October 19, 2016 – White Hats Report #56 – FBI exposes Shadow Government in Clinton investigation

There was much discussion, debate and frustration over our decision not to release report #48. We published an article regarding that situation and the following link can be reviewed if the readers are not familiar with it.


Report #48 was all about the Shadow Government, its origins, its members, their co-conspirators, their  financial transactions and 100’s of documents which illustrate their skullduggery and hijacking of the American government.  The sordid tale includes two Saudi Kings, Lucky Luciano, the Russians, Five Star Trust and some very familiar names, both historically and currently. We spoke with Marlon McCall, the former General Counsel for Pureheart Investments, Ltd who told us that he had written a letter to Obama, asking to be allowed to testify before Congress only to have Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State pull his passport, preventing him from traveling back to the US to tell his story.

So you can imagine our surprise upon hearing the term “Shadow Government” was included in documents released by the FBI regarding the HRC investigation.  The quote below can be found on page 56 of the 4 of 4 batch of documents at the FBI site:


The Ministry of Propaganda (AKA the mainstream media) has, predictably, failed to mention this part of the FBI’s data dump, concentrating instead on the “quid pro quo” passage we mentioned in our last report. It should be noted that any reference to members of the Shadow Government would not be accurate unless at least one Skull and Bonesman (John Kerry) is mentioned.  The above reference was innocuous enough but to us it did get our attention.  Further, it is not surprising that HRC is linked to the Shadow Government by an FBI agent.

For an example of the Shadow Government’s total control, see our comprehensive report released over 4 years ago regarding the $15T SWIFTS sent via the banking system to Pureheart Investments, LTD. (Operated and controlled by one of the original members of the Shadow Government’s “Group of Five”) The transfers were initiated by the NY Federal Reserve (always the centerpiece of any fraud perpetrated by the Federal Reserve) through the usual suspects of criminal banks , JP Morgan, RBS, HSBC, Citibank and Credit Suisse. This fraud would not be complete without the Department of Homeland Security providing their “blessing” of this fraud by providing proper cover in the form of clearance codes for this transaction.


Project Veritas

James O’Keefe is at it again, revealing the despicable underbelly of the DNC operatives in their attempts to disrupt the Trump campaign. The M.O.P. (Ministry of Propaganda) has been quick to attack O’Keefe and dismiss the videos as irrelevant without talking about the contents, their SOP.  At this point, they are so exposed for the frauds they are it is difficult to see how they financially survive after this election. They have been obedient lapdogs for the cabal and their desperation in attempting to get HRC in the White House will eventually be their downfall.  Reality is, they’ve outlived their usefulness, both to us and the cabal as their contributions to the Clinton campaign permanently disqualify them from being considered journalists and their output thereby exposed for what it is, propaganda.

One of the many topics mentioned by Trump in recent days has been the rigging of elections, a subject that PollMole’s CEO, Dr. Richard Davis, has talked about extensively during his many interviews. It’s amusing to watch the M.O.P. attempt to spin this and do what they always do, lie and deny that it exists. Anyone who is awake is aware of the long, documented history of election fraud in this country, dating all the way back to Lyndon Johnson’s stealing of a US Senate seat in 1948 to the Mob fixing the vote in Chicago for JFK in 1960 to the farce in Florida in 2000 that was ultimately decided by SCOTUS. To hear anyone, including the Liar-in-Chief himself, deny that this is an issue is so disingenuous, it displays the desperation that has set in three weeks before the election.  The whole system is set up to be manipulated and it begins with the registration process through to the pre-election “polls” to the election itself.  Election night TV is filled with numbers but we never hear about how many dead people voted, how many people voted multiple times and how many illegal immigrants voted.

It’s interesting to watch the M.O.P. spin Trump’s revelations about election fraud by stating his unspoken message to his base is that he’s lost the race and the talking heads conclude this will deter his supporters from coming out to vote for a lost cause. Talk about desperation, the M.O.P. shills are doing everything they can to convince voters from coming out in support of Trump. Or worse, they try to convince us that Trump knows all is lost and he’s already providing an “excuse” why he won’t win the election.

The following two links are to the recent undercover videos released by Project Veritas, documenting the dirty tricks and illegal tactics of the DNC in order to get their cabal candidate elected. Law enforcement should be all over this but don’t hold your breath as we’ve seen the DOJ is in the tank for the Clinton crime family. This is election rigging at its finest.



Final debate

The third and final debate is tonight in Las Vegas and we can only hope that moderator Chris Wallace will provide a level playing field rather than continue the attacks on Trump perpetrated by his media brethren in the first two debates in the form of Lester Holt, Anderson Cooper and Martha Raddatz. The upside of this is the three former moderators have revealed themselves for what they are, cabal shills.

Trump, in recent days has mentioned term limits and draining the swamp in DC. He’s talked about the rigged elections and polls which have been proven to be just that, rigged. PollMole’s latest results show Trump gaining over 90% of the votes with HRC unable to even beat Jill Stein in support.

Dr. Davis’ PollMole should be sent far and wide to ensure the election isn’t stolen.



  1. OK, that’s it. I can’t take it anymore. I’m calling it a Trump win.


    You all fought so hard against incredible odds and you won. I am so proud of you all. Far out, this is just totally amazing. I am so so so happy for you.

    Now is your chance to shine once more. You are all so amazing. Stand tall and be proud of what you have achieved here. I wish you all the most amazing journey forward.



    1. Thank you so much Kermit and alwaysme, much appreciated. This is all so totally awesome to watch unfold. OMG, I have the tv on flicking around all the stations, got the computer and phone going as well. I seriously need to calm down. LOL. God, you guys are really doing this. So incredible to watch. I think it’s getting close to party time.


  2. Neil Keenan posted at http://neilkeenan.com:

    “…..To: ‘The English Insider’ And The Honorable Lord Blackheath (House of Lords).

    Dear Sirs:

    For the past month or so, I, Neil Keenan, and Group K have actively participated in preventing from conclusion, a highly unlawful and damaging scam set in place by the players to keep the crooked Cabal alive (via the 1 Million Metric Tons of Gold deal), thereby creating dangerous setbacks for the world economy.

    I am referring to the recent development of the “1 Million Metric Tons of Gold Transaction” exposed recently by way of neilkeenan.com……….”

    (see link above for complete article).

    The answer from our friends in London, via OWoN, is as follows:


    1. The Rothschilds do NOT own the B of E.They wish!
    2.When they tried to get Lord Sassoon appointed as B of E Governor, a very active Brit played him off the board. He left broken hearted. Sharp knives these Brits!
    3. The 1M mt is bogus! Be assured, the same eyes in London watch it. The same Brit has alerted the Elders. Now you have to go to the Elders, who call a Brit who says NO! No corruption, no Bribes, no unethical use. Life’s a bitch if your a Sleaze, because someone in London does not take Bribes, nor will play their games. Ever!

    It’s all about that Book of Life etc. Priceless!

    4. That bogus series of SKRs can ONLY be used to rig the Fed balance sheets and no more.
    5. Saurin is NOT a Trustee for the Committee of 300. Not!
    6.Saurin lives in Thailand by bribing the authorities, and Police to shelter him. He has no Special Status,Thailand takes bribes, what’s new? So does DC and the FBI! China will deal with Saurin when ready.

    That large block will not clear London so it’s a US dilemma now. It’s way too large to sneak in under radar and they now know the party who wrote the speech for LJ is onto all of it. Good luck with that.

    So many inaccurate presumptions again from that source, and a lack of awareness how alert we are. Mark is not locked down by the R’s we brought him it to block the R’s. It gave them all a major kick up their RRR’s.

    It’s Dreamland Tony.

    I noted he has spent M’s of his own money.Really? Monopoly money was it?
    No- tell me M1 came good?

    In his hand no doubt. Dreamers.

    Reality is infinitely more complex.
    The US has no money , and trying to run that 1M mts will light up the boards.
    They have to clear via London. Good luck with that.

    Read more at: http://www.oneworldofnations.com/2016/11/active-comment-section-8-november-2016.html?showComment=1478642705134#c4868646541502907365
    OWoN © All Rights Reserved


  3. CIPS accelerates the internationalisation of the RMB

    “…The cross-border interbank payments system (CIPS) launched by the Chinese central bank on 8 October 2015 has made it much easier for correspondent banks to execute payment instructions on behalf of clients participating in cross-border transactions denominated in renminbi (RMB)…”



  4. Posted by Bill Holter at JSMineset:

    Total disbelief…
    Posted November 6th, 2016 at 12:25 PM (CST) by Bill Holter & filed under Bill Holter.

    I must apologize for being scarce over the last few days, I have been in Munich Germany speaking at a gold conference. I did two interviews and one Q+A session. Hopefully we will have 2-3 links leading you to my speaking engagements early this coming week. At this point, I can only pray to God that I land in Texas and return to my family before the pending news blows the doors off the world. Apparently news will come out in the next 24 hours that is so far beyond belief the average person will not believe it even with pictures provided. I have spoken of “truth bombs” for close to two years now. I must confess, it was my original belief the truth bomb to come was 9/11 centric and Mr. Putin would be the author. I now am understanding that even WikiLeaks and Anonymous are shocked with what is allegedly coming out. My only fear is that the news may be so far over the top that no one believes it because “it cannot” be true … even in a Stephen King novel.

    Due to technical problems, our interview will not be posted until late Monday or early Tuesday. It is my understanding that even the police are blown away with what they have found relating to satanic rituals, pedophilia, not to mention fraud and outright treason. I had previously lowered my guess as to odds of the election NOT being held over the last couple of weeks as we got closer and closer to 11/8. I now believe the odds are greatly raised and now higher than ever before. If what I believe to be coming out in the next 24 hours does actually materialize, our world will have immediately changed and game over scenario will arrive without any notice. I am trying to authenticate/verify what my understanding is because it is far beyond what anyone can bring themselves to even contemplate. I will try to provide more guidance on Monday after my return. In the meantime, make sure you have finalized any and all preparations as confidence may very well be shattered beyond anything previously imaginable. I believe you will fully understand what I speak of prior to my next post on Monday. May God bless each and every one of his children!

    Standing watch in total disbelief,

    Bill Holter

    Holter-Sinclair collaboration

    Valdi: I am wondering if this is connected to the Intel mentioned at OWoN. The anagram of Podesta is Paedo St.


      1. I am not sure what to make of it. An event that would cause the courts to suspend an election is a very serious thing to contemplate. I would think that such a thing would involve an act so serious that to allow the elections to proceed tomorrow would be catastrophic in the extreme.

        It is my understanding that as long as elections happen before inauguration day, they can be postponed, but not canceled, but only in an extremely serious situation, the likes of which we have not experienced yet in the US.

        I was up late last night trying to decide what positions to take on certain sectors to be ready for either a Trump or Hitlary election. I think I have it well positioned, but I am not sure. Taxes will be a real pain under Hitlary, and I will spend less, and likely purposely earn less just to not feed her shitbag government if she wins. I will take more risks, earn more and expand my efforts to assist others,under Trump.

        We will see if the threats from Wikileaks to destroy Clinton will come through. Quite frankly, with so many people on psych drugs, and educated in schools that are just propaganda prep academies, I think they could release a video of Hillary roasting and eating a baby, in her home in Chappaqua, and they would still vote for her in droves.

        They would probably find something to admire in such a thing.

        That such a corrupt pig is running, is in and of itself a sign of horrible large scale lack of ethical awareness and poor thinking skills on the part of our electorate.

        All you can do is be ready for anything.


  5. Since we touch on gold/silver issues, I have to congratulate Doug Casey and Casey Research for a stellar track record with his gold mining recommendations in past months.

