Wednesday, October 12, 2016

October 12, 2016 – White Hats Report #54 – It’s now or never

We had a long, detailed report prepared, analyzing the two debates and the aftermath and the points and counterpoints and after writing three pages of information that, in review, should already be obvious to our readers, we decided to shift gears, step back and reassess our message.

We have issued 54 reports in 6 years, some lengthy with attachments and details, others with concepts and ideals and still others with just raw information. We have written about the cabal and the many players involved including both sides of the political aisle. It should be obvious that we’ve been clear in our identification of the crime families who run the political parties in the US. They’ve occupied the White House for over 30 years with the exception of the last eight, an aberration due to the perceived need by the cabal to speed up the moral decay of the country.

We’ve revealed Vatican Bank accounts and balances which included both political parties, we’ve revealed the Falcone theft which included conspirators from both political parties and we’ve revealed the $15T fraudulent transfer of funds to Pureheart Investments, LTD. in Europe…which once again, included both political parties. The pattern is obvious.

We have sent information regarding the above issues to all members of Congress and in the Falcone case, the US Supreme Court. This was in the form of flash drives which included documents and supporting evidence. The silence has been defeaning. Not surprising but still, disappointing nonetheless. So this means all 535 elected politicians in DC are aware of the crimes of fraud and theft committed by the cabal on the citizens of the US. Taking no action makes them ALL accomplices after the fact for not reporting a crime. It’s called misprision of felony. It would be prudent to mention that the majority of the 535 members of Congress are lawyers as are the 9 members of SCOTUS. Of course we can’t forget about the mainstream media which is not only complicit in these crimes for not reporting them but also derelict criminally by aiding and abetting in the cover up after the fact.

It’s also become obvious to the majority of Americans that their government is corrupt and does not represent them in any way but rather the special interests (aka corporations) and financial institutions that control the planet. We’ve had numerous discussions on how to fix the problem, take back our country and restore the Republic. It starts with arrests, massive arrests that would include hundreds if not thousands of government officials, corporate officers and most importantly, bank officials and employees EN MASSE. This conclusion was always reached after various individuals were considered for assuming a leadership position only to be disqualified due to the above issues of already being criminals themselves.

The question becomes, who will make these arrests? We always knew the answer and it would stay the same until changes at the top were made but there seemed only two ways to do that, either, once again, make arrests or, vote the criminals out. The latter would lead us right back to the earlier discussion of WHO would step forward and take the lead in restoring the Republic. Sadly, we could not identify one single candidate from the government or political specter.

It was our hope that our exposures of criminal theft and fraud and even treason in some cases, would bring attention to bear on these issues and either force law enforcement to start investigations and eventually make arrests or some in the alternative media to bring the exposure to light. The more information we released, the more entrenched the cabal became. It should be obvious by the lack of prosecution of HRC in the email situation that the DOJ is political as well.

It should also be obvious that there are rules of law that ONLY apply to a certain segment of the population, the largest segment that is the common person. The person who works hard to put food on the table and a roof over their head and if they’re lucky, might get to take a week vacation in the summer. The rest of the population, small in both number and percentage, are shielded from all laws and regulations and are allowed to use and abuse the larger segment for their own enrichment.

How long will we sit back and observe all of this as if it’s some movie made for our entertainment? How long will we sit back and hope for someone else to step up and fill the leadership void and battle the cabal? How long will we sit back and think that as this country continues to go down the road to ruin that it won’t ultimately affect us or our descendants?

The time is now to act because if we don’t, the options going forward get severely narrowed. Options that no one wants to consider.

The Clinton crime family in collusion with the Bush crime family has now completely revealed themselves in the current presidential election. The media is openly complicit is this ruse, elevating a parking ticket level offense by Trump into a major felony while continuing to downplay HRC’s treason and capital offenses into a jaywalking violation.  The HRC agenda is simply a continuation of the current direction of the country, which, to coin a phrase, is a slow motion train wreck. If HRC gets elected, she’ll put the pedal to the metal and speed the process to the point where this country will be unrecognizable in four years. Citizens of the US: Is this what you want?

