March 7, 2016 – White Hats Report #52 – The Trump Factor – Bush crime family pulls out the Tramp in an attempt to discredit The Donald 

The 2016 US Presidential election season has officially entered the Twilight Zone.

Before we cue up the Rod Serling lead-in, a history lesson is in order. It’s always good to review the past in order to put the present into proper context. 

In the US, from now until November, the Presidential election party primary circuses will take center stage.  The traveling road shows are in full swing with the Ringling Brothers (Bush crime family Republicans) and Barnum & Bailey (Hillary and Bernie) filling the big tops all over the country as they pander to the voting public. And as with any circus, the complimentary sideshows for the curious abound with offerings of bearded ladies, sword swallowers and chainsaw jugglers. You see, the sideshows are there to give credibility to the animal cruelty and Siegfried & Roy type illusionist acts performed in the big top.

Historically, these circus acts by the competing factions fill the public with promises of great things to come in the form of “hope and change” and a whole plethora of fantasy that always goes unfulfilled. These career politicians (read Government corporation sub-contractors) are never held accountable for their hollow promises and outright lies once the election cycle is completed. They get back to their plush offices with large staffs; fat travel budgets and resumes their worship of the corporations, banks and lobbyists who put them there by funding their campaigns. The road shows are the biggest every 8 years as this is primarily the changing of the guard from one “party” to the other while the unsuspecting public is duped into thinking they had a voice in the change that never materializes.

Cue up Rod Serling: You unlock this door with the key of imagination. Beyond it is another dimension – a dimension of sound, a dimension of sight, a dimension of mind. You’re moving into a land of both shadow and substance, of things and ideas. You’ve just crossed over into the Twilight Zone.”

Barnum & Bailey

Just when it appeared the Clinton Foundation treason and the home email server sideshows would continue to fly under the radar, pushback is starting to threaten the gravy train.  The Clinton crime family, America’s political version of Bonnie & Clyde, has taken the first serious hit in the email scandal as the staffer and tech wizard who set up the Clinton server has been granted immunity.  Granting a party of interest immunity suggests a crime has been committed, important enough to allow the tadpoles to swim free in exchange for information to charge, convict and imprison the whales.  We can only hope.

Additionally, information has recently surfaced that indictments may be coming regarding the treason committed through and by the Clinton Foundation.  One credible source has indicated a grand jury has been convened to look at evidence of Clinton Foundation skullduggery.  An investigation into the Foundation could last for years given the amount of bribery, treason and deal making that has been conducted through this fraudulent front for “charity”.

Possible outcomes range from absolutely nothing to prison time for the Teflon duo running the Clinton Crime family, including Chelsea. The crimes committed by the Clintons go back to their time in Arkansas: Whitewater, Iran Contra and payola parties for Bill as governor; followed by Travelgate, the Vince Foster murder, and impeachment while occupying the Oval Office in DC; and finally to Benghazi, Fast and Furious, the faked bin Laden assassination…among others and now the current aforementioned issues. All the while the dalliances of Bill with the opposite sex are legendary as Hillary continues to “stand by her man”, the premier sexual predator of our time. In the background, Hillary directs the intimidation, threats and public smear campaigns against Bill’s conquests to perform damage control on the duo’s political aspirations. They are the epitome of immorality and yet the Democrats get behind Hillary for President????

A questionable source has indicated Huma Abedin, one of Hillary’s lesbian lovers, a Clinton Foundation insider, Clinton presidential campaign vice chairwoman, former Deputy Chief of Staff (US State Dept) and long time personal assistant to Hillary, will be indicted within 30 days. If this happens, pressure will be brought to bear on Abedin to rat out Hillary. Again, we can only hope. If this occurs, expect Hillary to go to the White House on bended knee to beg for a pardon, much like George, Jr. granted VP Dick Cheney’s primary gatekeeper, Scooter Libby a pardon, in the Valerie Plame case.

