Nobody will ever say our readers do not have anything to say. With over 1000 comments between FC 125 and 125.5, I am going to once again move to a new post with FC 125.6 to alleviate the issues with posting and reading via mobile devices. 

A review of recent communications all points to one task for us all: Keep your eyes open and remain prepared at all times, for all things, from this time forward.

Continue to steer clear of the neural narcosis that results from the guru intel chin-waging vomitorium. I cannot emphasize this enough. Allowing pride to divert your senses from the realities of the world that they ignore will cost you dearly. Stay in tune with those who are front and center – those who have been gracious enough to help us stay informed.

Don’t get behind a lemming, because you know where it will end up.

As you are all aware, our fact checking days are largely done, since the truth and details about the parties involved and their roles in matters germane to our interests are well known and understood by now. These details are found at the official White Hat Blog at All we have to do now is act and be responsible at our levels, and let the fine people on the front lines do their jobs.

Let’s show them that their work will be anticipated and appreciated by a well informed and involved citizenry, and not by a swarming mass of idleness, self indulgence and indifference.

You may continue your discussions as you wish, and you have my sincere appreciation for conducting yourselves like ladies and gentlemen. I spend very little time moderating offensive/disruptive behavior at WHA, and I thank you for your professionalism along these lines.

The White Hats and their colleagues appreciate your support and are working hard to complete their tasks.

Please await further information as it becomes available. 

Thank you!



  1. Hi Tony

    Given the most recent views expressed by OWoN, it does appear that there may be some hope for a well organised group to get a reasonable exchange, as the hillbilly crowd may not have a chance. It also seems that many loyal readers/contributors on these sites (WHA and OWoN) are making the assessment that, though not part of the guru-adoring-unwashed-hillbilly-maah-lick crowd, will likely be lumped in with them anyway. This is a pity, because the target group for John’s comments don’t appear to be the readers of either of these sites.

    Tony, a question: is it possible to ressurect the idea of organising a group for exchange purposes given that the readership numbers appear to have increased?

    Or are we too far into the process ‘behind-the-scenes’ for any such possibility, and our best chance is to simply wait for the GO, get our skates on and hope for the best?

    As always, much appreciated.


    1. Well stated.

      On the the idea of organizing a group for exchange purposes, I cannot say if it is impossible as a concept, but it is impossible for us to organize it. WHA does not have licensing to conduct public offerings of any type. We can survey and see what people have, but that’s it. From there, it would be out of our hands and would require someone with a securities license to make all the proper disclosures and lawyer up to make sure it is okay to proceed.

      Groups like that are very limited and low in participatory numbers. Invitations are private, person to person, which keeps them out of the realm of needing licensing for public business offerings.

      Bottom line, I do not think such is possible any more because of the overall sense of the lateness of the hour.

      Right now we are being told, generally, to get with it, smarten up, prepare, move fast when told, etc. There are no offers of current private arrangements in the background that I am aware of, and even if there were, I would not be able to point them out to anyone. Private means private.

      Now, as for the concept of a well organized group consisting of WHA and OWoN readership, yes. That is why we are here. We want you all to be ready, calm, organized, well presented, known and well established with your banks. If this thing pops and the majority of our readers are here asking, “what do I do?”, I am going to create a dunce thread and put your name in it.

      So, to answer your question, my personal feeling is that the ram has touched the wall, and from this point forward, all who are not in VALID private arrangements are committed to public routes, and only the surefooted, well prepared, bank-established who move with diligence will catch the best of what may be available.

      Whatever happens, when it does, I sincerely hope this works out to whatever advantage is best for all.

      Thanks again..

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  2. Sorry about the comment and the nonsensical way I put it together, but I am sure you know what I was trying to say. I am still shaking my head, with respect of course.


  3. Well, so I’ll chime in, yes it appears that it is best to have a banking account with a major bank, but as you said yourself Tony there are high income earners that read this blog, and really John has to polish his delivery, calling people hillbillies really isn’t very nice at all. People appear to be looking for direction, and with utmost respect he sounds like of rude, although words on a website often do not come across exactly how the person intended it to be. And while I respect him, instead of calling people hillbillies and such, I am struck that he never calls out that Vlastimil or however you spell the guys name who openly calls for the destruction of the U.S. I said my peace, I have no further comment.. it’s just very sad.

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    1. Yes, he loves to pick on the “hillbillies”. But, given the mentality of the blogs that purport to be giving out “intel”, from “sources”, can we really blame him?