    Casey is predicting “long term gold mania in 2016 and 2017”, and I agree with him.

    To that end, the gold mining sector is busy producing, and Casey’s team has seen such past gains as:

    154% gain on Alberta Star
    390% gain on AuEx
    104% gain on Bear Creek Mining
    113% gain on Brett Resources
    123% gain on Eagle Plains Resources
    243% gain on First Majestic Silver
    198% gain on Frontier Gold
    434% gain on Gammon
    681% gain on Glamis Gold
    233% gain on Golden Queen
    335% gain on Iamgold
    118% gain on JNR Resources
    258% gain on Lundin Mining
    711% gain on Northland Resources
    282% gain on Northern Peru Copper
    263% gain on Osisko Mining Corp.
    622% gain on Quest Capital Corp.
    106% gain on Sanu
    129% gain on Sherwood Copper
    155% gain on Strathmore Minerals
    324% gain on Tenke Mining
    158% gain on Virginia Mines
    102% gain on West Timmins
    487% gain on Wolfden Resources

    Don’t be afraid to look around outside the RV world, because for many of you who hoped you would have had a grubstake by now, could have in spite of no movement for public currency speculators, by just spreading out.

    I often hear stories on Dave Ramsey’s show of how people pay off $100K of debt in 2-3 years, by taking on extra jobs, selling their things, etc. They don’t eat out, they cancel their cable, sell anything with a payment, rent out a room in the home, etc., and in that time they become debt free.

    Imagine if you decided to build a grubstake for purposes of increasing your wealth to gain some independence in your life. You could do the same, pay off any debts, and then keep on going until you have liquid cash to pursue a well educated path, and partake of opportunities as above, and more, to methodically build your wealth.

    The only thing that stops you, is you, and perhaps bad advice from gurus and over-analytical, arm chair bitchmiesters, who focus on being out of focus, and getting you to be so worried about minute technical details that you are frozen with fear and apprehension because you might “lose”. Hogwash. Just plan so you can’t lose it all at once.

    I know we have some already financially successful people who read WHA, but there are some who are not yet where they want to be. You can be, with clever thinking and effort.

    Be ready for tomorrow. Either way, no matter who wins, there may be some very turbulent times ahead. Guard your fortresses well. You can win. All you have to do is take action along a winning path.

    This week may be spectacular for more than just political reasons. So, hold on.

    We will know soon enough.


    1. The electoral college is not horrible. It ensures that the smaller states have a voice. The article you linked is not a source I would trust.


    2. Hello milady!

      A lot of it goes over my head, but I’ll try to make some sense out of it for you…

      There is basically no national election for president, instead there are 51 separate state elections (including Washington DC). Electors from each state are pledged to cast their vote in accordance with their state’s popular vote.

      Our state governments were meant to have more power and influence over the people than what has actually evolved. The imperialistic attitude adopted by Washington DC and our current Federal government is not at all what our founding fathers intended for this country.

      The electoral college/system was established by the founders in part to ensure some sort of balance amongst the states and to prevent ‘mob rule’… so that we’re not completely controlled by big cities like New York, Chicago, LA, etc. It’s what makes us a Republic.

      I think there are certainly some elements of the Electoral College that are outdated, but I don’t think a straight popular vote is the answer.

      I hope that helps! It’s complicated but for the most part, I think it works.

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      1. Hello beautiful alwaysme. Thank you so very much for taking the time to assist me in understanding those details. I think I initially misunderstood what the article was actually stating. Trust me to stuff it up a bit lol. Your explanation was brilliant and did offer me a clearer picture in relation to the current system. You are very sweet and considerate alwaysme and I always appreciate all the assistance you offer.

        Well beautiful, it’s pretty close now to the big day over there. I just wanted you to know that I’ll be thinking of you and wishing you the very very best outcome possible. Keep calm and stay safe my gorgeous friend.

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        1. Thank you, my sweet friend!

          I am a bit nervous, but I’m feeling really good and confident about it all. I think it’s going to be a great night! It’s really been heart-warming and humbling to me to see support for us (Re. this election) pour in from all over this beautiful planet.

          You know, Americans are really good people… they are charitable, loyal, and brave. By cabal design and plan, many Americans had been lulled and coerced into zombie-like states. That’s changing now literally right before our eyes, and I am so grateful to be part of and witness to this great awakening.

          I am proud to be an American. And I am proud to stand united with good people across this world to finally put an end to this evil empire.

          May the Force be with us all!

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          1. Hello again beautiful alwaysme,

            That was a wonderful and inspiring comment, thank you. Heavens, I am really nervous over here in the land down under, my stomach is in knots. But all that will be relieved upon hearing a good outcome I’m sure.

            I know you are good people and I sincerely wish the very best for you all. I just want to see you all shine again to your full potential without any restrictions placed upon you. Hopefully that starts today.

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  6. If the election is cancelled then it won’t be a ‘real election, the dems would have lost a candidate. I think hrc will get in.


    Shortly thereafter so much will emerge, including vote rigging that the election would need to be ruled invalid so no Kaine. A caretaker gov to take over while new elections are readied. I think they are giving her enough rope to hang herself.


  7. Well, so much for ‘fidelity, bravery, and integrity’.

    Tony, please tell me there’s something else coming down the pike and that J’s news from last night is still in play. Please.


    1. As much as I wish J and I were speaking privately about such things, we are not. Sucks to be low on the totem pole.

      We will have to wait until Wednesday to find out. I am sure he will keep us informed to the best of his ability and extent possible.

      I agree with your disgust at Comey. A general gets nailed for doing far less, and someone who took a picture inside a submarine gets time. Hillary’s server is set up and contained classified e-mails, which were viewed by at least 5 foreign governments, and she gets a slap on the wrist.

      I just hope the people are further infuriated by this.

      Stay tuned, and be ready for anything.


      1. Thanks Tony.

        I think you’re spot on about people being further infuriated. It looks and feels like all hell’s about to break loose. I know my own fury has reached a stunning new personal high!

        I’ll be right here, as always… watching and ready for my marching orders (literally!).

        And if the SHTF, stay safe my friend!

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    2. This is only about “the use of the email server”. The other bits n pieces suxh as pedo and RICO are still on the table and provide for longer incarceration. IMHO.


      1. That’s so true, Andrew!

        And it is so important to open up that evil network and expose those vile depraved creatures once and for all! Burn them. Burn them all!

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  8. WHAT in the hell?!?!?!?!

    On Fox Business, just breaking…. FBI Director Comey just released a letter to Congress, “Based on our review, we haven’t changed the conclusions we expressed in July.”


  9. Hi WHA

    It’s been so quiet here so I would like to ask a question.

    What does London mean when they say ” major unlicensed RV currency parties may be in a for a nasty shock also”. ?


    1. Hi Concord,

      I do believe he is referring to some of the groups that were taking in currency to offer a “higher rate”, but were doing so in an unauthorized capacity, without sanction or licensing. Perhaps Seminar Dave may fit into that category. We will have to wait and see.

      The “nasty shock” could mean arrest, confiscation of currencies, or just flat out no transactions being allowed. I do not know, so we will have to watch and see.

      Remember, we were told to wait and see if all this confirms out. It’s not guaranteed just yet.

      If you have placed currency in a group, I hope you did your homework to determine the credentials and authority of those who took custody of it.

      To organize something that offers a rate of return in the US, you will need licensing at a bare minimum. There are some exceptions, such as selling some classes of annuities that offer a return, but are geared towards life insurance products, which does not require a securities license to sell, but may require an insurance license, but you get my drift. There are few, if any, financial products that can be legally promoted in a public fashion in the US that will not require some regulatory registration. So, be cautious.

      It’s probably very very quiet here because so many are on a high state of anxiety over the election. Even at the pub last night, the mood was somber.

      Just be ready for anything.


  10. OWoN:

    Midnight Saturday we are getting mountains of Intel coming in of alleged high level changes and movement. Not yet verified and a lid will be kept on it until the Tuesday Bond Market closures,but if true everything changes. Anything is then possible and be prepared for a possible huge surprise in terms of who then runs the Zoo after China de cloaks on Gold Bonds.

    If any of what is coming in stands up by Monday, Clinton is over by Wednesday.
    We can live with an interim US position as long as Clinton is gone. Also the Rat Pack with her.

    The allegations need to be checked first, but if correct, it all changes. Everything.
    Some major unlicensed RV currency parties may be in a for a nasty shock also.

    If what we are hearing stands up, the end of Cabal Hegemony and Wars may be coming. A final push to exterminate ISIS in Syria and Iraq will help a lot. New Russian and Chinese weapons being field tested right now in both will shred both ISIS and the US Contractor murderers. We need Russia to finish them off. Total sanitisation.

    Next week seems to be the Rubicon Line hopefully when enough is enough and it gets called. We have all had enough of the Cabal, Zionist Frauds, US wars and Washington corruption, worse their presumptive arrogance.

    We must wait in hope that what is flooding in proves up. Now is too early to release details,but we live in real hope the dam is breaking.

    If the Usurper and his whole Puke Bowl are pulled and the Clinton slime follows, hope is born again.

    Just watch next week, what will be truth? We hope. We will check, but it will all be delayed for release until Wednesday.

    Read more at: http://www.oneworldofnations.com/2016/11/active-comment-section-5-november-2016.html?showComment=1478392210524#c3900557260625305811
    OWoN © All Rights Reserved

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    1. Hi Tony, I tried to post this but may have got lost in transit, please remove this if I’ve repeated.
      Thanks OWoN and WHA.
      Just announced on our MSM, Skull & Bones man John Kerry to visit NZ this coming week after a stopover at Antarctica (what could be of any interest in Antarctica??).
      ‘Kerry’s tour will also include Oman, the United Arab Emirates, Morocco and Peru, and will wind up on November 18.’


      This is significant IMO after the June announcement of a $20Bn military upgrade for NZ:

      …and the subsequent visit from Joe Biden via Australia:

      “We are not going anywhere, we are here to stay,” Biden said. “Americans and Kiwis are cut from the same cloth.”

      I’ll also mention the interest Russia has in Fiji:


  11. OWoN:

    For OWON and WHA to try to help.

    The Dingbat Waggon of oversold false Dinar currencies needs a Come to Jesus wake up call to get lives re planned based on reality soon.

    Clearly as we have warned before, the 3 zeros have to go.

    Now, for common sense,what IF the future conversion rate is only 1. 3 to the USD to give it a credible tracker level. That can get Iraq kick started and the hell with the gullible gamblers who really thought Muppet Money was going to disgorge for nothing.

    With 3 Zeros off your holdings, and a possible real world conversion rate of 1.3 what then are you possible holdings worth? Forget Bluster Mouths, what is YOUR new bottom line then? It’s a key possibility to factor in just in case. Not a prediction, just what if Common Sense applies?

    With less than $40B left as Central Bank Reserves, Iraq has WHAT to fund baseless fantasies?

    Even with IMF loans it will all be controlled and drip fed for the economy, not Brokerland. For Iraq it sheds a lot of free riding, dreaming fleas.

    The future, who knows? But common sense is a good place to start.

    Take 2017 as a new year. A clean sweep. What if the above becomes reality? What decisions then? No one is owed a living, nor a vast Freebie life. Nor should poor Iraqis have to carry these Tick swarms. It’s ugly, the worst of Mankind.

    Life is passing, and reality checks being missed,while assuming a Fairy Godmother is coming to rescue all. Finding a new direction is Self Help. Life is too short to waste on illusions. When the dream becomes Wake Up time, what then? You are prepared for what? Still these vacuous sites keep disgorging false hopes and peddling paper.

