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As I mentioned in my last post in Fact Check #126, this is simply to start a new thread to open up some fresh new space to make any future information easier to post and find. Even though our blog is mobile phone optimized, the size of the last thread has become daunting for some. That’s all!

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  1. OWoN:

    TUESDAY, APRIL 14, 2015 AT 10:04:00 AM MDT

    Abadi is discussing a series of steps. Which denominations to do first. Small probably. Do they lop 2 or 3 zeroes? That works best. So the bottom feeders then don’t get Gzillions, Hello? Like $600T was ever on? Retards. 2 zeros would do it OK. $6T for the lot will work. Iraq matters more. A million plus innocent dead for marauding scumbags never gets a mention. Just Gimme my blessings.Ghoulish Creeps!

    Then to first kick start with Baghdad and Reno. Block limits for most so apart from a favoured few, the multi Bs will not happen for most. It kills the racketeers. Tears in Texas. Rage from a mutant in a wheelchair who will need a production line of Diapers. Good news. Tomb raiders lose out big time from dreams. Its called Justice! So they bank robbed toilet paper. Poetic justice. Love it.

    At least a value will be established soon.Reality will rule. If 5K kicks out 50K who cares? Let the Gu -Roos explain it. Truly, if a lot of hurting people get 50 K its a good thing. So no free home etc- Hello? The Check, will a Reality One do? Dreams are not reality. A 10 multiple is still dam good money if so. Working makes fortunes. You can do it. The Check most need is a reality one.

    Read more at: http://www.oneworldofnations.com/2015/04/lifting-veil-report-6-beyond-veil-of-delusion.html?showComment=1429027468807#c6931517467807606313
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    1. Every good scam seeks to exploit the greed of the victim.
      Have you seriously not worked out the whole RV nonsense and White Hats themselves are a scam?


  2. Tony:

    It appears that the response traffic from WHA Auxiliary members has slowed to a virtual crawl since I began monitoring the site back last September. I have noticed same over at OWoN as well.

    Assumptions about why people unknown to us do what they do are usually garbage and prone to confirmation bias. Nevertheless, my assumption is that the global reset enthusiasts are haggard, information overloaded and have decided they know most of what is known in the collective up to this point. Properly educated now, our crew is getting back into life and focusing on an internal, personal reset of sorts that will provide the foundation for all of us to hit the ground running with real change in the NOW. We will be wary, battle-hardened both physically and more importantly, mentally, when the inevitable changes manifest on a large scale.

    This is what I am doing. As John says, “sorting ourselves.” I am at peace with this and do feel more balanced to the positive side for the first time in months. The hard work remains, but time is less of a gauge than it was. The endpoint is now what is in my view and we will be vigilant to that end and be far ahead in our operational tempo when the wave arrives.

    I hope others are feeling more at peace and getting their feet up under them for the long walk ahead for humanity.

    Wishing all at WHA Auxiliaries, OWoN and the awakened community a good week and upcoming months. Trust your intuition.

    Kind regards to all,


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  3. (Al Hodges’ reply to a CMKX shareholder)

    Apr 11, 2015 at 7:49pm

    You are quite incorrect about much of what you believe; e.g., I have not been paid; my plaintiffs have not been paid; I do not know if any lawyers or trustees got paid, other than Mr. Frizzell for some of the work performed; Mr. West was only paid occasionally, and was forced to take shares of stock in lieu of actual spendable compensation; and, most importantly, Mr. Michael C. Cottrell [who has been waiting for over 20 years] has not been paid. How about that!

    Having corrected a few of your misunderstandings, let me re-assure you that I believed in my heart, and with solid factual evidence to support same, each of the words that I have posted these past years. As far as payment goes, both I and each of the ‘plaintiffs’ are shareholders and will be ‘paid’ at the same time as are all. I do not lie, nor fabricate, nor exaggerate, nor guess; I have no need to as I am essentially beholden to no one. What I have said in the past is as true today as it was when I said it; although I have apologized on occasion regarding erroneous estimates of when this was supposed to conclude, I was at the time relying on advice of what the “master schedule” then provided for – if that be sinful, then mea culpa.

    To the very best of my knowledge, information and belief, then and now, bona fide holders of CMKM Diamonds, Inc. common stock will be paid, and will receive their first payment within a few to ten days after ER; we have previously defined ER as occurring at the time that funds are transferred to Mr. Cottrell for the purpose of conducting the U.S. Dollar Refunding Project. I have said it all before, so I hope you are not shocked to hear it again.

    Clearly the road has been long and exceedingly bumpy. Delay, after delay, after delay, has occurred; why, you may ask – because at the end of the road, the people controlling our lives for the past 150 years will be out of favor, out of money and out the door – and they know it. It simply takes time to re-create the world such that all have an equal opportunity for peace, happiness and blessed tranquility. Believe me when I tell you that it has been more than worthwhile. Sincerely.


    Al Hodges

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  4. I like Lagarde’s responses. If I were speculating, I would guess that Asian sources lent Greece the money to pay the IMF and reciprocity among key EU sovereign lenders (to Greece) included a pledge to join AIIB– the rationale for which would have been diplomatically expedient, since, faced with the option of splitting the EU, even the US would understand that it was the only real option. We live in volatile, pivotal times. I wish the history books were already written, that they told the truth and that I could read them now. Any thoughts on this theory?


  5. IMF chief Lagarde on Greece, China and the uneven recovery
    PBS NewsHour

    Future economic growth has been seriously affected by the scars of the financial crisis, says IMF head Christine Lagarde. But, she says, “the new mediocre” can be avoided with the right steps.Judy Woodruff interviews LaGarde about reforming the Greek economy, how aging countries can tap labor potential and China’s efforts to a create a bank to fund infrastructure in developing countries. Continue http://video.pbs.org/video/2365462559/ Aired: 04/09/2015


    1. Decades ago, there was some scientific discussion, when we all thought the ‘Big Bang’ was the only way. And at that time, there was theoretical particles which were described as the matter/energy which occured micro-seconds after the bang. These occured (from early to late), as “Z”, “Y”, “X”.

