Nobody will ever say our readers do not have anything to say. With over 1000 comments between FC 125 and 125.5, I am going to once again move to a new post with FC 125.6 to alleviate the issues with posting and reading via mobile devices. 

A review of recent communications all points to one task for us all: Keep your eyes open and remain prepared at all times, for all things, from this time forward.

Continue to steer clear of the neural narcosis that results from the guru intel chin-waging vomitorium. I cannot emphasize this enough. Allowing pride to divert your senses from the realities of the world that they ignore will cost you dearly. Stay in tune with those who are front and center – those who have been gracious enough to help us stay informed.

Don’t get behind a lemming, because you know where it will end up.

As you are all aware, our fact checking days are largely done, since the truth and details about the parties involved and their roles in matters germane to our interests are well known and understood by now. These details are found at the official White Hat Blog at All we have to do now is act and be responsible at our levels, and let the fine people on the front lines do their jobs.

Let’s show them that their work will be anticipated and appreciated by a well informed and involved citizenry, and not by a swarming mass of idleness, self indulgence and indifference.

You may continue your discussions as you wish, and you have my sincere appreciation for conducting yourselves like ladies and gentlemen. I spend very little time moderating offensive/disruptive behavior at WHA, and I thank you for your professionalism along these lines.

The White Hats and their colleagues appreciate your support and are working hard to complete their tasks.

Please await further information as it becomes available. 

Thank you!



  1. Hi Tony

    Given the most recent views expressed by OWoN, it does appear that there may be some hope for a well organised group to get a reasonable exchange, as the hillbilly crowd may not have a chance. It also seems that many loyal readers/contributors on these sites (WHA and OWoN) are making the assessment that, though not part of the guru-adoring-unwashed-hillbilly-maah-lick crowd, will likely be lumped in with them anyway. This is a pity, because the target group for John’s comments don’t appear to be the readers of either of these sites.

    Tony, a question: is it possible to ressurect the idea of organising a group for exchange purposes given that the readership numbers appear to have increased?

    Or are we too far into the process ‘behind-the-scenes’ for any such possibility, and our best chance is to simply wait for the GO, get our skates on and hope for the best?

    As always, much appreciated.


    1. Well stated.

      On the the idea of organizing a group for exchange purposes, I cannot say if it is impossible as a concept, but it is impossible for us to organize it. WHA does not have licensing to conduct public offerings of any type. We can survey and see what people have, but that’s it. From there, it would be out of our hands and would require someone with a securities license to make all the proper disclosures and lawyer up to make sure it is okay to proceed.

      Groups like that are very limited and low in participatory numbers. Invitations are private, person to person, which keeps them out of the realm of needing licensing for public business offerings.

      Bottom line, I do not think such is possible any more because of the overall sense of the lateness of the hour.

      Right now we are being told, generally, to get with it, smarten up, prepare, move fast when told, etc. There are no offers of current private arrangements in the background that I am aware of, and even if there were, I would not be able to point them out to anyone. Private means private.

      Now, as for the concept of a well organized group consisting of WHA and OWoN readership, yes. That is why we are here. We want you all to be ready, calm, organized, well presented, known and well established with your banks. If this thing pops and the majority of our readers are here asking, “what do I do?”, I am going to create a dunce thread and put your name in it.

      So, to answer your question, my personal feeling is that the ram has touched the wall, and from this point forward, all who are not in VALID private arrangements are committed to public routes, and only the surefooted, well prepared, bank-established who move with diligence will catch the best of what may be available.

      Whatever happens, when it does, I sincerely hope this works out to whatever advantage is best for all.

      Thanks again..

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  2. Sorry about the comment and the nonsensical way I put it together, but I am sure you know what I was trying to say. I am still shaking my head, with respect of course.


  3. Well, so I’ll chime in, yes it appears that it is best to have a banking account with a major bank, but as you said yourself Tony there are high income earners that read this blog, and really John has to polish his delivery, calling people hillbillies really isn’t very nice at all. People appear to be looking for direction, and with utmost respect he sounds like of rude, although words on a website often do not come across exactly how the person intended it to be. And while I respect him, instead of calling people hillbillies and such, I am struck that he never calls out that Vlastimil or however you spell the guys name who openly calls for the destruction of the U.S. I said my peace, I have no further comment.. it’s just very sad.

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    1. Yes, he loves to pick on the “hillbillies”. But, given the mentality of the blogs that purport to be giving out “intel”, from “sources”, can we really blame him?

      He sits in rare air – way up – has on his plate B’s of stuff. That’s a fact.

      Okie, the oil man sits where? TNT Tony was at one time sitting in prison, and he sits where now? Under indictment, the last I heard.

      And yet, Okie and TNT have how many millions of followers, who BLINDLY toe the line and look to massacre anyone who speaks ill of their cult leader.

      Do you see the point here? If I was a high level insider and was looking down at that mentality, I would be incredulous as well.

      It is indeed very sad that the ability for the general population to discern, observe and formulate clear conclusions based on higher reasoning skills is so lacking. It takes hard work to know where truth is with respect to any discipline – financial, scientific, philosophical.

      For the direction people are looking for, we are trying very hard to help in that regard. The information we have to pass along is sometimes not very encouraging, but it is from places that know, and not crafted to get you to attend a seminar or buy more overprinted, worthless dinar, while we collect hidden kickbacks.

      I don’t know how all this is going to play out, but however it does, we will bring it to you as is, and will never attempt to beguile or trick you, or embellish the facts as they come our way.

      If I were sitting up on banking platforms and could instantly give you all direct information, I would. But, I don’t, so I cannot. To that end, we rely on relationships we have for such information. It comes to you as we get it. It may be rough, and hard to stomach, but it is true, unfettered, and free of the kind of used car salesman lingo that festers in the reprobate blogs.

      There is a choice. Comforting lies, or unpleasant truths.

      We will never deal in the former, and as hard as it may be, we will pass along the latter, no matter the chatter.


      1. Tony i clearly understand what you are saying. Its plain and day that TNT and his crew are frauds yet people blindly follow just like they follow Obumma not matter what evidence you present to them clear as spring water. So i understand owon frustrating me myself had tried to educate some of my colleagues and friends but to little or no avail. So i understand what he is going thru to a degree just sometimes i have a problem with his british paraphrasing or writing sometimes cant make out what he is saying or meant ot say. Me being from america lol


      2. Tony you said paraphrasing ” Do you see the point here? If I was a high level insider and was looking down at that mentality, I would be incredulous as well.” and yes I understand that sort of thinking of the sheep over on the other blogs, but the people who come to your site and OWoN site come for a reason, they aren’t following the ” Gooruus”, I give them more credit, a different class, with a different mentality. And yes, I know if I have a complaint for them I should post there, but you know what Tony? That Vlastimal or whatever his name is? He could be, not saying he is for everyone, but he could be the driving force away from OWoN’s site to here to voice our displeasure. In closing, I agree with much of what you said, and I know John or Canuzzie reads here so I just want to say if he can call those that invested in Exotic currencies all sorts of derogatory names, surely he should call this Vlastimal from the Czech Republic out on the rug with his awful remarks about American’s and the United States I’m done, I’ll go sit in the corner.


    2. Gloria,

      I appreciate your honesty and totally agree regarding Vlastimil. I find him pompous and uncooth. His constant derogatory remarks regarding Americans and the United States upset me to the point I find myself avoiding the blogs at OWoN. However, knowing that they are very key to what is happening in world events and, I believe, want to help us, I have learned to just skip reading anything Vlastimil has to say, and just scan to Cannuzie or John’s postings. John has a right to vent whether we agree with his choice of words or not. BUT, they just may agree that allowing that idiot from the Czech Republic to post his rants has been a mistake in the past, and will corral him in the future. It would be ashame for people not to visit their site. Neo had a terrific article OWoN posted a few months back, and he defended it very well when challenged by the Czech idiot. Great reading.

      From another standpoint, Vlastimil and John are probably just voicing what most of the world feels towards our country and the way our government has treated the rest of the world as a whole, but not specifically addressing us as individuals. If The USA is in fact being relegated to Third World status because of the Cabal and Zionist Bankers, then we may just have to get used to the comments and hatred. I am as proud an American as anyone, but deeply ashamed of our government’s shananigans for the last 50 or so years.

      I appreciate that they see there are Americans who do care, and would do something to fix things within our government if it were possible. I appreciate that they, and the WH’s, are doing all they can to help us!


  4. Tony:

    Can you speak to comment #3 from OWoN brought over to the WHA Auxilary blog? Specifically, regarding the reval/appreciation of the dong, is this to mean that the projected $.47 rate is nowhere close to accurate. That means a $5k USD investment in dong would yield $500. Something does not seem to foot there. Your initial investment will have to be enormous to make any gross dollar return. Most probably have less than $2K at risk, especially for the majority investor profile of dinar /dong holders.

    Thank you,



    1. Truth be told, with so many changes going on in the background I cannot stay on top of it all fast enough.

      If .47 to 1.00 on the dong is no longer a valid estimate, I have not been told such person to person, at this time.

      I am not able to issue personal rate quotes, and I never have. I have no way of knowing and can only pass along what we are given to pass.

      If things have adjusted to such a downward forecast on the rates, then that is what you are all looking to make, and that’s that.

      Let’s give it some time to see if anything busts loose for 2014. Then, we will have our answers. If I get the chance of some face time with our contact, I will make an inquiry and see just what is going on. This is not to doubt OWoN, because we are not in a position to doubt them, and don’t seek to. But, I like face/phone time, and in that regard, Reno is closer than London, and I want maaah lick. LOL


  5. Ok….so… 10% is out of question he said… and in past he quoted 2%… that could be your lot then.

    The WH quote of 40c+ surely is for the rich special placements owon spoke of above. I have no reason to doubt the WH so 40c-$1 is no doubt right but not for us, the general public. We will get crumbs as even 10% will throw Vietnam into turmoil hr said above.

    So if you are in a special group well done, but for us little guys we are looking at 2%-10% gain, which is not worth my time rushing down the bank. Not being moody, and I don’t wanna hear “well cash em in now then loser” from anyone coz 2-10% is not worth your time either. I’ll make more on a gold coin when the USD crashes next year.

    10% gain on dong at 34,000 per £1 GBP puts dong around 30,600 per £1. If I can’t exchange at that rate before banks close windows on me or want to know everything about me what’s the point??

    All this multiple thousand chat is for huge players with gazillions of dongs to pass through the books. I, and no doubt you, have nothing like that.

    Oh well. The hope got me through 2014. Need a new fools gold dream for 2015 to give me a reason to carry on.


  6. OWoN update…. Calgon take me away!…

    ‎Currency Update realities to help both sites.

    Especially Tony who seems besieged with many good and stressed parties. There is need as well as greed.

    1.Contrary to the usual guru dissinfo there is as yet NOTHING profiling for 26 th. Clear? NOTHING showing.

    2. This is an issue we will probably need a major automated road slammer hammer to knock into some skulls- affordability. There is no major pot of Gold,- ANYWHERE! to service and settle the wild expectations of mass Grunts assuming its their rights to cash and walk with Gzillions of unearned profits. No one denies anyone the right to speculate and gain. Welcome to the Club. But buying hyped crap is NOT speculating, but being mugged. Taken for a Sucker. We are offered $500M blocks for c$500K. So why not buy? Because none of it clears basic diligence. The blind, gullible and some outright stupid, think if making $500M they are a genius. As if! We see a fool who just got mugged for $500K. It keeps on failing Diligence. Nothing makes sense.

    3.Who will fund all of this? Use what passes for a brain. Even a 10% increase will savage Vietnam’s economy. Iraq can not afford more than c $5T to be issued. At whatever price. Yet hundreds of Ts of Dinars were allegedly printed. Totally unsustainable. And who will pay? It’s like looking in on a Turkey farm listening to some Bloggers.

    4.Reality is that the Special Interest groups will get a deal, and get out rich. Some crumbs will fall and some will get a lucky hit. So good luck. Hopefully its you. But most of the public speculators face a dubious future. They just don’t profile right or get it. The US is broke. China, apart from some Special Interests, is NOT coming to your rescue. Nor is anyone else. The world has changed, so have the rules.

    5. It’s unreal to read from parties who think they can walk into a bank, clutching notes with no Provence, and walk out with Millions in USD. Please, ask those people to look at a Sam Elliot mug shot asking- Are You a Special Kind of Stupid? Such parties may find their notes being sequestrated by the banks as suspicious movements of funds, and possible Money Laundering. If you have no credible Bank Relationships, expect a lot of trouble. At $10K the system switches on. And you want to exchange how much? Who are you? Expect Anal checks. Suspicious funds reports will go off the map. At least for those even lucky to get a shot at trading out. Many will just get an Anal rebore by the Banks. Have you got a bank in place able to help you. If not- What the Hell game are you playing at? Get your act together if not. Google into Sam Elliot. Hit Special kind of Stupid and look at the images pics. ~We need to start selling them as T shirts. I walked into the Bank with $5M of Jungle Bunny Paper, the bank took them and threw me out dressed only in this T shirt. For some Life may be cruel.

