March 7, 2016 – White Hats Report #52 – The Trump Factor – Bush crime family pulls out the Tramp in an attempt to discredit The Donald 

The 2016 US Presidential election season has officially entered the Twilight Zone.

Before we cue up the Rod Serling lead-in, a history lesson is in order. It’s always good to review the past in order to put the present into proper context. 

In the US, from now until November, the Presidential election party primary circuses will take center stage.  The traveling road shows are in full swing with the Ringling Brothers (Bush crime family Republicans) and Barnum & Bailey (Hillary and Bernie) filling the big tops all over the country as they pander to the voting public. And as with any circus, the complimentary sideshows for the curious abound with offerings of bearded ladies, sword swallowers and chainsaw jugglers. You see, the sideshows are there to give credibility to the animal cruelty and Siegfried & Roy type illusionist acts performed in the big top.

Historically, these circus acts by the competing factions fill the public with promises of great things to come in the form of “hope and change” and a whole plethora of fantasy that always goes unfulfilled. These career politicians (read Government corporation sub-contractors) are never held accountable for their hollow promises and outright lies once the election cycle is completed. They get back to their plush offices with large staffs; fat travel budgets and resumes their worship of the corporations, banks and lobbyists who put them there by funding their campaigns. The road shows are the biggest every 8 years as this is primarily the changing of the guard from one “party” to the other while the unsuspecting public is duped into thinking they had a voice in the change that never materializes.

Cue up Rod Serling: You unlock this door with the key of imagination. Beyond it is another dimension – a dimension of sound, a dimension of sight, a dimension of mind. You’re moving into a land of both shadow and substance, of things and ideas. You’ve just crossed over into the Twilight Zone.”

Barnum & Bailey

Just when it appeared the Clinton Foundation treason and the home email server sideshows would continue to fly under the radar, pushback is starting to threaten the gravy train.  The Clinton crime family, America’s political version of Bonnie & Clyde, has taken the first serious hit in the email scandal as the staffer and tech wizard who set up the Clinton server has been granted immunity.  Granting a party of interest immunity suggests a crime has been committed, important enough to allow the tadpoles to swim free in exchange for information to charge, convict and imprison the whales.  We can only hope.

Additionally, information has recently surfaced that indictments may be coming regarding the treason committed through and by the Clinton Foundation.  One credible source has indicated a grand jury has been convened to look at evidence of Clinton Foundation skullduggery.  An investigation into the Foundation could last for years given the amount of bribery, treason and deal making that has been conducted through this fraudulent front for “charity”.

Possible outcomes range from absolutely nothing to prison time for the Teflon duo running the Clinton Crime family, including Chelsea. The crimes committed by the Clintons go back to their time in Arkansas: Whitewater, Iran Contra and payola parties for Bill as governor; followed by Travelgate, the Vince Foster murder, and impeachment while occupying the Oval Office in DC; and finally to Benghazi, Fast and Furious, the faked bin Laden assassination…among others and now the current aforementioned issues. All the while the dalliances of Bill with the opposite sex are legendary as Hillary continues to “stand by her man”, the premier sexual predator of our time. In the background, Hillary directs the intimidation, threats and public smear campaigns against Bill’s conquests to perform damage control on the duo’s political aspirations. They are the epitome of immorality and yet the Democrats get behind Hillary for President????

A questionable source has indicated Huma Abedin, one of Hillary’s lesbian lovers, a Clinton Foundation insider, Clinton presidential campaign vice chairwoman, former Deputy Chief of Staff (US State Dept) and long time personal assistant to Hillary, will be indicted within 30 days. If this happens, pressure will be brought to bear on Abedin to rat out Hillary. Again, we can only hope. If this occurs, expect Hillary to go to the White House on bended knee to beg for a pardon, much like George, Jr. granted VP Dick Cheney’s primary gatekeeper, Scooter Libby a pardon, in the Valerie Plame case.

Be reminded that Abedin married Anthony Weiner, the Congressman from New York who was disgraced out of office in a sex texting scandal in June, 2011, less than a year after their marriage.  Apparently another political “marriage of convenience” performed by none other than the grand master cheater himself, Bill Clinton. Huma declared in 2013 about her philandering husband, “I love him, I have forgiven him, I believe in him.” Sound familiar?

You just can’t make this stuff up.

Ringling Brothers

In the aftermath of Trump crushing it on Super Tuesday, the Bush crime family decides it’s time to up the ante, dusting off the Republican’s version of the Ken doll, Mr. PermaTan himself, Mitt Romney, to take center stage in the trailing sideshow of has-beens or maybe better, never-weres. Before discussing this most current weak “shot across the bough” by the Bush Crime family, again, some history is required to put current events in perspective.

We have documented in previous reports Romney’s involvement in the theft of Ed Falcone’s program traded funds and his $400 million reward received from Bush, Sr. for doing so. We have also documented VP Biden’s $200 million payoff from Bush, Sr. via Hillary Clinton for refusing to investigate the theft of said funds. To recap, Romney made promises to Falcone that he could guarantee the safety of his funds put into a program trading platform via Michael Herzog, another Bush crime family crony. We also documented the two attempts on Falcone’s life, one in Europe and one in Florida.

The list of swindlers, in addition to Romney, involved in the Falcone rip-off is long but distinguished; George HW Bush, Michael Herzog, Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton, Paul Guenette and of course the primary European Nazi money launderer himself, Josef Ackermann at Deutsche bank. Keep in mind Deutsche Bank is on the verge of collapse and Ackermann will be fortunate to survive the gallows when all is finished.

For an in depth explanation of the Falcone saga, see White Hats Reports #3, #5, #9 and #12 thru #15.

We confirmed through McCain’s camp that Romney could not be vetted to be McCain’s Vice Presidential candidate and running mate for 2008 because of the difficulty in explaining the $400 million of bribe money paid to him by Bush, Sr. parked in overseas accounts. Hence, McCain, at the last minute, had to switch course and select Sarah Palin as his running mate. Palin, a virtual unknown at the time, could easily pass background where Romney could not.

When Romney ran against Obama on the 2012 Republican ticket, he released the prior two years of tax returns, 2010 and 2011, which indicated approximately $20 million a year in gross income. The breakdown of income, all passive, came from capital gains, dividends received and interest earned.  His 2010 return was 203 pages and included investments in Luxemburg, the Cayman Islands and Ireland, all favorable tax havens. What was not disclosed was the principal amount which generated these exorbitant returns. Romney’s effective tax rate was 15%, pretty reasonable considering he’s a multi millionaire.

So when you’re owned by the Bush crime family, you crawl out of your bolt hole when called upon and read from the script presented to you. It appears the weak attempt to discredit Trump has again backfired as more attention is directed at Romney than his target, the Donald. The fact that Romney is Sr.’s boy just serves to lessen whatever impact he was trying to make. Interestingly enough, some of Mitt’s talking points could’ve easily been turned around and used against him. Perhaps that’s why his attack on Trump went over like the Hindenburg, crashing and burning before it had time to gain traction.

Let’s be reminded of the first Republican debate on August 6, 2015 in Quicken Loans Arena, the location for the Republican convention in June, 2016. There were 17 candidates at that time, split into two groups based on the current polling numbers garnered from who knows where as Trump was leading then with Jeb Bush second and Scott Walker third. The opening question in that first debate was directed at Trump. Actually, it was a two part question; (1) “Is there anyone unwilling to pledge your support to the eventual nominee of the Republican Party and (2) pledge to not run an independent campaign against that person?” A trap question meant for Trump as only two weeks before he’d mentioned the possibility of running as a third party candidate. To the angst of the establishment, Trump was the only one that admitted he wasn’t willing to make that commitment. Approximately three months later Trump committed to the party and disavowed a third party run, in effect, locking in all the other candidates to support him if he wins the nomination.

This question was revisited in the Republican debates last Thursday, only this time it was directed at the three remaining challengers to Trump; Rubio, Cruz and Kasich. It was met with mixed results, answers ranging from the affirmative to the usual political, rhetorical non-responses.


Trump’s entry into the 2016 Presidential race has been an interesting study in the dysfunction of American politics. An “outsider”, he’s managed to garner the support of all the people who are sick and tired of the corrupt DC stranglehold on this country. As we progress through the primaries on the Republican side of the ledger, record turnouts have resulted in the Trump machine being assured of the nomination. The media on both sides of the aisle are in full meltdown now as their government sponsored and paid for rhetoric is being completely ignored by the masses. They aren’t used to the American public not buying their propaganda hook, line and sinker. We can only surmise their puppet masters are throwing tantrums during the editorial meetings in an attempt to devise a strategy to derail the Trump train that is barreling down the tracks to eventual victory. After all, their objective is to tell us how to think, how to act and how to vote. Trump’s popularity is not only exposing the corrupt and dirty politicians of this country but is also exposing the media whores who continually commit treason in order to further the cabal and NWO agenda.

Talk of a brokered Republican convention to thwart Trump and the wishes of the Republican base only further exposes the deep corruption in DC. The meltdown is happening right in front of the world and we have to wonder if we are the only ones sitting on the sidelines finding this more amusing than the Sunday morning comics.  The American people are WAKING up and making their voices heard as with each state primary election, people are voting for the first time in years as they feel finally, their vote will count for something. And make no mistake; the votes for Trump are a resounding vote of NO CONFIDENCE for the current political system in the US.

Despite all of this, we want to make something perfectly clear; we are NOT supporting Trump or any of the other corporate controlled sub-contractors who pose as our elected politicians. We have always been and will always be equal opportunity exposers of the broken, corrupt and dysfunctional government apparatus of the United States with no regard for party affiliation.  However, we will continue to report on what we know as this truly historic election year unfolds. Perhaps to the Trump supporters, we appear to be in his corner and even to the less discerning, promoting his candidacy. This would be an incorrect assumption and until we are convinced of the veracity, honesty, integrity and character of ANY candidate, we will, as always, remain neutral for its not about left and right, not about Republicans or Democrats, not about conservative or liberal…it’s about the restoration of the Republic and until we hear a candidate utter those magic words along with mass arrests, throwing the UN and the Federal Reserve out of the US, they’re all just players in this sordid tale of power and greed that usurps the freedoms and natural rights of the citizens.

We find Romney’s emergence on the scene as very troubling as it appears the Bush crime family is positioning him to be the candidate of choice in the event they can pull off a brokered convention when Trump wins a sufficient amount of primaries (and delegates) to earn the Republican nomination. This is provided their second choice behind Jeb, Ted Cruz, is defeated. And let’s be clear, Ted Cruz is nothing but another wolf in sheep’s clothing, touting himself as anti-Establishment when he is nothing more than a puppet for the Bush crime family. You only need spend a little time researching his wife, Heidi, who is a Goldman Sachs employee after serving in the Bush administration as an underling to Condi Rice and being involved in the quest to establish the NAU to know who controls this pretender. Marco Rubio is so hollow, nothing needs to be said about him that isn’t already readily apparent and Kasich can’t even keep the state of Ohio solvent as their General Fund has run a deficit the past two years, reaching into the billions of dollars. This is a sad representation of the Republican Party if this is the best they have to offer and illustrates why Trump is so popular among the Republican base.

The Democrats perhaps exceed the ridiculousness with their two offerings, the career criminal and traitor, Hillary Clinton and the closet Socialist, Comrade Bernie Sanders.  The rest of the world must be shaking their head at this pathetic display of election politics.  Could it get any worse?

In future articles, we will break down the different scenarios that are currently playing out in both parties given the issues affecting each side. In this crazy US Presidential election year, the probabilities are changing daily with the various factions vying for the coveted prize in November and positioning themselves for the next election.

Nancy Reagan

The news yesterday of Mrs. Reagan’s passing was met with sadness and extremely heavy hearts. Not since Jackie Kennedy has America had a classy, articulate and honest First Lady. Sandwiched between alcoholics and substance abusers before her and witches, traitors, lushes and the embarrassing current representative in the White House who came after her, she always displayed the class and dignity associated and expected of the title of First Lady. The love between her and Mr. Reagan was apparent and strong, providing the example to the rest of the world about how special the union between a man and woman is. Their romance was never ending and their horseback rides and canoe excursions will always define their relationship while Mr. Reagan was in the White House.

Her disdain for the Bush crime family was evident and their assassination attempt barely two months into his Presidency on her husband strengthened her resolve to protect and defend him for the 8 years of his time as President. History has been kind to President Reagan despite the stink of his Vice President, Shadow Government co-founder and Nazi, GHWB pervading for 8 years. Let us not forget Bush Sr.’s words about the hostage release delay to ensure the defeat of Carter and the sordid Iran-Contra scandal that, to this very day, still continues to affect the world. (More on this in future articles)

And make no mistake, her historic campaign against illegal drugs (“Just say No”) was a direct attack on the Bush crime family’s notorious drug trafficking empire.

Twelve years after Mr. Reagan’s passing in 2004, the couple will finally be reunited and will look down upon us with hope for the future.

RIP Mrs. Reagan, may your beacon of light will forever shine bright on this country.



  1. Something amazing happened today. I went outdoors at 5.00 a.m. and there were no chemtrails or clouds in the sky!. I could see all the major constellations, including the Pleiades. Orion was almost back to his full celestial splendour; Cassiopeia still looked like someone had bent her right arm out of shape and the Big Plough more like a Big Pram, but Sirius was sparkling brightly over the horizon, like an old friend. And there have been no chemtrails all day!


        1. Hahaha… Ralph, when I first read this, I thought you meant you saw “galactics” in S. Florida!

          Unfortunately, we’ve still had a few chemtrails here in SW Louisiana as well. I hope you guys stay out of Matthew’s path.



  2. WHA, I have some ZIM that was given to me by a friend. Should I hold it or is it going to be worthless? Can you shed some light?

    Thank you.


