Greetings To Our Readers On New Years Eve!

As I write these words, looking out my front door into the black waters of the Colorado River, the wind is howling and the river is cresting with whitecaps. It feels as if I am in an ocean liner in the North Atlantic. I expect an iceberg to come floating down river any moment.

The following are my words, and not based on any recent information imparted to me by anyone.

First, a housekeeping item. We have optimized the blog to be user friendly to those with mobile devices. We will no longer require decimal pointed Fact Checks.

And, again, speaking of Fact Checks, I will remind our readers that we are not doing much of that any more, as the subject matter we fact checked has been done enough to make the point of it all painfully clear. There comes a time when it’s no longer necessary to point to a dead horse and proclaim that it wont be doing a mile and a quarter at Churchill Downs.

The one common element that runs through the information we have received is that the concept of a known date upon which one could build a foundation, is an elusive commodity. It is highly doubtful that the nature of this process will ever allow for such. We may indeed be fortunate to receive an advance notice, and I have no doubt that when it comes, it will be quality based, and not on someone’s subjective concept of a voice in their head that is taken for the divine, or designed to elicit Pavlovian dinar purchases.

To those who continue to rally to the tattered standards of the incandescently dubious groups of hysterical grifters who surround themselves with obsequiously minded worshipers, we can only ask how it is possible to fling yourselves off the cliff for so cheap a price. You stand, mesmerized, and convinced of what will come to you based on their words, yet if you applied the same pantie-waist due diligence to your own fortress that you do to them, you would proclaim it doomed to resist even an army of half dead snails. Over and over again it is claimed by these paper hangers that “people have exchanged”, “groups have cashed in”, “my banker is having wet dreams about my future business”, “we are there”, “it’s done”, “prosperity packages are being delivered”, “we know someone who got $9.00 on his dinar”, etc.

We will repeat here. Anyone who will step forward to admit to being on the receiving end of such largess, feel free to contact us back channel, with full assurances that your identification will remain unchallenged. Please, don’t claim that you have to hide behind an NDA. You broke it to tell your guru of your windfall. The die is cast, so go one further and impress us with your victory. After all, we have the means to confirm your score, and that would add luster to your wreath of oak leaves. Okay, enough. I know this challenge will go without answer.

At this late hour the issue of 2014 vs. 2015 is self evident, but there is a noticeable new shape in the gestalt of the beast. I possess no secrets, no hidden information or decoded transmissions that urges me to say that. I simply convey this as I perceive it from where I stand. A perceptible move forward of proportions that are larger than in years past has been sensed. This is tempered with a ringed fence of resistance in advance of any inquiries beyond the cordial. Combine the two, and it does add up to a very different landscape than before.”Familiar territory has been left behind, and into greater unknowns traveled we have”, Yoda would say.

From this time forward, WHA will simply be here to facilitate and coordinate public support for those who continue to work 15 hour days in furtherance of achieving the conclusion of previously stated goals. Any information that can be shared with you, will be, once it is shared with WHA. There is little left to do but wait and hope that the world does not destruct itself while the old systems snarl and writhe as they are defanged and neutered by the dedicated groups who we have come to know as The White Hats.

We will remain open for posting and sharing of information among our readership. No further inquiries will be made on timing. We must simply allow things to play out as they are meant to. Rest assured that no credible groups that are a part of the real efforts to bring relevant events to bear would consort with blogs that hold themselves out to be “intel providers” that ask for donations, so you are only alloying your sense of reason by looking for any worthy information in those locations. 

I suggest you all remain prepared for anything and stay alert. Events can take rapid turns. We have the lodestar properly identified and all we have to do is keep our sails tacked to its bearing. Ours is the easy part.  

We wish you all a very safe and healthy New Year, and we thank you for your many kind words of support and good will. 

We also wish to thank our White Hat contact and his colleagues and their staff for their help and assistance this year. Your sacrifices and dedication will not go unnoticed.

And that’s a fact.



  1. Good Evening,

    After much consideration, and to be in a better position to accommodate any possible news, I am going to post a new thread (Fact Check #127) tonight. This is simply for administrative reasons only, and not because people are having issues navigating the blog. It just occurred to me, after some good wine, that to move forward with any possible new news, with a thread of 1200 or so comments already in it, could be confusing. It’s best to cull a bit. Again, this is just some housecleaning and to remain in a good footing to assist with clear dissemination of anything newsworthy.

    The footing we are on now remains the same. Simply await things to unfold. Thanks, and I appreciate your continuing support and good will.

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    (Reuters) – China’s long-awaited international payment system to process cross-border yuan transactions is ready, and may be launched as early as September or October, three sources with direct knowledge of the matter told Reuters.

    The launch of the China International Payment System (CIPS) will remove one of the biggest hurdles to internationalizing the yuan and should greatly increase global usage of the Chinese currency by cutting transaction costs and processing times. It will also put the yuan on a more even footing with other major global currencies like the U.S. dollar, as CIPS is expected to use the same messaging format as other international payment systems, making transactions smoother.


    1. Is ready, but waiting till sep? Since feb ’14 g20 warning the sino-ruskis have moved quickly and early on everything. I wouldn’t be surprised if they spring it much sooner. Like this month. Why wait? Unless they are still busy buying up cheap PMs…

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    1. Yes….. quiet indeed. Thank the gods for that. I have often thought, or at least hoped, that intense quiet would need to proceed intense news. Let’s hope we see good news soon. But, be prepared for anything.


  3. Hi Tony, I presume that NAWAPA would alleviate this, but it would take more than a year to get up and running? I have an inkling there is good desalination tech that would fill the gap (and that we should be using anyway). I hope the water projects are amongst the first to be funded and off the ground. At least, they are needed to irrigate many places worldwide for food, sanitation and potable water to support the world’s poorest. Fingers crossed..

    NASA Scientist Warns “California Has One Year Of Water Left”
    Right now the state has only about one year of water supply left in its reservoirs, and our strategic backup supply, groundwater, is rapidly disappearing. California has no contingency plan for a persistent drought like this one (let alone a 20-plus-year mega-drought), except, apparently, staying in emergency mode and praying for rain.


    1. NAWAPA would have indeed prevented this. Instead, hundreds of acre feet of fresh water runs off into the ocean every year before it could grow crops, hydrate our cities, generate clean power, sustain livestock. President Kennedy saw the future and was keen on seeing NAWAPA begin. Instead, we blew it on war and welfare. Lyndon Johnson was a corrupt monster, and his is the legacy of total failure. Him and other idiots like John Dingle – worthless sellouts.

      I was born and raised in California. It’s a beautiful place, but now in the hands of idiots and coke heads who think the only way to solve anything is to take more from people to pay for failures brought on by those who want to take it. Now, it’s going to be interesting to see how they try to solve it. Desalination is terribly expensive. I am not expert in it, but I understand it is not cost effective to desalinate the amount of water we would need to save California. The water is there, every year it falls from the sky. And we are too brain dead to see it, and harness it, as well as create 100,000 new jobs as a start, with 5,000,000 to follow along the way, while we create enough water reserves to last for two generations and more.

      Now, just wait until the San Andreas fault lets go with a 9 plus earthquake, which is way overdue. Imagine millions of people without services, on top of drought conditions which will make it impossible to fight the fires that will result. Once again, greed, corruption and thievery by the political class and those who support them has brought this on. The technicians, scientists, engineers and skilled workers to prevent our infrastructure ills are the ones we should be electing to office. Instead, we get people like Hillary being held up as “important”; a nonessential who could not unplug a toilet, especially with the immense loads that corrupt skank is full of.

      Frank Zappa said it best. The only thing we are not short on in this world, is stupidity.

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      1. Ours is an exquisite stretch of earth. I hear it shaking beneath my feet now as I drain a few droplets from chem-sprayed leaves and feast my eyes on a gorgeous oceanful of toxins. Go West, young man, go West.

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      2. LP, that is the way I feel. There is rain available for California if they would stop using chemtrails and HAARP to redirect that weather to the east. They are drying up Calif. on purpose. Now in Oregon we don’t get nearly the rain that we used to and barely any snow this year. We have got to make them stop this madness and let Mother Earth get back to what she does best. “Chemtrails, HAARP, and the Full Spectrum Dominance of Planet Earth” by Elana Freeland, 2014, says it well.

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      3. We have deals plants here in Western Australia where the climate is very similar to California. The plants are used to supplement supply in times of drought, which thankfully hasn’t been severe in recent years, unlike California.

        Water availability reduces community stress and green power solves the cost problem.

        It’s winter and the whole state is on 🔥 fire! My heart is breaking for all the families losing their homes.


  4. It is appalling to be in a place that is for your safety and welfare to be abused without a voice or sometimes a say because of a stroke or dementia. The first night my grandmother was in a nursing home one of the night staff took her wedding ring off her hand, and other jewelry she had, a painting and the box of chocolates.
    A baby monitor would of been helpful.