    6. None seem to be asking who will pay for all this? Do you know?

    7. At best the world could probably raise raise c$7T to catch all. But no, the Public wants hundreds of Ts, its my right. Start printing the T shirts Sam. Also get the pics on the Vaseline jars. A market is coming. The 26th will come and go. Nothing will show, leaving you where? But IF you get lucky in time, at what rate, and have YOU got the Banking to take it in? No Bank is going to accept a queue of Hillbillies reaching around 5 blocks with papers of dubious provenance. Don’t be a Gurus Grunt. Think out your case and be Bank ready in case because this mess may trigger Bank Knee jerks pretty fast if the mess unfolds. Banks are NOT run by Morons. They know that a bank market which can sustain a few T is looking at a paper Titanic if the alleged numbers are right. Banks all have weasel clauses and windows will go up fast. This IS being helpful as many may need a wake up call fast. The big question, do you have a clue what you are doing? Try walking even $100K in cash in clean USD and listen for the bells. And you plan to walk in what paper with no pre planning? Good luck with that.

    The 26th will come and go. Nothing will show, leaving you where?

    But IF you get lucky in time, at what rate, and have YOU got the Banking to take it in? No Bank is going to accept a queue of Hillbillies reaching around 5 blocks with papers of dubious provenance.

    Don’t be a Gurus Grunt. Think out your case and be Bank ready in case because this mess may trigger Bank Knee jerks pretty fast if the mess unfolds. Banks are NOT run by Morons. They know that a bank market which can sustain a few T is looking at a paper Titanic if the alleged numbers are right.

    Banks all have weasel clauses and windows will go up fast. This IS being helpful as many may need a wake up call fast. The big question, do you have a clue what you are doing?

    Try walking even $100K in cash in clean USD and listen for the bells. And you plan to walk in what paper with no pre planning? Good luck with that.

    Read more at:
    OWoN © All Rights Reserved


    1. The moral of the story. If you have good, solid banking relationships, then when you see the “go signal”, GO! Hit your bank with your credentials and follow the dotted line like the man at OWoN says. Don’t delay. MOVE.

      If you do not have a bank account, what in the name of Dispater are you even doing holding a currency that you expect to revalue and then exchange? Where were you going to do that? At the liquor store?

      GET A BANK ACCOUNT, and let’s put an end to this quasi half in/half out spirit of readiness that so many seem intent on assuming. Let the brainwashed dinar sugar plum fairy believer sit back and have his Budweiser while he waits for TNT to send him advice.



  7. Hey Tony:
    So two question’s I have is the Ambassador of the Red Dragons for real. Making him self know for sure. And is Neil, Blake, Karen… and Whts..All on the same page and working to over come the banking empire from the last 100 years. Hopefully this is more then yes or no.
    Thanks and Bless!


    1. Hi,

      I have no information at hand that vets the “Ambassador of the Red Dragons” as who he claims. Conversely, I cannot for sure say he is not who he claims. He comes across as very informed and highly educated, but that alone is not enough for my personal acceptance, with sugar on top.

      We were told that an NDA was in force at the moment, and if so, a radio show? Further, all the general “RV information” he gave on the radio show was already in the open, open source, already known and fully researchable on line. So, his role is? And why should we listen? And he chose this limited, relatively unknown venue why?

      So many questions. But, in the end it’s harmless to WHA. We have our lines of communication to those who know AND do, and we will stay put.

      The only one selling something is Dave Schmidt. I don’t begrudge him that, although I have heard that you can learn for free what he teaches at a $75 seminar, just by searching on the Internet.

      I suspect, but cannot be sure, that the “Ambassador” is an added touch to give him some element of exclusivity, so you have to pay $75 to hear “what they cannot record in public”.

      I cannot speak for Neil Keenan, Blake, Karen Hudes, etc. We have no association with them. The White Hats uncovered and exposed hard evidence of cabal thievery in ways that no others did. Their official blog documents that. What the others are doing is something they will have to speak on themselves.

      Thank you!


  8. Hi earthspirit, there’s a lot of great people that contribute here. If Tony hasn’t already told you, you’re looking at the most srecent comments. Click on the older comment section on the top left of the page and it will take you back to earlier comments on this thread. Also below you’ll see FC’s through the months/years. Also check out the White Hat reports to learn about what they have been doing over the years.


    1. Thanks Gloria…I want you to know I am not “new” to the WHA reports nor a lot of the corruption that is in this world….when I was a teenager and JFK was killed I knew there was something very wrong with our government and I have been watching ever since then…but when I got my first computer was when my eyes were really opened up to the “more” than I already knew.


  9. I really like that there is info at this website about Dong !!!! It sure is easing my mind, except that it is taking to long to RV….I really need money now to cover daily expenses.

    Can anyone tell me why I only see the comments made on Oct 21st and 22nd and there is no link to get to the rest of the comments {626} ??…….THANKS


    1. I want to say thank you to Gloria and John for replying….unfortunately my dial-up isn’t loading those two areas for me to get older posts….it says “done, but with errors on page”…so I guess I can’t go to older posts ;-} I really looked and looked the other night for a link to get there.


  10. Some more info from OWoN to ease your fears :

    GRIFFONREDWEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 22, 2014 AT 7:01:00 AM MDT Hello. I had a question. Someone on the WHA website stated that they called Chase and they told them that they would only allow up to 5k USD for foreign exchanges, how are we going to do our trade then? I take it there is going to be a procedure for our Dong exchange right, which you will give us at the 48 hour notice? Oh and P.S. I checked my Dong, and I only have the 50k 100k and 200k notes. I guess I am in the clear on that issue.

    WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 22, 2014 AT 8:07:00 AM MDT Griffonred Led us see what the rate is first. But the major issue is to have credible bank accounts ready and able to receive in a substantial wire amount. and one where you have already satisfied Compliance when the time comes. What we see from the sites is there would appear to be a Sub Species profiling ( Not You!) who assume they can just walk in with these notes and walk out with millions in cash. They walk among us. So, for the seriously mentally challenged, understand please $10K is the max you will walk with so how do you think you will handle it? As we told you, there are those who cant sign with an X and get it right both times. But they can buy currencies. But then not have a clue how to exit. Beverly Hill billies Part 11. Jesus Christ who teaches them to walk each day? Get major banking ready. Like- apply for a major account now? And be prepared to show each new Bank clear plans of how you plan to handle it. Banks are NOT Post Boxes and NO- They will NOT let it come in and all walk out. Annoy the Bank by thinking and behaving like a Pillock and they will close your account, give you a clear out cheque, and good luck then trying to open a new account and cash that explaining it was issued with a Moron stamp on it. Open accounts with a top 5 bank. Any country. Who thinks they can play these games like Disneyland? Big money- Big banks. They all have branches.

    Read more at:
    OWoN © All Rights Reserved

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  11. To be quite honest I think it is a bit of a stretch that we would have to provide a receipt for our dong purchases. I bought mine from Travelex and I remember them giving me some bs little piece of paper that literally could be ANYWHERE in my house. Does the bank really have the power to ask for how we receive some cheap ass dong? What about those who have gifted people dong/ dinar?

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    1. Hahahah!

      I have that same BS piece of paper when I bought my Dong and Rupiah at Travelex. I was looking everywhere for it, and ended up finding dried up pieces of cheese on my carpet along with a French Fry from 1987. If anyone doesn’t have any receipts, message me, and I will send you the French Fry…it is shaped like TNT Tony and goes for a premium on Ebay with his following.

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  12. WHA/Tony,

    When Bush, Sr. (it was he, correct?) first regulated dinar exchange domestically at eight brokerages, do you think he expected so many citizens to buy dinar or did he and his buds simply expect to cash out quietly when the time was ripe and keep walking? Did they underestimate broker penchant for pumping? Gurus were probably surprised to see signs that the “story” they made up might come true.

    I just went back and read fact check 1 from June, 2013. Gurus were saying the exact same things then that they say now. Any naive, unsuspecting person stumbling across that online info would be inclined to feel pressure to buy now. It has to be conscious deception and an overt effort to defraud.

    Think about what kind of a person spends all day making up BS lies to con trusting, gullible people whose only crime is wanting a better life out of the small amount of surplus money they’ve been able to scrape together for a rainy day. No excuse will save these sheisters once the anvil drops.

    Beliefs have a way of gaining momentum and impacting reality. This sounds simplistic but it may be a profound mechanism of the nature of reality. The implications are sobering when one considers the current world mire but it’s also hopeful, since, if we use this mechanism wisely, it can help fashion a better tomorrow.

    I hope dinar people do see some increase for their effort. At least they were willing to take the chance.

    Unlike some who hold them in contempt, my heart goes out to them– most working class Americans never get a brake from the constant financial oppression. I will be happy if some of them finally do. So what if it only changes their lives for a year or two? At least they will once again feel that it’s possible in America and it’s THAT seed of hope that is the REAL game-changer. Like I said, beliefs have a way of gaining momentum and impacting reality. Ever wonder what it would feel like to live in a world where the overriding prevailing sentiment is one of profound gratitude and the readiness to face whatever the future brings with enthusiasm, excited about giving something back?

    Many, many years ago, a kind man lent me $500 to buy an old VW bug. I paid him back in two weeks, found work, fixed my life, and have been helping others ever since– I have never forgotten. He just wanted to help me. It certainly worked.

    Extending the RV to include the common people– people who, yes, will very likely spend their windfall to improve their immediate conditions and be hard at work again within a year– is very important, not to give anyone a free ride (there are no free rides and everyone damned well knows it) but to restore faith in the future and rekindle the collective willingness to reach out to others and extend a hand up. It is this solidarity, not bank balances alone, that truly rebuilds nations. Wealthy people know this. They have been helping others for millenniums.

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  13. 500k dong is worth USD$25, so yes it makes sense to me that ordinary people have them. Sure, after a revalue they may be taken off the street with almost every other current bill amount, but I can’t see why they would be invalid. Have your proof of legitimate purchase. I am speculating in these currencies as a hedge to the entire western economic system (with foreign stocks, metals, sovereign bonds too). I am not sure why owon cares if we speculate. He seems to be angry about it. People speculate in currencies, futures, commodities, bonds etc every day. This is no different. There are no guarantees about any revalues (please don’t count on them!), but there are none about the USD either….thanks for this website – there seem to be a lot of great people here! jmo


    1. Bob D, I wholeheartedly agree.

      I still can’t fathom why some people mock those who have invested in these currencies in the hopes of profiting from their increase in value. Why do they call them moochers and slackers looking for a free lunch? Why don’t they say the same thing about people who buy gold or stocks and bonds?

      In my view, when one buys a legitimate currency, whether exotic or commonly traded, from a legitimate dealer, one HAS EVERY RIGHT TO EXPECT that it’s both legitimate and exchangeable at whatever the prevailing rate happens to be at the time it’s exchanged.

      If I bought English pounds with USD, would it be “reasonable” for me to expect OR ACCEPT a bank saying, “Oh, sorry, mate, you’re a slacker/moron/sucker for buying pounds in the first place. So what if the pound is worth more now? We owe you nothing! Buzz off now. There you go. The pound has been overprinted and we’ve decided not to honor your little wad. Besides, old chap, you don’t deserve money– you’re poor.”

      Transactions of this kind are usually called embezzlement and considered crimes. Put another way: If I know that the gold I sold you is only painted lead, you are NOT of low moral integrity because you believed me and bought it. Rather, I’m a crook who conned you twice– first, by selling you lead for gold and, second, by persuading you that it’s all your fault.

      If IQD and VND are legitimate CURRENCiES, then anyone should be able to buy, sell or speculate on their values and to profit or lose in the process, based strictly on the prevailing rates of exchange. Honoring legitimate currencies?

      Expecting legitimate currencies sold by legitimate banks to be honored as legitimate? I see nothing so whacky about that?

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      1. Thank you LP and Bob,

        I was not going to comment on this farce (imo) but it has just been blown way out on a limb so thank you for the down to earth common sense approach.

        Again IMO: the ISO 4217 standard setup to establish internationally recognised codes would quite literally have to be re-written in all systems for this idea to carry on. There would now need to be a “face value denomination” standard and EVERYBODY would have to be re-taught about currency values. Not just currency exchange businesses and everyone working in them but retail as well. That product costs 100 VND. Okay, here is some cash. Oh, I’m sorry, that 50 VND is only worth 40 because it is not valued the same way as those 20s. Or rather: oh, we don’t accept those large notes any longer you have to go to the bank and exchange for new notes before you can buy that. And in the latter case you have hundreds if not thousands of businesses still accepting the old notes for the old values because they didn’t get the “memo”. Can you imagine the impact of such a thing? Can you imagine the 4T currency exchange business now dealing in not just the ISO 3 letter identifier but now also the denomination of the notes they want to trade for that pip? And different international values of the same ISO would launch a huge fedex boom of people sending bricks of currency around the world to “friends”. Is just make no logical sense.

