funds. But we never heard if he got any money nor even when he returned to Paris. MSM slip?
    No – we must learn to keep up with their lies in order to be able to prove what stories are in fact lies.
    MSM and our gov’t are counting on you not being interested enough to watch/read the news or if you do, that you won’t try to remember or take the time to think through and follow up on how the pieces of info given to you just don’t fit together.
    If you will think back to what was going on in the USA in 2010-2012 (high unemployment claims, swelling lists of welfare/food stamp/public housing recipients, etc.) – you can figure out why our money was never sent to Haiti and which gov’t was really corrupt toward their people.
    Goggle and read Oxfam’s report issued Jan. 2014 — 4 years after the Haiti earthquake, to better understand how much more relief aid is still needed by these destitute people.
    Bogus Schemes (my nice name for pure BS!) and Bogus Terms – Please, please delete from your memory the bogus terms introduced by some “guru” months ago or those once true facts that are no longer valid. Examples:
    i) Clean & Clear Certificate – has NOTHING to do with banking, stock certificates, investments or currency exchanges! Google it.
    However, since it has been so overused in Dinar chat, you must now go to the 2nd & 3rd search result pages in Google to find the real deal – I kid you not! It is a document related to mining!
    And even more funny is that it is limited to mining operations in the Asian Pacific! Sadly, sometimes we really do earn the name of “sheeple”.
    We must learn to check out the facts – regardless of who is delivering the BS pile to us, for even the most trusted ones sometimes fail to do their homework and end up with BS on their face as well! (If you google this, you will see which sincerely beloved and trusted guru I am referring to.)
    Have you noticed how a different guru makes up terms/acronyms so that only those who are closely following him know what in the world he is now talking about – such as IR, MR, etc.? Ask yourself, if he feels the need to do this for his ego – do you really trust what he has to say?
    ii) Need for Non-Interest Earning Account – no longer true! This became irrelevant 18 months ago! Way past time for you to permanently bury this idea in the graveyard!!
    This recommendation became invalid as of 12-31-12 when the FDIC no longer provided unlimited deposit insurance for those funds in non-interest bearing accounts. Be a good steward with the money the Lord is entrusting you with – invest wisely vs. being like the Biblical servant who out of fear, buried his talent in the dirt & did not allow his money to grow to make a good return for his master.
    iii) Cash Exchange vs Investment – remember what Shakespeare said, “A rose by any other name smells just as sweet.” Same holds true for taxes. Regardless of what you call your transaction (even if you call it your ‘Depends moment!’) – the taxes you will owe will be the same!
    Let’s take a recent event as an example. Employees of Facebook were given lots of shares of the company before it went public. When they received these pre-IPO shares, Facebook shares were not readily marketable nor did it have a quoted price on any (stock) exchange – it only have a book value which meant something to Facebook as a company.
    But when these employees decide to sell their shares, it will not matter if the shares were readily marketable at the time of receipt or not – what will matter is a) how much did they pay for the..
    stock, b) how much did they receive upon sale and c) how long did they own the stock. Hopefully you have kept track of all your Dinar receipts!
    4) While I still have lots more to share, this message is much longer than I intended. So I’m limiting it to just one more thought – but one which I hope will prompt you into many thoughts of your own.
    Years ago when I began to read articles about people who may have influenced where the USA is today, I started a list of those who I thought were the Good folks vs. those whom I thought were the Bad folks.
    I cannot say for sure if I put the Good folks on the left because I tend to be more politically conservative or if I simply wanted to think about all the Good folks first. Also I try to think outside the box for a ‘bigger picture perspective’ a bit too, so I never focused solely on the Iraqi RV.
    I have to admit that when I first began to read about the St. Germain trust, the WGS – countries forgiving other countries’ war debts dating all the back to when records were first maintained, the Leo Wanta funds, V.K. Durham’s story, prosperity programs, CMKX mega-sized lawsuit against the SEC, etc. I was more than a bit skeptical!
    But I made the decision to read at least three articles before making a final call to dismiss a particular theory or not. Surprising to me, the more I read, the more the pieces seemed to fit together!
    I suggest that you check out NASARA if you are not already familiar with John MacHaffie’s site. While I still cannot bring myself to read the galactic/ET-space aliens articles, I do read the rest.
    What has most recently “jelled” for me are the connections between the historical war bonds/WGS funds, Neil Keenan being in the Philippines and Pope Francis’ changes at the Vatican.
    I can just hear you say, “Really?” The historic war bonds were rumored to have been stored in the Philippines – why? Because it was the closest dominant Catholic country to China and Japan – holders of the war bonds issued by the USA for WWI, WWII, Korean, and Vietnamese wars.
    Test me – google the primary religions of SE Asia countries of Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines, Malaysia and Mynamar. You will discover the only country where Christianity is the dominant faith is the Philippines and it is Catholic. So why is the Vatican really involved?
    They hold assets from European countries that were garnered during other wars (the “spoils of war” some may call it) as well as while European countries owned/controlled other nations — India, South Africa, Central & South America, etc.
    These Vatican held funds are the collateral backing for various European nations’ war bonds. Except for those foolish countries who gave gold to the USA for safekeeping!
    The world had to wait for the historic bond funds to be released until a Pope was appointed who has a heart for all of God’s people – a genuine desire to help all people throughout the entire world.
    A pope who does not seek to control the European countries by holding their riches hostage in the Vatican vault nor threaten to use the money to enrich the coffers of the Catholic Church.
    Now if Pope Francis can get the rest of the world to follow the “I” principles.
    Iceland for how tStay wise and healthy, so that you can keep hold of your blessing and enjoy it for a long, long time to come!
    hey eliminated debts but at the same time restored their county’s economy. Ireland for how they settled their religious differences and restored peace in their country.”