      During this time of discussion, Fermi Labs actually attempted to create the “X” particle. And they reported that something appeared in their Stellerator-Cyclotron (the largest in the world at that time), to match the model of what the “X” particle should be.

      The result was a buckled orbit-course, and the ground shook for miles.

      It was my thoughts, at the time, that after their intention to go for “Y” particle, that it might make better sense to relocate the experiment to some place else. The Moon seemed a good idea, at the time.

      As an aside, I find it interesting that the movie of Startrek-6, talked about the Romulan moon-Abraxas, exploded because of excess mining and poor safety standards.

      Now, in 2015, the Human Race possesses a multi-tara-volt hi-power accellerator, which could create a “Z” particle. All the alien speak put aside, this kind of power frightens even thinking men. The co-inventor of the LHC has already admitted to the public, that the management of the facility has no idea what they are doing. They are just messing around with a new bag of marbles.

      This is one of those times when caution is needed, in the extreme.

      Just my two cents.


  6. Ricky Burket,
    What you did was loving and good! Take that to heart and ignore the rest. Mike could be any of us, may soon be many of us. I believe in his integrity and in yours.


    1. Thanks LP.

      This will be my last time posting this link over here. This weekend ends my one month of keeping this in these blogs. We’re hoping to raise just a bit more for their 5k housing plan. So if anyone wants to help last minute, it will be greatly appreciated. Thanks for everyone’s support.



    2. Mike,
      If you can give Tony an email address or tel #, I can help you get a resume together, meaning: get your info, assemble and polish the info, type it up and email it to you so you can print copies, email it to companies and maybe upload it to job sites.

      Your opinion about you is the only one that really matters but I can tell you right now, today, at this moment, that your words indicate a temperate, kind, bright, self-responsible, emptionally intelligent humanist, perhaps exhausted from the vicicitudes of life but with a kindness and absence of egocentricity that I find rather astounding. None of us is anybody– so you are in good company. NEVER GIVE UP. Never! In my worthless but free opinion, each of us owes at least this much to life as a thank you for having been born.

      Jobs come and go. Find one, bring your body and heart back to gentle strength, secure simple shelter you can call home, get the dog back, keep growing, help others do the same and give back. It’s never fun but it’s all do-able. Just keep going until you get it done. Then, down the road, roll up your sleeves and join us to help lift the burdens of mankind and set things right in this glorious world on the brink of peace.

      I believe in the goodness of your intent– that you can and will come through this and put it behind you. We need you strong and free BEFORE the Sh# hits the fan in the homeland 🙂

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    1. Green Lantern – Thank you! Jim Willie never disappoints and his TruNews interview was no exception. Still waiting for his Plane Truth interview out of Tokyo. His advice for Americans to get their money out of bank deposits and paper assets and into real assets, particularly precious metals, applies to those of us in Europe, too.

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      1. Willie’s already on the plane back from Tokyo, 2 hr audio file:
        [audio src="http://www.mediafire.com/download/h72qcgicw66tikd/TMRN_PTS3131_64kbps.mp3" /]


  7. Hello everyone here is a post from another reader over at OWON. It sounds like it may be related to us in some way.

    Constitutionalist Wednesday, April 8, 2015 at 11:57:00 AM MDT

    “Just thought I would leave this here , it may be of some interest to some if not all of you. I am a day-trader, have been for quite some time. I received a call from my broker who set up an appointment to discuss upcoming significant changes and conditions in the very near future that we as traders need to know. It was implied that this was a mandatory “meeting”. I have an idea what it is about, but let’s see what they say.”

    Read more at: http://www.oneworldofnations.com/2015/04/paul-reveres-needed-if-you-were-born-on.html
    OWoN © All Rights Reserved

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  8. WHA,
    What impact do new White Hat reports have on the overall process ? Is this a significant development ? Just trying to read between the lines.

    Thank you


  9. This is rough as I am still crafting the words. Apologies and edit and desired but the timing seems appropriate.

    We are the power for the system. Therefore we are at fault. But there is no blame as that is a child’s game. However, we are the solution. Would the “new” system be better than the current? I submit – it could not possibly be worse. And we are now much better prepared to see the faults, and change them, very rapidly.

    “You have problem with authority Mr. Anderson. You believe that you are special and the rules do not apply to you”. (nor the mind control)

    Here is the text I am working on for us:

    In war I am peace
    In despair I am hope
    In hate I am love
    In darkness I am light
    In lies I am truth
    In discomfort I am health
    In confusion I am a path
    In slavery I am freedom
    In separation I am humanity
    For I am you

    You are peace in war
    You are hope in despair
    You and love in hate
    You are light in darkness
    You and truth in lies
    You are health in discomfort
    You are a path in confusion
    You are freedom in slavery
    You are humanity in separation
    For you are me

    I don’t like the last line but I have not come up with something better yet. Maybe “for you are I” but it sounds weird. I am leaning towards “for you are the answer” but I don’t want it to end as putting all the emphasis on “you”. I give up for now…

    Believe in “the harvest” (law of one) or in a single chance (dualistic religion). We all have the power to change… everything.


    1. OWoN update…..
      Wednesday, April 8, 2015 at 5:35:00 AM MDT

      A major , comprehensive exclusive is in stages of production for the week end or early next week which can also be a feeder lead in for Palladin to re commence with the new White Hats Reports and Tony to rally to arms at WHA.
      Its a huge job which exposes more. Where guilt lies, and major art work to help. The aim is to free our real American allies ,the people of mental bondage carrying a baggage of lies. The Cabal is NOT the American people. Americans free can fulfill their real destiny. A Cabal and Roach free nation as one of all nations.


