To Our Dedicated Readership:

Thank you for your continued patience. 

Our thread for 125.6 has grown like a giant hogweed and I am creating 125.7 to relieve navigation issues for our many mobile users.

We continue to share what news comes through, as available, and, as advised before, we are largely done with fact checking. We have covered that ground and most of you assuredly know where the fertile ground for accurate information is vs. the “We are there, but send a donation” sector.  

A few years ago, the White Hats asked us to help them bring to your attention some pretty shocking issues, fully documented on their blog at We answered the call and have done what we could to increase the numbers of people who now have a greater understanding of the true nature of the events we watch for. We continue to owe much to the White Hats and their colleagues. Their hard work, dedication and sacrifices are considerable. I have no doubt they will win the day, and we will be well positioned to carry that news to all of you as it happens. 

From the beginning we sought to simply sort out the truth from the mass confusion that resulted from commercialization of the issues. It is all too common for pettifogging, slipshod opportunists and overnight, currency pushing parvenus to set themselves up to profit from anything that can attract a good audience on a blog. This is self evident with respect to the subject matter we watch. I am sure most of you would agree.

That leads me to issue a reminder. PLEASE. Be prepared for whatever comes our way. Re-read Fact Check #115. Make sure your banking relationships are secure and your documents fully in order to comply with whatever rules are required by your country to pass compliance with potentially high level currency exchanges. We do NOT know what that level will be, but be prepared for ANYTHING.

Lastly, as of this message, we have not been firmly advised that we are moving into 2015. That could change any day. For now, live like every day could be that day, and be ready. We will save Fact Check 126 for one of two possibilities. One, we get the nod we are going into 2015. Or, two, it’s D-Day in 48 hours.

We thank you all for your overwhelming support, and we also thank our White Hat friends, their colleagues and staff and all who continue to work very hard and help us all stay as informed as possible. 


P.S.  When events come forward, whether sooner or later on down the road, and I hear that anyone who reads our blog does not know what to do, a man is going to show up at your door, knock, and great you with this message: 


sam elliot


The point here: BE READY.


    1. Hello,

      Nothing is expected for 2015. 2016 is promising, as many events and meetings took place this year that show forward motion unlike years previous. We don’t expect the dinar to revalue until 2017, but other currencies may lead the way in 2016. We will have to wait and see.

      We will be advised as things progress, so our job is the easier task. All possible information will be released when proper.

      Thank you, and happy holidays.


  1. Dear WHA I have a question that I have been wondering about for quite some time now. I remember hearing that when the USA was over in Desert Storm that Iran had an RV. It was done privately so the general public did not know about it until it was all done. Back then I heard rumors that people made a lot on it because it did happen to be a good investment. I have also heard that anyone who invested in that RV did not make any money on it at all. So here is my question. If Iran did have an RV and no one made any money on that then what in the heck are we doing thinking that we who have invested a little into this one are going to make a penny on it?

    Thanks for you thoughts on this and the time that you have given to us all.


    1. Well, I am not a currency expert, and I know nothing about Iran’s currency issues. But, it seems to me that the circumstances involving the Iraqi RV, of whatever scope it may happen, is going to be set against a different sent of international circumstances than anything in the past. We are talking a backdrop involving the entire industrialized world this time.

      That has to count for something, if at minimum, to consider that it will be unlike anything before. For more details we will have to consult those who are expert in this area. Unlike guru-o-rama theme park blogs, we will not try to engage in a flummery or attempt to beguile anyone with embellishments to try to pass as experts.

      We have been told that if the Dinar does offer the public a chance to exchange for a gain, it will be brief and limited, and you better act quickly, because all that overprinted currency will not be taken in. That is the information we have been told. Iran was then. This is now. Rumors are not a good thing to hang your hat on. To those who bought into the Dinar, etc., keep in mind that it is a speculative endeavor. Speculations can pay off big, or not. For those that have bet their remaining days on a speculation, we sincerely hope it works out.

      We know a big shift is coming. When the dust settles, we hope you are able to tally gains. We are doing what we can to bring you the best in information about it all, and can do no more at this point but wait and see.

      Thank you for your comments, and remember that the above is just my opinion and is not based on anything specifically told to me at this point.


  2. Tony, if the picture doesn’t come out, please just delete the link and leave the message for people to read.

    Happy New Year and may it bring good health, happiness and abundance to all.