Be reminded that Abedin married Anthony Weiner, the Congressman from New York who was disgraced out of office in a sex texting scandal in June, 2011, less than a year after their marriage.  Apparently another political “marriage of convenience” performed by none other than the grand master cheater himself, Bill Clinton. Huma declared in 2013 about her philandering husband, “I love him, I have forgiven him, I believe in him.” Sound familiar?

You just can’t make this stuff up.

Ringling Brothers

In the aftermath of Trump crushing it on Super Tuesday, the Bush crime family decides it’s time to up the ante, dusting off the Republican’s version of the Ken doll, Mr. PermaTan himself, Mitt Romney, to take center stage in the trailing sideshow of has-beens or maybe better, never-weres. Before discussing this most current weak “shot across the bough” by the Bush Crime family, again, some history is required to put current events in perspective.

We have documented in previous reports Romney’s involvement in the theft of Ed Falcone’s program traded funds and his $400 million reward received from Bush, Sr. for doing so. We have also documented VP Biden’s $200 million payoff from Bush, Sr. via Hillary Clinton for refusing to investigate the theft of said funds. To recap, Romney made promises to Falcone that he could guarantee the safety of his funds put into a program trading platform via Michael Herzog, another Bush crime family crony. We also documented the two attempts on Falcone’s life, one in Europe and one in Florida.

The list of swindlers, in addition to Romney, involved in the Falcone rip-off is long but distinguished; George HW Bush, Michael Herzog, Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton, Paul Guenette and of course the primary European Nazi money launderer himself, Josef Ackermann at Deutsche bank. Keep in mind Deutsche Bank is on the verge of collapse and Ackermann will be fortunate to survive the gallows when all is finished.

For an in depth explanation of the Falcone saga, see White Hats Reports #3, #5, #9 and #12 thru #15.

We confirmed through McCain’s camp that Romney could not be vetted to be McCain’s Vice Presidential candidate and running mate for 2008 because of the difficulty in explaining the $400 million of bribe money paid to him by Bush, Sr. parked in overseas accounts. Hence, McCain, at the last minute, had to switch course and select Sarah Palin as his running mate. Palin, a virtual unknown at the time, could easily pass background where Romney could not.

When Romney ran against Obama on the 2012 Republican ticket, he released the prior two years of tax returns, 2010 and 2011, which indicated approximately $20 million a year in gross income. The breakdown of income, all passive, came from capital gains, dividends received and interest earned.  His 2010 return was 203 pages and included investments in Luxemburg, the Cayman Islands and Ireland, all favorable tax havens. What was not disclosed was the principal amount which generated these exorbitant returns. Romney’s effective tax rate was 15%, pretty reasonable considering he’s a multi millionaire.

So when you’re owned by the Bush crime family, you crawl out of your bolt hole when called upon and read from the script presented to you. It appears the weak attempt to discredit Trump has again backfired as more attention is directed at Romney than his target, the Donald. The fact that Romney is Sr.’s boy just serves to lessen whatever impact he was trying to make. Interestingly enough, some of Mitt’s talking points could’ve easily been turned around and used against him. Perhaps that’s why his attack on Trump went over like the Hindenburg, crashing and burning before it had time to gain traction.

Let’s be reminded of the first Republican debate on August 6, 2015 in Quicken Loans Arena, the location for the Republican convention in June, 2016. There were 17 candidates at that time, split into two groups based on the current polling numbers garnered from who knows where as Trump was leading then with Jeb Bush second and Scott Walker third. The opening question in that first debate was directed at Trump. Actually, it was a two part question; (1) “Is there anyone unwilling to pledge your support to the eventual nominee of the Republican Party and (2) pledge to not run an independent campaign against that person?” A trap question meant for Trump as only two weeks before he’d mentioned the possibility of running as a third party candidate. To the angst of the establishment, Trump was the only one that admitted he wasn’t willing to make that commitment. Approximately three months later Trump committed to the party and disavowed a third party run, in effect, locking in all the other candidates to support him if he wins the nomination.