    1. Hi,

      At present the ZIM is, if I understand correctly, a decommissioned currency that is about as worthless as an Italian Lira. And those are completely worthless, having been replaced by the Euro long ago.

      If the ZIM ever comes back, my feeling is that it will be re-issued in a new form, meaning the old notes will not be redeemable ever again because of the lack of any value at present. You cannot exchange a worthless note for one with value. It makes no sense.

      I am not involved in the day to day discussions of how the BASEL III guidelines will affect the ZIM, but I think the only ZIM notes that have any value are probably those that have been sequestered for re-denomination at Sovereign levels, and not street level speculators. Please note that I am sharing my opinions and feelings here. I don’t have ZIM, and cannot give you investment advice about what to do with them.

      Since you have them, and they cost you nothing, there is no sense in throwing them away. Put them in a frame and do what I did with my Pan Am stock certificates. Hang them in the water closet in front of the toilet. It makes for excellent laxative qualities when you are in need. I can’t locate my DeLorean stock certs, or I would hang them as well.

      Ignore the constant babbermouths who are claiming people are walking into banks and exchanging ZIM for quadrillions of $. These people are away with the fairies and have no sense of present time reality.

      Hope you are well.

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  3. Humans are going to have the edge over robots where work demands creativity

    In a development rarely discussed by politicians – who tend to dismiss the arts as soft and impractical – it means that higher education in arts-related subjects, including ethics, critical thinking and social relationships are also likely to be valued and in (relative) demand. An ability to deal with ambiguity, complexity and diversity will be desirable, and as CEO Steve Yi of advertising platform MediaAlpha has said: “In the dynamic environment of the technology sector, there is not typically one right answer when you make decisions. There are just different shades of how correct you might be.”

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    1. Indeed, they should have such an edge. Robots should simply be assigned the task of automation of production and menial, repetitive jobs that sap humans of their creativity and brightest elements. The machines will do what we tell them to do, and are capable of doing almost any task that is done by humans, with greater precision and consistency.


        1. As for cleaning house, if we are smart and make homes that are pressurized to slightly over one earth atmosphere, dust and such will not enter in the first place.

          Coffee? Piece of cake. Cook? You bet. In fact, there could be several options on that. One such option can be viewed here.

          And here.

          So much more is possible. In fact, I would think that most homes of the future won’t have fully rigged out kitchens like most homes. Such redundancy is wasteful in some situations. There could be centers were good, fresh food is grown, prepared and served to you. Meats will be grown on surfaces that mimic the bones of animals, complete in every way, synthesized by nanotechnology but not within the animal. There will be no need to slaughter for protein.

          When there are no roadblocks to create, no hysterics about profit margins or economics, we can expand the goals to achieve to our highest limits of creative gain, not monetary gain. The younger generations have in their possession some of the greatest gifts which the older generations have developed for them.

          The Apollo program really fast tracked what has now been achieved. When you study the computer technology of that day, compared to now, you can see how far we have come in 50 years, and just how far we will go in the next 50.

          Responsible releases directed into ethical areas of development will give us the ability to do what Apollo did, but on mega steroids. This will raise living standards and help eliminate what we most center on now as the biggest impediments – bureaucrats/politicians/banks.

          The general population does not want to war on anyone. They want to live, eat, make love, create, enjoy, help one another. This society has bread them to believe they want to shop, get stoned, kill the non-believers, elect crooks, pray to an invisible man in the sky to condemn others to an invisible man down below, watch a balloon head run down a field with a ball, and other ridiculous ritualistic, time-wasting efforts that slowly move us to existential ruin.

          Let’s hope the young of today continue the trend that the best of them are now starting to embark on – the complete rejection of living with obsolete social structures which are kept in place by power hungry psychotics who profit from misery and greed.

          We have handed them a great gift, and good people are ready to enable them with the means to make the best of that gift.

          I hope you get to enjoy your “cook” someday soon!

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  4. Thank you all for your wonderful thoughts about HK. His family has been reading and they do appreciate them.

    This morning I woke up and didn’t find the usual e-mail from him, in his best English, of which I would humorously kid him about.

    “Where did you learn to write? China?”

    And in the past I would kid him about many other things.

    “You need to go to London and make sure the Egg Fu Young is properly cooked so the Elders don’t get mad at the English.”

    “Stay away from the younger women, and don’t take so much Ginseng”.

    “Don’t mention that Mao was your father”.

    He would laugh, and we would be in hysterics over such things. He had a wonderful sense of humor.

    His daughter told me his eyes would swell with pride when he would look at the OWoN post with the pictures of the Elders and our friends in London. He was so very proud that his ancestors were responsible enough to safeguard such wealth so that it could one day be put to use by good men and women for all on earth.

    He was also proud of both sites, and recognized how rare it was for honest and clearly defined explanations of the truth behind the WGS/GCR/RV to be available to the public. He was aghast at the high numbers of people who would follow the guru blogs and considered it all an insult in the face of so many who were working for the truly realistic end results, and without begging for money or transforming into hucksters, selling things to the audiences that they don’t need.

    I truly intend to carry on in such a way that he would be proud to remain a part of our humble associations.

    Thanks again, and please accept my thanks for your readership and support.



  5. OWoN:

    Q: We have heard for years of the rumored bankruptcy and insolvency of the US FED and UST.

    How is this epic US debt coming to a head different than all the other times we have heard and it has been rumored the US financials are at a breaking point?

    What makes now important compared to earlier?

    What are the various scenarios of how this epic debt stress plays out? What are the timelines? What are the various results?

    A: Very sensitive. We are trying so carefully to avoid the crash landing. Everyone and this is now so interconnected. There are no singular absolutes.

    The US Fed and Treasury have reneged on major Sovereign and other debts for decades. As the same Scumbags did to the Native Americans. Federal America IS vile! It is a Feral collective.

    Time is running out and it’s pass the parcel time.
    Now is not the time to go public yet.We are trying to engineer a better way.
    The American people are 99% removed from the Conspirators. But they, the Bushes, Clinton and disgusting sub human Cabal and Zio trash have stolen a nations right to be.

    The American people have built a great nation. It STILL has enormous potential , so do its people.

    The US Federal Government are Feral Rats who have betrayed americans as badly as they did the poor Native Americans. If ever a sub species deserved total annihilation it is they. Combining then with the likes of the Zio rats, and the Bushes, with the Neo Nazi Cabal and NWO parasites, Americas innocent people have had a nation stolen from them. The world is a poorer place for it.

    The world is now re adjusting. New times, new Big Dogs.
    The real problem now is how do we try to protect the innocent and good Americans, and protect their right to be, while moves are orchestrated to deal with the Cabal, to break the Jesuit and Kazakh Tentacles ( But a big Yes to the other!!) and try to force redemption for rebuilding our estranged nations. Will Trump make it? If so, as a Jesuit clone , or a patriot elevated to try for good?

    Or the Clinton Cabal Crime Family, vile Americans? Traitors to the people!
    How do we deal with the Zio scum?
    How do we smash the Jesuits?
    How do we lobotomise the Cabal?
    How do we rip the claws of the Kazakh TRASH off FRB NY and the US Treasury?
    How do we force redemptions from dead claws of Zio scum?

    Who is left who is clean as Washington is so badly infiltrated and compromised with bought trash? How do we remove Zionist or Jewish control of the Media?
    How do we break the Israeli control over America?
    How do we resolve the currency issues now?
    Who gets Gold backing, who not? IF we launch a Gold backed RMB, how long before we collapse the current US ? Then who picks up the pieces? What will be the war costs in lives as IF the Clintons get in, you just voted for Armageddon.
    Timelines, answer the above?

    Read more at:
    OWoN © All Rights Reserved


  6. OWoN:

    Q: Does this impending event you wrote about have anything to do with China possibly announcing their actual gold holdings this week or next?

    A: That option is only a small part of a far bigger agenda.

    As we are revealing in stages for you the history and agendas of the varying pseudo Religious Woofters, behind the scenes we are engaged in very deep debate and negotiations, to bring into play such vast assets as can, if selectively used, correctly track Eurasia as a technologically endowed, well educated, commercially balanced and sophisticated singular hemisphere.

    Ripping these Jesuits and Zionists out of office, closing their operations and restoring all the varying churches lands and holdings to Public ownership in each nation, and sorting that Pariah State of Israel, including the confiscation of their Nukes is part of a much bigger agenda. They know its coming and and are Butt kissing Russia right now to double deal the Americans.

    Iran will never accept Israel and once restored as a technological nation, and may well lead the destruction of that Kazakh carbuncle on the arse of the Arab world. There can be no peace in the Middle East while that monstrosity is free to operate and plot against it neighbours and extort the world via its global Jewish and Zionist cells.

    The American Fed and Treasury have vast, colossal debts coming to a head which they have reneged on for decades. They have failed abysmally as World Leaders by allowing the expansion of the Cabal which has grown like a tapeworm sucking the life blood out of America and the world. NWO is about WHO controls, and while it worked for the US to presume such control, that has now been lost. Battles are evolving now between our Global Chessmasters, and conceptions of power.

    The Rothschilds has opportunities, which such congregated wealth, to assist reshape societies and to help a truly enlightened NWO to emerge. Instead, power corrupts and you know the rest.

    A whole new Global group is emerging.But one truly committed towards enlightening societies,and rebalancing commercial infrastructures as well as re shaping the coming evolution of the transhuman future. One trying to help it evolve the right way. If not, you face a fearsome technologically aided perverse species if not correctly channeled. The future is in utero right now.

    Do we evolve, or release the monster?

    Daily, you all help so much with ever more concise and and challenging comments. They are read, absorbed and noted.

    Saturnalias historical notes help remind me where adjustments will be needed to scalpel out historical perversions who have no place or role in the society now evolving. The US debt battle is coming to a head. There will be consequences. Let’s see if the Trump Wild Card succeeds. Even then, will the Jesuit boy fall in line? He is, at best, a stopgap.

    Read more at:
    OWoN © All Rights Reserved

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  7. I just received word that HKmarkets, a very kind and considerate man from Hong Kong and someone who helped me keep up with OWoN posts, died peacefully in his sleep last night (Hong Kong time). His family asked me to pass this along to you all.

    He loved being a part of the blog, and he especially loved reading OWoN comments, which he had to sometimes translate into his native Mandarin. He had looked forward to meeting, and I had discussed a trip to HK to meet him while there, but it was not to be. In fact, I have had to cancel almost all my planned trips this year because of business issues which necessitated my presence here at home.

    Next year I am going to catch up on some needed travel and I may visit his family at their invitation. They are very nice people and they also keep up with matters here.

    He leaves behind 3 children, 5 grandchildren, a wife and a brother. He was 82 years old.


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    1. Hello Tony

      Praying for HK Markets family that in this time loss of thier loved one that they have comfort and Love all arround his sweet family. I also give thanks for his time to your site and your friendship that he and you had. What a great feeling to know a 82 year old brother was so interested in passing news to your site to help with a cause that for the betterment of our world.

      God is so awesome in placing people in places and at perfect timing to make impacts. We are blessed to know that even in a time of great loss his sweet family wanted to share with us through you this sweet soul has went on to a much better place.

      May we understand even at 82 what a impact you can have on many and how precious life is and the importance of Loving and caring for one another know matter if you live across the globe


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      1. Herbert,

        That was absolutely beautiful. I wish I could have said something so eloquent, but you’ve said it all… perfectly. Thank you for sharing that. I’m thankful for HKmarkets’s time here too, and I will miss him. I’m so thankful and glad to be here with you and other precious friends.


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    2. Thank you for sharing Tony. HK meant a lot to his blog. He was a good man with true compassion in his heart for his fellow man. Prayers & support for his family at this time.

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    3. Oh no. I am so sad reading this.

      I will truly miss HKmarkets. It was comforting (like family) to know he’d always be bringing the news over for us. Thank you for sharing this, Tony, and please convey to his family our condolences. I believe HK touched all of us and he will remain in a special place in our hearts.


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    4. Heavens! I am so very saddened to be informed of the loss of HKmarkets. I know experiencing this loss is difficult for those that know and love the one that has moved on and I feel deeply for all concerned. I always like to view such a transition as a commencement upon a new and endless path where ultimate levels of peace, love and comfort are found. My thoughts are with you all.

      Thank you Tony for sharing this very sad news with us, much appreciated.

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    5. HKmarkets’ soul ends this chapter in his book of life and starts a new journey. Energy cannot be created or destroyed, just changed to another form. He will be missed here, but welcomed elsewhere. To his family we sorry for your loss.

      HKmarkets we will see you over the rainbow….

      For his family, we celebrate his life as he was one of us…

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    6. Please pass on our thoughts, prayers and condolences to his wife and family. As with all your other reader’s comments, I too appreciated all that he shared with us. Sincerely, Larry


  8. Thank you so much. I’m a longtime follower, never post. I would like to thank you and J and all those I don’t know. Keep up the good works.


  9. Oh my, more ZIM multi T redemptions going on right under our noses. Darn, we missed out again. And even higher exchange rates than before.

    I don’t know about these White Hats, they are causing us to miss out on Trillions in our banks. Maybe we should close this blog and just sign up under Gary With The Fairies. LOL

    Seriously, 18K plus people follow this guy. And we have 1200 or so following us.

    So, to increase our numbers, we are going to start lying and lower our standards precipitously.

    In fact, I just got a call from my banker, who invited me to come in and exchange my dinar for $25. And he says that he will take ZIM too, and said I could set the rate, any rate, and they will go to London to get the funds to pay it. No worries. Elders honor every pay order sent by any finocchio and our friend in London will do us a favor and expedite it all. We are owed.

    (Okay, now, I expect to see our membership rates increase by next week).

    And, oh yea. I have gallstones, and I need money to remove them. I also need a penis pump. You know how lost consortium affects a man’s thinking process. You don’t want me to get lax now, do you? We are so close. But don’t ask how close. Only St. Germain knows that. Don’t believe in him? Fine. Sod off and stop being negative. Wankers.