        Not only do you create mass confusion but perhaps the larger danger is in the public losing trust in the entire financial industry (I am talking the 90% that are not in the know here). Let’s face it the paper non-asset backed money only works because we TRUST that the face value is the face value and it has said value. Throw that out the window overnight and you risk totally bankrupting the ability for the system to function in a common and very simple minded way for us sheep.

        I call BS but I mean that in the kindest way possible.

        Now, cancelling an old currency and introducing a new standard. ie. VND is gone and now we use VNN. That I can see but still you have to give people time to adjust or banks get bricks through the front windows. So you can fix the finite money problem by allowing people to do an even exchange. ie. You have a $50 value worth of VND. That is equal to a $50 value worth of VNN. Here is your $50 worth of VNN. That is just a thought off the top of the old noggin but something like that makes much more common sense. Over time currencies, that have been smashed by our loving leaders, would increase in value and there is your profit.

        As for banks kicking us around. They are in business, just like all business, to make money. If there is a background check (may be mandatory for large exchanges) and it says you are a known crime element I would expect that you might be handled by the police long before bank employees would kick you to the curb. And the police would confiscate the cash. Again, just some common sense.

        This was all IMO and off the cuff. In the case of war and sanctions smashing a currency, and said currency being reinstated to that country’s true asset backed value… who could possibly have all the answers? I’m no rothschild.


      2. I remember OWoN stating IMF having something to do with not honoring high denomination VND when its underline rate changes. I also remember what Jim Willie said about BIS, the Central Bank of the Central Banks world wide located in Basel in the interviews he gave in the recent weeks, wanting to take a subordinate function in BRICS. “Give BIS the shit cleaning duties for chicken coops.” So said Willie, and I feel the same way as he; IMF and BIS have no business making decisions for how the world finances should be shaped in the future. They enjoyed their prime and messed the whole thing for the entire world, so why should they be making decisions now? Willie said BIS has been trying to clean up their image for the past 30 years. Sorry, it has not worked for me. If anything, I am totally appalled by the nation called Switzerland because it seems like a Satanists hideout with BIS in Basel and the Post Master General in Bern that keeps track of everything we do. (Remember what they say? Postmen know everything we do!). The Swiss people are allowed to posses guns to hide something, and I think the Post Master and BIS are the two major components to the secrets they want to keep hidden among many others which I have yet discover, but I have always had the feeling that the nation known Switzerland was “fake”. If IMF keeps up with their deception campaigns, it, too, will become irrelevant in time.


  14. So I was away for a bit, and come back and see the flurry of discussion on the VND, While many times info/content is brought over from the OWoN site, no one thought to bring this. Perhaps it will settle your fears/anxiety and put you back on track of what’s really important FC 115.

    WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 22, 2014 AT 2:58:00 AM MDT With Dongs, they will have to come up with a solution. Let’s wait and see. Be cautiously optimistic.

    Read more at:
    OWoN © All Rights Reserved


  15. This is how DC is connected to the guru faction. This youtube channel is after Tony next. People are putting it together in the comments. If I had extra money I’d bet a lawsuit is gonna happen.

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      1. For some reason I am unable to “like” postings. I am prompted for my old wordpress account. I don’t use an account sign in to post. My wordpress has a different user name. Am I having a glitch with my mobile?


        1. No idea, really. I would contact WP support for more assistance.

          Based on pending contact and fresh updates, FC 125.7 may be coming soon……just to relieve thread navigation issues, especially for mobile users.

          More later…


    1. Although I personally have no proof, I am sure that the constant flood of hyper pumped dinar RV news eventually will be traced back to those profiting from sales of dinar. That is not to say all dealers are involved. The existence of so much consistent and continuously inaccurate calling of the RV is either based on high levels of corruption or stupidity. It certainly cannot be from anything honest or intelligent.


      1. Today TNT said it was going down this Friday, I’m grabbing my blanket and sleeping outside my bank again! He even posted a mailing address to send your congressional letters to so he can compile them into a book… it’s in Folsom, CA… wonder if he’s a resident…. or predicting to be soon….
        I’m so thankfu for the WH, OWON and the WHA for reality and truth. I appreciate all you do.



        I hope he is right. It’s my B-Day and I need a LONG VaCay!

        At least his stuff is interesting. That Millionday turd is who really annoys me. Who writes that crapola? A kindergarten student? I have to dumb myself down just to understand what the hell he is saying.


      3. And yet all that ‘knowledge’ hasn’t changed a thing Matala. It’s just useless blabber. Shredded paper in the bottom of a hamster cage. If she really knew, she’d be right first time. And that name ‘Millionday’ – what a card trick PsyOp. Right out of marketing 101 – give details that are too technical but sound impressive and you infer the whole message is correct. I reckon that’s Tony’s dead armidillo snot right there, he could eat it all day and only fart being a bunch of hot air with no calories.


        1. My response regarding “Millionday” to HWI was totally tongue in cheek Andrew. There was a time when I thought this whole big gig revolved around the daily activity of Iraq. Another page is turned in the continuing saga of “How Iraq Turns” for the minions with Millionday. Gag me…

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  16. It looks like Dave Schmidt online radio show tomorrow night will be interesting. The video at this link is well done re expectations for the show. Since the Red Dragon Family Ambassador said last week; that they had gained control over the IMF and the Fed. I said to myself. ‘ we will now find out if the ambassador is real and who he says he is.
    We do live in interesting times. 🙂


  17. Tony

    It’s clear this dream is turning a bit sour for some of us as the reality of the hurdles comes clear. Banks will put numerous stumbling blocks in the way of this thing, not least this latest “500k note” issue.

    Has your WH contact mentioned, or could you ask, re:the 500k note issue. If banks are gonna play these games then maybe I shouldn’t be in this game after all. Seems petty and stupid to not exchange legit documented notes of any size and I’m already worn out before the game even heats up.

    So just asking, please could you ask for a little verification on this specific issue because it is one of the major hurdles now.

    I don’t expect a rock solid answer from a WH with a crystal ball, but a “likelihood/genuine concern” type answer would really help us all.

    Thanking you in advance.


    1. I have already made plans to seek further clarity on this.

      Remember, these are very complex issues involved in this process. Very complex. The landscape is shifting all the time, it seems. What is true one week may not be the next. It is getting harder and harder to convey information and not see it change again within a few weeks.

      We will do what we can, but I can give no assurances that any further information is available.

      Please do not make assumptions. NOTHING has been released that has made the 500K dong notes worthless. But, from what I took away from the information released, be ready to prove up your good standing and your history of funds should you walk in with a 500K note and see that it’s now worth six figures US, or thereabouts. That was the main warning given regarding such notes. Nothing was said about them being worthless at this time.


      1. I don’t understand why it would be different to walk in with 8 500k notes totaling 4 mil VS walking in with 40 100k notes…. or right on down the line…. If I have 4 mil Dong what will it matter what size the note is…. the total amount would be the issue, right?….everyone is going to know that PRE RV the large notes were needed and used to keep from sending out a truckload of DONG for every transaction…. there will be a ton of large notes being exchanged…. Tony, I know you just said you are looking for more verification but just thought I would ask for calm discussion… thanks for all you do….

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        1. I agree, calm discussion is preferred.

          I think we may be running into the x-factor here. We cannot possibly know the substance of the talks going on at high levels that may affect the higher denominations. All I know is we have not been told that they are 100% worthless, or going to be. Not yet, anyway.

          We have been advised to make sure we can establish provenance and history, and that could indeed prove problematic.

          But, I am thinking out loud here. The powers that be in London and in the USA KNOW FULL WELL that certain hoi polloi hold these currencies, and I am sure they must know that picking them like chicken over provenance may come across a little iron fisted, and unreasonable, especially when all they did was try to make something along speculative lines – not any worse than those scumbags that sold off shithouse mortgage paper to everyone before it crashed the banks in the USA, and then got bailed?

          Let the holders of dongs, etc, present themselves like anyone else, and stand on their clean record to allow an exchange. That’s fine with me.

          Hey, I want maaaa lick I wuz promised! LOL


      2. WHA,

        Maybe you can get confirmation on the Dragon Family takeover of the Fed, IMF and BIS too. I have seen this on Fulford and several You Tube videos. It’s interesting. If the World Bank did in fact deny BK, then I’m curious who owes the debt now?

        Income taxes are designed to pay interest on debt that is basically not ours. I’m curious if this takeover is true, are the owners of the Fed now responsible for that debt they created and will the Dragon Family start liening the assets they have stolen and robbed off the backs of the American citizens.


        1. Well, I am not going to call in to ask the “Ambassador” any questions if that is what you mean. I already received some feedback on him from our WH contact, and I cannot repeat it here. LOL

          Are we supposed to believe that this hidden bloodline man’s family came out of hiding after thousands of years, and chose as their path of publicly coming out a seminar speaker who let a New Zealand con job pull a “private dong exchange” on him and his legions?

          I am sorry, but I have my doubts about this. Dave does NOT impress me as a cracker jack judge of people, and I have to also conclude that any legitimate elder family members would not conduct their affairs in so public a fashion.

          I hope I am wrong, and I do not disparage the good will message of hope. But, I am not in a position to be so trusting with granting loyalty or believing something based on a voice and a claim to title.


      3. Actually, I agree with you about Dave Schmidt. I really have no reference with regards to the ambassador nor did I want you to call in to the show, but I also read it on Benjamin Fulford yesterday. While he is wrong often too, he has interesting stuff that does seem to go along with things that are happening.

        My thought was if you are checking in to seek further clarity on the dong issue that you could ask about this for confirmation.


  18. WHA,
    Trading the notes now could have big tax consequences down the road (LTvs ST capital gains) personally I am waiting for clarification


  19. Guys, go through and read again the OWoN info. The large notes issue refers to Dinar, since they have been overprinted they MAY not be allowed. Point 2 is that since money launderers and drug dealers use 500k dong notes, make sure you have proof of funds history. I didn’t see anywhere that 500k dong notes won’t be accepted: they are legit currency – they will just need to be verified as bona fide notes, as will all that is lodged for exchange at the bank. If you’re not a pimp there’s no need to worry.

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    1. Andrew

      With all respect I believe owon did warn the 500k notes could be a prob. I’m sure in one place he says “but will there be a maket for 500k notes?”… that right there is a liquidity issue and a massive red flag to dong holders. If banks won’t make a market to buy our 500k’s off of us at the rv then 90%+ of us on here will be stuck with plastic toilet paper. Owon seems to be saying for all anyone knows there just may not be a buyer of our larger notes as they will be worth too much. Not sure what all his drug money pimp laundering talk was about. Why a drug dealer would use 500k notes is beyond me. Surely he would use the same notes as the guy buying food in McDonalds?? I dunno anymore I’m deeply confused about what to do now.


  20. ill get my depends ready when we get word of an R.V.until then its all talk chase will exchange
    foreign currency at the going rate .being a cmkx share holder you become seasoned to loose
    talk . thanks tony


  21. Just exchanged 450 dollars for dongs. Needless to say the two banks I used gave me very large bills in dongs
    Very few less than 2000 denominations
    Am I screwed as far as getting the full amount when I exchange?


    1. Hello,

      First, we do not even know what the “full amount” is going to be. I doubt anyone can tell you that right now.

      If you have any concerns about what denominations you have in your hand, then please adjust accordingly. WHA is NOT here to give advice on currency speculation. We are here to bring forth any information we can from the front lines regarding it, and all decisions on what to hold, what to do, etc., are with each individual.

      I have taken my positions, based on my risk tolerance, and will wait it out until the matter is concluded. That is all I can do. That is all anyone can do.

      Until the matter is concluded, we will continue to bring forth whatever information we can so you all can be as updated as possible from the front lines.

      But, we cannot render advice on personal financial decisions. We never have, and never will.

      Thank you.


    2. chris g, have to have an account with Chase here to do anything at all…. also I am in the mountains- small town… they send off to verify currency… and since they will not exceed 5k total for exchange its not worth all the hassle at this point… just gonna sit tight for a few and see what pans out… thanks chris… best to us all!


  22. what is sad that somebody dreams up to conspire a story about banks not excepting 500k notes then people run with it . all the dong i have purchased is verified through a del a rue
    machine . sit back relax let this play out who nows what is going to happen


    1. Hi,

      Nobody has said they are 100% not going to be accepted. If such is 100% verified, we will be told in such language that makes it unmistakable. So far, I do not see such. We have been given information from the front lines that there may be an issue with them because of Chinese interests, but that was not given as a sure thing at this time. I see no – NO – official release that the 500K dong notes are “worthless” or are going to be considered such. That being said, be prepared.