This question was revisited in the Republican debates last Thursday, only this time it was directed at the three remaining challengers to Trump; Rubio, Cruz and Kasich. It was met with mixed results, answers ranging from the affirmative to the usual political, rhetorical non-responses.


Trump’s entry into the 2016 Presidential race has been an interesting study in the dysfunction of American politics. An “outsider”, he’s managed to garner the support of all the people who are sick and tired of the corrupt DC stranglehold on this country. As we progress through the primaries on the Republican side of the ledger, record turnouts have resulted in the Trump machine being assured of the nomination. The media on both sides of the aisle are in full meltdown now as their government sponsored and paid for rhetoric is being completely ignored by the masses. They aren’t used to the American public not buying their propaganda hook, line and sinker. We can only surmise their puppet masters are throwing tantrums during the editorial meetings in an attempt to devise a strategy to derail the Trump train that is barreling down the tracks to eventual victory. After all, their objective is to tell us how to think, how to act and how to vote. Trump’s popularity is not only exposing the corrupt and dirty politicians of this country but is also exposing the media whores who continually commit treason in order to further the cabal and NWO agenda.

Talk of a brokered Republican convention to thwart Trump and the wishes of the Republican base only further exposes the deep corruption in DC. The meltdown is happening right in front of the world and we have to wonder if we are the only ones sitting on the sidelines finding this more amusing than the Sunday morning comics.  The American people are WAKING up and making their voices heard as with each state primary election, people are voting for the first time in years as they feel finally, their vote will count for something. And make no mistake; the votes for Trump are a resounding vote of NO CONFIDENCE for the current political system in the US.

Despite all of this, we want to make something perfectly clear; we are NOT supporting Trump or any of the other corporate controlled sub-contractors who pose as our elected politicians. We have always been and will always be equal opportunity exposers of the broken, corrupt and dysfunctional government apparatus of the United States with no regard for party affiliation.  However, we will continue to report on what we know as this truly historic election year unfolds. Perhaps to the Trump supporters, we appear to be in his corner and even to the less discerning, promoting his candidacy. This would be an incorrect assumption and until we are convinced of the veracity, honesty, integrity and character of ANY candidate, we will, as always, remain neutral for its not about left and right, not about Republicans or Democrats, not about conservative or liberal…it’s about the restoration of the Republic and until we hear a candidate utter those magic words along with mass arrests, throwing the UN and the Federal Reserve out of the US, they’re all just players in this sordid tale of power and greed that usurps the freedoms and natural rights of the citizens.

We find Romney’s emergence on the scene as very troubling as it appears the Bush crime family is positioning him to be the candidate of choice in the event they can pull off a brokered convention when Trump wins a sufficient amount of primaries (and delegates) to earn the Republican nomination. This is provided their second choice behind Jeb, Ted Cruz, is defeated. And let’s be clear, Ted Cruz is nothing but another wolf in sheep’s clothing, touting himself as anti-Establishment when he is nothing more than a puppet for the Bush crime family. You only need spend a little time researching his wife, Heidi, who is a Goldman Sachs employee after serving in the Bush administration as an underling to Condi Rice and being involved in the quest to establish the NAU to know who controls this pretender. Marco Rubio is so hollow, nothing needs to be said about him that isn’t already readily apparent and Kasich can’t even keep the state of Ohio solvent as their General Fund has run a deficit the past two years, reaching into the billions of dollars. This is a sad representation of the Republican Party if this is the best they have to offer and illustrates why Trump is so popular among the Republican base.

The Democrats perhaps exceed the ridiculousness with their two offerings, the career criminal and traitor, Hillary Clinton and the closet Socialist, Comrade Bernie Sanders.  The rest of the world must be shaking their head at this pathetic display of election politics.  Could it get any worse?