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    1. Far out! I am also sick and tired of missing out on all these trillions up for grabs too. Tony, could you please introduce me to your personal banker, he sure sounds like he’s Da Man to go to with all the suitcases of currency I have. And I’m bloody well owed too. LOL

      Now, to these unfortunate health issues you have. As for the gallstones, a $10.00 bottle of high quality virgin olive oil should do the trick there. As for your need for a penis pump, I have the answer there as well. I just happen to know a woman that can offer you a very personal hands on five year program to assist you to overcome any issues you may be experiencing in this area. And for her clients with severe issues she offers her services for free and will extended those services for life if required. LOL You did not think I would leave that statement alone did you? Just mucking around with you Tony having some fun. It really is safe to visit the land down under you know. LOL

      Nice to see you having some fun Tony.


  10. OWoN:

    Sorry folks your all expecting way too much from an RV.
    There simply is not the money in the world to meet these aspirations to get debt free. Everyone is talking a big fight through someone else’s pockets. Too many have invested c$500 Bucks with many expecting to walk with c$5M. Some with c$K think they will walk with c $50M.

    Lopping the 3 x zeros off the Dinars is best. Fund and feed Iraqis. Vietnam has already deflated its Dong by 20% plus to compete. Just open Forex markets on what is. All this mega hyping is distracting from reality.

    Too many snake oil salesmen are cashing in with premium rate lines hooking and feeding like carrion from suckers listening into their garbage, poor desperate people paying premium rate calls to hear false promises, all taken for another ride. Its cruel, its wrong.

    Any major capital markets moves will be project credit linked. Way too many numpties think they are wheeling in a case of Third World paper and walking out multi millionaires.
    Bubba promised!

    Folks, take care out there. You just need to use those minds to realise, your smart enough to read this site, so your smart enough to find a new angle which can give you a new starter fund in life. It starts by not funding those Stupid Cookies. Just look at life and search out chances. YOU can! Give up reading the Mug Comic sites. Every day offers chances. Go out and search. Widen the net. The fish have to be somewhere.

    Read more at:
    OWoN © All Rights Reserved


    1. True ,yes of course. KAhudes has indicated that for quite some time now. However, where did I read that the DONG may have good upside ? hmmm. Lets wait and see. Guess the seeing and waiting is done ? Inquiring minds want to know.


  11. OWoN:

    Q: “Impending possible US Event”….

    This sounds very ominous. What is it about?

    A: We are not giving this Cabal any forewarning. You let this garbage take your country and the world to war. Global powers are now re arranging the Chess Board to remove them. We are not bailing the Cabal Pigs. The Cabal wont fold willingly.

    Read more at:
    OWoN © All Rights Reserved

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  12. OWoN:

    Q: Why can’t the GCR just go ahead w/o the US?

    In other words why not just proceed as if the US were a part of the process then fine the US for non performance later wherein the fine is not allowing them access to rewards the US would have received if the US cooperated?

    In this way at least the rest of the world can settle up and get on w life via the GCR…..

    A: I cant give a response to this.

    Assume powerful parties are in deep discussions to a GCR but need for certain events to transpire, and are aware of an impending possible US event, so will chose to emerge post the events and rescue on their terms.

    No one is giving GCR liquidity with this Cabal and DC obnoxious excreta in power. Too many Dreamers are talking shite.

    We just have to De Louse the US carcass first and all bets are off until we see which way the vote goes. If Clinton wins, all bets are off. That’s a bought and owned crooked Cabal bitch asking for WW111.

    Why fund the US if China and Russia have to nuke it?

    Americans are totally clueless of how how risk the world is right not.

    52% may vote for Clinton and 45% will for sure. How mindless is that? This complete DAG is not fit to be America’s Leader. Look up Aussie for Dag!

    Read more at:
    OWoN © All Rights Reserved


  13. Any Comments on the following?

    The Big One – 20 years of work filed in your behalf
    By Anna Von Reitz
    Yesterday I filed the Big One, the Summation of over twenty (20) years work in
    behalf of the actual American states owed the land jurisdiction of this country and
    the living people of the 50 States United. Of course, with something this long in the
    making, there is a lot of remembering involved and a lot of focus required, so forgive
    me if I am brief with this announcement. I am very tired.
    We, the living American People who claim our birthright political standing as
    American State Nationals—- Texans, Virginians, Ohioans, Wisconsinites, and so
    on— and who have moved back to the land jurisdiction of our native land, are the
    beneficiaries of our estates. Those who additionally act as Fiduciaries in behalf of our
    states on the land are American State Citizens, obligated by oath and honor to act in
    the best interests of all and to meet The Prudent Man Standard in all those actions
    we undertake.
    For many who have grown up listening to a constant litany of “National Debt” news,
    it may come as a great surprise to learn that you are, as American State Nationals,
    not in debt. You are by far the richest people on Earth.
    In fact, you and your States are the Priority Creditors of the entire world.
    The debt that the rest of the world has owed us has been so insurmountable that it
    has served to quash business and growth, spawned a huge black market in
    counterfeit currencies and “derivatives”, and caused unnecessary suffering that
    needs to end. So, in our own right and in your names, we’ve have moved to end it.
    As your servants and as “Prudent Men” we have requested a worldwide accounting
    and set off of debts, meaning that our debts to other nations are to be set off against
    their debts to us. What remains as “insurmountable debt” owing will be forgiven—
    written off, so that everyone can have a clean start.
    This is being done to regenerate hope and economic freedom and to prevent any
    necessity of war or undue suffering. It is well-within our ability and in our best
    interests to do this.
    Our fortunes are so vast that it doesn’t even matter.


  14. OWoN:

    Q: if the US is broke, who is paying for the sovereign PPs?

    how are the sovereign PPs getting money?

    aren’t most of the sovereign PPs US citizens?

    A: Unless the Fed are directed to pay out, only they can overprint to get out of their own mess.
    So the answer is NO One which is why No One is paid out.
    Unless the lying, thieving Fed or Treasury Vermin put back, no one else will.

    As for these Quad T dreamers, yes, they are so ignorant and stupid. Childlike minds. Worse, they breed! Can you believe these pick thick Mutts actually believe they are getting gzillions to go out and restructure the world? Does a brainless Moron ever realise just how truly dumb they are? Way too stupid to be cognisant of what is involved.

    Over 10K a transfer has to be checked and cleared.
    For 10M a Bank Board has to be advised of pending deposits and vote to allow it in as a deposit or not. The Bank takes on a tacit deposit responsibility to cover it.
    Yet Micky the Moron in Florida can walk in and out with Quad T’s.
    As it- EVER!!!!!
    Let alone the impact it would have on Comptrollers daily reporting Models.
    But no problem, this Master- Bator has it covered.

    Then the wife kicks his 6 pack of empties, the Mutt wakes up alarmed, looks around, and life goes on in his Trailer Park. Dreams heh? For a moment he thought has was Special. On his dreams. No dummy, your wife was not calling you a thick Banker.
    Life goes on. Master of the Trailer Park. Where dreams are free,but riding is not.

    Read more at:
    OWoN © All Rights Reserved


  15. OWoN:

    Help for WHA

    You see the latest Grunt issuance claims. Some lightweight allegedly walks into a Florida bank, tenders a 50T Zimbabwe Zim, and cashes out with vast Quadrillions all in 37 minutes. Tax cleared. Now they are going to re build the world. Because a Grunt says so.

    Never mind the stress levels of daily deliberations of the World Bank, Fed, IMF, BIS and cross national PP Settlement negotiations, all self defeating as there is no liquidity to pay with?

    Nor that fact this is about 500 times what Zimbabwe in total is worth. Or the vast number of Zims in Reno still to be changed. A fly ridden, rat assed, war destroyed nation run by a madman and Tyrant, will save the world? Albeit he has looted blind the white farmers, destroyed the economy, raped and murdered millions, the world is turning a blind eye to his genocide.

    Banks, without a Pot to P in, can magic up Quad Trillions to just pay across desk quad Ts from a Florida Hick unit. Really?

    So now, this alleged Plonker walks out with about 50 times the entire Global GDP, and more, and is now in a position to buy WF itself 500 times over. And the IRS were not all over it? Walk that amount into any bank, and learn the process.

    1. Who are you?

    2. KYC compulsory!

    3. History of funds ,how earned?

    4. Pay you in Quad T’s no problem Sir, just let me allocate it to you right now. Never mind that FACT the Bank has to go back to the Comptrollers, Fed, Treasury and more.

    5.As for Compliance, no problem, we will swith these Rabid Dogs off for the day just for you. We know there is a $2B Fed lock, but no problem, Your the Man! We will just have the Fed truck it over, 50,000 heavy trucks full! Just for you.

    No we don’t need positive vetting and diligence checking, You’re Special!

    What Kind of STUPID are we dealing with here?

    We can’t settle long overdue redemptions for the US Treasury, which needs special approval to pay more than $2B out, but a complete Numpty can do what Treasuries, Nations and Sovereigns have no power to do, cash out in not just T’s BS!, but Quad T’s???? Complete and total BS!

    Then Jack the Hat goes out public with this crap again? How many of these Special Kind of Stupid Jerks has the US bred. I accept Bush Jr was a forerunner, but cross that with Rednecks, bred via the rear, and this is what hits the airwaves. Do they even have the ability to think?

    So 34 years of intense negotiations covering Chinese loans to the US still awaiting redemption settlements, still being reneged on, can’t be paid because the US is bankrupt, but a Florida wannabe can walk into a State Bank, and Heh Presto,he’s now richer than the entire planet 50 times over but don’t worry today is your turn. Cash your job in your rich.

    Strong shit this new weed it seems?

    It bothers me these types are allowed to drive, own a gun, and worse, BREED!

    If through a whole life as a Loser you can’t ever succeed, don’t self question why your a failed Tosser, just take to the weed. Just stick Zims not your Todger and fill your hand. Walk into the bank and enter the promised land. Oh to be born stupid, ain’t life grand? Why should I work and break me neck? Aaaahhve got by for 50 years on maaahhhh weeeaylfaayah Check! Aaahh just went out and cashed maahh Zims and now aaahhm rich Aaahhhm gonna go out and marry me a hairy assed bitch. Only in America.

    Heh guys, just joking with you. Start Monday laughing. You keep breeding them.

    Read more at:
    OWoN © All Rights Reserved


  16. Gary With The Fairies hosts a call with a ZIM “quadrillions” cash in claim.

    It’s stuff like this that really tests my belief that the human race will actually survive to next week.


    1. Hello Tony

      We wake every morning and have too decide what’s happening in our world today. Not just in the USA everywhere. We have not a clue what’s going to arise out of thin air. Tonight 60 minutes has a special on our nuclear capabilities and our response if Russia was to use theirs. Then we have clowns like this putting out false information on redemption of trillions of free money.

      We have the powers to be so embedded with EVIL. We are in the middle of a presidential race that only GOD knows what will become of the out come. The info OWN is laying out tells of a battle of Epic proption happening now. The majority of the public has not a clue of what is happening. The future for us all is truly changing.

      The end results have already been determined. It’s our job to prepare. We have the ELDERS willing to take a step for mankind. However this must be done with the most care and fore thought to make sure it’s not done in vain. We will soon wake up to a country in disbelief of what has been stoled and taken from so many. No more retirement funds no more welfare checks. The people will be at odds with each other. The very items we take for granted gone. Peace on our soil the very thing our forefathers created for us GONE. Just look at the small up rising daily. We have the Elite funding the attacked and protest more each day.

      The people warning us our not took serious or written off as nut cases. What’s a person too do with this scary situation and all the EVIL arround them. My thought is prepare don’t get caught up in the miss information. Get the word out to all and the ones that will listen you cannot help. The GOD I sever says be wise and trust in him. Do not fall for false religion and he is the creature of all. I pray for our world daily. This truly a battle of GOOD vs EVIL. The world at this time is controlled by EVIL. The GOOD NEWS for us all is GOOD will always win.

      We on these two sites must take all of this great info and do great things with what is being shared. This site is truly being used for the benefit of helping the next genartion move forward. The same as well with OWN. You Tony never realized what a important role this site and OWN would provide. The point is it allows very gifted people a place to explain and strategize our past and future. It helps to prepare for what is really ahead. Not a fairy tale of any day of cashing in some small investment for trillions. It points out and calls out the trash and the lairs.

      Got this may GOD bless and protect us all. We sure need each other in this time of change.


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      1. Hello Herbert. I agree completely with your reasoning- there is so much evil in the world right now. Black co-workers I have worked with for years are suddenly stating “that I am an enemy because I’m white.” People do not think- they just believe the lies in the media. Even family members are acting out, brother striking brother. I’m still trying to keep the middle road- not getting drawn into this mess. I pray several times a day.


      2. Hi Herbert,

        I always appreciate your comments. Thank you very much. I am happy you are here with us.

        Yes indeed, we sure will need each other, and in more ways than one.

        I don’t know what will happen with all the things we watch for, but the sooner it happens, the sooner that good people will accelerate the implementation of technological management of our critical resources and infrastructure, using such funding. How ironic that it will also speed along the total lack of necessity for money, perhaps as early as the end of this century.

        It’s time we focus on supporting life and our home, Earth, rather than serving a bunch of egomaniacs who call themselves bankers and politicians, who manage and regulate our lives, in whatever order they want, with money or lack thereof.

        Elder synergy will make a lot happen for good, but my chief concern is timing. We don’t have a lot of it left. They may not be a lot of infrastructure left to improve, as conditions worsen and people are left without income resources that were replaced by automation. They will not sit idle and starve. They will seek and take, and maybe kill in the process.

        As Oscar Goldman said in The Six Million Dollar Man. “We have the technology”.