    And much thanks to Tony for all your hard work and dedication so we can get the real story and not a bunch of fantasies.

    Mary Ann

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    OWoN, Do we have complete code releases as a result of serious dialogue now from last Friday onwards ? Thank You. Where are we now in regards to a complete outcome ?

    OWoN TUESDAY, DECEMBER 30, 2014 AT 11:34:00 AM MST
    No we don’t and today I asked a serious Patriot to Shut Up certain Ambulance Chasing loud mouths and to focus on single tracking with DC without the mass hysteria of hook slinging Wannabes, all messing up completion, when a damned big Whale Harpoon is what they need. Too many non deserving causes are noise on the system and need cutting loose. A pack of scavenging hyenas need corralling. Two can’t feed from a meal for one and too many, all starve.

    Too many basket cases need surgical removal. Scalping worked for the Comanche tribes. What happened to the We are Done 3 weeks ago lot again? This is the nuisance level we contend with while we try to complete off radar. We have finite funds possible, real world, so who gets what now has to be key. Iraq can afford $6T. Allegedly $600T has been issued. That’s a lot of haircuts and wailing walls. Those who diversified fast can get clear. Those who chose not to, have expensive toilet paper.

    We are very cognisant of real causes. But also of serious misfits. In discussion now is firm but fair. That’s all I can say.Money is finite and reality will rule. Mass expectation out there are retarded. Reality will sort it

    Read more at:
    OWoN © All Rights Reserved


  4. I was gettin ready to unleash to verbal F-U smack down on my boss, but remembered there are still 3 more days to go until the grand finale


  5. For those who are thinking that nothing is occurring right now, I would strongly disagree. I believe that there are too many people awaiting “an event”, when history will eventually show that there were a series of moments which created to the GCR.

    Interestingly enough, why aren’t there people talking about procuring China’s currency? Obviously, this is more motion in one currency than the ones spoken about in this forum. I’m not saying that to dismiss what others say, what they believe, and what they are holding on to. What I am attempting to stress is that there could be a possible windfall coming by just holding the China Yuan Renminbi. At the last check, during this post, $1 USD was worth 6.22265 CNY.

    I’m just supplying food for thought, especially from the Negative Nancy Crowd, who are finger pointing with the “you said, you said” mentality.


    1. Green Lantern,

      There has been discussion of 20 or so currencies that will revalue, although the Dinar and Dong have been the darling of the currencies discussed due to the Dong’s (21,305 to $1) low value and the prospect of the Dinar being re-instated as a currency. I have also heard some discussion of the Zimbabwe “Zim” being reinstated and the Indonesian Rupiah (12,427 to $1)revaluing.

      I believe the point is the opportunity to invest very little money for a large return as with all investments. Too many currencies fit that mold more so than the RNB (Yuan). If you want to discuss some other options, why not the Iranian Rial? It is the lowest valued currency in the world at 27,108 to $1. Their economy could support a substantial RV of the Rial, but showing your provenence with the Rial would be difficult at best due to the sanctions by our government with Iran. The Cuban Peso (26,500 to $1) fits this mold as well. What about the Ukranian Hryvnia at 15,768 to $1. They are experiencing a civil war started and fed by our own CIA to control the vast amounts of oil/gas and the pipeline from Russia to Europe. The potential of a nice windfall here could be large (bloodmoney, though). Pick your poison. It’s all speculative.

      We have been advised to diversify our portfolios, and it would be easier if we new more of the 20 or so currencies to revalue. However, we haven’t been given that information, so you do your research and invest in those currencies you feel would give you a great or modest return for the money invested. By the way, I have a position in the RNB due to the activity of the Chinese government and the potential of the RNB as the next world reserve currency.

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      1. I’m actually avoiding all the fiat currencies and saying, “Hi ho, Silver…away!” yet, I always feel the need to understand the bigger picture, which is why I like reading and posting info here.

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  6. Thank you for the response. I feel my point was somehow missed, but whatever. I don’t understand how Hudes can be held as a credible source one day and, at least partially, discredited the next. She doesn’t believe in the stories that are shared on this site. A few days ago on the local news there was a piece about cracking down on insider information. I think they were focused on people in positions of political power who were sharing information with friends and family. It is hard to understand how we are not guilty of that same thing. I am using a public space to post and often forget the name I use. That has led me to make up names as I go.


