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As a sign of respect to our WH teams, we are going to re-blog their latest report, #50. We will do so with all their subsequent reports, unless told otherwise. Continue to await further news and be pro-active in your lives while you wait for things to progress to resolution of whatever nature we can realistically expect.

Stay tuned. We are in the right place. 




April 14, 2015 – White Hats Report #50 – WE’RE BACK!

After much soul searching, it’s been decided to restart The White Hats Report website in an effort to continue the work begun over 4 years and 47 reports ago. At that time, we suspended our reporting as other matters had to take precedence. In the meantime, Kerry Cassidy graciously provided me blog space on her Project Camelot website wherein I offered submissions periodically for posting and some sites linked to this blog including One World of Nations.

In addition, the furor over our failure to release #48 was addressed in my article entitled “About 48”.  This was written for my blog at Project Camelot’s website in addition to being posted here. In this article, I attempted to clarify (1) Why report #48 was not released as promised; (2) The original purpose and objective of the reports and (3) the targeted audience of the White Hats Reports. I also stated the various reasons why report #48 wasn’t released, in part due to the total apathetic response to the historic speech delivered by Lord David James on February 16, 2012 in the House of Lords. He described the $15 trillion theft by the Federal Reserve in favor of Pureheart Investments, LTD. At the time, the approximate deficit of the US criminal government’s income tax obligation shortfall obligated future generations of Americans if not cosmetically enhanced.

And not a single word. Not a single investigation or rally or groundswell of outrage to effect change. The silence was and still IS deafening. Seems you all don’t care and condone the corruption of your government and the banksters who own your futures, your children’s future and their children’s future.

I also stated in “About 48” that just because we didn’t release  #48 then we couldn’t release it in the future. That remains the case but until it appears that support from all corners of the US will be behind it, there’s no reason to even consider such a disclosure. Do we want clean governance and pro active media monitoring?

This time around, our focus will not be on the cabal or the politician/law enforcement/judiciary/corporate crowd as they have displayed before the world exactly where they stand by doing absolutely nothing about the deep corruption of the financial system. Our focus this time will be you, the readers. After my response to a troll blogger at another site went semi-viral, being dubbed “Paladin’s Manifesto” by Kerry at Project Camelot, the response from you, the readers, has been overwhelming. It’s both humbled and heartened me and is the impetus behind us resuming the battle in a very public and directed way. Also, we have the backing of key, well placed senior entities whose probity is beyond question.

There’s no room for egos in the battle against the cabal as it fractures, divides and distracts us from our main goal and that remains total freedom. Joining hands and forces with other warriors in the battle to break the chains of our slavery is the ultimate goal.

“The Matrix is a system, Neo”

The tax system, the social media system, the government health care system, the political system, the banking system, the welfare system and all the other “systems” form the invisible prison we live in today. Through the owned media rock stars, these systems are introduced, promoted and defended by the ever running Agency run propaganda machine.  As good slaves, we all buy into the control mechanism that keeps us in chains.

“But when you’re inside, you look around, what do you see? Businessmen, teachers, lawyers, carpenters. The very minds of the people we are trying to save.”

We’ve become the shining example of “boiling the frog”. We take the bait of social media or the health care system and immerse ourselves in THEIR matrix, like a mindless fish, swallowing the bait hook, line and sinker.  Rather than give pushback every time they tried to take an inch, we’ve sat back and allowed the inches to turn into feet and now it’s a mile every time a new piece of the agenda (21) is introduced.  And we continue to adapt without even voicing objections, too busy with latest twitter trend or checking our facebook accounts to be bothered. We have become enraptured with mediocrity.

“But until we do, these people are still a part of that system and that makes them our enemy. You have to understand, most of these people are not ready to be unplugged.”

With the water getting a bit hotter and we learn to adapt to less freedom, we start to espouse their immoral views and stances, further taking ourselves down that dark hole to the abyss, soon to be unable to think for ourselves or do for ourselves,  completely dependent on the puppet Masters to determine our entire existence. As they have planned and programmed society today.

“And many of them are so inured, so hopelessly dependent on the system that they will fight to protect it.”

We give in to their immoral codes and satanic rituals, soon adopting them as our own because it’s the politically correct thing to do, violating nature’s laws and the Creator’s laws in the process…..to our own detriment.


Those of you who’ve gotten wind of our restarting this blog were perhaps hoping we had something positive to announce, I’m sorry to disappoint you. The cold, harsh reality is, things are bad and they’re going to get much worse unless we all take action. The Chinese are in a battle against the European bloodline families for control of the financial system and given they’ll be backing it up with gold, who do you think will win? And they won’t be saving the US or you in the process, we HAVE to save ourselves.  If we continue smoking the hopium promoted by the mainstream media and the cabal’s internet shills, we’ll be the ones left standing when the music stops.


The positive response to my “Manifesto” has rallied the “troops” to give it one more try, one last attempt to right the wrongs, set things straight and take back our country, lives and heritage. So it’s time to decide whether you wish to lead, follow or get out of the way.

Those of you who wish to lead, it’s time to step up, be counted and make a difference. We’ve sat around the campfire and discussed the response of the public to all the rumored mass arrests. I’ve got news for you, it isn’t happening.  Who will do the arresting? The same corrupt law enforcement gangs who’ve allowed the criminals to build their empire in the last 100+ years? The same politicians who are beholden to the puppet masters for their government stipend funded by the taxpayers?

If you wish to follow or support, then we will assist with that in every way possible.

And for those of you who need to get out of the way…..if you aren’t for us, you’re against us. If you “fight to protect it” as Morpheus says, you’ll become our enemy as well.  If your children and grandchildren aren’t important enough to save, then GET OUT OF THE WAY.

The world we live in is changing rapidly and if we want a seat at the table to determine our future, we need to act NOW. Rest assured there will be a sorting out process in the coming weeks and months to determine the new direction of the country and the world.

Times have not stood still. Other warriors of freedom in the fight with us, have affected major gains in Global relationship development, and have a freedom window of dialog into the foremost Asian policy debating groups. The very relationships we need to be cultivating if we are to have any representative consideration in the new, emerging and fast changing world evolving in ways diametrically opposed to the Cabal and corrupted Western Fiscal systems of control. We have good Allies, we are not alone.

We have a window of opportunity that will not stay open forever so the time to ACT is NOW.

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  1. Wow, US FINALLY approved 2010 IMF reforms, they so fought hard to avoid.

    US Congress moves on IMF reforms
    After dragging its feet for five years, the US Congress has at long last approved International Monetary Fund reforms that will give more voting rights to emerging economies like China, India and Brazil.

