A Restatement Of Purpose For 2016

Hello and Happy New Year!

The following are my words alone.

After some thought, I decided to close our last thread for the year, and will stay on this one until December 31, 2016, or there is some news of great importance to announce. I thank you all for your blog contributions, your support of the White Hats and your hard work and dedication to set good examples as citizens of your respective nations.

I had not intended to write this, but after some recent observations on this blog and other places, I thought it best to offer a recapitulation as to why WHA exists and also offer some opinions.

The mission statement is simple.

To Unite In Support of The White Hats and Accurately Inform About The Mission to Release The World Global Settlements/Global Currency Reset

The key points are to “unite in support”, and “accurately inform”. The former is simply done by gathering here at the blog. The latter is accomplished by simply bringing forward any information about the relevant activities germane to our mission statement, from DIRECT contact with involved parties, and not broker-dreamers, NESARA high priestesses, or dinar pitchmen who use cleverly worded pablum that taps into the emotions of people who are easily lead to believe that “Donations Macht Frie”.

You have often heard us convey that “what can be told to us, will be, at the right time”. This arrangement remains in place and we have some good people to thank for this. For their hard work, they ask nothing but being the best person you can be, and to plan for anything so that you can assist others in what may come. In the meantime, take comfort that we won’t have to guess if any news that comes from our contact is legitimate or not. 

For all of 2015, many bloggers and self appointed “intel providers” and NESARA salesmen continued their shtick to the predictable and inevitable false conclusions that they specialize in. This is no surprise. It creates, among many, a complacency that falsely conveys that personal effort is not needed to increase ones personal fortunes. Sadly, many have been lulled into this dangerous frame of mind to their detriment, and the bulk of the “intel call” audiences are languishing in total peonage from the induced lethargy created by injections of such unsubstantiated predictions. Many have remained stultified for literally decades by this. Jim Jones had nothing on these actors. 

Nothing comes without a price. As stated in the movie, Magnificent Obsession, “…but I warn you, the investment of one’s life in others, and the alignment of one’s self to the forces that lead up and on….this does not come cheap!

This is very true for many reasons.  With this in mind, I wish to briefly share an opinion on something that I feel is important to consider so that you can attain an effective footing in a world that is arranged to trap and ensnare those who do not think things through to the possible outcome if certain paths are taken. You may disagree. That’s fine. But I beg you to consider the forces that are waiting for the naive and those who rashly court disaster, or insist that you do as a matter of “honor”.

The Internet is awash with many ideas that outline a clandestine system of management of people as economic chattel via a “strawman”. These systems are ostensibly used by powerful people who “own you”. You are then farmed as an asset over your lifetime and your “account” is the commodity they trade to maintain their position. Enormous time, effort and resources are diverted into spreading this information, and further, some bring these ideas framed as legal arguments to get out of traffic tickets, taxes, criminal charges, asset seizures and the like. Most, if not all who do, fail, and pay a heavy price in terms of civil seizure, criminal charges and prison time.

Remember, in any tactical position you have to consider your opponent and know him better than you know yourself. If you fail to do so, you risk defeat. If you charge across a field, you better have the benefit of knowing what you are charging into. To bring down upon you and your family, something so onerous and formidable as a judicial system, with endless funding behind it, is potentially a life altering event that you may come to regret. I know of many who tried and paid heavy prices. And in the end, they did not accomplish anything but personal ruin.

The moral of the story is simple. Let the big dogs, like the White Hats, do the heavy lifting and take the risks of their tasks. They are equipped for such. They have performed reconnaissance and know the ground. They are in their respective positions for a good reason.

If change is to come that is akin to being free of your “strawman”, it will not come from mass public organizing. History shows us that changes of this nature are rarely accomplished in such ways. Our job is to stay strong as individuals and communities so we can take whatever benefits we are lucky enough to have, post GCR, to advance into new horizons that leave the present systems, including any monetary slave management by banking cartels, behind.

You cannot be effective in this if you are languishing in jail or fighting off tax cruds or legal problems, no matter what kind of “article court” you are in.

It’s fine to understand about these things and know they exist, but don’t then walk into a hornet’s nest while trying to fight a battle on your own. By all means, stand up for your rights in all things. But, don’t saddle yourself with impediments that prevent you from being free to maneuver once anticipated changes are upon us. You are of no value to anyone in that position. Not to yourself, your family, your fellow man, or anyone that you could be helping otherwise. Consider the practical nature of anything you undertake as a personal way of conducting your affairs, and don’t buy a bill of goods that has no beneficial use.

If such systems of control do exist, and are crimes against us, then let the big dogs perform the duty of disclosing it at the right time, via mass communication of an appropriate nature, with the consent of those who are duty bound and empowered to act on it. That, by in large, is not you or I as individuals, or bloggers who wish to argue how right they are, while accomplishing nothing.