      3. Dear Sir:

        I want to thank you for your excellent blog and for your intelligence and sources of information.

        I am very sorry to have posted promotional language, and I will never do it again.

        But I need to point out that you must have been thinking of another website when you said above that we were posting information about the person you refer to above. We have never had information about that person or their business on our website. We only have had links pointing to your blog and to the OWoN blog on our website. So I am going to assume that you were thinking of another website when you assumed that.

        Also, we do not give out legal advice to anyone hence we do not need any license. We only offer informational packages with general information in them and post the proper disclaimers. It is up to the people to act on it or not with the advice of a legal expert. We are not violating any laws, but we are operating according to the same laws that cover book writers who also do not offer any personal advice.

        I again thank you for your blog and I am very happy that you are there for us, helping us to all see the light on GCR issues. Thank you again for your excellent blog and your intelligence and sources of information.


        1. Hello,

          No, I can assure you that I was not mistaken, and I have replied to your e-mail with the links on your site that point to a video of Seminar Dave and his promoting of a “credit card debt termination” program that he earns a commission on. Once again, and to be clear, he will not get a free ride promoting such things here, directly or indirectly, via a “book writer” platform, or otherwise.

          With respect to your activities and licensing, one of your other products is the “Freedom Trust”, wherein it is claimed that one can remove their income taxes by setting up and using such trusts to funnel income through. While setting up a trust is not illegal, evading income tax is certainly an offense in the eyes of the internal revenue laws as they are currently enforced in the USA.

          You are not just selling books, you are selling the service to set up these structures as an affiliate. Any activity that one engages in that claims to impact taxation is indeed something that only a qualified expert should assist with, in the USA or not. We have an international audience, so it does matter.

          You are welcomed to post about the subject matter we cover, and I thank you for your agreement to not promote your site.


          1. Thank you for your imput on the Freedom Trust. It was removed from my website. I will not be promoting that for one of the reasons you mentioned above. But I was not advertising that to the U.S. audience. Again, I was not advertising that to the U.S. audience so I would not have any problems with the agency you mentioned. In my disclaimer I warned any U.S. people that may be reading the page that I was not promoting it to them. But of course that would not keep them from signing up, so to be safe I have removed that page.

            FYI: I had an offshore information package order in the past that came from a U.S. citizen and I did return their money. I WILL REPEAT, I DID HAVE AN ORDER IN THE PAST THAT CAME FROM A U.S. CITIZEN FOR AN OFFSHORE INFORMATION PRODUCT, AND I DID RETURN THEIR MONEY. Why? Because I do not promote offshore information packages to U.S. people as it could be nothing but trouble if I did. I do have a couple of packages that give U.S. people knowledge about domestic asset protection strategies, but I do not give them any offshore information products.

            Getting back to the Freedom Trust: No one has purchased a Freedom Trust from my site because the page on it was just put up last week. The rest of the pages that remain on my website are informational pages and there may be a link at times on those pages that lead to my store where an informational product can be purchased. Again, I do not offer advice but sell information packages that contain general information that is not tailored to any specific person or nationality. I GIVE NO ADVICE TO ANYONE.

            I must respond to your implied assertion that I was leading people to the person you say I was.

            I was not advertising the debt elimination service on my website, and therefore I was not intending to lead people to the person you say I was. That person had a video testimony on the COMPANY site I believe AND I WAS NOT EVEN AWARE HE HAD ONE ON THERE UNTIL YOU POINTED IT OUT TO ME. I can not help it that he did and because he did, it does not mean I was wanting people to find him there.. I was only intending to lead non-U.S. people to the Freedom Trust through that link on my site. These were my intentions only. If people get to the debt elimination program through a link on my web page it was not my intention for them to do so as I was not DIRECTLY advertising that service on my site. I did not want people to find that service and because of that I was not directly advertising it.

            The company did away with two different sales pages on their website.. They used to have a sales page only for the Freedom Trust and they used to have another sales page for the Debt Elimination Program. Now they have one page that covers both and I as a new affiliate was given only one company sales page SO THAT CAUSED THE PROBLEM. IT WAS WRONG OF THE COMPANY NOT TO HAVE SEPARATE SALES PAGES.

            I make about $100 per month from my website, so this is really a waste of my time to be defending my business like this. Most people who come to my site think they can find the information I sell by looking for it on the Internet, so that is why business is so poor. Then I get people who try and pick my mind and so on and so forth…..

            Thank you for allowing me to explain what is in my heart. Keep up the good work.


            1. Sorry about the lackluster profits pal, but I hear Seminar Dave did very well with his promotions to his audiences. He is able to travel to Hong Kong and Thailand on the backs of his audience, and they got…….?? I am hearing that many who sent their dongs away to partake in his earlier “private dong exchange” are still to get it back, or get their millions. Now that’s what I call “paying it forward”. Meaning, you are paying so he can move forward.

              You wont need to defend your business here because no business is going to take place here.

              You are smart to not promote “credit card termination or income tax free trust” ideas in the US. You can guarantee that promoters of such are being watched, and I don’t say that based on a guess.

              Piss in a big dog’s face often enough, your willie will eventually have teeth marks in it.

              Don’t make yourself a target. That rule will save you much heartache and keep you from making stupid decisions that can have horrible outcomes.


  17. OWoN:

    Q: What if anything do you think will be the effect of the yuan in the SDR basket come Oct 1st? Does the inclusion of the yuan in the SDR basket have any bearing on the “partial release”? If yes what?

    A: Its only getting the market accustomed to RMB. The amounts available are small and constrained.

    As regards partial release, I still see neither sign nor intent. Each weeks another failure and its all Yawn territory. What if not in the next 3 years?

    Next, release what there is no money? No liquidity is left. Way too many people chasing fantasies. Asia will not bail the US or EU. Only the US are chasing partial releases its all Broker fantasies. Who pays? The US is broke, so who? Be clear No One is bailing America. They will see it fail first.

    How many false dawns will it take?

    All I see are our Elders discussions and that’s heading into next year, plus we will take a year to structure it before we move a dime into Projects with zero bail outs.

    There are a few high level discussions relating to major PPs,but that’s not for Joe Public, and a lot of hangers on looking to free ride will get a nasty shock when we delouse their hooks. Way too many dreamers cruising for a bruising.Unless parties quality to participate they will be denied. So many cruising sharks need removing. There will be no public free riding. Sovereign and Special cases only. Santas not coming for most this year.

    If we progress we will ONLY feed need for cleared cases, not bail wasters. Funding the future is key. The new generations. Eurasia etc. The US is heading for a major melt down. Its unsustainable and that lunatic in the WH is totally clueless. If Clinton gets in God help the world.

    All the Wookie is looking to do is cash out and free ride with his alleged adopted kids and bask on Golf Courses. What a Con Man who screwed America for 8 years. No one minded the Store. 8 years of feckless waste. Unreal.

    Read more at:
    OWoN © All Rights Reserved


      1. Hi,

        At present, no. Don’t expect it this year. In the past there were sudden hints to “watch the sites”, which implied possibilities of some possible public move – however limited, however brief. But, it was not to be. The only thing that appears possible to move soon are the big sovereign account PPs, and nothing more.

        If there ever is a public move we really cannot say what administrative processes are going to be put in place. It’s all speculative at this point.

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  18. Greg Hunter interviews Jonathan Cahn of Shemitah fame – ‘We Are at a Dangerous Point’. It’s a quiet day and I’ve been looking for an excuse to use the title Deplorable.


  19. Horror stories from “private currency exchanges”. Remember, some of these characters offering such exchanges were promoted by Seminar Dave. Be very careful if you are going to participate in any so- called publicly promoted “private exchange”. Tales of Marcos’ gold trustees and such should be viewed with extreme caution as well. These clowns have been conning people for years.

    Don’t let an NDA given to you by nonperforming donkeys scare you into silence. An oath to a liar is no oath at all.

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      1. Happy to see this comment, Tony. I thought I’d dreamed the whole thing – I read FC #132 on my phone this morning, and just now came looking for it on the blog. Of course didn’t find it, and was wondering just how far off my mind had wandered, that it had not only seen, but read, 132. I was coming in to tell you how much I enjoyed a certain turn of phrase, or two. 🙂


  20. This is for . You relied to the premature article released as FC 132 and I have to reply here since that article is not live and wont allow a reply to it other than on a live thread. I will post your message below this one so people can see what I am replying to.

    Thank you very much for your kind reply. I have had good feedback on that prematurely released article. I look forward to seeing it completed and properly formatted for publication. LOL

    To be sure, organizations such as the one you outlined will be most important as part of a wide array of practical and accessible means of supporting basic living standards.

    Yes, the vaunted and mysterious revaluations are certainly not guaranteed, and as we have seen so far, the only ones to make out like bandits were the bandits. Notwithstanding this grand zero gain in the financial currency speculation realm, and as we can both agree, we will need to ensure that people can eat, shelter, transport, clothe, and access energy on a more local self contained basis than before.

    It has been made all too clear by many financial analysts and researchers that the US is going to suffer a decline in financial status as part of a world-wide economic reset among emerging nations of the East, from which fresh asset based resources will compete to remove the lure of US dollar denominated assets. This will mean possible devaluations in our purchasing power.

    As such, it makes sense to have at one’s disposal the most advanced technological means to produce the staples of life locally and at a low cost. This will be key for those who will no longer have job security in the middle and lower classes. Their jobs are going to disappear over time as part of a natural progression of automation in industrial centers.

    It will be key, once resources are available, however they become so, to help many with sustaining life where it is found to be challenging to do so.

    Thanks again, and please stay near.



    Howdy WHA, I really appreciate your fact check #132 in light of your stressing the importance in helping folks to become self-reliant prepared, particularly in food production, etc. We have sponsored a local community service oriented self-reliance preparedness group for the last 8 years, holding monthly meetings with a very wide variety of skills sets classes in all phases of sustainability and self-reliance prepping. We have a blog/forum at, in which we share and post all the information we can get time to add to our blog/forum to help folks in there prepping. We have been into prepping and service for the last 38 years, considering it our life mission. We have only been into the currencies allegedly to be in the RV/GCR for the last several years. We have our doubts this may ever happen, so we just continue on in trying to help as many folks as we can within our means. The thing that intrigued me the most In your fact check #132, was when you said, “Example would be installing fully automated gardening systems that plant, water, regulate themselves. Fresh water systems. 3D printing of tools, clothes, shelter. Economic transportation. Etc.” Now this is right up our alley as we are doing all these things and more. We started building automated gardening systems last year. This summer we have advanced to an immensely higher permanent food production system in something we have been studying and building a library for over the last several years. We built our first permaculture food forest with a primary purpose of fruit trees and shrubs inter-planted with a cover crop of a hundred seed varieties including garden vegetables. We have given tours of our little self-reliance homestead to hundreds of people to try to help them with ideas for things they may do. I have volunteered our assistance to the Global Mission of Peace in their endeavors. As a result, we were encouraged to submit a proposal package with a business plan built around our micro efforts to apply for funding to build a macro level eco-village intentional community. Though not our intent to apply for funding, we were very much encouraged to do so, considering that once before in 1994 we made our first attempt at a sustainability intentional community.

    My wife, Starr, and I have no idea if such funding will ever come forth, but it matters not. If it does, great, if it does not, great, we will keep on keeping on with our little local service efforts. If you are sincerely wanting to pursue your quote above in helping folks become more self-reliant, we will gladly share our developments with you as we have the GMoP folks. Starr sends out monthly meeting notices and prep info to a few hundred people on our group email list. If you would like to be on her email list, let us know and she will be happy to add you.

    Thank you kindly for all your excellent fact checks reports. Happy Preparedness Trails, Jim Jim Farley, Gen. Mgr. (local community service oriented self-reliance preparedness group co-op) **********************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************

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    1. Well that email certainly offered us a glimpse of a shinning example of humanity. Quite inspiring. Thank you so much Jim and Starr.
      And thank you Tony for sharing it with us allowing all to feel the enthusiasm, commitment and energy expressed, much appreciated.


  21. Hello,

    Please note that a draft of Fact Check #132 was prematurely released through e-mail. Sorry about that!

    It will be officially released in a few weeks with revisions and additional information. You may disregard the e-mail version and I assure you the new version will be released via e-mail as well so you won’t miss it.

    Thanks and sorry for any inconvenience!


  22. Right on schedule with another emergency, just days from the big payday. And are we supposed to believe that funds from “grandfather” would be allowed to be used for personal medical issues, if they had been received today? I just won a bet with a friend who told me it would be another issue with the baby. I told him I would bet something totally new. I won!

    1$. (Shades of “Trading Places”)

    Further, no hospital can deny an emergency service based on “no insurance”, in the USA. But aren’t these guys in Canada? They have state run health care, yes? – WHA

    From: “The Office of Poofness”
    Date: Tue, September 20, 2016 7:41 pm


    HI ALL,





    1. I don’t think this dude will ever run out of topics to request donations for. Seriously though Tony. Is there not a law in the US that can shut this guy down and make him accountable for what he is doing?

      Glad you won the bet too. I remember that movie, it was a good one.


  23. Bene facis, Tony, for Fact Check 132! It arrived by email but is not yet posted on site. Veritas omnia vincit. Utrinque paratus. (Truth conquers all. Ready for anything). Rideat magna (LOL)


      1. I’m sorry if I have prematurely aroused (or should that be “roused”?) readers’ expectations. It was brilliant and eloquent, as we’ve come to appreciate from your writings. I can’t see how it could be improved.

        Have you traced your ancestors? Was Cicero or Shakespeare amongst them? It wouldn’t surprise me. Do you realise everyone will now be sitting on the edge of their seats, biting their nails, wondering what’s to come with more anticipation than waiting to find out who shot JR?


        1. No worries! Thank you very much I do appreciate your kind words. Trust me, it needs improving lol, plus lots more to come.