      Remember, gurus are not going to release information that makes them look badly. We give you it all here, no censoring or attempts to conceal. No venture or speculation has a 100% golden shine. Speculation in any market has its bad elements and risks, and currencies are especially such a fit in that regard.

      Once again, prepare for anything. It is quite clear that planning and negotiating are still ongoing. We won’t know the full picture until it comes pouring out onto the world’s stage. That has not happened yet.

      Thank you.


    2. sitkaevenstar…. that is good advice…. to sit back and relax and wait to see how it plays out…but, since these new topics came up I did some calling…. I have 500k Dong notes and I cannot exchange them here or from where I bought them from for smaller notes… I called Chase in my area and they also told me that if in the future I wish to exchange Dong for USD the max is 5k… I now understand the group thing that ive seen in dinar land, as in, the generals group and such…. I sit in limbo….

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  23. Hello all
    I agree that it is a wait and see type of thing as regards the 500k Dong, I’m not saying that I am not perplexed about it but logic would say that the 500k still could be in the pot but the price would reflect that and the Dong as a whole would come in a whole lot lower to compensate. Of course this is speculation at this point and I am too eager to find out for sure the real answer to this question. One thing that I know for sure is that I am always at the wrong end of the stick. You too? Well I guess I am not alone. Unfortunately things do not work out the way we would like them to.



  24. I exchanged all my large notes at chase bank this morning. I took a 3.1 million dollar loss for converting my large dongs to smaller denominations. I feel comfort now because I also learned I will have a pretty easy exchange being the only person that buys dong at my local branch.


    1. I’m lost on this, but then again I might be having a brain bubble. . If you ” exchanged” your larger denominations for smaller ones, wouldn’t you have the same amount? , I am thinking US dollars; if I have $20.00 and I go to the bank and say I want smaller bills they could give me a combination of 4-$5.00 or 2-$10.00 or 20- $1.00 and they will still equal $20.00. I must be missing something here.


      1. I sold it back to chase and bought small denominations of vnd with thd usd. The actual loss was tbe difference between there buy and sell margin


  25. OWoN

    TUESDAY, OCTOBER 21, 2014 AT 2:10:00 AM MDT

    Lets be clear on notes. Vietnam was all lawful currency in its time, before Banks and others were mass looted by occupying parasites. So at least you have a basis of hope here, albeit some with questions of history of funds and how obtained. But times and markets have changed. So has virtual ownership of Vietnamese industries. Now China has a huge stake in Vietnam and will not lightly surrender its vast investment. Nor will the nation see its jobs lost in a crazy currency hike which destroys its export markets. So already a balance needs to be found, plus, who is paying for it? With what? The market needs a reality check. Finite money, Export dependencies and jobs factor in. Not and army of clutching currency ants screaming Gimme, gimme,.gimme. What works now for Vietnam? Plus, what deal will be cut for the major tiers. Real World? A lot is in negotiation and all has to be decided on. Let’s all wait and see. But with Dongs you should see something back. The question is what. If we can still buy $500m blocks for c$500K, with all the Street Smart Forex Traders involved, what does that tell us? You really think they will pass up on a killing like that, if real? So- Reality, what will be the real rate? We all have to wait and see. Guru rags know nothing and hype the greed and naivety of the Wannabes. Iraqi dinars. Basically, its a colossal Stinkpot of fraud, and needs serious decisions. It has a criminal US Military, Criminal Agencies and rotten Politicos all dirty cross involved. In short, scumbags ran wild, now the day of reckoning comes. And in the middle, having raped Iraq, they mugged the US Peasants, which the Texans and Tri Laterals regards as Pissants to be taken. So hundreds of T’s of this toilet paper were printed. Unsustainable, impossible and needing decisions. No one made anyone gamble. Do we reward proceeds of crime? Plus it then becomes Money Laundering? Do these funds trace back to genuine Trade Debts, or War Looting, or unauthorised printing? KYC and Diligence rules with anti Money Laundering oversight. What is the provenance of these Dinar funds? Laws have changed and moved on since this scam started. At the rates forecast, there is not the money in the world to bail them at such rates. Nor does Iraq need or want them. It cant pay for them at such rates- Ever! So,decisions.
    The big battalions will be first at the trough and Political fixes. Big Dogs feed first. Then what because very soon Iraqi conversion funds will deplete. Then what? Borrow Israel’s Wailing Wall? So Yes, Iraqi Dinars carry big questions. It needs judgement calls. All we tried to do is help parties evaluate real questions. No one is owed and no one made anyone buy. Iraq can never, ever, ever, justify hundreds of Ts. So now what? Real issues, real decisions are needed. We wait.We hold none. We just can not see a clear history of lawful rights to trade in them. Big battalions will be part accommodated, but Joe Public? Basic questions need to be resolved. Lets wait and see what reality determines. Is Santa coming? Whatever chance you have, Dongs profile better. All these other Jungle Bunny papers???????????? What do you know which the market doesn’t? Not Boiler Plate hype by Guru frauds. Intelligent Diligence.

    Read more at:

    For some time now, the White Hats and John from OWoN have been indicating that the Dong is likely to be okay and while we do understand that things can change, the above information from OWoN is a bit confusing and ambiguous.

    Admittedly, we are just little minnows in the big scheme of things and understand that we are not meant to know what’s going on behind the scenes. However, the discussion over the last 24 hours feels like a roller coaster. Reading with some sympathy Gazza’s heartfelt outpouring of despondency.

    It is speculative. Noone owes us anything. It is a gamble. We get that. We come here (gratefully) to WHA and OWoN for facts, the unvarnished brutal (if need be) truth – and we have been educating ourselves accordingly. The efforts of so many are deeply appreciated. We would never wish to impose ourselves on the good graces of the White Hats, yet we are left wondering if the higher demominations of the Dong have now gone the same way as the Dinar: i.e. toast?

    Thank you Tony.


    1. Hello,

      I understand your concern. The correct venue for your question is at OWoN.

      WHA is not in a position to question or override their position in all of these events from the standpoint of information access. If they issue comments and opinions, such stand on their own.

      My personal take on these recent comments is that things are still not fully settled. It would appear that the dong is the better bet, but now we just have to wait and see what is going to happen in the rate arena.

      Any questions about the higher denominations should be taken to OWoN, as I have zero information on them to offer.

      Personally, I do not see anything that says that they are going to be worthless at this time. Nothing on the CBOV is saying such, so all we can do is either hold onto them, exchange them for lower denoms, or perhaps get rid of them all and move onto a less speculative endeavor for ones fortune seeking.

      Let’s all wait and see. But with Dongs you should see something back. The question is what. ” With that phrase, it is clear that the end rate is still not settled, so we simply have to wait and see.


  26. Will you be trading in your 500k notes tony? I think ill be trading mines in the a m but will 200k notes (which I personally have the lions share in) be considered large notes?


    1. I have 100K notes.

      I cannot even begin to tell you where the cutoff is for considering what is large or small in the dong category.

      That will have to be asked of those at OWoN. All of this sudden disfavoring of the 500K dong notes is not anything we can even begin to address over here.

      Thank you.


      1. So the question is where do we go from here.
        I get that OWoN disdains the US for what it has done to the world and its people. We are with them. Trust me, I don’t even know what to do with the dumb and blind in this country.
        What we need is the accurate and timely information, and most of us thought IQD was that years ago. Then we were told to switch to VND.
        The truth of the matter is VND is still an exotic currency to purchase in that we really do not have much choice as to where to purchase them and in what denomination.
        So given the most recent input from OWoN, do we travel to Vietnam to convert the high denomination currencies to lower denominations? That would seem to be the only solution given to us at this juncture.
        Speaking for most who reads this blog, we would appreciate being at the receiving end of accurate information with practical applications and not so much disdains for being part of the sick nation. If we knew what to do within our own means without being killed, many of us would.


  27. “I have been on watch for any signs of ‘….nuts for this year, it’s 2015…..’. But, no such information has reached my attention so far.”

    “You want a prediction? You’re asking the wrong [squirrel]. I’ll give you a prediction about the ‘weather’. It’s gonna be cold. It’s gonna be dark. And it’s gonna last you for the rest of [2014]”

    It’s GROUND HOG DAY!! Damn cabal.


  28. I’m not sure what OwoN means on the 500k dong notes. From my basic understanding on economics and exchanges. When forex says .47 per dong
    It doesn’t matter what you got as long as it’s not counterfeit you should be able to exchange it. Maybe he means on PPP. they pay more on smaller notes. But market value is market value.
    No body sees 1000 USA dollar bills on the street. I had one. Guess what it was worth. The same as 10-100 dollar bills or 50-20 dollar bills.


    1. I tend to agree with you on the higher denominations, but I think the point was that China was going to have a say in this…..and if they call such shots, well, there is probably not thing one any of us can do about it.

      Let’s see what happens before Thanksgiving. I have been on watch for any signs of “….nuts for this year, it’s 2015…..”. But, no such information has reached my attention so far.


  29. Tony,
    Congrats on the two years and much thanks for all you do. Someone on OWON mentioned your contact estimated low .40 on Dong RV? Do you think this may be the case? Much obliged!


    1. Hi,

      The last time we were informed, we were told an estimated range for the public on the dong would be .47 to 1.00. That was just an estimate and not a guarantee.

      All things being equal, be prepared for anything.

      One thing for sure is that while we are waiting, it seems changes are always in progress, and then we have to take into account the information that is not shared with us at all, and who knows what that could mean in the end.


  30. OWoN info on Dongs, etc,:

    MONDAY, OCTOBER 20, 2014 AT 3:59:00 PM MDT China will have a major say in what happens with Vietnam. They WILL protect their investments there. People gamble what they can afford to lose at their own risk.Greed and Gullibility rule. The higher price by far, is for the lower denomination notes. The market is already telling you a lot. The world has changed a lot in 20 years. Is there even a need for 500K notes now apart from Drug dealers and money Launderers? Banks will be very wary of them. These are issues the currency gamblers needed to factor in. None are certain. What if the IMF and countries just print new notes and trash the old? There are so many neon flashing lights yet. There is not the money in the world to bail the Dinars, its all been insanity. The more greedy suckers they could rope in, the more they printed. It was only ever a Rope a Dope game. They never expected to cash them, just to take the fools who bought in. The Paper printers made the money. Ignorance ruled. It was a new Klondike of feed the greed. So its a judgement call. The small notes command the higher prices. Why? Tough calls are coming. Will they mass bail the market? Not a prayer. At best, the :PP groups will cut a deal and the rest will be cut loose as Iraq wont pay again for them. Banks don’t care who burns. Racketeers made Billions printing coloured crap. Dongs at least have a solid country and are not over printed. But is there a market for 500K notes? You can still buy them for a few Bucks. Which says what? Smart traders given nothing away. So why so low? All these notes have issues with them. Lower values seem the best shots. Higher still look to be Monopoly Money. If you don’t know, why are you buying any of them? It all looks a Turkey shoot to me. The big battalions have influence, you have what? How many years now? Real world, lets hope by Thanksgiving. If not seriously start thinking next year then. The people market exists solely to hope for crumbs from the top tier tables. And no one cares.When the big boys cash out and pull out, what then? None of this is a market organised by Professionals. Dirtbags mass sold to the gullible and greedy. Now we wait for the mess to unfold and decisions to be made. Some will get a good hit. A lot will be left holding ? This will not be an easy ride. $500K can buy us $500M. And still we don’t bite. Hello?

    Read more at:
    OWoN © All Rights Reserved


  31. WHA,
    have you heard anything that there would be issues with large dong notes, like the 500k ones? They seem to be the most common for investors, but OWON alluded to a possible problem if I understand it. From brokers I have looked at they didn’t give the option of certain denominations of dong notes. They only sent what filled the order, regardless of denomination.


    1. Hi,

      No, I have not heard of any issues with them not being just as valid as the lower denominations, since the VND is a recognized and traded currency.

      I cannot speak for what denominations were sent by any dealer. I would suggest that if you want to move to lower denominations, just take them to the bank and ask for such. They might be able to help you there. Not sure.


    2. XCE. Could you recite the particular article that led you to infer this statement. I have been and avid follower of OWON for some time and do not recall any discussion pertaining to this statement..


  32. It appears my answer recides in an OWoN reply prior to my info request. You can leave my post, if you like, but since it appears to be redundant, feel free to delete it. Meanwhile, this is securing my thoughts of sticking with PMs for the time being.