The situation we find ourselves in as a culture, and the incredibly incompetent way we manage our planet’s resources, will not be remedied by placing yourself at odds with a leviathan. It will be solved by moving forward and away from the very systems that have now grown obsolete and no longer relevant vis-à-vis the technology we now possess. That’s simply a fact that future generations will come to find as more and more jobs are lost to technology. 

The gateway to the future is being worked on by good people who are trying very hard to wrest control from the very few who have had too much power for too long. Once done, if successful, then resources will be placed into the hands of those who are intelligent and gifted at engineering the way forward for all of us, based on new paths that the development of new technologies will allow. We cannot turn our backs on this. To do so is to willfully agree that we are incapable of forward progress, yet it is demonstrated all too often that the opposite is the case.

Be active, be productive, be prepared. But please, don’t work so hard at becoming a target. By trying to fight against the idea of being an “economic slave”, you will in turn become one by attracting the force of legal action against you. What you resist, you become.

So, again, if you wish to spend time reading about such, by all means, do so if you feel your time is of a premium for such things. But, I suggest you be very, very careful in applying it to open warfare with a formidable system that is well-funded, well entrenched and means to hold their ground at all cost.

Many thanks again to our WH contact, his colleagues and staff the world over. Without them, the path would be dark.

We saw some major changes in international financial power in 2015. From the AIIB to the inclusion of the Yuan in the SDR basket, it was one for the books. Also, it was established that a lot of what is now going on cannot be discussed in broad detail by our fine contacts. We can assume this is for good reasons and underscores the magnitude of their work.

Let’s see what 2016 brings. Be ready for anything.

With sincere appreciation and thanks to all of you,



  1. Tony; Do you have any info that would confirm or deny what the new guy, Dr. Clarke, has been posting on Dinarrecaps about the reval of the IQD and VND, and that it will be next month, in March, 2016. He seems to be causing quite a stir. There is a new update posted there today. Maybe J. would like to chime in if he has the time.


    1. Hi,

      Odds are it’s crap.

      Our friends, who sit at the table where this issue would surely be known about, would not sanction anyone to blabbermouth about any pending events of this nature, and of all places, on a dinar guru forum.

      At this time we are not anticipating any RV of the dinar in 2016. If this should change, and if we are told it has changed, we will certainly let you all know.

      That being said, it does not rule out something else of a tangential nature possibly happening in March. This is not to say was know of such and are withholding that knowledge.

      Thanks again!


  2. 4 Star General Issues Scathing Indictment — Obama And Bush Going To Prison, If They’re Lucky. General Wesley Clark Presents Indisputable Case for a Temporary Military Takeover of the U.S. Federal Government …
    … After Exposing Covert Scheme to Invade 7 Countries in the Mideast by the U.S. Military and its Proxies (ISIS) Obama Must Be Tried ForTreason And War Crimes. The Flag Officers of the U.S. Military are obligated
    to arrest Obama, Bush and all co-conspirators .The Armed Services of the United States of America are guilty of participating in the most murderous military crime spree in American history. In the absence of a military-coordinated peaceful coup d’état there may be only one other alternative for the American people. “When 5 million Oathkeepers and armed militia surround the Capitol Building one day and force out the entire Congress, the place will change in a New York minute. When the American people install a provisional government, the White House will finally be taken back from those who misappropriated it.” (Source: The United States of America Was Born in the Year of the Fire Monkey) State of the Nation http://themillenniumreport.com/2016/02/4-star-general-issues-scathing-indictment-obama-and-bush-going-to-prison-if-theyre-lucky/


  3. ZAP SAYS:


    Your contributions to support our work is greatly appreciated. Please go to: http://www.paypal.com and send to………
    Okay, so I posted this here because I thought this through. One more (maybe) push for Paypal donations, yet the wire is clearing on Tuesday. The thing is, Paypal transfers to the bank take several days, so if the wire clears on Tuesday, it should beat the Paypal donation bank release by far. This begs the question – why ask for Paypal donations now, if that wire is FOR SURE going to bank on Tuesday?

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    1. Tony I’ve worked in hospitals for over a decade and studied medicine for 3 out of the 4 years until I left, so I think I can comment. This makes no sense. The hospital wanted money up-front to admit a patient.. so then what, they wait while they have a possibly septic patient, going through shock and therefore dying, and don’t treat until they get the rest of the funds for the rest of the stay? Lol.

      When someone is admitted with a high fever, they have one of two things generally (notwithstanding a leukaemia or other immunodeficiency): septic infection or infectious communicable disease. All of these are very acute conditions requiring rapid treatment to stave off potential death, especially if it’s sepsis.

      So they say funds have been transferred just for admission. They wired money to HK? Or maxed out a credit card? The first requires time. The second implies other credit cards are available.