  10. Bringing this over from OWoN. I didn’t have time to do it on both sites when it was first posted and then Canauzzie left a great surprise in the meantime. It’s all good.

    MYGIRL56 TUESDAY, APRIL 7, 2015 AT 12:42:00 PM MDT

    If you have the chance to catch Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (the most recent program – I PVR’d it and watched it last night. I think it aired Sunday on HBO) please do so. Oliver flew to Russia and interviewed Edward Snowden in person which was interesting in and of itself. But I was absolutely astonished at the fact that there are people in the USA who do not recognize the Snowden name or if they do, have him confused with Julian Assange of Wikileaks. It is absolutely sad. And before anyone pokes at me for taking this seriously because you are thinking/feeling/believing that this program is a put on or put up job, or isn’t relevant because he’s a comedian and this is comedy, forget it. The reason Oliver gets away with what he does is because of cloaking – displaying serious issues within the absurdity. This just shows what astute USArians are up against – the sheeple. God help you make inroads with this, you need it. How can any citizen of the states not know who Edward Snowden is? If nothing else, I expected him to be ranked as a traitor, thinking those who watch MSM would have picked that up from the spin the government put on the story. I feel for you all. Truly. Now I comprehend the problem fully. I thought my knowledge was ‘average’ but if this was any indication of ‘average’ south of the 49th I am gobsmacked. Gird your loins my USArian friends – there’s much work to be done!


    Better yet myGirl56, lets make it an article. I PVR’d it too but I didn’t get the last few minutes. I will make this an article, but for those who want to see the video in advance, go here: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Government Surveillance (HBO)

    MYGIRL56 TUESDAY, APRIL 7, 2015 AT 5:47:00 PM MDT

    Oh Canauzzie, that is EXCELLENT!! Mercy buckets. 🙂

    Read more at: http://www.oneworldofnations.com/2015/04/paul-reveres-needed-if-you-were-born-on.html?showComment=1428450445651#c1998499729535821235
    OWoN © All Rights Reserved

    If the link doesn’t show here as live, it does on OWoN as it was posted by a master. 🙂

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    1. I hope you don’t mind me posting this. I’m Canadian and was at a bar at the JFK airport in NY waiting for a flight to Seattle last week. I started a conversation with a very educated guy sitting beside me. We talked about a lot of things and then I asked what he thought of what happened on 9/11/2001. His response was “Those dam terrorists”. I then asked him… which ones? He gave me a dumb look. Please understand I have great respect for all Americans with the exception of a very small few (Shadow Government). He had no idea about building 7 self destructing at all… no idea about FLT 93 in PA which was nothing but a hole in the ground with no evidence of plane debris… and the same for the Pentagon. He got up out of his bar stool and said you are just another conspiracy tin foil nut case. My response was…. “If you only knew how the Mass Media is controlled by 5-6 major corporations who had a vested interest in you NOT knowing the TRUTH, maybe you would want to know why you believe what you think really happened”.

      It’s just amazing how the USA media has such power over people’s minds. This wasn’t my first conversation with Americans concerning 911. Their responses are all very similar but some question bombing the Afghans and Iraq back into the stone age.
      My parting comment to my bar friend as he was sitting in 1st class was …. “Take the time to view this youtube video by an American Dr. Judy Wood”. I got my 2nd dumb look. BTW… my wife thinks I’m weird too… go figure.. she actually believes everything she hears on CBC and that I’m not the same person she married 27 yrs ago… We will survive and the TRUTH will set us free in 2015.

      This is the video I was referring to which should open a few hard core sheeple… Dr. Judy Wood – The Amazing 9/11 Facts https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sRlYwyqDA3Y

      Thanks for allowing me to vent my frustration.. this is a good place to do it.



      1. Yes Claude – It is SOOOO frustrating to engage with folks regarding so many obvious instances when engaging with the sheeple, they can only offer the blind banter. I’m Percieved as a nutcase too neighbor ….


      2. What’s is it they say Kermit the truth is still the truth even if your in the minority one.IMHO the longer this reset takes the more people wake up to the facts,I’m starting see it around this small town even my son who since he was about 15 thought dad was a dumb ass but is now starting to ask questions is starting to see the dots connect, this dragging out might just play right into humanities hand.you’ve been given another day because of the bravey of some special kind of people,don’t let it be in vain speak out for TRUTH.


      3. The cost of America’s undeclared “war” (invasion) in Afghanistan has now reached $1 trillion borrowed dollars – massive debt heaped on us all based on what happened on 9/11 not to mention the human suffering. Military grade nanothermite is not a conspiracy theory. It was found and tested from the rubble at the twin towers. A new, powerful film has been released: The Anatomy of a Great Deception. For full disclosure I receive no compensation, but I want you to get a copy (or a few) and share it with others or give a copy as a present. I’ve purchased half a dozen copies and given them to individuals I believe seek the truth. It’s very powerful simply because it’s one ‘ordinary’ man’s story who ask a simple question that led him to a not so simple journey. There is factual information in this film that many have never heard about but everyone should. Just a suggestion, order more than one and give one to a friend. The more people we wake up the better.] For some reason the link to the movie did not show up but you can google it.


  11. Tony there was an interesting paragraph in OWoN’s latest:

    “The North American Water and Power Alliance is under Public Lien and is herein identified as the recipient of purloined credit owed to the Continental United States and the Citizenry thereof, due and owing, and is under demand to unblock all individual Capital Credit accounts for the use of the American State Citizens who have been systematically defrauded and indebted resulting in the establishment of these credit accounts in their “NAMES” but retained in the control of local utility companies and the NAWP.”