    The IMF at best will Credit Line Iraq for Hundreds of B,s not vast T’s!
    So who will throw good money into a wasteful Numpty Pot? For what? China neither has such funds to waste, nor will bail you. It has no such intent or wish. None!

    Every month, more false dawns fail. Common sense has died on each watch.

    Read more at: http://www.oneworldofnations.com/2016/11/active-comment-section-5-november-2016.html?showComment=1478376927153#c2927890726223740280
    OWoN © All Rights Reserved


  12. US Takeover May Be Near

    Dr. Steve Pieczenik Talks

    The United States may experience a transition of power however this transition will not be abrupt, nor cataclysmic, nor unprecedented. In a republic such as ours power shifts quite often, as a matter of fact.


  13. WHA what are your thoughts about J and the constant reminders of nuclear attack. This is quite worrying since it is being repeated over and over. Maybe I should just buy food and water and not silver etc?

    Are you able to share what you are doing to prepare and how real do you think it is that this will happen?

    Thank you again.


    1. Well, I am prepared for it as best as I can be. But, let’s remember what a modern nuclear war means.

      I grew up in the 60’s and remember the “duck and cover” drills we did at school. There was a siren that was mounted on a pole not one block from the school building, and every week it would wail, and we would duck and cover. I remember the teacher would remain standing, with a look of “not again” on her face.

      These drills stopped sometime around 1973 or so, after the Apollo landings. They would have done little to help us live through a strike. I lived in an area with many defense contractor plants, and most assuredly they were targets. We would have all been turned to carbon while ducking and covering.

      I don’t live in an area that is assumed to be a direct target, so if we suffer a full exchange, I may live through it, but only long enough until food runs out and the rest of society dies off from rapid decline of food production and radioactive fallout.

      If this happens, nobody will live through it. Even those in the bunkers will only live for a short while. So, let’s hope it does not happen, and that the madmen who want it to are removed and cut off from being able to bring it about.

      Dr. Tom Lehrer said it best, with respect to a nuclear war:


    2. Here are some comments from London. They saw your post.


      WHA Concerns of Concorde.

      If Trump beats the Clinton Bitch or she is arrested first, 95% of all her Nuclear risk factors will go. She is the danger, not the Russians. We don’t need her or war.

      But, IF War comes, the weapons capabilities today are so awesome, few, if any, will survive. Russia has no need of billions of slaves. If a tactical semi conventional war followed, the combined Russian /Chinese invasion would scythe through the US raping and organ stealing from all in their path. They won’t feed prisoners, it will be mass extermination. They will not risk the US rising again and all Zionists or Jews will go straight to the red zones. They have the technology. Expect no mercy. If the bombs don’t kill you, the Russians and Chinese will. Chinese are merciless.

      Balanced judgment, first there is now every hope Clinton will fall at the last fence.

      If she is scooped, and God knows she needs to be, whatever Trump is or is not, he will not lead you to war. Nor is it the wish of Russia or China,truly. So IF Trump gets in, better relations will be established and normal people get to live. Averting that is key, and too many Morons, way too stupid to keep track of World Affairs,glued to their Reality TV,Welfare life and free phones, will vote like retards for a Hilderbeast who can unlock Armageddon.

      Yes, if Trump gets in he will go for the wall. He will block mass immigration and deport many, and he will get very tough with Wont Work or crime issues. But he WILL try to get jobs moving again and he WILL help the workers. The won’t work, won’t move, won’t take lower wages now sector, if he stops the lot, who cares? Feed those who are in true need, not free lunches for an ugly underbelly going nowhere. It’s time to review the herd. Those who deserve help, and those who really don’t.

      Start by identifying the long term malingers, and take them to the borders for 20 days on and 5 days off as guards. Pay to work there.Don’t show, close all benefits. Kibbutz their women. It works. Get a large Staple Gun and start on the lips of the whining Socialist crap shooters. They wreck societies. Commies, Trolls and malingerers.If Trump disconnects them, so what? We scourge ours. The streets sort them. Life expectancy plummets.It’s always the Socialists putting nothing in with their whining mouths taking up rights through other people’s pockets.Feed your own. And if YOU can’t pay, you have no say.What worth are they?

      Doing nothing begets nothing. Give a chance to those who need and will work for feed. No society can afford such Welfare it’s madness. Go to Utopia, or join the real world. In less than 20 years NONE of your retiree Pensions will be affordable or paid. Yes even though you have paid in. Admin will drain it. They will wind up or fold up. The same with O BUMMA care! Ridiculous. Fema may have to become regional processing centres for the pointless. There are no rights we cannot pay for. OK lop the bankers,agreed, but that won’t fund the Rent A Bums.

      Why are we letting in this human flotsam of 7th century, low educated Pedos. We already have the Bushes and Clinton’s, why lower the DNA Gene pool more?

      A nuclear war will be beyond Apocalyptic horror.Russia and China if forced,have to torch the entire US. They have to remove reprisals risks fast. The Public have Disneyland IQ’s. But I can assure you, so do most Politicians in all nations.

      YES – YOU CAN DO A WHOLE LOT BETTER! Most of you here are living proof, I see it daily. You ARE the hope and future. The only way we can stop the Cabal and bloodsucking Socialist Trolls.

      Hope the Trump can give the Beast the Hump. Even our lot are waking up now and they are brain dead. An interesting week ahead. Who will stop the Hilderbeast in time?
      We don’t need the Beast followed by Closet Kaine. We need -Freedom. Real choice. Real Leaders from Patriots who do care. Criminal convictions should not be a qualification for Government. The Ho most Go! War is a No!

      Read more at: http://www.oneworldofnations.com/2016/11/active-comment-section-1-november-2016.html?showComment=1478285171340#c2147772218383431196
      OWoN © All Rights Reserved

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    1. This one is a real doozy. I actually did listen to this. The first question from viewers asks how much gold already exists in the world.

      Jim goes on and on about all of these other potential sources of gold to include locations and the reasons why this gold may exist. But, he does NOT answer the question and ends up rambling on into another topic.

      Why won’t Jim Willie answer definitely if the world already has WAY more gold than the 170K MT figure sponsored by the Banksters? He rambles on and on about all of these other potentially very large sources of gold but won’t answer how much exists or what impact knowledge of more gold could have on the gold markets and market price. I wonder why.

      Gotta keep selling those gold coins baby and collecting kickbacks from the gold peddlers.

      If gold were so scarce and set to imminently “RV” to $5,000/ounce or $10,000/ounce then why is this giant gold peddling apparatus and industry so eager to sell it to you? If it were me and it were so precious and scarce I would hoard it.


      1. How in the world would gold dealers make an income if they did not transact? How do you know they do not hoard? I have dealt with many gold dealers in Las Vegas and Los Angeles, and they constantly have gold reserves set aside for both inventory and book increase. I am not sure I agree with your logic about how these operations run.

        Your opinions on gold, as wrong as I think they are, are not going to be suppressed. But some of your claims are inaccurate.

        Scarcity of gold is not the only driver of its price. These prices can be set by fiat, and history shows this. Public perception of economic forecasts is, to me, the main driver. Even elder caches, which are reported to be substantial, are not going to be dumped onto the market like some drunken monkey betting the field at Caesars. Just how much gold there is in the world does not concern me.

        I saw these same comments made against James Boxley Cooke, James Dale Davidson and Lord William Rees-Moog in the early 2000’s when they released the book, The Great Gold Comeback. I started buying then, and kept on when my co-workers and family were convinced I was on a fools errand, and that only dealers were making money from it.

        Now, because of that bold choice and others like it, I am the one who has a paid for home, no debts, and working on things of my choosing.

        In early 2000, $1000 gold was thought of as ridiculous, a dream, a joke, foolish, impossible. I was also told about “dealer greed and they would keep it if…..” and on and on. That specious argument didn’t hold water then, and it does not now, and never will.

        I am not sure if gold is “set to imminently RV”, but if it does, I am going to buy Kate Upton. I don’t make decisions on some misguided notion that “I know better”, I make them on the notion that “I don’t know, so I better plan for any event”. Hubris is expensive. Best to take the middle ground and have your legions prepare to fight on any flank.

        I don’t care how much gold there is in the world. It could go from current prices to $300, and I still would not lose my current financial position. In fact, I would buy more of it in proper ratio to my corpus.

        Silver is likewise a safe harbor. But, always, in proper ratio.

        Then, there are cryptocurrencies. Despite the then caterwauling against Bitcoin, by the usual grumpy cat fan club, I bought at $240. Ka-ching.

        I would write more, but mmmmmm……the coffee is done.


        1. You never seem to walk past an opportunity to tell the world how you have the greatest entry price in the world on gold and now Bitcoin as well according to you. Others entered Bitcoin well below your entry and have been aggressively buying more ever since. Perhaps you are the greatest investor in the world and that is none of my concern anyways. I know the moves I have made with crypto and silver and other things as well.

          I’m not talking about your entry on gold or feelings. I’m talking about the fraudulent and unethical nature of analysis and “advice” coming from the gold peddlers. Since you are such an astute investor do you think it’s possible that the metals have already had their major bull move and the top in 2011 had already discounted all of the monetary and political madness? I don’t know definitively but I am open to that prospect.

          The market prices gold based on the assumption that about 170K MT exist in the world. That, regardless of what your opinion is, is extremely important. If the reality was that 1M or 2M MT existed then that would have an extremely substantial impact on prices.

          Bitcoin is scarce and the world has already mined about 75% of the terminal supply volume and the amount of new coins mined is cut in half every four years. Gold, and clearly even Jim Willie is well aware of this, might not even be scarce.

          I may feel like a pest but fraud is a pet peeve of mine. Willie, Holter, Rickards (the planted disinfo), and others are frauds. Hell, on the video you posted Jim Willie even ADMITS his story about the Navy having to pay for fuel in silver was total bullshit.


          1. You could have said that without the insults. But, I guess your friend JC trained you well. Better watch the snotty “astute investor” attitude towards me, my friend, or you will be moving on.

            I am well aware of many others entering BTC way earlier than me. Did you really think I needed to be told that?

            You seem to want to come here and slam Willie, Rickards, etc., but I think there is something else belying your motive. You have made your point that you feel they are frauds. So be it. What can you offer? Anything? Or did you just want to take up space here and bitch about other analysts that take away income from JC?

            I have made substantial profits from their advice, and we will continue to share their information here as I feel it may help others. Your point has been made, so enough already. You are allowed to make a point, but not grandstand over and over. You can not possibly know what markets will do in the future, and if you feel gold is such a bad move to insure portfolios, then don’t buy it.

            Your points on gold are, in my view, displaying a total ineptness on how metals are effectively used by “astute investors”, and Rickards, Casey, Willie and all were correct with their past forecasts, and in my opinion, will continue to make substantial gains for their clients. Their gold mine stock picks are doing very well overall. If you can do better, publish your newsletter and have at it.

            The story about silver and payments at ports was not Willie’s. He passed it along from other sources and retracted it once he was advised of it not being true. It was a minor point. After all, who here had any interest in silver and navy debts anyway. You are going to have to do better than that if you want to steer me away from him, in total.

            Tell JC that WHA and the rest of those phantom White Hats say “hello”.


            1. No problem, I will show myself the door. You are being quite immature accusing me of trying to help someone else by critiquing other “analysts”.

              I don’t have any friends named JC. My assumption, and I don’t know if it is true, is that you are referring to JC Collins. I think he some interesting takes at times but I don’t feel anything he presents is actionable so therefore I would never pay for it. He seems like an IMF and SDR cheerleader. Who cares is my view as the IMF and SDR moves are in the public domain and available for anyone to see and interpret.

              I was trying to present facts, granted with some opinions, that I know (and accepted) run counter to the prevailing views here (at least those presented). This is your blog so I respect that and am on my way.