    1. I see.

      You cannot remember one day if you use JS, and the next PP? Yet you can remember details that you want point out with your questions?

      WHA is not a Karen Hudes PR firm. If you have issues with her, contact her at her blog. People can express what they feel about her and we really do not care in terms of personal opinions.

      I warned you against using multiple names, and your excuse is a lie. Good-bye, citizen.


  7. 2014 is almost over. are you planning another contact with your source to get a new update about possible payment is 2015? or do you think it’s so close that another “update” is no longer necessary? thanks!

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  8. Tony,

    I have learned much from your example when it comes to your ability to grant a certain leeway yet remain constant when it comes to holding the line unwaveringly at the edge of the envelope. It’s rare to see someone with strong beliefs moderate the ideas of others with such discernment and competence. At one time or another, each of us has recognized that we are in kind, yet firm hands. This is the bar for order without tyranny, civility without repression.

    Thank you.

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  9. At some point there needs to be a conclusion or an admission that information is incorrect. Every other week we hear that real pressure is being cranked up. Tony, do you see the same thing?


    1. I am not sure I understand your meaning. Incorrect information? That’s what you find in rumor factories and guru temples where information is embellished to magnify the impact of otherwise unsourced blathering.

      We do not deal in such here. The information we follow is from involved parties. This rules out “incorrect” as a possibility. But, plans do get changed and targets moved simply because of the nature of the countering parties wanting to have it their way.

      “Incorrect information” is another species. This is best defined as “totally fake from the beginning”, such as the “we have an RV” announcements. That is incorrect information.

      We don’t and never will make such claims because we know they are false. Let the gurus do that kind of thing.

      Real pressure being applied is one thing. Incorrect information is another. I don’t see the comparison as being sensible.

      Lastly, please stop changing your name. You have used several (Winter, FFL, 401K Hunt, GreenLegacy, P, JS, PP) and I see no reason for it. Plus you have made some snide insinuations in the past using your other names, and I am starting to not care to deal with it.

      Careful, citizen.

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  10. The BLUE PILL, like the red, is taken from the movie ‘The Matrix’ and has many symbolisms. Primarily the blue pill signifies a continuation of the current paradigm as one chooses to concern oneself with indulgence, self centeredness and disconnection from what is or could be a reality much darker, harsher; a reality that requires courage to face, inner strength to handle, universal concern, compassion and curiosity to want and a deep honest and sincere search for truth to choose. Choosing the blue pill is portrayed as a choice that one consciously makes to not be bothered with anything that is outside the established norm. One thus chooses to stay in the matrix of lies but which is nonetheless comfortable and undisturbed synthetic reality that one chooses to accept as the only reality. In a practical manner the blue pill or the ‘matrix’ is the false reality that surrounds us every day.

    The RED PILL represents a paradigm shift of consciousness back to reality. Everyone has a paradigm that they have created in their mind from early childhood about the world around them. This paradigm is reinforced every day and makes up your perceptions and belief system of the world around you. These paradigms define who you are and are very important for your mental survival. The fear and perceived threat of a change in paradigm is the greatest obstacle to overcome when sharing the truth with some as the information they are hearing conflicts with the paradigm they have created in their life. The new information is a threat to this paradigm. For some the prospects of change is exciting and they have the courage to face it, however for others this fear of paradigm shift is so scary they will defend their paradigm in any way they can and will reject the information at any cost. This paradigm shift is symbolized in the feature film ‘The Matrix’ as the Red Pill.

    The adventure known as the ‘RED PILL’ means many things to different people. For some it is the complete liberation of their mind as they realize that we live in a mental prison created by the world around us. These mental prisons are necessary to keep the people in line and we as humans are susceptible from a very young age to being indoctrinated into their prison and their lies. These lies and false beliefs then become a central part of our paradigm. Such is the story of human nature. Thankfully, we are also born with a strong sense of intuition and common sense which often is the window of freedom for the enslaved mind. As they say, ‘the TRUTH will set you free’and it has a liberating effect on the imprisoned mind. Follow your own intuition, open your mind and let go the fear and you will see things very differently. Remember Truth and Courage go hand in hand and one must have the courage to see the truth.
    Ask yourself; are YOU ready to take the RED PILL?

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