In future articles, we will break down the different scenarios that are currently playing out in both parties given the issues affecting each side. In this crazy US Presidential election year, the probabilities are changing daily with the various factions vying for the coveted prize in November and positioning themselves for the next election.

Nancy Reagan

The news yesterday of Mrs. Reagan’s passing was met with sadness and extremely heavy hearts. Not since Jackie Kennedy has America had a classy, articulate and honest First Lady. Sandwiched between alcoholics and substance abusers before her and witches, traitors, lushes and the embarrassing current representative in the White House who came after her, she always displayed the class and dignity associated and expected of the title of First Lady. The love between her and Mr. Reagan was apparent and strong, providing the example to the rest of the world about how special the union between a man and woman is. Their romance was never ending and their horseback rides and canoe excursions will always define their relationship while Mr. Reagan was in the White House.

Her disdain for the Bush crime family was evident and their assassination attempt barely two months into his Presidency on her husband strengthened her resolve to protect and defend him for the 8 years of his time as President. History has been kind to President Reagan despite the stink of his Vice President, Shadow Government co-founder and Nazi, GHWB pervading for 8 years. Let us not forget Bush Sr.’s words about the hostage release delay to ensure the defeat of Carter and the sordid Iran-Contra scandal that, to this very day, still continues to affect the world. (More on this in future articles)

And make no mistake, her historic campaign against illegal drugs (“Just say No”) was a direct attack on the Bush crime family’s notorious drug trafficking empire.

Twelve years after Mr. Reagan’s passing in 2004, the couple will finally be reunited and will look down upon us with hope for the future.

RIP Mrs. Reagan, may your beacon of light will forever shine bright on this country.



  1. Something amazing happened today. I went outdoors at 5.00 a.m. and there were no chemtrails or clouds in the sky!. I could see all the major constellations, including the Pleiades. Orion was almost back to his full celestial splendour; Cassiopeia still looked like someone had bent her right arm out of shape and the Big Plough more like a Big Pram, but Sirius was sparkling brightly over the horizon, like an old friend. And there have been no chemtrails all day!


        1. Hahaha… Ralph, when I first read this, I thought you meant you saw “galactics” in S. Florida!

          Unfortunately, we’ve still had a few chemtrails here in SW Louisiana as well. I hope you guys stay out of Matthew’s path.



  2. WHA, I have some ZIM that was given to me by a friend. Should I hold it or is it going to be worthless? Can you shed some light?

    Thank you.


    1. Hi,

      At present the ZIM is, if I understand correctly, a decommissioned currency that is about as worthless as an Italian Lira. And those are completely worthless, having been replaced by the Euro long ago.

      If the ZIM ever comes back, my feeling is that it will be re-issued in a new form, meaning the old notes will not be redeemable ever again because of the lack of any value at present. You cannot exchange a worthless note for one with value. It makes no sense.

      I am not involved in the day to day discussions of how the BASEL III guidelines will affect the ZIM, but I think the only ZIM notes that have any value are probably those that have been sequestered for re-denomination at Sovereign levels, and not street level speculators. Please note that I am sharing my opinions and feelings here. I don’t have ZIM, and cannot give you investment advice about what to do with them.

      Since you have them, and they cost you nothing, there is no sense in throwing them away. Put them in a frame and do what I did with my Pan Am stock certificates. Hang them in the water closet in front of the toilet. It makes for excellent laxative qualities when you are in need. I can’t locate my DeLorean stock certs, or I would hang them as well.

      Ignore the constant babbermouths who are claiming people are walking into banks and exchanging ZIM for quadrillions of $. These people are away with the fairies and have no sense of present time reality.

      Hope you are well.

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  3. Humans are going to have the edge over robots where work demands creativity

    In a development rarely discussed by politicians – who tend to dismiss the arts as soft and impractical – it means that higher education in arts-related subjects, including ethics, critical thinking and social relationships are also likely to be valued and in (relative) demand. An ability to deal with ambiguity, complexity and diversity will be desirable, and as CEO Steve Yi of advertising platform MediaAlpha has said: “In the dynamic environment of the technology sector, there is not typically one right answer when you make decisions. There are just different shades of how correct you might be.”

