October 17, 2016 – White Hats Report #55 – The Ministry of Propaganda is imploding!

As we wind down to the last presidential debate and the upcoming election on November 8, the desperation of the Clinton crime family has been ratcheted up to an unprecedented level.  The latest attempt to coordinate a sexual misconduct attack on Trump fails on so many levels it’s not worth our time or yours to pick it apart.  Suffice it to say, none of it passes the test of common sense from the timing of the allegations to the characters involved to the lack of lawsuits filed against an easy and rich target. These allegations are the wet dream of any plaintiff attorney yet no suit has ever been filed against Trump.

Wikileaks – The gift that keeps on giving

The continued assault on HRC by Wikileaks is exposing the corruption of the cabal despite the mainstream media’s continued attempts to downplay the releases. An analysis performed on the three main networks, ABC, NBC and CBS indicated a 25 to 1 disparity in the time spent on the Trump allegations vs. the damaging and revealing Wikileaks data dumps. The information from these data dumps shouldn’t be surprising to any of our readers as we have clearly documented the corruption of the US political system, dominated by two crime families, Bush and Clinton.

It’s interesting to note the HRC camp does not refute the emails are authentic, spending all their time whining that the Russians are trying to manipulate the election by helping Trump. Sounds like an admission to us. Contrast that response with Trump’s vehement denials of the accusations of sexual assault.  Ironies abound as the very system the cabal devised to spy and collect data on every person on this planet is now being used against their chosen candidate for president to deny her from office. Like the fall of the Roman Empire, at some point the internal corruption and immorality of the regime in the US will eventually eat itself from the inside out, laying bare all the sordid details of its demise.

Her disdain for Catholics, Evangelicals and Latinos has been exposed in addition to her dangerous policies of “open borders” and wish that a white person was behind the shootings in San Bernardino so they could blame it on “homegrown” terrorists and further the gun grab supported by the Democrats and in line with the United Nations NWO narrative.

The FBI enter the fray

Recently released FBI documents indicate a Clinton aide in the State Department offered a bribe to the FBI in exchange for downgrading an email from classified status. Again, we shouldn’t be surprised at the desperation exhibited by the cabal to protect their candidate for president. Related to this, rumblings are being heard from disgruntled, embarrassed and angry FBI agents for the handling of the Clinton investigation which once again, show the corruption of the system.  Be reminded that this was an investigation where five people were offered immunity, no one was charged, evidence was allowed to be destroyed and no Grand Jury was impaneled. Not to mention the husband of the subject of the investigation meets with the Attorney General of the US in a private plane on an airport tarmac, then within a week, the investigation is concluded with no criminal charges filed.  If this situation occurred in a third world country no one would be surprised but we’re now seeing it exposed in a US clearly being run by a criminal cabal with no regard for the citizen’s rights or the rule of law.

The Ministry of Propaganda

Last but not least, we have the mainstream media following the parade of lies, carrying shovels and brooms, constantly trying to clean up the mess made by the Wikileaks exposures. Like a raging house fire, the more they try to put out the fire with water, it turns to gasoline and the flames go higher and higher and the heat intensifies.

The Creating Reality department of the Ministry has now turned to the “polls” taken by unknown parties of unknown participants of unknown areas in an attempt to convince us that all their work in painting Trump as the bad candidate and HRC as the good candidate is working. It’s another desperate attempt to save HRC from prison. Given that more emails will be released in the future, it’s hard to envision Clinton escaping prosecution no matter who wins the election.  No doubt the HRC campaign is fully aware that their candidate is losing by a wide margin and the message to the American voters is, “No need to come out and vote, the election has already been decided.” Nothing could be further from the truth as just like their candidate, everything they say is a lie, compounded by another lie and another and another.

Trump has recently spoken about the polls being “rigged” and he is absolutely correct.  The ONLY way HRC wins the presidency is if she and the cabal steal it by election fraud. These so called scientific polls being put into the consciousness of the American public is an attempt to get us to accept the rigging of the election before it happens.

Do not fall for this sting!!!

In that vein, the inventor of PollMole, Dr. Richard Davis, a patriot and former SEAL team 5 member will be on the Fade to Black radio show hosted by Jimmy Church tonight at 10 PM EDT.


We continue to urge all our readers and supporters to spread this link far and wide and download the PollMole APP to participate in the all important exit poll on November 8. Dr. Davis and his team are part of the white hats in this country that are trying to prevent another stolen election by the cabal.

We need everyone’s attention to this as our very futures depend on it.



  1. Hello Tony

    Hope all is well with you. Russian ships moving a broad and presure building arround the world. J feeling us in on the danger looming ahead the trash leading the war mongers to war. Our nation so far in debt that it seems the only way to cover it up is to start WW3. A election that is one for the ages where so much mud is being thrown you would think you sitting on the front row of a tractor pull contest.

    People who are getting thier feeling hurt because the truth that America has fallen to a all time low and it looks as if all hope is gone. We have let the media brain wash us into believing all is well and we are being lead down the best path. We have let Evil take over all asepects of our country. We have become blinded to what our forefathers founded the great country we live in once was. We are looked at from other nation with disgrace on what we become. We have stayed silent to the cabal and the elite and allowed them to freight train us.

    We have became depended on there hand outs and welfare and social programs. We have lost our lead in education and world leadership. Our word is no longer a strong bond and look too as the truth. We no longer have the great leaders coming forward to be part of the world stage to show that we produce good fruit. Our nation founded on God is now being lead by Evil and deceit. But the good news is our creater will never fail us and he is in total control. No matter the future we are in the hands of God and he is GOOD. And we must stay focused on the GOOD. I pray blessing and protection over all that working toward GOOD. God bless all.