    I volunteer at nursing facilities and their is a posh one that I helped out at in the memory ward. It was exhilarating to hear stories of their past. People may not know who their immediate family is but if you show them a picture of classmates from 5th grade they can name them all. Most people remembered what they did. I kept notes so that we didn’t have to start in the beginning each time.
    I was accompanying a senior to a luncheon and across the table was one of the CEO of Presbyterian Homes. I asked rather loudly which I am good at when need be :), I asked why a family needs to hire an extra CNA to take care of their parents needs when they are paying $7K a month? People without extra help wouldn’t get fed when the trays came, they wouldn’t get helped to go to the bathroom etc. However, there also was a rule that volunteers couldn’t help them.
    He looked astonished.. I got the sense he knew about it. It was rather an interesting luncheon after that. 🙂

    When I was young visiting my grandmother I would adopt many of the residents and wheel them to activities, play games with them and or just listen. Great Fun!!!

    Physical abuse is very stressful as I know all to well, my husband broke several of my bones and at the end tried killing me. He and his family were a bunch of alcoholics. I was raised with verbal abuse as many were so I feel for Philly. I too will be in line to take a few kicks in the groin to whomever they are.


    1. This is the first I have hear of it. We will know if real on their opening day, but so far it looks like a real effort. I applaud it, if real. The open source platform is great. Technology for use in improving life for all, without a profit motive, is where our society will eventually lead in future generations. This is not just because of what people want, it’s just our technological advancement making it possible to eventually move away from politics and economics to resource based management of the planet.

      Thanks for sharing.


  5. Hello Tony

    Praying for healing for Ms Philly and protection for all the elderly that is left in that facility that is beng abused. I have plenty of attorney friends that will help now if that’s what is needed. I have a special place in my heart for our elderly and this is a place in our culture that needs tremendous help.
    They are so many of our elderly laying in shit holes and wasting away with no one being there for them some have out lived everyone in their life. They are so many being abused psychically and mentally. We have a treasure chest of knowledge and love with their knowledge of years just passing away. Everyone wants to grow old and have a long life however if you grow to old it almost becomes a cruse. You get to 90 + and you find you are out living all of your friends and families.
    Then you have the elderly who is poor and is stuck in sub par under funded state system with no means to go anywhere else but the HELL hole they are assigned to. Thank GOD Ms Phiily was able to have loving people and family in her life to rescue her from these abusers. What really needs happen is some old time justice and go down to that place and kick the shit out of the people abusing these sweet elderly people and let them see the ass whipping these abuser get for harming them.
    Just like the trash the HATS and OWN and your site tells us about every day. So with that said you have busted your ass for all of us and just like we helped Mike it sounds as if Philly and her friends need our help and who better to help than a sweet lady who is a founder of this site and mentor to you. We can do this legally or the old way just give the go ahead. Thanks TONY we are with you.

    HCB a a


    1. Hello Herbert,
      You are correct in all that you express and it is extremely sad. My initial reaction was similar but noting Tony’s comment above, Philly’s family have taken control of the legal aspect of her case and an excellent legal representative is in place to commence the action that needs to be taken. I’m sure Tony will keep us updated regarding this situation when it is appropriate to do so. This matter will need to be handled quite delicately in the initial stages to enable the collection of necessary evidence and facts that will stand up in a courtroom and conclude with the desired and fitting outcome everyone seeks.

      I know many of us here have been angered severely by this incident and personally, I think that after the legal team have nailed these beasts backsides to the wall on a legal level, they allow a few of us to have them in a soundproof room for some emotional release. That would actually be a delightful afternoons exercise period I’m sure.

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  6. Tony, your report about Philly has struck a nerve. What a disgrace to abuse our elders in that way. It speaks of a devolving consciousness where human values have been sacrificed on the altar of power and the thuggery of the bully. What swine. I am ashamed to be a part of the generation that has allowed this to happen. My heart goes out to Philly and all the other elders who suffer indignity and abuse on a daily basis with no one to turn to and nowhere else to go. On behalf of anything left in us that is decent, I am so sorry for what we have become and for what we do.

    Though shocking, it does not surprise. Sow to the wind and reap the whirlwind. “The Shock Doctrine” (Naomi Klein, 2007) formula which has been ruthlessly directed against countries for decades – and which has again been blatantly applied in the Ukraine and now attempted in Venezuela – has become a template in the resonant field, with a signature of brutality and thuggery. Why would one expect the fractal replication of such a template to be any different as it percolates like a virus throughout the fabric of the field?

    Here it is applied by the ‘men in blue’ against their own citizens whom they are sworn to protect:

    Paul Levy (Dispelling Wetiko) has pretty much nailed it by identifying a collective psychosis which appears now as a virulent scourge.

    As we think and dream of healing our land, our economies, societies, and ridding the world of the external pestilence that threatens our species, we also need to heal our souls. We need a new template, a great audacious effort to change the field. We need a new song and a noble dream. I am so grateful for those courageous souls leading this change: people like the WH, yourself, J and Canaussie, and the Elders who are not bound to do anything but who care. Thank you.

    In the words of the prophet, Leonard Cohen:

    I’m sentimental, if you know what I mean
    I love the country but I can’t stand the scene.
    And I’m neither left or right
    I’m just staying home tonight,
    Getting lost in that hopeless little screen.
    But I’m stubborn as those garbage bags
    That Time cannot decay,
    I’m junk but I’m still holding up
    This little wild bouquet
    Democracy is coming to the U.S.A.


    1. I spoke to Philly tonight and she is sounding much better.

      She appreciated the good wishes. She further clarified that she was actually struck with a fist, not slapped. Also, she witnessed an orderly drag an old woman across the floor like a sack of potatoes. The staff are animals; no better than Einsatzgruppen in scrubs.

      I am going to closely follow this matter and I swear by the Furies that once PPs are set free that I will make contact with the law firm on Philly’s case and make sure the legal bills are paid well in advance so that the lawyers are well motivated to make it their life’s work to sue the living crap out of the owners and prosecute every abusive mongrel worker in that facility. The lawyer they hired is an older gentleman and he has never lost a case in his career.

      My blood is up.

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      1. Well, I was calm before I read this. I would really like to get my hands on these creeps for an hour. Tony, I will stand firmly with you on this matter and if these currencies ever revalue I give you my firm and unwavering commitment that I will split those costs with you 50/50. And it would be my absolute pleasure to do that. Tony, can the police or someone be called and made go there today to inspect these premises and speak to the residents and get those mongrels removed from the facility immediately?


        1. Not sure, but based on the fact that the witnesses are old, and by in large suffering from varying degrees of senility and such, it would not be too easy to get a jury to convict because some hot shot lawyer would be able to create reasonable doubt because of the mental capacities of the witnesses and victims. It’s common to see older people bruised and such due to falls, frail veins and all. I have been reading up on this. Nursing home litigation is a very specialized practice and requires great skill to carry the day.

          I am sure Philly’s family are on it. They are a very accomplished lot and won’t shrink from the cause. Thanks so much for your support, and I will keep an eye on this as it unfolds. The savage barbarity visited on these poor people makes my blood boil is ways I have heretofore never experienced. I could care less for two equally matched men having a go at each other, but to abuse an elderly person like this is rank cowardice to the extreme.

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      2. Also Tony, do you think we should start getting the name of this place out on the net advising people what they are doing to those elderly residents. Is there any way we can get a list of the remaining residents residing there and possibly a family contact of each resident? Any way of getting the staff members and owners names? And I wonder, does the owner of this facility own any others? I’m not sure how things work in your country in this area. Maybe some viral outing may assist in getting these mongrels tagged “unemployable” and “danger to others in the workplace” and get some better staff placed in this particular facility. We could also possibly get an article on OWoN naming this place and what’s going on there. I’m sure J would like to kick some arse in this case.


        1. This was considered, but for now let’s let the lawyers take this on. I know how you feel, I am tempted to unload on them in such ways as well, but the more the lawyers dig, the more they will find. Let’s not tip them off so they can alert the staff to put on the friendly act.

          J has his hands busy kicking enough arse as it is. But, I am sure he would certainly agree that the issue of elder abuse is deplorable.

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      3. I completely understand Tony. Thank you so much for taking the time to expand on those points for me, it’s greatly appreciated. I do understand what you mean when referring to the unfortunate physical and mental state our frail and elderly find themselves in due to innocent events and natural processes. Two of my elderly relatives are in that position at the moment and it is traumatic for them just getting through each day sometimes. Thank you so much Tony for placing your heart, focus and energy into this matter on behalf of our precious Philly and all elderly, I personally very much appreciate that.