          No, I highly doubt Shakespeare’s DNA is a part of my genetic line, but as for Cicero, I cannot really say. Certainly not in terms of his oratory and legal skills, that much I know haha. I certainly hope I don’t end up like him, with my hands nailed to the Senate door and my head on display in the Forum. They certainly made no pretense of not liking one another when such was the case.


          1. Heaven forbid that any harm would come to you, Tony; but if it did, then I would sacrifice a rooster to Asklepios. My neighbour came around and asked what I was doing. I told him I was quoting Socrates. “Ah, Socrates!”, he exclaimed; “the best footballer Brazil ever had”. 🙂


  24. Is anyone else here having problems accessing J. Willie’s new report? His site states that it was posted, but just shows the August reports only.


    1. If you can not access his report, you may want to listen to Jim Rickards on the video below:
      Friday, September 30th, 2016: D-DAY For The U.S. Dollar by Jim Rickards

      It looks like he may have hidden a message in the URL above.
      Please find the words: dollarreset in the URL above and that means
      DOLLAR RESET which could mean the bringing forth of the USN or TRN?

      Could he be subtlety giving a private message of sorts in doing this?
      Is he telling those who have eyes to see that he knows about the GCR
      and he is letting us know in this hidden way? It may be that he does
      not want to be lumped together with all the crazy gurus out there and
      so never openly talks about the currency reset? He may be using the
      word “reset” and not the word “crash” if he is thinking there is going to
      be some control in all of this and the U.S. dollar is not just going to crash?


  25. Hey Tony –

    I follow Jim and Bill, Ann Barnhardt on their latest interview is worth listening to. She talks about her experience in financial arena, Islam, this election, etc. I think it’s worth a listen.



  26. Oh snap! So much for a ceasefire in Syria. This doesn’t sound good…

    Russia Accuses US of Defending ISIS, After Pentagon Admits Coalition Jets Killed 62 Syrian Soldiers

    U.S.-led forces strike Syrian troops, prompting emergency U.N. meeting

    The Latest: UN Security Council to Meet Over US Syria Strike

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    1. Thanks so much for sharing those links alwaysme, much appreciated. I wonder what part of the word “ceasefire” was so hard to understand. More provocative shenanigans I feel. One thing you can be sure of these days, is that no matter what, the Russians will have some portion, if not all blame directed toward them.

      I feel terribly for the Syrian people and what they are experiencing. I watched two lengthy interviews with Bashar al-Assad and found him to be quite impressive during those interviews. He always answered every question asked of him in an informative and clear manner. I really hope to learn the full truth of his reign as President one day.

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  27. Hi Tony,
    I was just trying to reply to both Herbert’s comment and yours to him but that same issue we had last week seems to have popped up again. That being, unable to comment in reply to an existing comment. Not even sure this one will work.

    I may have tried to post my comment to Herbert too many times so if it turns out there are several of them would you please be kind enough to delete all but one for me please Tony. And my comment to you was not even finished but just disappeared on me, so if you could delete that one for me as well then I will try again tomorrow morning. So sorry to treat you like my secretary requesting this. Hope you wake to a fabulous day.

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    1. Hi,

      It seems Word Press is making upgrades to their system and this issue is as a result of that. It should be fine again now.

      While I am here, I have removed the last Jim Willie interview as it was found to be an older, forward dated interview. I will try to not make that mistake again. Sorry for the inconvenience.

      Yes, I woke up. We will see how the day goes. LOL


      1. Hi Tony,
        Thank you for sharing that advice regarding Word Press, much appreciated.

        No worries re the JW video. Heavens, no need to apologize for that at all. I know we are overloading you these days on top of everything else you must tend to in life so I sincerely thank you for staying on top of everything and for taking such good care of us and the site as well. Thank you.

        Well, at least you seem to be sleeping a little better these days. LOL


  28. Hello: Tony

    I sure hope all is well. What a great bunch of people you have following your site and OWN as well. I was very touch by alwaysme concern for me. The core group on both sites bring so much for all of us to take in. It’s been interesting reading the comments about ole ZAP. This site and OWN is what I call the truth site. The 99% of the others is what I call the bullshit sites.

    We as a group have to keep feeding the people the truth. Many and I mean many do not want to hear the truth. It’s so sad that so many are miss lead by the 99% of BS sites. This nation has become so into hand outs and false promises that they have forgot what real reality is. We have lost a whole genartion of our nation. They can not chose between a bar of gold or Choclate bar without seeing the true value of the gold bar. They are clueless of what our forefathers found this nation on.

    The war mongers / trash cabal / and false teachers of religion have suck most right in their grasp and these fools are stonewalled. We have a idiot running for president that has pretty much broken every law in the book. She lies daily and what do our fellow country man and women do give her support.

    We are so drug infested that we have a huge problem that has wreck families and our whole nation. We continue to elect self righteous ass holes who care less about what is good for our world / nation just so they can line their pockets. And we keep reelecting them. We are so narrow minded that our vision is only foucused on self instead of many.

    We let the same asses give away to the masses so they can hook them with welfare and or drugs or both. The Elite are the pupetmasters and we just allow them to pull the strings. We have so many nations that are so feed up that WW3 could very much be a real problem.

    The ones on this site and OWN site seem to get the real issues and are trying to educate. Now back to ZAP he is just another piece of trash that has a special place in HELL. To use the tactics he uses is just another example of the strong hold satin has on this world. The cabal and the people J is always referring too has done a tremendous job creating these asses. The careless about human kind and are just self centered pricks.

    I just want to encourage everyone on both sites to stay the course of GOOD not EVIL. GOOD will always be the victor. It may hurt a lot to do good however you will never loose.

    My thanks to you Tony and J and all the kind people on these sites. We must continue to pray for the ELDERS for protection and clarity of thought of helping all huminty.



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    1. Hi Herbert!

      Good to hear from you again.

      I am doing well, in fact, my latest blood pressure readings have been very good, so I cannot say enough about taking care of blood pressure with plenty of fresh water intake and exercise. I don’t smoke or drink to excess, and I think that helps too. I hope you are in good health as well.

      Yes, we have some great members here. Many do not post, and that’s fine. For us, it’s not about hustling in new readers to then pry donations from them because of some manufactured scenario that all will collapse if you don’t pay up to take care of someone we know. We are here to stay connected and prepare to act when the time is right.

      Yes, the world in many parts is either drunk or stoned to alarming levels. While I won’t hold myself up as a paragon of virtue and unstained sainthood, I am naturally given to practical methods of governing my actions. None of us would want our airline pilots, electrical engineers, medical professionals or construction professionals in such inebriated conditions when they are engaged in their key roles. So, it goes without saying we could not expect ourselves to arrive at optimum conclusions about anything else if we were to solve problems related to survival while zonked out of our heads.

      While I don’t know any key elders, we are fortunate that our fine White Hats do, and with that advantage we are going to be in good hands with respect to all key public moves and releasable information. On that basis, we can stay properly oriented and avoid the hysterically embellished, fantasy-based NESARA laughing gas intel that has too many people spinning off in confusion. You will notice that most blogs that carry that line of hogwash are optimized for ad revenue, or beg for donations.

      Herbert, I have been busy planning, and all we need is just a little movement along a focused point of releases and we will shift focus from informing to that of acting.

      I do believe it’s just a matter of time.

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      1. Hi Tony,
        I am so pleased to hear you have managed to gain control of your blood pressure issue and turn the tide on that front. that’s fantastic news. And you enjoyed what you had to do to achieve that, which is even better. Good on you.

        The following sentence of yours, noted above is very intriguing I must say. Am really looking forward to hearing more on that when and if you choose to do so.
        “I have been busy planning, and all we need is just a little movement along a focused point of releases and we will shift focus from informing to that of acting.”

        Tony, considering I class you are an expert with regard to historical information, I thought you would be the best person to ask this question. Do you know of the British movies released in 1998 by the title Elizabeth and Elizabeth The Golden Age? They were aired recently here again and for some reason I was drawn to watch them. Unfortunately, I have never, until recent times held an interest in history of this type. I found these movies to be extremely interesting. I was wondering, if you have seen them and what your opinion was with regard to the accuracy of what they presented? What I also found really interesting was the role the Vatican played in those historical events and particularly so after reading the new article released today over at OWoN.

        Thank you Tony.


        1. I have to admit that I have not studied much of English history of that period. Very little, in fact.

          And, while I do like Cate Blanchett and Geoffry Rush, I have not seen this particular movie, or Elizabeth. I will have to add them to my list of catch ups.

          While I love history, I would not really classify myself as an “expert” because I have no credentials on the subject, other than my many years of interest and lay study. It’s funny. In my younger years, it got me branded as a “nerd”. Now, it seems to brand me as a “wise and studied old owl”. LOL

          With respect to the Vatican, I have studied a bit about the Borgias, and that was enough to turn me off about anything to do with the Vatican, forever. Just another group of insider elites who tap into a segment of society to milk them for wealth they otherwise could not have made on their own to save their pointy little heads.

          Yes, I have been planning some things for WHA once we have a release of any manner.

          More on this later, but I need a coffee for now.


          1. Tony,
            I am also glad to hear that you have overcome hypertension. Can you restate the amount of water that you needed to drink in order to overcome your condition, Also, where you prescribed meds? If so, did you continue taking the meds? I also suffer from hypertension and I would be interested in trying your approach?
            Thanks again for all that you do.


            1. Hi,

              I was not prescribed meds, but my dental hygienist, who is required to take BP readings before doing anything, told me my pressure was a bit high. About 6 months ago it was running around 159/93. This is considered fair but at risk for cardiovascular disease and stroke if the condition worsened.

              I started to check it myself at home, and it was indeed in that range. I took stock of my lifestyle at that time, and I was too sedentary, and my diet was trending towards too much restaurant fare which is often high in sodium and gods knows what else.

              I then remembered about a book I had in my library called
              Your Body’s Many Cries For Water. The author, F. Batmanghelidj, M.D, has a website found at:

              The book has a chapter that outlines why your water intake is necessary for proper blood pressure regulation, and true to form, it worked for me. No meds. I would not take them. One also needs proper exercise.

              My father had HBP and he nearly died from it at 53. He took meds for it for a few months and the side effects almost killed him faster than the HBP.

              He then went to the library and found a book by Paavo Ariola which outlined that water intake and consumption of raw garlic and low sodium diets would help to regulate BP. It worked. My father never went back on the meds until he was in his mid 80s, and only because his body was naturally weak from prostate cancer and he could not intake fluids easily.

              Dr. Batmanghelidj recommends water intake of one liter of fresh water for each 50 pounds of body weight. For my current weight, that’s about one gallon a day.

              Always consult your health care professional before you act on any advice from a book. Be prepared for some laughs, but you want to make sure your circumstances are okay for increased water intake.

              I routinely ignore a lot of advice (not all) from MD’s, but that’s me.

              I am 54 and my pressure is running about:

              I hope you find success in your search for ways to control your hypertension!


              1. In case anyone needs extra help reducing blood pressure, there are several other natural remedies that have worked for me. The natural nitrates in hibiscus tea, pomegranate juice and beet juice will also control blood pressure without causing swelling which is a common side effect of meds. Hibiscus tea is easiest for me without calories of others. I buy organic loose online for about $20/lb which lasts a long time.


                1. Thank you so much for sharing that info Texian. I have read about the wonderful properties of Hibiscus but not actually tried it myself or know of anyone, until now who has. So pleased to know it worked so well for you. Your other two suggestions, I agree also have fabulous properties for keeping our bodies healthy. Juiced baby beets are a must have when unwell in my opinion.


              2. That’s a fantastic BP reading you have there Tony. Excellent!

                I totally agree with you where advice from MD’s is concerned to. I flatly refuse to take any of those concoctions they hand out like lollies. I only use their services to gain test results, then I sort out whatever issue it may be for myself with vitamin and herbal supplements. Always works too.

                I’m sorry to hear of what your Dad endured with his health. So many men today are scared to attend the Doctor for basic medical checks. Prostate issues are such a major concern for men that absolutely should be checked annually. PSA tests are not the most accurate but probably the best measure available, at least they give you a rough idea of what the antigen count is. And even if its higher than it should be, it is still absolutely treatable with natural supplements in my opinion. I have proved this to be true with the right mix of supplements in two instances which provided incredible results.

                Thanks for sharing the water cure link too. Looks like great info. I’m a waterholic, carry atleast a litre with me wherever I go. Even have mini panic attacks if I don’t get my fix when I need it. LOL


          2. Thank you so much for taking the time to respond regarding my question Tony, I appreciate that very much. I look forward to hearing your opinion if you do gain a chance to watch both movies.

            Yes, I would agree with the “wise and studied owl” comment. But I would remove the word old from that statement. LOL

            Yep, I need a nice big coffee too. Have a great day Tony.


    1. Hello alwaysme

      I have been blessed everyday. I have been reading and taking all of the post in daily. It is so kind of you to even think of me. I am so blessed to be part of this site and have caring friends such as you and the rest here at Tony’s site

      It is caring people such as you and many others that make our world a better place.


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  29. I certainly don’t buy into all the hysterical rumors that float around the internet. With that said though, the idea of the DNC considering Michelle Obama (ew!) as a replacement for Hillary has some credibility when you see how quickly both she and Barry jumped on the campaign trail.

    BTW Tony, I read the “runny little fella” comment, etc. at about 3:00 this morning. It was so funny, I woke my hubby up to tell him. He didn’t seem to appreciate it quite as much as I did, go figure. I’m thinking he’ll like it better when I tell him again this evening!

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    1. Hey, I understand. Hubbies don’t like to be woken up about babies with diarrhea. I could tell you why they like being woken up, but this is a family blog. Now, on the other hand, the Englishman won’t hesitate to tell you some day. Better make sure hubby is not around. LOL

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      1. Hahahahahahaha!