    1. Green Lantern

      Forget Travelex and all such places. They will not be able to cash you out and potentially any notes purchased from them may be tangled up with legal issues. Personally I do not want the rates to be large because it’ll cause loadsa problems. Hoping for a penny or two per dong. Anything more will be chaos and the law will come down on us like a fist. Think about it… 500k single note becomes like $200k USD? Forget it! You won’t be allowed to cash out a wedge of them, certainly not casually in your local bank like you are cashing a $20 cheque!!! This thing is huge and a minefield and now it seems certain notes may even be an issue. And there will be a further issue. Then your dear leader will be there ready to take it from you post-rv. I’m thinking about gifting some away now because I’m a poor simple guy a bank wouldn’t spit on me if I was on fire. No bank will take me seriously if I turn up with a wedge of 500k VND/£130k GBP notes (@ 40c per dong). They’ll probably have me arrested.


      1. Hi Gazza,
        I have been reading your ‘personal’ doom and gloom fears for a while now. There is a saying; ‘Where your attention is there you are.’ You can have any future you want. You can have it as painful as you want or as freeing and loving as you want. What you think and say is what you are asking the Universe to give to you. Know this fundamental truth so that when you get what you want, an awful future for yourself, remember that most others are focusing differently; as they want more and more goodness in their experience
        . Creation is big enough [ remember infinity is involved] to give everyone what they want. Most of us do not want a fearful and negative future. If you keep on thinking, feeling and expressing fearful stuff you will find others will start to ignore you same old dame old. It is time to grow up Gazza. You will not find othersw to join your pity party here.

        When it is all said and done you will be able to count yourself as one who supported fear and hindered the freeing of humanity from enslavement.


  33. As I’m digging into the fine print on exchanging VNDs, once the GCR occurs, I got a red flag from the Travelex site. Namely, it was the “total value not to exceed $2500 USD”.

    That was one of my initial concerns regarding procuring VND. Between this and the Patriot Acts, which also have “gate keepers” in place for DHS to be alerted to large bank transactions, my question is how, when the time comes, those holding VND will be able to have their big pay day? My interest is definitely there in wanting to do this, but I need to understand more about the “hows” of making an exchange this big. I do know a number of you are deeper into this part of the equation than I am, so your guidance would be greatly appreciated.


  34. Ok Tony I apologise.

    So if perhaps I felt it best to gift some dong away now to people who have a better bank standing than I do, what is involved in “gifting?”… just a signed piece of paper stating “I gift this over to XX” etc with a couple of signatures on it? Do you think that would be acceptable in legal eyes as a way of someone obtaining dong especially if I (the gifter) still have my receipts?

    Thank you!


  35. Hi Tony, at your discretion I would like to offer Matthew’s latest message for our community to read. It is a very good summary of why we are where we are and our progress to change. It also references Obama. To be honest, you may recall me posting my suspicions O is a double agent for the light – well here is my source. I trust Matthew and have read him for years – it is an esoteric source so I will say that upfront. Thanks for your work; let us hope the next is 126 and not 125.7 (although that too would be welcome).


    1. Oh wow! So honored to be part of this brilliant group and proud to support its noble cause!

      Long live the White Hats!

      psst Tony, a little tip (and maybe it’s just me), I don’t think chicks dig speedos! 😉

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  36. Tony:

    A good Sunday evening to you sir, as well as to all the other WHA Auxiliary congregation. The intel from this site coupled with the intel from the OWoN site has been invaluable to my level of information regarding the Awakening and the RV/GCR. Although I appreciate very much the candor from Mr. OWoN (I know that he’s just one contributor, but do not know his name), I at times find myself a bit lost in the Britishisms and dry humor. I love Monty Python and get it. That being said, I appreciate all that his group is doing to push this forward.
    Is it possible to characterize the most recent missive from Mr. OWoN as the pre-pre get ready. I felt this way after reading, but am aware that a more formal announcement is the one we should be looking for – #126.
    Because of this site, I had my thoughts confirmed that the oversupply of Iraqi dinar could prove speculation in that currency troublesome to say the least at conversion time. Due to this, I switched out of most of my Iraqi dinar and now own mostly dong, yuan and won. I am heavily weighted towards dong. In Mr. OWoN’s message seems to intimate the the dinar is almost “blood money” that the lay speculative currency investor need not hold out much hope in. I am fully prepared to place my remaining dinar in my currency collection or as wallpaper in an outhouse. I certainly hope that is not the case for the Vietnamese dong. I am not sure why there would be a problem with exchanging the dong since it is currently a globally traded currency. I trust it is not as “stinky” and problematic as holding tens of millions of dinar could be.
    As for me, I have a relationship with Wells Fargo and have had material business with them for 20 years on the personal side. I also maintain a LLC account for my business. In anticipation of the Event, I have opened up 3 new demand deposit and savings accounts with banking institutions and expanded one other knowing I will need to quickly diversify any proceeds among several institutions. My question is – Are other members of the WHA seeking attorneys and/or accountants to go into the Bank with them should this pan out? If so, what is the thinking around what is required? I have all of the purchase information and invoicing needed from the dealers that I bought the currencies from. My source of income is street legal and clean. I should think that this would be enough. Please let me know if I am missing anything.
    On taxes, is not part of the process minimizing the role of the IRS in the new Republic of the USA? At that time will the US Treasury assume again the function of collecting taxes? To Mr. OWoN’s repeated points on the fact that the US leadership does not want the public participating in the RV/GCR, I am at a loss to understand why if Goldman Sachs and the I-Banks have for decades played both sides of transactions in order to arbitrage and take advantage in price disparities in markets, why would this be frowned upon in a new Republic from retail citizens. If she will be starving for cash in a marked economic downturn, would the prospect of having Americans that have awakened and not in need of public assistance to bridge this transition not be a good thing for the Republic? I am a bit confused on this point. I would think that taking personal initiative to inform themselves in a speculative investment in order to be self financing and use the proceeds to invest in industries to put people back to work and build up the Republic would be awesome. The Old pre-cabal American way. Perhaps, I have a glitch in my Matrix.
    Thank you again for all you have done and continue to do. Between the high hope and debilitating fear I bounce from everyday, I send peace and strength to the WHA members at the turn of the tide. I understand that Mr. OWoN is matter of fact, but I certainly do wish that the more apocalyptic economic events do not occur to our people or to the global community as a whole. I believe the best is ahead of us and we are moving into a “Golden Age” that we always thought was possible in which people realize our connection to one another without barriers, colors, races – whatever separation you want to insert here. I am for one going to stand on that thought knowing our positive thoughts create change. If it goes that other way, I am ready for that as well. I wish everyone much luck and safety in the coming days and weeks.

    Much love and light,



    1. Hi,

      Thank you for your good will, and your kind support.

      As for what other members are doing, we do not keep a record of. Each person has to approach this based on their individual circumstances and situations.

      As for the tax matters, we do not know of any specific plans for changes to the Treasury’s authority to collect taxes. Please contact your congressional representative for any such information.

      As for “Mr. OWoN”, we are fortunate to have him take us under his wing. We are further just as fortunate that our WH contact briefed us on who he is without us having to guess or wonder if he was not just another blogger who loved to engage in all manner of exaggerations to seem wise or expert, as is the case with far too many others. He certainly does NOT fall into that sad category.

      Mr. OWoN is not obligated to give us any assistance. Nor is our WH contact. It is by the slimmest of margins that we have such direct assistance from those involved in the new architecture from which the RV and such will come forth. It is all of your duties to plan for and act with the best counsel you can avail yourselves of, and our contact and his colleagues have done and will continue to give us whatever help they can as well.

      It is my duty to keep us in good graces with them, and to make sure we are as informed as possible, with their assistance.

      Thank you again.


  37. “loonies will get them Bank confiscated as suspicious trafficking. KYC, Anti Money Laundering and Due Diligence”.

    I probably should know what he means by “KYC”, but can anyone tell me what that is?

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    1. KYC – Know Your Customer.

      Simply the banks having knowledge of you, what you do to earn your money and that you are not engaged in “criminal activity”.

      Of course, the same clowns that gave us these laws also made it possible for their friends to loot the planet.

      Google the term for more information please.

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    Hurdles! Many of them and every chance banks will freeze your account and not touch you/your dongs with a 10ft stick!!!

    Perhaps people will take me a bit more seriously now.

    Did anyone really think this would be a walk in poor walk out rich deal??? Lol!!! I love the way OWON has dealt another reality blow.

    Face it. Many of us on here won’t get a pay out. Some will and many of us will be left in no man’s land with frozen accounts and the law to deal with.

    The dream is looking a lot harder huh?


    1. Well, I think you have the right Ta Ta, but the wrong Ho Ho.

      Dongs should be good. It’s the dinar hustlers who have lead people to believe that the dinar is a quality, no risk, sure fire plan to top notch exchange value, when there are serious issues that may prohibit such. We have been advised of this for years now. Still, to this day, I have not seen ANY dinar gurus bring such issues to the floor for discussion. It’s always “here”, “done”, “we are favored”, “we have won”, “Monday” with that lot.

      Don’t go so far as to say that “Many of us on here won’t get paid out”. If you are heavy in dinar to the exclusion of all else, that may be so. But, you don’t know what people posses here, so don’t lay down that dogma so fast. The same with banking issues. Not all are without an account. Some have good relationships with their banks, and many of our readers are high income earners who know the ropes.

      There is a narrow channel to enjoy a potential gain here, and we have been told where the fertile ground is, and where the bovine scatology is.

      Now, as to the banks and their rules, just be prepared to prove up your source of purchase, and have your bank accounts ready. That should be easy.

      I have banked at the same bank since I was 14. I have 38 years of track record with them and I expect no issues. I have all receipts, all certs of authenticity. I sleep well with respect to the exchange issue.

      As we have REPEATEDLY written here: Be prepared in all ways for anything. That includes your banking issues, paperwork and your ability to prove your good standing in your community if called on to show such.

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    2. Gazza – don’t want to agree with your self assessment of loser. What I do know is you have a loser(can’t do) attitude. And that is why you have what seem to be signs of can’t do all around you by your description. You are creating your life. I hope you stop before it is too late. With that attitude you for sure will end up with nothing or lose all you end up with quickly. Your outcome is up to you and that is owon only point – be ready. I am and you can be if you really want to change your life. And you can’t fix a problem from the same mental place that created it . You are coming from a victim mentality – grow up and take responsibility for your life. Then you will find what you looking for.


      1. Gazza,
        you may need mega doses of vitamin D and phenylalanine, and C might help a lot too. You may live in a place without full spectrum light. Some people react with clinical depression. Check out a study that was done in Denmark. Mice were given limited spectrum light and the choice between alcohol and water. Without exception, they drank alcohol, which metabolizes sugar and gets it to the brain much faster, until they died. The control group was given full spectrum light and the same choice. They never touched the alcohol; they drink only water. Absence of full spectrum light affects people to varying degrees. You can buy full spectrum lightbulbs. Lastly, and most powerful: find other people with a dim outlook and encourage them to be more positive. We need you strong and able for when the tide turns. Strong and able are qualities forged DURING adversity, not after.


  39. More advice from OWoN re: cashing in, and hillbillies lol:

    There are parties out there clutching allegedly $5M to $50M of currencies for exchange. Most are clueless of what’s coming. Many from the IMF down question letting most loose with such un earned and undeserved money, as way too many will need a leash if allowed to cash in. Which is why it is seriously questioned who should be allowed in. How many Drunks and Junkies hold these notes, and how many criminals? Unleashed with millions, what the hell are the risks? A dope explosion of new dealers? Real issues.

    So, question, can you show full records and explain to a bank how you purchased them, when, from who and for how much? What did you purchase with, was it tax cleared cash? Evidence and records?
    Gifts from who and where are the records? Nothing to show they will seize them. So start to build the case now. It’s not a game.

    First, you are not going to walk into most banks to cash it. What you do need is an account with a major bank who can cash it for you and sideways Ledger Transfer it to your account. Few Banks will let you walk with rnore than $10K cash.
    We have seen over many years some people too dumb to sign an X and get it right twice. But they hold these notes. And the mouths on them?

    If it goes to a public exchange expect queues of thousands like a Klondike Gold rush. Chaos. Ugly as hell, and don’t stand down wind of them.
    A highly sophisticated Anti Laundering system is now in. They don’t have a clue what’s coming or involved.
    Nor do they have the levels of banking needed. Just it’s my Blessings or My Right. Beyond thick!

    $500K is enough to need explaining. Can you? For any and all, if you can’t explain and show the source trails, why are you in it? It’s not Disneyland. All parties need to get their act together.Don’t start what you can’t handle. Yes, you will have to clear screening. Many of these complete Palookers will have the lot seized. With bogus Dinar overprinting expect a lot of tears and raw Butts. ” Aaahh want Maaahh munneey Aaah was promised.” Visions of real Buttheads as a chorus line. Many dreams will implode. No one can correct stupid overnight.
    So, please, get a serious Bank ready when it moves. Get an Accountant or an Attorney to help you if needed. Damn right it will cost. What’s free?
    Use intelligence to get your facts lined up, Avoid the Butt head queue cruising for a bruising.
    As long as you have an account at those Banks, and are known, it will be less stress on you.
    But you will need records and history. If not, the Wailing Wall is waiting.