      He sits in rare air – way up – has on his plate B’s of stuff. That’s a fact.

      Okie, the oil man sits where? TNT Tony was at one time sitting in prison, and he sits where now? Under indictment, the last I heard.

      And yet, Okie and TNT have how many millions of followers, who BLINDLY toe the line and look to massacre anyone who speaks ill of their cult leader.

      Do you see the point here? If I was a high level insider and was looking down at that mentality, I would be incredulous as well.

      It is indeed very sad that the ability for the general population to discern, observe and formulate clear conclusions based on higher reasoning skills is so lacking. It takes hard work to know where truth is with respect to any discipline – financial, scientific, philosophical.

      For the direction people are looking for, we are trying very hard to help in that regard. The information we have to pass along is sometimes not very encouraging, but it is from places that know, and not crafted to get you to attend a seminar or buy more overprinted, worthless dinar, while we collect hidden kickbacks.

      I don’t know how all this is going to play out, but however it does, we will bring it to you as is, and will never attempt to beguile or trick you, or embellish the facts as they come our way.

      If I were sitting up on banking platforms and could instantly give you all direct information, I would. But, I don’t, so I cannot. To that end, we rely on relationships we have for such information. It comes to you as we get it. It may be rough, and hard to stomach, but it is true, unfettered, and free of the kind of used car salesman lingo that festers in the reprobate blogs.

      There is a choice. Comforting lies, or unpleasant truths.

      We will never deal in the former, and as hard as it may be, we will pass along the latter, no matter the chatter.


      1. Tony i clearly understand what you are saying. Its plain and day that TNT and his crew are frauds yet people blindly follow just like they follow Obumma not matter what evidence you present to them clear as spring water. So i understand owon frustrating me myself had tried to educate some of my colleagues and friends but to little or no avail. So i understand what he is going thru to a degree just sometimes i have a problem with his british paraphrasing or writing sometimes cant make out what he is saying or meant ot say. Me being from america lol


      2. Tony you said paraphrasing ” Do you see the point here? If I was a high level insider and was looking down at that mentality, I would be incredulous as well.” and yes I understand that sort of thinking of the sheep over on the other blogs, but the people who come to your site and OWoN site come for a reason, they aren’t following the ” Gooruus”, I give them more credit, a different class, with a different mentality. And yes, I know if I have a complaint for them I should post there, but you know what Tony? That Vlastimal or whatever his name is? He could be, not saying he is for everyone, but he could be the driving force away from OWoN’s site to here to voice our displeasure. In closing, I agree with much of what you said, and I know John or Canuzzie reads here so I just want to say if he can call those that invested in Exotic currencies all sorts of derogatory names, surely he should call this Vlastimal from the Czech Republic out on the rug with his awful remarks about American’s and the United States I’m done, I’ll go sit in the corner.


    2. Gloria,

      I appreciate your honesty and totally agree regarding Vlastimil. I find him pompous and uncooth. His constant derogatory remarks regarding Americans and the United States upset me to the point I find myself avoiding the blogs at OWoN. However, knowing that they are very key to what is happening in world events and, I believe, want to help us, I have learned to just skip reading anything Vlastimil has to say, and just scan to Cannuzie or John’s postings. John has a right to vent whether we agree with his choice of words or not. BUT, they just may agree that allowing that idiot from the Czech Republic to post his rants has been a mistake in the past, and will corral him in the future. It would be ashame for people not to visit their site. Neo had a terrific article OWoN posted a few months back, and he defended it very well when challenged by the Czech idiot. Great reading.

      From another standpoint, Vlastimil and John are probably just voicing what most of the world feels towards our country and the way our government has treated the rest of the world as a whole, but not specifically addressing us as individuals. If The USA is in fact being relegated to Third World status because of the Cabal and Zionist Bankers, then we may just have to get used to the comments and hatred. I am as proud an American as anyone, but deeply ashamed of our government’s shananigans for the last 50 or so years.

      I appreciate that they see there are Americans who do care, and would do something to fix things within our government if it were possible. I appreciate that they, and the WH’s, are doing all they can to help us!


  4. Tony:

    Can you speak to comment #3 from OWoN brought over to the WHA Auxilary blog? Specifically, regarding the reval/appreciation of the dong, is this to mean that the projected $.47 rate is nowhere close to accurate. That means a $5k USD investment in dong would yield $500. Something does not seem to foot there. Your initial investment will have to be enormous to make any gross dollar return. Most probably have less than $2K at risk, especially for the majority investor profile of dinar /dong holders.