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    1. Indeed, they should have such an edge. Robots should simply be assigned the task of automation of production and menial, repetitive jobs that sap humans of their creativity and brightest elements. The machines will do what we tell them to do, and are capable of doing almost any task that is done by humans, with greater precision and consistency.


        1. As for cleaning house, if we are smart and make homes that are pressurized to slightly over one earth atmosphere, dust and such will not enter in the first place.

          Coffee? Piece of cake. Cook? You bet. In fact, there could be several options on that. One such option can be viewed here.

          And here.

          So much more is possible. In fact, I would think that most homes of the future won’t have fully rigged out kitchens like most homes. Such redundancy is wasteful in some situations. There could be centers were good, fresh food is grown, prepared and served to you. Meats will be grown on surfaces that mimic the bones of animals, complete in every way, synthesized by nanotechnology but not within the animal. There will be no need to slaughter for protein.

          When there are no roadblocks to create, no hysterics about profit margins or economics, we can expand the goals to achieve to our highest limits of creative gain, not monetary gain. The younger generations have in their possession some of the greatest gifts which the older generations have developed for them.

          The Apollo program really fast tracked what has now been achieved. When you study the computer technology of that day, compared to now, you can see how far we have come in 50 years, and just how far we will go in the next 50.

          Responsible releases directed into ethical areas of development will give us the ability to do what Apollo did, but on mega steroids. This will raise living standards and help eliminate what we most center on now as the biggest impediments – bureaucrats/politicians/banks.

          The general population does not want to war on anyone. They want to live, eat, make love, create, enjoy, help one another. This society has bread them to believe they want to shop, get stoned, kill the non-believers, elect crooks, pray to an invisible man in the sky to condemn others to an invisible man down below, watch a balloon head run down a field with a ball, and other ridiculous ritualistic, time-wasting efforts that slowly move us to existential ruin.

          Let’s hope the young of today continue the trend that the best of them are now starting to embark on – the complete rejection of living with obsolete social structures which are kept in place by power hungry psychotics who profit from misery and greed.

          We have handed them a great gift, and good people are ready to enable them with the means to make the best of that gift.

          I hope you get to enjoy your “cook” someday soon!

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  4. Thank you all for your wonderful thoughts about HK. His family has been reading and they do appreciate them.

    This morning I woke up and didn’t find the usual e-mail from him, in his best English, of which I would humorously kid him about.

    “Where did you learn to write? China?”

    And in the past I would kid him about many other things.

    “You need to go to London and make sure the Egg Fu Young is properly cooked so the Elders don’t get mad at the English.”

    “Stay away from the younger women, and don’t take so much Ginseng”.

    “Don’t mention that Mao was your father”.

    He would laugh, and we would be in hysterics over such things. He had a wonderful sense of humor.

    His daughter told me his eyes would swell with pride when he would look at the OWoN post with the pictures of the Elders and our friends in London. He was so very proud that his ancestors were responsible enough to safeguard such wealth so that it could one day be put to use by good men and women for all on earth.

    He was also proud of both sites, and recognized how rare it was for honest and clearly defined explanations of the truth behind the WGS/GCR/RV to be available to the public. He was aghast at the high numbers of people who would follow the guru blogs and considered it all an insult in the face of so many who were working for the truly realistic end results, and without begging for money or transforming into hucksters, selling things to the audiences that they don’t need.

    I truly intend to carry on in such a way that he would be proud to remain a part of our humble associations.

    Thanks again, and please accept my thanks for your readership and support.



  5. OWoN:

    Q: We have heard for years of the rumored bankruptcy and insolvency of the US FED and UST.

    How is this epic US debt coming to a head different than all the other times we have heard and it has been rumored the US financials are at a breaking point?

    What makes now important compared to earlier?