    So Yes, please DO have a good major bank account, or it will get so messy and if not, loonies will get them Bank confiscated as suspicious trafficking. KYC, Anti Money Laundering and Due Diligence. All realities waiting. Welcome to the big league. So, plan the way forward and get all the records and plans ready.
    Go into any Bank and start mouthing off about giving it away and your out on a one way trip to the Funny Farm. Show the banks you are credible, and worth allowing access then you have a chance. The Flakes are dreaming. Damn right it will be selective. And taxed! Show sensible investment planning. Or have an Advisor talk for you. Life now will not be the Beverly Hill-billies. Get real, get organised. Get the Wailing Walls ready. And the Vaseline. Good luck.

    Read more at:
    OWoN © All Rights Reserved


  40. Some of you asked about using Travelex. WHA told us that he didn’t think it would be an option, and to await further information from the top and to re-read Fact Check #115.

    Also OWoN has weighed in on this topic now:

    Updates for many of you.

    1.An interesting article by a credible Brain Surgeon is coming out re Kinetic energy. It relates to what many of you are seeking answers to. Well worth reading when its up.

    2. I read comments from others asking if Travelex can cash their c$5M plus of Dongs etc when cleared. This reminds me so much of the Gerald Ford quote. At least it tell us where the missing Bermuda triangle victims possibly went if the gap is that big.
    OMG are they for real?

    To help. You ARE going to have to show History of Funds, planned intent of your accounts and assist Compliance clear you with possibly a new KYC report and a legal plus audit report to show its OK. A local Hick Branch cant handle it. Come off the street from Zero to Hero and you WILL make waves. Branches are offered a bounty fee to report any possible money laundering and face reality, too many Branches hire not too bright a pool of Tellers who will sell your Butt for a possible Buck as a referral in case of a lucky hit.

    Get YOUR act together. Prepare a report and get a Lawyer or Accountant to help you if possible, or needed, presenting it to the Bank, and ask for a meeting with the Manager. Think and explain like a Professional, and if not capable, hire someone who is to help. There are going to be parties out there clutching a Forex Check whose wrists hang down to their ankles, and some can just about make their mark. You have no idea how many Hill-billies and real wierdo’s got sucked into this lot. Even Jr!

    So please, for those who still cant dream in techicolour, ONLY place big funds as a Check with a Major Bank who will understand it, and if you don’t have such an account, what the hell are you doing playing around in these market way out of your depth? Most Settling banks will only want to cross wire your funds. How then are you going to pre advise your bank what’s coming if you don’t have a suitable one? Fail that and they may both freeze the account and boot you out.

    This is not a F game!

    If you are getting towards a Pay Out- GET – YOUR- ACT- TOGETHER!
    This IS being nice saving many parties Butts being fried. Travelex- Jesus C!

    Parties need to use major Banks, and their brains. This is NOT Monopoly money. Banks can and will freeze it for years if its investigated as unusual movement of funds. As low as $10K can trigger that.

    So, as and when we pre advise, for Christ sake get Professional help if needed. You will not be welcomed as a Hero walking into a Bank with that. Banking IS for Professionals with Multi M allocations. Taking it in means Banks then gear it and that has implications. Don’t understand it? Check the shirt arm wrist cuffs for scrape marks? Lol.

    Seriously, So many seem to have no idea of the minefield coming. Start getting your paperwork and overviews together. No Banks want to be used as a Postbox to just cash and go. What are your plans and intent.Document it to show the banks its not Dumbo passing by. Coordinate your thoughts and plan the moves. You are going to do what? Stop talking about give away’s like Mother Theresa! Plan the money and cash flow. First learn to walk.

    Banks will not be impressed by vacant looks and Disneyland statements. Have you got your History of Funds and Compliance overviews plus KYC together if needed? Have you got a suitable receiving bank of good standing?

    Think like a Professional? Or check those frayed cuffs. Don’t approach any City Bear Pits profiling like Lunch.

    Read more at:
    OWoN © All Rights Reserved


  41. Hello Tony. Did your contact ever mention the devalue of the treasury reserve notes? And if so how much value will they lose and over what amount of time? Thank you


    1. Hello,

      Yes, he did mention this and it was covered in a previous Fact Check long, long before other quality analysts, like Jim Willie, mentioned it on their shows.

      The expected devaluation was estimated at 30% or so, if I recall, and this is what Dr. Willie estimates as well. The overall rate of decay is subject to much speculation, and not being an economist, or an insider, I could not give you an answer to such.


  42. Let’s say the system crashes before any gcr or RV. Do we still have hope of defeating the cabal. I’m hoping the wh have a plan b. Any thoughts??


    1. Hello,

      Personally, if we see a total collapse of the monetary system, meaning that there is zero access to money, then the starving mobs on the street will roast and eat the cabal. Even the cabal wont be able to hire police or armed forces to protect them from such types. Let’s hope things don’t get that bad.

      In that scenario, don’t worry about the cabal. Worry about food, water, protection, shelter, etc. Money, in that scenario, is a nothing thing.


  43. Praise God for this world and being such a living and just God.

    Thank you Tony for all the time you have put in for all of us.

    Thank you WHite Hats for doing things that we don’t even have a clue about. But know it’s for the good of the world.

    Thanks OWN for getting the facts out.

    Thanks to the members on this site who is helping me see views I would have never thought about.




  44. Personally, I would much prefer to be on the front lines with them. The murky-maybe dates, the uncertain implications, the extreme polarization– all of it is very difficult to carry given so little access to concrete info upon which to base decisions or prepare.

    On one hand, I’m proud of the American people. Regardless of all the vitriolic, disrespectful, understandably angry comments that grace the blogs daily, slamming us and advocating violent overthrow, we are, at heart, democratic. That means that something deeply-ingrained in our zeitgeist rejects violent revolution as a means of inciting change, even in the face of this mind-numbing, faceless oppression and obvious coup d’etat that has suppressed and raped us for decades. You are all mistaken. It’s NOT that we don’t care. People know. Even at remote, impoverished, truck stops and midnight diners, people know we are being taken for a ride. What they don’t know is what to do about it. Our democratic tools have been used against us and against the world. But rule of law trumps violence here. And that’s a good thing because if we were to rise up this military state would obliterate its own and the game would end right there. And if rule of law ends here, it is a loss for the world as well, no matter what you might think of us as “stupid sheeple.”

    So, no, I’m not feeling so nifty about simply waiting around for others to do the job. That said, however, the White Hats (whoever they are) seem to be the only ones qualified to take the lead, a feat for which I am deeply thankful. But I’d rather be helping them than sitting on my hands, waiting blind.

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    1. Aussies are the same LP. Look at the dimwit Murdoch-puppet 55% of Australia elected. He said last week he was going to ‘shirtfront’ Putin at the G20. LOL! We are with you. Well said.


  45. Hi Tony
    I would be grateful if you could let me know if my following train of thought is correct:

    1. One recent post from OWON a few days ago said that NDAs are now in effect. If so, would it mean that rates (for payment) and dates (of payment) have been confirmed?
    2. Would it also mean that it has already been decided whether the RV or the Currency Reset would happen this year or next?
    3. If top BOE executives have gone over to the USA for meetings as mentioned in another of OWON’s recent post, wouldn’t that be an indication that things are coming to a conclusion?
    4. If your WH contact has not said anything about this thing going into 2015 up to now, and with only 39 days (of window period) left till Thanksgiving, wouldn’t this also point to a very high likelihood that this thing would happen this year?

    I not sure if I’ve been reading too much into the posts that I’ve read these past week…your views would be most helpful.

    Thank you



    1. Hello,

      1. I cannot confirm that the announcement of the NDA would specifically mean that rates and dates are agreed and set in stone. Such information has not been shared with WHA and it is doubtful it will be, up to the point we are given pre-advice.

      2. At this moment, I have not been told we are for certain going to push into 2015. If we are told such, we will announce it when permitted to do so.

      3. It certainly may mean such. But we have not been given the details of the meetings and whatever significance the meetings have with respect to a conclusion is unknown.

      4. It just might. I have requested immediate notice once it is without a doubt that we are going to 2015. Notice, it was requested. I cannot promise my request will be able to be honored because of the sensitive nature of this process, but if I am advised of such, I will share it with our readers as soon as I am allowed to do so.

      Please let me add that there is a lot that will not be able to be shared with us. This will add a significant “x factor” to this process and will be the hidden variable that we must include in all our consideration of the information that we are given.

      I hope that helps.


  46. Greetings and salutations my dearest beloveds. While I am a regular reader, there comes a time when one should chime in and step up when the time is right and I am compelled to write and address certain issues. I sense a drop in the energy on the blog at the moment and I would like to encourage all to stay focused and strong in the most important of times. While some of you appear to be displaying signs of what could be interpreted as some type of retreat just imagine the men sitting at the table and being affected by all this in a direct way. The best we can do at this point is focus all of our collective energy to a positive end. The brave men are sacrificing so much for so long, the least we can do it keep the frequencies of change high and support them the way they deserve for are the co-travelers, the strong silent force joining them on the most honorable journey they are traveling. Focus, Be strong and aligned.

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  47. Right now the point is to wait and see…. if you don’t want to wait then cash in your currencies and roll out…. OWoN says to wait…. WHA says to wait…. so, wait…. many many many folks have been waiting a long long long time…. how long have you had yours?…. not trying to be mean, AT ALL!…. but, how many times and how many different ways can Tony, here at WHA, say to wait for info?…. lets hope and prey for a major good change in our world….


  48. Sprackle – yes… I agree… and expect that emergency windfall tax to be so high it’ll make your toes curl.

    I think we are in for a big shock when this goes through. The RV will likely bring some great rates but we will be stopped at every turn by the establishment from actually realising the profit I feel.

    Hope I am totally wrong of course. But even if you did cash in and your bank acc was showing a big sum from RV profit, do you really think your bank won’t suspend your acc during this huge one-off event?? A global RV will likely stop FX trading in the RV’d currencies for a while and you will be frustrated unable to cash out. Any cash outs will result in suspended bank accs until TPTB decide what to do with us RV profiteers. They’ll likely have an emergency law stating no RV profit can be kept as it is unfair to that nation etc somehow someway they will screw us on this I am pretty sure of it.

    Expect to lose it one way or the other. No western gov will be happy with you turning $300 into million$ overnight on a global currency reset. They won’t let you just walk away with your profit. THEY ARE CROOKS REMEMBER AND YOU ARE POWERLESS IN THIER WORLD!!

    I expect my currencies to turn into theoretical fortunes on paper and never reach my pocket.


    1. RV sure sounds good, but another term for RV is economic collapse. That sounds bad. Freedom from the cabal and corruption sounds good, but another word for that is anarchy. That sounds bad too.

      This country has been acting like a drunken sailor for a long time, and now it’s time for our liver transplant. I’m grateful for the good doctors in the white hats, and I think I will be happier and healthier in the long run.

      But I fully expect the operation to hurt like a son-of-a-gun.


      1. So what’s the point of even holding any of these currencies at all? If whatever funds I gain from holding Dong will be sucked up by the same cabal we are all expecting to be neutered, then what’s the point of any of this?

        It just all seems so confusing. On one side of the coin is unbridled guru delirium, and on the other side is cynicism. Where’s the middle here? Why do I keep waiting for an RV if the end result is nothing to show for it?

        I thought the whole point of this whole endeavor was to stop the thieving bandits from raping and pillaging. What good is any of this if the thieving bandits can still take what’s mine after they’ve been drawn and quartered?



        1. I think those who have invested outside of the FRN will be better off than those who did not. If the TRN is RV’d at 50% of FRN, our alternative currency must double in order to stay even. And we can expect the prices of everything to revalue as well.

          Our friends and family have not moved out of the FRN. Many depend on EFT, jobs, SSA or pensions which will probably not be around anymore. We will need to donate much of our ‘profits’ (actually our gambling winnings) to keep them afloat.

          When WHA says 60% will lose their RV boost, and that we must be prepared to help others I think they are correct. When WHA reports how complicated getting the RV implemented is, why would we expect life during and after the RV to be without difficulty? When WHA tells us NESARA is a fairy tale, why would we expect the RV to be a modern day Rumplestiltskin?

          Our personal currency hedging will help protect us from the oncoming RV hurricane, but there will be a lot of damage as the U.S. transitions into a more realistic economy.


