Greetings To Our Readers On New Years Eve!

As I write these words, looking out my front door into the black waters of the Colorado River, the wind is howling and the river is cresting with whitecaps. It feels as if I am in an ocean liner in the North Atlantic. I expect an iceberg to come floating down river any moment.

The following are my words, and not based on any recent information imparted to me by anyone.

First, a housekeeping item. We have optimized the blog to be user friendly to those with mobile devices. We will no longer require decimal pointed Fact Checks.

And, again, speaking of Fact Checks, I will remind our readers that we are not doing much of that any more, as the subject matter we fact checked has been done enough to make the point of it all painfully clear. There comes a time when it’s no longer necessary to point to a dead horse and proclaim that it wont be doing a mile and a quarter at Churchill Downs.

The one common element that runs through the information we have received is that the concept of a known date upon which one could build a foundation, is an elusive commodity. It is highly doubtful that the nature of this process will ever allow for such. We may indeed be fortunate to receive an advance notice, and I have no doubt that when it comes, it will be quality based, and not on someone’s subjective concept of a voice in their head that is taken for the divine, or designed to elicit Pavlovian dinar purchases.

To those who continue to rally to the tattered standards of the incandescently dubious groups of hysterical grifters who surround themselves with obsequiously minded worshipers, we can only ask how it is possible to fling yourselves off the cliff for so cheap a price. You stand, mesmerized, and convinced of what will come to you based on their words, yet if you applied the same pantie-waist due diligence to your own fortress that you do to them, you would proclaim it doomed to resist even an army of half dead snails. Over and over again it is claimed by these paper hangers that “people have exchanged”, “groups have cashed in”, “my banker is having wet dreams about my future business”, “we are there”, “it’s done”, “prosperity packages are being delivered”, “we know someone who got $9.00 on his dinar”, etc.

We will repeat here. Anyone who will step forward to admit to being on the receiving end of such largess, feel free to contact us back channel, with full assurances that your identification will remain unchallenged. Please, don’t claim that you have to hide behind an NDA. You broke it to tell your guru of your windfall. The die is cast, so go one further and impress us with your victory. After all, we have the means to confirm your score, and that would add luster to your wreath of oak leaves. Okay, enough. I know this challenge will go without answer.

At this late hour the issue of 2014 vs. 2015 is self evident, but there is a noticeable new shape in the gestalt of the beast. I possess no secrets, no hidden information or decoded transmissions that urges me to say that. I simply convey this as I perceive it from where I stand. A perceptible move forward of proportions that are larger than in years past has been sensed. This is tempered with a ringed fence of resistance in advance of any inquiries beyond the cordial. Combine the two, and it does add up to a very different landscape than before.”Familiar territory has been left behind, and into greater unknowns traveled we have”, Yoda would say.

From this time forward, WHA will simply be here to facilitate and coordinate public support for those who continue to work 15 hour days in furtherance of achieving the conclusion of previously stated goals. Any information that can be shared with you, will be, once it is shared with WHA. There is little left to do but wait and hope that the world does not destruct itself while the old systems snarl and writhe as they are defanged and neutered by the dedicated groups who we have come to know as The White Hats.

We will remain open for posting and sharing of information among our readership. No further inquiries will be made on timing. We must simply allow things to play out as they are meant to. Rest assured that no credible groups that are a part of the real efforts to bring relevant events to bear would consort with blogs that hold themselves out to be “intel providers” that ask for donations, so you are only alloying your sense of reason by looking for any worthy information in those locations. 

I suggest you all remain prepared for anything and stay alert. Events can take rapid turns. We have the lodestar properly identified and all we have to do is keep our sails tacked to its bearing. Ours is the easy part.  

We wish you all a very safe and healthy New Year, and we thank you for your many kind words of support and good will. 

We also wish to thank our White Hat contact and his colleagues and their staff for their help and assistance this year. Your sacrifices and dedication will not go unnoticed.

And that’s a fact.



  1. Good Evening,

    After much consideration, and to be in a better position to accommodate any possible news, I am going to post a new thread (Fact Check #127) tonight. This is simply for administrative reasons only, and not because people are having issues navigating the blog. It just occurred to me, after some good wine, that to move forward with any possible new news, with a thread of 1200 or so comments already in it, could be confusing. It’s best to cull a bit. Again, this is just some housecleaning and to remain in a good footing to assist with clear dissemination of anything newsworthy.

    The footing we are on now remains the same. Simply await things to unfold. Thanks, and I appreciate your continuing support and good will.

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    (Reuters) – China’s long-awaited international payment system to process cross-border yuan transactions is ready, and may be launched as early as September or October, three sources with direct knowledge of the matter told Reuters.

    The launch of the China International Payment System (CIPS) will remove one of the biggest hurdles to internationalizing the yuan and should greatly increase global usage of the Chinese currency by cutting transaction costs and processing times. It will also put the yuan on a more even footing with other major global currencies like the U.S. dollar, as CIPS is expected to use the same messaging format as other international payment systems, making transactions smoother.


    1. Is ready, but waiting till sep? Since feb ’14 g20 warning the sino-ruskis have moved quickly and early on everything. I wouldn’t be surprised if they spring it much sooner. Like this month. Why wait? Unless they are still busy buying up cheap PMs…

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    1. Yes….. quiet indeed. Thank the gods for that. I have often thought, or at least hoped, that intense quiet would need to proceed intense news. Let’s hope we see good news soon. But, be prepared for anything.