              Full disclosure: what prompted me to become more active here was the blog’s extremely high emphasis on politics lately and this current election. “Lesser of two evils” and blah, blah, blah I get all that. I was taken back by the worship of Trump. Just an opinion, but in terms of major fundamental restructuring of the financial and legal systems I think that Trump will disappoint many of his supporters were he to win. I think politics is a waste of time either way and don’t care but the blog’s heavy emphasis on politics made me admittedly suspicious. I may have misinterpreted the intent of your blog though, and if so I accept responsibility. This made me more inclined to dive into the premise that most, or perhaps all, of the movements claiming to be “the good guys” looking to knock out the “Cabal” are simply wolves in sheep’s clothing. If folks start exchanging those dinar and Holter’s gold to $50,000 happens soon I guess I’ll be wrong.

              You will have to tell JC hello yourself along with any folks wearing any colored hats. I don’t know him or any elite insiders.


              1. Oh, shut up and leave. You are not fooling me with that fake sophisticated, I-know-best, everyone else is a dummy, filibustering. At least Rickards, Casey, Willie, Holter have the BALLS to step up and take a stand.

                I remember when people laughed at me when I said gold was going to 1K plus. I bet you didn’t buy then, just like you wont now. Good. More for me.

                It’s not the price now, or in the future. It’s the insurance it brings, and I don’t care if anyone says it’s going to $50 or $500,000 an ounce. The point is to hold it, because it has 10,000 years of being a solid store of value.

                This has been made clear, and people can do as they please.

                Incidentally, none of the analysts you throw shit at have ever told anyone to buy ONLY gold and to put all their cash in it. They have only said to properly balance their portfolios with it. Their price speculations are simply that – speculations, based on what they observe and possible directions the world could take to force metals higher, and paper assets lower.

                I see no harm in that at all. If you do, then it’s your own little war, which I have grown tired of hosting.


  14. WHA some think you may be doing this for money, when you have more traffic. I don’t agree, but can you tell us how much WHA is worth if you sold the domain. Some idiot told me that is what you will do. I don’t believe it so I would like your opinion. Thanks again.


    1. I understand. I know many people are prattling about WHA and why we are here, etc. It’s mostly crap.

      I am happy to report on what WHA is worth. Ready?


      Whoooohooo! I am rich! Any takers? LOL

      http://www.worthofweb.com/ is how I came up with this figure.

      Honestly, whoever this balloon head is that claims I am going to sell off WHA and make a fortune, needs about 20 days of serious rest at a sanitarium, followed by continual B12 injections and a high colonic. Where do people get such fantasy?

      Stay on your feet, Concord. Nobody knows what will come of what we watch, but one thing I can assure you of, is that this blog will NOT be sold for a fortune. The chances are higher that you would find me in flagrante delicto with Kate Upton in a Motel 6 than me making a fortune off this domain.

      Our water service is out, and I am having to march down to the river to get water to flush my dunny, and it’s getting me in a vendetta kind of mood.

      So, let’s hold off on passing me any more doubting rhetoric until the water is back on.


  15. WHA it sounds like something is happening. I am not able to buy any more gold or silver. I have some from long ago, like you. Will secure it.

    I have to say that of all the information I have read over the years that WH and OWoN are proving to be the highest placed and accurate. Thank you for helping to make us aware of them.

    Do you think seminar Daves groups will pay? No other choice if I have to be in a group. Keenen and the rest are sounding like pure cons.


    1. Hi Concord,

      No worries. Just keep what you have and keep it safe. It’s the best insurance you can have against the failure of fiat that is subject to complete failure.

      I am sure the White Hats and London are appreciative of your kind words of support. They read our blog and no doubt are always happy to see comments from the readers. I personally appreciate your thanks, but I have done nothing compared to them. I just wanted to help get people tuned in to the right channel for accurate information. Nothing more.

      As for Seminar Dave, I could not possibly predict if his private exchanges will ever pay out. I certainly would not wish failure on anything that would result in a gain for the participants. That part will always have my best wishes. What I am against is the money grubbing approach. “Can’t reveal info unless you come to my $eminar”, and the inaccurate claims, “I am the only one in contact with the Dragon Family”. etc. These are slick sales gimmicks that are cheap and shabby, and in large part, false.

      If you want to sign up with his group, it’s your call. How he can PUBLICLY offer such a thing without repercussions from the Securities laws is beyond me. I have known people who offered similar things via a website, and were taken down in mere weeks. There is something odd about it which I cannot place my finger on, and really, don’t want to waste time trying.

      If the people can get a payout from it, great. We wont interfere, even though we don’t approve of his cheap sales tactics.

      We will simply watch how it plays out, along with all of you.

      Keenen, ZAP and company are described as “broker dreamers”, hoping to get a piece of the action. Let’s watch and see how that works out.

      Take care.


        1. At present it’s not convertible to metals, so fiat it must be.

          If you have it in a verified group, of course you would not liquidate all of it for metals.

          Remember, you do not convert all cash holdings to metals. Only enough to counterbalance your corpus against currency collapse. If I were a Vietnamese citizen, I would convert part of it to gold/silver/bitcoin. You bet.

          As a US citizen I don’t need to convert any dong into gold/silver because I have already done so with USD. I will hold the currency as a speculation from lower value to high if any moves should happen, which we have been told the dong should be good in such a case. So no, I would not liquidate dongs for metals. I have already done that through USD conversion to such.

          I also have a crypto currency portfolio, but the exposure is smaller than 10%. But, that’s a whole other kettle of fish.

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          1. I have found BTC trades very nicely. Two week MA, sell a bit when it closes over the upper Bollinger band and buy the same fiat value back when it closes beneath the lower band.

            It’s a nice little hobby. My profits are running about 10%/mo.


      1. I’ll offer a prediction. Seminar Dave will NEVER achieve anything with any type of “private groups”. These seminars are a complete SCAM. I too am amazed that he can so publicly advertise his ability to deal and broker securities in such a nonchalant way.

        There is no IQD or ZIM RV. It’s all bullshit and an attempted trick by the bad guys to rebuild their own fortresses. The VND is different and could change in value via a depegging which happens periodically with various currencies coupled with debt stock reduction. The VND is already liquid is it not?

        Any type of “RV” where just select groups are “taken care of” and you might get a quick chance to sprint to your bank within JUST the next few hours is obviously very dubious. I mean come on just think about it. Does that sound legitimate? Hey, hurry up and sprint to the bank because JUST FOR YOU and JUST in the next few hours they will give you $2.27 for each VND. Come on.

        Anyone can EXCHANGE debt in transit (FRN/USD) for Bitcoin. No fairy tales. No dreams of “Elders”. No cloak and dagger.

        I’m prepared to be ripped for questioning the “Elders”. I stand by my contention that the assets exist throughout the world but the “Elders” are contrived and used for cover in an attempt to control said assets. Seminar Dave speaks of “Elders” as does Zap and Keenan. If that doesn’t set off alarms I don’t know what will.


        1. You can question anything you want, including Elders, if that’s your firm conclusion, even after seeing the pics and many articles of their existence. How you can come to that conclusion is certainly interesting, and I can only assume you feel our contacts are bald faced liars. So be it, but best not take it any further than an inference. On that note, I will say here that your conclusion is flat out wrong. That’s about as far as I am going to rip, at this point. Be reminded that this blog is not going to be used to insult/malign the White Hats. But, you are free to not “believe”, if you wish.

          We have constantly pointed out that many have claimed to be in touch with M1, Grandfather, Green, Red, Blue, Pink Dragon, etc. These are extremely dubious claims made by bloggers. However, I can assure you that our confirmations of just what an Elder is and how their resources will be used have stood in stark contrast to the Keenan/ZAP/Seminar Dave for profit circus acts.

          As for there being “no RV” for the public, we will certainly wait and see. So many things have changed since WHA came along. We don’t know what the public may avail themselves of, whether 0 or pennies, or more or less. As transaction as large as what is anticipated may affect some limited currencies, but never was it meant to be an unlimited cash gusher, as proclaimed by TNT and such.

          Again, you can not believe any of it, part of it or whatever. The “bad guys” certainly can be expected to want their lick, but that does not exclude the “good guys” from trying to bring it in right side up, with the best intentions.

          I would agree with your assessment of Seminar Dave’s seminars. I have been briefed by some attendees, and what was shared was easily obtained on the Internet FOR FREE. Much of it is simply him building a qualified list of targeted buyers so he can promote to them anything in the future that can earn him money. I am not aware of anyone that has used anything he has sold them, that has profited $1 from it. All the cash flows towards him. He holds no credentials for financial planning, has not built one business, created one job,etc. He was a politician and a failed real estate developer. And this is who they flock to? Oh, right. He is “spiritual”. That changes everything.

          No idea if his exchange will work out, but there is only one way to know. To wait and see.

          Large private exchange groups, sanctioned and permitted to proceed, do exist. Whether Seminar Dave is part of one will be proven out over time.


          1. I’m not trying to insult or malign the WH.

            My observations and beliefs are that there are vast physical assets throughout the world. This makes sense to me as over time humans could obtain more and more of these. This also makes me skeptical of gold because of how much of it likely exists. Over hundreds of years humans could have accumulated quite a bit of gold and stashed it away. It is the Banksters that, just like with oil, want you to THINK that gold is extremely scarce. My personal conclusion is that the Banksters are behind the gigantic industry trying to make you feel scared because you better go buy gold today because by Monday there won’t be any physical gold available on planet Earth.

            These stashes of assets, in my view, are being pursued by various groups trying to stake claim to them or perhaps purloin them. I don’t claim to know where they all are located or who truly, lawfully, and legally owns these assets. I sense that they are located in various locations and that various different groups of folks have accumulated them over time.

            What I have concluded is that there are lots of ATTEMPTS to “put these assets to good use” but that NOBODY has any type of guarantee that they will succeed. This is why we see the Fulfords, Hudes, Zaps, and Keenans talking about their plans to save humanity. They are in the process of trying to secure these assets and by securing that might mean stealing. They all work very hard to try and sell everyone on why they are the chosen one to take on this philanthropic task, all of course in the interest of humanity.

            To me these are competing ATTEMPTS to “do what is best with these assets” and thrust upon the world a new form of CONTROL – meet the new boss same as the old boss. If these “Elders” exist (and mind you in different forms and groups according to WH and “London”) then why would they select and rely on one single clown such as Keenan or Hudes to “save humanity”? They wouldn’t. Why would they opt to place control of the entire future of humanity with a select group of insiders in London? Why would they sit by and watch the destruction of humanity for so many years if they truly existed and were looking out for humanity?

            Would the gracious “Elders” be proponents of Russia nuking the U.S.? Would the “Elders” encourage essentially rounding up and exterminating muslims? Russia is literally the top producer of crude oil on the planet. Why would they want to nuke the top consumer of crude oil? How would that benefit their economy?

            What I see are a lot of ATTEMPTS to take the reins using various tactics that may or may not include fear, theft, threats, and division.

            Let’s say one of these groups claims to have wrestled away control of “all the gold” or GCA or whatever, then what? Money is accounting. Money is debt in transit. Money in a way is whatever people believe it to be. How will the new saviors of humanity implement an entirely new system without the infrastructure of the IMF/BIS/FED? If they use the same infrastructure (sprinkle in some CIPS and AIIB for show) then how is that not what I said already meaning the same folks trying to trick everyone into thinking they have been “saved” when in reality it is the same people wearing different costumes?