        Take good care of yourself Tony. When you have a moment please look into the supplement coenzyme Q10, it may assist with your blood pressure issues.


      4. Hire someone to be a care taker there and get video and photos of abuse and then you got them and there will be no way for them to say it never happens.


      5. the entire staff.

        I cannot begin to describe the FURY that courses through me when I read this.

        I pray I never encounter anything like this with my own parents, or anyone for that matter. And if I do, I pray that I can refrain from going off completely & diabolically psychotic. And if I can’t, I pray someone calls a good attorney.


  7. Thanks for the Hi and kind thoughts, alwaysme. Most appreciated. I hope you’re doing well. My wife still loves me, at least as of a few hours ago, so I’m fantastic.


  8. Hi Tony,

    This post may not be relevant, or of interest, to you (for your blog). Given the stress that some may be feeling, I thought this short video (1:35 in length) might be helpful. It helps me.

    I don’t know if YouTube video embeds work on the blog … if so, here it is:

    If the embed does not work, then here is the link.

    Hope you like it.


  9. Tony, I just wanted to let you and John know that we were first introduced to the White Hats blog at its very inception and feel blessed that we were. Since I am an educator and believe strongly in doing your homework, we were very skeptical at first and spent hours of research when they would make posts about things that seemed to be over-the-top. Growing up in the U. S. and watching as elementary students at the assassination of our president opened our eyes to the fact that things are sometimes done covertly. Then came Ruby Ridge, Waco, Oklahoma City, the Twin Towers, and the list goes on.

    When our research uncovered things that supported the White Hats’ claims, we started to think that they might know what they were talking about. Listening to and watching one of the lords (I won’t mention his name) address the House of Lords about these claims gave us a little more confidence, but videos can always be “doctored,” so I visited their website and read the transcript for myself. That was the point for me that substantiated what we had been reading for a while. Since then we have been fervently following these things, and like you guys, want to make a difference for the betterment, not just for ourselves, but for our children and grandchildren and all peoples of the world. We are Christians and believe that is our mission.

    Hopefully, this might help clarify for the Abbys and Pauls of this blog to think before speaking. Tony and J, if you would be so kind as to send a private message to me and a way to contact you, I would appreciate that very much. May God continue to guide you in the ways of righteousness.

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    1. Our e-mail address is on the home page, and OWoN’s is as well.

      Abby was here to argue. Paul L Davis was out of line with his impertinence. Such absurdity, to all of a sudden ask for “proof” of something that, if disclosed, would have possibly placed sources at risk, and then label it as “only rumor, then” when the demand was not met, was insulting. It was a disingenuous attempt to cast others in a poor light. Further, when pressed on the matter and asked what would constitute “proof”, he stated that he only needed someone to say “yea, it’s true, we really meant it”, and that would establish in his mind “it must be true then”. In other words, he knew he had been caught asking a question that was not sincere, and that the hard answer was impossible to give publicly FROM THE START, and he knew it. Q.E.D. the question was willfully meant as an attempt to paint others in a poor light.

      Only an unstable, mentally lax, self-important sneak with an agenda would do such a thing. If anyone wants to disagree, that’s fine. I stand on my rebuttal and have no time to waste with anyone who seeks to come here with the intention of arguing the issue of the veracity of our fine contacts, who work long and hard and sacrifice much to bring matters forward. For this, they do not deserve to be questioned in such insolent ways. Not on this blog, and not while I draw breath to assist them in assisting all of you.

      I admit I was probably overstepping my bounds by taking the bull by the horns on a blog that was not mine to administer, but I had prior experience with this person and saw what was coming a mile away.


  10. Hello WHA, Here is another update for you.

    Thursday, March 12, 2015 at 5:49:00 AM MDT

    “The PP issue progresses daily. Our US parties long overdue owed, are not amused. Chicanery is an unwelcome bedfellow.”


  11. Well, tonight I had some disturbing news sent to me.

    You all may remember Philly. She used to post here a while ago.

    She is 84 and in frail health. I just found out that she was being physically abused by workers in the assisted living home who have taken it upon themselves to punish elderly people based on their race. She was slapped hard for not being able to put her arm through the sleeve of her night shirt. She called the attendant one evening because of shortness of breath. The attendant was too busy watching TV and ignored the calls. She dialed 9-11 instead and the paramedics arrived to assist, making the attendant look like the dumb ass he was. For this, she was denied food for two days and had to have her daughter bring it. Lawyers have been called in. Philly’s daughter is no shrinking violet and is going to see justice is done.

    She has been removed from that wretched place and is now in a better facility where the staff are at least human.

    Philly was one of several thousand who were invited into the Freedom program in 2002, as was I. She and I “met” on line in 2008 and she was there at the start of WHA and when I originally introduced myself to the White Hats in 2012 or so. It was because of her and many like her that I started to approach people who had displayed credibility with these events. I wont go into the full history.

    The sad state of affairs with her condition is one that could have been alleviated if she had been able to exchange her currency holdings, even at a modest levels, when it was supposed to have initially happened long ago. She could have hired private care and stayed at her home. Instead, she wound up in a terrible place that looked good on the outside but was a chamber or horrors on the inside. All the while, crooks delay and delay to fight over what billions they will get, and scenes like Philly’s repeat over and over.

    For some reason I am convinced that one of the most deepest tools to harm another is to deny them a day of their life lived to its best potential. It’s a form of slow, benign genocide. We wont argue the issue of whether or not the prosperity programs are viable or not. We won’t argue rates and limits of RV possibilities. What’s key here are the delays of whatever may be possible to arrive to those who are at the retail level, like Joyce, and the unfortunate incidents that arise that may have been averted. This, while Bush 41 gets around the clock, taxpayer funded health care and body guards.

    Speaking of 41, Joyce and her late husband used to be neighbors with 41, and she met him several times in the 60s in Texas. She was also friends with Clint Murchison, who founded the Dallas Cowboy franchise. She made her fortunes in oil and gas and cattle. Typical of most in that region who owned land.

    Tonight we talked and she was interested to hear about what the latest was. She cannot read because of a stroke that took out her eyesight. So, I read her excerpts from WHA and OWoN and shared the latest with her, from the blogs. She is wanting to see this thing through in her lifetime and I am living every day with the hope that she will do so. To see her depart without being able to see that she is attended to and have those funds put to use according to her wishes, after so many years of trying to get her tuned in with the right information, will be exceptionally hard and especially disappointing if she dies within sight of it.

    This is where the events we follow become real, palpable, visceral and not just words on a blog, or chit chat on conference calls. It affects lives and slaps one in the face with cold, stunning reality. To what end is all this for, if my promises are kept only to be delivered to graveyards? That is the horror I live with every day. All the while knowing things are sitting there, held up by sick, twisted sellouts to humanity who are incapable of acting for anyone’s benefit but their own.

    Her last words to me before ending the call were, “Tony, don’t grow old and be sent to a place like I was in”. I have to admit I am not one who scares easily, but that scared the holy shit out of me.

    It serves to remind me, also, that one should not wait for fortunes to drop into ones lap. Hope and pray it works out in whatever fashion possible for speculations to proceed as they will, but never sit around in lieu of it. Tonight I had a real wakeup call of that very thing. And while I do not sit around, and work hard for my living, I am going to spend extra time planning for those days when I am unable to care for myself. I will keep my Walther .380 closely tucked into my depends, when in a home, if I ever am. And, by gods, if I am ever treated that way at that age, I will shoot whoever it is who does it, if I have strength to pull the trigger. At least in prison I will get room and board, and have lots of guards around to protect me.

    Those of you who have kids who plan on working in geriatric care, take head.

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    1. Tony I am really sorry to hear about Philly. I have a sister who had a stroke and is in a care centre and I just spent the day with her there, fortunately we are a large family and we take turns to be with her to make sure she is fine. I hope when things change for all of us the elderly and our children will be protected from all of this…Please let Philly know that our thoughts and prayers are with her and that she is not the only older lady that has waited years for the programs to materialize. I am one too. I never saw her postings must be before I discovered your site but my heart truly goes out to her..


    2. Since I live in Arizona, we are in the Pacific time zone right now. Tonight is a night where its my turn to stay at Pauls house. Hes the guy who setup my donation page. He rotates a few displaced veterans giving them opportunities to come in from outside for a night or two , here and there.. Fortunately, I am around and able use the internet tonight. I was catching up on the readings on these sites, while searching job leads. Normally, you wont see new posts at 11 PM in Arizona, since the moderation of posts have to be approved before posting. And im sure Tony needs to find some time to sleep.

      With that said, this post shows up.

      Thats a horror-ble story about Philly. I wasnt around when she was posting, so I dont know of any of her discussions. The horror she must have encountered. I dont know where or how she got a new residence, but if its temporary, or a tight situation for her, I will gladly share some of this donated money if she needs it. Just let me know.