    Wednesday morning in Washington, Republican and Democratic Party members of the US Congress announced agreement on an omnibus spending bill that included a provision to legally enact reforms to the International Monetary Fund (IMF) agreed by the Obama Administration in 2010, according to a report by AFP.

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    • Well, now. How interesting. I don’t have a mortgage, or any credit card debt, so I am really not at all affected by this small Fed fart. Let’s see what Dr. Willie has to say about this scrotum-less rate rise. Bitcoin has been performing very well lately so the Fed can KMA, then consume doodoo and drop off. If there ever was a worthless bunch, it’s the Fed. Complicity in a 15T theft via Pureheart makes them a worthless bunch of corrupt monkeys, for which I have always planned to work around and survive IN SPITE of their so-called mandate to “stabilize the monetary system”. Ha! Bunch of rum runners at best.

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  2. I love big picture views, these two quotes sum the situation nicely for me and I hope others find them useful to pinpoint the ‘why’ of what is going on, and why China and Russia are not (IMO) part of the NWO:

    “With no regard for the underlying systemic weakness of the entire petrodollar system, the U.S. began to rely heavily on economic sanctions as a means of forcing geopolitical capitulation [to keep the petrodollar going]. It was virtually inevitable that potential targets of such actions would eventually attempt to mitigate these hegemonic actions by the U.S.”


    “A Russian-Chinese alternative to the dollar in the form of a gold-backed ruble and gold-backed Renminbi or yuan, could start a snowball exit from the US dollar, and with it, a severe decline in America’s ability to use the reserve dollar role to finance her wars with other peoples’ money,”

    from “Gold Backed Russian Ruble, Chinese Yuan Primed To Destroy U.S. Dollar As Global Reserve Currency”



  3. WHA this is the most cogent comment I have read yet on the question of whether China (et al) is part of the globalist NWO:

    “As to whether China is controlled by the same PTB, I’m not sure, I find it hard to believe. They may want to play in the same SDR basket but I doubt China would allow itself to be controlled by Israel.”

    It makes sense that of course China has different levels of governance, just like Merika, and that the lower levels of actual gov are being used to make use of the globalist infrastructure to establish a beachhead there to use to China’s advantage. China has forced the IMF to go along with it, and helped the globalists bring down the USD. But it’s not going to then give up the prize is it? It will take it further and will not allow its hard work to be squandered by a group of thugs who want to use China for its own benefit. I reckon China and Russia do actually want a multipolar and prosperous world. Why? Because after amassing all the gold, what real wealth us there besides trade and influence of the trade? Perpetual war and all that BS seems against the Eastern agenda.

    For this reason I think that China is not simply part of the NWO machine. No philosophy here, just logic.



  4. Caravan To Midnight finally posts JW’s interview that’s been pending for a week or so. Howee Quap – this one is 3.5 hours! Gonna have to piece this one together over the weekend:


  5. OWoN:

    This one is too good not to share. Abby receives an email.

    Dear Abby, I have been married over 30 years to a liar, whose always cheated on me. He has been unemployed for the last 14 years and wont look for a job. I work flat out keeping him while he spends his time lazing around with his low life buddies, drinking and chasing Hookers, smoking fancy cigars, and he is a serial liar. We had a daughter whose now since married and left. He tells his friends I am a Lesbian and criticises my appearance. He clearly does not value or respect me, so what can I do?

    Dear Anonymous, Get a grip and get real. Time to face your life as is, after all, you are now running for the Presidency of the United states.


    Could someone please pass a copy to WHA for a laugh for them all. We need Tony snorting coffee up his nose.

    Read more at: http://www.oneworldofnations.com/2015/12/active-comment-section-11-december-2015.html?showComment=1449848352742#c6577653479434637913
    OWoN © All Rights Reserved

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    • Bahahahahahahaha!

      That was great! I appreciate our friends in London taking the time from their important work to attend to my laughter. This time, I still have not had my coffee just yet so no need for clean up. LOL

      Between the coffee and the boogers in the armadillo’s nose for BB, we are shaping up to be a motley crew. LOL


  6. OWoN:

    While the markets may create their own panic rumor fluctuation, nothing big is planned for this year, OK.

    Our team are still with the Elders and next they come to London, but next year.

    Stay calm, December is no month for major changes. Our Elites all have Bahamas holidays planned. Cant let the world get in the way. Charts are only for indications, but hard facts are for the Shadow rulers.

    Read more at: http://www.oneworldofnations.com/2015/12/active-comment-section-4-december-2015.html?showComment=1449776026992#c6795941974166007630
    OWoN © All Rights Reserved


    • Thank you, very good info.

      A metals portfolio is essential. Well balanced, it will be there as insurance when currencies falter. Ignore anyone who is trying to get you to rid yourself of your metals portfolio. Such blather is idiocy. If you are holding metals that are below par, then hold on as if it was an insurance policy that will spring forward when other portions of your corpus are faltering. My portfolio was started in late 1999, and has risen to the occasion. When fiat bankers were scamming retirees with their sub-prime shafting, and stocks were crashing, metals plugged the holes in the line while reserves were arriving.

      Do what’s right for YOU, whatever it is. Gold and Silver are money. It always has been, and always will be. 10,000 years as such cannot be tossed aside because some paper pushing SDR gapseed reblogs IMF caterwauling about economic masterbation. What are you going to do with SDRs?

      Rock on…


    • GL a couple of things stood out for me that weren’t mentioned:
      1. The dollar parachute carrying a gold coin / bag.
      2. The sun with a butterfly touching the ray at the 3 o’clock position.
      3. The businessman in the ufo tutu.
      4. A very diverse nation-set represented.
      5. The Swiss-guard atop the pagoda.
      6. Greenspan above a cash register with 2008 or 2018.

      Synopsis sketch: the vatican continues its use of china to bring down the unipolar us empire with an event in March that results in the whole world screaming for and requiring a gold backed currency set and trn as per willie. This 2008 on steroids will allow the global gov to be in place by / in 2018. Disclosure of a sort outs the MIC involvement with advanced off-world technology OR they are planning a false flag ET attack. Hillary the new Queen with Bill working it behind the scenes.


    • See, I knew this was going to be fun to release as a momentary diversion. I have not had time to dissect it yet, but agree that “they always tell us what they are going to do, before they do it”. Every time I see something like this, I think about Pastor Lindsey Williams. I like the idea of gold pulling the dollar back to earth!


      • Well I don’t agree with what I wrote. It’s obvious they want grunts like me to think that’s what they’ll do. Phooey. Not playing their game. As the frequencies rise their plans will turn out differently to what they hoped and it won’t be in their favour.