      1. No need to call me a loser. I know I’m a loser I’m reminded of that every time I look in the mirror or think about my life. You are a bit aggressive.

        I am merely adding to the debate and reaching out for someone to show me reasons why my fears about cashing out may be wrong. I want to make money on this too because I need it so bad right now. I am looking for wise people to put me straight, not be called a loser. The whole planet is a loser right now so I’m in good company.

        I am negative because ermmm… well, have you switched off the tv and looked at reality on earth lately? Please, take some time to. Negative? You wait til this looming crash hits your country then we’ll talk.

        If I am right about cashing out being a hurdle too high for us all then I will take comfort in knowing YOU personally lost out along with me. Then we can be losers together and watch while the world burns in the great collapse.

        Thanks for your input.


    2. We all feel a kittle low sometimes. Gazza your not a loser your intelligent enough ti be here. The losers are tge sheeple who believe everything the government tells us. I believe tony and owon and the white hats have our best interest at heart. We will have an rv because it isbtime for the future. Every country except the u.s. corporation is ready for the future and the ponzi scheme paper must die. Its not even a question of when this will happen, its more how much longer will you keep up this lie? I just keep buying dong every time I have some extra money. (My closet has taken a hit im a young black guy in the u.s. that loves dressing fresh!!) Anyway patience is a virtue Gazza so anytime someone calls you a loser or even if you feel like one multiply your dong holdings by .47 or your dinars by 1.00 and when you by that kick ass car personal plate it with loser! Lol


  49. FRIDAY, OCTOBER 17, 2014 AT 5:06:00 PM MDT

    Please ignore a certain Blogmeister publishing completion claims today then asking for $100 Bucks. It’s not done, he”s mad and a Bloody nuisance because now every half wit, brain dead Cling -on will be celebrating and wasting all our time requesting dates plus endangering a lot of good people. Some of these people need an Industrial Stapler slamming through their moronic lips. So much time is wasted dealing with this crap. They need to be Tasered daily! The sooner this clown closes down the better. Stop funding the Fool!

    Read more at:
    OWoN © All Rights Reserved


    1. I was having a pretty low day, but, reading that made me laugh a bit.

      The dichotomies of life are in full bloom in my mind at this moment. Such opposite truths to the falsehoods delivered by the blatantly self promoting intel hustlers gives one a real cold shot of water in the face. But, are we really surprised that our culture has not been a fertile ground for such to blossom?

      People are so used to the Jerry Springer mentality of life that anything more intellectually stimulating than a John Machaffie is hard to fathom. And still, to this day, people send him money.

      Make no mistake about it. I have my own missteps, and the accumulated scars I have, mental and physical, attest to them. I have probably been mentioned in WH meetings, and not with the best of intentions either! LOL

      I had to push hard to see what really was behind all this “GS stuff”. I can assure you all, we (WHA) are in the right place for the right information. The limits of what we can share are set and consist of the irresistible force vs. the immovable object in trial and error on my part. The after effect is what you see as WHA. In other words, what is available to be shared with you, will be; here, and at the OWoN site or the official WH blog should they chose to update it. You needn’t wander around or seek the Sibylline priestesses that wander like crystal meth corpses at the NESARA temples.

      So many other paths lead to the guessing game intel circus. Some of those characters are ossified to the point of cult status. Any move to interfere with the ad sense revenue and you are labeled as “negative”. Well, of course, because it leads to negative sales revenue, or less attendance at the seminar, where some information is shared by those not licensed or qualified to give it.

      The fact that such outlets for the chicken head biters exist is not surprising. What is truly shocking, and what I worry about all the time is that such will be in possession of increased resources, and what amplitudinal effect this will have on such poor discernment skills that so many posses, is unknown.

      Some time ago I was told that a full 60% or better will be back to 0$ in the kitty within three years after this all settles out. I hope that such percentages will be mitigated by our efforts here. If not, then this has been a waste of time.

      Stay tuned, and let the rest chatter on. Remember the wise words of Lincoln: The hen is the wisest of all the animal creations, because she only cackles after the egg is laid.


        1. Hi,

          Yes, pain does heal. I have to admit, my pain is probably very light compared to that of most. I have a lot to be thankful for.

          Chicks dig scars? Well, I guess I should have worn Speedos this summer so my appendix scar could have been seen. I would have been in chick heaven. I think.


  50. hello White Hats auxiliary , Toni I thank all of the white hats for all they have done and accomplished over the past few years .. the world needs also to appreciate all that what they have accomplished !! I and several others have ate the red pill , lol my question is was wondering if all the banks have Treasury notes waiting to be dispersed ? and thanking all for putting my mind at ease . enjoy your wonderful week


    1. Thank you for you participation.

      Yes, the people we are in contact with are seriously in the game, skin on skin, face to face, man to man. We can only imagine the work that is being done. It far outweighs and goes way beyond the conceptual limits that most dinar/seminar/talk show intel pushers are capable of being involved in or really understanding.

      At this time we do not know the exact procedures for the TRN issuance. We understand that such notes have been printed, but we do not know where they are held or the timing for their release.

      I am quite sure we will be informed at the right time. When we are, we will let everyone know.

      Thank you.


  51. keezy, remember Swine Flu? Hopefully, this too will pass the same as the Swine Flu Scare. Also, you might want to check this latest article out over at OWoN, it is VERY informative @

    I also read somewhere and I cannot remember where that to prevent getting Ebola, take 10 grams of Vitamin C [L-Ascorbic Acid]. To save on Vitamin C, you could take say less grams (I take 5 grams daily in 2 doses). If you get Ebola cases in your area then you might want to increase to the 10 grams. You might want to do it slowly if you are not use to taking Vitamin C in large amounts. Vitamin C is also great for people who suffer from allergies. Vitamin C powder is great for many things.

    Vitamin C is sour, I mix it with powdered Tang. The cheapest place I have found to purchase Vitamin C powder is at:
    If you have a business, you can purchase it VERY cheap @ [this URL is for Business purchases only].



    1. Hi, TC and all the rest of you awakened family! Just a quick note. I’ve read the best Vit C is Liposomal (sometimes spelled Lyposomal) Vit C. It is the most readily absorbed into the system. As I recall, if we take at least a tsp a day, it is equivalent to intravenous Vit C that has already been used against Ebola to save lives. There has been a large scientific article by a research doctor that tells of Ebola’s similarity to scurvy in the eradication of Vit C from the body. Unlike some Vit C choices, liposomal C does not create diarrhea regardless how much you take. Nor does intravenous Vit C create diarrhea. And I believe Ester C also can be taken in high doses if needed without diarrhea. I like powdered also, but usually now take Liposomal when I can afford it. or Ester C. Ester C is much cheaper! I think that link to the Dr who talked of intravenous Vit C curing those already suffering from Ebola was already on this website. If not, I can provide a link if you ask.


      1. Vitamin C is vitally important to the support of the immune system and detoxing heavy metals. I am an Environmental Illness patient. I take several forms of Vitamin C a day. Reacta C with bioflavinoids (Solaray) is a very good form, non acidic to the stomach. If you would like more information, the Linus Pauling Institute has done many studies on the efficacy of Vitamin C. Also research Orthomolecular medicine and psychiatry to see how nutrition creates optimal physical as well as mental health. Also, Emergen-C and EnerC are good sources of immune support vitamins and minerals. To detox, activated charcoal is one of the best along with bentonite clay. I use Pascalite for my detox needs. For allergies, D-Hist, or Activated Quercetin (Source Naturals) are good sources. A B Complex 50 once or twice a day with strengthen the adrenals and give energy, esp with methyl B12. NAC and organic whey are for glutathione production and detoxes heavy metals. Probiotics will also help support the immune system. Remember your good oils and fats: coconut, extra virgin olive oil, grass fed diary and organic eggs. If you are looking for an entire regimen, try doTerra Lifestyle nutritional supplements, which cost about $80 for the pack, but I hear is wonderful. With SRM, weather modification, Vitamin D3 is key to not getting Ricketts these days… Overall the best way to get healthy is with a good Naturopath or Homeopath and create a diet and detox plan to rid yourselves of everyday environmental toxins that are in our air, water, and food. With a detoxed body and good blood pH level, many diseases and illnesses are unable to take root. While nutrition is a great first step in balancing the body as meditation is for the mind, clean water and indoor air are necessary additions. A MERV 8+ air filter for your hvac system is not enough with the prevalence of nanoparticulates and chemicals in our air, research Austin Air or Air Pura. For fluoride-reduced water, research Berkey or Propur systems unless you have the funds for a whole house filtration system. Because of my chronic and debilitating illness, I use “I Can Breathe” activated charcoal masks for public excursions, which might be necessary precautions for healthy people this flu and ebola season. The information for better health is out there, if you know what you are looking for. If you don’t just ask. Email me at the VDP Gazette anytime. Thank you!


    1. Keezy, it is designed to make you feel uneasy. If you are not directly affected then there is nothing to worry about right? The game of elite containment has always been to make people feel uneasy and scared of things that might not even happen. The anitdote, is to feel your breathing, remember you have a house and food and are OK. Our vibes contribute the collective consciousness and it’s important for us to remain calm and positive. That’s what I do, hope you feel better.


      1. Andrew you are absolutely right about our collective consciousness.

        I need to remember that. I am in this alone. “This” I refer to is the shift, currency changes and dismantling of the slave system. None of my friends or family think this is happening. They except their reality. I have questioned mine since 9/11. I so want to help out my family with medical bills and the care of my handicap nephew and and a great handicapped niece. I felt like I was in a pin ball game bouncing from guru to guru. Finding WHA was the best ever. There are so many who look at this site who are gaining knowledge and understanding from the posts and educated replies from WHA. To all on this blog I say THANK YOU. I still sneak peeks over at recaps for the JC Collins articles. I enjoy his writings. Civics classes were taken from high school curriculum. I… no WE were robbed!

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Aww Keezy, we are all walking this together so you aren’t alone. I feel alone too sometimes because my friends are like ‘huh?’ Then I remember free will – I give some info and if they don’t take it it was their choice. The community here is amazing, and all from Tony following his gut one day. My coworker is always placing little bets on sports games. I told him about the dong and the reasons behind it, and he says ‘he asked a friend in forex’ and he thinks its too risky. Well, I said, at least with dong you can get 80% back if you want, but with a bet you can’t get any back. Some people won’t change even if they have 100% information. When people see you living differently they think ‘what’s he got that I don’t?’ and that’s what makes them wake up. Glad to be here w you!


  52. One of the owon comments mentioned taking 5 million dongs to exchange. At .47 that would be 2.35 million. Will a travelex desk cut a check that big? Will we also receive suggestions (not advice) on ways to exchange that will help us past the tricks and traps the bankers have for us? Thank you.Your feed back, patience and time are much appreciated!!


    1. I asked the worker at a Travelex office in the Atlanta airport the other day if they had a limit on how much I could trade in and she said no. I too am hoping to find some direction in this area.


      1. Ahhhh. I love reading FC115. Thank you for that! The ducks in this house are lined up, waiting……hmmmmm, I can’t honestly say ‘patiently’. Or perhaps I can. The ducks are patient. As for the others species in the house……. we are making an attempt at that :).

        As for exchange, if memory serves, OWoN made comment regarding instructions, coming either with the 48 hour notice or shortly thereafter, in one of his comments some weeks or months ago. I did not make note of it specifically and I don’t remember which post on OWoN’s site it is under. He said instructions on best places to exchange in the commonwealth, USA – and perhaps other places as well – would be provided when the time approaches. Does anyone else remember this? I have left it at that and not worried about where we’re going to head – the recommendations/instructions will come when things are ready. Hope this helps. Or perhaps someone else knows where to find that comment. If I find it I will bring it over.


    2. I highly doubt any exchange will be that easy. No travel money outlet will give you millions. I fear we are not thinking this through properly, me included. Could you imagine the phonecalls and permissions it would take for a Travelex outlet to let you walk out with a chq for anything more than 10-20k?? Even a bank I can forsee HUGE problems. This is the problem with an investment like this… liquidity upon cashing out. It’s a genuine problem in the investment world. It will be harder cashing out than waiting for the rv all this time, I am convinced. Nobody will willingly just give you a fortune without major hurdles.


      1. Right you are. Even FRN cash withdrawals are limited to $2k and the bank hassles me about that. Expect to take any RV profits in digital computer entries after tax witholding at the short-term capital gains rate.

        And I would not be surprised to see a quick vote on a new windfall profits tax pass between the RV announcement and its implementation.


        1. But isn’t part of the work being done by the Whit Hats to stop the evil, confiscatory tax policies of our cabal-run, money grubbing government?



  53. from OWoN

    October 16, 2014 at 1:33:00 PM MDT

    The U.S. Government Defaulted in October, 2013. China to Purchase the Federal Reserve
    Thu, October 16, 2014

    In essence, China has been slowly buying up the Federal Reserve for some time now. If you can call it a purchase. Its more of a negotiation over assuming the liabilities of both the Federal Reserve and the U.S. Treasury.