      1. Hi Mike,

        Thanks so much. Her kids were able to put her in another place, at $5K a month. But, thanks so much.

        Feel free to send some pics of your experiences where you are, if you wish. We will feature them here if you like.

        Take care, and glad you are doing better.


      2. Hi Mike,
        A couple of our group are located in Phoenix. When told about your situation, one offered to network your résumé with contacts. If you can put something together outlining your experience, I will see that it gets to them. They are part of the group working to get the Texas ranch for veteran retreat.

        Tony, please give Mike my email address when he has something ready.

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      3. Hi, Mike,

        I can help you put a resume together if you need help with that. Just let Tony know and he can send you my email address so we can connect directly.


      4. LP~~~How very kind of you! I have a new message from my contact in Phoenix who says:

        ” I do a lot of networking and know a lot of people in this town and pretty much all over when you get right down to it. Before I sold my last (3) companies two years ago, we were in 34 states so I had an opportunity to meet a lot of wonderful people over the years!

        I’ll look forward to receiving Mike’s response and I will even be happy to tweak his resume if he is worried about format etc. If I have the information, I can get it looking professional and will send it out!”

        Mike, so it sounds like all they need from you is your experience and interests? Let’s get going! Don’t forget a way to contact you through a friend if necessary.


    3. It really breaks my heart to hear this type of news. Money doesn’t matter when someone is suffering. What’s really sad is people are tortured everyday by evil. Whenever I’m blessed with something, or feeling good, Im let down because I think of people being tortured, suffering, raped, kidnapped kids, etc. I have to except we have free will and things will happen like this. It’s true that when we go through hardships, it makes us stronger. Hopefully, this won’t happen again. I wish I had a magic wand to zap every piece of evil into oblivion. Some spirits are so corrupted, they’ve transformed from being divine to the opposite. We all can fight the evil together spiritually, by doing good one person at a time.


    4. Tony, I am so deeply sorry to hear the details of this incident. Philly, I am sincerely sorry you have been treated and disrespected in this manner and harmed as you were. This is truly heartbreaking to me.

      I cannot understand the mental state of a person that would be able to commit such an horrific act upon an elderly person who is in their care. What has happened to the human race to be breeding beasts like this? Where are the bloody background checks on the idiots employed in these situations? Where is the responsible senior supervision of junior staff to oversee the daily goings on in these homes? Does no one care about the protection and care of our elderly citizens any more? How many more cases such as this occur around the world every single day and the cries are never heard?

      I know one thing. If I had witnessed this assault upon Philly or anyone like her by this rotten low life sub human piece of crap mongrel they would not be walking or have very clear vision right now. My anger in this moment would see this piece of trash realize the error of his/her ways very swiftly and permanently.

      A dream I have had for many years that I have not been able to put in place as yet was to actually create the most magnificent aged care facility anyone had ever known. Every single precious elderly person that would have been in my care would have experienced to most beautiful period of their life they could ever imagine. To create such a state of utter delight in their precious hearts would have been a gift to me beyond comprehension because that’s the type of gift one can only feel on an inner level and they are the ultimate gifts in my opinion. Philly, If I can ever get this project off the ground I will come and get you if you feel like an adventure to the land down under. I will protect you, respect you, delight you and love you. You will never feel afraid or alone again and you will understand and know that in your own heart when I wrap my arms around you.

      Tony, if you feel it would be appropriate I would very much like to know the outcome of the proposed legal action mentioned in your comment.

      My tears are flowing a little too much to continue just now. Thank you Tony.

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    5. Hello Tony

      Sometimes you give your readers a personal glimpse behind the scenes. You’re right-the monetary aspect is pure speculation…but the wake up call is tangible on so many levels. It’s obvious that you have passion and personal commitment to the issues that go well beyond the RV.

      I bought into the currency speculation for reasons which still aren’t clear to me-it’s unlike me to do something like that. I think I’ve stated before that I didn’t ‘invest’ much and didn’t expect much. I’ve come to view it as the price of admission for my trip down the rabbit hole. I have learned a great deal more than I expected.

      I’m sometimes offended by what I read at OWoN-but it’s beginning to dawn on me that it’s that very thing that keeps me here, looking for answers to questions I didn’t know I had. I don’t always agree, but I always think. I consider the issues, impact and how to effect change. I grow.

      While I may not always appreciate the method with which it’s delivered, I acknowledge the effort and sincerity of it. Real people, real consequences.I guess my point is that I’m appreciative of the personal toll this takes on you (as well as J, Canauzzie, WH et al.).

      Thank you!


    6. Tony,
      We also had experience in Texas several years ago with some nursing/assisted living that looked lovely and the facility was, but care was verging on criminal. We ended up getting around clock care at home which was about same cost as it turned out. We later learned that an online check at state ratings from last inspection might have saved some pain. I imagine most states have this information available at their website.

      It’s so fortunate that your friend is lucid and able to call for help. There is so much wrong with the society in which we live presently. If your visions come to pass, maybe people will have the time to take care of their own and/or better people are hired to care for those who can’t. When an older family member needs skilled nursing care, there aren’t many good options.

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    7. Oh no.

      Rrrrr! Some of J’s creative remedies that I’ve winced at in the past, seem mild in comparison to what I’m contemplating now.

      Thank you for letting us know about this, Tony, even as disturbing and heartbreaking as it is. My thoughts echo those of Aurataya, luckfully, Texian, and others. Please convey to Philly and her family, that she is missed, loved, and supported by many.

      You know, a few months ago, I recall Philly saying something about not having had internet or (if you can imagine the nightmare, I can’t!) coffee for a week because the electricity had been out. Since she’s not too far from where I am, I remember wondering what could have possibly kept her electricity out for that long. Thinking back now, I hope that wasn’t part of some nefarious stunt.

      Mmm, what I read from Philly was pretty spunky and feisty. She didn’t seem to be much of a shrinking violet either, so I guess that apple didn’t fall far. I really enjoyed the story she shared with us about her daughter, and the bicycle, and her book (including your preview), and the teddy bears. Lovely little things that bring a smile any time I think of her.

      And so, as with all here in this beautiful little sanctuary that you’ve created, Philly remains in my thoughts and prayers. Always.


  12. From the ghostwriter:

    The ghostwriter has been silent,watching the unfolding process of this RV and hasn’t posted for a while.

    The ever vigilant good guys of this process are always watching and looking out for you even when you are tucked up tight asleep in bed. Those that pull the strings of the worlds financial markets think they are ahead of the game twisting turning squirming right to the bitter end.

    Their greatest fear is that their shenanigans and plans are brought to light. When they are exposed they are undone and that is what we work at quietly all the time, ready for the next twist and turn and when we find it we strike!

    Now those in the good old US of A are trying to mess it up for Joe Public which means for the most of us, you and I they wish to kick to the curb and exploit. Us the General Public will not go quietly into the night.

    At this very moment as we draw close to the end of this ride, the situation is that Wells Fargo and US Treasury is in complete lock-down and nefarious plans are in play. There is a plan afoot which we want to nip in the bud. They wish to be very clever and attend to the groups first, processing them at their various rates both small and large. This we do protest as we wish all to have the high rates regardless. The high rate is there for the taking so we need to speak up!

    Their plan is to let the groups process through first either towards the end of this week or next and then about a week afterwards to release to the general public at the low rate of $3.22 now many would feel ecstatic at this rate, but it is a dismal paltry amount of what your dinar is worth, not even a quarter of the due rate to you.

    This is not fair, this is not right, this will not happen if we bring it to light.

    Stop the greedy and repost far and wide so the message hits home, that we know and we will expose them if they try this.

    From the ghostwriter

    Feel free to repost this message if you wish, its your money at stake.


    1. Kermit,

      You are new here so I will allow this for now. But, in general, we don’t post a lot of this kind of thing here since we have our source well identified and don’t need to supplant it with guesswork from ghosts, goats and other things that float.


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    It seems that when the news is encouraging by J we all are very excited and ready to claim our hearts as will do anything for the new vision. But when real issues arises and things looks as if the money reward may change or be limted. SOME not all begin to question the process or the very ones busting their ass starts getting questioned.

    j and Tony the Tiger as I call him and the hats are delivering truth.Not what we want to hear but what is the truth and where the process is at that time. I am sure things change quickly and they have always delivered that message clearly. Tony is always delivering what he has been approved or states I hvae not been told that. Remember what Tony’s site states FACT CHECK. J on the other hand is in another place doing what he is called to do and doing it very well. Once more they owe us nothing so we should respect them and not require specific answers above what they are giving us. If you want more or need to hear what you would like to hear instead of truth here is several BS gurus at DINAR RECAPS or RETARDS whatever you would like to call it. GOD a only knows what tomorrow will bring and that’s truth.