  7. Tony, let me thank you and OWoN for all you do. Without the two sites we would be totally in the dark. I have learned so much from both sites. My eyes have been opened to so much. J at OWoN said look into next year. Is he talking about the dinar or all currency. I have been trying to open the minds of people but they have a hard time believing. The main cause i believe is they do not want to believe things are really that bad. Knowing what you and OWoN do for us, I will not give up.


    • Hi,

      I do believe he is talking about all currencies appurtenant to the GCR, etc.

      And in all candor, OWoN and The White Hats get all the credit here. I am just someone who organized a blog to agitate for getting some of this information to all of you. That’s all I did.

      The rest is in their hands.

      I also have to add, that this line: “Simply trust and watch the sites. Drop the Guru focus and Grunt rumours. Do you really think the Global dynamics of complex economic resolutions will be availed through a fee grabbing Shithouse Rat in Palookervile? Focus on life, not lunatics…” made me laugh so hard I spit coffee all over my desk.

      He’s right. The very fact that NOTHING has gone down as continuously claimed by gurus who have their hands out is a clear indication that constant “good news” is being used as a tactic to help lubricate the flow of cash donations.

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    • OMG! Ralph is such a hoot!

      During an interview a few years back regarding the David Petraeus scandal, he said “Been there. Done that. Paid the alimony.”

      I don’t why Stuart got so bent, he did ask… and that seemed like a pretty authentic response.


  8. OWoN:

    Some accurate information for WHA and to help support Tony.

    1. Elders. There are 30 key family groups, all old Chinese Ancestral. We, via our own relationships, are in detailed discussions with the core Elders representing 26 of the families. Just us! Our side because we are equally linked to a certain Monarchy and Noble dynasty. No details! They will ONLY deal with certain families for good reason. Trust. Their choice and ours to respect the talks.

    2. The Blogs are awash with weekly pronouncements of Bogus M1’s. If only! All decisions are collective, and only approved parties know. As such all discussion are in strict confidence. Our key team have been there for the last 5 weeks again. For good reasons and not for public release. Not Dreamers, fantasists, or Hustlers operating for fee grabs. Such parties are living in a fanciful delusion land. The only paper they will receive, is toilet and well used!

    3. Again the Blogs seem awash with so many misinformed claims of alleged settlements and payments. All inaccurate, wrong and timewasting rhetoric. Mindless Gobshites – the lot!

    4. Nothing is moving until certain tasks are completed,and No, we won’t explain. Need to know- it’s a No!

    5. OWON and WHA alone will know first. Wasting lives and building false hopes tracking these Plebeian sites is ridiculous. An insult to intelligence. But Archi Bunker says- VVVV!!!! That is meant as 2 V fingers to Numpties. No. No. No. No!

    6. There will not be a mass issuance for Wannabes to play The Man. Why? For what? Earn it!

    7. No one asked anyone to ambulance chase these notes. You have no “Rights”. Get real.

    8. We have seen how many truly well intentioned people there are on both sites, who with Project Capital help, can be part of something good for humanity. Helping deliver needed services and Projects. We know the difference between the genuine Souls and the Vexatious Grunts with greedy hands out. Wasters wanting bailing. Who cares? We will help those who deserve it and can put back. We care. Not for Ass Souls but for needing Souls. Be assured, we can tell the difference and know.

    9. Very delicate discussions are in advanced play. It would help both sites if parties simply stopped blogging fantasy rumours. It distracts focus. It’s WRONG! Nothing real is leaking, and garbage just has real people freaking. When you know nothing say nothing. We know daily each move and still say nothing. For good reasons.

    10. Simply trust and watch the sites. Drop the Guru focus and Grunt rumours. Do you really think the Global dynamics of complex economic resolutions will be availed through a fee grabbing Shithouse Rat in Palookervile? Focus on life, not lunatics.

    11.When the time is right, you will know. Anyone real on the vast web, knows where the strands lead, and who to.

    12. Money will be ” Managed”. Not by a jackass in Jakarta, or Blogmeisters. If you don’t know, it is not happening.

    13. Respect, to all of you, you are not being ignored. But don’t by badly advised by Hypesters. Truth is free on the 2 sites. Not Buddy can you send me a dime?

    Look into next year. Reality. For some there is hope. Stop tracking Gobshites. A wonderful Irish word. So appropriate. Lol.

    Trust and hope. But use that time for the life you have. Live it. Real values. Real issues. Make it happen. Go the extra mile. Make someone worse off smile. That is real! There is so much good out there. But only for those holding Dolly Parton Coat of Many Colours film tickets. That is the ticket to ride.

    Read more at: http://www.oneworldofnations.com/2015/12/active-comment-section-4-december-2015.html OWoN © All Rights Reserved

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  9. Scammed againe????A new guide to lobbying and greenwashing around the UN climate talks is released today. ‘Lobby Planet Paris – a guide to corporate COP21’ highlights the corporate influence over the UN talks just before they begin.

    In the aftermath of the Paris attacks, many civil society events and demonstrations that had been planned for the UN Climate Conference have been cancelled or reduced in scale, making it even harder than before for citizens and social movements to make themselves heard. At the same time, the lobbying and greenwashing of climate criminals and corporate profiteers continues unaffected, and is stronger than ever.

    From fossil fuels to finance or industrial agriculture, ‘Lobby Planet Paris” maps the big corporations, lobby groups and trade associations that are trying hard to capture the climate talks and maintain business as usual, with the help of many governments and international institutions.

    Lobby Planet Paris: http://corporateeurope.org/sites/default/files/attachments/lobbyguide_en… Friday the 13th Massacre:
    False Flag Operation Designed
    to Sequester and ‘Quarantine’ the
    NWO Climate Conference
    in Paris State of the Nation

    There should be no doubt that the number one reason for the alleged Paris Terror attacks is to completely lock down Paris in order to totally control the upcoming “Climate Summit”. That’s not to say there aren’t other very significant purposes operating in the background, especially some quite stealthy geopolitical strategies involving the Middle East.

    Nonetheless, there can be no overstatement about the profound importance and dire urgency of this global meeting which is known as the 2015 United Nations Climate Change Conference.

    Whistleblower Activist Exposes Covert Agenda Behind Geoengineered Global Climate Change

    This summit represents the culmination of the ruling elite’s plan to establish their New World Order (NWO) via a One World Government ostensibly based on the global regulation of carbon emissions.

    Whereas Global Climate Change (aka Global Warming) is their mantra, the Global Carbon Control Matrix is their penultimate objective on the way to their One World Government.