    What are the various scenarios of how this epic debt stress plays out? What are the timelines? What are the various results?

    A: Very sensitive. We are trying so carefully to avoid the crash landing. Everyone and this is now so interconnected. There are no singular absolutes.

    The US Fed and Treasury have reneged on major Sovereign and other debts for decades. As the same Scumbags did to the Native Americans. Federal America IS vile! It is a Feral collective.

    Time is running out and it’s pass the parcel time.
    Now is not the time to go public yet.We are trying to engineer a better way.
    The American people are 99% removed from the Conspirators. But they, the Bushes, Clinton and disgusting sub human Cabal and Zio trash have stolen a nations right to be.

    The American people have built a great nation. It STILL has enormous potential , so do its people.

    The US Federal Government are Feral Rats who have betrayed americans as badly as they did the poor Native Americans. If ever a sub species deserved total annihilation it is they. Combining then with the likes of the Zio rats, and the Bushes, with the Neo Nazi Cabal and NWO parasites, Americas innocent people have had a nation stolen from them. The world is a poorer place for it.

    The world is now re adjusting. New times, new Big Dogs.
    The real problem now is how do we try to protect the innocent and good Americans, and protect their right to be, while moves are orchestrated to deal with the Cabal, to break the Jesuit and Kazakh Tentacles ( But a big Yes to the other!!) and try to force redemption for rebuilding our estranged nations. Will Trump make it? If so, as a Jesuit clone , or a patriot elevated to try for good?

    Or the Clinton Cabal Crime Family, vile Americans? Traitors to the people!
    How do we deal with the Zio scum?
    How do we smash the Jesuits?
    How do we lobotomise the Cabal?
    How do we rip the claws of the Kazakh TRASH off FRB NY and the US Treasury?
    How do we force redemptions from dead claws of Zio scum?

    Who is left who is clean as Washington is so badly infiltrated and compromised with bought trash? How do we remove Zionist or Jewish control of the Media?
    How do we break the Israeli control over America?
    How do we resolve the currency issues now?
    Who gets Gold backing, who not? IF we launch a Gold backed RMB, how long before we collapse the current US ? Then who picks up the pieces? What will be the war costs in lives as IF the Clintons get in, you just voted for Armageddon.
    Timelines, answer the above?

    Read more at:
    OWoN © All Rights Reserved


  6. OWoN:

    Q: Does this impending event you wrote about have anything to do with China possibly announcing their actual gold holdings this week or next?

    A: That option is only a small part of a far bigger agenda.

    As we are revealing in stages for you the history and agendas of the varying pseudo Religious Woofters, behind the scenes we are engaged in very deep debate and negotiations, to bring into play such vast assets as can, if selectively used, correctly track Eurasia as a technologically endowed, well educated, commercially balanced and sophisticated singular hemisphere.

    Ripping these Jesuits and Zionists out of office, closing their operations and restoring all the varying churches lands and holdings to Public ownership in each nation, and sorting that Pariah State of Israel, including the confiscation of their Nukes is part of a much bigger agenda. They know its coming and and are Butt kissing Russia right now to double deal the Americans.

    Iran will never accept Israel and once restored as a technological nation, and may well lead the destruction of that Kazakh carbuncle on the arse of the Arab world. There can be no peace in the Middle East while that monstrosity is free to operate and plot against it neighbours and extort the world via its global Jewish and Zionist cells.

    The American Fed and Treasury have vast, colossal debts coming to a head which they have reneged on for decades. They have failed abysmally as World Leaders by allowing the expansion of the Cabal which has grown like a tapeworm sucking the life blood out of America and the world. NWO is about WHO controls, and while it worked for the US to presume such control, that has now been lost. Battles are evolving now between our Global Chessmasters, and conceptions of power.

    The Rothschilds has opportunities, which such congregated wealth, to assist reshape societies and to help a truly enlightened NWO to emerge. Instead, power corrupts and you know the rest.