    The deal with Mike was very heart touching however that’s what the hell we are called to do everyday every minute period. They are a million Mike in every part of this world and they need the same love and compassion. The two countries we are so ready to benifit from have been to HELL and back and are still living in HELL because of greed and trash.

    Let’s stay focus on the target it’s not about the DAM money it’s about caring for one another and getting the trash the hell out of here. I putting my trust in these two sites and you should also however please to ones in it just for the money stay the HELL out of these guys way

    PS I like the other dude OWN Starts with a C he needs thanks also.

    HCB a

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  14. James 5 Go to now, ye rich men, weep and howl for your miseries that shall come upon you. 2 Your riches are corrupted, and your garments are motheaten. 3 Your gold and silver is cankered; and the rust of them shall be a witness against you, and shall eat your flesh as it were fire. Ye have heaped treasure together for the last days. 4 Behold, the hire of the labourers who have reaped down your fields, which is of you kept back by fraud, crieth: and the cries of them which have reaped are entered into the ears of the Lord of sabaoth. 5 Ye have lived in pleasure on the earth, and been wanton; ye have nourished your hearts, as in a day of slaughter. 6 Ye have condemned and killed the just; and he doth not resist you.

    God Knows !!!!!!!


  15. Mad props to Tony from own. This needs on both sites as well.

    OWoN Wednesday, March 11, 2015 at 3:59:00 PM MDT


    Unfortunately, pay one rat and the entire pack line up with Pay Orders. Front line, nothing is ever so simple. Plus the Cabal would come as a full on Wolf pack behind. These are the vermin who stole the Katrina money. Who rig every State and contract. As we get towards closure, these are final phase games emerging.

    Derivatives are in melt down. Some form of Dinar or Dong fix will help patch a Derivatives blow out. So, that is also a positive for you. But there are so many variables out there. Our alert is Dinars not Dongs.

    We try to advise on all issues, and motivate you towards facing a What if not scenario, so as to at least help many have some form of Plan B if needed. Our role is not a popularity contest, but reality check hands on help. As with all things, the Devil is in the detail. The front line is a never ending war zone and war of attrition. Do we care? Of course.

    Enough to spot a genuine and compassionate plea just to exist by Mike, and to assist set off a chain of response. Look at the greatness of character of so many stateside who acted.

    Once the PPs free up we will try to help many such situations Globally. Mike deserves dignity but your warm response touches all of us. I saw the BEST of Americans. Our Cosmic awareness felt it. Those contributing Stateside will not regret it. But it’s all over our world also. I deal with it daily.

    I am cognizant of how much good there is out there also. Once the PPs clear, I will work with our parties to create such projects as can give many of you a job, with training, accommodation help, relocation help etc. To become a Global community of good. We do hear and feel. The list of must does is bottomless.Where do we start? Its a Global panacea to fix chaos and need. We see so much. So understand when ” occasionally” I have attitude issues towards the Cabal and Taker mentalities. So why don’t I just program trade more and max out every hour? Have no doubt this time responding costs big time BUT, it does help reshape ideas and lives. Most do understand.

    Some, unfortunately as for one particular vexatious Vixen just despatched at WHA, and Tony, well done that one has been on radar for a while. Well rid. That is just a grasping Troll. Not fit for either site.

    It’s not easy and the sheer numbers bring out the worst in so many. Many Dinarians face a very uncertain future. Life needs to be more than blind hope. How many of you, sharing your personal stories of how you went that one step more and got a break,give hope to others. To each, well done and please share it. Hope is priceless.Life has so many surprises if you dont give up.

    Two sites gave Mike life and hope this week. What price is that worth?

    All need not be lost if you miss out on Dinars. More is coming. You are all heard. And read. Mike was not missed.

    So much potential does exist in many of you. Just believe in yourselves. Both sites show the best of humanity. Who can we best trust to help us deliver projects and hope? It’s not just about Gimme, giomme, gimme from the grasping hands of some. Or vexatious malignant low life forms. It about linking togetherness between the Spirits of the Universe of which you all belong.

    And Yes, Hi Mike, you are now seen as a cause so let life come good as it has now. Tony credit to you also as part of it. And My Girl 56 for creating a window to send a message to many. People of good character are working head on to make so much better. None are intellectually lightweight,.and most have a cause, which we all aspire to. The Bear Pit is hard but never doubt a trier. Those who know will win. For them, you all matter, low lifes not included.

    How about we cross mate those 2 today Tony? Future one way trippers to Mars?


  16. Since this site and Tony are mentioned I thought I’d bring it over. You gotta love like mikes positive attitude in negative times. When I was reading about this yesterday it took me awhile to find the link people were talking about for Mike. So for ease I’m adding on my post. As I was telling Don earlier I didn’t make much impact but we doubled for him today. Hes warning hearts on both sites. If anyone wants to follow the progress. I hope its ok that I brought this over.

    MikeWednesday, March 11, 2015 at 3:04:00 PM MDT
    Mr. J Sir. When I saw your comments about me over here, I wanted to be able to respond and say thanks. I wasn’t really sure how to post on this site. I figured when I got a little more time with internet access, Id sit and try to figure this out. So hopefully, this works and gets to you correctly.

    Things haven’t been so easy for me lately, but im taking it one day at a time. The encouragement of these two sites really helps fuel me to stay positive. If things do work out for the better, I hope one day I can be the “You”, to help out another “Me” out there who might also need a helping hand in life.

    Please know that for every “Paul” type poster on here, theres a hundred “Mike” type people who greatly appreciate the work and efforts you, your teams, and the WHA guys, put in for the better of all of us. No offense Paul, but they are truly trying to provide a helpful service. Being able to come to these two sites, even if not as much as I’d like, is always a highlight for me, to be able to share in this. I stumbled across these sites on accident, but now I tell anyone who wants to hear it, all about them.

    I used to live just outside of London, for 8 years when I was younger. One of my fondest memories of living in England, was the introducing me to the “penny candy store” and the fizzy coke bottle candy.

    If you ever need a boots-on-the-ground foot soldier in Arizona, just point me to the nearest recruitment office, so that I may enlist. I may not be as good physically, but Ill damn try. And if this does pan out for a few of us to help, I will definitely need your permission to use the OWoN name and info for a full-on car decal. Id like to sponsor a program in a few larger cites(more potential eye-openers), with a transportation type system for those who cant afford steady transportation, to and from work, doctor visits, etc.. All while rotating a fleet of loaner vehicles for those who are hard workers and might have lost their transportation to better their lives. The only caveat is these fleet of free loaner cars, for others to use, not me, will be covered in OWoN and White Hat Aux. website info, and causes. We educated one person at a time. They educate around them.

    Thank you everyone for the help and ALL the KIND words. J, Tony and all your team members, your sites are awesome, your passion is felt, and you are changing lives.

    One life at a time. . .

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  17. On a very positive note, somebody just donated $500 to Mike’s fund! This blew me away!
    Whoever did this, thank you so much! This made my whole week!

    In response to Tony’s posts.
    Many on here and Owon have mentioned and asked where have the John Waynes of the US gone?
    I usually stick to the peace and love mantra because I truly believe that is what is going to change and rebuild this world. That being said, make no mistake the boots on the ground here in the US are hoping for the best but we are way prepared for the worst. There are over 50 million gun owners here and that hands down is the worlds largest standing army! This has been coming for a long time and believe me the majority of our military will not fire on civilians and when told to, will turn on the leadership. There are many factors to this fight including the one in space above us. They have the technological advantage that is a fact. But if they think we’re going down without a fight, they’re dead wrong. 90% of the gun owners here have taken this stand and unless they nuke us, they’re in for a very long fight. Yes many of the people in the cities are not going to make it. They just don’t have the survival skills. Sucks, but that’s the hard truth. For the majority of the gun owners we’ve spent decades getting ready for this. Many are itching for it to get started, I’m not one of those. I would much rather see this resolved peacefully. I’ve seen way more than my share of death and blood for one lifetime. Just the same, you try to take us down and you are going to be very surprised at how hard we are prepared to fight in this country. They’ve wanted to take the weapons from us for many decades and we have always said the same. MOLON LABE!!!!

    Just in case anyone thought we misplaced our balls,


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    1. The anger felt in this previous entry is in no way directed towards WHA. It is directly towards the pieces so shit in the White House.

      Just wanted to make that clear!

      J, I wouldn’t pay him one damn penny! His time is short!