    New World Order: Where Geoengineering Meets The Global Carbon Control Matrix


  10. Cybernetic automation is slowly removing the need for human menial labor. This will continue and will eventually make it impossible for large segments of the population to afford the goods that automation will provide. This will be hard to experience at first. There will come a time in the future when people will realize this and start to question why we have money, banks, politics, etc. From the standpoint of a society that does not know better, this may seem like a curse. From the standpoint of a society that sees the liberating potential of this trend, it will be welcomed and hastened as the liberator of all men and the realization of making us all equals in the rich inheritance of the earth’s resources. -WHA



  11. A warning on Gold from Keshe’s latest workshop.

    He has nearly finished cleaning up all the Magrav product launch snafus. His instructions are much more specific and videos have been made at the factory showing the processes involved. He has also doubled the per-unit power capacity and increased efficacy by 30 to 50%. So that is moving along very nicely and he is picking up speed in his teachings and technology.

    Now he is leaping forward in his technology and has growing support from gov and universities. Buckle your seat belts:

    For those of you who do not understand creation energy (sometimes called zero-point) do not worry about the tech. I have some exposure to zero point and it is real. Looks like Keshe is already able to show practical application of changing Plasma Energy into the Matter State. Basically that means you can create whatever you need. He already mentions a working unit producing water and a guy showed up from Dubai who is producing pure gold which Keshe will openly teach the world how to do in the next few weeks.

    Producing gold is no different from producing any other matter regardless of how precious we think it is. Still think gold backed currencies are a solution? Time for us WHA followers (who do think forward and want radical change for humanity) to prepare ourselves. While the Magrav unit is already mind bending new tech that empowers the people, now the gold eliminates the debt slave financial system, and being able to produce any matter we want brings abundance. Think that is enough for you to be happy? Well please note: Keshe is not far from having Antigrav…

    24×7 televised teachings in multiple languages begin next year and will also be internet streaming for free.


    • That’s like sending a warning about cash because soon he’ll be able to materialize it. Gold and silver are the real money. Dollars are just fiat currency. I doubt it will be legal to materialize money or currency with his devices. If his devices can do that then all money and wealth will become absolutely meaningless.

      It makes me think if Star Trek where gold-pressed latinum is the medium of exchange because it can’t be replicated.


      • It is not a replicator. You would not be able to set it up to print fiat currencies whenever you want like the Fed. Nor make 1 Cheeseburger into 20.

        You can set up the conditions (read frequencies/source elements) equal to the desired element that is naturally created in the universe (Ref: chart of known elements) and use plasma energy to generate said matter. It is setting up the natural environment of the universe where all matter is created hence “Creation Energy”.

        Honestly, now I hope they all hang onto the fiat cash system backed by gold/silver. I’ll be living in the islands with beautiful women applying lotion to my fat and feeding me cheeseburgers. 🙂

        Gold and silver are only “real money” because of scarcity. In abundance they would only be jewelry or used in manufacturing. Money is no longer needed anyway. It only creates elitism.


      • Mathew thanks for the imagery: “I’ll be living in the islands with beautiful women applying lotion to my fat”. No prizes for guessing you’ve got some Dong ready.

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      • Haha Andrew, I had more imagery in that post but removed it as this blog is not a place for practicing my comedic talents or lack thereof. That said, I had to leave a little humor in there as I am having real hope returned through Keshe and my own two hands (dongs not included).

        If they did try to outlaw money creation how would that be policed around the world when any corner pawnshop would be happy to buy it? And even in a police state with laws against buying/selling PMs anyone would be happy to barter for real money. I can’t imagine anyone refusing to barter for gold if they keep the current system in place. The more they try and lock us all down the more bartering will return as the primary means of trade. I believe they mistakenly think they still have control when none of the old mechanisms are really working anymore.


    • Agreed Mathew humans are resourceful that’s why we evolved to be the head primate. Govs who think that suddenly stops are deluded. The masses will simply invent other forms of exchange amongst themselves and exclude gov systems.


  12. Hello WHA, here is another update from OWoN.

    Saturday, December 5, 2015 at 8:44:00 AM MST

    A number of key points.

    1. There are deep and intense discussions ongoing relating to both RV’s and PP settlements. But we still have key blockages.

    2. The Cabal are and will fight tooth and nail to keep control, and , aided by the vile and crooked Zionists, will play every game to keep their crooked empires going. Be in no doubt, the Zionists regard you as worthless Goyim to be screwed and the Cabal frankly, are nothing but treasonous trash who to a man, or woman, deserve nothing less that execution. Americas history in the 30s was that of a criminal dung heap with the Mob via Luciano and others, bribing and controlling Politicians, Judges and all Law Offices. Its now just the same scum either in Uniform or in State roles of trust betraying everyone. Still the same kind of Mob ( Bush and others) owning dirty Politicians. The system stinks and a dumbed down nation sees nothing. You can’t vote for change when the candidates are owned. The Jewish vote, Banking and Media has to be ripped out of their hands and true democracy released. No one will do it. Dummies wont.

    3. China is making huge gains in Global trade.

    4. US Agency games have created ISIS and regime change disasters. Millions have died and millions are displaced. America and Israel as Pariah States are guilty of mass genocide. Who will hold them accountable when they own the crooked system? They don’t care, and like the Mob, will continue syphoning off until stopped. There is no Elliot Ness.

    5. Europe moves ever closer to Federalization, and with it, collapse. Germany is defending and indefensible open, porous Border system, and its madness.

    6. Britain refused to join the Euro because we saw the gaping holes in the currency brackets. Look at the result now.

    7. The risk of Britain and others leaving the EU over Immigration increases. If Britain goes, how long do you think these Clowns will keep it together once they lose our vast contributions subsidizing their Federal madness. Plus the UK needs to seal those borders. If the UK pulls out, as is 55% likely right now, more will flood to the RMB, as the Petro Dollar slides.

    8. Only US reckless banking has allowed the mindless Derivatives mountains of debt. Nations need to step away from the US Fed and refuse their directives. China will get ever stronger. America is left with a choice of either Psycho Clinton or Crime family Bush. A dreadful dilemma for its people. How about a No Way vote for either which 90% would support?

    9.Real world, while a real push is on to RV and effect PP releases, think Lucky Luciano in control,and how lucky do you feel -Punk?

    10. To effect real change, who removes the Pariah Parasites running the US, the Federal Jesuits running the EU, and the Agencies promoting ISIS? To have a clean board, who will take out the trash? Right now, the only choice is new trash for old trash. The US has allowed vast numbers of displaced Muslims to come in. Why? Is the Wookie not enough?