      So let’s do a Fact Check on this story.
      1. What hospital would allow a patient, once admitted, to die (or suffer further morbidity) from an acute condition once admitted? Once a patient is admitted then the hospital has responsibility for said patient. To not treat amounts to negligence, irrespective of how their accounts are settled.
      2. So people who need donations to be fed were able to send money to HK for a hospital admission?
      3. Why didn’t ‘Poof’, long dead, give them the heads up? Maybe he was too busy writing the email for the next update.
      4. What role does ‘Susan’ have? Is ‘she’ an office administrator? If so why does she offer her philosophical take in messages? An administrator has no such role. They are paid. If volunteering they do it in their spare time whilst otherwise employed. Just like everybody else.
      5. What spokesperson for an international philanthropic organisation is allowed to (a) use a pseudonym, (b) use language such as purple pigs and vegetables and other language with no basis in reality, to represent said (serious) organisation?, (c) task an individual, a dead man and a philosophical secretary with global responsibilities managing millions, billions, or even trillions and make them beg for food?
      6. The news that comes through Zap (sic) I have generally read previously from other blogs and sources.

      I’d love to hear doctors’ opinions on this situation.

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      1. Indeed Andrew, I too worked at a hospital for over 7 years as an admissions clerk by the emergency room, and you are correct. Even if you had no money, you would get helped. Zippity, Zappity, Zoo!!


    2. Hello Tony

      Hope all is well with you. This just another very sad poly to get money. This fellow has been writing so much junk the past years to get the lost excited about its two days away hoping for their dollars. I know you have him figured out and you have called his hand before. It’s so sad that we have these worthless con artist taking advantage of so many.

      The sites that are calling for these things to happen every week or every month. People are buying into this madness and putting so much false hope into something that is to good to be true. My prayers are for the people they are taking advantage of and my hope is these people will stop buying into this trap.

      Common sense should tell you this guy and so many others have not a clue what is going on with a RV or any other transfer of wealth or power. With the worlds economy the way it is as J as stated where is the $ coming from. My hope and prayers that people will stay focus on reality and making their future better through kindness and preparing to get through the tough road ahead.

      We have Zap and Mnt Goat and The KFTA team who is acting as if the have contacts that this dinar thing is a for sure deal. We have to wake up and get past the ideal that this is a con. We must put our energy into the new vision that is going to move us to brighter place for all humans.

      Thanks to you and J at OWN and THE HATS and our friends the ELDERS




    3. Even our good friend Wendy/Susan has gotten in on the scam :-


      12 YEAR OLD GIRL-ASHLEY…..-WITH A BRAIN TUMOR……FACING CHEMO, STEROIDS ETC……..THEY ” think’ they can stop it….but she has 20 rounds of chemo to go thru….her birthday is this week……I’d love to have a party with Gifts and a Big cake….the hospital has given us the OK to host a party….and of course invite all the kids there that are ill…..there are a total of 34 children on the ward with cancer, leukemia,brain tumors, etc….I have the Shriners coming..THEY ARE ALL CLOWNS……..we have Bears and more bears…..what we lack is the money for the cake and the ‘favors’ for the kids…..We can touch all these kids…..with a touch of Love……from our little group….we can have a great afternoon with balloons….flowers…cake…games…..clowns….face painting…..GLAMOUR MAKEOVERS HAVE BEEN DONATED BY A PAUL MITCHELL SALON…….FOR THE GIRLS….





      1. wendycasper777??? any links to casper from Rumor Mill News fame?
        So they have paid for clowns. Have bears coming too. BEARS IN A HOSPITAL. But no money left for a damn cake? Here’s a solution, sack a clown! But BEARS IN A HOSPITAL.
        How stupid do these people think their readers are????

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  4. Trump looks to be the man of the hour. With that said, I hope that the people make it very clear to the Donald that he will be held accountable regardless of how much commonsense he talks and what he achieves. He is a highly disciplined and intelligent individual and his life is a success story but never forget he is as human as anyone. The people must take control of their elected representatives and not get swallowed up in the euphoria. One of the weaknesses of our society is we sit back, do not question and let others take control of our lives. That is how we all got into this mess. Trump looks to be the man for the season – remember he is a man just like anyone else, not a god.


    1. Trump’s hostile takeover of the Adelson/Koch/Bush GOP corporation is more like a gangland turf battle than a political reformation. I think Trump’s goal is to prey on Republican weakness and steal Cabal authority for himself; not to eliminate it.

      And our friend Jim Willie went completely off the rails during his recent YouTube “Caravan to Midnight” interview throwing out wild accusations and speculations. I often skip some of his interviews because he becomes repetitive, but this one is definitely unique. I think he became logically impaired towards the end and some of his filters fell off.

      On Saturday, February 27, 2016, WHITE HATS AUXILIARY and FACT CHECK CENTER wrote:

      > p22d44 commented: “Trump looks to be the man of the hour. With that said, > I hope that the people make it very clear to the Donald that he will be > held accountable regardless of how much commonsense he talks and what he > achieves. He is a highly disciplined and intelligent in” >


  5. ATLAS: Next Generation of DARPA Humanoid Robot Released

    The evolution of humanoid robots is happening at an ever-quickening pace. These advancements are occurring not only in their mechanics but also with the incorporation of artificial intelligence.