    2. Very true mike,what I don’t understand is people who claim to be well informed,educated, enlightened,can not see the danger in all this from groups that want u dead and the rest enslaved and then try too act offended when there not spoon fed every little detail,wake up smucks your not that enlightend and don’t have a clue. Sorry that’s might rant for the day I’m sitting here recovering from my first of two total hip replacements,and I got my meds application mixed up I’ve been inserting pain pills and swalloing supositories Lol


  18. Hi Tony I have held my comments and observed and Observed!! I will politely give a different viewpoint! Owon has completely changed his story from going into the banks a couple weeks ago. Somebody asked on adifferent website the real scoop on owon and they said it’s really unlikely there’s no proof or no names on anything. It’s faith so many of the ones that are criticize rightly so do have there real names out there. I think everything is happening but you have to suspend believe to think owon is at the helm of it ! Yellow journalism for profit is one thing. Obviously that is not happening but I really believe there is a currency of rants With a captive audience it is the motivation here. Just for your readers to consider you are two nameless websites out here. Motivation on each of your parts may be different. But there was a bit of crazy making going on the inconsistencies of OWOn. Obviously good is being done with Mike! But it sure keeps everybody dancing and listening with rapt attention To owon that is the currency. I pray it amounts to something more than that For all the good souls!!


    1. Well, first off……

      You don’t know the complete story, and are deriving conclusions based on incomplete pictures. Nothing has collapsed.

      No names, and that alone is enough to discredit the entirety? Seriously? And I guess TNT Tony, the indicted fraudster, is now the patron saint of all that is holy and pure because he uses his real name? No proof? Really? Have you not read one thing on the WH blog? Have you seen the copies of bank transfers of stolen money? And this site that you speak of, you know, the one that said “it’s really unlikely there’s no proof or no names on anything….”, what proof did they offer of that assertion? Come on now, live by your words. Do you think the people involved have no names, and were born without birth certificates? And why should they give their names when the work they do is dangerous and very sensitive? You want to protect their families? Step up.

      Your assessments are pretty weak. I presume you are here to get some payback because of the good right hiding that Paul Davis got when we exposed him for the pedantic parvenu that he is.

      Really? You think OWoN is set up to entertain?? And they just “rant” because they have nothing better to do?

      Good God, is this the level of intellectual capacities that we are going to release RV funds into?

      Move on, this is not your place. Give my regards to your sponsors, and be so kind as to tell them that if they wish to doubt anything, to stay on their own site and not come over here to waste time with this kind of whiny drivel.


  19. Unfortunately, I’m not savvy enough to start any type of trending Mike’s help page. I feel bad because even though we raised some funds for him, I’m not sure it’s going to be enough to keep him from losing his dog. It’s nice to see own posting about Mike still. I wonder if he’ll allow us to post over there for Mike as well. If anyone knows how to help trend that page, I’m willing to assist. But I see my little effort didn’t help much. Sorry Don.


  20. Hello WHA, I have another update.

    Wednesday, March 11, 2015 at 11:42:00 AM MDT

    He is gaming for others around his trough also. His Bathhouse buddies want their lick. The whole stink pile is flexing what muscle is left now. The whole rank system is rotten from the top down. The Neocons frankly don’t give a dam about what you think or want. To them you are all disposable dross who let them get away with it and they feel nothing but contempt for your laid back indifference. As long as you are all thrown a bone occasionally, they think they are Teflon. They rule with control and regard you all as , well work it out. He is just a stumbling block, but the Neocons and Zionist Cabal see you all as an impediment. An overstocked Zoo needing culling. You all live in different worlds.But they are indifferent to you even surviving. Tri Lateral Think Tanks views are clear. Cull most of you out as superfluous to the future. Other views are to simply blank you out, you have no power. They have control and frankly, don’t care. They abuse the system because they can. Most of you they see as just temporary residency tourists passing through. They took it all, because they could. No one did a thing. Now, can you ?

    Its hard explaining to 300M Americans who came down the Potomac in a bubble that the Cabal have just burst it for them. How can they get their reality is a fantasy? The Slave Plantation no longer needs its Slaves nor even wants to feed them. Nor can much longer. The vote simply empowers one bought Fat Cat or another. Bush openly calls it. Useless eaters. And you will do what? They organised, you didn’t. They took it all, and still want more. You- don’t matter. Sorry, but that is hard reality to them.

    If you really understood and even thought of what is coming for Americans, maybe that would get Butts moving. Or maybe not. For those with half a brain and any real interest in longevity, those who can, get out.
    Study history and failed Empires. They all DO pass into the night, into the dust of time. If Dinars don’t trickle down what then? The move to settle hit a block again yesterday. Going out and spending a few hundreds Bucks is not the solution and get out of jail card for all. Wasted lives are for a reason. It needs a living, thinking, whole lot more complex series of moves and commitment simply not visible. Aaahh want maahh lick simply won’t cut it. They- don;t give a dam. And the Kazakhs will just move on as history shows and re infest some other nation.

    For all of you, as so many do have good hearts as we saw with Mike ( For that I salute you) I truly hope you do get a break and cash out. If not, what then? When does self help switch on? We all know what is possible IF you cash out, But if not, what then? Of course we can and will help some via the PPs. But who can help c100M Americans who simply have no visible future now? Can it be turned around? Not with these Leaders. Clueless Skanks on the take. Truly, I feel and fear for America. Its people have to be the least streetwise on the planet now. No thanks to Welfare. No thanks to a totally false reality MSM. Your problems are way bigger than a fast Dinar fix. What if not? What is plan B?


  21. Hello WHA. I have another update for you from OWON.

    Wednesday, March 11, 2015 at 9:47:00 AM MDT

    Right now Obama is refusing to sign off because he wants written immunity from prosecution from his Fraud Presidency, guaranteed SS protection in Hawaii, and a big Multi B Pay Off if hes letting other Pigs feed from the trough. Hes using Chicago Ghetto Tactics to Game the system, It’s all he knows, to Con then Con some more.

    Where’s maahh lick he’s screaming. You cover maahh butt and you feed maahh Mutt.

    Read more at:
    OWoN © All Rights Reserved


  22. To the fellow that wants to build low cost housing under highway overpasses, you might want to read and view:

    “A massive tanker fire on eastbound I-94 in Dearborn has shut down both directions of the freeway between Addison and Michigan Avenue. … Flames can also be seen coming from sewer system manholes.”

    The embedded video feed is live so what you see may be different than before. In the future all cars may be electric so maybe this hazard will go away.


  23. The Exploding Autoimmune Epidemic – Dr. Tent- Its’s Not Autoimmune, you have Viruses.
    Mind blowing information about the history of vaccines, the big blunder that affected millions and is carried on today, might be the real reason JFK killed (?), cancer, HIV, and many more origins…this really pisses me off. I got the sugar cube in grade school. I bet lots of those on here did. I am so sick and tired of the shills poisoning us. They should all have to drink dick cheney’s fracking water and that is all they get to drink.
    (I am Biffie over on OWoN)

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    1. There is actually a politician, Mike Fagan, who is doing his level best to get the word out and stop mandatory vaccination . He’s a City Council person in Spokane, WA. If you do social media, go to his FB page. There are a lot of good links there for more information on the dangers of vaccines.

      I was thrilled to find that grassroots politicians are beginning to join the fight…hope yet? Community by community-that’s how it gets done!


  24. Hello Tony. I recently noted two interesting bits of information shared by J. The first was an acknowledgement that each country must decide on their own when they will change their currency. The second was that J’s plan depends on the Elders choosing to work with him. Those are two pieces of information that had not been shared before. These facts mean that some people are placing a great deal of hope in J and that it may be well out of his control. I have suspected this for some time now and am glad there is confirmation of that. Also, the latest article on OWoN is disappointing. Headlines that end with a question mark should be seen as little more than yellow media. I hope they take note of this.

    God bless.


    1. Each country must decide, yes, but is that to mean all have to decide on a date they all will move on the matter, or each individually? Further, would it be possible to not change in the face of a world that has done so? This is not as cut and dry as it looks. With that in mind, I cannot come to the firm conclusion that I think you are trying to infer, and that is that Vietnam and Iraq will dilly dally for years on end while the rest move forward, or some variation on a theme.

      J has never inferred that it was on his shoulders alone the entire world turns or RV’s. He is deeply involved, yes. His responsibilities are huge and his influence key. But, again, he would not tell us to “watch the sites” for any other reason than it would be important to those who have some hope of monetary gain with their speculative currencies. And, he is involved, so his word on this is important and I don’t think he would render counsel on matters that were that far out of his control. He’s been around too long to make that mistake.

      If you mean “Yellow Journalism”, I don’t agree. It would be a supreme act of willful cruelty to present readers with sensationalist poppycock just for the sake of doing it. Yellow Journalism usually has a profit motive, and I see no subscription rates or donations being asked for at OWoN. I dismiss your conclusions on this in their entirety.

      Thank you.

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    2. Tony – You are getting soft. Send this guy packing. Surprised you are allowing him to disparage john and owon. If he wants to run john down let him post at owon instead of back dooring his bs here.