    11. How can you expect change, or vision, with sewer rats running the show? Does a Turkey vote for Xmas?

    12. Turkey will leave little for Thanksgiving as Russia will move to seal its borders and Russian trade blockades will bring Turkey to its knees. The US Nukes in Turkey are a disgrace. Putin should arm South America. Even better, Palestine!

    13, Yes to all the credible ethical changes suggested by all, but how do we first remove the Cabal?

    Read more at: http://www.oneworldofnations.com/2015/12/active-comment-section-4-december-2015.html
    OWoN © All Rights Reserved


  13. Hello Tony

    I hope all is well. Just was wondering if you would be so kind to pass this on to our main man J at OWN he may enjoy this.

    Thank you also for this most awesome site.

    Praise God



    • [Herbert, your post was read in London, and here is your reply! -WHA]

      A response please for the kind and touching Coat of Many Colours video for me at WHA.

      First, you gave me time and a warm and touching video of true reality.
      I loved it. The true richness of life, is being alive. currency is feeling, love, and coping with sadness.

      Truth is being true to yourself and having good, humanitarian values you are comfortable with, because they, and that is YOUR Book of Life.

      All you will take with you. It is the Cosmic energy life with us each day, watching all seeing, all knowing. It is the energy of entirety, where all and everything is interconnected as one.
      Each and every action matters, because it carries consequences. With it, real values. Life is a State of Being, not being Rich. You are rich, you are alive.

      What matters, and all we need aspire to, is a good, mutually trusted and committed exclusive relationship. Two being as one in union and all that comes from it. Pursuit of false values leads to disappointment, deceit and betrayals. Sadness.

      Love is priceless and unconditional. Whether the love of a child, partner or animals, it is given unconditionally is with compassion. The entirety of all being. That is Rich!. Money does not buy it. With that your don’t need money.

      I live in a cosmetic, “Elitist” world where all pursuit is for power, gain and false non ethereal wealth. But mine is for a purpose. My values and Soul are not for sale or hire. My reason of being is for change.

      The key Lords Group Head who stopped a tour of the Elders while he gave $50 Bucks to a homeless man, stroked his head and shook his hand, and gave him time and hope, is part of what brought the Elders back. State Flunkies were having apoplexy that “J” would do that. The risk of offence.
      But the Elders wife, said to him later, I look in J’s eye during our meetings, the true window to his Soul, and I see a Being at such one with our creator, he is at one and knows what is needed. He cares nothing for the trappings of the Palace life, and he shows respect and care for the lowly always. That and for many reasons , is why they came back and why our teams are with them now in Asia. Trust, respect. Many times I was told by our front team don’t ever say NO to Mr ***, no one tells him No. He responds badly. We could lose it all. I was told he never smiles.

      For 3 days our team aged visibly as I constantly declined so many requested approaches as not the best option. Mr *** was visibly set back. Was it affront?

      Yet by the 4th day, his wife and translator asked for a Private Meeting with just me and him plus Translators, and said to me, in only 3 days you have given him answers he has sought for 20 years. He has seen how many times you declined a fast profit or easy deal if wrong for us. He sees and feels your compassion, and we, as Buddhists did not expect such affinity with the Europeans. What shook him most is seeing how firm you deal with the Lords, but how sensitive he sees you are with the lowly and poor. For 20 years now we have turned down all parties because each came for greed. None had real core values or all knowing. Then the request came we want YOU to head up all of our talks now. We must have trust. From day 4 he was all smiles.

      They key point being, Yes, things are changing, and the same person who thanks you for the touching video, and respects you for your kind thoughts, is working tirelessly 7 days a week to help make a difference to so many lives. Time love, attention, guidance and motivation is what your children need most. Just your time and to be loved. The rest is truly immaterial. Thank you and help others feel they matter. because you do. We all belong as one State of all Being. You ARE all Eternal Ethereal Beings. All you need is inside you. Be more for others, that is real. Trust your own conscience. Be YOU.

      Read more at: http://www.oneworldofnations.com/2015/12/active-comment-section-4-december-2015.html?showComment=1449354094896#c7645725416466425256
      OWoN © All Rights Reserved

      Liked by 1 person

      • Thank you for your kind response and the heart you have for all. Tony thank you for all you do as well. And God Bless all the needy and weak and handicapped. May we all strive to put Love and Care and peace before money. I feel honored to be a small part of the new vision.




    • My apprehension in fulling buying in to this story is the fact that it tells too much. If the cabal is as dangerous as indicated in the post, we would have no idea to whom the responsibilities were transferred to. That said, I do think there are truth nuggets scattered in the post. If Keenan is being shown as a front, could some other unknown name already be putting into place the scenario being described? I am not discrediting the post, yet believe it doesn’t hurt to question it. One thing is true. After the JFK assassination, we were no longer the country my relatives fought for. The new U.S. was firmly in place. I am cautiously optimistic that the tide is turning though. Thanks for sharing the post.


      • I am happy to share. I did so mainly out of boredom, and just because it was a bold claim that I thought some of you would like to comment on. I have no contact with Neil, and really don’t wish to establish it. I don’t particularly wish him harm, but it will be interesting to see if his efforts pass compliance. We will just have to wait and see.


      • When I see things like this the main thing it makes me ponder is how many groups of “elders”, “bloodlines”, “royals”, or whatever they are called are actually out there. I’m quite certain primarily through WWII and after there were various “assets” plundered and spread all throughout the Asian sphere if you will. I find it hard to believe there is merely one group of people or elders that controls ALL of the world’s wealth and even harder to believe there is essentially one spokesperson for the entire effort to defeat the Cabal.

        This so called GCR/Reset/Light Forces and any and all associated with defeating the Cabal sure has more characters than one can shake a stick at and more variety than one would see walking through the various neighborhoods of my beloved Beantown. I tend to be most skeptical of those that are very active in trying to aggressively defend their position and/or seeking donations (such as a Hudes or a Zap). If someone is consistently putting in effort to sell you on their message I have to wonder why.

        One of the main things I really appreciate about WHA is the style. Keenan seems to law low in terms of frequency and I’m not entirely sure what to think abot him.


        • Thank you. Much appreciated. We are essentially a conduit, having done an end run around the flotsam of MLM bloggers and opportunists who prey on large segments of currency hopefuls with unrealistic promises and high sugar content mental enemas.