    One of the humanoid robots that has garnered the most attention is ATLAS, developed for DARPA by Boston Dynamics. ATLAS has been through several incarnations since its inception in 2013 as part of the DARPA Robotics Challenge and, as you’ll see in the videos below, if a truly Terminator-like killer robot ever does come to fruition, ATLAS very well could be the one.

    Boston Dynamics has released the following video that shows a completely redesigned ATLAS, which has lost 5 inches in height and 140 pounds in weight. This streamlined version is entirely self-powered and untethered. It begins by opening a door and walking outside onto snow-covered ground, and winds up fairing much better than some people would in the same conditions. It is also shown lifting and storing boxes, which might indicate its use as a possible warehouse robot, as the outsourcing of humans continues in that area. Lastly, it rights itself after being pushed to the ground. (One has to wonder if being pissed off will be an option that gets programmed into future intelligent versions.)

    AJ: blimey Tony I’d probably run a mile. This thing looks like a cylon. How easy would it be to attach weapons.. Droid army anyone?



      1. Instead of a company laying off workers wouldn’t it be great to allow workers to own a robot to let it to the company to do the work, and the company pays the human owner for the robot’s work.


  6. With the Global Financial System in Turmoil, SD Welcomed Back Hat Trick Letter Editor Jim Willie For An EXCLUSIVE Interview Dissecting the END GAME:

    Willie Warns: The Western Banking System Is BREAKING! Big Banks Have Begun LOADING UP On Gold!

    We’re Going to Get Our Victory – By the End of 2017, Gold and Silver Will Be Pushing Towards $10,000 $300-$400/oz!

    US Has Capitulated on Gold Standard- US To Be Recipient of LEASED Chinese Gold to Participate in New Gold Backed Currency!

    China Has Foreclosed On the Federal Reserve & 56 Other Central Banks!

    We’ve Run Out of Time! THIS IS IT! We’re Now In THE END GAME!


  7. Financial Reset to Occur THIS WEEKEND? – Bill Holter

    “…….To finish, whether it is this weekend or not, a reset is coming and this will mean a redistribution of wealth. The world has moved down the rabbit hole of Alice in Wonderland, a re set will bring us back to reality and standards of living will be grossly changed. What is viewed as “wealth” currently will drastically change for generations to come!……”


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  8. Hey Tony. Could/Would you comment and/or expound on the correlation between the possible Brexit and the GCR? Is there a correlation?
    (For those not familiar with the term Brexit; Briton’s exit from the European Union.)


    1. Hi EricDL,

      In all honesty, that’s a question for which I am not expert enough to answer. I know the possible exit of Britian from the EU is a hot topic, and perhaps send shock waves through the markets. Just what possible correlation to the GCR a Brexit would be I do not know. I am not aware of it being a requirement for or part of the GCR. But again, I caution, those involved with that decision do not report to me.

      I have not really studied the topic, and I know our friends in London are certainly smack dab center in that business and could certainly shed light on that topic that you could take to the bank. So, be on the lookout for any information about the Brexit from them, and be assured it will be well sourced and on target.

      Personally, I will say this. London is one of the strongest, if not the strongest financial centers on Earth. We know that in terms of what we watch, all roads lead to London. So, that Britain is considering the Brexit is perhaps no small act in the process of the overall plan to remain the powerhouse it is. Otherwise, why leave the EU? That’s just my amateur observation.

      Thank you again. We have some very astute readers, and I am sure many of them are far more ahead of the curve than me on this topic!


  9. Hello Tony

    I hope you are doing well. WOW the article at OWN is awesome. My prayer is for a continuontion of what is written in the article. Can many handle what is coming? That will be interesting to see however we have too be open to change. Thank the Elders so much for their kindness and beliefs that we all can be so much greater. The ones that have stoled and trashed all positive energy from so many will pay a get price for the selfless acts of greed and hurt they have done to so many.

    Karma is HELL if it returns in negitive form and that is exactly what is happening. Whether you are born on one side of this planet or next door too Dollywood we are still created equal and should be treated just that way. The same should go for any whether from outer space or from our oceans. The God I serve created ALL and expect us too love and care for one another. And to utilize this planted earth he gave us and to leave it better than we received it through his blessing.

    We have to stop this non sense of religion and practice the ultimate goal of LOVE and KINDNESS for all. We have to teach our children the correct fundamentals of true life. It’s amazing how much our brains can in take and we have never tapped into a tire sense of this. The trash that is keeping the lost bogged down on what the current trash machine wants us to belie must be halted.

    Will the public in genral buy into this new vision that J explains at OWN. Only GOD knows however we all have a choice too or not too. The ones that do not will be left in the wind and will be following the same ole trash. My prayer is that most will open their eyes and hearts to a new vision that will take us to heights that know one can imagine. I guess time will tell. Once more I thank you (THE GUY AT THE OTHET SITE) OWN and the ELDERS and last but not least THE HATS for doing all you can to make this happen. My prayers are with you all daily as well as all our brothers and sisters.