      1. Actually, I have been at my best today. Gave some thrashing at OWoN, and have the WWII German March music blasting now. LOL

        The dinar gurus/seminar lovers are sending in their shock troops to stir things up. Paul Davis is a Dave Schmidt storm trooper who parachuted into a mine field and got his rear end filleted and packed to go. Bjorn was just another, and Kelly as well.

        In the words of Clemenza from “The Godfather” – “Bjorn? You wont see him no more”.

        Keep the faith, and I appreciate your counsel. For a brief moment I felt like Caesar and you were whispering a warning to me. 😉


  25. Long time reader and first post. I love what everyone is doing for Mike. Hang in there Mike. I’m going to share your link through Facebook. We have more horsepower than this. Lets see if we can get 1000 people to donate 20 or 30 bucks and really blow this up for our veteran in need. We can all relate to your situation at one point or another. Let’s really crank up our “I wanna be like mike” relief. Had to use my Jordan reference from a North Carolina alum.

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    1. Thanks Tarheel, I really apreciate your efforts!
      This is definitely what we need. People with some social network skills to send this thing viral!



    1. Thank you, p22d44. The appointment of Justice Goddard gives me confidence that this will be a proper inquiry and not a whitewash. Theresa May spoke convincingly in the House of Commons, saying, “Those of us in privileged positions of public service must show we have listened, we have heard, we have learned and we will come together, not to avoid difficult questions, but to expose hard truths”.


  26. Thanks J, that’s a great message!

    It’s a great transition to one of the all powerful laws of the universe. The law of co-creation. Our Creator, God or Source of all things(insert whatever name you use here), created us in His/Her image and that means he gave us the power to create just like him and as such wants us to co-create with him. Please don’t take this as a religious diatribe as I have no use for religion. I think they were invented to control us through fear an submission. Ok, back to co-creation. Here’s how it works. You have a desire or goal that you want to accomplish and it begins as a thought. You send your request out into the universe and the more power you put behind it through visualization and desire and passion the faster it will all materialize. Remember this is the law of CO-creation. If you put the idea and desire out there and sit on the sofa and wait for the universe to drop it in your lap, your’re going to be very disappointed? But if you have a true passionate desire to accomplish something good and pure that will benefit others, the universe will back your play every time! Service to self requests are not heard. Service to others requests will be main lined to top priority. That’s how it works folks.
    So Everyone thinks that I started the flow of help to Mike and that’s just not the case. Mike created all this himself. He put his passionate desire for help for not just himself, but for his fellow man and his loving dog out there. He wants to help build a better world and the universe heard the request and sent us all to his aid because it knows we are caring compassionate people. Mike didn’t sit on his butt and wish for things to change, he went completely against his principals and reached out for help to this community. And the universe listened and started the wheels turning and voila, now Mike has some cash. And that folks is how the law of Co-creation works!

    Imagine how many millions of people in this world are sitting there crying and wishing that the universe will give them this or that or save them. And they just keep sitting there wishing and wondering why nothing ever happens. Mikes life will change for the better now, I know it. Not because we helped him, because he now has a fire lit in his heart. He now knows the universe loves him and he knows the power of Co-creation. Passion like his cant be extinguished once it’s lit. He’ll help others now and the fire will spread.

    Rise Up People, spread this fire!



  27. OWoN:

    TUESDAY, MARCH 10, 2015 AT 4:19:00 AM MDT

    Cosmic togetherness. Tony sets up WHA. One man in the UK sees a story of despair from Mike. A message back, but to all, unleashes events and consequences which results in cash for Mike.From chaos and desperation comes hope and from the worst of times, out come the best of people. Together, with committed Leaders, what can you achieve. Yes Mike, you were heard and the Vets issue will be addressed once we clear the PP’s. Nothing is missed.

    Mygirl 56 Read our last article.

    To those who wired help to Mike, thank you. Good Karma Brownie points to all of you,It carries. Be and feel as one. Life as it needs to be. Goodness stays with you. Soul bonding.

    So much false dawn missinfo is on the net. But real issues are unfolding. The day of the single Authoritarian Superpower able to Asset seize, manipulate and bully at will are ending. Technology and the pre determined free will of man will end this disgusting NeoCon Zionist Cabal. The Bush / Baker / Rothschild’s era is facing extinction. Intellect is the ultimate weapon and its applied against them now. Non can match our speed of communication processing when the time comes. Non realise just hour far we have progressed in constructive discussions here. Appliance of minds is funding the appliance of Science. A whole new Agenda is developing. Backed by colossal wealth. All funding forward a new Global network of expanding Human consciousness and multi tasking needs across our world.

    A friendly message and Mike is helped. The care for one can become care for all. A Cosmic moment of what can be.

    Elders are considering all they have seen and deliberating. Give them time. If the consensus is to go with us, all will change. Dismantling the Cabal,Agencies and Zio Banking is only the start. The Sloth Pigs of the Beltway have Eternity to face where no one will hear their screams. Be very afraid Bushes because you have earned what is unfolding. From seizing continents to your current incontinence, payback is coming. No one escapes. Karma for the Neo Con Bush / Baker infestation. Their future you would not want.

    To the Vets, Post Currencies we will create support operations. Housing stock will be re assessed as needed. We hear and see so much more. Re thinking communities matters.

    As does the provision of low cost energies, Bio Fuels, Community feeding etc. The ultimate real power, emanates from the Private small group meetings where synergy is achieved and core decisions are made. We shared for you a moment of major steps quietly being agreed in principle. From the minds of humanity, if applied, can come so much good.

    For many, even if you get left out on the currency swaps, those willing to work and move, may be helped by special projects. We are aware and have seen many among you who can become a part of so much more. You live is for living, not wasting – waiting. Go when called to where your new grazing plain has moved to. Move with the opportunities. Progress yourself. Only Butthead sits waiting for the mountain to come to him.

    New media’s are emerging. Global groups are evolving. Communities of like minds are now evolving and growing. Each have and need purpose. Each can become empowered to do so much good. Interesting times. When funds start to release, it needs inclusive bonding where possible. To be a part of a whole so much greater.

    Read more at:
    OWoN © All Rights Reserved

    Liked by 1 person

  28. The Global Currency Reset and the Blood Moons

    Shows why he believes that the GCR will take place before July at least for Asian currencies.

    Talks about the Yuan going up in value. This seems to be in line with what Lindsey Williams elite friend seemed to also indicate when Lindsey talked about the elite investing in a currency and everything seemed to hint that it was the Yuan…..


  29. Valdi says:
    March 7, 2015 at 4:42 am

    From OWoN:

    “The Elders normally meet only a few times a year and the next was planned for April. However, post our London negotiations, a meeting to understand the depth of our discussions and the Capital Trading offers we have made, a new meeting has now been arranged for this Sunday in Asia to enable key parties to travel.


    Any report on how this meeting went or what was discussed/decided?


    1. Hi

      It is doubtful the details will be discussed. However, I am sure they were there to talk serious plans and with people they knew would be trusted to help them and not steal from them. Otherwise, we have not been told the meetings were “a failure”.



  30. Awesome. Awesome. Awesome.

    Such a cliched word, but I mean it in the truest and best sense: “extremely impressive”. That is The Story of Mike & Friends in a nutshell. No wonder I have come to consider the contributors on this blog family. What a great group of human beings to share time with. Or, as the villain in Babes in Toyland said (in our read-along story/record version) “You warm the cockles of what’s supposed to be my heart!” Well done.

    Now to receive word of PP’s going out – icing on the cake. And I do like icing!

    Liked by 1 person

  31. Well this does my heart good,and in some ways Tony this is all your fault (smile) everyone involved should take a moment and see how much evil was re directed just by this one act of kindness,and it can go world wide.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Quite agree, Lloyd. I’m blown away at how technology has enabled hope to be sent to anyone, anywhere on the planet with a few clicks of a button. No borders or barriers. Kia kaha from NZ Mike, good on you WH, WHA

      Liked by 1 person

  32. Oh WOW… OMG. Im speechless. I didnt really expect what happened today. I just enjoyed coming to these sites and keeping hope alive. When someone said they wanted to help I was smiling ear to ear just at seeing the words on paper. To see that people actually donated anything to me made me cry. I havent been able to stop crying..Im a full grown man and I can admit it. Ive never asked for help in my life. Ive always earned everything, or did without. Things are just so hard right now, these sites keep me going. I hope one day to pay this all forward. I cant believe the things im reading. Im just one person, that in life is basically just rounding off.

    Lisa, yes I am the only one setup to access any of the funds. I had to verify my email and set a password to even access the site, and the maker of the site Paul chose to not even be allowed to access the donations. When he said I had to come see this, I broke down.