    How does this affect or relate to the NAWPA ground water project? And how do the water board have credit accounts of value for US citizens? Would you be so kind as to explain what this means? Thankyou..


    1. While I am familiar with NAWAPA and its planned and stated objectives, I am not familiar with the legalities of credit issues of the US as related to NAWAPA. I know that the uttering of credit from the US Treasury, without interest, is what the Treasury was for in the first place. That the Fed Reserve was put there as a sort of upholstered private slavery management tool in place of the US issuance of public credit is certainly well documented by those much more abler than I am.

      In a more legal system, as JFK was trending towards with issuance of public credit and not private Fed debt money, the NAWAPA project would have been paid for by credit issued by the Treasury, and eventually paid back by the revenue generated by the utility and water management fees, without interest to the people. What a shame that instead, we raped Viet Nam, and had to pay for it, at interest, to private banking cartels, who feast on the misery of all those who they subjugate with their usurious scams.


      1. Thanks Tony. That means we would be doing the same with houses etc. It makes me wonder if that means there’d be no inflation and intetest rates under that system. To invest we would have to invest in real businesses that add real value. Well, fingers crossed..


  12. I would like to have a conversation with paladin. There’s alot I can learn Learn from him in this whole world chaos.
    Some how I don’t feel comfortable with the Chinese and Russia take over of the economic situation. As both countries are kinda communist.
    Tony maybe you can clarify a lot for me as I don’t see how we as the good americans preserve what this country stands for from inception.


  13. This a very interesting letter supposedly to be sent to all heads of corporations at the time of some of global money reset. The spokesmen for the group is named Cobra,I know he’s info has said to be poo poo and maybe it is but it is very well laid out and he mentions a group of White Hats involved,Tony are you a peledian LOL sorry had to throw that in …….http://eventreference.org/2015/03/29/an-open-letter-to-corporate-executives-what-the-event-means-for-humanity-and-you/


    1. Nope.

      Homegrown from Los Angeles.

      It was fine place to experience as a kid, but all it took was several years away from that place to realize how toxic big cities are to health and well being. The lung capacity in children in that city, by the time they reach high school, is reduced on average about 30% just from the air pollution. And that’s even after all the steps taken to reduce pollution in CA. There are other places even worse. I had a friend who used to live in Hong Kong and traveled to mainland China often as we attempted to complete importation deals of various commodities to China. He never smoked. Yet, he died of lung cancer at 58. The air in some Chinese cities is almost unfit to sustain life. I will never dwell in a city over 1 million ever again.

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      1. Wow. My daughter went with a collage group to the mainland about 13 years ago and she said the same thing it was very dirty trash in the streets. Have you been looking at the drought in the mountains that calif relies on for run off and how it might affect the plan for using the snow melt for water


        1. Not been in touch with any California issues to a large extent. In my area, we have to deal with Lake Mead, which is now called Lake Mud. It was such a majestic lake at one time. I remember once when I was on the lake years ago with some friends. We took the boat close in by the dam, which in those days you could get very close to. The water was so high you could almost reach up to the top of the dam from the boat and climb off the boat. No more. The levels are about 150 feet lower now.

          Fortunately, Lake Mohave is still faring well, but this cannot keep up if Lake Meade starts to cut volume. NAWAPA, which should have started in the 1960s, would have seen us awash in water resources in the west and central US at this time, sustaining life. Instead, the funds were used for war, sustaining death.


  14. Hello Tony

    Happy Easter to all who celebrate and believe he has risen and To all the brothers and sisters of the world who have different beliefs may your day be blessed and we all give thanks for what we have and help the ones truly in need. Thank you Tony for all you and J and his team are doing I have two things I would Ike to share. The first is for J if you would be so kind to pass it on to him.


    The second is a WHAT WOULD YOU DO. Let’s not let this be a example of many and work to make this a Better World

    May the White Hats always be protected and continue the fight against the TRASH


    HCB a b


  15. Tony,

    Its great to read and see that Philly is doing well. Its great to see that she is staying her same chipper self, and that her situation didn’t take that from her. I have to agree with you, and let the lawyers do what lawyers can do to them. If that don’t work, then put them out online for the community to see. If its lost with the lawyers, and not exposed, you can bet it will be someone else’s family member next. If not already. Its great to see someone from here taken out of her situation. Unfortunately, there’s probably someone else’s family member now occupying that bed. That saddens me to think someone else is now probably undergoing what Philly was, as a replacement to that vacancy, at that home. That family isn’t aware of what is now about to add to their life. So I pray that the lawyers are quick and vigilant. I would still love to help in this anytime, as needed


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    1. Hi Mike,

      Glad you are doing better! I am glad we were able to help some. Good work on your part as well.

      Philly is doing so much better. I was contacted by the State Attorney General in reference to her case and I expect to be giving some testimony of sorts regarding her state of mind and lucidity prior to her arrival there. It looks like that chamber of horrors is going to get its just reward for the savage cruelty that is transpiring there. Once again, our modest blog is producing good for others and helping any way it can. You all get the credit for it.

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      1. OMG Tony, you would not believe how happy your news has made me this morning. That is so fantastic that action is underway regarding that facility. Thank you so much for sharing that with us, it’s very much appreciated.


    2. I have been worrying about the situation in that facility regarding the residents still in place as well Mike. Just hope it’s all over very very soon and that all the remaining residents find peace and happiness again with caring attentive employees looking after them and those that chose to behave like beats are put out of action permanently.

      Happy to know your life is brighter these days too Mike. Take good care of yourself.