    1. Hi Herbert,

      You were mentioned at OWoN, so I will post this in reply to your last here. Thanks -WHA


      Herbert on the WHA site seems a lovely human being. Its people like him who give me hope for America,and the vast number of unassuming technically competent Americans who built the old great States. All sequestrated or stolen by the Cabal suits and Zio trash who defiled the Constitution, sold out Congress, allowed gutter trash like the Bushes and Clinton scum to ride unchecked, and destroyed the trust of so many States and good people within. You got it, I DESPISE all that trash and the holocaust they will involve if not smashed.

      I abhore needless violence, but them even more, and I would have no qualms having them lined up and pulling a GPMG trigger on the lot of them. All using hollow heads or Dum Dums so wherever they are hit its fatal.

      America needs to get back strong Leadership, and if Trumps elected, No Pardons for Obama or the Cabal trash. How do we stop the illegal Obuma from issuing Cabal and Clinton plus Zio Trash pardons when leaving office? How about Trump committing that an Illegals pardons will be invalidated if he’s elected?

      Read more at: http://www.oneworldofnations.com/2016/02/active-comment-section-18-february-2016.html?showComment=1456415223383#c1882376299219151118
      OWoN © All Rights Reserved

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    1. Hello All

      One would think that Vietnam still has a good chance of a positive revaluation considering that they have 10 tonnes of gold, more gold reserves than some countries. As well they are holding 37bn in foreign reserves.
      One that has not kept up with maintaining gold reserves is Canada who apparently only hold less than two tonnes of gold.


      Tony: Have you heard anything new that you can share about the Dong?

      Thank you


      1. Hi,

        No, I have not heard anything new about the Dong specifically. However, as is well known, and I am sure you know as well, it’s in far better shape than the Dinar, and we have been told, in general, that it stands a possibly good chance of speculative gain for those who hold it. But, just how much, and for how long, and for how many? That’s a question we don’t know.

        We should have some advanced heads up of a possible move, so until then we don’t have anything new to share. The recent news from Bill Holter about the devaluing of currency against metals was certainly interesting. It is thought by many that the increase in the value of metals will be brought on by the new masters of that market, the East, to give a basis for revaluation of the new metals backed currencies of the future. However, the fine details and such are certainly not reported to me or I would be glad to share them! LOL

        We wait and watch!

        Thanks again for the information.


      2. Perhaps VND will RV at some point and all of the physical dinar located outside of Iraq is literally wiped out. A GCR could give the sovereign nation of Iraq a clean slate but they could transition to a new currency or align with an existing currency such as the Rial. Citizens in Iraq could have a period of time to exchange their “fake” dinar (meaning the victim of overprinting) for the new stuff and the blogging babblers that gobbled up the overprints are left hung out to dry.

        Just throwing some thoughts out. Bitcoin is a helluva lot easier if you ask me.


  10. OWoN:

    Interesting news for the Sterling Group Dinar indictments, $600M will be a lot of time to be served as fresh meat on the block. A whole new meaning to Assholes as they get a re bore!

    A lot of broken dreams out there. A lot of Church funds wasted in pursuit of greed again! A lot of gullible Suckers got taken- again.

    Dinarians- Show me the money?

    And still they keep pumping out this garbage weekly. Promoting scams and empty dreams. A never ending production belt of Suckers. Greed not need drives them. For a thousand Bucks we will make you a millionaire. Lol. They swallowed all of it. How many times did we warn on site there is no money? The cupboards are bare. Very expensive toilet paper.

    $600M scammed by Sterling alone and what about the rest? When does Phoney TNT Tony get charged again? Surely he is worth 20 years in the big house as Bubba’s bitch?

    Read more at: http://www.oneworldofnations.com/2016/02/active-comment-section-18-february-2016.html?showComment=1456216320665#c1394908289257990517
    OWoN © All Rights Reserved


    1. Just read your reply to Wendy, You told her. For those who did not.///here goes…
      FEBRUARY 22, 2016 AT 11:40 PM
      Wow. We reach out to you in assistance, and that’s how you reply? Cut back on the Xanax.

      This, from a person who lead people on a 15 year journey of “any day now”. And for what? Zilch.

      Suicides? Are you crazy? You should be the one hanging your head in shame. Not us.

      You mentioned having all those brands on your computer, after you first mentioned the 600 crap.

      From the call:

      “….and I am running Windows Defender. I am running Microsoft Security Essentials. I am running the paid for version of AVG. I am running the paid for version of McAfee, uh,not McAfee, of Malware Bytes. And I am running a paid for version of Zapinsky [assumed to be Kaspersky] which is almost $700, and that’s to keep me safe in the trading world…..”.

      Listen to the recording before you point your hillbilly logic at others. Kaspersky – total piece of shit. We ran into the same link you did on RMN and DIDN’T GET INFECTED. And we don’t use expensive Kaspersky, that we could EASILY afford.

      We had to come on the scene to clean up your mess. Stop with the threats of FBI etc. We don’t need to be vetted by a nobody.
      We didn’t get hooked up with sources far above yours by being criminals.