  3. Hi Tony, I presume that NAWAPA would alleviate this, but it would take more than a year to get up and running? I have an inkling there is good desalination tech that would fill the gap (and that we should be using anyway). I hope the water projects are amongst the first to be funded and off the ground. At least, they are needed to irrigate many places worldwide for food, sanitation and potable water to support the world’s poorest. Fingers crossed..

    NASA Scientist Warns “California Has One Year Of Water Left”
    Right now the state has only about one year of water supply left in its reservoirs, and our strategic backup supply, groundwater, is rapidly disappearing. California has no contingency plan for a persistent drought like this one (let alone a 20-plus-year mega-drought), except, apparently, staying in emergency mode and praying for rain.


    1. NAWAPA would have indeed prevented this. Instead, hundreds of acre feet of fresh water runs off into the ocean every year before it could grow crops, hydrate our cities, generate clean power, sustain livestock. President Kennedy saw the future and was keen on seeing NAWAPA begin. Instead, we blew it on war and welfare. Lyndon Johnson was a corrupt monster, and his is the legacy of total failure. Him and other idiots like John Dingle – worthless sellouts.

      I was born and raised in California. It’s a beautiful place, but now in the hands of idiots and coke heads who think the only way to solve anything is to take more from people to pay for failures brought on by those who want to take it. Now, it’s going to be interesting to see how they try to solve it. Desalination is terribly expensive. I am not expert in it, but I understand it is not cost effective to desalinate the amount of water we would need to save California. The water is there, every year it falls from the sky. And we are too brain dead to see it, and harness it, as well as create 100,000 new jobs as a start, with 5,000,000 to follow along the way, while we create enough water reserves to last for two generations and more.

      Now, just wait until the San Andreas fault lets go with a 9 plus earthquake, which is way overdue. Imagine millions of people without services, on top of drought conditions which will make it impossible to fight the fires that will result. Once again, greed, corruption and thievery by the political class and those who support them has brought this on. The technicians, scientists, engineers and skilled workers to prevent our infrastructure ills are the ones we should be electing to office. Instead, we get people like Hillary being held up as “important”; a nonessential who could not unplug a toilet, especially with the immense loads that corrupt skank is full of.

      Frank Zappa said it best. The only thing we are not short on in this world, is stupidity.

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      1. Ours is an exquisite stretch of earth. I hear it shaking beneath my feet now as I drain a few droplets from chem-sprayed leaves and feast my eyes on a gorgeous oceanful of toxins. Go West, young man, go West.

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      2. LP, that is the way I feel. There is rain available for California if they would stop using chemtrails and HAARP to redirect that weather to the east. They are drying up Calif. on purpose. Now in Oregon we don’t get nearly the rain that we used to and barely any snow this year. We have got to make them stop this madness and let Mother Earth get back to what she does best. “Chemtrails, HAARP, and the Full Spectrum Dominance of Planet Earth” by Elana Freeland, 2014, says it well.

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      3. We have deals plants here in Western Australia where the climate is very similar to California. The plants are used to supplement supply in times of drought, which thankfully hasn’t been severe in recent years, unlike California.

        Water availability reduces community stress and green power solves the cost problem.

        It’s winter and the whole state is on 🔥 fire! My heart is breaking for all the families losing their homes.


  4. It is appalling to be in a place that is for your safety and welfare to be abused without a voice or sometimes a say because of a stroke or dementia. The first night my grandmother was in a nursing home one of the night staff took her wedding ring off her hand, and other jewelry she had, a painting and the box of chocolates.
    A baby monitor would of been helpful.

    I volunteer at nursing facilities and their is a posh one that I helped out at in the memory ward. It was exhilarating to hear stories of their past. People may not know who their immediate family is but if you show them a picture of classmates from 5th grade they can name them all. Most people remembered what they did. I kept notes so that we didn’t have to start in the beginning each time.
    I was accompanying a senior to a luncheon and across the table was one of the CEO of Presbyterian Homes. I asked rather loudly which I am good at when need be :), I asked why a family needs to hire an extra CNA to take care of their parents needs when they are paying $7K a month? People without extra help wouldn’t get fed when the trays came, they wouldn’t get helped to go to the bathroom etc. However, there also was a rule that volunteers couldn’t help them.
    He looked astonished.. I got the sense he knew about it. It was rather an interesting luncheon after that. 🙂

    When I was young visiting my grandmother I would adopt many of the residents and wheel them to activities, play games with them and or just listen. Great Fun!!!

    Physical abuse is very stressful as I know all to well, my husband broke several of my bones and at the end tried killing me. He and his family were a bunch of alcoholics. I was raised with verbal abuse as many were so I feel for Philly. I too will be in line to take a few kicks in the groin to whomever they are.


    1. This is the first I have hear of it. We will know if real on their opening day, but so far it looks like a real effort. I applaud it, if real. The open source platform is great. Technology for use in improving life for all, without a profit motive, is where our society will eventually lead in future generations. This is not just because of what people want, it’s just our technological advancement making it possible to eventually move away from politics and economics to resource based management of the planet.

      Thanks for sharing.


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