    Thoughts and comments WHA?

    Thank you so much.


    1. Remember, 99% of what you read about the WGS/RV is nonsense.

      The above article is a good example.

      Any article that suggests people read John Machaffie’s site has lost credibility right out of the gate.

      Soon we will move to FC 125.6 because of thread length, and I will re-touch on the importance of not spreading your wits so thinly over so many sites that claim to know what is going on.

      Here is a preview of what’s to come: Persons engaged in the events to come are NOT hitting the blogs and discussing the fine details of it all. SO, with that in mind, the real importance of posts like this becomes minimal, at best.

      Thank you.


  22. Psychological warfare is a commonly used form of disinformation. Camouflage, concealment, purposeful placement of items in plain sight used to deceive and misdirect threats or potential threats.

    The principles of PsyOp’s aren’t isolated to the military world, they’re prevalent in business, finance and even relationships. The statement “Perception is reality” applies in all corridors of life, even if that perception isn’t authentic to the situation. Is creating a false perception a lie? Is it unethical? Or is it an acceptable practice to achieve a goal? I guess it depends on the individual and the circumstance.

    In the case of the GooRoos, could it be the WH’s fighting the good fight have been conducting PsyOp’s to draw out the greedy and those bent on the destruction of society? Could good meaning people have been conduits of misinformation designed to help protect the innocent and victims of the Cabal, the military industrial complex and the puppets?
    Fight fire with fire I say, and if this is one segment of the battles being waged to undo decades of corruption and theft then so be it!

    My wise Grandmother once told me “Right or wrong, the decisions I make today will impact me ten years down the road”. It took me many years and many mistakes to figure that simple adice out and become a better person. To the thieves, the murders, the corrupt and soulless humans out there who’ve used nations of people to advance your own causes – the decisions you made are coming back to you, I’m glad to be a part of the solution to unseat you and bring a sense of humanity, compassion and humility to the small corner of the world I occupy. The decision I make on how to pay this forward will continue far beyond ten years of my life, and hopefully far longer for those I’m able to help.

    Thank you to those who are fighting for the little people out here in the real world, I appreciate you and the sacrifices you’re making for the future of mankind.

    Peace to all.

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