Many of our readers have asked us over the years what kind of action they could take to assist in the restoration of the Republic.  The answer has always been: spread the word, get involved and make a difference in your community and state. THE TIME IS NOW.

The biggest irony of the presidential election, and there are plenty here, is that Donald Trump is the product of the laws, regulations, policies and practices of the DC corporation.  Congress enacts tax codes for all forms of taxes to collect from the public and Trump takes advantage of these regulations to build a business empire.  Politicians take campaign contributions from individuals and businesses to enter the good ole boy’s club and Trump uses it to his advantage and builds a business empire. Congress passes ridiculous trade agreements that favor corporations and Trump takes advantage and again, builds a business empire.

The good part of this election is that the cabal and cabal minions, supporters and enablers are revealing themselves in huge numbers as their desperation grows by the day. The mainstream media is leading the charge and remember that they are the ones who conduct, control and release the bogus “polling” numbers on a daily basis. The creating our reality part of the equation is falling apart and the ridiculous polls are a very important part of that process. They release a poll conducted on 500 registered voters or 446 registered voters or 1,231 registered voters and based on that, they can predict how a state will vote and therefore, the Electoral College tally for the election.

This is wrong and abhorrent on so many levels it would be laughable if it wasn’t so sad.

Some of the voters in the US don’t like Trump for various reasons and he is surely not at the top of many people’s wish list for President. But he has stepped up; put his family and his own safety on the line to fight the cabal’s stranglehold of this country.  Is anyone else willing to do this? It doesn’t appear so as Trump has now not only taken on the Democrats but the Republican hacks as well. Isn’t this what we all have been waiting for? Someone to challenge both parties with the potential opportunity and position to do something about it? Think about it. If not Trump, who? If not now, when?

When you fantasize about someone, anyone coming in to save the day, who is it that you envision doing that? One of the many politicians who’ve already sold us out to banks and special interests? Or maybe one of the government bureaucrats who get paid handsomely for doing the cabal’s dirty work in an official capacity? Or perhaps one of the many former politicians (lawyers) who periodically work for the lobbyists and corporations they enrich while in elected office? Who?

In the last debate, he finally talked openly about all the crimes and lies of HRC and stated he would appoint a special prosecutor to investigate the Clinton crime family. Would this maybe result in the arrests we’ve all been calling for the past few years? And count on HRC giving up a long list of co-conspirators if she’s indicted. We know HRC supports TPP which would finish the US economy if Obamacare doesn’t do it first and she continues to lie and deny that this is the case. She wants open borders which will continue to decimate this country and hasten our demise.

It’s laughable that the Clinton crime family attempts to blame Russia for the continual stream of leaked emails that expose their true mission to continue down a path of destruction for the US. It should be apparent to everyone who is releasing the emails and why and it will probably continue until the election and beyond.

Looking Ahead

We will continue with our weekly release of information as we are compiling data on several issues that, in our usual style, will expose the cabal’s crimes and frauds perpetrated on the US citizens and the world.

We cannot allow the election to be manipulated or rigged by either of the political parties. If we want to be represented in this election, there are things that we can do to participate and one of them in downloading PollMole to our phones and taking part in the exit polls that will be conducted on November 8. We need everyone reading this, and everyone you know to download this free app and help ensure this election is won by the candidate the people choose, not the one chosen by the cabal.

The esteemed inventor of PollMole, Dr. Richard Davis, recently was interviewed again Saturday night by John B. Wells on his Ark Midnight show and will be interviewed tonight at 10 PM EST by Kerry Cassidy of Project Camelot.

We urge our readers and everyone in their circle of friends, family and acquaintances to share this information. The PollMole apps for both Android and Apple are available for download.


    1. Thanks Eric for posting this video. It would be wonderful if you could also post this at OWoN in case someone that views that site misses it over here. Thanks again.


      1. Seems to be working out just like our friend in London said it would. The Brits are going to fight hard to preserve their longstanding culture and traditions. I think I remember something about welfare going to be cut as well, and immigration will slow. Let’s see if that happens as well.