    A whole new Global group is emerging.But one truly committed towards enlightening societies,and rebalancing commercial infrastructures as well as re shaping the coming evolution of the transhuman future. One trying to help it evolve the right way. If not, you face a fearsome technologically aided perverse species if not correctly channeled. The future is in utero right now.

    Do we evolve, or release the monster?

    Daily, you all help so much with ever more concise and and challenging comments. They are read, absorbed and noted.

    Saturnalias historical notes help remind me where adjustments will be needed to scalpel out historical perversions who have no place or role in the society now evolving. The US debt battle is coming to a head. There will be consequences. Let’s see if the Trump Wild Card succeeds. Even then, will the Jesuit boy fall in line? He is, at best, a stopgap.

    Read more at:
    OWoN © All Rights Reserved

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  7. I just received word that HKmarkets, a very kind and considerate man from Hong Kong and someone who helped me keep up with OWoN posts, died peacefully in his sleep last night (Hong Kong time). His family asked me to pass this along to you all.

    He loved being a part of the blog, and he especially loved reading OWoN comments, which he had to sometimes translate into his native Mandarin. He had looked forward to meeting, and I had discussed a trip to HK to meet him while there, but it was not to be. In fact, I have had to cancel almost all my planned trips this year because of business issues which necessitated my presence here at home.

    Next year I am going to catch up on some needed travel and I may visit his family at their invitation. They are very nice people and they also keep up with matters here.

    He leaves behind 3 children, 5 grandchildren, a wife and a brother. He was 82 years old.


    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hello Tony

      Praying for HK Markets family that in this time loss of thier loved one that they have comfort and Love all arround his sweet family. I also give thanks for his time to your site and your friendship that he and you had. What a great feeling to know a 82 year old brother was so interested in passing news to your site to help with a cause that for the betterment of our world.

      God is so awesome in placing people in places and at perfect timing to make impacts. We are blessed to know that even in a time of great loss his sweet family wanted to share with us through you this sweet soul has went on to a much better place.

      May we understand even at 82 what a impact you can have on many and how precious life is and the importance of Loving and caring for one another know matter if you live across the globe


      Liked by 2 people

      1. Herbert,

        That was absolutely beautiful. I wish I could have said something so eloquent, but you’ve said it all… perfectly. Thank you for sharing that. I’m thankful for HKmarkets’s time here too, and I will miss him. I’m so thankful and glad to be here with you and other precious friends.


        Liked by 1 person

    2. Thank you for sharing Tony. HK meant a lot to his blog. He was a good man with true compassion in his heart for his fellow man. Prayers & support for his family at this time.

      Liked by 1 person

    3. Oh no. I am so sad reading this.

      I will truly miss HKmarkets. It was comforting (like family) to know he’d always be bringing the news over for us. Thank you for sharing this, Tony, and please convey to his family our condolences. I believe HK touched all of us and he will remain in a special place in our hearts.


      Liked by 1 person

    4. Heavens! I am so very saddened to be informed of the loss of HKmarkets. I know experiencing this loss is difficult for those that know and love the one that has moved on and I feel deeply for all concerned. I always like to view such a transition as a commencement upon a new and endless path where ultimate levels of peace, love and comfort are found. My thoughts are with you all.

      Thank you Tony for sharing this very sad news with us, much appreciated.

      Liked by 1 person

    5. HKmarkets’ soul ends this chapter in his book of life and starts a new journey. Energy cannot be created or destroyed, just changed to another form. He will be missed here, but welcomed elsewhere. To his family we sorry for your loss.

      HKmarkets we will see you over the rainbow….

      For his family, we celebrate his life as he was one of us…

      Liked by 1 person

    6. Please pass on our thoughts, prayers and condolences to his wife and family. As with all your other reader’s comments, I too appreciated all that he shared with us. Sincerely, Larry


  8. Thank you so much. I’m a longtime follower, never post. I would like to thank you and J and all those I don’t know. Keep up the good works.


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