          Earlier we were advised that there are about twenty some Elder families or something like that. I cannot find the precise post at the moment. And we were advised that our friends in London are working with the majority of them. We were told that there is a lot of M1/Grandfather nonsense going around, and if so, many of the people out there who are expecting to make a fortune with “project funding” may find that their expected windfall may be a sudden flash of hot wind from the lower colonic regions of the realm of guru.

          We will be informed as is allowed when things start. Until then, act to better your individual lives, plan for anything, stay productive and act on advice you find useful, and discard the rest.


    • [London weighs in on Mr Keenan…. WHA]



      We are with the key families where its really at but will not publicise any of it. So much dissinformation again. We floated Keens name to them last year. Just look at him and his videos. What are you smoking? Meet the Elders.as we do. You will understand. It will not be prudent to say more.

      Keenan and the Elders??????? No comment but major Lol. His rancid shithole videos in Jakarta, or the House of Lords?
      Which are credible? Smiling. No more oxygen for bottom feeders. Leave it. We learn something new every day. A turd can dream ? Dream on.

      Read more at: http://www.oneworldofnations.com/2015/12/active-comment-section-4-december-2015.html?showComment=1449272267146#c8040261726994603472
      OWoN © All Rights Reserved


      • Keenan is a hoot and a half. He is anointed as the world’s CFO in a double super top-secret meeting by mysterious global megamillionaires (who are under heavy guard due to the constant threat of assassination) and they send him to a public hotel?


  14. California Man Sentenced For Operating $1.6 Million Internet Fraud

    KANSAS CITY, KAN. – A California man was sentenced in federal court in Kansas Monday to a year and a day in prison for operating an Internet fraud scheme that cost more than 200 victims a total of more than $1.6 million, U.S. Attorney Barry Grissom said. The defendant was ordered to pay more than $1.6 million in restitution to the victims.

    Anthony Renfrow, 57, Folsom, Calif., pleaded guilty to one count of conspiracy to commit wire fraud. In his plea, he admitted he made fraudulent claims to entice people to pay to become “autosurf investors” with 14DailyPlus.com. The business was promoted to buyers in the Kansas City metro area.

    Investors paid a membership fee and were promised a 14 percent daily return on their money for clicking on advertisers’ Web sites for a certain period of time each day. To achieve that rate of return, 14DailyPlus.com purportedly pooled the capital investments of members and purchased advertising units on the Internet with Fortune-500 type companies.

    Renfrow held regularly scheduled conference calls with investors via telephone and Internet to lull them into believing the program was legitimate and returns on investments were being paid as promised. In truth, there was no investment vehicle and the promise of a 14 percent daily return was completely unrealistic.

    Grissom commended the Internal Revenue Service – Criminal Investigation, the U.S. Postal Inspection Service, the Johnson County District Attorney’s Office, the California Attorney General’s Office and Assistant U.S. Attorney Scott Rask for their work on the case.



  15. Hello WHA, I have another update from OWoN. Sorry HK, I had to share this one. LOL

    December 1, 2015 at 3:15:00 AM MST

    “Its worth a repeat mention of the coming RV and GS realities to help WHA also. First, of course the Sovereigns and Major PP’s will go first, BUT, controlled and scheduled. When it comes to base currencies, it still is meeting mental Skull Blocks. How many times to we have to indicate, the overprints and bogus notes will not be paid? There will be no Beneficiaries of Crime. Innocent dupes driven by greed or desperation wont clear vetting of the notes and source of funds. Think Compliance.

    Most groups will fail on Project capability validation. Showing detailed and established, verifiable Project capability will be key. Way too many well meaning Wannabes out there. It will be a – No! There will be no mass deluge to Joe Public. Safe hands or Sore Butts will be the key factor. Sophisticated and pre verifiable Project Management Infrastructure will be requested, and there will go the dream factories. Hype bubbles will explode and a lot of overprint desperados will not be happy Bunnies. Another Southsea Bubble is about to pop for many.

    You think its bad for Joe Public? Wait until you see what’s coming for the Banksters next once the Fiat funds get railroaded and the new systems come in. Electronic banking will regulate the lot. Also the Bankers. The skims and scams will go. So will their Ivory Towers under the new regulations protocols being developed. Time to clear out the trash. One good new project will be a Wailing Wall for Zionist Bankers. Fees to grieve. The Cabal won’t be able to sustain their infrastructure overheads so watch the disintegration of that Alien Sub Nation.

    Way too much disinformation is circulating again.”

    Read more at: http://www.oneworldofnations.com/2015/11/active-comment-section-27-november-2015.html
    OWoN © All Rights Reserved


    • Thanks Terrence. No worries! HK gets busy sometimes, and by the time I check the feeds, others step in. Not a problem!

      Now, my comments on this. Notice how he comments on how these various groups who are claiming to organize “projects” for submission to “Elders” are operating. At least two large groups are doing this, and both require either donations and/or have their hands out for fees. Now, what if they are not approved or funded? Do their many supporters get back all those donations? Let’s see how that plays out. As he mentioned, MOST will fail. He should know as he is familiar with compliance structure for this particular funding operation. We would not want a factory set up that claims to manufacture food, when it is producing ricin in situ because allah demands it for infidels.


        • Overprints and bogus notes apply to the Dinar, which was abused over the years by countries with authentic plates stolen from Iraq when cokehead Bush invaded and then lacked any coherent plan of managing after.

          For sure, if you are going to attempt cashing in dinar/dong, etc., be prepared to show where/how you got it. KYC applies to your relationship with your bank. I am in the same bank since I was 14. KYC is pretty much in their face before KYC was KYC. Be sure to have a major banking relationship with steady legitimate transactions. That should be fine, as far as I know.

          The rest of the admonitions we were given still apply until otherwise changed. Once we get the high sign, move fast. There are not going to be endless Trillions for all. Doors may open and then close fast. We just do not know. Just move fast and be ready for anything.


  16. Even a single tweet from his accounts and he is to be picked up at that moment and wont be allowed the 2 weeks to surrender himself.


  17. Ok everyone. Phony Tony, TNT Tony got sentenced to the 1 year and 1 day just now. Part of his sentence, since it was monetary related, Phony Tony is no longer allowed to have a further discussion on the Dinar or anything investment related. Including currencies. Specified NO MORE TALK about the DINAR. He was released to go back to California and will report to prison in the next couple weeks.They said around two weeks. Either way, no more TNT calls unless hes just a spectator, and thats pushing it. TNT Tony and the Dinar calls by him, died today. Hoping to get video of today hearing, since I know someone there and they took some. Apparently Tony, was a real pompous, arrogant priQ, even till the end.


    • What I found most interesting is that the reduction came mostly in the Euro.