    The Federal Reserve is the largest holder of U.S. debt at $2.1 trillion. China is second at $1.3 trillion. Think of it as the United States government doing a debt consolidation of all its treasury bonds because it can no longer pay or service the debt.

    China, or the BRICS countries, and/or a consortium of international interests, most likely organized through the I.M.F., will manage the U.S. debt through exchange rate increases and trade tariffs.

    The reality for Americans for the next decade or more will be price increases/inflation of 30% to 50%, segmented by industry and region, until such a time that its debt, or a negotiated margin of their debt, is cleared from the books.

    The post WW2 boom in the United States was funded by the exportation of the dollars inflation to what is now the emerging markets. Americans lived on the backs of other countries. Now the tables have turned. Or have been turning for many years already. This would explain outsourcing, trade agreements, immigration, favorite nation status, etc..

    Why would China and other countries take on the risk of this debt? Simple, it’s economic reset or economic collapse. Its in the worlds interest to re-structure the U.S. debt to save the whole whale from beaching itself.

    Rumors are circulating that the U.S. dollar will have a rate for in country use, and a separate international rate. That is because the U.S. treasury and the Federal Reserve are about to be severed from each other. The Treasury will control the in country dollar, and the “international reserve” dollar will be controlled by China and or the I.M.F. consortium of debt holders.

    The U.S. in fact defaulted back in October of 2013. This has not been told to the public at large. Why would the congress insinuate that the debt ceiling is now irrelevant? The only way the debt ceiling, or debt limit,(eg. the amount the government can borrow) can become irrelevant is if the U.S. has in fact defaulted and the process of default negotiations are taking place. Think of it as the rest of the world cutting up the credit cards belonging to the United States government.

    China has recently purchased the JP Morgan building in Manhattan for $725 million. (more at link)

    Thursday, October 16, 2014 at 2:04:00 PM MDT

    Read yesterday, and don’t know if confirmed; but UsA corporate charter terminated on 10/14/2014 at midnight…???


    1. Thank you to the cabal, the illuminati and all the other jackasses in world history for letting us carry your debt while you snubbed your nose, bought up properties, padded your off-shore accounts, pandered to the lazy, sacrificed the soldiers, sailors, Marines and airmen for your gains and bought votes for the inept frontman called “leader of the “free” world”.

      If I have the opportunity to change my small corner of the world, to touch and improve just one life then I’ll consider it a victory over you. I’ll find a way to take this blood money and put it to proper use, to help heal the broken minds and souls of your military men and women, to show true human compassion, love and tolerance. Paying it forward isn’t something you understand or comprehend.

      We’re going to succeed despite you, we’re mad as hell and we’re not going to take it anymore!


  54. It this is true, it is really exciting news. Mary Ann

    From Dave Schmidt

    October 16, 2014

    Great News from the Ambassador!!! You Will Want to Listen to the 1st Hour of the Oct. 15th Radio Program Which Includes an Interview with Him!

    Yesterday I had a conversation with the Ambassador and we also recorded a 7 minute interview we played on the radio program. The news was great!!!

    But, we were hacked again last night for the first 50 minutes of the program. For all who wanted to listen and could not get in, it was not the radio station. It is obvious there are others who do not want you to hear what the Ambassador has to say.

    The good news…….the Ambassador and I talk about it on the radio program, you will want to listen to the first hour. The direct link to the program or the mp3 file is below. I also mention the news in the enclosed new video.

    Special Report, Oct. 16th

    In a nutshell……….the IMF has changed hands, the Federal Reserve and the World Bank are being taken over by the Dragon Family. The US controlled cabal has gone before the World Court and been denied their request to file bankruptcy. That means they are responsible for the indebtedness they have created. It also means they are being stripped of most of their funds to perform there tasks and actions to control and dominate world issues. The Dragon Family is in the process of taking over the dominant financial institutions which is also removing the Cabal’s power and control.

    For over a year I have been saying there would be no RV/GCR until the Cabal was neutered, taken out of control. That process started last week and is under way right now. Meetings are being set up with a collation of over 120 countries to work through the logistics of changing the world banking systems.

    This shift does not mean we will be exchanging our currencies immediately. Please do not ask any dates, this is a process that takes time.

    This is the first step news we have been waiting for. The shift is happening. I’ll keep you posted with new developments.

    Click here for the radio program website.

    To download the mp3 file, click on the RSS tab, the “subscribe to Dave” tab in the left column.


    1. Let’s wait until we receive other than radio show host intel on these matters.

      The fact that the Fed is being absorbed by the UST is not new and has been mentioned about 2 years ago by our WH contact on the official WH Blog, and in one of the public talks given at that time. I know nothing of the “Dragon Family” taking over anything, and will not bend to that suggestion at this time.

      Please await information from our legitimate and non-seminar-selling sources before we go cocka-hoop over any of this kind of thing.


    1. Hello,

      In a sense, but I don’t think so in total. It would be more akin to the military acting to keep their oath to protect the country from all enemies, foreign and domestic. The constitution makes no distinction of whether or not those domestic enemies are in or out of government. Only that they are foreign or domestic.

      If they acted to remove by force a President and top cabinet, then they would be obligated to allow the free elections of a new President and let civilian power return.

      I think that would be a great idea. It puts the next President on notice: Hey buddy, remember what happened to the last guy who thought he could do anything he wanted? We’ll be watching you.

      Liked by 1 person

  55. This video does a nice job at painting the scenario we are currently staring into. I would consider it a primer for those in need of “waking up”.


      1. The Hegelian Dialectic comes to mind as the answer to the question of what is to gain.

        Whenever I think of this in modern terms, the Project for a New American Century comes to mind. For those who recall what that was all about, it was stated that a Pearl Harbor-style event needed to occur for what was to be set in motion in the United States.

        I have often thought that the movie, “Metropolis” held a lot of clues to what is coming, much the way “1984” and “Brave New World” had in literature. It’s a very long movie, yet it contains a number of scenarios that are playing out in the world today. The transformation of Maria in the movie could easily be considered transhumanist in our culture. The “not too ironic” fact is that her transformation takes place under an inverted pentagram.


    1. Iceman

      It is to bring in the new one world currency, new world order, agenda 21, police state, herding into gov owned apartments in cities, taking your bank acc and property, culling us, cctv in every toilet, forced vaccinations etc the list is almost endless. The financial part is one piece of the overall agenda 21/georgia guidestones plan. Just look it up and you will see how the puzzle fits.


  56. OWON

    WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 15, 2014 AT 4:33:00 PM MDT

    Update reality checks for all to end the week with. Truth!

    1. Reckless speculation on more Blogs this week attests to RV and PP completions. Total, absolute BS! Mindless stupidity.

    2. An NDA status is in force right now which means no one real is talking. Anyone talking is barking!

    3. Nothing is coming out on the Blogs, and parties should not either speculate or hype false positions. We don’t need or want to hear positions from Blogs. With respect to all of you, neither do you. You have 2 credible sites. No others are. We are right at the table where it matters.

    4. Reports will be issued when the time is right and approved. Not before and not now. It is still ALL work in progress. Just- wait.

    5. More report of Ebola, projects etc will come out for you all overnight. Senior Military Generals are [c]losing in with the Usurper and his vacuous antics. He gets ever closer to the night of the long knives. Little Nero will be cut to a Zero.

    6. We will give you reports on the economy. Real info. We KNOW how much it means to many, but please, just – WAIT. Reading garbage will just frustrate and delude you. All in its time. There will be no info now until at least mid next week and maybe not then. Info coming from wild speculators overnight is all wrong. Idiot paper. Just hang in and hang on.

    Read more at:
    OWoN © All Rights Reserved

    Editor note: Night Of The Long Knives:
    The phrase “Night of the Long Knives” in the German language predates the massacre itself and refers generally to acts of vengeance.

    Liked by 2 people

  57. Holy Moderators, Tony – looks like many of us were reading OWoN this morning and posting to WHA between “moderations”! I checked three times before bringing that entire section over (starting with JamesDarren’s post here and right through to the end of mine shown here), in case someone else had picked it up for posting, saw nothing and so gave you a whole lot of redundancy. See what happens when you try to live your life away from the blog?! Inundation! 🙂


    1. Hi,

      No worries…….it happens. I have tried to edit each so that only one of each comment from OWoN is displayed here. I sometimes miss the mark. But, I think we have it pretty good today.

      Yes, the one morning I step out to work on things away from the blog, I get hit with a blizzard from OWoN.

      Anyway, when you take all that information in, we have some stark realities to consider vs. some of the hype we are seeing. Just the other day we saw this floating around:


      We checked on it, and it’s all bullshit. Someone may not have moved the cheese, but they are definitely cutting the cheese by releasing this kind of nonsense. President Obama did NOT sign over the US Treasury to China, and the Admiral does NOT release any such public notice or description of what that group does. Period. Anyone in that group that would leak anything would be hammered out thinly and rolled into the gutter.

      It is this kind of thing that paints us in such a crackpot light as a country that it’s no wonder that OWoN continually pokes fun at our “hillbilly” culture. How such huge audiences can be drawn to the blogs that forward this crap is really shameful. What some people will do for ad sense traffic. There is too much pride and not enough power of observation at work.

      Thank you for your comments!

      Liked by 1 person

  58. all this good news coupled w the stock market falling is definitely a good sign as far as our rv goes….

    Isn’t something supposed to be released on the 17th of this month? And couldn’t it trigger the rv? I can’t remember correctly and am too lazy to look back lol


  59. Some very encouraging words this morning from OWoN:

    LG WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 15, 2014 AT 7:43:00 AM MDT Hi OWoN, Thanks for the update, was just reading the morning site while enjoying my cup of worlds greatest non-alcoholic beverage, as do daily. Projects are a go and that’s superb since many will receive jobs, direction and vision. Currencies, if I understood correctly, are no-go at this time. Since dinar has been ruled out, you mentioned previously dongs may reset or revalue at increase, yet to be determined. $5M sounds bombdiggity, so my humble question is, for those who have stocked up on dong, is $5M max allowed to exchange or could chaps (not me) who have been stocking up for long time become NBA ballers w/o game? Rgds,

    WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 15, 2014 AT 8:01:00 AM MDT LG Agreed Projects will help many, and we will allow no funds for Military or Agency use, well, apart from exterminating Child traffickers and that we will approve. Bullets too! If you have $5M Dongs no reason you can not cash the full amount at the new rates when released. Forex is Forex. Saw, with amusement you NBA comment.Don’t sit playing with your balls when the the go for it signal comes,. Lol Remember Dongs are not hooky Dinars. Controlled currencies can go any time. The Poo Pool is Dinars. But zero is showing for prosperity paper. That profiles like Dinars. Private deals for Dinars are not Public rates. Dongs may well be,.Good luck with them. Give those balls a break and switch to the Dong.

    NOTTHISTIME WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 15, 2014 AT 7:53:00 AM MDT Hi. It sounds like they are here for the currency reval, so I am assuming this is within our grasp and we should be watching closely? Is this recommendation to cash out quickly still advisable (speaking of Dongs primarily).

    WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 15, 2014 AT 8:04:00 AM MDT Cant comment on reasons, but when we flag the Go you you and WHA, go fast.

    SCOTT FOY WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 15, 2014 AT 7:36:00 AM MDT Isn’t The Bank of England Rothschild owned and the major shareholder in the Federal Reserve, are these execs your talking about agents for you and the WH`s from inside the B o E. Thx for your tireless work.

    WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 15, 2014 AT 7:52:00 AM MDT Scott The B of E is NOT Rottenchild owned its a fallacy. They wish! Good B of E forces are there and to discuss our plans for holding accountable and Jailing bad Bankers. That has huge implications for the Zionists now. Extradition is a 2 way street. But Yes, B of E is a shareholder in the Fed and we are “Dealing with misconduct “. See this as Good.

    Read more at:
    OWoN © All Rights Reserved


  60. More from OWoN
    Wednesday, October 15, 2014 at 8:01:00 AM MDT

    Agreed Projects will help many, and we will allow no funds for Military or Agency use, well, apart from exterminating Child traffickers and that we will approve. Bullets too!
    If you have $5M Dongs no reason you can not cash the full amount at the new rates when released. Forex is Forex. Saw, with amusement you NBA comment. Don’t sit playing with your balls when the the go for it signal comes,. Lol
    Remember Dongs are not hooky Dinars.
    Controlled currencies can go any time. The Poo Pool is Dinars.
    But zero is showing for prosperity paper. That profiles like Dinars.
    Private deals for Dinars are not Public rates. Dongs may well be,.Good luck with them.
    Give those balls a break and switch to the Dong.

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