    I dont know what to say. But thanks everyone. God I hope one day I can do this for someone else. Am I seeing this right? Did J at OWoN make a post about me? Am I in a dream? My dog keeps licking my tears as I try to type this. I am so grateful, and I am so blessed to have found these sites. The world needs to know about these sites. Thats gong to be my life’s mission. EVERYONE, the words, the help, I dont know what to say, but thank you so much, from the bottom of my heart. The sense of feeling so alone and scared, gets overwhelming at times. To see these pages, I know none of us are truly alone. Thanks everyone. And Don who started it all, I owe you brother. One day, Ill get you back, I PROMISE. Thanks for helping me. Tony, J, you created a beautiful thing with these sites. Your parents should be so proud of who you guys turned out to be.

    Liked by 7 people

    1. That was very kind of you. Yes, the big man in London was referring to you.

      Big J is way above me in the social pecking order, but I appreciate the comparison. He gets all the chicks. I have to wait until nighttime to get mine – when I dream. Seriously, we are glad he is a man with a good heart.

      I am glad you are getting some assistance from this effort. It’s just the tip of the iceberg after the funds for good are released to those who will make sure you and many more are effectively assisted.

      Liked by 1 person

    2. Mike, I’ve got to say that your note brought a tear to this old fireman’s eye. I’m so happy that others joined in and donated. I hope it continues to carry you through. Great job everyone!
      The universe clearly wants you to succeed Mike! Until yesterday, I had never heard of either of these sites. I read through the latest posts in the comments and there you were, needing some help, so I figured I’d lend a hand. Talk about synchronicity!

      Positive energy and thoughts have amazing power in this world.

      I can’t wait to see how all this plays out in the future.

      Peace and love brother!



  33. Tony,
    I was just stunned in reading a message to Vlastimil from Don saying very shortly there will be no borders. Is OWoN and WHA a New World Order plan? I can’t find the message here to reply to, but just read it in my email. Do you know what that’s all about? It was my understanding that NWO is NOT what you’re promoting. That’s the only plan I’ve ever heard of without borders. Perhaps you can explain to those of us who are clueless about the “no borders” what that is all about.


    1. Hi,

      Don would have to explain what he meant as I cannot speak for him. I am not aware of any “New World Order” plan promoted by OWoN, and WHA doesn’t have the budget to even promote/plan an Old World Disorder. Conversely, Don does not speak for WHA/OWoN.

      The only ‘no borders’ world I would support would be that of a united world in a technologically based economy. In such a scenario, money would not exist, the resources of our planet would be intelligently managed, and would be the common heritage of all people. There would be no need for borders in such a case. What purpose would that serve when all would be living at a standard higher than the richest person today?

      As long as we are in monetary based civilization, there will be borders.

      That’s what that’s about.


      1. Whoa Texian, sorry about that!
        That was in the last line of my post to him and it referred to “eventually” as in years down the road when we transition to a moneyless society. This has nothing to do with the WHA, it’s just what many people like myself envision for the future once we evolve our societies.

        Didn’t mean to mislead you.



      2. “The only ‘no borders’ world I would support would be that of a united world in a technologically based economy. In such a scenario, money would not exist, the resources of our planet would be intelligently managed, and would be the common heritage of all people. There would be no need for borders in such a case. What purpose would that serve when all would be living at a standard higher than the richest person today?”

        Your formula was tried, in at least 3 countries. Russia, Cuba, North Korea, and the original first Virginia Colony, in the Americas. And we know exactly how that worked out.
        Technologically based economies require large amounts of automation, programmed by the same frail Humans all of us decry. Everything has a weak point. You’re not going to get there, this way.

        Utopia is a wonderful thing. Until you have to live in it. Shared (and free) medical care was so evenly balanced in the Soviet Union, they didn’t even have Penicillin in neighborhood clinics. Why distribute useful substances, when everyone might need to have it? Too much trouble.
        In cuba, the Strawberry revolution reduced the farmlands to swamps or worse, reduced income for decades, and starved hundred of thousands for a generation.
        The cesspool that is North Korea is self evident. All you need is a satellite picture of the Koreas, from the dark side. Only Pyongyang has any large-scale electric lights. While South Korea is filled with the results of much better economic management.
        The Virginia Colony almost starved themselves out of existence that first winter. Only allowing each head-of-household to work his own land, and provide properly for his own family, saved the colony.

        Communism, even when we don’t use the word, is a despicable evil. It can never be anything else.

        Even the well intentioned idiots, like Sheldon Nidle; know that a monetary economy will still be needed. How else will you separate the truly noble, who work hard, share with their families and their neighbors; from the people that have no values, support nobody, not even themselves?

        Talk is cheap. Including mine. I don’t think starting such a debate, will move very much. There is no such thing as a better World. There is only the notion of improving it by pushing out truly evil neighbors. Like we would the weed growing in our victory garden. Conditions for the garden don’t change, only the removal of the weed provides for a better chance for the more benign and valuable plants in it.

        Like the gardener in ‘Being There’, I like to watch. Too often the view is of people that want Utopia, without even the inkling of what it looks like.


        1. What???

          Russia, North Korea and Cuba got rid of money and went to a resource based economy based on highly advanced technical applications to provide for their people? When was this? The last I saw, North Koreans were just now being brought up to speed on how to operate an 8 track player.

          I wont even try to respond to the rest of your subjective neophyte communism diatribe, which has NOTHING to do with what I was referring to. Communism, capitalism, fascism, all have money, banks, social stratification and corruption.

          What in the world are you going on about?

          If you are going to take me task, at least get your facts straight. If you thought I was promoting communism, then you better tone down your “I am a spiritually advanced man” rhetoric. Your inability to comprehend the differences in simple ideas without careening into a ditch full of ignorance is not pointing to any advanced ability to discern on your part. The difference between communism and a technologically driven, resource based society is embarrassingly simple to understand. But only if you had the intention to learn such, instead of trying to make a point that was not supported by anything but new age hubris.

          This is one such organization that can help you understand what I was referring to. If you see any communists, let me know.

          By the way, I didn’t miss the veiled reference to “even well intentioned idiots like Sheldon Nidle know….”

          Careful, citizen.

          Liked by 2 people

      3. As WHA wrote in a prior post, a transition to Utopia could be ugly. My response to that topic was that something must be done with the “undesirables” and I was NOT refering to racism. By necessity the “undesirables,” would have to be genetically bred out of existance or controlled in some fashion. I believe WHA understands this but is avoiding a lengthy discussion of details in his short summary statement,

        “…the resources of our planet would be intelligently managed…”


        1. Hmmm, not sure I follow.

          Transitioning to a fully resourced based economy would be a natural progression, brought on by necessity. As we speak, technology is replacing menial labor jobs at a rapid clip. Factory assembly, factory labor, manufacturing, checkout chicks, are all going by the boards. Inexorably, it will continue. It will come a time when people will not have the money to buy the goods the machines are producing. Then what? Kill the robots? Hardly.

          It simply means people will be liberated from jobs that machines can do for us. It will progress until enough people see that money simply became, like politicians, obsolete. monetary ludites will be something to deal with I am sure, but when the time comes, they will see that they can have even more than they do now, without the life draining efforts to “keep it all”.

          These are not my opinions. All the science and the statistics point to it happening eventually. Just like money and politics came into being to manage societies that had concentrated into cities and nation states, so will the resource based economies of the future, to manage the societies that technology advancements alone caused to change.

          Undesirables are caused by environment, IMO. Give everyone access to the resources of the world, and there would be little motive to steal, murder, war, covet, envy, desire the possessions of others.It would not be perfect, but a lot saner than our world now. There would be no need to genetically remove personal behavior since I do not believe personal behavior is genetic. Disease may be, but behavior? I don’t buy that, and such things would not be part of a resource based economy. Why? Who would be motived to harm? Why? What would they lack that they have to harm to get?

          You want a camera, computer, clothes, food, something to read, entertainment? It’s yours. You want to smoke a joint? Go out into the environment and do so. You cannot harm anyone by doing so. It’s your life, so if you want to spend it getting high, knock yourself out. Not all will see value in that. I sure don’t. You wont have a job driving, or putting personal safety at risk, so there goes the need to drug test, arrest, fine, imprison, judge, because you smoked a plant. All a terrible waste of resources to house someone in a confined space for doing so.

          No genetically based engineering would be needed. Just make things available to people so they can live a life of true existence free from slavery, debt, war, poverty and waste, want and fear, and they will not need to be genetically erased. That kind of thing is the tool of madmen who fear others.


      4. As long as no one is endorsing the Georgia Guidestones…hahahahaha! Seriously, I would love to see the United States become a Constitutional Republic again instead of this faux monarchy we are living under. Think about it. If someone can, with the strike of a pen, write an Executive Order, then we are even living under what we are promoting the rest of the world to live under. I’m a bit tired of the kings and pharaohs. But, I guess that’s what happens when you choose the red pill, right?

        Liked by 1 person

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