    1. Awesome!!! You have to hand it to Trump. He has center stage and he is not backing down. Meanwhile HRC states she cannot remember any of her time as SOS. Are you kidding me with this? The strength to stand and stand some more vs the weak minded trying to stay out of jail.


    2. I actually saw that whole speech live yesterday. It was very powerful! At times he echoed much of what the White Hats shared in their latest report.

      This is another excerpt from Trump’s speech…

      “This is a conspiracy against you, the American people and we cannot let this happen or continue. This is our moment of reckoning as a society and a civilization.

      In my former life I was an insider, as much as anyone else, and I know what it’s like to be an insider. Now I’m being punished for leaving the special club and revealing to you the terrible things that are going on with our country. Because I used to be a part of the club, I’m the only one that can fix it. I’m doing this for you, the people and the movement. We will take back this country and make America great again.

      The corrupt establishment knows that we are a great threat to their criminal enterprise. They know that if we win, their power is gone and it’s returned to you, the people… It all depends on whether we let the corrupt media decide our future or we let the American people decide our future.
      If this Clinton campaign of destruction is allowed to work, then no other highly successful person will ever again run for office.”

      This is it, like the White Hats said… it’s now or never!

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  1. It’s been an interesting day so far. I am waiting for an important call, but while doing so, I have scanned the various rags for any new false claims, and what I have found so far has been amazing.

    First, Garry “Away With The Fairies” Larrabee has apparently had his monetized Youtube channel canceled for repeated violations of their TOS.

    You will recall it was Gary who featured the amazing news about someone walking into a bank in Florida and cashing in a ZIM note and being credited with multi quad trillions of USD, as casually as buying a snow cone at a third rate carnival in Sheboygan.

    Well, I hope this poor octogenarian can find another way to supplement his income besides slinging useless information to hoards of idle wealth seekers.

    Also, while reading that same blog, I noticed some interesting information about Seminar Dave. There is a post that shows a letter from Schmidt, written in 2012, on behalf of an entity called “The Hope Chest”, in which he supports a position FOR NESARA, while flogging donations from “light workers” for other “light workers” who are in need.

    I find that incredibly beguiling. It was not long ago on one of his current “Sedona Connection” radio shows that he issued forth a severe critique of NESARA and how it was a total nonsensical issue that would never happen. This was because he was now appealing to a different audience altogether. His new target audiences were now those seeking to enter a private currency exchange. And he was also selling them on the idea that a public exchange (as NESARA groupies seek to benefit from) was not going to happen. So, enter the new anti-NESARA Dave and his solution de jour.

    In 2012, at the start of his new career as a GCR Svengali, when he was appealing to his New Age camp followers, he needed to tempt them with his PRO NESARA wares, because, after all, when you are trying to get people to donate, you have to give them some hope of future benefit for that donation, or else they are being asked to give for nothing. And that’s not smart marketing, as ZAP and others of that ilk have shown through their successful donations hustle business model (It’s coming – help – it’s coming – help).

    Apparently, Seminar Dave was outed by some of his former followers for allegedly scamming them and misappropriating funds sent to the “Hope Chest”.

    Here is the link to the page, which has other links to Seminar Dave’s past career as a donations seeking guru. He seems to change his stripes to suit his needs. Pro NESARA in 2012. Anti NESARA 2016.

    Money sticks to the hands of angels.

    Be very certain of your future moves and don’t let your funds out of your control unless you know WHO has them, their credentials and authority to act as they claim.


    1. Hi Tony, you mentioned the Hope Chest and I’d like to straighten some info on that. This os one of three registered charities I donate monthly to. The other two are supporting intellectually disabled folk to have day trips and to a university fund funded solely by alumni to keep lower socio-economic class students from dropping out due to money concerns. So you can see I’ve been discerning.