    Thank you,



    1. Truth be told, with so many changes going on in the background I cannot stay on top of it all fast enough.

      If .47 to 1.00 on the dong is no longer a valid estimate, I have not been told such person to person, at this time.

      I am not able to issue personal rate quotes, and I never have. I have no way of knowing and can only pass along what we are given to pass.

      If things have adjusted to such a downward forecast on the rates, then that is what you are all looking to make, and that’s that.

      Let’s give it some time to see if anything busts loose for 2014. Then, we will have our answers. If I get the chance of some face time with our contact, I will make an inquiry and see just what is going on. This is not to doubt OWoN, because we are not in a position to doubt them, and don’t seek to. But, I like face/phone time, and in that regard, Reno is closer than London, and I want maaah lick. LOL


  5. Ok….so… 10% is out of question he said… and in past he quoted 2%… that could be your lot then.

    The WH quote of 40c+ surely is for the rich special placements owon spoke of above. I have no reason to doubt the WH so 40c-$1 is no doubt right but not for us, the general public. We will get crumbs as even 10% will throw Vietnam into turmoil hr said above.

    So if you are in a special group well done, but for us little guys we are looking at 2%-10% gain, which is not worth my time rushing down the bank. Not being moody, and I don’t wanna hear “well cash em in now then loser” from anyone coz 2-10% is not worth your time either. I’ll make more on a gold coin when the USD crashes next year.

    10% gain on dong at 34,000 per £1 GBP puts dong around 30,600 per £1. If I can’t exchange at that rate before banks close windows on me or want to know everything about me what’s the point??

    All this multiple thousand chat is for huge players with gazillions of dongs to pass through the books. I, and no doubt you, have nothing like that.

    Oh well. The hope got me through 2014. Need a new fools gold dream for 2015 to give me a reason to carry on.


  6. OWoN update…. Calgon take me away!…

    ‎Currency Update realities to help both sites.

    Especially Tony who seems besieged with many good and stressed parties. There is need as well as greed.

    1.Contrary to the usual guru dissinfo there is as yet NOTHING profiling for 26 th. Clear? NOTHING showing.

    2. This is an issue we will probably need a major automated road slammer hammer to knock into some skulls- affordability. There is no major pot of Gold,- ANYWHERE! to service and settle the wild expectations of mass Grunts assuming its their rights to cash and walk with Gzillions of unearned profits. No one denies anyone the right to speculate and gain. Welcome to the Club. But buying hyped crap is NOT speculating, but being mugged. Taken for a Sucker. We are offered $500M blocks for c$500K. So why not buy? Because none of it clears basic diligence. The blind, gullible and some outright stupid, think if making $500M they are a genius. As if! We see a fool who just got mugged for $500K. It keeps on failing Diligence. Nothing makes sense.

    3.Who will fund all of this? Use what passes for a brain. Even a 10% increase will savage Vietnam’s economy. Iraq can not afford more than c $5T to be issued. At whatever price. Yet hundreds of Ts of Dinars were allegedly printed. Totally unsustainable. And who will pay? It’s like looking in on a Turkey farm listening to some Bloggers.

    4.Reality is that the Special Interest groups will get a deal, and get out rich. Some crumbs will fall and some will get a lucky hit. So good luck. Hopefully its you. But most of the public speculators face a dubious future. They just don’t profile right or get it. The US is broke. China, apart from some Special Interests, is NOT coming to your rescue. Nor is anyone else. The world has changed, so have the rules.

    5. It’s unreal to read from parties who think they can walk into a bank, clutching notes with no Provence, and walk out with Millions in USD. Please, ask those people to look at a Sam Elliot mug shot asking- Are You a Special Kind of Stupid? Such parties may find their notes being sequestrated by the banks as suspicious movements of funds, and possible Money Laundering. If you have no credible Bank Relationships, expect a lot of trouble. At $10K the system switches on. And you want to exchange how much? Who are you? Expect Anal checks. Suspicious funds reports will go off the map. At least for those even lucky to get a shot at trading out. Many will just get an Anal rebore by the Banks. Have you got a bank in place able to help you. If not- What the Hell game are you playing at? Get your act together if not. Google into Sam Elliot. Hit Special kind of Stupid and look at the images pics. ~We need to start selling them as T shirts. I walked into the Bank with $5M of Jungle Bunny Paper, the bank took them and threw me out dressed only in this T shirt. For some Life may be cruel.