  16. Hello everyone,

    I hope everyone is doing well this Easter Sunday. Things are starting to look up for me, and I want to thank everyone again for their support. I feel that OWoN and WHA has built a very good family, made up of some very good people. Special thanks to everyone here, and those helping me out locally. Also, thanks for all the inspiring and positive messages of hope. These do a lot more than many realize when they are just not some nicely worded messages, but more of what they represent to me. And that is keeping hope alive, means never giving up.

    I want to keep this message positive, so I wont be providing an update on the housing situation, other to say that I am in the process of lining up a short term solution. This is probably the best information, and hope, for my dog too. No matter where I start over, at least I will have my trusting companion with me.

    Some very good news to share though. I have been able to eat on a regular basis, and wow how that feels. My interview last week went very well. I am hoping to hear back on that soon. I have an unrelated interview setup for next week. I cant remember the last time I had two interviews in consecutive weeks. Trust me, I know without others helping, this wouldn’t be happening to me. So I am fully grateful. I don’t want to use up too much time and space on these blogs. These blogs are not about specifically me.

    Easter is a happy time around the world. This year means so much more to me and what it represents. I hope everyone is enjoying a wonderful time with their families.

    Happy Easter everyone.



  17. I wanted to post this over here as well so Tony can see that Mike’s campaign is getting people to inquire about what the own and wha are that many have referenced on the campaign page. I’m trying to see if they’ll add the links to these sites if people are interested in seeing what these reference means. Thanks

    Happy Good Friday everyone. One last week in the 30 days I wanted to help on this blog. After that it will remain ongoing off this blog. We’ve slowed a bit. Hoping to hit that critical 5k mark to set Mike up the next 60 days so he can start working. As many are aware credit disappears early when things go bad. So cash is king right now. I got an update that some of the latest donations are from a local effort and that is also gaining attention of outsiders to Tony John and canauzzies sites. So this has been good for both sides gaining awareness. I’m told the campaign is getting some to ask about what is this own and wha. That’s awesome. We want more to come over here. We’re just shy of 4k and maybe we can raise 1k more this week. The campaign started on the 9th so we are down to the last week. If you have a free minute please help us circulate on social media. Thanks everyone. Awesome job. And even bringing more people to these sites. http://www.gofundme.com/obt31g


  18. I had one of my aunts over to our house over the weekend. While we were in the basement, I pointed out to her that I was doing something my great aunts used to do, which made me think, I should share that with everyone here.

    Unfortunately, I was very young when they would tell me stories about the Great Depression. Being young, I recalled a few of them, but more so, recall their actions. It was most notable when each great aunt passed away (who shared housing) and the family was cleaning out their flat on Chicago’s north side.

    In a large pantry closet, we found (I kid you not) up to 50 bars of Ivory soap. All the bars were unwrapped. My grandma told me that they would age the soap, so it would last longer. She said that during the Depression, soap was not an easy commodity to get, so if you had it, you would make sure it lasted long. That was something I told my aunt I was doing, because my great aunts did that. I only am up to about 20 bars of soap, but that was something that I never forgot. I thought I would share that in this forum, because sometimes we get too centered on the GCR that we forget that other things in day to day living are as important.

    Another thing I found interesting is that when we were cleaning out the flat, I would randomly find money in very odd places. My grandma mentioned that since they didn’t trust the bank, they kept “just enough” in it and stashed the rest where they lived. I cannot recall how much we found, yet we just kept finding cash everywhere. For example, if you would pull out a dresser drawer, there was money behind the drawer (not just in the drawer).

    If anyone else has anecdotes like this to share, i think now is the time to do so. Since we are a like minded support group, I think info like this benefits everyone. I sense those days are coming again.

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    1. Okay, GL, one from Chicago and LA:

      I remember my Irish grandmother unwrapping cigarette butts and saving the tobacco in large coffee canisters so my mom would have something to smoke in case of nuclear attack. She also tried to save canned goods but that never worked out too well, since we always ended up eating whatever she was trying to save. She was fond of inventing various emergency plans in case the airraid sirens “went off.”

      Thinking about it now for the first time in many years, OMG, it’s so funny, in a high-strange, surreal sort of way.

      Kudos to Grandma. May she rest in eternal, un-irradiated peace.


    2. Thanks for that! — My Mother-in-Law taught me the soap trick, and yes it was Ivory on top of her water heater LOL!! I don’t like Ivory, so I stockpile Dove. I have about 30-40 aging as on top of the water heater as I type!

      She also taught me the secret to making the best Potato Salad. Her son sent me over to her place soon after getting married with instructions to learn how to make it like his Mom’s. I still make it that way to this day. I am now 58 and the Potato Salad is incredible!

      Just sharing a memory or two,


      1. Cyndy…You’re going to taunt us with incredible potato salad and not share the recipe? What if I told you one of my ancestors discovered the potato for human consumption during a famine in Europe? True story. His name was Parmentier. Would you be inclined to share potato salad recipe? 😀

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Texian and all — Sorry! Grab this while you can!! —

        The Best Potato Salad – Recipe

        This recipe makes incredible creamy delicious potato salad. The trick is to cook the potatoes whole. The potatoes are done when they start to split. Yes, the outsides are overcooked, that’s part of the secret. So drain the water off when they are slightly crumbly and splitting on the outside. Next is to let them cool on the counter. Do not refrigerate the potatoes to cool. Begin the potato salad when you can handle them easily, almost room temperature but still a bit warm. What happens is, when you cube them up, the too-done parts mix with the mayonaise and egg yolks to create the creamy goodness.. It’s a VERY simple recipe. Sometimes simple really is best.

        Try this once, I DARE YOU!!!!