      Now to the Hope Chest. This is a registered charity in the US with NO connection to Dave Schmidt. It is run by Steve Beckow at a longtime blog called The Golden Age of Gaia, dedicated to our ascension. He is very open that the hope chest helps him run that blog and also for others in need. We are a community (same as OWON, WHA) with a common goal. Pop over and see. I fully trust that group. So again, nothing to do with Dave.
      If new age isnt your thing that’s ok. But that doesnt mean that it is bunkum, we simply have a vision that isnt satisfied elsewhere.

      All the best!


      1. Hi,

        No worries. I am glad you provided that information.

        To clarify, I have nothing against any legitimate charity and especially if the Hope Chest is legitimate. I will also add that I have nothing against “New Age” ideas or followers.

        What I am against is people using such platforms to conduct scams. It is those “new agers” that I direct my extreme vitriol and displeasure for their wanton hypocrisy.

        The article in question outlined comments from someone I assume was associated with Hope Chest and their displeasure with Schmidt, who was indeed flogging for Hope Chest, alledgedy in a way that displeased the rank and file Hope Chest administration.

        After all, the address for donations in that article was:

        The Hope Chest
        c/o Dave Schmidt
        8803 216th St SW
        Edmonds, WA 98026

        Looks like he was very much involved at that time, as the above is prima facie evidence of it.

        My purpose in posting that information was to show how Seminar Dave changed his NESARA stripes to suit his target audience, and he could care less for what he actually believes in, or so it would seem. I thought I had made that clear as the point I was making. Perhaps I was not clear enough.

        If Hope Chest is doing honorable work, then so be it. If they are pitching NESARA to hold their membership in some trance of instant world nirvana on the horizon, them shame on them. No, a new age belief system is one thing, but claiming that NESARA is around the corner or was signed into law by Clinton, when we have confirmed that such is bullshit, it quite another.

        Frankly, I am sick and f—ing tired of these NESARA airheads and their sick, money grabbing, airy fairy, galactic salvation, pinhead proselytizing naïveté. It’s fine if they want to believe in such things, but when that belief is commercially used as a honey trap to guide in boatloads of gullible gap-seeds to vacuum their wallets, well, I will direct the counter battery fire without hesitation, if I am put in a position to do so.

        Thank you again for sharing your concerns.

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  2. This post is way overdue and I hope all will forgive the lateness. I want to, on behalf of ALL White Hats everywhere, thank the readers and posters here at WHA and especially Tony who has been diligent, steadfast and honorable in his support and facilitation of the cause.

    We do read your comments after we release a report and its heartening to see how they are perceived. A lot of our subject matter in the past relates to the financial world as the bankers and their minions run out planet. We are working on a new investigation which covers 30+ years and the ramifications will make the $15T fraud that the Honorable Lord James exposed in 2012 look like pocket change. It is a long and sordid tale of financial fraud committed by the usual suspects. This theft committed over a long period of time will help explain why HRC is so desperate to be president because she will be able to control this multi-trillion dollar slush fund. We are currently reviewing over 600 documents (with more to come), several hundred pages of text explanation and interviews with the victims involved.

    Perhaps its time to release #48 and associated documents as well. John and Canauzzie at OWON have reported some of the content but documents relating to the report have not been released. At any rate, more information will be coming in the next few weeks.

    We do appreciate your support and we hope that our work has had an impact and will continue to have an impact on our futures.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thanks Paladin! It’s awesome to see you in here! I am so proud to stand with WHA in support of the White Hats.

      You all have had a tremendous impact on me and my entire family and we will continue to spread the message far and wide. As Tony said, we really do appreciate and look forward to every word we get from you guys.

      You remain in our thoughts and prayers, always.

      Long live the White Hats!

      Liked by 1 person

        1. Hi,

          If you are meaning comments updates, you can set up your RSS feed reader to trigger such. Consult your browser settings for such. Otherwise, I am not aware that simply posting here will set up any such trigger. Also, we do not automatically enter e-mails into a mass update list. You can opt in to such by entering your e-mail into the appropriate place on the home page. This will give you main Fact Check article updates only.



    2. Hi Paladin,
      Thank you so much for taking the time to offer the comment that you have here at WHA, it is appreciated a great deal more than you know.