      You work with the FBI? And you let your computer get schlonged ? How many records of the people you collected got exposed?

      Now, tell us, who is the one born yesterday?

      Lastly, the tone of your reply reflects an obvious insecurity in your position. How sad that so many think otherwise of you. They should get FAR from you and start living life and not waiting for NESARA fairy tales from you and Jim.


    2. And where did Sterling buy their iqd from? The shrubs?

      Anyway $600M buys a lot of soap. Let’s hope they drop some in the prison showers.


  11. OWoN:


    The new report will help you and your case.

    It gives you the Russians own Area 51 base. It opens up for you certain US Mind Control projects and then gives you access to Cosmic issues so far denied to you.

    It does raise the Free energy issues and asks why not so far. Later we will disclose this.

    It raises for you the Cosmic energy/ Intelligence issues, and gives you first a Galactic overview of planetary life bearing combinations. This is a door opener.

    As regards the Trust us, it’s because we are the only option able and capable of doing what is needed. We need the Wealth of the Elders under new control in London before we step out with the funds to face down head on the Khazarian Mafia and Cabal corrupt forces suppressing truth and disclosure. Governments are useless, all run by Wimps and misfits. They could not run a pet farm safely. Most are unemployable, so it bemuses me to see their laconic attempts to wield power as a collective of limp wristed Woosies.

    Disclosure is coming. The new article starts by opening doors of consciousness. Getting you ready.
    The difference is we KNOW!

    The question is when? We need to lift awareness before we lift the cage gates.

    You are mentally ” caged”. Looking in is akin to Alice in Wonderland. So many false perceptions of reality. Most woefully moronic.

    The masses are so stupefied if its not on the Telly its not real. Mind mugged the lot of them. Pitiful.
    Andy they Can’t handle it yet. Society is at the level of Pygmies right now. Even worse in America, en masse the majority are in a false universe of non reality. Dumbed down beyond belief. Kardashian fans? So many complete morons? Watching American Reality TV shows and Housewives of key cities, the husbands are grossly pathetic, stupid beyond belief and breeding. Their offspring are dumbed down even more.

    We have a huge task recovering America. They actually have no idea how far behind they are. The able people need our help to plan a new educational base strategy. Bright, well educated Americans have to live and cope with this pond life daily. We need to help the Switched On Americans switch on the dummies. America needs to be completely re tracked. As Ike warned,the Cabal was coming and dangerous.

    Bush aided by the Zionists, has sold out America and betrayed the Constitution. Nazi Stooge Soros, vile War Criminal Soros who gleefully robbed innocent Jews before sending them to the Camps for extermination,lives like a Lord in a country beyond corrupt. They dare force Democracy on others with none at home?

    AJ, post what is happening right now, OWON will help more than you know.

    Read the depth of reports weekly. Good people all contributing. You all have a forum second to none. You are read worldwide.

    Read more at: http://www.oneworldofnations.com/2016/02/active-comment-section-18-february-2016.html?showComment=1456147877914#c5182761180223117844
    OWoN © All Rights Reserved


  12. Ben Fulford / Mike Harris Feb 9 2016 : Victory is Near!

    A 56 minute interview, inspiring, there’s no doubt I have been feeling ‘a change’ and it’s not menopause.

    “What evidence does he cite, that “Victory is within our grasp”?:

    The stealing of Votes in Iowa was not covered up
    Ben is in touch with “Oligarchs, who are in surrender mode” ”



  13. GSR Interviews MARTIN ARMSTRONG – Feb 18, 2016

    “…..Eventually, when we get through this tunnel, the leg on the other side is gonna be some new kind of monetary system. And, hopefully at that point, we will get to the stage where we will no longer be borrowing money….”


  14. Will the Illuminati murder Donald Trump for saying this…? JFK’s Haunting Warning… Published on Feb 20, 2016

    Donald Trump commented that if he was elected president, he would reveal who really knocked down the World Trade Centers. Like JFK’s cryptic speech on secret societies delivered in 1961, I believe Trump’s threat to expose 9/11 places him in danger.

    Donald Trump went on to say it might have been the Saudis, which I believe was an attempt to redirect the conversation. It wasn’t the Saudis who knocked down the Two Towers… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NJ5lVtQ-ipg


  15. One of the events that was used in this fashion was the Super Bowl Football Game which took place on February 7th in the USA. An estimated 100 million people participated during the actual Super Bowl game, but there were many events that took place during the preceding week which greatly enhanced the building momentum of Humanity’s collective attention.======================================================== In my hometown of Tucson, Arizona, there is another very powerful event that takes place every year during the Sun Cycle of Aquarius. This event is the Annual Tucson Gem and Mineral Show which is known worldwide as the largest gem and mineral show on the Planet. This is the 62nd year we have hosted this event, which consists of approximately 4,000 venders and hundreds of thousands of people who travel to Tucson from every corner of the Earth laden with their precious gifts from the Elemental Kingdom. Since the inception of the gem and mineral show this gathering has drawn more than 100 million people to Tucson, Arizona.