        6-7 medium (not small) potatoes. I use brown Russett. Red potatoes are also good. Yukon Gold are the not as good, wrong consistancy.
        9-10 hard boiled eggs – Chop, and use a fork on the yolks so they mix in well.
        Almost a full bunch of chopped green onions (let your taste guide you)
        Some finely chopped celery for crunch, about a half cup, up to 3/4 would be ok if you really love celery.
        About 1 level tablespoon French’s mustard. 2 is too many.
        Salt and Pepper to taste
        Dash Sugar (about 1 level teaspoon)
        About, or a bit over 2/3rds of a quart of Best Foods/Hellman’s Mayonaise (no other brand). Certainly no less than 2/3rds of the quart, seriously, just do it.

        OPTIONAL: For variation, acouple chopped sweet pickles, or bread and butter pickles but Don’t Overdo It.

        MIX WELL. Don’t be afraid to go over that 2/3rd of a quart of mayo..

        This recipe is really incredible, and I’m NOT kidding. Ut’s a winner, and I have not varied from it in over 37 adult years.



    1. It has been vividly clear that china wants total domination for years. Including slave mentality. I do not believe that china wants to help humanity. They are buying up assets all over the world for many many yrs. getting ready for their dictatorship. As in china right now, their own people live in poverty (most of them) and their elites are the royals. Right up here in Idaho below Boise, they bought 50 X 50 sq miles of land and building a china city within our country…..and from what I have heard, there are MANY other china cities all over the USA.


      1. And we should strike fine figures otherwise? 1M dead civilians in Iraq would have gladly had Chinese businesses, rather than American bombs in their cities.

        Slave mentality is alive here too. Our tax system is based on Marx. We are all communists in form, if not in substance. The entire WORLD structure is an aberration and needs to be redesigned. Until then, there will be no perfect “government” or “monetary system” that will solve the worlds ills. That would be like trying to invent a shark vaccine that makes them never bite. It may work, but eventually the sharks are no more because they wont eat.

        The WGS/PPs will bring us closer to a fairer system, but it wont eliminate corruption, and not one person involved in bringing them forward doubts this. But, it will make it possible for more funds to reach GOOD people and SANE projects. This will enable the more rapid advancement of our pace towards the inevitable society without money, politics, war, corruption, which only can be achieved by rapid infusion of our technological prowess into the intelligent management of the earths resources. Governments are the wrong structure for such and they never will be the right ones for it, Chi-com or otherwise.

        That being said, the Elders of the East are not Chi-coms.

        Thanks for your comments.

        Liked by 1 person

  19. Well, I figured it was time for me to stop waiting and hoping for someone else to bring these comments over from OWoN. I thought this was so relevant and I was completed encouraged by what J said here. I hope that anyone, who hasn’t read it already, will be as well.

    WEDNESDAY, APRIL 1, 2015 AT 4:34:00 AM MDT

    “Once the PPs are released, we and patriotic Americans will look at a real drive to get 20 or 30 competent and focused Independents in, to hold the balance of power. Greed will do the rest. That way, refuse to follow the new Power Brokers demands and they all lose office.

    That is the start. Plus disenfranchising the Fed. Smashing the Press Barons racket and opening up a Free Press with public supervision. Force the CIA under full Congressional control and oversight. Stopping Banks funding Derivatives gambles.and close Goldmans.

    Re educating society and taking all schools away from Religious orders. Cutting all Defense and Agency spending by at least 35%. Cancelling US passports and Residency for all Israeli dual passport holders. Boot them out. Jail ALL Bankers caught racketeering. Stop ALL Bankers funding Election expenses. Limit the Jewish Lobby funding by Law.

    Bring America back to a real Democracy and limit terms in office. STOP Presidential Pardons for crooks. Tax ALL Religions. Cut State spending. Focus on Infrastructure and jobs. Stop all Welfare after 3 months. Fruit pick, work on Infrastructure projects, work to eat or die.Work away or fade away.

    The impending collapse of America will help achieve this. Let it go and rebuild. Then the West will stand with you as Allies.”

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I wanted to thank you for those comments, J. I really love it when you write like this. Although you know I do always enjoy your witty rhymes, this was almost as sexy as Paladin and Canauzzie’s words, but to clear, still not close to as sexy as Tman and Tony.

      Seriously though, I really appreciated that, thanks so much for taking the time to address some of our concerns in that bullet-point kind of way. It gave me a little more clarity on what we’re looking for going forward. And it gives me hope and encouragement that a real plan is in place and that cool heads, brilliant minds, and brave souls will prevail.

      I also admired the discussion between you and ‘Constitutionalist’ and felt reassured once again, that you do really love all of us American rabble.

      Like ‘Constututionalist’, I’ve been in this battle since about 2007. I’ve made calls to reps and media outlets; been to townhall meetings and campaign rallies. I’ve covered my kids in t-shirts, buttons, and bumper stickers and we’ve marched. I’ve taught our daughters the things I learned and they’ve brought it into their schools (public & private) at every level – elementary, high school, & college. I’ve sent emails, circulated White Hat Reports and lately, OWoN articles. Hell, I literally even wrote a book!

      In 2008, I sent queries to dozens and dozens of editors… a light exposé on government waste and abuse, specifically of Air Force One and the outrageous expense involved in even the most mundane travel. It was for readers of all ages and was intended to open eyes and start discussions. We even met with a friend of ours who’d just sold his family’s publishing company to Simon & Schuster; although he loved it, no editor would touch it. There was simply no appetite to disparage our historic new president and his grand tour across the planet.

      So we fight on, undeterred. My husband and a colleague are currently working with city officials and investors to push forward with their new project. It’s a visionary concept that’s been very well received by industry experts and will literally open the door for infrastructure projects in our area and even nation and worldwide.