      I personally look forward to learning as much as possible with regard to that which the White Hats release. It’s critical that as many of us as possible are made aware of the truth and our best avenue for that is the White Hats reports, OWoN and WHA in my opinion.

      “We do appreciate your support and we hope that our work has had an impact and will continue to have an impact on our futures.” Heavens above Paladin, your extremely generous and considerate comment is enormously appreciated. I must say though, it is my firm opinion that the White Hats, at this specific point in time are the only major force currently in place which offer this planet and the people of this world any hope at all for any sort of decent future. I do not believe it is even possible to express to you in words what that actually feels like.

      Being aware of the White Hats, OWoN and WHA’s dedication, strength, courage and commitment to change the situation we currently find ourselves in, has had a huge impact on me in shaking me out of the bs clouds of smoke we can so easily be consumed by in our daily lives. It’s impossible to reengage in what many consider a normal life when one has become aware of what is truly going on behind the curtain. Therefore, those of us that feel we have found an avenue leading to the truth we seek can only arrive at one conclusion. Our support, assistance, respect and gratitude is offered to you all eternally. Words may express this in a superficial fashion but when we stand tall and by your side the feeling within our being is immeasurable.

      What is shared between the three sites may rattle us mentally, knock us over from time to time, make us feel inadequate in some circumstances, gives our egos a good punch now and then, kick the chair out from under us when we become short sighted and self indulgent and severely frustrate us for not being able to do more. But, that very same contribution makes us grow on many levels, offers feelings of being cared for, makes us feel like we actually do matter and instills in us that we must stand up as individuals and do whatever we can in changing our future. It also allows us to know that we are not alone in fighting for a beautiful world and existence that functions properly and that which is governed by healthy productivity, moral decency, peace, respect and kindness.

      This is real life and I stand with you all. May the bonds remain strong, the movement forward continue, the backwards steps never make us falter and our strength when alone and together become the unbreakable threads of respect, appreciation and consideration that bind us forever.


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  3. Hi Tony,
    I have a really dumb question to ask you. LOL I’m not very tech savvy and am not sure how to post live links on WHA. I have been attempting to follow Canauzzie’s instructions on OWoN to post over there but they do not seem to work 100% of the time. So is the code used on OWoN the same code we would use here at WHA to post live links?

    Thank you in advance for your kind assistance Tony.


    1. In all honesty I don’t know what their format is for live links. I have only posted one live link there before, and Canauzzie helped me with it. LOL

      Drop him a line and ask for details on it. I am sure he will help.

      Tell him I sent you. 🙂


      1. OMG Tony, that comment made me giggle.

        I think I have confused you Tony. lol I know what the code is for OWoN as Canauzzie has so kindly presented and article about it, but sometimes it works for me over there and sometimes not. But what I was wanting to know was if the code is a universal type thing where it works on all websites. So I was wondering what code you use here at WHA when you post live links so I could post live links here at your site.

        Actually, what I will do is use Canauzzie’s code below and see if I can link his article “Site Help – Publishing live links” and see if it works here and maybe it will help others here if it does. Hope that’s all ok with you Tony. OK, fingers crossed lol.

        Publishing Live Links


        1. Heck, that did not work. I honestly do not know what the hell I am doing wrong. I seriously need reprogramming. lol. Sorry about all this Tony, I’ll try and work it out. Thank you for your help.


          1. OMG Tony, I would have to be the biggest dag on the planet. LOL. I just worked out what I have been doing wrong. So I’ll try again below.
            Publishing Live Links
            Tony, I’m sorry I’m putting all these comments here, I just thought it would be easier than annoying you with emails, so no need to post them all and fill the comments section with my silliness. Feel free to delete the lot. Ok, let’s see if I have got this right this bloody time.



    Thought I would share that the recent info here was posted to a another forum (new potential awakened audience). Since they properly cite where the info came from, it’s all good.

    In the latest video from Anonymous, some interesting (yet, not surprising news) regarding WJC’s “wee willie ways”.