  16. OWoN:

    OWON and WHA

    If this CRAP goes down the Fiat money will be worthless. This time DON’T be stupid take at least 35% of your net and buy Silver and Gold small ingots. Store it safely in a Depository NOT Banks because if the US goes, that is your Golden parachute to safety. If the US crashes get it out, then use a good hidden floor Safe, and get 2 guns fast. One automatic. No recoil and get cross cut ammo so anything you hit is blown away. We called them Dum Dums and nothing gets up after one shot.

    Watch the markets now. Deviants are at work. Swap any Fiat cash for real wealth.
    Metals from a reliable source. Get it tested!

    Read more at: http://www.oneworldofnations.com/2016/11/active-comment-section-1-november-2016.html?showComment=1478108787693#c5670613636488596589
    OWoN © All Rights Reserved

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  17. In response to this:


    Our London friends say this:

    Wilfredo Saurin is a well known Filipino Con Man sheltered by the US Dept of Justice and HS. His side kick has well known ” Form!” As does he.

    This is just another scam like the $15T to create fictitious Fiat money for the US. The Elders Gold is held safely by the Elders,and will not be used for this farce. They need no one telling them who owns their assets. Nor a bunch of Wannabe Palookas posing as Dragon Elites or M1 fantasists. Real parties know where it all is. But that will not be discussed. It’s no ones business but those authorised. All this is delusional hype.

    This is just another Shapeshifting Fed scam, just like before, to create a false Butt in the Fed flying by the seat of its crooked pants, now trying to false fund more Ponzi currencies, Dinars, Zims and Dongs. Also to pay back major PP funds reneged on from 35 years ago.

    The rest is a rain dance as BS baffles brains. Dragon families, grow a brain!

    The real Elders are not parting with Gold for this. Not! Warehouses are packed full of vast pallets of worthless US dollars. Once bitten? It’s just more falsification of more records again. Also by those who should KNOW better! The rot is deep!

    Read more at: http://www.oneworldofnations.com/2016/11/active-comment-section-1-november-2016.html?showComment=1478101700135#c6791351017186328
    OWoN © All Rights Reserved


    1. Addendum to above….from OWoN:

      We just made the calls.

      1. There is no such holding in Thailand – NONE!
      2. This rumoured 1M mts was a Broker fantasy which started years ago. Total BS.
      3. Saurin carried out his scam in Jakarta when he set up poor YR for the false $15T with Fed backing.
      4. What it looks like is going down is that hes paying off a Thai Royal to release a bogus SKR which he is then getting bogus Bank SKRs and Bank SWIFTS issued against and with Yellen, creating a vast Counterfeit block of bogus asset backed currency to cover the cracks. Yellen was linked when the Tropos Taiwan ACAT was stolen mid transfer to Wakovia. HSBC were up to the neck in the bogus $15T.

      5. This is NOT Elders Gold backed – it IS BS! Saurin and the Fed again. Shapeshifting crooks.

      The Elders AU is safe and will not be allowed near these reprobates. We will never allow the Fed near the AU. Nor Saurin.

      This is just the Zionist Fed Crime Gang gaming the system again Disgusting and why the world is in so much trouble. Exactly why we need the Zionist and Jewish Criminal Bankers out of the Fed and Treasury. Their crimes must end. We need to clean up the lot and sanitize this infestation of Sewer Rats. .

      Read more at: http://www.oneworldofnations.com/2016/11/active-comment-section-1-november-2016.html?showComment=1478113811797#c6165567903345523570
      OWoN © All Rights Reserved


    1. So do you all think this below article on BIN is true? Or do you think this is a ploy put out by Clinton camp so the Trump supports say “What’s the use of voting and don’t vote?”. This seems pretty bold.

      If it is true, I pray the White Hats and all others fighting this battle will be able to over power this evil Cabal. ALL those fighting this mess have always been in my prayers. Donald Trump has guts to do as he is doing, God bless him.

      Busted, Scam Election Already Confirmed – Trump Loses…Here are the Complete Election Results @ http://beforeitsnews.com/alternative/2016/11/busted-scam-election-already-confirmed-trump-loses-here-are-the-complete-election-results-3433023.html



  18. Damn,

    I wasn’t going to comment on any more ZAP posts this year, but I have to stand in awe, and I mean in AWE, of this confidence man. Wow, he is freaking terrific at his job!! I have never seen a person stretch out the “next week we begin our work….” spiel for several years like this and STILL get people to donate to him, sending their hard earned money. And STILL, he admits they are NOT READY, and if you do not send him money to set up yet another corporation, the Feds will not clear the money to Landa, and all will be lost.

    He weaves in the usual medical case needs like a master, tugging on heart strings with the subtle panache of a TV evangelist.

    And the pièce de résistance? The stunning announcement that the RV is happening “just about now”.

    Amazing. This guy is good. One of the best. He knows his audience won’t even pause to ask the hard questions (like, why doesn’t Grandfather spot him some funds to get his entities cleared away?) because, after all, you don’t question “light workers”.

    When I was an investigator, I once had a case involving members of the Gypsy race. They almost fooled us out of a $100,000 claim, but we caught it at the last minute. I came away from that case knowing how incredibly clever they were. Some of the best moves I had ever seen.

    I remember a week later, the Gypsy matriarch, upset at losing the ill gotten gains at my expense, came to my office and stood in the reception area, and began some weird incantation and gyrating wildly….uttering some strange language that I have still to this day never heard before. Then, to top it off, she flashed her private parts at me. A denser underbrush there never was and never will be again, I am sure. I thought for a second that Jerry Garcia was holding her up on his shoulders.

    I was told by someone in the office that had dealt with this thing before that she had just put a curse on me. I never gave it much thought, but I should research the antidote to that curse, but gods knows what that would be.

    For the first time since that experience, I am now observing someone who has bested that elderly woman and her family of grifters, who were some of the best I had seen at that time.

    Happy Halloween!!


    HI ALL,









    1. Oh no you did not just say that!

      I cannot stop laughing long enough to think of a clever response.

      But just remember Tony, “Once in a while you get shown the light in the strangest of places if you look at it right”.


      1. It’s funny now. lol

        I would rather kiss Hillary on the mouth than ever look at that “place” again.

        If there was any “light” there, it could only have been from a fire.

        An attorney once told me, back then, that people in my then line of work were truly holding “thankless jobs”. I didn’t really believe it until that day. I had had people threaten me, yell, scream, attempt bribery, offer sex (even from women sometimes), cash, dates with hot sisters – you name it, for some consideration and to “look the other way”. But never had I been cursed AND shown a brier patch at the same time, after denying a fraud settlement.

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        1. Has Karen Hudes been able to manufacture and distribute all of that physical currency containing gold yet to all of the nations that she controls? Has she administered the Global Currency Reset yet to its conclusion?

          Has Dave Schmidt processed those private exchanges yet for all of his whales and followers?

          Is the ZIM on screens yet at $55,000,000,000,000 per ZIM?


            1. Karen Hudes said Bitcoin was worthless and would be eliminated completely. I’ll keep watching I suppose because she is always correct 100% of the time and she seems so trustworthy.

              I keep waiting to go pick up these bank notes filled with gold but my bank never seems to have them for me. Oh well. I guess I’ll just buy a gold coin and pray.


    2. Tony WHA,

      If you are a Christian, curses by witches & Co. are ineffective. This statement comes from Witches in the Far East, for which curses are one of their tools in trade.

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      1. How interesting. No, not a Christian, but I am happy to report that I have not detected any signs of a curse taking hold nonetheless.

        Then again, here we are with no RV. Maybe she did us all in by proxy.

        Am I the “Typhoid Mary” of the GCR? Holy cow, I never thought of that.

        Maybe I should visit Lourdes or something.

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  19. Trump Makes Special Announcement After Homeless Lady Attacked By Liberals


    “The Gateway Pundit reports that Trump was so appalled by the mob’s treatment of this destitute woman that he has not only announced that he has a special “gift” for the victim but promises to seek justice for her barbaric abusers. The presidential candidate’s attorney, Michael Cohen, proclaimed on Friday that Trump promises the woman will have “the last laugh on these thugs.””


  20. I honestly think you don’t know any more than any other blog.

    You don’t have a large following. That tells the story.

    Ban me if you want. But I don’t believe anything you post here and the White Hats are just more nameless people who can’t do anything they say.


    1. Well, thanks for your first visit, and that dick cheese comment.

      With respect to our “following”, it’s large enough. But how large is large? We don’t solicit funds or run ads. Why would we need a “large following”? Small and cozy is just right. Large and sloppy may get revenue for ZAP, but around here the proprietors actually earn their own living. What a concept!

      As for White Hats and them being “nameless people who can’t do anything”. Let me answer thusly:

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      1. Let’s not worry about Crete and his affinity for being a bore.

        But, you did spur me to repeat a few things that were on my mind this morning (besides Kate Upton).

        As is plainly obvious, WHA does not make any income from its readers, or from ads, which would not come out of anyone’s pocket. Not one penny in revenue is generated here. So, that begs the obvious questions, as plain as Jove’s nose. Why this blog?

        Well, first it was to slay a dragon called “when is my prosperity program going to fund?”. For years we were reading about these things, and zip. All the while, people had their hand out for money (you know the drill).

        I knew the only way to find the answers was to find the people involved. That was done, simply by a fluke.

        Answers were given to questions, and by simple corroboration, they were accorded a very high degree of accuracy. That’s about as good as it gets. Dealing with any other parties that dwell in lower level “intel provider” networks is just not going to cut it, and for a good reason – the main motive is revenue. And for that, you need a constant “we are there and all rich” sales pitch.

        We don’t have that here. Never will.

        So, when someone like Crete comes here to say such things, just know it’s probably someone whose blog income is down and they see us as a threat.

        Dollars, dollars….it’s always the dollars.

        But, man, I am still envious over that diamond encrusted Rolex. Going to price those next time I am in Vegas. LOL


        1. Forgive my ignorance, I really know nossink (Manuel in Faulty Towers, Brit TV) but what happens if (oh please!) Hillary gets arrested and is out of the running? Does Trump get a free run or, well ,what? Could this be actually part of some plan? Thanks in advance for your patience. T


          1. Hi,

            No. Even if the Democrats decided not to run a candidate, the other parties, Libertarian, Green, Independent, etc., would be on the ballot. Trump would run against them. An election has to take place, as is mandated by the Constitution, every 4 years. Only succession from death or resignation will allow a president to be replaced in between elections, which is why a VP is also on the ticket.

            Also, ignore all those “Dunsford is President now” NESARA LSD trip news releases. A military junta, while possible, is not likely nor is it anything we have heard of as being a viable option. Imagine the market turmoil if such happened. It would be chaos.

            Thanks again!


  21. WHA

    I saw J comment at OWON what I was challenging Elders reality.

    I was only sharing what judge anna was saying about them. I was not agreeing with her. I just wanted your feedback. Sorry for any misunderstanding. Please can you let him know. I don’t want to get blacklisted from anything.


    1. Hi Concord,

      No worries! I understand. I was probably a bit too assertive with my reply to you about her comments. I know you were not agreeing with her.

      I am sure J will see your post and will understand that you were not agreeing with her about the validity of the Elders. Don’t worry about being “blacklisted”.

      Now, if you get a visit from a man wearing a diamond studded Rolex, well, then I would worry. Best lock up any attractive females in your house in that case. lol

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      1. Concord, here is a reply from J at OWon:

        Tony, Concorde WHA

        1. No worries on Elders etc. Just have Concorde understand YOU were allowed very sensitive info via our mutual friend on whose who in this Zoo. This is no Kindergarten group. It’s enough we even let you see.

        2. Warning on daughters ?????

        3. Bastard! Lol


        1. Thank you, as I was really worried I was going to be kicked out. I was feeling like a hershey squirt coming on, lol.

          I saw your reply on OWon. Thank you for taking time to clear up things. I respect OWoN and WHA.