      We also own one statewide school and are co-owners of a second, which we’re franchising and will be moving into neighboring states. We understand the importance of re-education and have always used this platform and bully pulpit to introduce many of the topics discussed in White Hat Reports and at WHA & OWoN. All of our students have been receptive; and many have already been reaching deeper within and outward beyond their comfort zones in search of truth and answers.

      I realize these efforts are still small in the grand scheme and pale in comparison to the sacrifices made by your team and the White Hats. I just want you all to know there are many, many of us doing all we can within our legal limits and without inviting the wrath of the strong arm agencies of the ptb. And although, most of us operate with limited resources, we haven’t been sitting around waiting for the Calvary to come or the proceeds from speculative currency investments to manifest. We’re engaged and authoring the pages of our life books, we’re tenacious & relentless, and we’ll remain steadfast & loyal.

      As ‘Constitultionalist’ stated, there is a huge contingency of patriotic Americans that want to change the direction of this country. There’s a palpable sense of revolution brewing across the nation. This is a reality that’s being hidden, distorted, and manipulated by the MSM. Real America doesn’t look like NYC, Washington DC, or Ferguson, Missouri.

      Unfortunately, too many Americans are oblivious to what’s really going on and I won’t offer any excuses for that. I will just say, by cabal design, many live with their heads underwater and struggle daily to grasp onto something strong and resolute. Knowing what to believe AND who to trust, is an overwhelming battle in itself.

      Furthermore, Americans, the ones we want AND need in this fight, will never take kindly to bashing anything ‘American’. Most know very well that our government doesn’t represent us, the people. And most of the American people do NOT support or condone anything our government does. We don’t want them in OUR lives, let alone spending our money to get in the lives of people on the other side of the planet! But if you say things like, “take down the American government” or “American soldiers are evil” then people here start getting a little defensive. However, if you say you’re gonna drop the white light of freedom on Washington DC… most Americans will just ask you how long should we hold our breath and when can we go sweep up the ashes.

      Please believe me, I never want to seem impatient, ungracious, or defiant. Please understand when I ask questions, raise opposition, or submit concerns, I mean absolutely no disrespect. For the sake of my children, however, I just cannot afford to live in silent consent anymore. I am painfully aware of the epic war being waged against humanity. I am so mindful and genuinely appreciative of the tireless work of all of you involved deep in the trenches and on the front line. I stand united with legions of grateful & good Americans who are ready, willing, & able to help in this battle you noble jedi have been waging for so long.

      We all want to destroy the evil empire and put an end to the sinister reign of the cabal; and we want to help you restore freedom, justice, and peace to our entire galaxy. May the Force be with us all… always.

      Liked by 7 people

        1. These are high level, top tier platforms of a private nature and the details are not available to the public. They are going to be used to fund positive, life supporting ventures that are relevant to the things we watch here.


  20. As we’ve basically been told we can ‘stand down’ over Easter, I hope everyone enjoys the long weekend. May you spend it with those you love, doing what you love.

    I asked a rabbit that I knew
    To lay an Easter egg for you
    The air was filled with a chilly frost
    And the rabbit said to me “GET LOST!
    That egg routine is for the funnies.
    We rabbits just have little bunnies.”
    This information spoiled my day
    But Happy Easter, anyway.

    See you on the other side!


    1. Dang it! I don’t know why, but lately every time I go to post on this site WordPress has changed the profile name to my own wordpress account rather than what I signed on here with. I’ve managed to notice every time until last night – it never occurred to me to check it because I had posted earlier in the day. So, the Easter wishes are from me, not some lurker who has never posted before.

      Sorry about that, Tony. I know it causes you extra time as well because you have to backcheck.

      Enjoy your weekend. And please send the spring weather back to us! (Better yet, simply share yours – wouldn’t want people with spring to have our snowy, chilly stuff.)


    1. If you want a great composer to listen to that creates 432hz music and uses bio-harmonic technology (that he created) you have to listen to Steven Halpern.

      It is THE BEST for meditation, relaxation and altogether sound health.

      I have about 6 of his albums.

      If you click on the 432mz tab and go to the 4 albums, click on Chakra Suite or any of them and they will open. There is a music symbol to the left of each song. You can click on it to listen to them.

      It’s like having a spa in your house.


      1. HIW thanks for sharing this. I am going to try it. I listen to ‘zen’ music in my home, piano, flute, celtic, and harp. It really is relaxing.


  21. Hello Everyone. I have another update from OWON.

    Thursday, April 2, 2015 at 9:29:00 AM MDT

    “Easter dumbs down the system for 2 weeks. We will advise any moves.”


  22. The Jig Is Up with Jim Willie Parts I and II

    “Will Lehr of Perpetual Assets Interviews Dr. Jim Willie, editor of the Hat Trick Letter on http://www.GoldenJackass.comJoin us for a different angle, a unique investigation of the unprecedented events unfolding. This is a fantastic, action packed interview with almost 2 hours of content. Jim dives into the collapsing platforms of the US dollar. The tide is turning very quickly. Jim’s wealth of knowledge never ceases to amaze me and he seems to never miss a news development. Jim reveals his belief that half of the purpose for the AIIB development bank will be the BRICS gold central bank. Jim gives us a rare breakdown of much of his brain team. Bear with us in the end as we ramble and chat a bit, on and off topic. Jim tells us his story of meeting a Rothschild. Cold fusion, corrupt Vatican accounts, the new sheriff from the East, and Hitler- the topics covered are vast.”


    Liked by 1 person

    1. I still have an issue with the fact that if they gathered all the animals around over there during that time, what about all the animals that we have over here that were not over there then. How did they get saved? Hhhmmm…


      1. Gen 7:10 And it came to pass after seven days that the waters of the flood were on the earth. 11 In the six hundredth year of Noah’s life, in the second month, the seventeenth day of the month, on that day all the fountains of the great deep were broken up, and the windows of heaven were opened. 12 And the rain was on the earth forty days and forty nights. (‘fountains of the great deep were broken up’ – continental and landmass separation?)