    Meanwhile, the cabal’s exposure seems to be increasing and Soetoro appears to want to take us to war in Syria against Russia this Friday.


    1. Hi GL!

      It’s so encouraging to see this latest WHR getting exposure. People are starving for truth right now and they’ve all caught on to the fact that they’re not getting it from the mainstream networks. There really does seem to be a revolution underway. It’s quite stunning to be a part of it.

      Thanks a bunch for keeping us up to date on so many things!

      In brightest day, in blackest night, no evil does escape your sight… 🙂


    2. Thanks Green Lantern. Soetoro needs a bullet as far as I’m concerned. But I suppose if that happened the Russians would blamed for that as well lol. I can’t believe this jerk is still walking around to be perfectly honest.

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  5. Thanks so much WHA and White Hats for this timely update!

    I’m so happy to see this as the past week has been so crazy. As a follower and lurker…this sums up what I’ve been seeing and saying to those near me who listen. I cannot believe how the scum are starting to show their hands right before our very eyes…amazing!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for awakening and continuing to share the truth.


      1. Hi Tony, can you post some information on the large water project in California you shared with us months ago? I would like to research it further. Thank you.


        1. Hi,

          I believe you are referring to the North American Water and Power Alliance. There is a brief overview on the WHA homepage. You can see it here

          It would expand water resources to the western US, Mexico and Canada, where water runoff would be diverted and used for power and agriculture benefits, and then be allowed to return to the sea.

          Had the US spent what it did on the Viet Nam war on NAWAPA, we would be awash in cheap, safe power, abundant low cost food, and more fresh water than we would know what to do with. But, instead, war industries got the money, and we are seeing our lakes dry up, our power prices jacked up, our food prices higher than ever, and people still elect the same balloon-head stooges who ignore science driver projects in favor of funding LGBTQ focus groups and other bullshit.

          Enjoy your research. I am sure you will find other NAWAPA videos on Youtube.


          1. Could this amount of money have funded NAWAPA and put all Americans back to work this year? Maybe, based on historical use of this much gov spending in a single year, but obviously not with the current mindset at the top:


            IMHO the vote coming up is not just for America but for all of humanity. I predict there will be no GCR or debt forgiveness with the NWO clan running things. If the silent majority does nothing else in life… please vote this time.


  6. Oh, this was tremendous!

    Thank you White Hats! I’ve been anxiously awaiting this report and it, you, did not disappoint!

    You’re right, Donald J. Trump wasn’t exactly my dream guy (I’m still waiting for Steve Rogers, sigh). I do wonder… of all the celebrated heroes throughout history, how many and who would actually present as such in today’s wussified, hyper-sensitive, politically correct and massively surveilled world.

    I also believe this is our last stand. This is our time, and this is our fight. We’re with you all the way, White Hats! Godspeed.

    Thanks for posting Tony! Please convey my admiration, devotion, and appreciation to the big guys! (I can’t figure out how to log back on to their site either… you’re stuck with me though!!!)

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Tony, that was a totally awesome FC, one of your best actually. Thank you so much for placing the time and effort that you have into presenting this to us all.
    Maybe you should move into a political role Tony.


    1. Also, when you said it was one of “your best”. I just wanted to make sure that we are on the same page. That report was written by the White Hats. Not WHA. Biggggggg difference. LOL

      We just rebloged it, which is one of our main functions – to help support and call attention to their reports. Just checkin’.


      1. Ahh ok, I get ya now. Having one of my numb brain days today. Silly me. I can be a total dag sometimes lol. I thought it seemed different to your normal style. It was incredibly motivational too. Loved it. Sorry for my error, I’ll go put my hat on and stand in the corner lol.

        Well, thanks for sharing it then Tony, much appreciated. But, that still means your new one is still to come which I am looking forward to as well. Tah Tah


        1. Heavens above, I’ve made another mistake. I think I need to be taken to the vet and put down today lol.

          My most sincere thanks is offered to all White Hats for the report presented and for your unending effort to free this world from the clutches of the vultures. THANK YOU.


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