        I can’t go there on here with you, the Englishman, or even my hubby for that matter! My 70 something year old Dad reads this blog! Shhhh, he doesn’t think I know about or do that kinda stuff!

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  30. OWoN:

    For WHA and all

    The latest epistle from Zap is stomach churning. Speaking as a person who does feed the homeless and poor, who does put a vast amount back, allow me to make a few key points.

    1. Power is about credibility. No face, no power. No power, no face.
    2.We allowed you all to see the real inner workings at the very top. Full views.
    3. Does anyone think credible Elders or London key REAL Masters of the Universe will do business with the skid row diatribe of the Bum Meister we see pleading gimme, gimme,gimme again.
    4.Does fantasising 18 hours a day qualify as working? Bum Meisters don’t get bunged billions.
    5. His daily activities follow SNAFU protocols then return to base to repeat SNAFU.
    6. Clearly there is no pride and certainly no sense, as even 2 grey cells would have one saying to the other stop this crap- Dumb Zap. Sounds to us he’s down to his last cell by now.
    That’s just one more of the old carrion crew dying off as each of their poor, badly laid out and quality Intel lacking rags, each fold. Times change and these types need to find their own level as Janitors or Car washing. Send for the DumbBot destroyer. Wire his Weanie to the Charger and switch on. Now are you hearing us?

    ZZZZHHHZZZZ crackle,ZZZhh!,

    Yep, I think he hears us. You burnt that little hot dog? Sell him the Vaseline.

    Whhaaahh, Ahh want Maaahhh moneeeyy!. Charge and shock him again!

    Read more at:
    OWoN © All Rights Reserved


  31. OWoN:

    Q: Back in July, you said China was going to back the RV of the Dinar. Has that plan changed? I’m not asking about a Public free for all.

    A: That depends on what rate the Iraqis want and lopping 3 zeros off the notes is one solution. It gives it a base and kills the racketeers. No Iraqis want the US getting rich over this. Their nation was ruthlessly and needlessly destroyed from Shock and Awe onwards. China for sure wont be helping the US feed from its assets. If I were Iraqi Finance Minister I would go for the 3 zeros and it makes sense for China to back that. It kills the overprinters dead.

    Read more at:
    OWoN © All Rights Reserved


  32. Yes Tony u are correct the thing is we are dealing with a algorithm that continusly creates the story while they sit in there protected bunkers or mom’s basement lol thanks for your persentice and our friends to humanity bravery time for them to stand in the sun.PEACE


  33. Yep, right on time.

    Last week, all was just grand. Now, just days away from payola, a holiday in China threatens the funds being delayed for about the 7000th time, and a baby had diarrhea.

    Do I read this right? The hospital was threatening to hold the runny little fellow as collateral because of non payment?

    And Zap cannot get a job now because if he does, all is lost? Do the “elders” he works for expect him to panhandle AND save humanity? Do they work him so hard, with so much travail and 18 hour days that have so far produced nothing but years of goose eggs, and he is to eat how? By begging on behalf of the galactic masters of endless stashes of gold and cash?

    He wants to have his crew hit the ground running? Is this his “crew”? People who live in cars, shelters and have dysenteric babies? Where is the father? Let me guess. He has Ebola and his water buffalo was repossessed by the local chieftain.

    I am sorry, I cannot help myself. I laughed so hard when I read this that I nearly pissed myself silly. This little tearjerker will all but guarantee donations; babies and people in cars on oxygen. Man, this guy is good. -WHA


    “HI ALL,








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    1. OMG Tony, that was an utterly brilliant response. I cannot even bring myself to read what that twit has written in the latest top secret report but I can never get enough of your responses to his demented bs. Without even reading what he writes I can gain a good idea from what you have written and I am honestly absolutely horrified that this moron even has the gall to publicly embarrass himself as he does. And I do not have the ability to comprehend the minds of those who continue to believe his crap every week. How can a human being with even basic mind function swallow this every week for years on end? Got me totally puzzled. Thanks for the giggles Tony.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. aurataya, you said that you cannot comprehend the minds of those who continue to believe him. How can a human being with even basic mind function swallow this every week for years on end.

        Let me say, I don’t know this “Zap” character, and thank God for that. He certainly does possess all the characteristics of a con man, swindler. With that said, I would caution you not to judge the people that do “believe” what he says, because from what I’m reading here it tells me he is very, very good at what he does.

        If you notice, Zap preys on vulnerable people who believed when they invested they would have more money than God and rid themselves of their financial woes, and have money left over to help others in need.

        If you pay attention, this Zap always uses the sick, elderly and babies, because those are the ones that open up checkbooks. It truly is a well-orchestrated psych-op.

        It is very hard for a person to admit they got swindled. It’s called denial. No one wants to admit even to themselves that someone has taken advantage of them, and perhaps robbed them of the little savings they had. It’s a very hard pill to swallow and move on.

        From what I’m seeing, he often adds a thanks for previous donations sent in. This is a common ploy of con men; lead people to believe that others are sending in donations. This preys on the mindset of a generous, compassionate person, if everyone else is giving, I should.

        My bet is while he may have gotten quite a bit of money at the beginning of his game, the money isn’t flowing as freely as it did. thus the reason he asks more frequently. Now, instead of hundreds of dollars, if lucky he may get a couple of bucks.

        It’s all very interesting to watch from the sidelines.

        Finally, as I mentioned before, don’t judge those that believe him too strongly. I’ve seen a new poster here by the screen name of Concordia ask and talk about Zap, and even mentioned that they had donated to Zap. The last thing Concordia and others like Concordia need is for those that see this Zap character for what he is, is to insult their intelligence. Instead, like WHA had in previous posts has done, offer support by helping them understand what exactly happened.


        1. You all have to keep in mind that there is always an influx of new dreamers. So always a new pot of naive hopefuls seeing a get rich quick fantasy. Those of us who have been around a while know better.

          We at OWON, and I am sure here as well, take abuse for repeating over and over again certain pitfalls that await the unsuspecting. Beating a dead horse as it may. But we do this because of the inflx of newbies that just don’t know any better. We are here to help and educate, we try.

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          1. Thanks for everything you guys do Canauzzie!

            As we’ve all come to realize, the truth may hurt but it will set us all free.

            We’re here (and at OWoN) to help each other through it all. This is not a time for the faint of heart.

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          2. cannauzzie, “there is always an influx of new dreamers. So always a new pot of naive hopefuls seeing a get rich quick fantasy”. Your very own words tell the story “naive” hopefuls. To that end, you educate them with kindness and understanding, not insults. Insults drive people away. I believe that WHA does a great job when called upon.

            The only complaint I have to admit I have is not reading here that the Provost Marshals are moving in to arrest those in government at the direction of the White Hats.


            1. Hi,

              With regards to the Provost Marshall, I am going to assume your comment means that you are wishing that such office would act and has not yet, rather than you believe they have acted and we have not reported it.

              We know of no such actions, if that is what you mean. If you have such proof, and I mean PROOF. I would be happy to see it.


          3. Thank you so much for jumping in there and sharing your perspective regarding this subject canauzzie. I sincerely appreciate you and everything you do. You area good man and one I respect enormously.


        2. Hi there ABJ,
          Thank you for your response to my comment.

          Firstly, as far as I’m concerned, no one other than Tony holds a position on this blog to caution me. That being said, I appreciate your offer to assist me to view this specific matter from your perspective in the hope I gain further understanding on a psychological level where creeps such as Zap are concerned.

          Again, I appreciate you sharing your personal analysis of the characteristics Zap possesses and do hope that does assist others who are not currently aware of his tactics to learn. Nothing you have shared there is new to me where he is concerned and I would suggest, nor to most of those frequenting OWoN and WHA. I came across this guy years ago and do admit to reading some of his early writings. Thankfully, I was never taken in by him to such a degree where he had me reaching into my pocket to fund his unending vomitus rhetoric . And I can most certainly assure you I have absolutely no intention to “take notice” or “pay attention to” anything that comes from a character I have assessed to be a weak, immoral creep who swindles the vulnerable in the manner in which he does.

          Now, I have something for you to ponder is you would care to do that. You last paragraph shocked me when I read it’s content. For a person who seems to consider they have a deep understanding of the behaviour and sensitivity of others that may have once been persuaded by the shenanigans of dubious characters, it seems to me you are lacking, not only in tact but also awareness of the repercussions and impact of your own comments upon others who are already extremely vulnerable. Your comments may have been expressed in a manner where you thought it would be viewed as support for said people but I can assure you, from my perspective it most certainly was not.

          I consider your raising of another contributors name in your final paragraph in the manner in which you have is not only extremely inconsiderate but has also now reinforced the feelings of shame this person was experiencing even more so. While on this topic, I believe it may have been a smart idea for you to actually read what I had written where this specific matter is concerned. You may find that I did offer support, understanding, assistance and sincere genuine care in this case. I did not see any comments from you offering that. You may also care to know that I purposely waited for some time after this particular incident occurred and a point when the attention of the blog had moved away from this specific area of comments, to again respond to this contributor to offer further support and assistance.

          Finally, I appreciate being given the opportunity to respond here and hope I have offered some clarity on the subjects raised. One thing I have taken away from this interaction ABJ, is that I did neglect to consider the feelings of those who may have only very recently come across the utter rubbish put forth each week by characters such as Zap. In consideration of that fact, I sincerely thank you for offering me this opportunity to gain that learning.

          I do sincerely hope you enjoy the rest of your evening. I look forward to your future contributions and do hope another opportunity arises for myself and others to learn from your offerings here at WHA. Be well always.

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          1. aurataya.. I sincerely hope you feel better now that you “think” you gave me a spanking. After reading your response, I most certainly will consider taking down my shingle and returning my Master’s in Psychology to the University that I attended, or perhaps I won’t. It wasn’t I that said the following and added giggles at the end like a little school girl.

            “And I do not have the ability to comprehend the minds of those who continue to believe his crap every week. How can a human being with even basic mind function swallow this every week for years on end? Got me totally puzzled. Thanks for the giggles Tony.”

            It was no secret who was new to the blog, and if anyone insulted that person or their intelligence it was you.

            It does seem as my evaluation might have hit too close to home for you to be so “insulted” by it. Truth often does hurt.

            And for the record, NO I am not/ and never was involved in any currency speculation. I am merely here to watch for updates from the White Hats.

            And so in closing, I will bid you a fond farewell. No reply is really necessary.


            1. Ok. I’ve been biting my tongue all day and I just can’t do it anymore. I’m sorry Tony and fellow WHAs, I realize this isn’t my fight and I don’t want to hijack the thread with drama, but it’s just not in my nature to sit quiet when someone dear to me is unjustly attacked…


              Many of us have been corresponding on here for several years, there is real camaraderie and sincere respect. After you, yourself, have been here a little longer, you’ll come to realize that we’re also all on pretty enlightened paths. None of us are here, nor do we need, to be schooled or “cautioned” by our peers.

              Furthermore, Aurataya is one of the most considerate and selfless members on this blog and is usually the first to reach out to anyone in need. She also has uncanny perception, real wisdom, and a healthy sense of humor. After you’ve been here awhile I’m sure you’ll come to love her just as I do.


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              1. Beautiful always me, you would have to be one of the most gorgeous and magnificent human beings I have ever come to know. I sincerely thank you for your generous support and the sharing of your precious heart. And you can butt in anytime where my conversations are concerned because you always bring such beautiful and wise energy into whatever you touch.

                I love your extremely polite feisty spirit too. LOL You never cease to amaze me with the incredible qualities you possess. May I say, it has been one of the most treasured experiences of my life to have found you in this big wide world. It is an absolute honour to have you as my friend and I will cherish our connection always. Your truly are a magnificent blessing in this tapestry of life we all share. I thank you so very sincerely for just being you.

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            2. Oh dear, you have got yourself in a dither haven’t you ABJ. With my previous response I gave you an opportunity to communicate in a mature manner but you have unfortunately resorted to the lowest rung on the ladder by name calling, which was predictable I might add. I believe many consider that form of behaviour comes from a person who has no ability to handle the situation they find themselves in and who proceeds to lash out in sheer frustration.

              Heavens, I most certainly would not offer to give you a spanking as you suggest or hoped ABJ. That is just a cheeky little term I use with people I like and care about and always offered in a friendly sweet manner as you will note from my previous responses where I have used that term.

              How wonderful of you to announce your incredible achievement at University. I don’t think returning it would assist you at this point or any point for that matter, Your caustic tongue and vengeful, manipulative personality seem to have overtaken your ability to use the knowledge you proclaim to have gained in an adult and wise fashion. Such a shame.

              You also seem to have a severe inability to follow the written word. Those giggles that appear to bother you so much were a response to Tony’s expressions of humour. Heavens, and I thought that was quite clear. Obviously not to some.

              Thanks for the “little school girl” compliment. I love that element of my personality. Maybe you should try it, it may brighten up your life a little. Or maybe you don’t get any opportunities to enjoy a giggle. Hmmm, wonder what that’s says. Maybe certain personality qualities have overridden others in your case.

              With regard to your comment relating to the “secret”. Well it certainly became the hot topic again after you blasted it across the front page of the blog didn’t it? I find it quite interesting that you desire to continue blaming me with regard to this particular point. Seems you have no ability to understand you own actions and behaviour or wish to take personal responsibility for them.

              I can assure you that you most certainly did not insult me by any stretch of the imagination, even though you tried your best. And you seem to be confused again where truth is concerned. Truth does not hurt as far as I’m concerned. Truth, I welcome and accept with open arms and never find it offensive in any manner. I will be the first person to admit a mistake when I have made one as that is how I learn. You should try it. The only thing you did was try to big note yourself by attempting to analyze the blood sucking leech known as Zap in the hope everyone on the site would consider you to be so incredibly intelligent and you would then gain an opportunity to mention your degree. Unfortunately, most of us know what he’s about and none of us needed a degree to work it out either. Pretty obvious really.