      The US dollar barely moved. It would seem if the dollar is going to crash and everyone is going to flood into the Yuan that the weighting of the US dollar would have decreased.


      • Thank you WHA for everything that you do. I can’t say that enough.

        If I may interject here I’ll just be very blunt in saying that the IMF and the SDR are both a complete joke. The SDR came about in 1969 and has accomplished very little other than to set a trap for debt enslavement. The IMF is Bankster Cabal along with the BIS and the Federal Reserve and many others.

        It is absolutely no surprise to me that the market reaction to this “announcement ” is essentially nonexistent. This is just theatre though it should be noted that it can add some level of hype and credibility to the growth or the Yuan within the global financial infrastructure (which was already well on its way without the IMF’s sacred blessing). It is however orgasmic euphoria for IMF sycophants and others desperately pumping the SDR (kinda like dinar pumpers and people selling PM coins). If the SDR was so important then why doesn’t it actually perform some credible level of significant functions within the global economy?

        People seem to forget and/or ignore that China’s economy is literally imploding right before our eyes and their issues with bad debts, excessive leverage, a fraudulent shadow banking system, and many other things are perhaps, gasp, even worse than those of America (and I’m no stooge cheerleading for America which I have made obvious before). The PBOC is on the record saying that it is aiming for Yuan DEVALUATION of as much as 20% within the next 18 months. Yet, people keep assuming the USD will collapse and the Yuan will soar to the moon. You are seeing the PBOC deval the Yuan and also at the same time interject to strengthen it to attempt to create stability and avoid panic. Let’s not forget how this deval can act as a “reverse QE” as well thus further pressuring the liquidation of dollar carry trades which mechanically creates more upward pressure on USD.

        In a very unpopular viewpoint to stackers presented by myself months ago I outlined why USD is on the cusp of extending it’s very strong rally and taking it even higher. Since that time we have in fact seen USD break out of the triangle/wedge consolidation pattern and break above the 100 DXY level intermittently. In that same viewpoint expressed here I suggested gold would continue its decline which has also occurred. For the record I closed any positions net short gold but expect further lows to finally “flush and crush” gold after another countertrend rally.

        It seems pretty clear that the Fed has passed the baton to the ECB and that even if the Fed delays again on a rate hike the explicit money printing appears to be coming from the ECB rather than the Fed currently (I acknowledge there is central banking fraud behind the scenes but check the declines in the growth rates for TMS-2 US “money” to assess the flow through the spigots). The TA for USD discounted this long ago and is strongly suggesting that a much larger move is in store for USD. USD broke not only out of the bullish triangle/wedge of 2015 it has also shown strong moves out of formations on weekly and monthly charts in some cases going back as long as 40 years. I’m not privy to the GCR details and maybe that potentially changes things but the idea that the IMF’s blessing of the Yuan will cause USD to plummet and the Yuan to soar makes no sense to me at all.

        Meanwhile, in my very humble view it is highly likely that Bitcoin has finally broken out of the long running correction it was in and is in the beginning of a new uptrend. I know, I know Bitcoin is worthless blah, blah, blah. I guess we will have to wait and see what the market says about that. It could decline to as low as $279ish as long as the volume was not excessively high and still stay in a confirmed uptrend in my view though gun to my head entries between $313 and $340ish make a lot of sense for me individually adding to long term positions.


        • Thanks for your comments.

          I remember our friend in London putting the IMF in perspective some time ago, and it was not flattering, LOL. I agree that the SDR is garbage composed of multi layered garbage to begin with. I am not an economist, and I find little value in my immediate life to even try to understand macro economics like other bloggers who like to use such to impress girls at cocktail parties. I opt for more immediate and useful information that I can USE to benefit my life. Theorizing is fine, but I tend towards the more practical application to life.

          The Judge Anna clique is one example. It’s great that she has laid out the machinations of USA Corporation vs. USA Organic, which is simply the means by which the owners of the world manage us as chattel. But, what are you going to do with such information? Make the court system run away from you? Try using such arguments in the courts and see how fast you end up in the pokey. It is of little practical application and use. The entire system needs gutting, not further study on the inner machinery.

          As for the Yuan and the Chi-Com economic down-slide, again, it’s another sign of the complete folly of the entire system by which we run the world. I cannot do anything with it but shake my head and act for my own economic survival. To be sure, for economic long term strategic planning, I leave it up to fine analysts like Steve Sjuggerud, Bill Bonner, Jim Willie, Doug Casey, Peter Schiff, etc., to advise me through their professional consultancies. I then review, scratch my chin, sleep on it, then decide where to allocate. If the GCR proceeds, then I and we have the benefit of knowing what may happen, and can prepare for it.

          The key issue that is largely unknown, even by some of the above analysts, is what I call “The Elder Factor”. I don’t need to remind us all that we are in close touch with those that deal with that very same issue at the Sovereign level. So, let’s let them do that part, and our role is to individually be prepared for what may come when off balance sheet assets start to have an effect.

          I do not expect the USD to “plummet” either. I expect it to continue on its current path, caused by the high volume liquidation of derivative contracts denominated in USD, and then morph as Dr. Willie predicts. At no time did he say that he thought it would “crash”, and I am glad to hear it. That would be an extremely devastating event for the entire world, and one that I hope the GCR will prevent.

          As for Bitcoin, I really do not understand the ranks of people who claim it “has no value”. Really? Then the recent doubling of my BTC holdings for which I can easily convert to USD is an illusion? Once again, it’s a matter of me acting on information locally for my benefit, and ignoring what I feel is of no use to me. Many people got wealthy on BTC speculation. I didn’t hear of it when it first came out. I don’t know how I missed it. Knowing me, I would have most likely placed about $2K or so into it in the beginning. I shudder what that would have become at its run up high some time ago when I think it went to $1000 or something like that. Simply knowing that BTC was in existence at that time would have been worth more than some economist/blogger trying to convince me of some gobshite SDR hocus pocus.

          I am not by nature a “killer capitalist”. I don’t like the fact that our system is good to too few and not good for too many. I am forced to be such to some degree because without such moves I will not survive, eat, stay warm, etc. I am a landlord among many other things, but I detest it. I hate to see renters work so hard to give up the bulk of their pay for shelter, and have little left for leisure time or personal enjoyment. I may divest of such property on personal grounds that I want to sleep at night. Screw the “tax benefits”.