  22. hello Tony and white hats Owon , I thank you all so much for all your input hard work it’s deeply appreciated I have a question it’s off topic been doing a lot of research in the past 4 to 5 years and a longtime reader I’m trying to understand all this and have discovered that Donald Trump has purchased $30 million worth of dinar at one time back in 2014 and 15 !!! That leads me to believe he’s not a phony and he has gotten burnt on his purchase and there’s many avenues that follow do you have any input on this thank you and hope all is well with you


    1. Hi, and welcome.

      I didn’t know that Trump was a dinar holder. Well, if true, we better get him hooked up with our friends in London so he does not have to wait on line in the bank. lol

      The beleaguered dinar RV is one seriously never ending conundrum. Just what may become of it, and when, is one of the most vexing issues of our time.

      Let’s hope Trump is in a group. I cannot think he would have gone into this blindly, if indeed he has that kind of dinar. He would know better.


  23. OWoN:

    Q: “……On the one hand you state the elites have control per one of your revealing posts today (to concorde WHA etc). Yet often in the past you have chastized and excoriated the little people for not responsibly participating in decision making. which is it? what percent of responsibility do you assign to the little people for the mess we are currently in? Lastly how about helping a contingent of little people to get a seat at the table?

    A: Unknown, Smiling.

    1. The site itself is helping all people get a seat at the table. And helping you.

    2. The case to support all of you is made daily.Of course we care. And respect your rights.

    3. Once we help reveal opportunities, don’t blame me for chastising you for failing to go get it. In reality however, if you can all help get Trump in, we can do a lot more.

    4.A good Patriot associate of mine uses us for his Global Trust work. He personally is very committed towards helping his Homeland. He needs no guidance from me how to help America. We are close. I unleashed him as soon as I head from Asia what is now tracking. We cracked it wide open.

    5.Always allow for our use of media to promote issues and to try to motivate mass action. It IS the deep fault of the American people for ever having let it get so far. The Bushes are NOT a smart family, just crooked, but they took you to the cleaners.

    6. Time after time when I am on the front line battering US misdemeanours, I am constantly asked by your countrymen, but don’t name me. Don’t say I am involved.How do we raise resistance with such a nation of way too many gutless Reality TV cowards?

    7, Where the F are the last John Waynes? Is that big line only for a sex change queue?

    Teasing Unknown,and Yes, I will never stop pushing you all to help do more. It’s called – caring!

    I am appalled that a person as venal and crooked as Clinton is even still in the race. America just has no shame. How can THAT represent the WH as Americas finest? Are you all men, or neutered? Anyone still voting Clinton needs fast tracking to a FEMA camp immediately. Willful population reduction.

    Read more at: http://www.oneworldofnations.com/2016/10/active-comment-section-25-october-2016.html?showComment=1477761706434#c2292076975222685841
    OWoN © All Rights Reserved


  24. You know…with all of the philandering by Bill Clinton and his tawdry affair with Monica Lewinsky, and Hillary vilifying the women that have charged him with sexual assault, wouldn’t it be ironic if it was a Weiner that ultimately brought her down.

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  25. OWoN:

    Tony WHA, Concord etc

    1. Very large USD $ Cash Pallet conversions are taking place right now in certain Asian sectors. That will re inflate a battered US economy, and the subsequential Bank Roll Programs will re fund the Military. Whether the participating Asian parties continue to get paid long term is always tenuous.

    2. China comes cap in hand regularly to the Elders for Gold and asset help. There is a Greenmail accorde. But the Elders fear the march of the Chans and know their asset holdings have to be moved before being overrun to seize them. Thus, highly confidential discussions between key Elders and very Private London Parties. This is way higher than Politics. Also on a strict need to know basis only.

    3.As regards the good Ladies confused diatribe regarding Elders, who, sitting as a presumptive self appointed Judge in Bongoville,could ever expect to grace the favoured halls of the Inner Court, and associate with the true PTB,and be party to real power?

    4.The US has its 7th Floor. The world has its Committee of 300 and numerous Masonic Committees, and beyond that, unseen to Public View, other power Elites have an inner court of power, invitation only, and accorde due discussions only to like type status families. Power and influence is protected. Money talks. Power rules and Yes, buys almost anything. Money is its own Art Science. Power its own Aphrodisiac.

    Public life, is an illusion. Media is contrived, and life for the Sheeple is a bubble.

    We are reaching that Epoch stage now of an advanced civilisation. The support infrastructure can now be achieved and afforded by emergent technologies. The herd has outgrown its usefulness. Do we stock reduce, or create affordable grazing and if so, for what purpose? Resources are scarce and the battle for them is now being determined. Asset accrual is key. Africa and Asia are now being re assessed and carved up. As are the Poles. The PTB have their own Inner Sanctum where right now Century forward strategies are being contemplated, and strategic negotiations active. Do we continue to mass pollute, or shoot? Who funds a herd for which there is no longer need? Have you seen the swarming Migrant Camps and the increasing mass invasions bringing crime, disease,crippling Welfare dependency? Even worse, ugly Tottie?

    Much is in play, power is contemplating options, and the bottom line, is what is affordable? Where is need? Not Humanitarian, but Herd sizing. Migrant herds are issues and a whole new PTB dilemma. Feed need or contain their seed? The Appliance of Science will create options of solutions. Contemplative thinking will determine next, controlled containment. If Clinton is elected, God help America- ns! The 7th Floor plans are CFR and Tri Lateral thinking. But behind, do not under rate either Jesuit agendas or Khazarian Mafia greed. Life now is evolving fast, but Transhumanism will determine future policies. Elites or Lab Rats. Evolution of the Species,towards what?

    Read more at: http://www.oneworldofnations.com/2016/10/active-comment-section-25-october-2016.html?showComment=1477714484090#c6249072000583068085
    OWoN © All Rights Reserved


    1. For J @OWON… I really feel your frustration as well as all of your associates, but I really feel down deep in my heart that there is a solution that can bring us all together firing on all cylinders without any BS Government help. We are not that dependent on them as it may appear. Thanks again for all of your hard work which may go un-noticed by all the sheeples. But we notice and are forever grateful for all of your efforts and will never forget it… ever… may we all aspire to be the best we can be as humans to improve the plight of those who have no voice or are too weak to do so…. Thank you for thinking/caring of the millions of unheard voices globally…

      Read more at: http://www.oneworldofnations.com/2016/10/active-comment-section-25-october-2016.html?showComment=1477725436249#c9071849880402142800
      OWoN © All Rights Reserved


  26. Hey Tony,

    Something’s wrong. Every single MSM outlet is covering this latest “bombshell” way too enthusiastically. What do you think is really going on?

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    1. I don’t know.

      But, I suppose there is a reason why Hillary is pressing her mongoloid army to “vote early”, because she knew it was always possible that the e-mail snapdragon would come back from the dead to bite her on her decrepit buttocks.

      Are the sacred cows at the FBI hedging against a Trump victory? Would they do this if they knew Hillary was a shoe in, and she cometh with the ax to prune key careers?

      Politics. Politics. As long as we have to run our affairs by political means, we will be subject to this incessant scourge and pestilential bloodsucking of humanity.

      It’s not uncommon for powerful forces to start their ass kissing early, if they feel the right ass is in front of their face, and will be there for the foreseeable future. That might be what is going on. I really don’t know.

      Caesar has crossed the Rubicon, and his legions are close to the Flaminian Gate. There is going to be some confusion boiling up within the ranks of the Clintonian/Pompeian ranks, because right now their position on the Palatine is being challenged.

      Clinton may indeed win, but it wont be without depositing some intense hershey squirts on the toilet beforehand. The billionaire knows how to dance. One does not get to billionaire status without knowing how to juice in a few key players, and dodge lots of bullets. Hillary knows this, and her rectum must be flaming like never before.

      She sees the billionaire Caesar, fat with his years of expeditionary profits, having decapitated the Republican rivals like Gaulic mules, and the support of the working class from which Trump arose. And like Caesar, he needs neither more wealth or friends. He only wants to leave this lifetime with accomplishments and adulation and his well earned inflamed ego, which is not necessarily a bad thing.

      Men who can get things done are often possessed of such qualities. There are no totally good men or women. All have their vices and flaws. When a man steps up to do things for his ego, and not cash or influence, better support him, because he will maintain his power on the backs of people whose adulation he wants. He knows that such adulation will be bought with tons of bread in the stomaches of those people, and for that he will need victories of all manner, across the board.

      The hard part is avoiding the small, jealous creatures, like Bill Clinton and the rest of his Jacobin gonorrhea toting jackals who won’t yield easily, and would cut any throat, young or old, to maintain their power.

      Caesar knew how to win, but didn’t know how to hold onto power. Trump knows how to do both.

      That alone must have the current throngs of old, aging Pompeians shitting down both legs.

      The modern battle of Pharsalus is coming up.

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      1. Kia Ora. Really appreciate your candour and wit, Tony. As usual, spot on.
        As an aside, I’m surprised and encouraged by how many people I’ve recently met here in New Zealand who are awakening to the severity of corruption in this election and, more importantly how significant the outcome is – not just to the US, but also to the global community.
        As I’ve mentioned before, I am of the considered opinion that the military build-up by the current US Administration in the South Pacific is a key significant development strategy in response to Trump’s campaign.
        Time will tell. Best wishes to all.

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      2. Excellent analysis, as usual, Thanks Tony!

        Indeed there are a lot of asses in Washington to be kissed or covered. It’ll be interesting to see who lines up where and who has there’s handed to them.

        You know, I think even Robert Ludlum would have had a hard time developing a plot this thick!


  27. WHA did you see this from Judge Anna. She thinks the elders are fiction. Thanks

    “As for the “Dragon Families” and all the Hoorah associated with that line of propaganda—- ask yourselves: “Would Mao allow Chinese Elders in possession of the world’s gold reserves to get by unscathed in the midst of building the People’s Republic of China?”

    And the answer is?

    Also ask yourselves—- if these “Chinese Elders” are so rich and so philanthropic in nature, where have they been the last several hundred years?

    And why have the people of China been kept so poor?

    Because all this talk about “Chinese Elders” is, generally speaking, and with rare exceptions, tripe. Just another cover story, more lies, more cloak and dagger.”


    1. Concord,

      You are going to make me earn my living today. LOL

      The Alaskan recluse is, in my view, nothing more than a shut-in, theorizing paper pusher who could not make anything in the real world work if it required her to actually get out and associate with others of the human race.

      Are we to now understand that she is an expert in Chinese Elders? And would you give her more weight than our friends in London who actually have met them, and are now working with them and planning their pathway to implement that non existent off balance sheet wealth?

      I guess those pictures were just a joke. Perhaps they rounded up some workers from the local Chinese laundry and conducted a fraud photo op. Let’s ask Anna Von Ditzinger about that one.

      There is a very well worn phrase, “Those that can’t do, teach”. Sometimes it certainly rings true.

      I have little regard for those who view life from afar, from their hobnail perches, and issue dicta on how great things would be if the obscure rules they promote would be followed. The problem is, most are not able to live in wood cabins on the tundra, like Ted Kaczynski, and actually be responsible for anything other than milking a goat. They are trying to survive and make their way in a system that won’t change based on dictates of a sheltered throwback.

      How many trips to meet Elder’s has she made? I bet none. Can she offer them protection against theft? Has she actually tried to contact anyone with eyes on those vaults? You know, the ones that our friends in London mentioned some time ago that were being reviewed and audited? I guess that was all a joke. Shoot, hey, what else is there to do when you are living out there among the moose. Hell, pass that bong around. Guzzle, guzzle. Yea.