    The venders bring with them the most exquisite reflections of Mother Earth’s Crystal Grid System that nature has to offer. These precious crystals, gems, stones, minerals, and metals are actually Crystallized Sacred Fire. They pulsate with the highest frequencies of the various Twelve Solar Aspects of Deity that Humanity and Mother Earth are capable of receiving. These Elemental Beings form Mother Earth’s Crystal Grid System function as acupuncture points and meridians in Earth’s physical body. https://www.eraofpeace.org/news/

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Allen, I am using precious stones and crystals and can actually feel the vibrations they emit in my hands. I am new to this so enjoying exploring it.


  16. Who wants a laugh?

    Zap says he needs immediate funds or his server will be shut down which means he won’t be able to ‘accept’ the trust funds which were released and due to land tomorrow.


    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ah yes, the wire transfer that is coming and never arrives. And that’s just a “little one”, reportedly to set up the office, turn on the phones and hire staff.

      I wonder why the executive staff does not chip in to pay for their own server costs? Hell, it cannot be all that much, can it? They are not doing anything right now except conference calls once a week and shuffling paperwork.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. It amazes me that even though ‘Poof’ passed away he still sends updates and people fall for it. Maybe snuffles ate too many parsnips and broke the budget? And a ‘global’ [sic] philanthropic network doesn’t know when its bills are due and budget.

        Nothing here except a news scanner who puts together ‘intel’ and internet news reported by others and branded as in the know to attract donations from the gullible. He quotes others after the fact. Never anything new. Full of flowery language with no pinpoints. All the hallmarks of a hustler.


        1. The most common forum software is phpBB. It is free on most isp’s. It is designed for members to carry on structured discussions on multiple topics. You must have seen it somewhere.

          WordPress is designed for the owner to post an essay, and readers to comment on that single essay. It worked when WHA was a dinar notification site, but WHA has changed. Forum software would be much more appropriate today


          1. Ah yes, I sure have.

            In all actuality, we only have one topic to watch and follow, and that’s outlined in our mission statement. While it is allowed to discuss other things, I would prefer not to structure the blog that way since it would smack of trying to monetize the effort or minimize the chief topic.

            This and so very few of our readers actually post, so for now, I will keep it as is. If things break loose, and in such a way that mass discussions for assisting our readers is needed along multiple topics, we will certainly consider that format.

            Thanks for that suggestion!


  17. Bankers Attempting to Corral Capital into Specific Banks Ahead of Bail-Ins? – Bill Holter

    “…..For this reason, I do not believe we will go cashless until AFTER a collapse as we will “need” a new currency (digital or not). However, any new currency will necessarily be backed by something (gold?) to create confidence……”



    1. WHA,
      Amazing how the “crazy” idea of asset backed currencies that nuts talked about two/three yrs ago is now popping up everywhere as a real possibility. The snowball may be headed downhill….



    2. After reading this article, it does get confusing. OWoN speaks of the only way to go is a cashless society yet that does seem to be about complete and total control of people i.e. New World Order/One World Order, Mark of the Beast, etc. Is it possible the thoughts of harmony, saving the world, peace and good things are rouses for gaining trust to lead the sheep to slaughter so to speak? Doesn’t the Bible speak of this? Just musing, that is all and I mean no disrespect to anyone. If possible Tony or anyone, I would welcome your thoughts on this subject.



      1. Hi TC,

        You have quite a few things mixed in here. The NWO is already setup to operate independent of any oversight. Mark of the Beast and “leading the sheep to slaughter” is fear-based. Total control of people is not possible.

        The current monetary situation is beyond reparations. It is not recoverable/sustainable. And as it falls apart the power hungry struggle to hang on to it. So we see lots more laws and capital controls and desperation because the current (what does OWoN say “Zios”) would never willingly give it back. So we are witnessing the death of one system while a new system is born to replace it.

        While I agree a cashless move serves the current NWO by allowing NIRP without a crash, it is also a good solution for launching a new system. An alternative system that is not controlled by the current powerbase. We have already seen all the pieces put together for this alternative system.

        It is only the people at the top running the monetary systems who can decide how it is used. I embrace OWoN on consciousness being the only way out of the vicious monetary cycle that we have been living for the last 2K years. Reference Dr. David R Hawkins Scale of Consciousness to see that as we rise up the scale money is used very differently from how it is used now. IMHO


      2. WHA,
        Even Dr JW has only recently started to hint @ the Elder cashe…. No doubt this site is the knifes edge as MSM starts to confirm events/likely outcomes. You are to be commended!



  18. OWoN:

    Q: Will these banks you buy allow US citizens to have accounts and will you comply with the FATCA reporting rules and regulations?

    A: Yes we will but not in USD and No to FACTA demands they will be told to shove it. As long as we have no Fed dependency or USD desks, they are toothless. These Neo Thugs and Zio weevils have been given too much rope. Without the dollar hook they are empowered for nothing. Only cutting off their FIAT paper works. No USD, No Fed access. Many banks are now kicking US citizens out. Understandably. Time the world tells these contemptible Thugs to shove it.