          As for gold/silver, the recent “advice” by the high school economist to get ride of gold before it went lower, was indicative of it being amateur night at the prom. A well allocated and balanced metals portfolio should always be maintained, and temporary dips in value should be offset by rises in other portions of one’s corpus, which should be well diversified. I am DAMN GLAD I listened to advice in 2002 and started to accumulate gold when it was $260 an ounce, and kept on buying. Others were crapping down both legs at my actions, including one advisor who wanted me heavily in paper and property before 2008. Ha! Last I heard, he was a blackjack dealer in Vegas now.

          Thanks again for your well written comments. Sorry I wrote so much, and I know a lot of my reply was not relevant to your comments, but for some reason I wanted to give my fingers a work out.

          Liked by 1 person

      • Yes all of us idiots exposing ourselves to Bitcoin will just have to wait and see how this plays out. Don’t hold your breath waiting for the Ivory Towers, bloodlines, and Banksters to officially endorse it.

        $1000? My analysis suggests the next uptrend may very well be multi-month and reach levels at least 2.5X the ATH.

        Less than one billion people globally have access to financial services and identity verification and protection yet by 2025 we may have 5 billion smartphones deployed globally. I wonder how a portion of these smartphone users might choose to interact financially.

        Global FX trading volume is currently about $5 Trillion . . . . . . . . . . per day. 1% of that is $50 Billion. For Bitcoin daily FX volume to reach just 1% of global volume it would need to increase by a factor of about 1500x from current levels (not saying price goes up that much I’m referring to volume but you get my drift).

        No opportunity here. Nothing to see, move along.


    • I wonder if the Chinese naval flotilla’s “friendly visit” off the coast of Acapulco has any correlation to this news? Just something to ponder…


    • Hi Steve,

      Considering that, to my knowledge, this “rumor” has its genus from Ray Renfrow, TNT Tony’s brother, I think the answer is self answering. For years, they have “been told”, “have heard”, “received reports” of “exchanges going on”. Yet, never once do you hear any of the recipients of this supposed largess call in to the TNT radio program to give first person attestation to this “fact”. They cannot claim an NDA would prohibit such, since they supposedly told TNT of this in private, which was converted to a very public notice. So, why not come forth and call in and share the story?

      Anyone can “exchange” RIGHT NOW. You won’t get a very good price, but you can certainly exchange. 😉

      PUBLIC NOTICE TO ANY CANADIAN WHO CLAIMS TO HAVE EXCHANGED: Contact WHA and confirm your claim. We will shower you will accolades, and feature your story FRONT PAGE. We will keep your identity secret. Guaranteed. Simply allow us to have some idea of where and with whom you exchanged, the rate, etc., and we will run it by our WH contact for confirmation, and your cluster of oak leaves will gain even greater luster.

      Liked by 1 person

  18. The latest in the Investing With Insight series. I found this particular episode very much worthwhile – like a Willie interview but straightforward and no flair. The first 10 minutes covers current news of SDRs and IMF reforms – looks like they are on the way (and hopefully a stepping stone to ???). These topics were apparently discussed at the recent G20 but news on western fronts is 2nd hand from eastern announcements. Last 20 minutes summarizes Triffin’s Dilemma, some of Rickard’s work, general SDR info, etc. If short on time consider skipping one of JWs and watch this:


    • What got me at the 5 minute mark is that the MyRa system will allow (make?) US citizens buy USTs, and that also mutual funds will also be forced to buy USTs, since demand is now so low. Is that correct?


    • Hi Mary Ann,

      I have been following Keshe and I have seen the excellent efforts out there to produce the new units using the released blueprints which so far do not produce the expected results. This resulted in the disappointment we see now and a huge increase in trolls/gov shills bashing and discrediting the tech, and the man, as was to be expected.

      My personal experience is that Keshe has “something”. Without a doubt there is energy here in this tech. By my own experiments through trial and error (lots of error) over the last 2 months I have produced what I call Version 1 (what Keshe termed the power bead). I did not create a small “bead” but more the size of an AA battery and it works. Testing on my meter shows a constant flow of .8 when set to 20v. I will be checking it daily to monitor for power fall off so we will see how long it runs for and if it will recharge in the sun (as someone mentioned) or if the cell goes dry and needs to be sealed/hydrated. All of this testing should have come from Keshe.

      My thoughts on what caused what is happening now: One of the worst product launches in history for what may be one of the most important products in history. The entire package was rushed to market before testing was completed and without any business sense. With incomplete blueprints, horrible instructions and no documented proven measurable results (holding up 2 power tools is a parlor trick at best). But who can blame the guy for rushing to market when the oil wars continue to heat up…

      And note: the ego problems from Keshe are also to be expected.

      I believe we are 1 or 2 more product generations away from having something very real. Hopefully the people I have seen online (with excellent facilities) producing these units do not give up on this first try. My facilities are extremely primitive and on a shoe string budget here since obamacare put me out of business and in huge tax debt which I will be paying on for years to come. But I consider the tech a fun hobby where I was able to try out some basic forms of blacksmithing, some type of electrolysis, and chemistry all of which is far more interesting than listening to “barry” talk (is his real name really barry? – wild stuff – I prefer obummer). haha

      So while we might be a long way from powering the grid… if I can make a working battery I would dare say anyone can do it.

      Liked by 1 person


    “….Three trigger events are likely to occur in the next few months. All three are extensions of the death of the US Dollar, which is manifested in its rise. Like a balloon it will pop. The system will not be able to withstand the shock. Systemic breakdown will give way to failure of the entire monetary system upon which the US Dollar rests. The Gold Standard will be urged on, first in trade, then in banking, finally in currency. The US Dollar will be swept aside, its rubble put in the dustbin of history, the memories likened to Rome during the Nero period.

    When the next crisis hits, it will be five times worse than the Lehman event within the United States in 2008……”



  20. Q: [OWoN] , are negotiations progressing with the Elders as it seems imminent that US INC will be left out of any good will due to their criminality but most other countries have to be on board I would hope or at least the ones not controlled by the Khazars.

    A: Lots ongoing but very sensitive. Too many ears to let anything out yet.

    Read more at: http://www.oneworldofnations.com/2015/11/active-comment-section-17-november-2015.html?showComment=1448635071952#c7258759724715131566
    OWoN © All Rights Reserved


  21. “We must find time to stop and thank the people who make a difference in our lives.” – John F. Kennedy

    Thank you Tony, WHA, and our courageous White Hats… I am grateful for you all.

    Happy Thanksgiving!


    • Green Lantern I can’t but help to notice that the use of bonds is still planned and central to raising funds. Can anyone correct my naivety, but isn’t this the basis and hallmark of debt based finance? If we really were going to gold backed and treasury-issued currencies independent of BIS system, then bonds would not be required to finance projects, right?


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