      Why is China so poor? Oh give me a GDFB. If those funds had been disbursed in such a ways as to give everyone as much as they want or needed, they would have been stolen and diverted as has been pointed out many times in the various articles presented at OWoN and WHR, which outlined what cabal maniacs do with any money they can latch onto.

      My friend, do yourself a big favor. You have made your way onto this blog, and as such, you are in touch with WHR and OWoN, which are organized by those who DO. They consort with, move with, interact with and actually are involved with the very living lighting of being responsible for outcomes that affect many others. Try imagining that being your life for one moment and see how your nerves hold up.

      The real world is shaped by those who step up and shape it. So far, the criminally insane and power hungry have that position. They will not be displaced by oratorio and fist waving, and attending conference calls to preen and lick themselves as masters of the universe.

      People who do things are what we need, godammit. And those numbers are very small. But, in the end, history has shown that they are the ones who cause the changes.

      Karl Marx did nothing but write a book about a political system. Lenin and others did the work. I don’t see millions descending on Washington to demand “common law”. Do you?

      Let’s get real. Change takes hold by action, and by those who work hard at getting to positions to effect that change.

      Elders’ issues are being dealt with by those who are qualified to deal with them. It’s from them that we will get the truth and available updates that can be relied on. No one else.


  28. Hi. What is SPDR?, and is this something for us to watch for?

    It seems that the man in London is not talking a lot about things we watch here. Is there anything new?

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    1. Hi Concord,

      SPDR is the symbol used to describe a group of exchange traded funds which are comprised of companies in the S&P 500. It’s a favorite for traders because of the huge liquidity and diversified base.

      I was referring to short position I took on the November 2016 SPDR ETF, called a put option. It recently increased in value because of a sudden move to the down side, after I sold the position off, which makes me a dummy. It happens.

      The man in London is very busy, and I am sure he could say a lot more if he wanted or thought it was prudent. But, at this time it seems that lips are sealed for good reasons. We can only wait and wonder.

      Ignore all the current NESARA talk show hosts who are claiming that massive funds are soon to be released to pay off all your debts and make you all instant millionaires. I only wish that were the future, but alas it is not.

      Thanks again.

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  29. Just a quick mention.

    Those of you with bitcoin accounts, and who are not aware, the price has increased considerably in the last few days. If you are wanting to liquidate at a higher price, keep an eye on it.

    Thar’s gold in them thar newfangled whachamacallits.

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  30. Article by Jim Willie posted yesterday on the Gold Eagle website:

    “The Western central bank franchise system is totally broken, totally insolvent, and totally corrupt. It invites the Gold Standard return. The entire financial system is built upon a debt-based monetary system. The debt saturation process has run its full course. The central bank heads have been covering the sovereign debt for the last five years, having rendered their balance sheets as ruined. Debt is at obscene levels, like $19.7 trillion for the USGovt. No debt limits are in place anymore, a signal that most likely it has already defaulted. A hidden game is underway, with control lost to the creditors, even as they attempt to salvage their debt holdings. The major central banks continue to manage badly the great game, where money is fake phony and a farce. A titanic battle is underway, where the Eastern nations are discarding their USTreasury Bonds, and doing so in tremendous volume while they set up the many platforms and pieces to the Gold Standard.”



  31. Megan Kelly shines in this interview. Could she be warming towards Trump? I can see those two becoming the best of friends, if they’re not already, behind the scenes


  32. Another smartphone app to help the American citizens keep this election honest has been released by the election integrity organization, ‘True the Vote’.

    ‘VoteStand’, available for both iPhone and Android users, enables voters to quickly report suspected election fraud and irregularities as they happen in real time.

    Using this in conjunction with ‘PollMole’, we can finally defeat this beast!



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    1. FYI, I downloaded Pollmole to my iphone last week and voted. Yesterday, one week later, I opened the app once again on the same iphone and it allowed me to vote a second time, which I did. Pollmole is officially USELESS as a barometer for the credible tallying of votes. Period.


      1. Lp, I think what you you might be doing is voting in the ‘weekly poll”. I believe you are allowed to vote once a week after each Sunday, I believe it is Sunday. It is simply a weekly poll being taken. You can also see the results any time I believe.. Tony, please make sure Lp gets this and they can check it out and see if this is correct. I do not use a Smart phone but this is just what I have read.



        1. Hi, TC, and all.

          Yes, I voted in the weekly poll. I did not see any other voting option on the app. I just checked again and I still don’t see any other voting option. I wonder why a weekly poll would be of value when the universal set is under 3000 votes? Is pollmole trying to get a weekly snapshot of trending changes in sentiment? Here is another question: Because Trump voters are more concerned about election fraud, so they are more motivated to document their “vote” on pollmole. For a variety of reasons including but not limited to media bias, Democrats largely believe that Hillary is winning, so they will be less interested in “voting” on pollmole– they could not care less that it seems to reflect Trump at 94% lead. So… pollmole is simply not reflective of the electorate in any way.

          Maybe on election day, but even then, I doubt pollmole’s circulation will be large enough to be statistically relevant among ALL voters rather than merely Trump voters. I wish this weren’t true, since I believe we need a second valid reference point to track the extent of the FRAUD that may take place. I just don’t believe that pollmole is that reference point.


      2. This is NORMAL. After you “vote”, the link changes to a text message. It would help if you took the time to read it before declaring PollMole useless:

        THANK YOU!

        Your vote was recorded on xx/xx/xxxx at [insert time] as vote number XXXX.

        Be sure to check back next week and REGISTER YOUR VOTE AGAIN. Don’t forget to tell your friends.

        Weekly Straw Polls end each Sunday at Midnight ET


    1. Good on you TNTBS. What an utter cretin this miserable excuse for a man truly is. I could not even watch the whole video as it just makes me feels sick having to suffer this moron for more than a few seconds. He thinks he is so smart with a his manipulative bs, morphing himself to suit whatever situation the day calls for. All you have to do is look into his weak eyes and you can see exactly what he is made of and that is deceit. I would just love to give him a ripper of a right hook. Bet his fake wide eyed innocent facial expression would change rather suddenly then.


  33. Well! Just when I am about to give up hope of even the least bit of truth ever hitting mainstream, it seems some cracks in the propaganda machine have appeared and with that, some glimmerings of truth making it beyond this blog, OWN and the reputable alternative news sites. What a great day it will be when the lid finally blows off this kettle of rotting fish entrails known as the American Election. And I hope it’s before November 8 cuz I think that will save a lot of time for my USArian friends.


    1. Putin sure can impress when he wants to. Such a smooth operator. I personally do not believe he is 100% clean by any stretch of the imagination but at least he knows how to conduct himself in a statesman like manner when necessary. And he is one person who actually seems to answer the questions asked of him in a clear precise manner. Not like others who skirt around and say everything but actually answer the question. And don’t you just love that Russian accent. Sure tickles my fancy lol.

      Thanks for sharing that one Tony, excellent choice.


    1. That was really moving, Aurataya. Imagine what could happen if we’d each start asking ourselves some of those questions.

      Thanks for sharing, my sweet friend.

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      1. I agree alwaysme. Thank you so much for taking the time to watch the video. It’s not the style of thing I normally like but the actual message was brilliant in my opinion.

        You take good care of yourself beautiful. Keep smiling.


  34. Thank you so much Paladin for your most recent report. Your contribution is enormously appreciated.

    The majority of the media in Australia is also pulling the same stunts as you have mentioned above with regard to the upcoming US election. I am disgusted that news reporters have no moral compass and continue to spew out all the misinformation and trash that is expected of them from above. Are these people so desperate for these jobs or to experience the so called fame of being on television that they bow down and behave like criminals? As individuals, do they not understand what they are doing to their own loved ones as well as the rest of the world?

    I was watching a news report whilst the final election debate was in preparation mode in Vegas a couple of days ago on SBS. The reporter had discovered that large numbers of people that were homeless were found to be residing in the storm water drains in the city of Las Vegas. Some interviews were conducted with several of these people and what was shared during that process gave me an incredible boost emotionally.

    All of the homeless people spoken to were extremely aware of the corruption in the US and were calling HRC names like crook and criminal. They seemed to be really switched on to the political system and that this election outcome was critically important for the future of their country. I was so impressed and proud of these people. They daily face incredible obstacles in just being able to survive yet they had not given up the fight to take their country back. They made sure they educated themselves to understand exactly what has been happening in the US and what they needed to do to change that.

    I do hope the time for change is now and that is reflected on November 8.

    Thanks so much for sharing this report Tony, much appreciated.

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    1. Aligning with a communist country may not be a good idea either for the country. It is already trying to increase it’s borders by grabbing territorial waters from other smaller countries in the region. It is becoming too powerful and communism is not exactly a good thing.


      1. Maria: I could not agree more. In the U.S., Communism was embraced and adopted a long time ago into the culture, yet very few even understand that. Check out the 10 tenants of Communism and try to pick one that the U.S. has not adopted and called necessary in a true democracy.


        What the article should be representing is that the rest of the world is distancing themselves from the U.S. and their corruption. It’s really sad to think that we’ve come to a point where China’s Communism is preferred. Yet (unfortunately) this country’s government has literally become a cesspool of demonic activity since the first Bush administration and has accelerated into the gates of hell with every election since. The worship of Moloch (at Bohemian Grove) should be the first clue, followed by the Georgia Guidestones, and the retributions and policies that are too numerous to mention.

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        1. I am not unaware either to the dramatic shift in values in the US. Thanks to this excellent website I am becoming more aware of what is goin on. I wish there was another and better alternative. God help us all in the years to come.

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          1. Great points… an interesting (and sobering) discussion, Maria and GL. Thanks guys, I’m really grateful to be here with you and others who have eyes to see and ears to hear. We’re mighty and we can turn this around, I just know it!


          2. I actually watched an interview a couple of days ago with the Philippines President Duterte and his words regarding this particular subject in that interview were to the effect of ” We do not wish to separate from the US. We wish to be able to make friends and connections with other countries that we choose to and not have that controlled by others countries. This is our right and these are our choices and we are free to make any connections we want.” And I wholeheartedly agree with him.

            With regard to China expanding its borders I have to tell you, with a sense of great shame, that my own country Australia also does this. Australia seizes control of as much area as possible around our country, particularly to the north and the government feels that is completely acceptable. Should be shared equally between the countries involved in my opinion.

            Liked by 1 person

  35. Well,

    Our problems are over. Zap has now assured us (for the 1000th time) that he is finally going to get his billions, cleared by the Fed overnight. Holy of holies! Now they can open their offices and start.


    Mary needs oxygen, so send money.

    (Remember, Feds have cleared the money. And if the Feds have to clear money, it has to be big money)

    Just a few more days now. Just a few. One, two. Finally. One more bottle of oxygen. One more. That’s all.

    And in a few more days, money will never be an issue again, for all time.

    And with that, I will close out this years observations of ZAP and his always coming, never arriving Fed cleared funds. Let’s pick it up in 2017. (lol) -WHA


    HI ALL






    1. Here’s another gem from this genius. Excuse me for being perhaps too blunt but even Zap is also now peddling the “you better buy gold now or else” garbage. I fail to see the difference between the dinar pumpers and the gold pumpers other than that the metal in theory will always have some value. I digress but it frustrates me when people can’t see that this MASSIVE industry imploring you to buy metals NOW before they RV (sound familiar) is part of the overall scam. Yes, I said it. The entire gold coin pimping industry is part of the scam the banksters are pulling on all of you.

      I digress – looks like ole Zap might need a few more benjamins to save the world. Do yourself a favor and put what you would have sent this criminal into Bitcoin and analyze how that worked out for you 5 and 10 years from now. Rant over.