              On the currency note. Personally, I don’t believe anyone cares whether you were brought to this site by having an interest in any currencies or not. It’s quite admirable of you to note you are only on this site to gain information regarding the White Hats. Don’t you find it interesting that you so boldly felt the need to announce that with no prompting from anyone else in raising that topic? That statement most definitely tells me something further about you. Heck, and I didn’t even need a degree to work that one out either. Funny that.

              Your last sentence also provides me with a further understanding of your personality too. You like having the last word when things heat up. Well ABJ, I most certainly will allow you to do that now that I have offered my final response with regard to your most recent comment. I can assure you I will not, from the end of this comment, engage in any conversation with you. One reason is, that I do not think turning Tony’s blog into a battle ground is productive or respectful, and particularly so in this case. And finally, because you very simply are not worth my time, as dealing with your energy is extremely unpleasant and I would rather communicate with others here who I find to be uplifting, educational, funny and enjoyable.

              So write away all you like ABJ. I am signing off for good with you and will not read or respond to anything offered by you ever again. Bet that excites you. Now you can lash out again and hold the title of WHA Battle Queen 2016. My congratulations offered in advance. Keep smiling. Tah Tah.


    2. I only read Zap for the humor it generates.

      He even presents some fun info, which he then uses to add veracity to his ow thoughts later stated.
      Hillarious stuff.

      Take some of his ‘news’ as interesting. The rest is tragedy. In the Roman and Greek eras, they called what we call tragedy, a ‘comedy’.

      But that was another time.

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      1. Agreed. Humor indeed.

        I was bent over laughing so hard last night that I was praying I’d vomit to relieve the pain from it all. It ranks up there with Casper’s “the packs are now in transit to Sheboygan where Aunt Sally will see they are delivered by Cousin Goober” routine….. only to find out they were intercepted a day later by Bush’s second cousin, Grimalkin.

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  34. I’ve got to share this with you, especially after having just watched that video.

    My youngest daughter (who just started her freshman year of college) just called me… she got into an argument with one of her professors today. He told the class that Hillary Clinton had “absolutely nothing to do with Benghazi or what happened there”.

    None of snowflakes in her class knew enough to back her up, but apparently she didn’t back down.

    I guess I won’t be looking for her name on the Dean’s list this semester, LOL!

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    1. Hello beautiful alwaysme,

      WOW! Looks like you have raised your daughter very well indeed but what else would one expect from you. I do not have any children but in this moment, I feel extremely proud of your daughter as I’m sure you do.

      As far as I’m concerned your daughter never needs anyone to back her up in such situations, she obviously have the knowledge, courage and grit to stand alone when needed and I personally believe that is one very exceptional quality. My motto is, stand your ground and hold strong to your beliefs at all times even if you stand alone your entire life but always leave room for learning.

      I also would most certainly write a letter of complaint to that school and ensure I received a satisfactory timely answer and that action is taken against this fool that is supposedly teaching these young people. I would also submit a letter to your local paper advising that the schools teachers are attempting to brainwash the students insisting their personal opinions are correct when the students should be taught how to think for themselves and research and assess information in the manner in which they choose. Not to have the personal opinions of non thinking twits forced upon them.

      I would not worry about your daughters name not appearing on the Dean’s list either. If her name being on that list represents her compliance to think like the narrow minded, uneducated fool of a teacher she has, then I would be proud of her name not being there. Your daughter has all she needs within her, as she proved to all in this situation, as well as a wonderful mother guiding her through this life. That’s what I call Girl Power. LOL.

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      1. Oh, those are some of the most beautiful things anyone could ever say to me. Thank you for that my sweet friend.

        I would love to take credit for it all, but that little chick has been decisive, determined, and relentless since the day she was born. She’s taught me more about myself in the last 18 years than all the psychologists and self-help books in the world combined could in a lifetime! People often say that one is a miniature version of me, but she’s stronger, more capable, and much more confident than I am. She is an amazing young woman and I am so proud of her.

        Each of our beautiful daughters is filled with life and love. They bring me so much joy and I am more than happy to share them with you!

        Sending you love, always.

        PS. I like your ideas, in fact, I just might have to write a few letters!

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        1. Beautiful alwaysme, you just made me a little teary reading your description of your precious girls and the relationship you share with them. You have actually really blown me away with what you expressed with regard to your relationship with your youngest daughter. That was absolutely incredible to hear of the beautiful gifts she has brought into your life. I know raising children must be hard work but I always wonder about the magic of a beautiful well developed connection between a mother and daughter, must feel totally incredible on an inner level.

          Now Missy, I’m going to give you a little verbal spank here lol. Please never feel that you are not as good as any other person walking this earth. I have never even met you face to face but I believe I have quite a good grip of the qualities you possess just by sensing you through your words and manner of expression. You are a strong woman and I know for sure you are more than capable, you and I both know that. Now, considering that, why would you not be incredibly confident with who you are and in everything you do? No need to answer that, just think about what you have achieved in this life to date and you enthusiasm for what lies ahead. Just allow yourself to shine and never allow anyone or anything stop you from doing that. It’s your life and you have the right to shine as brightly as your beautiful heart desires always.

          Thank you so much alwaysme for all the love and warmth you offer me, it is accepted and appreciated enormously.

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      1. Below is the statement that most who are questioned are giving:

        Under the advice of counsel, I respectfully decline to answer, and assert my fifth amendment privilege under the constitution of the United States of America.

        Please copy and paste the statement above, as it may serve to help you someday. 🙂


    1. I think that would end up being the 2nd ‘shot heard round the world’!

      I read some thoughts from Judge Andrew Napolitano about this earlier today. He said the Republican Party had a pretty clear set of rules to follow if a candidate dropped out, but that the Democrats don’t. Basically the Democratic National Committee can choose anyone they want who’s over 35 and is a natural born citizen. Isn’t that rich?

      It’s gonna get ugly. I don’t see Hillary going down without a fight and I’m sure she’s got ‘binders’ full of dirt on everyone.

      Tony, do you know if there is even anything that says there MUST be a democratic candidate on the ballot? There are three other candidates running… let’s just get on with it! The sleeping giant is awake!


      1. I know nothing stating that a certain party must run a candidate. The rules state that the States vote for one person to be President and lay out the qualification for that person to be eligible to run.

        If we have any Constitutional lawyers in the house, please let us know if we are missing anything.


  35. OWoN:

    Q: Just to be clear Are we to understand that the PPs (private placements) and the “partial release” plan are dependent on and contingent upon the GS (global settlements) occurring first? If yes what happens if the GS are never paid? Please explain what good is a “partial release” plan if it is still hamstrung by non performance of the other side?

    A: Unknown.

    1. The GS can be partial or total and will stand alone.
    2. The RV again is self determining and can stand alone.
    3. The PPs can be done any time. However, each variation needs a bunch of thieving ,lying, criminal, scheming, devious and totally obnoxious parasites to stop doing any or all of the above. Does that sound like a marriage partner to you? Lol It is of course possible that any and all of the above are never paid. Especially if WW111 can be created to evade the above. Also to collapse America to be asset stripped by the carrion waiting.

    Read more at:
    OWoN © All Rights Reserved


  36. OWoN:

    Very deep negotiations are continuing re the Global Elders positions.

    On the GS and RV’s the same thieving parasites, liars, and Shysters who misappropriated the funds in the first place have wantonly spent or syphoned off the lot, so we wait with interest to see how they chose to try to settle anything. If they even do, as clear current policy is to do nothing.

    The Fed of course as it already raises quad T’s for the Fed Pentagon Program, can always issue more to settle debts,but they have never redeemed a dollar before.

    The vacuous nonsense propagated by so many false dawn Blogs with hands out, each falsely claiming imminent releases, from experience to date, are all false hype. Simply stop contributing to such issues or paying good phone money to listen into garbage on premium rate lines filling their pockets while emptying yours.

    The main GS discussions are bogged down by US intransigence and bogus promises.

    China and Russia have just finished more major War Games with their fleets in the China seas ready for a US war.

    Russia has ever more radar invisible smart missiles in mass production, while China and Russia have raced ahead with EMP weapons and satellite weapons. Russia’s run silent Subs surround America, also the US fleets.

    If the Big Dogs are pushed into War, as is visible,for the first time in its history, the US will experience the shock and awful consequences of military action against others if Global conflict erupts.

    The problem this time is because both China and Russia know they cant win a controlled and prolonged war, they have to pre empt on major scale.

    As the Jesuit policy is to collapse America, their equally vast array of missions in China will be increasingly agitating for hostilities to effect a confrontation. For over 200 years this has been their planned intent. Obama going after the guns is to negate public power, but dually to reduce civilian resistance in an invasion.

    Flooding the country with Muslims and illegals, whose side is he on? This Kenyan illegal never stops insulting the nation overseas.

    From his known Indonesian passport which he used to travel to Pakistan with his then known Gay boyfriend, when did he ever nationalise as an American? If not?

    The Clinton saga plays out. With zero known qualities, she still leads but in rigged polls.

    We can all only hope the good American people do get a long overdue Brexit vote to overturn the lot. Which will be no thanks to the US media, and an issue then Trump needs to address with new licensing. A clean sweep out of all Zio Publishers. Remove the lot.

    Read more at:
    OWoN © All Rights Reserved


    1. Coked–up Roberts, Communist Kaine, and Colonel Sander’s illegitimate offspring, LOL!

      Love, love, love Michael Savage! And I’m not buying the pneumonia story either.

      Deplorable, always!


  37. OWoN:

    Q: “………J in your estimation considering your view that the other side continues to drag their feet, when would be a realistic timeframe for the partial release plan to trickle down to those included in the PPs (private placements)?

    Also, can you comment on jim willie’s contention or claim the US threatened war in march if an asset backed yuan was released……..?”

    A: The Cabal has NEVER paid back a dime in its its rotten history. So now is a big test. Right now, they and the Banks continue using these funds for profit. Theft and Fraud!

    Trickling down PPs is far more difficult. Only the Principals have cause and merit to be paid. Funds will be blocked for transfer to non accredited parties. Way too many Brokers and hangers on are dreaming. Funds will be policed and only approved parties will be paid out.

    The Yuan will be asset backed in time, and by then both China and Russia will have all the field tested new technological weapons field tested. Attack China, there is a pact. Russia come in. How many wars have Washington fought and lost or wasted US boys lives over?

    This time, within 2 years, the Eurasians will be ready. They know they have to pre empt so it will be massive. Let us hope Diplomacy wins first. China and Russia know the only way they can win is a colossal first strike. Do we want to see such a vast attack? Eurasia knows it will have to wipe out Global US bases and Fleets in a short window as well as atomising c40% of all US Life over an hour. No one wants that. But what chance do they have if not?

    Our PPs are for a selective few only,and will be moved to London. Trading proceeds then will be for Global use. Unless you have the support of a tiny few of the PP main groups,I can’t see where most will get anything.

    Once China and Russia go for a metals backed currency, they know the Big Dogs will have to surrender or fight. How do we reason with an arrogant Cabal?

    Eurasia has to face down the US in future it’s just when. No one wants the fall out because it will be a huge loss of human life. But some seek just that. An excuse for depopulation. But who plays God now?

    Asset backed currencies are coming, not just the Yuan. The bullying Big Dog has to be taken down, life goes on. But, at what cost?

    If humanity would only share our collective strengths and skills, how much a better world it can be. But who will lead that? Certainly not the Hilderbeast or Zio rats. As for the Wookie? He can’t decide if he’s Arthur or Martha.

    Read more at:
    OWoN © All Rights Reserved


    1. US Debt Clock Mysteriously Starts Showing Real Value of Gold and Silver

      The person on this site says that the current value of gold and silver prices were added a couple of months ago for the first time.
      look at bottom right hand corner on page
      above for the true prices of gold and silver.
      To learn about who is behind this website.


      Joke For The Day:

      Person A. Did you know that in ancient times Noah was considered one of the world’s greatest financiers?

      Person B. Really? I did not know that.

      Person A. Yes, he floated stock while the rest of the world was in liquidation.


  38. Re: Hillary’s health. I don’t know how credible it is, but it sure is interesting!

    Reporter David Shuster posted to his Twitter feed on Sunday evening that operatives in the Democratic Party have told him an emergency meeting by the Democratic National Committee is being considered to replace presidential nominee. Hillary Clinton on the heels of her case of pneumonia allegedly causing her to collapse Sunday morning at the 9-11 commemoration at the sight of the downed Twin Towers in New York City.

    Some of the Republicans I have spoken with are hearing the same thing!

    you can read more here


  39. Hi Tony-
    Thanks for posting the video- that one is the shorter version (8 min) posted later – the one that I was referring to is earlier by the same dr, but is 16 min long, and he explains in specific detail HOW he arrived at that diagnosis of Parkinson’s – have tried to post it here per you instructions, but won’t post (sorry! For my beginner skills at this!)- it is listed as ‘Hillary’s Illness Revealed’,, 16 min- well worth listening!!


  40. Have never posted here before, but am an avid reader/follower of WHA-
    Saw a you-tube video recently that may be of interest, but don’t know how to bring it over to the website- it comes up on you-tube under ‘Hillary Clinton’s Illness Revealed’ on (16+ min)- well worth watching, as it makes the MOST sense as to ‘WHAT’ exactly is ‘going on’ with her health- a doctor has posted it, and has put the ‘puzzle pieces’ together quite well!!
    (Sorry I don’t know how to post it here!)


    1. Hi,

      Thanks for stopping by. Glad you are enjoying the blog.

      I will post the video you are referring to at the end of this message. To post Youtube videos, simply copy the url of the video in the body of the message using the paste function. The video should then display in the thread.

      Thanks again!