      2. Just wondering how anyone would know that the “animals over here” weren’t on the ark? As I remember reading he (Noah) was commanded to take (2 pairs) of each of the unclean animals and (7 pairs) each of the clean animals. Genesis 7:2
        Now “clean” vs “unclean” might be a good study.


  23. Jim Willie always reveals more tidbits of astonishing information with every interview. Here in this one from Red Pill Reports on Truth Frequency Radio on 30 March 2015 he mentions that hundreds of US generals and admirals who were loyal to the Constitution were fired by Clinton, Bush and Obama; that Obama failed five times recently to initiate a first-strike nuclear attack against Russia…and that Joan Rivers is not dead.

    The interview begins a little past 01:00:00.


    Also posted at OWoN


    1. Another home run by Dr Willie.

      His breakdown of how all the new BRICS “developments” are simply huge gold standard platforms was brilliant. Further, he outlines how they cannot just kill the dollar, but will remove the stage it is currently on while it falls down to lower status. You have to give credit to how they are doing this. Methodically, steadily, they are de-fanging the old system while keeping enough life in it so it can gum its food and live while becoming less influential and able to bite your nads off.

      His mention of the New Development Bank being such in name only (and not about development) and really just the place where other treasuries and sovereign bonds will be converted to gold bullion was stunning, and in line with what we know to be coming – and as our WH contact has told us. This is about repairing, re-tooling and saving the financial systems of the world to prevent total collapse by putting in place what’s coming, and on a firm foundation of gold and responsible money.

      The description of the AIIB going to be the GLOBAL development bank, and not just an Asian only development bank, was very key. No more World Bank dominance.

      His further explanation of how China joined the IMF in order to “watch over its death” closely mirrors our friend in London’s reasons why they did, which puts the SDR theory blather out the window. And for good reason, for as they say – GIGO.

      Dr. Willie nails it. I am convinced that his London contacts are parallel to (but not superior to) ours at OWoN, and we are sitting in the right place to know what’s going down.

      Thanks for bringing this over!

      Liked by 3 people

      1. Just finished listening to this, one of the best Jim Willie’s ever. It seems like he has a link to everything happening on this planet. He also really has a way with words, lol.


        1. I like Jim Willie and he does explain things in common language well. Without disparaging Jim, he is not an insider and only explains what he is told by others. The ‘Voice’ in particular.

          WHA promises nothing other than 48 hr notice of the dinar RV. That is a big plus. I can relax, and wait for valid information. We do live one day at a time. Live in love for today, and you live well.

          If one believes Jim Willie (as I do) the US economy is based on counterfeit money. Without this counterfeit ‘argent’ we will soon have our bank balances, social safety net and pensions summarily eliminated at the RV. Be prepared to live like the rest of earth’s current refugees, eking out a living by stir-frying cats and ramen in charcoal fueled hubcaps on the street corner. Helping your neighbor will mean starving beside him, not dribbling out a meager existence to him from your personal largesse while maintaining a socioeconomic status quo.

          I believe the RV will be extremely painful and humiliating. Those few who are prepared will suffer less than others, but there is nowhere left for all Americans to go but down. Previous decades of free money are not a valid baseline. The world is waiting to exact payback for our greedy warmongering. Prepare your anus.


  24. April Fools!

    Sorry, I know that was corny… just a little fun, though! And I figured I better say something quick before someone said, “good riddance. and move on!”

    Happy Wednesday Tony and WHA!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ha Ha. you cheeky little critter. Heck Sis, you held out for 4 minutes lol. I would have given up in about 30 seconds, You’re not going anywhere Missy, you are here for the long haul, so get nice and comfy as our ride is not over yet. Enjoy a beautiful day gorgeous.


      1. Hee hee! I know, 4 minutes of reckless abandon… I scare myself sometimes!

        And you’re so right, I’m here for the duration and the after-party following! Tony will just have to turn the lights out on you and me, both!

        Much love to you my sweet sis, mmwah!


  25. And so it begins. Now that the Internet is Gov controlled these types of laws were sure to follow. As I read this all I see is they now have the right to block access to anything they want (in the interest of national security). And of course this is done through an EO because you have to keep “burning the constitution” quiet:


    If this is done at top level DNS services (for instance through ICANN) then sites will simply stop resolving. Say goodbye to your favorite truth movement sites now. Freedom of speech? Only in your dreams. Just try to get your site turned back on after it has been shut off. And if you think it does not impact you because you are outside the US – think again. All DNS propagates down from the root. So if they makes changes at the root it changes the WWW globally. So inside ICANN they will go to this department as my best guess:


    Liked by 1 person

    1. I was wondering about this too, Mathew. Seems like free speech will be greatly affected. I don’t want to loose the ability to read from the truth sites either.


    2. I’ve heard there are technologies emerging that can help this all, it’s just a question of if we will have access to that. I’ve even heard discussions of advances that would make digital communication SAFER than talking to each other, due to all of the listening/video devices that we are carrying around with us these days… I hope it’s true!


    1. This is a wonderful video. I watched it a few days ago. I am waiting for the video about The Venus Project specifically to come out.


      1. The type of world I want us to get to live in: no need for money; trading, sharing, bartering goods; all working together for the better good; abundance with all working in things they enjoy; innovative ways to take care of pollution and poisons; no more need to eat animals, but get our foods based on plant life; clean environment; truth education; coming together to govern responsibly and kindly for all.


    2. WOW! Thank you so much for sharing this video Tony, I really enjoyed it and found it extremely interesting. I am super keep to watch the next one in the series too.


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