    Read more at: http://www.oneworldofnations.com/2016/02/active-comment-section-6-february-2016.html?showComment=1455736394716#c1676289538294393443
    OWoN © All Rights Reserved


  19. OWoN:


    There are many levels of Collateral assets. Vast amounts out of Cabal reach and we just stopped the US getting a 25,000 mt AU allocation for trading. Plus huge cash pallets, Bonds etc.

    We cant show our hands but assume what we are planning allows ZERO US interference or oversight. It becomes therefore our own Black Budgets project to turn around the century of Zio trash abuse, the Agency waste and to do what a truly philanthropic and enlightened group are capable of. Clearly there are still huge chasms of trust to achieve, but we are the only ones in this position under serious consideration,as the ethereal issues quantifying trust can only be achieved by truly elevated consciousness of spirit. Key senior Elders are deeply spiritual and will only respond to their own para psychological readings of parties involved where true consciousness is on a plane only available to those qualified to attain it. This is not for the public domain but just assume its very real and very now.
    If agreed, what we will build will reverse engineer fiscal dynamics and will be an epoch moment in the evolution of humanity.

    As is your site. Have faith in the human Soul, the dynamic of Cosmic energy and ethereal awakening. Early days, but abundant hope.


  20. OWoN:

    Q: I get confused sometimes regarding terminology. Is this large gold distribution that you are trading in the platforms what is called the global settlements/collateral accounts or is this something else?

    A: No it will be using the awesome power of the Gold, vast cash bundles in the warehouses, and Bonds, to take the Bank Platforms away from the gruesome Agencies and Pentagon and refocus profits on life for all. We plan to assist refocus the meaning of human existence not feeding the pot of the Zio lot.

    Of the 2 lead banks currently under review for acquisition our first task will be the instant removal of Zios from the Board and Sr management, and the creation of Roach free zones. Withdrawing each Bank from Derivatives trading and closing the US Dollar desks.

    Repaying Fed loans and removing the US from interfering with said banks, as well as re defining the level and limits of compliance. Reducing corporate suits and compliance nonsense. Introducing relationship banking and a bond with the clients.

    Read more at: http://www.oneworldofnations.com/2016/02/active-comment-section-6-february-2016.html
    OWoN © All Rights Reserved


  21. OWoN:


    Read the next exclusive coming out and between the lines.

    Now is not the time to unveil detailed plans, but you will realize quickly what is evolving behind the scenes. Trust, just trust a key KT is aware of all and active. Understand? The next report will give you an overview which a thinking being will realize is game on.

    Now is time to stay off radar,but if successful, factor in the likely KT moves. Just – Trust and watch. What if the asset transfer from the Elders is beyond all public concepts? Under key KT oversight and guidance?

    They are in London for a reason. Just watch. Money rules, and power outs fools.

    Read more at: http://www.oneworldofnations.com/2016/02/active-comment-section-6-february-2016.html?showComment=1455656586211#c4005778822639024571
    OWoN © All Rights Reserved


    1. And in my opinion, that “transfer” will be a part of what I have referred to in the past as the missing element that most analysts either dismiss as real, (i.e, they know the off balance sheet assets are real but refute it to sell blog memberships), or they just don’t believe it (because they don’t have access to confirm it).

      Just what will happen, and how, and where, is going to be, in my opinion, the equivalent of a cultural slap in the face followed by a cold shower and an habenaro and chili verde enema.


  22. Date: Sunday – February 14, 2016
    Host: Richard Syrett
    Guests: Rocco Galati, Jon Rappoport

    First half guest, Canadian constitutional lawyer Rocco Galati joined guest host Richard Syrett to talk about his legal case against his government and its abandonment of the Bank Of Canada (the rough equivalent of America’s Federal Reserve) to pay for government projects. The organization was incorporated in 1934 to allow the government to borrow money interest free for such things as public works projects and national healthcare. Galati says that from its inception, this is what it did and it worked very well. However, in 1974, Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau was convinced that money for government projects should henceforth be borrowed from the Bank Of International Settlements, a private consortium based in Europe. Although he was told that this would stabilize world financial markets, Galati described the resulting situation as “being enslaved to international loan sharks.”

    Galati reminded listeners that this is not simply a Canadian issue, as it concerns most western democracies giving up economic control to private interests who are not answerable to any government, and that this situation has gotten much worse since the end of WWII. There are only a few countries who have bypassed this system for varying reasons, including China, India, Argentina, and Iceland. Galati says the yearly interest owed on loans to the Canadian Government exceeds the national military budget and “the healthcare budgets of several provinces,” to the tune of up to 40 billion Canadian dollars annually. In his legal case, Galati hopes to cast a spotlight on this issue and show how the situation is “a focused and indisputable case of how private interest can take away your government’s power.” http://www.coasttocoastam.com/show/2016/02/14 “allow the government to borrow money interest free”


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