      Subject: FINAL MILE
      From: “The Office of Poofness”
      Date: Mon, October 24, 2016 11:55 pm

      ZAP SAYS

      HI ALL






      Thank you for your support as we do our best to keep you up to date. We couldn’t do this without your Help. Please go to Paypal.com using the account address: goneforthfornow@gmail.com to support the cause. Please remember to click friends and family when sending. If you are not a member of paypal please send an e-mail to goneforthfornow@gmail.com so we can log you in and send you a Thank You. We appreciate all the help you continue to provide as we put food on tables and medical needs handled.
      Much Gratitude, Susan

      Love and Kisses,

      ‘The Office of Poofness”

      ZAP, Susan and Staff


      1. What else do the metals need to see in terms of financial risk to skyrocket? Is the notional derivatives exposure of more than $600 TRILLION not risky enough to send gold to the moon?

        If gold is SO scarce and valuable then why are all these bullion dealers so eager to sell it to you? If it were set for an imminent RV to a much higher level would they not hoard it rather than sell it?


      2. A guy who begs for a living is not one to follow advice on with respect to anything concerning precious metals or even used cars for that matter.

        Every investment sector can be subjected to intense speculation and abuse. Stocks, for instance, have their pump and dump sectors. Metals, no different. This does not mean that a well structured metals portfolio is bad. It’s very smart, and for 10,000 years, precious metals have held value and never have they gone to zero. Paper, on the other hand, often does. I know. I see my Pan Am stock certificates hanging on my wall. But, paper still has its use if properly researched and responsibly bought.

        Anyone who bets their entire corpus on metals, to the exclusion of all other safe foundations in addition thereto, is nothing but a bilious fool who will be subjected to the will of one market, rigged or not. Either way, they will get what’s coming.

        Some of the best analysts out there are recommending metals, in proper proportions. Jim Rickards, Doug Casey, Jim Willie, etc. If you have significant assets, don’t ignore such advice, and be prudent. Don’t engage in over the top speculation. Treat metals as insurance. Buy only what you need to protect against hyper inflation.

        You would never put all your money into insurance policies. Nor should you with metals.

        I started buying gold in 2002 when it was around $230. It’s good to be King.

        Yes indeed, cryptocurrencies are the new frontier. Had everyone that bought dinar in the first decade of the new millennium had instead bought bitcoin, many would be millionaires already.


        1. I do have significant assets and I do own physical silver unencumbered with zero counterparty risk under my control. I don’t like gold. In short – I’m not convinced gold is scare in fact it may be abundant in my view. You have an appealing entry point on gold and are are happy as the King as you say.

          My main issue is with the pitch and the fear porn used to peddle gold coins and bullion. In my humble view it is extremely naive to think that Rickards, Willie, et al are not receiving variable compensation in some way from the gold pimping industry. It is my strong suspicion that this entire “Buy Gold Now Before the World Blows Up” industry is yes in fact owned and controlled by the very Banksters the “awakened” and “Patriots” claim to be trying to eliminate. Guys like Holter every single time tell you the system will shut down on Monday and you better go run out and buy gold now because “there won’t be any gold available”. Rickards himself was telling the world that on October 1st gold would instantly skyrocket above $10,000/oz because of the IMF SDR adjustment. Is Rickards the “expert” or is he the planted disinfo agent? Ha! Is it possible these folks have an agenda? Personally I find the ethics behind this quite distasteful and I am calling them out on it. In fact, I am saying they are aligned with the very interests so many would like to see eliminated. Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.

          I question the entire GCR/RV at this point. I’m sensing that the RV is an attempt to pull another massive fraud on the world’s population and replace the current “cabal” with a new edition of another “cabal” very similar if not identical to the prior one. The RV is a way for the bad guys to replenish their own foundations. It’s not for the people to benefit. Any “partial RV” or special deals for “key groups” make my antenna rise. I don’t see how, as an example, Vietnam would benefit or want some type of “limited RV” for key groups. That destroys so much credibility when they have worked so hard for decades rebuilding their economy. Something sounds fishy to me and if this community doesn’t care for my view then so be it. If so many elders exist to “help humanity” then why have they waited so long while watching the cabal destroy the planet and humanity? To me it looks like the “Cabal” has come up with a play both sides of the coin strategy AFTER they realized how much of the planet was becoming aware of the truth thanks to the internet.

          Agreed on insurance. I would never go all in on silver or an insurance policy. My entry on silver is well below the current prices but I am well aware silver could easily go down to single digits again and gold could go below $1,000. The PMs will NEVER go to zero and I do agree with that as well.


          1. Your views, for or against anything, are welcomed here. You can believe or not believe in anything, RV, etc., and not fear anything. After all, this is not a cult. It’s a place for us to stay in touch with those who are expert in all things “RV/GCR” so we can plan accordingly – RV or not.

            I will say this. I have scoured Rickards’ September Strategic Intelligence newsletter, and I see no notice or indication that he called for a 10K price of gold on Oct. 1. In fact, he mentions in the article that the price of gold may be something the central banks may be forced to raise, by fiat, in order to cause the desired inflation to raise the price of commodities and stem the liquidity crisis that is currently in place, which could be made far worse if currency collapses accelerate.

            There are other options, he points out, such as issuance of SDRs. But, we don’t know which way they will go at this time. In the face of such uncertainly, and given the fact that China and India are importing massive amounts of gold, I think holding it is prudent, based on one’s specific situation.

            To remain a King is key for some. To attain the throne, the goals of others. (No doubt Saturn thought this before he ate his children).

            While I don’t agree with all your opinions, I can say that the question is probably not to hold or not, but how much to hold. A man with $10,000 in savings could buy one ounce of gold and have upside insurance in case the dollar flops long term. His downside is minimal. If he wanted to work out a silver plan along those line, great. But, the fact remains, as Rickards points out, that gold, while not the envy of central bankers, may be needed to reinflate commodity prices down the road, should lack of currency liquidity reach dangerous levels. At that stage, issuing more currency will not work. Nobody would want it. They will want a commodity in exchange, and gold will be the key in such a situation. They may have no choice.

            I wish I knew which way they will go with it. I don’t, and I don’t think anyone does at this stage. Therein lies the challenge. Plan for anything, for if you don’t, you could be ready for nothing.

            Thanks again. Let’s see what news comes from our friends over the next few months. We hear things are in play. I would like to think that means something significant, and not just tea and crumpets and a stroll down the Bund.

            Liked by 1 person

            1. I don’t have access to any of the Rickards products. I heard him make these predictions at least twice in a video peddling his products. That’s not the point entirely. Rickards is clearly very intelligent. My issue is with the fear based pitch that is based in my view on crap analysis.

              Let’s say China decides to “RV” gold tomorrow priced in Yuan to something that equals $5,000/ounce while declaring the Yuan is “gold backed”. This is actually quite a common prediction among this gold bug crowd. Assuming they could or would and being the big dummy that I am here is my opinion on what would happen. 1. An absolute tsunami of sell orders would hit any and all exchanges with everyone and their brother looking to take advantage of this arbitrage thus resulting in the price plunging back and well below the current market price. 2. If there is a demand to only sell gold at this price in Shanghai using physical gold only then there is a mad dash to get gold there (which by the way is quite costly) that results in so many attempts to sell the price deflates squeezing out any opportunity for the vast majority of the population and/or participants. 3. Every country under the sun starts claiming that they too have massive “gold reserves” either above or below ground and challenges anyone to prove them wrong.

              If we ever see a “RV” in my opinion it could involve the VND but ONLY in a way that benefits the IMF/BIS/Central Bank cabal or whatever name one chooses to use. All of this Reno and Elders cloak and dagger talk has been going on so long it is hard to believe it is real. And, Zappy Zap and Seminar Dave preach this crap which makes it that much more dubious in my view. I could see the IMF and China collaborating in using the VND to expand the use of the Yuan and more importantly the SDR. I don’t personally support this it’s just that I see no foundation or infrastructure in place to displace the IMF at this point. I see China and Russia working WITH the U.S. while trying to create the impression that we are on the brink of war and disaster so they can scare the sheep into embracing the next system which is merely a kick the can version of the current system. The IMF wants the SDR and they need some wins just like a football team needs wins. Currency, when issued by a Central Bank in the form of notes, is debt. The IMF could potentially use Vietnam to rollover debt (dong=currency) into SDR denominated bonds while reducing the stock of this debt (Dong) and increasing the current market rate. China needs more buyers of its crap so increased purchasing power of the Vietnamese population helps them. They could do this by “depegging” from USD and pricing the Dong in Yuan when they push this forward if they were to do so. This puts more SDR denominated debt into the market and helps Vietnam (after short term massive jumps in unemployment) and helps de-dollarize the global markets. The one trend that seems very credible and very clear is the move away from USD as the reserve currency. I don’t see this as the dollar imploding but rather a process. So, if we see an RV I see it as a means for the status quo powers to get what THEY want rather than a miracle from Reno involving Elders and Zapsters.

              I definitely could be wrong but I don’t really care. My main focus is investing in myself and not fairy tales. I have VND as a hedge and can always sell it quickly if I choose to do so. The Zim and IQD have no liquidity. If the Elders are ready to save the day then why have they stood pat while watching all of the atrocities of the last 100 years or so? Maybe it’s because the Elders are a creation of the New Boss looking to replace the Old Boss.


              1. The Elders do exist, that I am totally convinced of. I cannot answer for their personal decisions or actions and inactions over the many years. That’s something they would have to explain.

                The Reno business has been convoluted by so many guru bloggers and seminar pitchmen that it has turned into a second Disneyland. So many stories of mysterious exchanges in hangers, “elders” meetings, Christine Legard sightings, etc. These stories are all crap forwarded by blogging blow-hards and forwarded by other similar types.

                Key people are there, but at present, lips are zipped. Most of the things you hear about what is going on there are most likely false.

                As I am sure you can agree, it’s best to be prepared to be right and wrong. At the end of the day, being either is always a possibility, and living to fight another day is perhaps the key goal above all else.


  36. We can take the country back, but you have to get your friends, family and associates out to vote on November 8, 2016. We can do it!!!


  37. Desperation indeed! And how sweet it is!

    The ‘Ministry of Propaganda’ has even gone so far as to say it’s “ILLEGAL” for us to read any of this leaked information, and that they’re going to “disclose” it all to us because it’s different for them. Whiskey Tango Foxtrot?

    I imagine Chris Wallace is feeling a lot of pressure right about now. I’m sure he’s gotten his official marching orders, and yet he witnessed the other three stooges being raked over the coals mercilessly by the public. It’ll be interesting to see which side of history he chooses to stand on.

    The ‘Shadow Government’ reference in the FBI release yesterday was a nice big surprise. I’ll bet it sent shivers up and down the east coast. It’s comforting to know there’s at least still some fidelity, bravery, and integrity amongst the agents at the Bureau.

    Thanks so much for this update and the refreshers, White Hats! It’s so encouraging and inspiring to hear from you guys, please keep ‘em coming!


  38. Maybe HRC’s campaign theme song should be “You’re So Vain” by Carly Simon. It’s the only song that she and Billy boy could both relate to, both lyrically and in real life.

    “Well, you’re where you should be all the time
    And when you’re not, you’re with some underworld spy
    Or the wife of a close friend,
    Wife of a close friend, and…You’re so vain”

    See, could apply to both of them, especially with the revelations of HRC’s “tendencies”.

    The fresh popcorn is soaked in butter and ready!


    1. If Google can get into that business, as reported recently; anybody can. Maybe I’ll tell massive lies on the web too, like what is posted on 90% of blogsites I frequent. Then I can get even !


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