  41. OWoN:

    Q: “…… I’m assuming this [D.C. delays] has to do with the reset? I thought you had said earlier that your group and the elders were going around D.C.? Perhaps I’m wrong or you were talking about something else. But if I am correct, how can they stall you?

    A: As they are behind the failure to redeem lawfully owed money,who else should pay? They recently tried to get a large AU mt Elders deal allowed which I stopped dead. There will be no more AU loans to the Cabal. Nor control on who we issue to or how. There are growing pressures on them, and it’s not pleasant.

    If we should allocate Beneficial AU use for the RMB Bonds and Cash, the Fed,Wall Street and the Zios will be crushed in the rush to the Wailing Wall.

    We have no qualms how to deal with Sewer Rats. They pay the preferential PPs, who are our clients, or the lot comes down.

    As it stands they have zero chance of London acquiescing to their demands or Pleas, nor support. The Zio Rats are on notice now. If they fail, the Jesuit KMs in place everywhere, will simply be used to spotlight the Zio scapegoats, and Martial Law will follow. But one with Zero Zio protection. This is a century of planning and the arrogance of the Zios toward the Goyim misses the reality of payback. Hitler was used before, but they won’t fail again in their minds.

    These are very dangerous times. Russia’s highly advanced Robotics weaponry being readied right now for border incursions will shell shock the US, and if all your electicals fail, cars stop etc, run for cover because then you have just 4 minutes. The US public simply have no concept of what can come if these DC buffoons are not stopped.

    We KNOW it is NOT the regular US citizens and only the Cabal and Jesuit cells causing this.

    The Beneficial owners of the PP funds know how to protect if fast, That we cant discuss. It’s theirs, all of it. It will be put to use for those worth saving.

    America does have a fine mass population who, once free of the Fed, Zios and Cabal Banking,if organised Jesuit free, can build a new America together. There are real pressures growing on the US right now.

    Just a few more steps and it will build to a full on face off.

    The next few articles will help you see how and it is. Eurasia has to kick out all US bases, the dollar and all Agencies. Time to clean out the stye.

    It will get bad, but with hope. Read what’s coming.

    But after the pending face off, help will come to the right causes. What Americans build before, they can build again . Our fight is not with the people, but the Cabal and Zio trash. That needs sanitising.

    Read more at:
    OWoN © All Rights Reserved


      1. AU is the period table designation for gold. “mt” is metric tons. A metric ton is a unit of measurement based on the metric system, rather than the standard, or imperial, system more commonly used in the United States.

        Our friend in London is referring to stopping a large transaction involving gold that was probably destined for greedy rat bankers and politicians.

        I wonder if that is what ZAP was counting on tomorrow? LOL


  42. Hillary collapses at 9-11 event.

    She looked pretty rigid, and her detail reacted as if they were nonchalantly anticipating this kind of thing. I live in a hot climate, and when people get overheated, they usually get dizzy and their head will not be so rigidly held up high. One tends to display fainting symptoms when overheated. To me, this looked more like a seizure. Rigid body and loss of motor control, in my opinion. -WHA


    1. tsk WHA, Trump as right there, she had an allergic reaction to him, remember? On a serious note, I’ve read the temps had already broken, wasn’t hot enough for a healthy person to become overheated.


    2. Am I the only person that thinks this looked like Hillary was handcuffed and waiting to be escorted into that vehicle? If someone is ill and not doing well why on earth would they be standing upright with their arms bent around their sides as if they had bracelets attaching their hands in the small of their back?


  43. OWoN:

    Q: Any movement on the “partial release” plan?

    A: Intense daily contacts, lot of daily promises, usual DC agenda,delay, obfuscate, lie, procrastinate and always same ending of redemption day for lawfully owed funds date unknown. All parties go around in circles, because there is no law, justice, or integrity at the top.

    We, in the meantime, have a much larger agenda and one which can achieve a far more valid end game for the world overall. It’s no time to forewarn the Cabal, but their time is coming to a full on confrontation and parting of the way with the rest of humanity. The next 3 articles will give you a full insight,and if events move as anticipated,we may lose one wasted generation, to at least underpin a new future for those to follow. Economic logistics will rule the future Capital Markets highway, and once Cabal parties are neutered, the new world ahead can establish new orders. The American era is dying and its role ending. New Empires are emerging,with entirely new game plans. People need to get in to win. Eurasia will be 10 times the size of the entire US GDP. The US will simply be phased out of the emerging realities. Those up to speed will move with opportunities. Those Welfare Beneficiary minded, will find their illusory rights won’t pay the bills,power has moved on. Look at Detroit. America next?

    Reality is for those willing to see it. Empires end.No money means no use. You know how that ends up. Like Detroit?

    Reality rules. But in the background, as articles show you,all is unfolding to Jesuit plans.

    Those gaining partial release will leave. They see reality.But those “owed”? Time for the herd to find new grazing. The Jesuit plan for the US is clear. The rest is just a front.

    Read more at:
    OWoN © All Rights Reserved


    1. “…Intense daily contacts, lot of daily promises, usual DC agenda,delay, obfuscate, lie, procrastinate and always same ending of redemption day for lawfully owed funds date unknown. All parties go around in circles, because there is no law, justice, or integrity at the top…..”

      The reality is quite a bit different from the “Monday we will get our funds-donations needed” cyclorama that many blog readers are fed.

      Where is that sjambok? I am starting to think I will need it now. – WHA


    1. Heavens above. What on earth is happening to the minds of those asked questions there? That subject is recent history. At least the last guy gave a good answer and has the capacity to think.


  44. I thought you might appreciate this comment I saw on Breitbart. I did, LOL!

    Someone said Hillary Clinton is the Fredo Corleone of the globalists… “I got passed over! I can handle things! I’m smahhht!”


  45. Wells Fargo Fires 5,300 For Engaging In Massive Fraud, Creating Over 2 Million Fake Accounts

    “…In all, Wells opened 1.5 million bank accounts and “applied” for 565,000 credit cards that were not authorized by their customers…”

    This story is already gaining traction in the NESARA realms as being proof that the “satanic forces are being removed from the banks to prepare for unlimited prosperity for all”. I think we can assume that the real reasons are more down to earth – greed. I would hasten to add that if such “benevolent forces” had moved in to fire these people, they should have been precognitively deft enough to have prevented the scam in the first place.

    I suddenly have a craving for Tang. -WHA

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    1. WHA: I propose that just like Wells Fargo gave the boot to so many employees, so the banks and their senior officials should be given the boot for creating “money” out of thin air.

      Iceland has already proposed a solution that looks better, but is not perfect:

      True money has already been created by God and it is called: Gold and Silver.

      ;- )

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  46. The One Trillion Dollar Consumer Auto Loan Bubble Is Beginning To Burst

    “….Already, auto loan delinquencies are rising to very frightening levels. In July, 60 day subprime loan delinquencies were up13 percent on a month-over-month basis and were up 17 percent compared to the same month last year….”

    Those of you out of work may want to apply at repo agencies. They are probably going to be very busy for a while. -WHA

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  47. Tony,
    Even though I don’t really know you, I have a tremendous amount of respect for you. I truly admire the level of professionalism that you use while moderating this blog.
    In light of the fact that the Reno Teams have been trying unsuccessfully to conclude a currency exchange of some sort for the past 2 plus years, why do you believe they will ever be successful? I remember you saying that the Establishment usually stalls until their opponents either run out of money, or die. Why do you believe this situation will be any different?


    1. Hi,

      Thank you very much. I do also try to return the respect to our many readers by making this place one of quality and stability in what we bring you from the front lines.

      I have to watch what I say about the legit teams. Their work is not just to make a small number of people a ton of money. It’s more vital than that, and as such, it must proceed at some point. No option. I know that sounds like a rather unreasonably optimistic point of view, but this is the impression I have. Remember also that even some not so nice characters have an interest in seeing this through, so a tail wind, even if a foul one, is in play to some extent.

      Also, on a finer point, the Reno teams (the real ones) have shot their bolt, as instructed. It proceeds now by the hands of others higher up.

      What makes this entire thing so hard to judge is the many false and wacky ideas that have propagated around for decades. NESARA, millions for all, motherships in orbit to help, channeling chunderers, Jerzys, TNTs, Okies and such, have given unrealistic visions which are truly not going to happen.

      Separate that from reality and what is left is what’s truly going on, and that information is not plastered all over blogs. Of course we can expect leaks from here and there, but my suspicion is that such are from broker chain monkey poo flingers, and that stuff can be horribly convoluted once it hits the blogs.

      If I am ever told that PPs are hopeless, and that nothing will ever come of it, or anything else we watch as part of our purpose here, I will announce it and close the blog. Why keep it otherwise?

      I started this effort once I had contacted parties who were involved and knew the true lay of the land. If they ever tell me that all is lost, then I will convey that to you all and close WHA.

      Lastly, keep in mind that big dogs could very well proceed without any notice, here or otherwise. So, at that point, it becomes an issue of “What then, Caesar, is left for your legions?” That is what most are eager to know, and my heart goes out for the many. We don’t know much about this because nobody really knows the final answer to the public chances in exact detail.

      So, my belief is based on well sourced information. If that should change, you all will be the first to know.

      Thanks again!


      1. You sure have a way with words,something I for one appreciate, “…broker chain monkey poor fingers”. This makes me laugh lol!


  48. It Won’t Be Long Now—-The End Game Of Central Banking Is Nigh

    David Stockman

    “….In short, there is no bond “market” left in the world. What we have is a front-runners casino in which debt is being priced by the Big Fat Bid of the central banks. And unlike real money investors, the latter are completely price inelastic…..”


      1. And then to introduce AU backing? This would force all others to do the same and voila, fiat system is gone. I expect that if sino gold is given to underpin other sdr currencies then concessions would need to flow back in the form of KM annulment and retooling of the IMF etc for benevolent use.


  49. Tony, I can see by the ‘Recent Comments’ area that you have posted a comment but the actual comment is not showing up at all. I noticed this happened this morning as well where I believe Concord had commented and you possibly responded to that comment. Both showed in the recent comments area but not where they should in the comments. I thought you may have deleted them that’s why I said nothing earlier today.

    Tony, you can delete all these comments of mine where I’m discussing this issue. No need for them to be there taking up space. I’ll leave you alone now. Thank you.


  50. Hi Tony, I’m not sure what’s happening with the site but things are not working the same as they once did when a comment is left. The comment does not appear stating “your comment is awaiting moderation” anymore. I thought the first one I just left disappeared so did a new one in response to J’s above. If all is working at your end and you can see the 2 comments I just left, would you be so kind as to delete one for me please. I’ll hold off commenting further until I can suss out what’s happening. Thanks Tony.


  51. OWoN:

    Tony WHA

    The next 4 specials we release will name the key Cabal power players, Obamas real handlers, the true and very real horrifying agenda, and why the Third WW is in play with full consequences for the US if it goes wrong.

    Now Tony, do the right thing by Zap.

    Send the Bum a plastic seat to go park his Butt on Times Square with a begging placard and a collecting box with a simple appeal Placard

    “A Simple Bum needs money, a life wasted getting everything wrong, no hope, a complete Dope, not a single projection right, so unemployable and a waste of space seeking sucker funds, it worked before. Buddy spare me a few dimes to spare me from a life of crimes,mugging old ladies, and Keenan Shadies, because I’m worried soon I may need Nesara to come good,so I can be steady as a rock, and not depend on that crock. Ok, Buddy bail this Bum, I’m Zap, full of crap “.

    Read more at:
    OWoN © All Rights Reserved


  52. Right on time, post the weekend “money is coming” pump, now comes the sticky wicket du jour so money can be asked for.

    My recommendation for ZAP. Call “Grandfather”. He has multi T’s ready for you, right? Can he not spare you $500 for a new computer so you can ensure the future of humanity? Didn’t you say last week that Friday was the day the “infrastructure funds” would be in your account? Where did it go?

    Can’t your colleagues at Landa spot you some cash for the computer? I mean, really. Isn’t your project important enough for them to assist a partner who is working on the “matrix funds for humanity”?

    18 hours a day, and not a dime of your own to show for it? I suggest you cut your hours down to 9 hours a day, and spend the other 9 waiting tables at your local Smörgåsbord. Have some dignity, man. Only rank tin pot con men act this way.



    Hi All,

    The unexpected happened again.

    The second computer destruction has occurred.

    I work 18 hours a day so the computer stay on 24 hours a day and is never turned off. It blew up on me again and I am again without a computer. I managed to get this message out through another one. If (again) anybody out there has a computer, or can help to get me another, I really really need one so I can work. This is too critical a time for me to be without.

    Much thanks.

    Love and Light

    In Our service



    1. Lordy. File this under “You Can’t Make This Shit Up”. I woke up to this man’s bullshit at least 2 years ago, and he wasn’t asking for money at the time. At least not for himself, directly. What a slime ball. ‘Zap’ is a good name for him. Someone should do the world a favour and do just that. Zap! Poof! And there he was, gone.

      Gone to meet up with Poof. So long, Office of Poofness and all it contains. I can hear the zapping and crackling of the electronics from here. Oh wait…… do I smell singed hair?? We can only hope.

      Liked by 1 person

  53. OWoN:

    Q: Are you at liberty to discuss what was really negotiated at the G20 meetings? Were the PPs discussed and agreed upon? Are gold backed currencies on the horizon?

    A: The PPs are in direct dialogue not G20 and our clients are head on. The Gold backing is way too sensitive to discuss as we will bypass the Cabal and Zio Banks. Just watch what breaks. More important watch the next 4 key releases as we blow them apart in public.

    Read more at:
    OWoN © All Rights Reserved


      1. Hi,

        By that he is meaning that these private arrangements are not going to be run through or touch anything to do with G20 hobgoblins. All dealings and processes will be in a direct synergy with our friends in London, and not with any sticky fingered outside interests. Head on means just that. Point A to B, no in betweens.

        Hang in there!


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