    6. None seem to be asking who will pay for all this? Do you know?

    7. At best the world could probably raise raise c$7T to catch all. But no, the Public wants hundreds of Ts, its my right. Start printing the T shirts Sam. Also get the pics on the Vaseline jars. A market is coming. The 26th will come and go. Nothing will show, leaving you where? But IF you get lucky in time, at what rate, and have YOU got the Banking to take it in? No Bank is going to accept a queue of Hillbillies reaching around 5 blocks with papers of dubious provenance. Don’t be a Gurus Grunt. Think out your case and be Bank ready in case because this mess may trigger Bank Knee jerks pretty fast if the mess unfolds. Banks are NOT run by Morons. They know that a bank market which can sustain a few T is looking at a paper Titanic if the alleged numbers are right. Banks all have weasel clauses and windows will go up fast. This IS being helpful as many may need a wake up call fast. The big question, do you have a clue what you are doing? Try walking even $100K in cash in clean USD and listen for the bells. And you plan to walk in what paper with no pre planning? Good luck with that.

    The 26th will come and go. Nothing will show, leaving you where?

    But IF you get lucky in time, at what rate, and have YOU got the Banking to take it in? No Bank is going to accept a queue of Hillbillies reaching around 5 blocks with papers of dubious provenance.

    Don’t be a Gurus Grunt. Think out your case and be Bank ready in case because this mess may trigger Bank Knee jerks pretty fast if the mess unfolds. Banks are NOT run by Morons. They know that a bank market which can sustain a few T is looking at a paper Titanic if the alleged numbers are right.

    Banks all have weasel clauses and windows will go up fast. This IS being helpful as many may need a wake up call fast. The big question, do you have a clue what you are doing?

    Try walking even $100K in cash in clean USD and listen for the bells. And you plan to walk in what paper with no pre planning? Good luck with that.

    Read more at:
    OWoN © All Rights Reserved


    1. The moral of the story. If you have good, solid banking relationships, then when you see the “go signal”, GO! Hit your bank with your credentials and follow the dotted line like the man at OWoN says. Don’t delay. MOVE.

      If you do not have a bank account, what in the name of Dispater are you even doing holding a currency that you expect to revalue and then exchange? Where were you going to do that? At the liquor store?

      GET A BANK ACCOUNT, and let’s put an end to this quasi half in/half out spirit of readiness that so many seem intent on assuming. Let the brainwashed dinar sugar plum fairy believer sit back and have his Budweiser while he waits for TNT to send him advice.



  7. Hey Tony:
    So two question’s I have is the Ambassador of the Red Dragons for real. Making him self know for sure. And is Neil, Blake, Karen… and Whts..All on the same page and working to over come the banking empire from the last 100 years. Hopefully this is more then yes or no.
    Thanks and Bless!


    1. Hi,

      I have no information at hand that vets the “Ambassador of the Red Dragons” as who he claims. Conversely, I cannot for sure say he is not who he claims. He comes across as very informed and highly educated, but that alone is not enough for my personal acceptance, with sugar on top.

      We were told that an NDA was in force at the moment, and if so, a radio show? Further, all the general “RV information” he gave on the radio show was already in the open, open source, already known and fully researchable on line. So, his role is? And why should we listen? And he chose this limited, relatively unknown venue why?

      So many questions. But, in the end it’s harmless to WHA. We have our lines of communication to those who know AND do, and we will stay put.

      The only one selling something is Dave Schmidt. I don’t begrudge him that, although I have heard that you can learn for free what he teaches at a $75 seminar, just by searching on the Internet.

      I suspect, but cannot be sure, that the “Ambassador” is an added touch to give him some element of exclusivity, so you have to pay $75 to hear “what they cannot record in public”.

      I cannot speak for Neil Keenan, Blake, Karen Hudes, etc. We have no association with them. The White Hats uncovered and exposed hard evidence of cabal thievery in ways that no others did. Their official blog documents that. What the others are doing is something they will have to speak on themselves.

      Thank you!


  8. Hi earthspirit, there’s a lot of great people that contribute here. If Tony hasn’t already told you, you’re looking at the most srecent comments. Click on the older comment section on the top left of the page and it will take you back to earlier comments on this thread. Also below you’ll see FC’s through the months/years. Also check out the White Hat reports to learn about what they have been doing over the years.


    1. Thanks Gloria…I want you to know I am not “new” to the WHA reports nor a lot of the corruption that is in this world….when I was a teenager and JFK was killed I knew there was something very wrong with our government and I have been watching ever since then…but when I got my first computer was when my eyes were really opened up to the “more” than I already knew.


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