    1. From OWoN:

      Re Herbert WHA

      As always the comments and heart felt issues of this among so many good Americans, gives me hope. The big new report coming out this week on OWON will give you all a deeper insight into the scale of problems yet to emanate from the Vatican. If the Jesuits get their man in, Skid Row beckons next for Hilderbeast, as the mercurial, Jew Hating VP will take the reigns, as has been in planning for American domination by the Jesuits, and how far America has slipped today, or the despair among the Souls of the Founders as to how such odious trash as the Bushes and Clintons, have ever been allowed to usurp the freedom of this great nation and destroy the Constitutional values upon which it was founded. Drop such Turds into the soup bowl of the nation, and no wonder there is no appetite for the fight.
      The voices of the people need to matter,or under Jesuit control, the lot will be gone.
      Gamed, chipped and despatched.


    1. No worries.

      I didn’t even notice that one could do that. I am always in the admin panel and don’t use the blog that way. After two years I finally get it.


  2. WHA

    Does that latest from J mean we will not see anything in the way for GCR this year? Not sure what that means. Is it hopeless for good?


  3. Euro “Will Collapse” As Is “House of Cards” Warns Architect of Euro

    “…In the explosive interview with the journal Central Banking, Professor Issing, said “one day, the house of cards will collapse” as the European Central Bank (ECB) is becoming dangerously over-extended and the whole euro project is unworkable in its current form…”



  4. OWoN:

    Q: Any updates or further thoughts on part of the GCR getting done this year?

    With all the reported tensions from WW III staging and also the Clinton HRC stuff, do these have any bearing on the earlier reported movement on the GCR?

    A: It’s all in play but we are focusing on RMB and BRICs issues distancing ourselves in case of a US collapse.

    If those Nukes go up,it’s back to the stone age. Right now everything is Wild Card territory. If Putin or China are pushed much further,GCRs will be the least of your problems. WW111 is a real issue and neither China nor Russia will stand by much longer while US Bombers keep delivering munitions. The Russian fleet is heading for Syria right now. Russian borders are moving to lock down. GCRs are not likely now as War is building, and if so, the numbers will crash. Our big report at the week end will give you a bigger feel for it all. 40M Russians have Nuclear Shelters. 350M Americans don’t.

    The Zio Rats and Bush got us to this. The Wookie just marches to orders. The Pentagon have a lot to answer for.

    Read more at: http://www.oneworldofnations.com/2016/10/active-comment-section-15-october-2016.html?showComment=1476809107166#c861522752075528065
    OWoN © All Rights Reserved


  5. Oh wow! The big guys are on fire!

    It’s so obvious the cabal and their minions are desperately trying to continue wagging the dog as they’ve done for so long! The American people aren’t buying it any longer. Even the most apolitical people I’ve talked to are seeing straight through the propaganda.

    They’ve pushed too far. This is a fight we won’t lose!

    Thanks White Hats! I am loving these weekly updates!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. “Even the most apolitical people I’ve talked to are seeing straight through the propaganda.”
      That is such brilliant news alwaysme. I’ve been wondering if the general population in the US were seeing through the massive amount of smoke surrounding this election and other incidents of late.

      I sure hope you are correct about not losing this fight. I know I’ll be on the edge of my seat on the 8th of November. God, I will be so happy for your all in the US and the rest of the world as well if Trump does manage to outsmart and overcome those wicked beasts and their corrupt evil games.

      I just thought of something. It would be fabulous if all those people who read the three sites and who also have children attending College / Uni, passed the PollMole link onto each of them. Young adults these days seem to have massive contact lists. As well as all that facebook, twitter and instagram stuff all the young ones are into these days lol.. May be a way of reaching more people.

      Stay strong beautiful.

      Liked by 1 person

  6. Thank you so much Paladin for preparing and Tony for presenting this new report to us all, it’s greatly appreciated. Hope they keep coming at this rate too.

    I really appreciate you keeping the heat on regarding this election. It really is make it or break time with this one. Even though I’m not from the US I realize the impact this election outcome will have on the rest of the world and I hope to God that Trump somehow manages to completely squash that evil monster HRC.

    Those statistics on PollMole sure are pleasing to see. Let’s hope that truth is reflected in the final outcome next month.

    With regard to journalism/media, I was watching a show recently, The Andrew Olle Media Lecture, where an Australian journalist, Waleed Aly gave the 2016 lecture. A couple of his statements caught my attention which I’ll share below.

    In the speech, Aly spoke of how commercial pressures and digital disruption have led to an increasingly lightweight news cycle which has in turn hurt the public’s trust in the trade of journalism. He said:

    “Although we think of ourselves as professionals, journalism isn’t really a profession in the traditional sense. It’s not like medicine or the law. We have an ethical code of sorts, but we’re not bound to it by some solemn oath. There are no induction ceremonies in which people wear ridiculous gowns or hats. There’s no official body that can strike us off the roll for malpractice. And no one is suggesting there should be.

    “The truth is that in traditional terms, we’re a trade. We’re pretty much self-regulated. If we stuff up, we publish a notice or an apology, maybe pay a fine if it’s serious, and we move on. We lose our jobs not because we lose our licence to practice but because our jobs either disappear or our reputations are damaged enough to mean our market value has crashed. If we’re unethical but valuable, there’s nothing to stop us, really.”

    And he warned of the chase for short-term profits via clickbait. He said:

    “What if, in the endless competition amongst ourselves we’re driving each other to do anything for a commercial advantage? What if our cut-throat rivalries are driving us ever further into the admittedly profitable world of clickbait? Is it possible we’d be pursuing short-term victories at a more comprehensive, long-term cost to our authority, much like we’re seeing in politics?”

    Journalism isn’t really a profession

    My thanks again to Paladin, all White Hats, OWoN and Tony for everything each of you are doing.

    Liked by 1 person

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